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         Container Gardening:     more books (100)
  1. McGee & Stuckey's Bountiful Container: Create Container Gardens of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Edible Flowers by Rose Marie Nichols McGee, Maggie Stuckey, 2002-02-01
  2. The Complete Container Garden by David Joyce, 2003-02-24
  3. Container Gardening by Paul Williams, 2004-03-15
  4. Container Gardening (Sunset Series) by Vicki Webster, 2003-11
  5. The Ultimate Container Gardener: All You Need to Know to Create Plantings for Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter by Stephanie Donaldson, 2001-09-25
  6. Container Gardening for Washington & Oregon by Marianne Binetti, Don Williamson, 2008-01-15
  7. Container Gardening for Dummies by Bill Marken, The Editors of the National Gardening Association, 1998-01-27
  8. Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers: Using Ed's Amazing POTS System by Edward C. Smith, 2006-01-01
  9. The Practical Guide to Container Gardening by Steve Bradley, Susan Berry, 2000-02-14
  10. Container Gardening Through the Year (DK Living) by Malcolm Hillier, 1998-03-15
  11. Water Gardening In Containers: Small Ponds Indoors & Out by Helen Nash, C. Greg Speichert, 1999-06-30
  12. Container Gardening for all Seasons: How to Plan, Plant and Grow Container Displays for Year Round Color by Reader's Digest, 2003-04-14
  13. Container Gardening in Hawaii: How to Grow Paradise in a Pot by Janice Crowl, 2007-08-30
  14. Instant Container Gardens by Pamela Crawford, 2007-05-15

1. Guide To Container Gardening
Here are the basics of container gardening from the resource libraries at GardenGuides. To Page 2 . container gardening (Page 1).
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GardenGuides Home
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Chamomile Times Gardening in Containers
Seed Shop Book Shop Article Index ... Herb Guide TIPS AND TECHNIQUES: Tips and Techniques All About Annuals Beneficial Insects Birds as Pests Brambles Buying Perennials Compost Container Gardening Corn Earworms Cutting Flowers Deer Drying Flowers Edible Landscaping Fall Rose Care Fall Tilling Forcing Bulbs Freezing Vegetables Green Manure Groundcovers Growing Citrus in Containers Get a Jump on Spring Harvesting Herbs Harvesting Vegetables Herbal Garden Sprays Herb Companion Chart Houseplant Insects Mulch Guide Pest Control pH Rabbit Contol Raised Beds Rock Gardens Shade Gardens Side Dressing Slugs and Snails Soil Solarization Starting Seeds Storing Vegetables Strawberries Succession Planting Toads Vegetable Companions Wide Row Planting Wildflower Meadows Winter Protection Yellowjackets Container Gardening (Page 1) Even the smallest patio or porch can boast a crop of vegetables or a garden of flowers in containers. Planter boxes, wooden barrels, hanging baskets and large flowerpots are just some of the containers that can be used. The container gardener is limited only by his imagination. Consider the following guidelines when choosing your container.

2. Vegetable Gardening In Containers
soils" are best suited for vegetable container gardening. These mixes may be composed One advantage to container gardening is mobility. container gardening makes it possible
Vegetable Gardening In Containers
Sam Cotner, Extension Horticulturist
If your vegetable gardening is limited by insufficient space or an unsuitable area, consider the possibility of raising fresh, nutritious, homegrown vegetables in containers. A window sill, a patio, a balcony or a doorstep will provide sufficient space for a productive mini-garden. Problems with soil-borne diseases, nematodes or poor soil conditions can be easily overcome by switching to a container garden.
Crop Selection Almost any vegetable that will grow in a typical backyard garden will also do well as a container-grown plant. Vegetables which are ideally suited for growing in containers include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, green onions, beans, lettuce, squash, radishes and parsley. Pole beans and cucumbers also do well in this type of garden, but they do require considerably more space because of their vining growth habit. Variety selection is of extreme importance. Most varieties that will do well when planted in a yard garden will also do well in containers. Some varieties of selected vegetables which are ideally suited for these mini-gardens are indicated in Table 1.
Table 1. Varieties for container-grown vegetables

