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         Colonial Times Us Studies:     more detail
  1. The Fire This Time: Essays on Life Under US Occupation by Julian Aguon, 2006-08-12

1. TeacherSource . Social Studies . United States History: Colonial Times Grades 3-
Grades 35 United States History colonial times, Start Over. Test the truth of famous stories and legends in us colonial history through weekly online polls.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2004
Lessons and Activities
Grades 3-5: United States History: Colonial Times
Featured Lesson
  • Scientific American Frontiers - A Feast at Plimoth Plantation
    Learn about the foods native to North America, and plan a native American vegetarian meal early colonists might have eaten.
    2 Total Resources Below:

    Learning Adventures In Citizenship
    • History or Mis-story?
      Test the truth of famous stories and legends in U.S. colonial history through weekly online polls.
    Scientific American Frontiers
    • A Feast at Plimoth Plantation Learn about the foods native to North America, and plan a native American vegetarian meal early colonists might have eaten.
    New Search To view lesson plans and activies, select a grade range and topic below: High School (9-12) Middle School (6-8) Grades 3-5 Grades K-2 Preschool And select a topic (next to arrows) Civics > Government > State/Local Issues College Planning > College Planning Economics > Economics Geography > Geography United States History > Pre-1800 > Early 19th Century > Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction

2. ProTeacher! Colonial Times Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In Grades
Join us to make social studies a fun This lesson could be adapted for study of other plans, printable worksheets, and online activities about colonial times.
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3. Colonial America 1600-1775, K12 Resources
Architecture Visit Reed College s American studies page for New York First Jewish Synagogue in us African American experience from colonial times through the
Colonial America 1600-1775
K12 Resources
DDC 973.2
Explore the Colonial Period of our history through the Internet. You'll find maps, lesson plans, bibliographies and curriculum content materials here.
Primary Resource Documents
Timelines History State, Cities Histories ... Religion
Primary Resource Documents
The American Colonist's Library
Huge collection of primary resource documents Archiving Early America
Historic documents from 18th century America. Declaration of Independence, etc. writings; lives of early Americans Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents The Avalon Project from Yale Early American Colonial Literature to 1700 Biographical information, e-texts, lesson plan for Captain John Smith, Increase Mather, Cotton Mather, William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, Edward Winslow, John Winthrop Mary Rowlandson, John Dickinson; ISLMC Page Historical Text Archive Historical text archives; Native Americans; Salem Witch Trials; More Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription Project Documents, maps, people, images; from University of Virginia [Back to Top]
The History Place. Timeline. Early Colonial Era to 1700

4. Colonial History
http// California Mission studies Association list of missions, links Rare maps from colonial times http//www.libs.uga
Colonial History
History - Jamestowne 13 Colonies California Missions
Various sites
Ben Franklin documentary from PBS -check this out American History Sources for Students - colonial times Colonial American History sources from Surf Aquarium Geocities Global Access to Ed Resources - colonial ProTeacher 13 Colonies links Roanoke - ThinkQuest
How Do You Lose a Colony? Roanoke worksheet from Mrs. Mitchell Jamestown: Introduction to Jamestown from Virginia Historic Jamestowne Lessons and Online Activities Learn more about Jamestown , the first English settlement Timeline List of Early Settlers

5. Colonial Times - About Us
colonial times scour the globe for antique furniture and effects representing the finest of the British colonial Empire. colonial times. About Tony Skinner Oriental Arts. Unrestored Stock. Restored Stock. Chinese Furniture. Hand Painted Furniture. Hand Crafted Furniture. Hand Carved Buddha's. Case studies to find us
W e scour the globe for antique furniture and effects representing the best of the British Colonial empire. These items are shipped back to England where approximately 90% of them are sold to trade customers in the UK and around the world. If required, we offer a full restoration and re-polishing service by experienced craftsmen. We have a showroom open to both the public and trade six days a week, where fully restored furniture and decorative items are available for purchase by those who appreciate the finest that a bygone era has to offer. We have a further three barns of un-restored furniture for trade customers who can match items to the tastes of their most discerning clients. Top Designed and built by The Pier Online

