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1. Computer Teaching Lesson Plans
The lesson also serves to reinforce knowledge acquired about the topic. the students to the parts of the computer (monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc
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FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Computing ... Web Quests - An inquiry-based activity in which all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. Web Quest Generator - Let this tool help you build your first Web Quest. A Clue for Keyboarding - Students will be able to locate keys on the keyboard without looking at the keyboard, bulletin boards, and charts. Acronym Names - Using the word processor. Advertising Project - To develop written, verbal, and visual communication skills using the computer. Altering Text Size, Colour and Font - Children will use a word processor to alter text size, colour and font. Color Winner - Early elementary students follow directions, make predictions, and analyze the results while using colors. Company Stockholder Newsletter - They will use WordArt and/or a scanner to create letterhead stationery for their business. Students will use this stationery for their newsletter.

2. Technology Rich Lesson Plans -Kindergarten
Kindergarten Technology Rich lesson plans. Click on one of the lesson titles below picture word list. computer, keyboard, mouse. desktop publishing software (ClarisWorks for Kids or
June Home About Our System
Calendars ... Transportation Kindergarten Technology Rich Lesson Plans Click on one of the lesson titles below.
Scroll past the table below to view the lesson. Munchy Math Computer Pictures Counting Crocodiles Frog Facts: ... TRLP Home Computer Pictures Melissa Bailey
Bogue Sound Elementary
April 2000 Curriculum Areas NC Standard Course of Study:
Computer/Technology Skills

Goal 1: The learner will understand important issues of a technology based society and will exhibit ethical behavior in the use of computer and other technologies
Objective 1.1: Identify the computer as a machine that helps people work and play.
Objective 1.2: Identify the physical components of the computer system
Objective 1.3: Demonstrate respect for the work of others

3. Technology > Typing For Beginners
Front page lesson plans Technology Typing for Beginners. Download the "keyboard" PDF computer TypingLearning the ABCs of the computer keyboard (Mastering)

Front page
Lesson Plans Technology Typing for Beginners Download the "KEYBOARD" PDF
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Although I had lessons in keyboarding a number of years ago, it isn't as if I sat down in a typing class every day and just learned to type. Yet these days, I have to admit that I am thankful for my keyboarding lessons. Had it not been for the fundamentals that I learned, such as finger positioning and the "proper" movement to strike certain keys, I assure you that my time spent at a keyboard would have been far more frustrating. I do not claim to be some sort of master typist, and I would note that all of us are always working to improve our skill level. You obviously can't expect your fourth graders to suddenly start typing all of their homework before turning it in, but you can teach a building block that will help them master typing in the long run. The placement of one's fingers on the keyboard is key when learning how to type. While it will require lots and lots of practice before your students begin to feel that they're typing with any sort of speed, you can accomplish a lot prior to the practice that only a typewriter or computer and time can provide.

4. Kings Park-Technology
used in the Kings Park computer lab. Kindergarten through third KidPix) keyboard Shortcuts Wordfind. Crests County Public Schools has lesson plans, early childhood links, training
Sample Lessons and Other Resources Used in the Kings Park Computer Lab Kindergarten Lessons First Grade Lessons Second Grade Lessons Third Grade Lessons ...
Brooks Widmaier
, Technology Resource Teacher, Kings Park ES Kindergarten: Brown Bear, Brown Bear Native American Pictograms Family Portraits Native American Headbands ... Winter Animals (hibernation, migration...) Ant Research First Grade: Self Portraits Clouds Five Senses Tens and Ones ... Cinquains Second Grade: Mexico Native American Pictograms and Translations Heart Healthy Activities Native American homes ... Pueblo Homes Third Grade: Multiplication Arrays Mary Had a Little Lamb Word Processing Lesson Great Wall of China Facts Three Little Pigs Word Processing Lesson ... Virginia Maps KidPix)

5. Business And Computer Lesson Plans
for business and computer teachers and students. Filled with. references, links, and lesson plans. Need Word or This chart contains. all keyboard shortcuts and complete listing of the
TIGER 9-1-2 Online Resource
Business Law
(Several tutorial pages on creating webpages are located at the bottom of this table)
Tonya Skinner's Business Lesson Plans
- Best business education site on the web. Also has bulletin board ideas. Casco's Economics, Business, and Finance Site - Has links to NASDAQ Stock Market, Sierra Online Stock Market, Kelly's Blue Book, IRS, Infoseek Stock Quote, etc. Best of the Best Sites for Investment - A listing compiled for the Tahlequah High School stock market game. Intro to Word - This is a tutorial on how to use Word. Beginner's Web Portal - People who need some extra tutoring when it comes to navigating the Web can get help from this portal. Alfy, an animated character, guides students through a graphic-based site filled with activities to help get acquainted with the Internet. Create Your Own School Web Site - A virtual community providing educators, students and parents with online tools and services. Along with offering curriculum-focused content, educational links and resources and e-commerce, this site allows schools to create their own Web sites and receive e-mail. Initially, the site's content will be focused on middle and high schools. King Middle School's Standout Site - Visitors will find numerous links to curriculum-based sites as well as lesson-plan help and suggestions for online projects. A unique feature is the site's long and complete listing of zoos across the country and throughout the world.

