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         Computer Hardware General:     more books (100)
  1. Computer procurement : hardware upgrades for Navy inventory control system should be delayed (SuDoc GA 1.13:IMTEC-89-67) by U.S. General Accounting Office, 1989
  2. The Essential Guide to Computer Hardware by Jim Keogh, James Keogh, 2001-08-02
  3. Principles of Computer Hardware by Alan Clements, 2006-03-30
  4. The Architecture of Computer Hardware and Systems Software: An Information Technology Approach by Irv Englander, 2003-01-20
  5. Computer Organization and Design, Revised Printing, Third Edition, Third Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer ... Series in Computer Architecture and Design) by David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy, 2007-06-01
  6. Computer Hardware Maintenance: An IS/IT Manager's Guide (Datamation Professional Series) (Datamation Professional Series) by Stephen Rood, 1995-12-14
  7. Upgrading and Repairing Laptops (2nd Edition) (Upgrading and Repairing) by Scott Mueller, 2005-12-26
  8. The Architecture of Computer Hardware and Systems Software: An Information Technology Approach by Irv Englander, 1996-02
  9. Prospects for Hardware Foundations: Esprit Working Group 8533 : Nada--New Hardware Design Methods, Survey Chapters (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  10. The Computers of Star Trek by Lois Gresh, Robert E. Weinberg, et all 2001-06
  11. The Sound Blaster Live! Book: A Complete Guide to the World's Most Popular Sound Card by Lars Ahlzen, Clarence Song, 2003-01
  12. PCs for Dummies Quick Reference, Second Edition by Dan Gookin, Sandra Hardin Clemons, 2003-02-17
  13. MacIntosh Technology in the Common Hardware Reference Platform by Inc. Apple Computer, 1995-11
  14. Hardware and Computer Organization (Embedded Technology) by Arnold S. Berger, 2005-05-06

1. Rubriek: 54.20 Computer Science: Computer Hardware: General
DutchESS, Dutch Electronic Subject Service, Rubriek 54.20 computer science computer hardware general.
Rubriek: 54.20 computer science: computer hardware: general
The Computer Museum History Center

2. PC Computer Hardware Reviews Index. PC Computer Hardware Reviews.
PC computer hardware general reviews. Thermaltake Xcontroller fan controller Jog USB dual light review. We review these latest
Computer news
Reviews other sites AMD Section
K8T800 mobo's
KT400 mobo's
nForce3 mobo's
nForce2 Ultra mobo's
nForce2 mobo's Intel Section
i875P mobo's i845PE mobo's SiS655 mobo's Graphics Cards ATI Radeon GeForceFX Main index Heatsinks Heatsinks New Heatsinks Old Computer cases PC Hardware Main index CD/Networking Gen Hardware Info Memory Section General Interest Technology advances Software Links Contact A1 Electronics FREE search for our readers. The LOWEST prices. From PC computer hardware to PC computer software. Why pay more It's FREE to look. PC computer hardware main index page Some of our World famous pocket sized reviews. Giving you a concise review in only a page or two. Don't forget to visit our home page for our latest reviews. PC computer hardware general reviews Thermaltake XTunner remote controlled fan speed controller review. We review this latest Thermaltake product, XTunner remote controlled fan speed controller. 1st June 2004. Belkin OmniView 2-port E-Series KVM switch review. We review this great value-for-money 2-port KVM switch and Pro2 all-in-one KVM cable from Belkin.

3. Computer Hardware Links
overview of things to try when investigating a nonfunctioning computer. The Hand-Me-Down PC - Lots of general information about hardware components.
Main Menu Hardware Links
Computer Hardware Links
Yet another content-free web page. General Hardware Online Mags Assembly/Upgrading Safety ... Software Tools
General Hardware

