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         Colombian Geography:     more detail
  1. Colombian archival sources on colonial Peru (Pan American Institute of Geography and History. Special publication no. 5) by Hernan Horna, 1971
  2. The Colombian Caribbean: A Regional History, 1870-1950 (Oxford Historical Monographs) by Eduardo Posada-Carbo, 1996-04-18
  3. The littoral of Pacific Colombia and Ecuador and Racial succession in the Colombian Chocó by Robert Cushman Murphy, 1939
  4. Statistical series on the Colombian economy by William Paul McGreevey, 1964

1. Colombian Geography
2001) the new semiannual journal of the Association of Colombian Geographers included Title La Geo grafía en un Mundo Trastrocado (Geography in a Topsy
***The significance of Ratzel's work in the contexts of contemporaneous developments and debates within the discipline of geography in Germany and elsewhere;
***The impact of Ratzel's work on other cognate disciplines as well as the significance of his own transdisciplinary forays for geography;
*** The contributions of Ratzel's work to contemporaneous understandings of the earth's regions and the possible import of them and his spatial imaginary for contemporary conceptions of regional geography.
Select papers will be published following the conference. The conference languages will be German and English. Pending funding efforts, some travel money for participants may become available.
Send queries or abstracts by June 30, 2003 to the conference organizers, Wolfgang Natter:

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2. Colombia Geográfica  -  Colombian Geography
Translate this page Introductory survey of both the geographic characteristics of Colombia and the history and current status of the geographical disciplines in this country.
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ca.1768 - 1816
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Destacando a Caldas Instituto Geográfico "Agustín Codazzi" (IGAC) y la y por Decreto se estableció en 1995 el "Día del Geógrafo".   La aspiración de que se establezca  el programa doctoral enunciada en el Proyecto  UPTC- IGAC de 1983  no ha tenido ningún progreso,  no  obstante  que  la profesión ya cuenta con buen potencial de candidatos a este nivel, cerca de 150 geógrafos graduados, un tercio de ellos con Maestría.

3. Colombia’s Geographical Tradition And Current Status
colombian geography Tradition and Current Status. Research and scholarly writing in geography is a wellgrounded tradition in Colombia. Quito in 1801, Caldas has been named the â father⠝ of
Colombian Geography: Tradition and Current Status Research and scholarly writing in geography is a well-grounded tradition in Colombia . Nowadays, the country ranks high in the Hispanic American region in the trend of geographic development, but the practice of geography runs back to the very beginnings of the nation in the early sixteenth century. The pre-modern phase of that history has been aptly detailed by Acevedo Latorre A book entitled Summa de Geografía by Fernández de Enciso was the first geographic work prepared in the New World shortly after the Discovery and then published in Spain in 1519. Since the onset of the colonial period, the Spanish chroniclers set forth in their writings a learned geographical tradition that was continued over the centuries both in the form of studies by individuals and as comprehensive reports by corporate expeditions in which geographic accounts were a substantive ingredient. Of the latter kind were the Fidalgo Expedition (1794-1810), which surveyed and mapped the Caribbean coast for the Crown, and simultaneously the Botanical Expedition, led by the well-known Spanish botanist José Celestino Mutis. Mutis and his Creole associates carried out extensive research on vegetation and other natural resources of

4. SurfWax -- News And Articles On Geography
Articles on Geography from newspapers and magazines around the world. better understanding of things like history and geography a better understanding than if they had spent For those unfamiliar with colombian geography, it is necessary to say that
    Last update: Jun 07, 2004 Archives: Geography
    Venus transit puts sky-watchers in heaven
    Jun 07, 2004
    He is co-author (with geography professor-astronomy writer John Westfall of San Francisco State University) of a new book, "The Transits of Venus" (Prometheus Books), on the history of Venus transits. During the transit, Venus, the second planet from the sun, will appear to be roughly 1/32nd the diameter of the sun. (San Francisco Chronicle)
    Eight dos and don'ts for Idol success
    Jun 07, 2004
    8) DON'T cultivate a psychotically devoted fan base based on geography unless it's in Hawaii. Fan devotion may also be based on geography, as Jasmine Trias showed by somehow convincing the entire state of Hawaii to spend hours each Tuesday night calling in their votes over, and over, and over again. (MSNBC Television)
    New York addresses 2012 Olympic concerns
    Jun 07, 2004
    Politics and geography, however, are out of New York's control. At play is anti-American sentiment, stemming in particular from President Bush's policies. (ESPN Olympics)
    Black Job Loss Dj Vu
    Jun 07, 2004