3. Container Gardening: Care And Designs
container gardening Care and Designs, from Garden Gate Magazine. GIVE A GIFT. container gardening. This page is no longer available, but the article will soon be available at GardenPlans

Container Gardening
This page is no longer available, but the article will soon be available at Return to Design Basics Email This Page To A Friend!
August Home Publishing Co.
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4. Container Gardening Guide
The concept of container gardening existed before Boccaccios Isabella planted her lovers Of late, container gardenings popularity grew in southern California in the 1950s
About : This site teaches you how to start a container garden
Home Plants for Container Gardens Message Board Links
You can’t bear to toss your beloved old blue porcelain bowl set. And maybe that Michelin tire might come in handy again, so you should keep it. Although you might not use recycled porcelain bowls or apple barrels but rather terra cotta or woven pots, the simple concept of growing plants in pots or urns in addition to other objects, offers you a variety of enjoyable and creative ways to maintain and experiment with your garden.
The concept of container gardening existed before Boccaccio’s Isabella planted her lover’s noggin in a pot of basil: the Egyptians and Romans likely developed the idea.
Of late, container gardening’s popularity grew in southern California in the 1950s, and since then interest has escalated steadily. This brief guide is designed to facilitate decisions in planning and growing your garden in containers, since you will need to select the right containers and their ideal locations and plants.
You can look at garden tools and planters online at Clean Air Gardening.

5. Container Gardening -
All aspects of container gardening, with tips on plant selection, design, watering and fertilizing.

Container Gardening
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- Select a related course - Certified Organic Food: Cooking with Herbs and Sp Ecological Gardening: Org Gardening the Square Foot Growing Houseplants Under Herb Gardening Grand o Houseplants for Beginners Lives and Loves of Women Planning and Caring for Y

6. Container Gardening
container gardening. container gardening, WL166 2 pp (26K) container gardening, Leader s Guide, WLG166 - 4 pp (32K). John W. Jett
Container Gardening
Container Gardening , WL166 - 2 pp (26K)
Container Gardening
, Leader's Guide, WLG166 - 4 pp (32K)
John W. Jett WVU Extension Service Extension Specialist - Horticulture
Introduction If you don't have space for a vegetable garden or if your outdoor space doesn't provide the necessary elements to produce the flower garden you've always wanted, consider the possibility of "container gardening." A patio, deck, balcony, or doorstep can provide enough space for a productive, attractive display. If you live in an apartment with limited outdoor space, you might consider doing a little indoor gardening. By using sunny window sills, you can grow a number of herbs.
Many individuals find container gardening to be advantageous. Each person is unique and has his or her own particular circumstances. They may be:
  • disabled with a need for easy accessibility gardeners with problem soil homeowners with little or no land elderly with limited mobility apartment/condominium dwellers cooks gourmet and otherwise plant lovers who just can t get enough of nature
Convenience While space (or lack of it) is an obvious reason to try container gardening, that is not the only reason people choose this method. Often, convenience plays a big part, especially for vegetables and herbs. Having these essentially at your fingertips is a tremendous advantage. The mobility of container gardening makes it easy to rearrange and resculpture your garden and to add new elements of interest and beauty.

7. Container Gardening Supplies And Gift Plants.
container gardening supplies and gift plants to help you grow plants, design a garden, and care for flowers, vegetables, herbs, lucky bamboo, bonsai, and houseplants growing in pots, window boxes
home view cart search newsletter ... contact us Welcome to! Our mission is to provide useful container gardening information, supplies, and gift plants to help people experience the joys of growing plants. First time visitor? Click Here. Shopping Windowboxes Plant of the Month World of Containers Gardening Supplies ... Jr. Gardeners Feature Items Moonstone Planters
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Feature Article Unusual Containers
There’s no reason you have to use standard pots and window boxes – almost anything that will hold soil can be a container.
Growing Perennials As Annuals
Enjoy the process - it's your garden, you can do what you want. Home Shop Sale Cam Floracle ... Contact Us 3821 S. Santa Fe Avenue, Vernon, CA 90058

