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         Classical Medieval Authors Specific:     more detail
  1. Classical Mythology in English Literature: A Critical Anthology by Geoffrey Miles, 1999-07-26
  2. The Sappho History by Margaret Reynolds, 2003-09-06
  3. Sappho's Lyre: Archaic Lyric and Women Poets of Ancient Greece by Diane Rayor, 1991-08-22

1. Classical Greek & Latin
electronic journals, texts of classical authors, author specific web sites Art Archaeology, classical Mythology,; This section of the medieval site includes

2. VoS - Voice Of The Shuttle
The Online medieval and classical Library (OMACL) (Douglas B Criticism ( for specific criticism, see under individual authors) James L. Matterer, "medieval Botanica Mythical Plants

3. Byzantine And Medieval Web Links
points for medieval studies. Ancient and classical links, except Full texts of many classical authors. American University isolation, fortification and specific protection granted by
Back to Internet History Sourcebooks Project Last Update : September 9, 1998 INDEX Notice: until this list is updated, please use [March 2001: this list is now quite out dated. Many links are dead, and there are hundreds of of additional resources around. Manual maintence of this list long ago became unfeasible. I do intend to update it, once I have located good links management software.] This page attempts to track ALL Byzantine material on the Internet, and ALL significant entry points for Medieval studies. Ancient and Classical links, except insofar as they impinge directly on Byzantine and Western Medieval matters, should be sought out via the direct links provided to ARGOS associates which track and maintain sites devoted to the Ancient world. Since this page was begun, the Medieval and Byzantine Internet has exploded in size. As a result, although I will take suggestions, I will no longer add the following materials:
  • Syllabi for courses, unless the page contains additional material - texts, graphics, lecture notes. History Department sites, unless the page contains additional material - texts, graphics (etc.)

4. Humanities: Medieval Studies
Linguistics Bibliographies Manuscripts specific authors Works Resources by Discipline Old English Poetry ( Labyrinth) Online medieval classical Library ( UC Berkeley
Medieval Studies
General Index Sites Text Sites Bibliographies Manuscripts ... Teaching Resources
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Text Sites

5. Subject: Curricular Resources In Literature & Books
to literary resources in 16 categories, including classical, medieval, Romantic, Theatre or genres, Internet collections devoted to specific authors or works
Below are the CLN "Theme Pages" (as well as other CLN pages) which support the study of Literature. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.
Ask an Expert: Literature
CLN's "Ask an Expert" page has about 100 links to specialists in the field who can serve as a valuable source of curricular expertise for both students and teachers. Questions/answers on English Literature may be found in our "All Subjects" section at the top of the page, the "English/Language Arts" section, as well as the general "Reference" section.
CLN's Collection of Reference Materials
This CLN page contains links to various Reference Materials, including on-line dictionaries, thesauri, and factbooks.
Macbeth Theme Page
Mythology Theme Page
Pirates, Privateers, and Buccaneers Theme Page

6. NM's Creative Impulse..Medieval
authors are held to high standards of accuracy, currency, and relevance to the field of medieval studies. Orders of Chivalry British information history and specific classical Music medieval
NM's Creative Impulse
The Development of Western Civilization
World History
Medieval World
Medieval Europe was a constant battleground, from petty border disputes to internal power struggles and National rivalries. The Church was as much a competitor as it was a peace keeper. Feudalism, the Roman Catholic Church and the Code of Chivalry provided the framework for the social, political and economic environments of Europe during the Middle Ages. Emphasis was on manor life in the Early Middle ages but shifted to the cities and commercial activities during the later period. Monasteries gave way to Universities as centers of learning. Medieval art was primarily art of the Church. After the period of migration (AD500 - 800) in which the art was small and personal, the Germanic tribes settled into the old Roman Empire. Intricate and organic designs dominated this period. Later, beautiful illuminated manuscripts as well as relief sculpture were used to instruct an illiterate faithful. Massive Romanesque and then richly ornate Gothic cathedrals with ethereal stain glass windows soared to unbelievable heights. The journey from pessimism and superstition to intellectual and creative revival was reflected in the changing styles of art. Back to Top
Hist ory
  • Alcuin one page biography of the monk of minuscule manuscript fame.