5. Colombian Beauties
My Groups Language Help. Colombian beauties. The astonishing colombian geography is the result of a broken explosion of the Andes
var nEditorialCatId = 169; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(''); Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Colombian beauties What's New Join Now ALBUMS Message Board ... Recommend This Group to a Friend "The astonishing Colombian geography is the result of a broken explosion of the Andes. Under its cloak germinates the best coffee in the world and an incredible variety of exquisite fruits. In Colombia you find the best emeralds of the planet, which beauty is only comparable to that of women in this country. Intelligence, bravery and hospitality are - according to many - the three essential virtues of Colombian people" ( Lonely Planet) New Messages View all lina maria marulanda
hola me gustaria saber ams sobre lina maria ya que ni bien vi su foto me impacto
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6. Chlewey Colombia - Geography
Translate this page Up Geography Pre-Columbian Hispanic Period Republican Period. colombian geography by Chlewey. Geographical Regions. Land Regions. Caribbean Coast. Pacific Coast.
Physical Geography

Hispanic Period

Republican Period
Colombian Geography
by Chlewey
Geographical Regions
Land Regions
Caribbean Coast Pacific Coast Andean Region Eastern Plains (Llanos) ... Amazon Jungle
Sea Regions
Caribbean Sea Pacific Ocean
Administrative subdivisions
Bogotá, D.C.
Amazonas Antioquia Arauca Atlántico ... Vichada Page under construction.  Please check this page later. Up Next Home Contact ... Search

7. Georgetown University
colombian geography. Weather in Bogota. Colombian databanks Sol Sin Frontera Organization Colombia Geography. International Organizations The World Bank.
Georgetown University · School of Foreign Service Contents Directories ... Contact Us Maps, Geography and climate Colombian databanks International databanks about Colombia

8. Social Studies
area. colombian geography, both social and physical complement the course. This is a required course and it is taught in Spanish.

Up Art Computers ... Spanish [Social Studies]
General Objectives
The social studies program is the basis for instruction in K-4 and K-5. Concepts in math, language, science, and the Life Curriculum are built on the various units of the social studies program. The curriculum is constantly revised as are the ways in which student progress is assessed. Parents' input is encouraged and is often made part of the educational process. In preprimary the program allows the children to progress and master objectives as they mature and explore their environment. The teachers closely monitor the students' progress in the given curriculum objectives
Starting from the 2nd grade, the minimal requirement for social studies is three 45 min. periods a week. "Sociales" is taught by a specialist, independently from social studies, during 19 periods a year. Social studies encompasses the study of ecology (water, air, soil, and recycling) integrated with science; of basic geography (with emphasis on map skills), of geographical features and of native American cultures. ""Sociales" covers the understanding of the economy, government and laws of Cali, Valle, and colombia, and of pre-Colombian history and native Indian cultures Social studies and "sociales" teachers complement their teaching with readings, field trips, reports, and art projects. Students observation (anecdotal), tests, and quizzes are frequent means of evaluation.

9. Reports On : Rubric Info Country
economy (Colombia) Colombian diplomatic representatives (Colombia) Colombian famous personalities (Colombia) colombian geography (Colombia) Communications and
Site map Books Reviews Multimedia ... Info practical
Geographical marks
A look back on history
Colombian economy
Transportation and networks in Colombia Africa America Asia Europe ... Oceania
The swiss population (Switzerland) Reports Info country
Administrative division of Colombia (Colombia) Administrative division : The 26 swiss cantons (Switzerland) A look back on history (Tunisia) A look back on the colombian history (Colombia) A look back on the swiss history (Switzerland) Colombian economy (Colombia) Colombian diplomatic representatives (Colombia) Colombian famous personalities (Colombia) Colombian geography (Colombia) Communications and medias of Colombia (Colombia) Festival times in Colombia (Colombia) Food pleasures in Colombia (Colombia) Geographical marks (Tunisia) National natural parks of Colombia (Colombia) Political Parties of Colombia (Colombia) Swiss diplomatic representatives (Switzerland) The colombian government (Colombia) The colombian population (Colombia) The swiss national anthem (Switzerland) The swiss population (Switzerland) Transportation and networks in Colombia (Colombia)

