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1. Literacy And Technology: Writing
Want to get some ideas on the steps in the writing process or just ideas to create a classroom of author? Click on the links below that are all related to writing. filled with fairy tales, nursery rhymes, interactive stories and holiday is an online, illustrated, collaborative story project that is
Want to get some ideas on the steps in the writing process or just ideas to create a classroom of author? Click on the links below that are all related to writing. They are excellent sites that may help you in your classroom especially in your writer's workshop. Learn from other teachers around the world. Maybe you want to try publishing students work online to stimulate enthusiasm for writing and writing for a purpose. A Teacher's Closet
Resource for teachers that offers articles, lesson plans, freebies, printables, and much more. Edit A to Z Teacher Stuff
Find online lesson plans, thematic units, theme resources, book or literature activities, educational resources, and more. Edit Australia Theme
Australia map, thematic units, resources, printables, and lesson plans. Edit Bats Theme
Thematic Units, resources, and lesson plans for teaching a theme on bats. Edit Bethany Roberts' Valentine Fun for Kids
Interactive, fun site offers Valentine stories, poems, jokes, riddles, tongue-twisters, recipes, crafts, party games, coloring, and poetry-writing! Edit Better Book Reports 25 Ideas
This is an article that gives ideas about writing better book reports.

2. New Page 1
Creating Books in First Grade. Fairy tales. Folktales interactive writing and Reading. Journal writing Authentic Friendly Letters. collaborative Publishing Across the Curriculum
These are the titles of the various units/workshops that you might want to read about and get information on. Descriptions are located in Elementary Synopses. Units/Workshops
  • The Writing Block in the Four Block Classroom The Writing Process Writing in a Four Block Classroom Writing Dramatizations of Narrative Fiction Multi-Age Writing and Art Projects Creating Books in First Grade Fairy Tales Folktales: A Multicultural Activity Point of View The Writer's Club Writing and Reading Class Books Using Books to Inspire Writing in the Elementary Grades A Day at the Beach: A Thematic, Multidisciplinary Unit The ARTS of Writing Creating Books in First Grade Writer’s Workshop The Post Office: An Authentic Writing Experience The Importance of Sensory Experience in Descriptive Writing Using Cooperative Group Activities to Enhance Student Writing Thematic Units: Moving WestCreation of a Chapter Book Giving Kids the Words Creative Writing: Using the Five Senses to Color Writing Writing Prompts and Story Starters Descriptive/Creative Writing on Chocolate Interactive Writing and Reading Journal Writing Biopoems Writing Dramatizations of Narrative Fiction Teacher as a Model Writer Discovering the Titanic and Other Research Based Projects Authentic Friendly Letters Collaborative Publishing Across the Curriculum Introduction to Newspapers Unit Let's Edit Interactive Writing and Reading
Information Request Form
Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

3. One Woman's Writing Retreat: This Page Has Moved!
to them. and these ponyfairy tales are designed articles, discussions and many interactive writing opportunities. writing, fiction writing, and collaborative writing. We've also
This Page Has Moved

4. Teachers.Net Lesson Exchange - LESSON PLANS - SORTED BY CATEGORY - Support The L
Folk Stories and tales"( Middle Reading/writing) posted by collaborative Poetry!( Senior Reading/writing) posted by Consonant Blends interactive Bulletin Board( Elementary Reading

5. JAC Archive Table Of Contents
interactive writing Composing with a Word Processor Ground in College writing tales of Development and Interpretation Emergent Leaders in Student collaborative writing Groups
buy back issues add to the archive contact an editor home
Transferable and Local Writing Skills
W. Ross Winterowd
Cassette Commentary: An Approach to the Teaching of Expository Writing
Alexander Medlicott, Jr.
A Reply to Medlicott: Evaluating Writing
Karen Pelz
Some Theoretical Speculations on the Advanced Composition Curriculum
Richard Fulkerson
The Subject is Writing
Richard Gebhardt
Writing for the Pre-Professional Within a Liberal Arts Curriculum
Roberta M Palumbo
Advanced Composition: A Survey
Michael P. Hogan
Conjectures on (Advanced?) Composition and Its Teaching
Richard Fulkerson
Advanced Composition, 1980: The State of the Art
Rita Sturm
The Structure of Advanced Composition
Jeanne W. Halpern
A Taxonomy of Communication Acts for the Design of Advanced Writing courses
J.C. Mathes
Teaching Rhetoric to Students in Upper Division and Professional Degree Program Courses
Dwight W. Stevenson
The Best Stylists: A Survey of Editors, and Implications for the Teaching of Style
Lynne Spigelmire
Re-Writing in Advanced Composition: A Perspective
William B. Stone