7. Classical Studies (humanities.classics) FAQ
classical Studies (humanities.classics) FAQ. There are reader questions on this topic! Help others by sharing your knowledge. From (Richard M. This should make searching for a specific section easy 1.5 What are the famous classical authors? 1.6 How do I Latin 2.4.1 classical 2.4.2 medieval 2.4.3 Specialised
Usenet FAQs Search Web FAQs Documents ... RFC Index
Classical Studies (humanities.classics) FAQ
There are reader questions on this topic!
Help others by sharing your knowledge
From: (Richard M. Alderson III) Newsgroups: humanities.classics humanities.answers news.announce.newusers ... with "help" in the message body. Send comments, questions, etc. to . The Georgetown Catalogue Project for Electronic Texts have a directory of electronic text projects in the humanities. The catalogues are available by language and subject, and are available for anonymous FTP from The Library at Dartmouth have a huge database containing and concerning "La Commedia". To use it, telnet to and type connect dante Lectures by Robert Hollander on Dante are available for anonymous FTP in named BARLOW.README, BARLOW.1, BARLOW.2 and BARLOW.3. 6.1 Oxford Text Archive The Oxford Text Archive provides texts with restrictions on redistribution, usually for cost of copying and shipping. The texts are of varying quality. The following is taken from their informational blurb: Further details are given in the published Short List (which includes an order form) which is printed at least once a year. Write to: Oxford Text Archive Oxford University Computing Service 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN, UK ARCHIVE@VAX.OX.AC.UK

8. BCPL Virtual Library -- Literature Center
From the Internet Public Library; find criticism for authors, specific works or specific literary periods. Online medieval and classical Library Full text
Almanacs Arts Astronomy Biology ... Writing Literature Center BIBLIOMANIA
Over 60 classic novels, dictionaries and important classic non-fiction works that are all full text searchable HTML. Electronic Text Center
From the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia; large collection of full text works in many different languages. HTI American Verse Project
Collaborative project between the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) and the University of Michigan Press assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to 1920. Internet Classics Archive
Full text access to classical literature from the MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies. IPL Online Texts Collection
From the Internet Public Library; can browsed by title, author or subject. IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection
From the Internet Public Library; find criticism for authors, specific works or specific literary periods.

9. Bates College Catalog: Classical And Medieval Studies
authors include Homer, Hesiod, Archilochus, Semonides, Aristophanes, Menander, Terence, Horace, Seneca, and Petronius. Recommended background classical and medieval on specific subjects
Classical and Medieval Studies
Professors Thompson (English; on leave winter semester and Short Term), Jones (History) (on leave, 2003-2004), Corrie (Art), and Allison (Religion); Associate Professors Fra-Molinero (Spanish), O'Higgins (Classics and Classical and Medieval Studies), and Read (French); Assistant Professors Imber (Classics and Classical and Medieval Studies) and Maurizio (Classics and Classical and Medieval Studies; chair); Lecturers Hayward (Classics and Classical and Medieval Studies) and Walker (Classics and Classical and Medieval Studies) The Program in Classical and Medieval Studies maintains a homepage on the World Wide Web where curricular changes and special events are posted ( Cross-listed Courses. Note that unless otherwise specified, when a department/program references a course or unit in the department/program, it includes courses and units cross-listed with the department/program. Major Requirements.

10. Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2002.09.39
Bryn Mawr classical Review 2002.09.39. chronicler, although operating within the specific literary genre as a source by later medieval authors requires further
Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2002.09.39
Brian Croke, Count Marcellinus and His Chronicle
Reviewed by Maria Kouroumali, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (
Word count: 2081 words
Christian chronicles, Greek and Latin, and their authors have usually been allocated to the sidelines of history as somehow inferior to other forms of historiography. This unfortunate approach has begun to change during the last twenty or so years thanks to the influence and research efforts of a number of scholars such as Mosshammer and his work on Eusebius, E. Jeffreys, Scott and Croke on John Malalas, Burgess on Hydatius, and Muhlberger on the fifth century Latin chroniclers to name but a few. Brian Croke's Count Marcellinus and His Chronicle (henceforth Count Marcellinus) is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding scholarship on chronicle writing. Count Marcellinus is the long-awaited publication of Croke's 1978 Oxford D.Phil. thesis (Sydney 1995). In the intervening twenty-three years, Croke has produced a translation and commentary of Marcellinus' Chronicle as well as many articles on chronicles and related topics, collected in one volume and published in 1992. His considerable expertise and research experience have turned a remarkable thesis into an exceptional book.

11. Literature
Library collection of works from medieval and classical civilization. medieval (Old and Middle English) - links from Voice of the specific authors AND WORKS.

