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1. SS
Social studies. The Fifty States Pinchbeck's homework help Social studies. History. United States Government. Cultures. World Countries. country Maps Homepage. Return to homework helper
Social Studies The Fifty States The Constitution World Religions Government Resources ...
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2. For Teens: Homework Help In Social Studies
online magazines relating to topics in Social studies. Secondary. contains basic information on the country, including its
Homework Help ...
Social Studies
Back to Homework Help 2Learn Resources Current Events Encyclopedias and More Resources Search 2Learn's Teens' Find-a-Site Database - Search 2Learn's database of over 5000 curricular-related links. - Search this constantly evolving database of curricular links @ 2Learn this is a fabulous collection of resources, each one connected to topics studied in school. Social Studies E-zines - Check out these online magazines relating to topics in Social Studies. Top
Current Events National - network - Here are CanWest Global newspapers from across Canada. Including:
The Calgary Herald
The Edmonton Journal Globe and Mail Newspapers - USA and Worldwide - Looking for different slants on a newspaper story? Check out the story's coverage in different world newspapers.

3. 3rd Grade Social Studies
ss 041-3, The Houston Video Tour -from the Greater Learn about this country s people of the past - Look in Mexican History homework help for Parents and Students
Jamestown SS
Jamestown Rediscovery

A Look at a Historic Community - Participate in this interactive quiz - created by Katy I.S.D. Instructional Technology Dept.
SS 01-3-3
Are you up to the challenge of exploring unknown territory? Map the rivers, make friends with natives, open the West to trade, and look for a Northwest Passage. - from National Geographic SS 01-3-3
Follow their journey. See photos, read journal articles, and more. Includes a Teacher Resource Section. - from USDC Corp of Discovery
Oregon Trail
SS 01-3-12 The Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail was much more than a pathway to the state of Oregon; it was the only practical corridor to the entire western United States. Back to top
50 States SS 02-1-1 Tour USA
Have you ever wished you could take a tour of the United States? You will be part of a team of scientists that has been assigned the task of creating four thematic maps: landforms, climates, agricultural products, and natural resources.

4. 1st Grade Social Studies
homework help for Parents and Students. Current Events. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is an American tradition that dates back to earliest days of our country.
Historical Figures
George Washington
Kenwood and Ferry Farm
Visit George Washington's family sites, one a great mansion, the other a simple riverside farm rich in archaeology and the beauties of nature.
George Washington's Mount Vernon

Take a virtual tour of the estate and gardens
George Washington Speaks out on Farming

Find out what our 1st President thought about agriculture.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Quiz
created by first graders with links to help you along the way
Holidays for Presidents

Lincoln Picture Gallery shows pictures of the restored Lincoln home in Springfield, Illinois - from McGraw Hill - i ncludes instructions, link, and suggested extensions.
Abraham Lincoln Picture Gallery

Take a photo tour of Abraham Lincoln's home
Abraham Lincoln

an organized list of interesting links about Abraham Lincoln. Includes a quiz

5. TechTRAIL Links - Homework Help - Social Studies
country studies Federal Research Division; - Website To The World; The Teacher Channel; Discovery School Kids Guide - homework help More;

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Links Page

Sites for Students - Homework Help - Social Studies

6. Grade Six
quiz study sheet in class to help prepare for tomorrow's quiz Science homework Current Event. 6. Social studies - Chapter 38 - China Becomes a Communist country, ss book, pages 271
Grade Six
Miss Graham
August September October ... January Academic Eligibility review date February March April May ... June ER= Early Release AUGUST New Teacher Orientation Teacher Workshop Teacher Workshop Welcome back! Get your books and get organized! DRA Testing and writing prompts DRA Testing and writing prompts This week The Network has been down. We have just begun in Social Studies with Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement. Students need to reading material at night out of their CK Books. This will tie in nicely with Reading and Martin Luthur King Jr.'s speech for Mrs. Shaw, "I HAVE A DREAM." Science - Beginning" Learning to Live Together and Extinction" on page 331 in the CK book. Spelling has started - they will always have: Monday night - definitions, and a page each night from the spelling book.(Tues. -Thurs.) Spelling tests will be every Friday, starting this Friday. Test will be the sentences and the rule. Types of Sentences Pictures of Martin Luthur King Jr.