6. Writing Find interactive flash-driven movies and Wacky Web tales- Grades4 through 8 students collaborative Editing of Electronic Documents- Here is
Writing, Research and Publishing Rules for Writing and Grammar Lessons For Writing Developing Research Papers Writing-Teaching Resources ... Plagiarism and Citing References S taff Dev. Lessons Links Teach Res ... Web Eval Rules for Writing and Grammar English Basics- Useful as lessons or additional practice for elementary through high school, this site provides mini-lessons for English Grammar and some practice sheets, as well. Common Errors in English - Common spelling errors and links to English grammar are found here. Writer's Handbook - High school and college students will find this Site's information about academic writing, grammar and style, letter writing, and documentation styles very useful. Big Dog's Grammar - Find easy to follow, quick explanations and examples of subjects, verbs, passive/active constructions, and everything else. Grammar Bytes - Grammar terms, interactive exercises, teaching handouts, and rules can be found here. Guide to Grammar and Writing - This is a Site full of information about parts of speech, writing and grammar. Find wonderful quizzes and PowerPoint presentations ready to teach writing concepts to your class! Word Games contains many, many word puzzles and games.

7. LALAC Bibliography
loose tooth and other unphotographable events tales from a 1992). Fostering collaborative reading and writing experiences in 1988). Clustering An interactive technique to enhance
LALAC Bibliography
This bibliography has over 300 entries. We invite users to send us additions or other revisions . The categories are

8. Collaborative Writing
tales from the Vault One of the first successful collaborative novels. The No DeadTrees interactive Novel has now been running for over two years and is still
Collaborative Writing Links
The internet combines different styles of communication creating the perfect system for collaborative projects. This page looks mainly at those projects that combine email and the web. The web offers a way of publishing work to an international audience while email makes the actual process of collaboration possible even when the writer's reside in different countries. I have tried to show examples of as many different works as possible. Some of the pages are more successful than others, but they are all worth a look even if you decide their approach is not successful. Ultimately these internet projects are still very experimental and the writing is often quite raw but the variety of ideas and styles of writing that can be brought together by just a click of a mouse button makes this an exciting area to explore.
Linear Non-Linear
Linear Collaborations.
Linear hyperfiction works take advantage of the ease of collaboration offered by the web and email but still follow traditional narrative structures. The works have a beginning a middle and, eventually, an end. Many of these works are still unfinished.
  • Internovel Internovel was one of the first to offer opportunities for collaborative writing. They offer a $500 reward for every chapter published. They now have several ongoing novels.

9. Reading & Writing Links
National Spelling Bee Newseum (interactive museum on Society (fables and fairy tales)Recommended Reading Style Teachers Writers collaborative Page Teaching
Home Curriculum Links
Updated September 8, 2003 Bilingual/ESL Language Arts Literacy BILINGUAL/ESL
Advice for Teachers of Sheltered English Students

Bilingual Education Resources on the Net

California Association for Bilingual Education

(includes topical articles and weekly lessons with all required materials)
ESL Cyber Listening Lab

ESL Games

ESL PartyLand

EspanOle! Pagina Principal
Internet Treasure Hunts for ESL Students
(high school) Latino Clip Art National Association for Bilingual Education (K-12) National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education National Council of Bilingual Education List (biweekly mailing) Paso Partners: Integrating Math, Science, and Language Resources for ESL Teachers Student Guides to the Internet Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages ... Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages LANGUAGE ARTS (grades 9-12) ABCs of the Writing Process Absolutely Whootie (K-6 stories) Academy of American Poets Acronym Finder Adam Rifkin's Literary Links Page Aha! Poetry

10. Blackwell's Best - Online Projects
over the world to establish collaborative projects or Kidspired tales Participantswill select a book and as a Modeled/Shared writing or interactive writing.
Online Projects
Below you will find a listing of Internet projects that you and your students may be interested in. Participating in an online project is one of the easiest and most successful ways to break down the four walls of your classroom and allow students to reach out and touch the world. Bucket Buddies
Students around the United States and other countries will collect samples from local ponds to answer the question: Are the organisms found in pond water the same all over the world? Participants will:
Identify organisms in a water sample.
Compare their findings with other participating classes.
Determine which, if any, of the organisms are the same in other, more distant water sources.
Look for relationships and trends in the data collected by all project participants.
Bucket Buddies is recommended for elementary school students (grades 1-5) . CIESE Online Classroom Projects
CIESE sponsors and designs interdisciplinary projects that teachers throughout the world can use to enhance their curriculum through compelling use of the Internet. We focus on projects that utilize realtime data available from the Internet, and collaborative projects that utilize the Internet's potential to reach peers and experts around the world. Cinderella Around the World
There are many different versions of Cinderella. Classes participating in this Internet Project read a particular Cinderella story and engage in a variety of extended learning activites related to the story and Cinderella theme.