4. Home
Costeffective, guaranteed software solutions for clients worldwide. Extensive Data general experience, products, service, support. Also trying to salvage and archive as much Data general Nova, Eclipse, MV software, documentation, hardware and sales information as possible. Main office Boulder, Colorado, U.S.
News Company Products Services ... Feedback Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc. has provided cost-effective, guaranteed software solutions for Data General customers worldwide for over 30 years. Our products and services target Data General ICOBOL, VS COBOL, INFOS, Idea, RDOS, NOVA, Eclipse and MV users who want to retain their extensive application investments while taking advantage of open systems and future technology. Our training, consulting and programming services also give clients maximum benefit from our unique combination of in-depth Data General and open systems experience.
What We Do...
Wild Hare provides cost-effective, guaranteed software solutions for clients world-wide. Our unique blend of extensive Data General experience, superior products and ultimate concern for customer satisfaction gives us a unique ability to solve the most demanding client problems. Our main software products are oriented toward Data General ICOBOL and VS/COBOL users who want to retain their extensive application investments while taking advantage of future software technology. Our services let people get the most from our products and their applications. Future products will integrate client applications with Windows- and Java-based technology, thereby maximizing client investment and insuring a secure path to the future.

5. AnandTech
The entry page to AnandTech, find reviews on computer hardware. Also find news on the computer industry. Sony Corp.'s new computer product lineup here this week hardware Hell reviews the LiteOn 5005 DVD/Player Recorder But in general, Shader Model 3.0 should actually make development

6. BoogleTech - Hardware Web Site
Reviews computer hardware with articles and guides on PCs and hardware in general.
the date is Menu

News Archive


Press Releases

FX 5200

A featured MX TV-Out For NVIDIA
How to use TV-Out RivaTuner Guide
The Ultimate Guide Detonator Roundup From 27.20 to 41.03 NVDVD Review All play and no work More Translation Language German Spanish French Italian Portuguese Powered by Google Advert Recent Articles Last Article Updated 28th April 2003 by Boogle Inno3D GeForce FX 5200 The GeForce FX 5200 is here - but is it worth your money? Trust 710 LCD PowerC@M Zoom Review Are you after a digital camera to get up with the times, or to replace your existing one? Either way, you might want to check this review out. Rage3D Tweak Guide While RivaTuner for NVIDIA may be well covered, Rage3D Tweak for ATI isn't. Groovy Carrot has taken the time to write a comprehensive guide for Rage3D Tweak and all it's features. BoogleTech Posted: Tuesday, February 17 @ 21:09:51 GMT Reporter: Boogle As you can probably tell - BoogleTech hasn't been updated for a while. However, it seems that this site is still visited often by quite a few people. So I have decided to run a new Poll on the site to see what you think should happen to BoogleTech. If you want it to be revived at the nearest Hospital, and reckon you could help out, please contact me at

7. Independent Publishers Group
Listing by Category computer hardware/general - PC Handbook. PC hardware Interfaces A Developer's Reference. PC hardware Tuning Acceleration Hardware/General&userid

8. Computer Wholesalers, Inc. - HP9000, DEC, Cisco, 3Com, Micom, Itouch/Xyplex, 700
Data general computer hardware. Resale of servers, workstations, processors, disk drives, tape drives, memory, crt, terminals, and controllers.
Best Viewed at 800 X 600
Designed By: Sheri Krom
All Trademarks and names are properties of their respective owners.

9. Welcome To World Of Bizon
Offers computer hardware, home andcommercial security system, and general merchandise.
BIZON offers a comprehensive selection of top brand name computer hardware, home/commercial security system, and general merchandises at everyday low prices. Our e-commerce portal, , links our specialty stores and is designed to simplify the customer's online shopping experience 24 hours a day , seven days a week. The company's virtual operating model allows for efficiency and scalability into categories, helping to provide the best customer experience with one-stop shopping, broad selection and a low price guarantee.
We carry Intel
Celeron , and Pentium 4 Processor of 2.4 and 2.8GHz CPU
We have epox, Tyan and Cyberstar mother board for economy price
Bizon supply DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Comins Card for low price