8. Container Gardening
container gardening. This forum 46. container gardening in Eastern Canada Posted by Canada03 z5 NY on Sat, Apr 10, 04 at 2003 2
Check out GreenPrints the human side of gardening! Other Forums ... Post a Message
Container Gardening
This forum is meant for the discussion of gardening in containers. Instructions on using the forum are provided below. Balcony Gardening

9. Flowers - Container Gardening
container gardening. Gardening in containers offers flexibility for people with limited garden space or a Extension Service Yard and Garden Line. Title container gardening. Number 436
Container Gardening
Gardening in containers offers flexibility for people with limited garden space or a lack of time for gardening. Containers provide splashes of color throughout the yard and can be planted with mixtures of flowers, herbs and vegetables. A large variety of containers are available. Plant in tubs, crocks, pots, barrels, sacks, baskets, bowls, wooden boxes or peat moss containersanything with good drainage. The containers need drainage holes. Success starts with a good soil mix. The mix should be light and airy. It should retain moisture and nutrients and be quick to drain. To reduce root rot problems, use the same mix throughout the pot. Commercial mixes that University of Minnesota Master Gardeners have found successful include Redi-Earth, Jiffy Mix, Metro Mix, Super Soil, and Pro-Mix. Another option is to make your own mix. Use one part potting soil, one part compost and one part sharp sand or vermiculite. Another mix is equal parts of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. Plants in containers need frequent watering. They may require several waterings a day during very hot weather. Monitor your plants closely. Clay or terra cotta containers dry out faster than plastic containers. For continuous bloom, deadhead spent blossoms and fertilize with a complete fertilizer. Always follow directions on the label.

10. Container Gardening
Information on outdoor container gardening
Container Gardening Container Water Gardens Creative Screening with Plants Gardening As a Renter ... Equal Opportunity © CSU/Denver County Cooperative Extension Master Gardener 1999-2003 Web pages maintained by Judy Sedbrook, Colorado Master Gardener SM 201 W. Colfax Ave. - Dept. 107, Denver, CO 80202 (720) 913-5278 or (720) 913-5269 E-Mail: Webmaster: Date last revised: February 07, 2004

11. Gifts Of House Plants, Container Gardens, And Garden Tools.
Offering container gardening tools, supplies, planters, and related accessories. Includes design idea center.
Browse by: House plants Garden tools Garden containers Unique gifts ... Contacts and Details
Welcome to Emily's Plants! - from house plants and garden containers to garden tools and accessories, we offer the web's best source for gifts that are perfect for anyone and for every occasion.
Whether it be a unique gift for special occasions or merely to enhance the decoration of your own home or office, we offer a carefully selected line of beautiful house plants to fit every purpose and taste - from flowering and green plants to desert gardens and tropical house plants. In addition, we have a large selection of garden tools and accessories, as well as many types of containers well suited to container gardening. And all of them make lasting, very affordable gifts, for any occasion, and for anyone.
Unique gift suggestions for house plant gifts container gardening , and garden tools
Elegant bonsai trees Beautiful plant stands Seed Kits ... Garden tools and accessories All of our orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS.