6. Computer Lesson Plans And Directions Mentor Project HBCSD 1998 - 1999
computer Basics Training. computer Basics/lesson plans. Shape Search K - 8 WPInvitations-Prim.pdf. keyboard Skills - Primary. keyboardSkills-Prim.pdf
Lesson Plans/Directions
Note: These directions and lesson plans are in a PDF file format. You will need Acrobat Reader in order to view them. You can download it free from Adobe's Web Site. See Below
Adobe Acrobat Reader download site
Computer Basics Training Computer Basics Lesson Plans
  • Shape Search - K - 8
  • T-Shirt Transfer K - 8
T-shirt transfer(scanner).pdf
  • Poem Book K - 8
PoemBook(video capture).pdf Computer Basics/Directions on How to...
  • use scanner at View School
  • use a QuickTake Camera
  • use Scanner in Tech Lab on T's Desk
  • use Scanner in Graphics Module
  • Macintosh Basics
  • PowerPoint Computer Parts Presentation
Presentation Note: Note a PDF file.
Word Processing Training Word Processing/Lesson Plans
  • Create an Invitation - Primary
  • Keyboard Skills - Primary
  • Science/Language Arts - Primary

7. Teachers.Net Lesson Exchange - LESSON PLANS - SORTED BY CATEGORY - Support The L
Body keyboard. (Middle,computer) posted by Hilda Understanding The Internet. (Senior,computer) posted by online lesson plans. (Middle,computer) posted by David

8. Education World® - *Science : Computer Science : *Teacher Resources : Lesson Pl
RECENT STORIES. Archives. Administrators. Books in Ed. Curriculum. Great Sites. lesson Planning. School Issues. Site Reviews. Special Themes. Teacher lessons. Tech In Classroom. The Arts. Foreign Languages TOP * Science computer Science * Teacher Resources lesson plans. There are 25 entries in this Corporation Twiddlertm is a combination keyboard and mouse that weighs 4 ounces

9. Technology Lesson Plans - Kent School District
Kent School District Technology lesson plans computer Use students learn to use resources to help solve computer problems process steps as students keyboard their tall tale stories
Kent School District Technology Lesson Plans
The following lessons were created by Kent School District teachers in 1999 and are designed to integrate with Kent School District Student Learning Objectives and Technology Standards as well as Washington State Essential Learnings (EALRs). Kindergarten
  • Counting - students use knowledge of technology to practice counting objects in a teacher-made HyperStudio program Counting Backwards - students practice writing numbers counting backwards Letter People - students dictate a story about the letter person that is the letter of their first name, then illustrate and record the story with Kid Pix, which can then be compiled with the dictated story and a scanned photo or quick take image and printed for a class book or used as slide show Letter People Words - students work with a partner to arrange the letter people to make words, then copy the words to a Kid Pix document, print it out, and take it home to read to parents Mr. B Project

10. Lesson Plans: Bulletin Boards
Materials Needed school name, logo or picture and related computer technology illustrations computer, keyboard, monitor, printer, modem, etc.
Project Net Across the Sea: a collaboration between
Chicago Public Schools, Wilmette Public Schools, and Birmingham (UK) LEA
Your Address in the World
Computer Bulletin Boards
Where Learning and Technology Meet Submitted by Annmarie McNeela Ricker, Computer Teacher, Peirce School for International Studies, Chicago, IL Materials Needed:
school name, logo or picture and related computer technology illustrations: computer, keyboard, monitor, printer, modem, etc.
  • Illustrations may be purchased commercially or made by teacher and students.
  • Prepare title from die cut letter stencils or computer generate; affix to board.
  • Provide printed instructions for general maintenance of computer hardware and software; affix to board.
  • Strategically place icons on board.
  • Color coordinate background paper or fabric to complement banner (title), letters and border.
Expect Great Things!
We are Project Net Across the Sea . . . Expect Great Things! Submitted by Annmarie McNeela Ricker, Computer Teacher, Peirce School for International Studies, Chicago, IL
This is useful for displaying correspondence with partner school(s).