7. General Geography
Social studies Use this link to return to the main social studies page, after homework help. Flags of All Countries Pick a country to view its flag, and then
Everything to do with social studies in a child friendly environment, with age appropriate links.
Social Studies

Use this link to return to the main social studies page, after reading an article. Home Cooking Crafts Language Arts ... Science Visit our forum for homework help or discussion of topics relevant to kids' education. Forum Links by Topic:


Current Events

Fun and Games


Habitats Maps ... Weather History Ancient Civilizations Explorers Medieval History Regional History ... Virtual Tours
General Geography
Earth's Greatest Features If you want to know which are the world's tallest mountains, longest rivers, largest deserts and more great features, this is the place to look. Click on the topic you are interested in and see the list. No details of size are given, but this is a great starting point. Everest - Crown of the World At this Think Quest Junior project you can learn interesting facts about Mount Everest, including why it's called that, who climbed it, and the accidents that have happened. There is also a map of the climbing route, and a game. Flags of All Countries Pick a country to view its flag, and then click on it to learn lots of interesting facts about the country. There is also a flag identifier here, so if you want to know which country a flag belongs to, this is the place to find out.

8. Reference
help http// homework Central http Mifflin) http// html Library of Congress country studies http//lcweb2.loc
Reference Almanacs Dictionaries and Thesauri Misc. Atlases and Maps ... CONNECTICUT PAGE GENERAL REFERENCE
My Virtual Reference Desk
Virtual Reference Desk
Guinness Book of World Records HOMEWORK HELPERS
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Brainmania Homework Help
Homework Central
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Encarta World English Dictionary Free Medical Dictionary Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Life Science Dictionary Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary and Thesaurus ** Merriam-Webster's Word Central

9. Social Studies
History homework help help with your history homework. History and Social studies - Resources for K E-Conflict World Encyclopedia - country information from
S ocial Studies Homework Site Index Home Atlases and Maps ... Social Studies School Service A must see by everyone! Internet History Source Book Project Atlases and Maps Top Atlapedia Online - Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. Internet Public Library Ready Reference Collection: Historical Maps of the United States - Collection of historical Maps Library of Congress: General Maps and Atlases Homepage - Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress MapMachine @ - a wonderful collection from the world famous National Geographic Society. Quick Maps of the World - Flags, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics. USGS - National Mapping Information US Census Map Server - Us Map engine World - The world atlas online World Fact Book - The CIA's Educational Website World Facts and Figures - Tons of information Anthropology and Archeology Top Arch Net - Virtual Library of Archeology Archeology's DIG - a magazine for kids Digging up the facts about Archeology - All you want to learn about Archeology Human

10. Homework Center - Links By Subject - Social Studies
Social studies CIA The World Factbook 2002; country studies; The Mining Company s Geography Site; National Geographic homework help; The World Book Student
Social Studies
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11. 4-H Youth Program Events & Links, Wayne Co., MI
http// country stores for 4H History/Social studies website. homework help, http//
640 Temple, Detroit, MI 48201-2558
Phone: (313) 833-3412 Fax: (313) 833-3298
Michigan State University Extension - Wayne County
4-H Volunteer Training Schedule 4-H Exploration Days 4-H Centennial Celebration Project F.I.S.H. ... Ag Expo PLACES TO GO
All located in East Lansing, MI unless otherwise indicated.
Abrams Planetarium Entomology Museum National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory Beal Botanical Garden
(Hickory Corners, MI) Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center
(Benton Harbor, MI) Breslin Student Events Center Kresge Art Museum Tollgate Education Center
(Novi, MI) Bug House Kettunen Center
(Tustin, MI) 4-H Children's Garden Brook Lodge
(Augusta, MI) OTHER 4-H LINKS, ETC.
To return to this page, hit your Back button on your browser. "4-H turns 100" - Join the Centennial Celebrations MooMilk adventure into a dairy farm Admissions to Michigan State University Are You Into It? 4-H Campaign Site for Youth created by Youth Net-Mom's Internet Safe House

12. Social Studies
lots of material Teachers Home Page homework help, Expedition Hall classroom use; info on every country, continent; clip art, Social studies Reference Perry