11. Writing Activities
Gav and Peloso s interactive Story. helping to create, act out and later to recordon the Internet, in English, a collaborative story. Wacky Web tales.
Home Primary Links Secondary Links All the Links
Writing Activities
Collaborative Writing projects on the net This page provides links and information about how Internet is being used to support collaborative and co-operative exchange. Collaborative writing projects are an excellent means to get your students working with Internet using 'authentic' writing experiences and purposes. Students invariably find real audiences and purposes more motivating for writing in a foreign language. They often will continue these experiences long after the evaluation is over and done with!
Gav and Peloso's Interactive Story
This is a moderated choose-your-own-adventure type of story where you get to write the story, and follow the story as it grows (and takes up much needed hard drive space.) You can even copy down the story location and come back to it later to see how it's grown.
Guide to Grammar and Writing
An advanced level online set of pages with excellent material for students or for teachers to develop into lessons for their students. You have permission to use parts of this site for your course work, and the author claims that changes are made practically daily. Some of the topics of particular interest include: Sentence, Paragraph, and Essay writing tips, rules, and detailed information. In addition, there are a large number of links related to learning grammar.

12. Word Dance Fun Interactive Kids Page
Web site for Teachers and Writers collaborative, a resource places for children topublish their writing and art features Fun Stuff, Wacky Web tales, and Brain
Links for Kids Parents , and Teachers Parents' Resources Alphabet Superhighway

Complete resources for parents and teachers. Kids can submit their writing to their own cyberzine. U.S. Department of Education: Publications for Parents

A list of documents explaining the best ways you can help your child succeed in school. Included are many fun, educational activities you can do with your child. Parents' Place: Parenting Resource Center on the Web

Features daily articles on parenting. Contains information designed to support and assist parents of all typesincluding single parents and stepparents. Read*Write*Now!

A good resource to assist families in fostering good literacy habits in their children. Assists schools and other youth and educational organizations in improving reading and writing abilities.

The staff at ParentTime has spent a few months scouring the Web for the best sites for their audience: families. Read articles written by experts in the field, chat with other parents, look for an activity for you and your child, or add your input in a poll or quiz. Stone Soup

13. NYFA Interactive - New York Foundation For The Arts, Information Resource For Ar
all aspects of architecture including its collaborative nature and Motion theme,used theatre and writing skills to genres of stories (fairy tales, folk tales

14. Resources
discussion forum, getting started writing, interactive stories, and website devotedto collaborative writing and research the wacky web tales,” students can
Language Arts On-line Resources On-line Resources The following are useful links for language arts teachers: General Interest:

15. ECB Surf Report: Writing And Publishing
State University created the interactive writer s handbook submit original stories,folk tales, or class Train is an illustrated, collaborative story project
Your browser does not support JavaScript. Please use the text version of the archives menu below. Internet Explorer 6 useres may download Java support from Archives text only Contact us if
you have questions
or suggestions for
the Surf Report! The text-only menu
provides accessible
and printer-friendly
access to the Surf
Report Archives.
Writing and Publishing (March 2002)
This month, explore Web sites on student writing. Whether you're looking for graphic organizers or assessment strategies, poetry lessons or tips on writing research papers, these sites illuminate the writing process from planning through publishing. High School l Elementary and Middle School WRITING - HIGH SCHOOL
WriteDesign Online
offers resources for integrating creative writing, graphic design, and technology. Featured in this site developed by teachers at San Diego Jewish Academy are graphic organizers, rules for design and publishing, portfolio templates, rubrics, and more.