10. - Lea Un Libro
Like a voyeur peering, it reveals to the reader from a viewpoint of choice, the almost feminine intimacy of colombian geography textures, porousness, swellings su pedido inicio libros completos y sin costo en internet sobre cultura colombiana
Snow-covered peaks...

Bank of the Vichada River...

Small holdings...

colombia from the air
Foreword Text by:
Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza Because of its special geographical location, Colombia has been called the "house on the corner" of South America. In this part of the New World it is the only country with one face on the Atlantic and another on the Pacific. But its singularity does not stop here. Colombia, in addition, is a country of synthesis, a crossroads, a favored spot where the regions, landscapes, peoples and cultures of the South American continent converge cachaco with his restrictions, his ceremonial, his distances and protocols, and his dramatic sense of death Nor does the many-sidedness of Colombia stop here. In the eastern part of the country vast tropical plains open one, a replica of the Brazilian and the Argentine pampas, perhaps too of the Old West of the United States. Moreover, its mythology recalls that of the great steppes, overpowering in their boundless distances. Its life has the same harshness. Broad rivers, herons, pooled water, a gallop of colts, overemphatic dusks and sudden dawns which lift bands of parrots above the palm trees: this is the world in which the plainsman moves, the age-old horseman inured to distances and the rough freedom they give

11. Boletín De La Sociedad Geográfica De Colombia
Translate this page colombiana, sociedades geográficas. Key words geographical reviews, colombian geography, greaographical societies. En las últimas
Biblio 3W
(Serie documental de

Universidad de Barcelona
Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Palabras clave Key words : geographical reviews, colombian geography, greaographical societies Entre ellas podemos mencionar: los suelos de Colombia la Tenencia de la Tierra en Colombia En el escrito EE en
Biblio 3W

12. Juramento De Soldados En Emavi Abril De 2002
Our live is a good live working for this part of the colombian geography, characterized for the natural beauty, for the people, for the peace and the
Source: Colombian Air force WEB Page CARIBBEAN AIR GROUP In the area of flight and defense, the Caribbean air group counts with a Tridimentional radar of last generation Type TPS 70 and an King Air C-90 aircraft with modern systems of navigation, with great operational capacity and trained personnel; fundamental pieces with which are executed patrol, interception, air photograph, flight refueling missions and air traffic control, to obtain in this form neutralize the tries of those people and organizations out of the law that pretend to use the Caribbean Sea and the national air space for illicit activities as the narco-traffic and the illegal traffic of arms, optimizing in this form the operatively of the air force in the insular territory of the Colombian Caribbean. The actions of the air group, not only are limited to its functions of guarantors of the national sovereignty; in representations of the Colombian air force also adopt compromises of social and humanitarian actions tie to the different civic, social, cultural and recreation activities of San Andres and Providencia, as well of the participation in the celebration of our country parties, actions that permit us to become part of the island community. GACAR shield Flowers Fairy 18/August/02 As any military institution we are commanded by the international humanitarian right and in accomplish of it are executed conferences to the military personnel and to the civil population looking to spread and increment its importance and the respect to it and to the human rights.

13. Colombia
geography Colombia is located in Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Panama and varieties of music.. colombian folk music started gaining popularity at the
Geography Colombia is located in Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Panama and Venezuela, and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Ecuador and Panama. It is about three times the size of Montana with a tropical climate along the coast and eastern plains, but cooler in the highlands. Some natural disasters include highlands subject to volcanic eruptions, occasional earthquakes, and periodic droughts. Deforestation, soil damage from overuse of pesticides, and air pollution from vehicle use are some environmental concerns presently. Colombia consists of five regions, the Atlantic coastal region, The Pacific coastal region, The Andean coastal region, The Llanos, and the Amazon region, all having their own varieties of music.