12. IPM-UCONN-Container Gardening
How to choose a container, plants, and general information on container gardening.
University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management Program
Container Gardening
Since earliest times, people have needed and enjoyed plants. Where the climate was unfavorable, or the soil or water was scarce, containers made it possible to satisfy that desire. Container gardening is ideal when space is limited. It is a technique which permits plant materials to be moved around easily, to be changed or renewed as desired and to be enjoyed at close range. Plantings can be as simple or as elaborate as space, inclination, taste and funds permit. By its exposure, the container garden site will dictate grow successfully and how to arrange the plants. Since strong winds and sun may present problems, here are some suggestions on how to correct the situation:
  • Construct baffles or screens of opaque plastic or fiberglass to reduce light intensity.
  • Construct a screen, either of louvers or lattice, or a trellis on which to grow appropriate vines to reduce light and wind.
Container Selection Having decided where to place the plants, consider the selection of containers. Many kinds are availableordinary clay pots, wooden boxes, barrels, tubs, and metal and plastic. All should have drainage holes in the bottom. Old kettles, jugs and crocks make interesting containers, and boxes built in various sizes can be stacked in intriguing combinations. It is a good idea to treat wooden objects with a preservative such as copper naphthenate.

13. Container Gardening
container gardening. This forum is meant for the discussion of gardening in containers. Instructions on using the forum are provided below. Related forum   Balcony Gardening. Messages Did I Kill My
Check out GreenPrints the human side of gardening! Other Forums ... Post a Message
Container Gardening
This forum is meant for the discussion of gardening in containers. Instructions on using the forum are provided below. Balcony Gardening

14. Eight Rules For Creative Container Gardens
Eight Rules for Creative Container Gardens by John Richmond. container gardening. This 32page booklet is part of Storey Publishing s Country Wisdom series.
Climbing Vines
Best Flowers for Cutting

Drought-Tolerant Flowers

Flowers for Drying
... All Flower Seeds Buy Seeds in Bulk and Save!
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GardenGuides Chamomile Times
Seed Shop Book Shop Article Index Forums ... Herb Guide Eight Rules for Creative Container Gardens by John Richmond Once you have the structure of a garden - the paths, beds, borders, hard surfacing, trees and shrubs - then you need the furnishings. Decorative containers offer interesting ways to grow a wide variety of plants. In a container you can control the soil, vary the watering regime, adjust the amount of sun or shade, group plants for impact - and ungroup them if the idea doesn't work. With decorative containers you can make a sculptural statement in the garden. With plain containers you can build banks of colour and foliage that hide the outlines of the pots - or any other area you want hidden. Some gardens wouldn't even be possible without containers. People have the urge to garden no matter how unpromising the site. I regularly walk past plots of land where there is little soil or space. A set of steps going down to a town basement? Put pots along the side of the steps. A balcony? Use pots brimming with plants to hide the edge. A concrete or paved courtyard? Disguise the walls with pot grown shrubs and climbers. A thin strip of road frontage? Colourful annuals in pots will make the approach more interesting. The possibilities are endless as long as some basic rules are followed.

15. GardenPride On-line
Information about flower and vegetable gardens, container gardening, planting, landscaping and lawn care.
Home Tuesday, June 8, 2004 Site reviews TOP GARDENS


Garden "Know-how"

Online Stores
June Garden Calendar

There is a lot of work to be done in the June garden. Keep on schedule with this calendar. SPRING LAWN CARE
Your lawn has just survived another long winter. In order to restore it to its former lush, green glory, it will need to be raked, renovated, repaired, and fertilized. Here are some tips for keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy. Save your garden's bounty
One way to enjoy the coming winter is to preserve the summer's bounty of vegetables. Here are some simple guidelines, from for freezing a variety of vegetables commonly grown in home gardens. Growing Rhubarb
Rhubarb is a cool season, perennial plant that is very winter hardy and resistant to drought. Its crop is produced from crowns consisting of fleshy rhizomes and buds. Following a season of growth the rhubarb crown becomes dormant and temperatures below 40 F are required to stimulate bud break and subsequent growth. The first shoots to appear in the spring are edible petioles and leaves. These emerge sequentially as long as temperatures remain cool (below 90 F). As temperatures increase, top growth is suppressed, even appearing dormant in periods of extreme heat. With declining temperatures in later summer, foliage growth resumes. Caring for Your Annuals You have those annuals in the ground; now what? See how to give them the best start and keep them going through their entire growth cycle.