16. Creative Writing Links - Literature - British Council - Arts
ABC tales Read and write stories library for children with an interactive serial written workshops,new webspecific writing, collaborative writing projects and

What we do Activities UK and overseas events ... Links Homepage Creative Writing Links 100 Words
The idea behind 100 words is to write 100 words, no more, no less, every day. On this website, you will find 15,658 chunks of 100 words written by a number of participants in a number of styles. Some are poems, some are stories, some are diaries, some are fiction, some are nonsense. ABC Tales
Read and write stories. Discussion forum about stories and poems, start a conversation with fellow readers about the latest book, article or poem that you've read, chat with others, share your experiences with your fellow authors or would-be-authors. Adventures in Fiction
An independent editorial consultancy providing a confidential, one to one mentoring service to writers. Akerbeltz
Collection of Scottish Gaelic resources, including a dictionary of idioms and expressions, notes on grammar, selections of traditional rhymes and riddles, and information on names and surnames. Presented in Gaelic, with English translations available for much of the content. Art Circus
Gateway to Route Online, The Open Line and Digital Fiction sites.

17. Business Creativity Workshop
which is vital to any collaborative process. and emotionally (through fairy tales,memoir writing Caterpillar Cerebellum ChartercomOne Eleven interactive Inc.
for business


Since 1993, the Creativity Workshop has been taught to people in businesses of all kinds from all over the world, from CEOs to scientific think tanks to small business owners, working in specializations as diverse as finance, IT, marketing, PR, industrial design, accounting, and public relations.
The Creativity Workshop offers a series of tools that help participants develop their creative, collaborative, storytelling and writing skills, as well as their self-confidence. To this end, the workshop concentrates its experiential exercises in the following areas:
1. Getting over fear of creativity
Getting over fear of creativity and gaining belief in one's ideas. We do exercises which help students get over 'blocks' which make them afraid to express themselves, say the wrong things, paint a bad picture, take a stupid photograph, write a foggy paragraph. The workshop works against self-censorship in the early stages of development so that critical analytical skills can come into play later and more forcefully. To this end, we use techniques of free form drawing and writing, the importance of playfulness, as well as visualization and meditation exercises.
2. Collaboration

18. JJB Writing
Fair etales. interactive javascript revision of Cinderella, originally done as a typical collaborative endeavor. Purple Slip. journal of exceptional student writing. essays, fiction
How long did it take you to write that novel?" a student of mine recently asked. "My whole life," I replied... getting arrested (mistakenly) as a contraband runner in Nigeria,
teaching hands-on seminars on writing and publishing in new media,
stroking the gold-medal four in the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta,
giving birth naturally at home in a bathtub jacuzzi,
pouring through post/colonial theory and fiction
to help me articulate a bi-lingual French-Canadian heritage,
rollerblading with a stroller in Prospect Park,
programming interactive javascript stories,
sparring Wing Chun with my lover... The research takes many forms, as do the products of that research. What follows are some recent projects.
novel which explores the ways that unconventional erotic bonds can disrupt racial and gender boundaries. the novel traces the break-up of Naomi, a NY dancer, and Ruth, an LA anthropologist, and takes as its ur-text, the Biblical Book of Ruth in which Ruth promises never to leave Naomi (but of course does when Boaz appears...)
assorted works in progress
Red Shift
current large-scale project. traces the intergenerational effects of sibling rivalry among 3 generations of siblings. set in a working-closs, french-canadian community

19. Hiddeninshadow - User Info
bunch of interactive writing boards set collaboration, collaborative writing, creating characters, creative writing storytelling, tales, web design, writing, writing fantasy

20. Good Teaching + Multimedia = Writing Success
have formulated a basic plot plan, groups begin writing. will help them createtheir interactive tales on the used to organize their collaborative work on
Collection: Multimedia
NCIP Profile: Multimedia and More
Good Teaching + Multimedia = Writing Success
Martha Gowetski's tenth-grade English class in Wayland, Massachusetts which includes students with learning disabilities is buzzing with activity. One group of students is crowded around a large fow chart mapping out their adventure story. They are busy editing text cards, taping pictures, and placing compact disks on the chart. Several students are drawing pictures, and others are scanning photographs into the computer. Two girls are working together to create interactive "buttons" which link rock songs to their story. Someone calls out "Twenty seconds of silence please so I can tape!" and the room is quiet. View Video Clip (993K)
text transcript
What is going on here? Students are composing interactive adventure stories, using HyperCard software, for others to read on the computer. Martha has been doing this project with her English classes for the past three years. She starts the three-week unit by showing her students stories composed by previous classes. After her students read these stories, they are eager to get started. Students begin their projects by forming groups and brainstorming story topics and plots. These often refect their interests and concerns music, dating, parties, and bizarre (and sometimes gory) events. Once they have formulated a basic "plot plan," groups begin writing. Each story includes points at which the reader is asked to make a choice between two actions like "go to Valencia's" or "go to drug store." Each choice leads the reader down a separate story path.

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