14. Colombia
2004 Events. Quotations. Timelines. geography Bee. Memorial Day 1999 the colombian military reported that 2 787 people were kidnapped that yearâ the largest number in the worldâ and
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    Infoplease Atlas: Colombia Republic of Colombia National name: President: Alvaro Uribe (2002) Area: 439,733 sq mi (1,138,910 sq km) Population (2004 est.): 42,310,775 (growth rate: 1.5%); birth rate: 21.2/1000; infant mortality rate: 21.7/1000; life expectancy: 71.4; density per sq mi: 96 Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Other large cities: Monetary unit: Colombian Peso Language: Spanish Ethnicity/race: mestizo 58%, white 20%, mulatto 14%, black 4%, mixed black-Indian 3%, Indian 1% Religion: Roman Catholic 90% Literacy rate: 93% (2003 est.) Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2002 est.): $251.6 billion; per capita $6,300. Real growth rate: Inflation: Unemployment: Arable land: Agriculture: coffee, cut flowers, bananas, rice, tobacco, corn, sugarcane, cocoa beans, oilseed, vegetables; forest products; shrimp. Labor force: 18.3 million (1999 est.); services 46%, agriculture 30%, industry 24% (1990).

15. Maps Of Colombia - Colombian Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural R
Colombia Maps of the World Interactive World Fact Book - colombian Flags, Maps, Economy, geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International

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16. Colombian Links
For books on Colombia go to Amazon below" Search All Products. Books. Popular Music. Classical Music. DVD Video. Toys Games. Electronics. Software. Tools Hardware. Lawn Patio. Kitchen. Keywords colombian Web site of New York information about geography, currency, population etc. Listen to Caracol a LIVE colombian radio station
For books on Colombia go to Amazon below"
Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Electronics Software Kitchen Keywords:
Colombian Web site of New York This site contains information about Colombia
with a flavor of New York
Cl Colombian Links
Sports Links

Weather Links

  • Colombian Government Site ...
    Click Here for general information about
    - Contains information about geography, currency, population etc
    Listen to Caracol
    - a LIVE Colombian radio station
    Exchange Rate link (Colombian PESO, as well as other currencies)

    Carlos Manzano's (politician - NY)
    - His Politics and many Interesting Colombian Links Peace Brigades International (PBI) is an organization offering international unarmed protective accompaniment to human rights activists, refugees, and communities threatened with violence. Embassy of the United States in Bogotá LANIC - (great resource) Latin American Network Information Center: Colombia (University of Texas) Colombia Support Network - The Colombia Support Network is a non-governmental organization striving to improve the human rights situation in Colombia and build solidarity between the peoples of North America and Colombia. Great Headlines section. Colombian links many sites (online magazines, the yellow pages and more)
  • 17. Geography And Map Of Colombia
    A 40year insurgent campaign to overthrow the colombian Government escalated during the 1990s, undergirded in part by funds from the drug trade. geography.
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Geography Home ... Free Geography Email Newsletter zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Careers in Geography Country Information Cultural Geography Find Maps ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Geography newsletter. Search Geography More Colombia Information CIA Factbook World Atlas Home ... Geography Home Page Colombia
    Introduction [Top of Page] Background: Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others being Ecuador and Venezuela). A 40-year insurgent campaign to overthrow the Colombian Government escalated during the 1990s, undergirded in part by funds from the drug trade. Although the violence is deadly and large swaths of the countryside are under guerrilla influence, the movement lacks the military strength or popular support necessary to overthrow the government. While Bogota continues to try to negotiate a settlement, neighboring countries worry about the violence spilling over their borders. Geography [Top of Page] Location: Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Panama and Venezuela, and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Ecuador and Panama