(and for students)
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read BEFORE you copy
good site for history
Ancient Egypt Interactive Learning

Ancient Mesopotamia Interactive

Smithsonian Home Page
Smithsonian Education

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Smithsonian Museums
EXCELLENT site; lots of material Teachers' Home Page Homework Help Expedition Hall, the National Geographic virtual interactive museum that takes you on geography journeys National Geographic ideas, tools, and interactive adventures "classroom-tested, Internet-based economic lesson materials for K-12" good source for engaged learning activities in social studies K-12 Social Science Resources Resources from the National Council for Social Studies resources for K-12 teachers Internet "Field Trips" daily quiz, picture of the day "the past into the future" Email Your US Rep Contact Your US Senator Contact Your IL State Legislator State of Illinois ... Library of Congress Lincoln Resources Kids' Zone; learn about Illinois; state site for kids Alliance Library System main page Early Illinois Women more from the Alliance Library Ready for Reference "searchable resources to locate material from Illinois State Library"

13. SurfWax -- News And Articles On Homework Help
Articles on homework help from newspapers and magazines around the world. Assistant, homework help, Parenting, and now AOL Diet ss, the offers expert help in math, science, social studies and
    Last update: Jun 07, 2004
    City school officials hopeful DOE will pick up funding ball
    Jun 07, 2004
    " Each after-school program runs for 30 weeks, five days a week for two and a half hours each day. In 2003, 1,145 students in kindergarten through eighth grade participated in after-school programs, representing 76 percent of all children enrolled in those grades. On average, 250 children enjoyed the free programs each day, and more than 200 adults and youth activity leaders, more than 100 certified teachers and paraprofessionals, and 30 volunteers and community partnerships supported the... (North Adams Transcript, MA).
    How to use search engines and online encyclopedias for research.
    Jun 05, 2004
    MSN Encarta Premium has 60,000 articles and 25,000 videos, plus homework help. It charges $4. (Investors Business Daily)
    Library notes
    Jun 03, 2004
    Auburndale Branch: Storytimes, children's films and afternoon homework help. To sign up for homework help or for branch-related information, call Auburndale at 617-552-7158. (Newton Tab, MA).
    Operation Hero Helps Troubled Military Children
    May 26, 2004

14. Online Activities
Economics) Virtual Developing country Zambia. Appropriate for homework help. homework help, sponsored by the other social studies topics. One of the homework help teachers who
ABC News 4 Kids. ABC News 4 Kids posts new stories every Tuesday and Thursday apppropriate for elementary and middle school students. Each news article has an interactive, animated presentation. Also included is an archive of previous articles.
Abraham Lincoln Classroom Activities for Primary Children. Tammy Payton's first grade class has created a Web site which includes an on-line quiz, an animation that shows the addition of states to the USA, a picture gallery of President Lincoln, a treasure hunt, suggestions for further classroom activities, and additional links.
Abraham Lincoln Treasure Hunt for Primary Children. Students use the Historic Lincoln Sites to find answers to a series of questions. E-mail the correct answers to Tammy Payton at, and she'll post their first name, age, and city in the Hall of Fame winners page.
Adventures of Cyberbee. A site for teachers looking for ways to integrate technology into their classroom. Included are Curriculum Ideas, How Tos, Treasure Hunts, Web Links, Articles, and a search engine.
Africa Online for Kids Only.

15. Morayfield East SS - Student Links
from around the world Mission to Antarctica country studies Flags of all Countries Antarctica. General K5 Cybertrail homework Helper The Art Room Kid Info

16. Saskatoon Public Schools - Social Studies / History Links
The History Place featured exhibits, homework help, and This Web Site - Alberta Social studies Council site with Antarctica City and country Database (CityNet
About Us

Board of Trustees

Branches and Departments
Social Studies / History Links
Infonation - this site will set up a comparison list for up to 7 different countries. Your Nation - for grades 6 and up. It compares two countries, but has more choice in countries and more varied information U.S. Census Bureau - for grades 8 and up. It includes statistical facts for demographic and socioeconomic information. EdSiteMent - top humanities websites and lesson plans Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly - official government site Statistics Canada Teaching Resources The United Nations Homepage Quebec History - a site created by a professor from Marianopolis College in Montreal - very thorough! Canadian Social Studies websites - from a teacher in Watrous The History Place - featured exhibits, homework help, and This Month in History One World Web Site - Alberta Social Studies Council site with many links CRB Foundation Heritage Project - learn about Heritage fairs Early Canadiana Online - A great site about early Canadian History!