12. Using The UCF Library For Literary Criticism
Finding Critical Opinion About authors/specific Works. classical and medieval Literature Criticism, REF PN61O.C53. Contemporary Literary Resources/Handouts/UCFlibrary_litcrit.htm
UWC Helpful Handouts
Using the UCF Library: Literary Criticism
Following is a brief, easy-to-use guide to some of the sources in the UCF Library on Literary Criticism This is to be used as a starting point in your research, not a destination. Other resources on this topic including online databases (variable rates charged to user) may be available. Consult the Electronic Reference Sources INFO-TO-GO for details about free computerized subject-specific databases. Your reference librarian will know. Topics on This Page: Finding Biographical Information Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome REF PA3002.A5 Author Biographies Master Index REF PN452.A9 Biographical Dictionary of North American Classicists REF PA83.B53

13. Cornucopia Home -- Cornell Medieval Studies
medieval writers embraced classical myths, variously refashioning and Malory s Arthuriad, among other medieval works texts written by specific authors and then
Course Descriptions
These are courses taught by professors, taken by graduate students (and in some cases, undergraduates as well).
First-Year Writing Seminar Descriptions
These are writing courses designed and taught by Medieval Studies graduate students, taken by undergraduates to fulfill a Cornell writing requirement. Spring Spring Fall Fall
Medieval Studies FWS Descriptions
Fall 2003
Medieval Studies First-Year Writing Seminars fall into the following categories:
Aspects of Medieval Culture
Section 1 Sacred Pilgrimage and Spectacular Tourism Pilgrimage, the journeying to a saint's shrine or holy place, was a common way for medieval individuals to express personal piety, seek physical or spiritual healing, or simply see the world. Using formal essays and informal response writings to refine the students' critical writing skills and ability to engage with different kinds of sources, we will explore the motivations for going on pilgrimage as well as the physical places and sensory experiences encountered by the pilgrims. We will read a wide variety of texts, from saints' lives to travel narratives to pilgrimage guidebooks, concentrating on The Book of Margery Kempe and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales , and ending the class by looking at some examples of current secular pilgrimages.

14. Classics 350: Classics Philology Proseminar - Widener Library Web Site - Harvard
for words that appear in specific fields (author It comprises classical Latin literature in almost its that of the church fathers or medieval authors eg Cicero

Introduction to E-Resources for Classical Studies Online Journal Indexes (Harvard Libraries Portal)
Anthropological Literature
(Harvard Libraries Portal)
Anthropological Literature indexes articles in periodicals, monograph series, and edited works in archaeology, biological and physical anthropology, cultural and social anthropology and linguistics, and selectively in such related fields as: art, botany, demography, economics, ethnohistory, folklore, genetics, geography, geology, history, music, mythology, political science, psychology, religion, sociology. Bibliotheca Classica Selecta (Web)
The bibliographies in Diotima are not complete, and their usefulness and coverage varies. Still, particularly for gathering recent articles on gender-related issues, it is extremely valuable. The site also includes course materials and links to many on-line resources, including articles, book reviews, databases, and images. Gnomon Online (Web)
Contains about 15% of the c.240,000 titles in the Gnomon Bibliographical Database on CD-ROM. Coverage is from 1997 to the present. The useful Thesaurus maps English terms to their German equivalents for non-German speaking researchers.

15. Classics: A Guide To Library Research - Widener Library Web Site - Harvard Colle
Teubneriana Latina, BTL1, comprises classical Latin literature of the church fathers or medieval authors eg Cicero search the database for specific words and
Part 4:
Acta Sanctorum Database (Harvard Libraries E-Resource)
Related links
Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database

Archive Of Celtic-Latin Literature (Widener CD-ROM Workstation)
The Royal Irish Academy has for the past number of years been working actively towards producing a definitive Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources (DMLCS) part of a Europe-wide movement to publish lexicons of the medieval Latin of specific national areas. The Celtic origin of the texts neatly complements the (largely Continental) domain of Brepols' longer-established CLCLT (Cetedoc Library of Christian Latin Texts), and together the two publications constitute a major step towards a pan-European electronic library of patristic and medieval Latin material.
Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase
Includes the Latin Vulgate and other Bibles, Liturgical texts, and Classical Greek and Latin texts mostly in translations, including works by Horace, Lucretius, Ovid, Aristotle, and Plato.