7050 Village Dr. Unit A Buena Park CA. 90621 / Phone.714.736.8980 / Fax.714.522.4556

10. Hardware Content - SLCentral
Reviews of new handsets, PDAs and related technlogies, plus general computer hardware and software.
Site of the Week: Get Polyphonic Ringtones
For Ringtones Charts Polyphonic Ring Tones Tuesday 08 th June 2004 01:30 AM Advanced Search
Fuel for Firewalls
Limiting your ability to copy – The Music Industry's Salvation? Shuttle’s XP17 ... Read More
Most Popular Links
Polyphonic Ringtones Uk

Free Nokia Ringtones

Nokia Ringtones

Gift Ideas
Mobile Phone Accessories

Free Mobile Phones

Car Accessories
Free Polyphonic Ringtones ... Bongs Other Stuff Jokes Cheap Car Audio Discount Tack Alloy Wheels ... Cheap Oil Paintings Drivers Driver Files R.M.S. Titanic Submit a Site Recieve bi-weekly updates on news, new articles, and more ZyAIR G-200 USB Adapter - SLCentral - 26/5/2004 Wednesday May 26th, 2004 One essential component of a wireless network is the USB adapter. We reviewed ZyXEL’s ZyAIR G-200 USB adapter, it performed well for its price and was easy to install, but how did it compare to Netgear’s own USB adapter of the same calibre? Read on to find out in our official review..... Thermaltake Xaser Series Full tower ATX Cases Review - SLCentral - 23/5/2004 Sunday May 23rd, 2004 Thermaltake Technology recently released their new line of Xaser Series Full tower ATX Cases. SLCentral evaluated the external and internal structure of the Xaser V WinGo and Damier cases, we found both good things and bad things about the Xaser V read on to find out more........

11. Ace's Hardware General Message Board
perhaps because Windows and software in general suggest otherwise a killer app is made, suitable hardware will probably would no longer be a computer, even if

12. [H]ard|OCP
general computer hardware news and Overclocking page complete with information on varying degrees of cooling for overclocked video cards, CPUs, motherboards and other system hardware.
Ronald Reagan 1911 - 2004 R.I.P
Main Page
[H]ardGaming Contact News Archives document.write(''); Cheating the Cheaters NVIDIA's MXM Graphics Module Pentium 4 Road into 2005 VIA's New K8T800Pro ... VisionTek Radeon X800Pro VisionTek’s new X800Pro video card evaluated using seven popular game titles while focusing on real-world gameplay performance and image quality. ATI’s Radeon X800Pro and NVIDIA’s GeForce 6800Ultra are compared within. ATi PCI-Express Preview ATi brings its brand of graphic goodness to a PCI-Express slot near you soon. Today they softlaunch their new product line. AMD 939-pin CPUs The AthlonFX loses 1 pin and the Athlon64 gains 185. We evaluate the new Athlon FX-53, 3800+, 3700+, and 3500+. We compare Intel's 3.4EE and legacy CPUs as well. document.write(''); [H]ardNews 8th Edition Monday June 07, 2004 Posted by Kyle 7:17 PM (CDT) More 775 Warning: We posted yesterday that socket-775 CPUs are being rumored a bit frail. An anonymous source had this to input on the issue and it sounds like he has had a good amount of hands on and knows what he is talking about. If you are planning on taking the 775 plunge you might want to file this mentally. From my experience in the labs, the new LGA-775 (Prescott-T) chips are very resilient...

13. When Will Computer Hardware Match The Human Brain? By Hans Moravec
memory capacity necessary to match general intellectual performance predicted that the required hardware will be Thirty years of computer vision reveals that 1
Journal of Evolution and Technology . 1998. Vol. 1 When will computer hardware match the human brain?
(Received Dec. 1997) Hans Moravec Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890, USA
ABSTRACT This paper describes how the performance of AI machines tends to improve at the same pace that AI researchers get access to faster hardware. The processing power and memory capacity necessary to match general intellectual performance of the human brain are estimated. Based on extrapolation of past trends and on examination of technologies under development, it is predicted that the required hardware will be available in cheap machines in the 2020s.
Brains, Eyes and Machines
More computer power is needed to reach human performance, but how much? Human and animal brain sizes imply an answer, if we can relate nerve volume to computation. Structurally and functionally, one of the best understood neural assemblies is the retina of the vertebrate eye. Happily, similar operations have been developed for robot vision, handing us a rough conversion factor.
The retina is a transparent, paper-thin layer of nerve tissue at the back of the eyeball on which the eye's lens projects an image of the world. It is connected by the optic nerve, a million-fiber cable, to regions deep in the brain. It is a part of the brain convenient for study, even in living animals because of its peripheral location and because its function is straightforward compared with the brain's other mysteries. A human retina is less than a centimeter square and a half-millimeter thick. It has about 100 million neurons, of five distinct kinds. Light-sensitive cells feed wide spanning