11. Teachers.Net Lesson Exchange - LESSON PLANS Teachers.Net Delivers The Best In On
2768. online lesson plans ( Middle computer) posted by David Williams Lakewood, New Jersey") 2494. Body keyboard ( Middle computer) posted by Hilda Maria Arredondo

12. Education World® : Teacher Lesson Plans : Primary Keyboarding Skills
basics of keyboarding. Keywords. keyboarding. Materials Needed. computer with keyboard Paper keyboard handout optional. lesson Plan.
EdWorld Internet Topics
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Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Teacher Lesson Plans Lesson Plan Submission L E S S O N P L A N S U B M I S S I O N Primary Keyboarding Skills Subject: Ed Technology Grade: K-2 Brief Description Introduce the younger student to the "home row" position of the keyboard with a "special phrase". Objectives To introduce the primary student to the basics of keyboarding. Keywords Keyboarding Materials Needed Computer with keyboard Paper Keyboard handout - optional Lesson Plan
  • Introduce the concept of "keyboarding" and the rationale for learning to use the keyboard correctly.
  • Have students place their left hand fingers on "home row" position with the following phrase to help them remember the placement: A Silly Dancing Frog
  • Have students place their right hand fingers on the "home row" position with the following phrase: Jazzy Kangaroo's Little Semi (use semi-truck photo or hot-wheel-type car for describing purposes)
  • After ASDF and JKL; are mastered an option would be to add the pointer finger movement with these words:
  • 13. Education World® - Lesson Planning: Celebrate National Physical Fitness And Spo
    Ball is one of many ideas submitted by teachers to the Physical Education lesson plans Web site. The lesson starts with a computer keyboard but this
    EdWorld Internet Topics
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    Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Archives Lesson Planning Article L E S S O N P L A N N I N G A R T I C L E
    Let's Get Physical!
    Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month with Education World's tour of physical fitness Web sites. Get your students moving with hundreds of " active -ities" with the emphasis on active Included: An activity idea from each site! Each year, on the first Wednesday in May which also happens to be the first Wednesday in National Physical Fitness and Sports Month millions of school children all over the globe exercise together as part of Project ACES. "Project ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) aims to educate children about the importance of lifelong fitness and to end the stereotype that children are fat, weak, and lazy," says Len Saunders, a Montville, New Jersey, phys ed teacher who created the program in 1989. "Project ACES aims to make fitness fun!" "There is no specific routine to follow," adds Saunders. "The children might walk, jog, bike, dance, do aerobics, or a combination of all of them for 15 minutes. Many schools invite local celebrities to the event. Most schools get the entire school population out on the playground, put on music, and get everyone in the school have some fun by moving and exercising together."

    14. Computers Lesson Plans
    computers lessons! Introducing the Word Processor The main objectives of this lesson plan are for students to learn to keyboard on the computer,.. .
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    Lesson Plans.
    Categories Computers
    (+42 WebQuests!)



    (+23 WebQuests!)

    Health (+27 WebQuests!) History Holidays Journalism Language (+173 WebQuests!) Languages Literature Mathematics (+93 WebQuests!) Music Physed Reading Science (+375 WebQuests!) Social Studies (+399 WebQuests!) Thematic Webquests (+146 WebQuests!) Math Worksheets Computers Computers Lessons!
    Introducing the Word Processor Introduction to Computers and the Internet: Language Arts Skills - Unit Plan Description: At the beginning of this unit, students learn how to use the mouse and the keyboard to interact with the computer. Throughout the rest of the unit, students use web sites to practice various language arts sk... Introduction to Intermediate Level Logo Students who have already gained some familiarity with the concept and usage of Logo as a computer .. > ... Introduction to Internet for Primary Teachers Lesson Exchange: Introduction to Internet for Primary Teachers (other, Computer) Beginning Teachers Tool Box: Serving New Teachers Around the World! #1024. Introduction to Internet for Primary Teachers Computer, level: o...

    15. Lesson Ideas Utilizing A Smart Board
    Smart lesson plans. shutting down the Smart Board, shut down your computer as you Hide Tools, Right Click, Escape, Calibrate/Keystone, keyboard, Annotate Hide
    Smart Board Lesson Ideas Smart Lesson Plans Smart Board Smart Board Basics - Touch, Write, and Save Browsing using a SmartBoard
    (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) Smart Board Math Activities Interactive WhiteBoard Success Stories SmartRoom Hints, Ideas, and Tips
    (for high school but may be modified for use with lower grades)
    After students have created PowerPoint projects or other work, allow them to share the work with the rest of the class using the Smart Board. Choose any interactive website and let the students work individually, in pairs, or in groups of three to complete activities at the website. One such site to use is aplusmath A good website to use on the smart board to let students explore and complete activities:
    Go to the site, let students choose the appropriate grade level (they are color coded), and let them choose an activity. Math websites to use for grades 3, 4, and 5: eMints Pull up math (or other subject) worksheets on the smartboard and have students write the answers to complete the problems. One site to use for worksheets is: EdHelper If you open the notebook, you can write on the SmartBoard with Dry-Erase markers and the writing will appear on the notebook and can be printed out. One teacher is using it to work with spelling words. Another teacher uses it as a blackboard and prints out notes for students with IEPs. - Vivian, Saucon Valley Elementary School, Hellertown, PA