    18. Republic Of Colombia
    General Information. History. geography. Regions and Cities Colomsat (ISP) Cybercol. colombian Center for Fertility and Sterility
    Latin-American Student Organization (LASO)
    Republic of Colombia
    Colombia - Kolumbien - Colombie
    General Information
    Regions and Cities ...
    Colombia on the Internet
    Area: 1,138,910 sq km (439,735 sq mi.)
    Largest Cities:
    Religions: Roman Catholic 95%
    Currency: Peso
    Colombia stretches over approximately 1,140,000 sq. km, roughly equal to the area of Portugal, Spain, and France put together. Colombia occupies the northwestern end of South America, and is the only country there with coasts on both the Pacific (1350 km long), and the Atlantic (over 1600 km.) Three Andean ranges run north and south through the western half of the country (about 45% of the total territory.) The eastern part is a vast lowland which can be generally divided into two regions: a huge open savannah on the north, and the amazon in the south (400,000 sq. km aprox.)
    Some of these recipes need to be revised. I'll include some comments or modify them as I or someone else tries them. I'd like to thank all the people that have contributed to this section. They have provided recipes, translations, corrections, and useful suggestions. These are the mirror sites for these recipes with their respective languages:

    19. Geography Of Venezuela - Topography, Climate, Hydrography
    World Facts Index Venezuela geography Map of Venezuela northwest, the northern mountains extending in a broad eastwest arc from the colombian border along
    Geography of Venezuela
    World Facts Index Venezuela Map of Venezuela Located at the northernmost end of South America, Venezuela has a total area of 912,050 square kilometers and a land area of 882,050 square kilometers, about twice the size of California. Shaped roughly like an inverted triangle, the country has a 2,800-kilometer coastline and is bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by Guyana, on the south by Brazil, and on the west by Colombia. Topography Most observers describe Venezuela in terms of four fairly well-defined regions: the Maracaibo lowlands in the northwest, the northern mountains extending in a broad east-west arc from the Colombian border along the Caribbean Sea, the wide Orinoco plains in central Venezuela, and the highly dissected Guiana highlands in the southeast. The Maracaibo lowlands form a large spoon-shaped oval bounded by mountains on three sides and open to the Caribbean on the north. The area is remarkably flat with only a gentle slope toward the center and away from the mountains that border the region. Lago de Maracaibo occupies much of the lower-lying territory. Areas around the southern part of Lago de Maracaibo are swampy, and, despite the rich agricultural land and significant petroleum deposits, the area was still thinly populated in 1990. The mountains bordering the Caribbean Sea are actually the northeasternmost extension of the Andes chain. Broken by several gaps, these high mountains have peaks over 4,500 meters; the fertile valleys between the ranges contain most of Venezuela's population, industry, and agriculture. The discontinuous westernmost range runs along the Colombian border and is the least densely populated part of this region. The ranges southeast of Lago de Maracaibo contain some of the highest peaks in the country (Pico Bolívar reaches 5,007 meters), a few of which are snowcapped year-round.

    20. Colombia: Geography
    geography Natural Regions. coastal plain, where it becomes partly sumerged under thick beds of sediment deposited by the rivers draining the colombian Andes.
    GEOGRAPHY: Natural Regions
    Colombia is made up of two major physical regions: the Andes, with its large valleys and basins in the west; and the broad lowlands, which extend over almost two-thirds of the country in the east. The population is concentrated in the valleys and basins of the mountain region, while the lowlands are sparsely inhabited. The physical structure of the mountain region and the direction of its main ranges and valleys are a dominant factor in the distribution of the population, with orientation toward the Caribbean (rather than the Pacific) coast, where most of the country's ports are located.
    The Andes
    The mountain region consists of three ranges of the Andes: Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Central, and Cordillera Oriental, all of which have a general south-north orientation. The Cordillera Oriental has a complex and varied structure. It consists of short, noncountinuous ridges that follow a north-south direction, with some ridges running nearly parallel. This is particularly so in the middle part of the range, from the vecinity of Bogota northward, where it reaches its maximum width of 140 miles. The Cordillera Oriental rises well above the snow line, and extensive areas are snow-covered the year around. Another feature of the Cordillera Oriental is a number of high basins, three of which are comparatively large, resembling intermont plateaus. The Capital

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