16. MLSG Panels 199?-1999
Yet it could also depart from specific authors to general panel will not be restricted to studying medieval responses to classical authors, since the
MLSG Panels Held in Previous Years
Organized by Shirley Werner, Rutgers University [THE PANEL AS DESCRIBED IN THE CALL FOR PAPERS] The Medieval Latin Studies Group invites abstracts for its 1999 APA panel on medieval Latin commentaries on classical authors. Such commentaries constitute an important part of
medieval scholarship. The panel will explore different aspects of this long tradition of exegesis and interpretation. Proposals on a variety of topics are welcome, and may include studies of the ongoing tradition of commentary on particular classical works or authors; of particular commentaries (published or unpublished); of the medieval scholia that were written
in the margins of the manuscripts of classical authors, and served as a scribe's or reader's commentary; and of other kinds of writing, such as works on grammar, in which classical
authors are discussed. Papers may consider the place of commentary within literary culture, in the schools, or in other social and historical contexts; or may explore theoretical and
interpretive issues such as methodology, ideology, and literary criticism. The period covered is potentially wide; the panel encourages submissions that touch on the background of

17. About The Database: Medieval Manuscripts At Fordham
The catalogs list manuscripts from specific libraries, archives, and describe the lives and writings of classical and medieval authors from particular

Library Home
Introduction Description of Fields Search Database
Collections Included:
The database includes the following (counts are approximate): ·
  • 70 medieval parchment manuscripts held in the Special Collections at Walsh Library 70 medieval parchment manuscripts (primarily stray folios and fragments) held by Professor John Clark of the Classics Department 35 facsimiles of medieval manuscripts held primarily in the Paleography Room at Walsh Library 175 photocopies of medieval manuscripts; most of these are classical works written in medieval hands and are part of the Classics/Barberini Collection now housed at Walsh 31 microfilm reels of medieval manuscripts held at the Center for Medieval Studies (primarily French manuscripts) · Microfilm reels of medieval manuscripts, held at Walsh Library, including:
      c. 600 reels covering manuscripts in the Classics Collection, most relating to manuscripts in the Vatican's Barberini Collection, but also including some from the Ottoboniani, Regensi, Palatini, Urbinati, and Vaticani collections in the Vatican. Most of the manuscripts are classical Latin and Greek works writt en down during the middle ages.. 89 microfilm reels of medieval manuscripts, donated by various Jesuits

18. Building Types & Styles : Specific Styles Reviews And Prices
Holy Terrors Gargoyles on medieval Buildings details Released on November, 2002; authors Magdalena Droste classical Architecture Click to see larger picture.

GeoReviews.Com Home
Books Architecture
Specific Styles
User Name Remember Me? Password Forum Categories vbmenu_register("forums"); Review Categories vbmenu_register("reviews"); Register Search New posts Mark Forums Read
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Related Forums
Fiction Discuss various fictional books. Non-Fiction Discuss non-fiction books on various topics like parenting, diets, politics, managing finances etc. Feedback Post your feedback and ask questions related to the site, in this forum.

19. Humanities: Medieval Studies
specific authors Works. Piers Plowman Electronic Archive searchable (Hoyt Duggan); Song of Roland text (Online medieval classical Library/UC Berkeley).
Medieval Studies
General Index Sites Text Sites Bibliographies Manuscripts ... Teaching Resources
General Index Sites
Text Sites

20. English Department Home Page
For secondary criticism on specific authors, scroll down to Journals and Criticism at the bottom of the page. The OnLine medieval and classical Library A
Mission Programs Faculty Students ... Marist Home June 08, 2004 Liberal Arts Home English Home What Can I Do? Activities ... Resources
Medieval Resources on the Internet
Medievalists were among the first scholars to recognize the potential of the Web for research and teaching, and there are an amazing number of sites in this field. Accordingly, the following list is not meant to be exhaustive. A caveat regarding the annotations of the sites: I am not a medievalist and I have very little background in the field (two graduate courses under the late Jesse Bessinger of NYU , a wonderful teacher). As such, this list simply presents what I hope are fairly useful resources with some comment as to what is available. Calls for Papers UPenn English Department Conferences The Labyrinth ...
Secondary Criticism
The Labyrinth : This is the most inclusive site in Medieval Studies. A project based at Georgetown University it includes text archives, pedagogical resources, articles, and innumerable links. It is the starting place for research on the web in Medieval Studies. ORB : This project, housed at the University of Kansas is

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