16. Window Box Homepage: Flower Framers By Jay - Home Of The Ultimate Window Box
Fiberglass flower box designed with container gardening features.
Flower Framers Window Box
A window box is a fun and an ideal way to garden. Our decorative planters are easy to install, simple to plant and fun to care for. You don't have to spend endless hours digging, bending and weeding to maintain a durable flower box. And best of all, a window box makes flowers and greenery a part of your everyday life, where you will see them and continue to gain enormous pleasure from your container garden.
A flower box be created by any level gardener. Container gardening is an easy way to add zest to your home. For a beginner, planting a window box is easy. Flower Framers boxes will allow you to experiment with growing plants on a small and manageable scale. If you're already an experienced gardener, window boxes can add extra zest to your landscape and garden areas whether it's in the backyard, or on a patio, porch, balcony, deck or rooftop. Flower Framers window box is a self watering container garden, meaning it can water itself with our optional

17. Tips For Great Looking Container Gardens
Recipes for successful container gardening with info on soils, containers, fertilizing, watering and grooming.
In a world of limited time and space, container gardening seems to be more and more appropriate. The popularity of container gardening has taken on a life of its own and has almost become an art form. Common plant material can take on an entirely new look when displayed in containers where the plant's unique color, texture or form can be spotlighted. "Instant color" can be introduced by placing containers around the garden. It can change the entire look of a landscape. Unplantable areas and space where there really is no place to garden in the ground, suddenly becomes a colorful oasis. Successful container gardeners know that good looking containers just don't happen. When a few basic principles are applied, even the novice gardener can create and maintain attention-grabbing containers. Credits Learn more about container gardening in our Hort Corner videos Home Contact Us

18. Gardening Tips - The Helpful Gardener
Offers a collection of tips for the novice or pro gardener. Some topics include rose, vegetable and container gardening, Japanese garden design, Bonsai tree care and tool selection.
Gardening Tips
The Helpful Gardener brings the pleasure of gardening to your home. Bookmark this site because we are continually adding new articles, gardening tips , and features. garden forum
vegetable garden

rose gardening

flower gardening
garden nurseries
Summer Flowers: Gardening Tips for Summer
read more
Spring Flowers: Spring Garden Maintenance
Every season brings a different set of chores in the garden. Spring is an exciting time for gardeners as preparations are made for the bounty and beauty of the garden as it awakes from winter hibernation. It can also, however, be a bit overwhelming to know how to prioritize your gardening time at this time of year. Here is a helpful list of chores that should be tended to in the spring... read more
Bonsai Gallery
Be sure to check out our new bonsai pics . We have two galleries of photos that were taken at the 2004 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. The first Gallery and the second batch of Bonsai photos. Don't miss the 150 year old California Juniper.

19. Herb Information--Resources For Productive Gardening
Herb profiles, articles on beneficial insects, building healthy soil, container gardening, and cover crops.
Marketplace Herb Info Visit Guestbook ... Home We are committed to helping you have a productive and enjoyable gardening experiencecheck back often to see what we've added. For information on specific herbs (e.g., species, cultivars), please visit our Herb Catalog You can browse by category or search by name and use. Click here to sign up for our monthly Herb Letter and learn a little bit about herb gardening each month. Archived Herb O' the Month Essays
Basil, Oregano, Rosemarytaken from our monthly Herb Letters.
Beneficial Insects: Nematodes

A healthier garden without chemicals? Nematodes can help....
Building Healthy Soil

Great gardening begins with great soil.
Container Gardening

A how to guide (herbs make a fragrant and tasty container garden)
Cover Crops

Improve your soil and fight erosion.
Drying Herbs
The different methods and herbs for which they work best. Easy to Grow Herbs for the Landscape Move on over you annuals and make room for the herbs.

20. Home & Garden Television: Container Gardening
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Gardening: Container Gardening INDOOR Plants That Help Clear the Air Floating Indoor Garden Doubly Beautiful ... Video On Demand
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