    16. The Teacher's Corner - Teacher Resources - Lesson Plans
    They put the computer keyboard through the elastic and sit it on their desk. They put their hands through the legs and position them correctly on the keyboard.
    Home Technology Keyboarding with Boxers Lesson Plans Math Music Physical Education Reading ... Writing Thematic Units CURRENT UNIT: End-of-the-Year PREVIOUS UNITS Unit Index Seasonal Items May Events June Events Spring Baseball ... Bulletin Boards Teacher Resources Classroom Management Librarians Teacher Tips The Corner Store ... Web Sites The Teacher's Lounge Daily Factoid Educational News Message Board Newsletter - Get it! ... The Corner's Contest Book Nook Children's Professional Teen/Young Adult Awards The Finish Line TTC's Award Winners Win Our Award Credits Carry our Banner Graphics Sign our Guestbook Sponsors Advertisement
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    Keyboarding with Boxers To encourage my keyboarding students to learn good touch keying and not look at their fingers, I ask them to bring a cute pair of boxer shorts to class. They put the computer keyboard through the elastic and sit it on their desk. They put their hands through the legs and position them correctly on the keyboard. Off they go! They think it's cool and it encourages good keying technique since they can't see and really have to concentrate on their sense of touch."

    17. A To Z Teacher Stuff: Lesson Plans: Physical Education: Grades 3-5
    Home lesson plans Physical Education Grades 35, a teacher-made computer keyboard http//
    A to Z Teacher Stuff ~ Teacher Resources, Lesson Plans, Themes, Tips, Printables, and more advertise
    click here to join 20,000+ Download Teacher




    ... Physical Education : Grades 3-5 Visit Network Sites ... A to Z Teacher Stuff SearchEducation EduBanners
    A to Z Lessons OUR COLLECTION:
    Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 ... New Lesson Plans FIND MORE LessonPlanz .com Preschool Grades K-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 ... More... CLICK TO FIND Grades 3-5 Grade Level Any Preschool K
    • Eenie, Callapsie A chanting song. Rate It
    • End Line Ball This game helps develop throwing and catching skills along with basic mobility skills. Rate It
    • Free Ball Student will engage in playing soccer and basketball. Rate It
    • Gymnastics Activities 5 short gynastics lessons: organization, shapes, shapes partner work, apparatus, and shapes

    18. A Passion For Jazz! Online Piano Lessons
    MIDI compatible keyboard interfaced to computer; Direct internet text used for online keyboard lessons is Basic to a printer to hard copy lesson plans and sheet

    19. LEARN NC Lesson Plan: The Alphabet Tree (by: Jody Shaughnessy)
    names of computer parts, monitor, keyboard,etc computer Technology Skills English Language Arts +Classification information the best Kid Pix lesson plans I have

    20. Unit 1, Ellis Island
    based lessons or activities have a computer (PC or the necessary hardware components (mouse, keyboard, and monitor Up to Contents of this Page Unit lesson plans.
    Your View
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    Electronic Field Trips
    Ellis Island Unit
  • Meet the Teachers
  • Unit Description
  • Objectives
  • Materials and Resources ...
  • One Computer versus Many
    • Grade level: Middle/Upper Elementary, High School
    • Subject Area: Social Studies, Language Arts

    Meet the Teachers Margaret Holtschlag and Cindy Lafkas have integrated telecommunications into their classrooms for three years. Margaret teaches fourth grade at Murphy Elementary in Haslett, Michigan. She first learned about technology from her husband, who is a United States Geological Survey hydrologist. Her interest in technology stemmed from her desire to explore new and different ways to approach teaching in her classroom. She and her husband got an Excellence in Education grant from the Department of the Interior to do a multi-media project on wetlands. Cindy is teaching fifth grade at Cornell Elementary in Okemos, Michigan. She says she wouldn't have become involved with computers if it hadn't been for word processing since she loves to write. Cindy has been at Cornell for 11 years. Cindy and Margaret participated in four telecommunications field trips through TCI and Turner Adventure Learning in the past three years. In past years they went to the Rift Valley in Kenya and the battle field at Gettysburg. This year, they went to Ellis Island. (To learn more about Margaret and Cindy and their other field trips, take a look at their
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