6. WNPL Kid Spot Social Studies History - Colonial America
then 30,000 reference articles, and over 65 fulltext journals covering themes, events, individuals and periods in us history from pre-colonial times to the
History - Colonial America America's Story: Colonial America, 1492-1763 ( (5th and up)
Take a trip to colonial America with the the Library of Congress as your guide.
Colonial America 1600-1775
( (6th and up)
Designed with students and teachers in mind, this site provides lots of links to information on life in colonial America, including many primary sources. Colonial Kids (
(4th and up)
This award-winning site tells you about daily life in the 1700's. History Research Center: US
The History Resource Center: U.S. provides access to over 1,000 historical (primary) documents, more then 30,000 reference articles, and over 65 full-text journals covering themes, events, individuals and periods in U.S. history from pre-Colonial times to the present. (Remote access available to WNPL cardholders.)

7. Colonial Times - Where To Find Us
colonial times scour the globe for antique furniture and effects representing the finest of the British colonial Empire. colonial times. About Tony Skinner Oriental Arts. Unrestored Stock. Restored Stock. Chinese Furniture. Hand Painted Furniture. Hand Crafted Furniture. Hand Carved Buddha's. Case studies
Top Designed and built by The Pier Online

8. Early Colonial Life And Trade
America This site has many connections to enrich student’s study of colonial Children in colonial times What was it like being a child in America’s early
Math Language Arts / Crafts Social Studies Science ... Credits
Social Studies The American Colonies: Once again KidInfo has an excellent assortment of related information about the colonial time period. The site is well organized for students use. America’s Story from America’s Library-Colonial America This site has many connections to enrich student’s study of colonial America. This site contains twenty-two story starters your students can use as a springboard to research, newspaper article, or just for the sake of learning. Children in Colonial Times: What was it like being a child in America’s early history? Here is a very easy site for the youngest student to use. Colonial America Learn more about each colony while completing lessons, activities, and even testing your knowledge with an on-line quiz. Colonial America: Use this theme web page to find a related site you need. Site includes information on the colonies, religious groups, and additional teacher resources. Colonial American 1600-1775 K12 Resources This is a site with the busy teacher in mind. Start here or have your students search these links to learn more about the colonies.

9. Social Studies - A To Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
Medieval times Find out about Castles, Happenings, Heraldry, Kings History of us by Joy Hakim This is the American Kids in History Series colonial Days Pioneer
Save on Children's Social Science Books from Amazon. Help Support A to Z Home's Cool!
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American History
American History
Participate actively in the history of the United States of America. Indian Peoples of the Americas
Native culture, past and current. An introduction for children. Pilgrims
How Squanto helped the Pilgrims. The first Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation.

The Library of Congress Country Study — Need to us State Department Countries of the World — Wow! United States History — From colonial times to modern
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11. Social Studies
colonial times. THE colonial GAZETTE TIME TRAVEL WEBQUEST INTO colonial AMERICA http//
Social Studies
Election 2000 African American History Native Americans Kentucky History ... Discovering America Election 2000 Issues 2000 Covering the Issues CNN on Issues USA Today - Select an Issue Al Gore's Web Page on Issues George W. Bush's Web Page on Issues More on the Issues The Washington Post on Issues Vice Presidential Information POLITICAL RACE: To see how you and your students might match your own beliefs and issues with the 2000 presidential candidates, then try out the following excellent activity at VoteMatch: United States Government THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION:

12. U.S. Embassy, Seoul, Information Resource Center - About The USA
studies Students Teachers Today in us History What Hypertext on American History From the colonial Period until Modern times American Historical Atlas

IRC Home

Its Resources
In The News Background on ...
The New Deal and world War II

An Outline of American History: Dept. of State Publication

The Library of Congress

Today in U.S. History: What Happened?

American Memory from the Library of Congress: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
Dept. of State's American Studies Website

Basic Documents and Writings The Constitution of the United States (1787) The Bill of Rights (1787) The Declaration of Independence (1776) The Mayflower Compact (1620) ... National Archives and Records Administration Famous Speeches Douglass: Archives of American Public Address Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States Presidential Speech Archive Pre-Colonial Era Early America - from Outline of American History Introduction to 1492: An Ongoing Voyage Religion and the Founding of the American Republic - Library of Congress Columbus and the Age of Discovery ... The Columbus Navigation The Colonial Era The Colonial Period - from Outline of American History Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation The Birth of A Nation History of Jamestown ... Rare Map Collection - Colonial America American Revolution