14. Intro
This page will have information about classic computers and in general anything regarding computer technology. Also we perform computer repairs, hardware sales and many other services. This page will be updated often.
Designed by Demetris You are visitor No since November 1999

15. General Protection Fault
A weekly radio show about computer issues, hardware and software reviews, with interviews and commentary. Aired on FM radio KUAC 89.9 in Fairbanks, Alaska and via RealAudio.

16. - United States - New - Computing - Hardware - General Retailers - Reta
21. computer Animal http// hardware retailer sells desktop and Also general office equipment including projectors.

17. Suffolk University College Of Arts And Sciences
The CAS maintains several PC computer Labs for use of the school's community of computer users. During active periods of enrollment CAS Academic Computing staffs the Labs throughout the college with student assistants who are available to answer general questions on supported software and hardware.
Academic Computing Technology support, services and resources for students, faculty and staff For Students For Faculty and Staff Resources Computer Labs E-Mail Info WebMail Retrieve your e-mail any time, from any computer connected to the internet. Just enter your user name and password
Outlook Express Setup
Pine Help
Tech FAQ’s
Winzip, F-Prot, Acrobat and more

online course building software Training Tech Links
C-Net: reviews, buying guides

18. The Tech Zone Computer Hardware Reviews
The Tech Zone offers computer hardware reviews and news on the computer industry. Also tracks cheap computer deals. The hardware Price Index has been updated for Tuesday, May special configuration Dimension 2400 computer, a solid PC for but are now for general consumption. Unknown expiration date
Main Forums Register About Us ... Advertise TTZ Newsletter Sponsored Links Advertisements [Advertise] The Latest News and Articles at TheTechZone Written By: Andrew Posted: 06-07-2004 The Edifier Group comes at us with their top of the line system, the s5.1's! With sleek real wood enclosures, remote controlled, multi-setting display on the subwoofer, and extendable 6.1 channels, this is one house rockin' system at 240 Watts. Not only are they meant for computer use, you can also hook them up to your DVD Player or Stereo System for true surround sound! Read Here Written By: John Chow Posted: 06-03-2004 Like many trade shows, Computex has many off site events and parties. We got coverage of the ATI PCI Express launch, The Tyan Power of 4 Launch, Abit headquarter tour, LAN parties and many other offsite events and parties. Read Here Written By: John Chow Posted: 06-02-2004 Our coverage of the 2004 Computex Taipei continues with a look at the show floor. We got all the famous and not not famous name to show you. From motherboards with PCI Express to small form factor PCs to his and her flash drives, we got a bit of something for everybody. Read Here Written By: Moto Posted: 06-01-2004 The Hardware Price Index has been updated for Tuesday, June 1st. The best CPU deal this week is a $67.95 price drop on the AMD Opteron 246. RAM prices continue to trend down. On the video card side the best is a $154.54 price drop on the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro. Now might be a good time to pick one up if you're looking for a new card.

19. - United States - New - Computing - Hardware - General Retailers - Reta
1. computer hardware Specials Penn computer Corporation http// Check out specials on IBM RS/6000, Sun Microsystems, and

20. Redirection
A buy and sell portal for hardware, software, gaming systems, DVD, CD and MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras and audio video equipment. Uses an email interface for buying/selling. Many general links.
We have improved the Atlantic Canada Classifieds, our new location is: In approx. 10 seconds you should be redirected to the new page, please bookmark it when you arrive there.
If you are not redirected please click on the link above.

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