17. Best Practices: Social Studies Concepts Page SS-14
bread, bread, bread. skill. Recognize that culture is learned from the environment. materials Do your homework so you can help children learn about the " breads" culture you were a little boy
bread, bread, bread

Recognize that culture is learned from the environment
materials Book: Bread, Bread, Bread by Ann Morris, a variety of breads: pita, bagel, scone, tortilla, rye, croissant, sourdough, mix for biscuits and cornbread, cooking utensils
teacher input Gather children and present the various breads. Do your homework so you can help children learn about the " breads" culture. If the book is available, share with the children. Fingerplay: Pat hands as if you are flattening a tortilla. Tortilla, tortilla pa-ra Mama Tortilla, tortilla pa-ra Papa Tortilla, tortilla pa-ra Bebe Tortilla, tortilla pa-ra mi procedure Break the bread and pass around for sampling. Encourage conversation about which type you would eat if you were a little boy or girl from that country. Do you think you would like it? Could we say that we are all southern U.S. children? What kind of bread do you eat at home? at school? Is any bread peculiar to the southern U.S.? Let's make some cornbread and biscuits. Transition.
independent play centers MATH: Provide bread samples again and record which you like, which you don't like, and which is okay. Count the bread with the most "yes" votes, "no" votes.

18. Homework Helper
what s happening around the corner, around the country and around Events Every month the Social studies Center at http//
Home Homework


Lunch Menu
Parent Links

Homework Helper
Fun Kid Links
Pets on the Net Math Month Fun This page contains links to websites that can help you with your homework. Perhaps you need to find the definition of a word. Maybe you are working on a report on animals. Do you need a map of Michigan? Check the areas below. You may find what you're looking for. Help us to add more good sites to this page. If you find a spot on the web that you think should be listed here, e-mail the site address to us so we can check it out and hopefully add it here! Thanks and Happy Surfing! Attention Kids: The links on this page will take you away from the Hamilton School Website. We cannot control the content of linked pages. Always surf the web with a parent or responsible adult. Never give your name or address to anyone without your parent's permission. Is there a topic we don't have listed that you were trying to find information on? If so, go to one of the

19. World Cultures
studies Use this link to return to the main social studies page, after homework help. Connections Find out what life is like in some other countries around the
Everything to do with social studies in a child friendly environment, with age appropriate links.
Social Studies

Use this link to return to the main social studies page, after reading an article. Home Cooking Crafts Language Arts ... Science Visit our forum for homework help or discussion of topics relevant to kids' education. Forum Links by Topic:


Current Events

Fun and Games


Habitats Maps ... Weather History Ancient Civilizations Explorers Medieval History Regional History ... Virtual Tours
World Cultures
Aboriginal Awareness Learn about Canada's original inhabitants. The way they live, how they helped the first settlers in North America, and much more. AfroAmerica Kids Zone Discover the culture of Africa, play games and read about African myths and fables. Cultural Connections Find out what life is like in some other countries around the world. Not all of the links work at this site, so if one doesn't work, try another. There is a lot of good information here. Culture Quest World Tour Tour the world with Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl. Explore crafts and games from different countries. The First Americans A Grade 3 project. Learn about Native American culture.

20. Reference
homework HELPERS BJ Pinchbeck s homework Helper http//school http// Library of Congress country studies http//lcweb2
My Virtual Reference Desk
Guinness Book of World Records
Internet Public Library for Kids HOMEWORK HELPERS
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Encarta World English Dictionary
** Little Explorers (picture dictionary)
** Merriam-Webster's Word Central
Roget's II: The New Thesaurus Rhyming Dictionary at Rhyme Zone ENCYCLOPEDIAS Columbia Encyclopedia Encarta Concise Encyclopedia Encyclopedia of Plants Encyclopedia Smithsonian Encyclozine Fact Monster

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