13. Life On Plymouth Plantation
English/language arts Letter writing; Sentence chart; If You Lived in colonial times by Ann McGovern (Extension activity); Other Social studies Links
Life on Plymouth Plantation Have you ever wondered what life was like 375 years ago in America? What did the men, women, and children first see and experience when they landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620? These brave people left their homes in England to escape religious persecution by immigrating to America! What if you and your family felt the need to fly to Jupiter and attempt to start a new life? Your family members would have no idea where they were going, what type of climate they would find, what they were going to eat, or if there were any hostile creatures living there already. Wouldn't that be scary? This was a scary but adventurous time in American history. Were the Pilgrims the first people to inhabit America? Actually, the Native American Indian tribes had already lived in what came to be called America for hundreds of years before the first European settlers immigrated in 1620. View Teacher Notes The Task In this activity you will be discovering about the early Americans by looking at a recreation of Plymouth Plantation in 1627. Also, you will be looking at a variety of maps, both modern and maps from the 17th century. Using these sources, you will be answering questions, discovering life in early America and writing a series of letters. After taking a virtual tour of Plymouth Plantation you will assume the character of a child who traveled to the New World aboard the Mayflower. The child you are portraying is an actual histroical person who came from England to the New World in 1620. As many Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower did, you will send letters to your friends and family back in England. In your letters you will explain what Plymouth is like and you will advise your family back in England as to what they should bring with them when they make their journey over.

14. Social Studies School Service Search Results List
from the colonial era to modern times is surveyed of Europeans on native peoples, colonial life, American BASED ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES FOR us HISTORY CLASSES To

15. History Social Science Schoolhouse
and addresses science and social studies see the references for children s literature for us History and popular board game from colonial times which students
Schoolhouse Lessons and Activities
Unit Five
Life of Children in Colonial Times - Toys and Games
Purpose: Students learn about the lives of children in colonial times by looking at the types of games the children played and toys they used. Through the study of the games and activities of children in colonial times, students are able to relate the life styles of children in past eras to their own life styles. Students can compare and contrast the toys and games of the colonial period to those used today, and subsequently create graphic organizers to demonstrate their understanding of the similarities and differences. Students also can study the history and science of the changing technologies that have helped to make available the many toys available today (possible areas of study are factories that produce these products, toy stores, and product design, engineering, packaging, ) Table of Contents
  • Lessons
  • Curriculum Ties and Objectives for Subject Areas
  • Related Web Resources
    Lessons Apple Dolls Apple Doll Pictures are coming!!! If you do this activity with your class, we would like to publish pictures of your students making the apple dolls as well as pictures of the finished product! Prior to this activity, students should have discussed the differences between the toys that children have now and those available during colonial times. Students should have been guided to understand that children's toys were made from readily available materials. Students should understand that apples were and are plentiful in N.E. Content Areas: Social Studies, Art, ESL*
  • 16. Simulated Colonial School Social Studies Lesson Plan, Thematic Unit, Activity, W
    Read aloud from if you lived in colonial times. If lesson finishes quickly, go over the colonial Manners, published in Visit Other Click to Vote For us!
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    Simulated Colonial School
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    Printable Version for your convenience!
    Title - Simulated Colonial School
    By - Laura Welshoff
    Primary Subject - Social Studies
    Secondary Subjects - Social Studies
    Grade Level - 4-6
    Social Studies / Colonial America "Simulated Colonial School" Name: Laura Welshoff Date Written: February 1999 Please note, worksheets were not provided by the author, but the lesson plan can be performed without the worksheets or worksheets could easily be made by the teacher. Background Brief description of group to be taught: 5th Grade class, mid year Inclusion classroom with 6 students on Individual Education Plans, class size is 20 students Overall purpose of this lesson: To have the children experience through simulation, what Colonial School life was like. Students will be introduced to proverbs that teacher glues onto their hornbooks. Through the proverbs, students will appreciate the sayings as ideas that represent wisdom. They will also understand that the sayings are a reflection of the time in which they originated.

    17. U.S. History Bibliography: Colonial Period To 1900
    access to issues of EighteenthCentury studies from 1995 on manuscripts held by libraries across the us. A Critical Reference Guide from colonial times to the

    U.S. History Bibliography
    Colonial Period to 1900
    Page Contents:
    Suggestions for historical research in libraries:
  • Specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries or other general works may provide useful overviews of the topic, define special terminology, and identify key persons and concepts.
  • Specialized bibliographies listing published works and primary sources about historical periods, topics, and individuals are also often useful.
  • Use the UNR Library Catalog to find books on your topic, and the online indexes to find relevant articles.
  • Use periodical indexes to find articles and book reviews. Return to top I. GENERAL REFERENCE WORKS A. Indexes, bibliographies, and other general works (key ones are in bold)
    • (1954-current) Early volumes duplicated in Reference: Z1236 .A48. The basic, best index to books and articles on American history. Includes article abstracts, index of book reviews, comprehensive index by subject and author.
    • Arts and Humanities Search.
  • 18. Colonial Era -- American Colonial Times -- Term Papers
    At a great loss of men, the colonies succeeded in the book that studies the life and times of Maine s Historic Controversy Over the us Constitution A 5 page
    Search able by Keyword Or By Subject Category...
    U.S. History (18th Century) (The) American Free Banking System A 5 page essay highlighting the emergence of the Free Banking System in early U.S. history. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Amerbank.wps A 4 page research paper on the book by the famous Franklin biographer Esmond Wright. This the first in a series of books which Wright has written on Franklin shows how the historianís fascination with his famous topic began. The writer discusses how Wright brings Franklin to life through his insightful prose. No additional sources cited. Ewright.wps Benfr.wps Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography / Analysis This 6 page research paper discusses The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, which chronicles America's ultimate "Renaissance Man's" life from his birth in 1706 until 1757. Specifically considered is how Franklin's life represents the "great American success story." Bibliography lists 1 source. Benfrank.wps

    19. History
    Please help us keep this page up to 20,000 biographies Social studies for Kids colonies colonial Region Resources colonial times pictures and
    5th Grade History Page Vikings Medieval Times The Renaissance Explorers ... Teacher Resources Help!!!
    Please help us keep this page up to date. If you find an interesting site, please send the URL to:

    General History Links History Online
    - search over 20,000 biographies

    Social Studies for Kids

    The History Net

    The History Place
    - Biographies, history and good enrichment site to search Vikings The World of the Vikings
    Briese-Bane Vikings Information Center
    Viking Heritage Viking Theme Page ... The Viking Network
    - Music, information on daily life, and online projects Viking Quest The Battle of Hastings - Complete description of the battle and more. Viking Resources and Links Medieval Times Medieval Fiefdom The Battle of Hastings - Complete description of the battle and more. Ian's Land of Castles - very good castle information with other links Annenberg exhibits collection - life, clothing, food, defense and more Knights, Chivalry, and Tournaments - good information. Castles for Kids Glossary of terms and armor Ardor Armor Library - information on construction and pictures of armor Medieval Maps - maps of Europe during the Middle Ages Arsenal of Graz -Castle's arsenal with weapons and armor The Castles of Wales - information and pictures Medieval Life -life in a medieval castle Castle Quest -post questions by clicking the quest button Ghosts in the Castle - fun site that lets you explore a castle Life in the Middle Ages - covers all aspects of daily life Wichamstow - life in a Medieval town. Visit the craftsmen's houses.

    20. Social Studies
    Covers American history from colonial times to World War I world flags, documents on Benjamin Franklin, us House and Social studies Web Sites for K12 Teachers
    Social Studies
    Lesson Plans Strategies Geography Resources ... Organizations
    Lesson Plans For A Variety Of Social Studies Topics
    Search for Lesson Plans,Set II. Search by grade level a database for a wealth of social studies lesson plans and activities.
    K-12 Lesson Plans on Japan. More than one dozen lesson plans suitable for K-6.
    Teachers Helping Teachers: Social Studies. A collection of social studies lesson plans where teachers share and exchange their ideas and activities.
    Thematic Lesson Plans. Scroll past the section "Search Activities Database" until you reach a list of activities organized by theme. Includes lesson plans and activities such as Family and World Outside My Door
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    Teaching Strategies For Social Studies
    Activities:History as Story. U.S. Department of Education's activities and ideas to enliven the teaching of history.
    Activities:History as Time. U.S. Department of Education's activities and ideas to make the teaching of past events in history more exciting.
    The American President.

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