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  1. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Dairy Products and Birds' Eggs in China (World Trade Report) by Dairy Products and Birds' Eggs Research, The Dairy Products, et all 2000-12-29
  2. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Bacon, Ham and Other Dried, Salted, and Smoked Swine Meat in China (World Trade Report) by Smoked Swine Meat Research Group, 2000-12-29
  3. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Live Swine in China (World Trade Report) by The Live Swine Research Group, The Live Swine Research Group, 2000-12-29
  4. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Meat and Meat Preparations in China (World Trade Report) by The Meat and Meat Preparations Research, Meat Preparations Research Group, et all 2000-12-29
  5. Rural-Urban Migration and Its Impact on Economic Development in China by Wenbao Qian, 1996-11
  6. The 2006 Economic and Product Market Databook for Xian, China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-12-11
  7. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Web-Fed Lithographic Printing of Business Forms Excluding Manifold, Financial, Legal, and Loose-Leaf Forms and Blankbooks in Greater China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  8. The 2008-2013 Outlook for Business Cases, Attaches, Briefcases, and Portfolios with Outer Surface of All Leather or Mostly Leather in Greater China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  9. The 2006 Economic and Product Market Databook for Harbin, China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-12-11
  10. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Business and School Supplies in Greater China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  11. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Business Card Engraving in Greater China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  12. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Paper Rolls for Adding and Business Machines Excluding Rolls for Facsimile and Photocopy Machines in Greater China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  13. The 2008-2013 Outlook for Molded and Semi-Molded Business Cases, Attaches, Briefcases, and Portfolios in Greater China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  14. The 2006 Economic and Product Market Databook for Jinan, China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-12-11

81. U.S. Commercial Service China: SARS Impact On China’s Economy
china business Weekly, May 6 – 12, 2003 china business Weekly, May 13 – 19, 2003 china Times, April 29, 2003 Far Eastern economic Review, May 8
BUYUSA.GOV U.S. Commercial Service
SARS Impact on China’s Economy
In the first quarter of 2003, China’s economy experienced its biggest boom in six years, 9.9 percent growth, and more than $13 billion of investment pouring in. However, with the outbreak of SARS in China, many industries have been suffering business losses, especially the service sector. Tourism and travel alone now make up 5.6 percent of GDP. How great is the SARS impact on China’s economy? Economic Analysts seem to have two different general views and specific estimates and forecasts of the SARS impact on the economy still vary widely. This report surveys both the optimistic and pessimistic views in the early economic analysis of the SARS crisis.
I. Optimistic View – Little Impact on China’s Long-Term Economy
The latest statistics from National Bureau of Statistics of China show a positive economic performance based on the major national economic indices. Chinese press reports, citing unnamed sources at the National Bureau of Statistics, indicate that China’s gross domestic product grew 8.9 percent in April, one percentage point lower than the figure recorded for the first quarter of 2003. Industrial output in April rose 14.9 percent year-on-year and investment in fixed assets increased 28.5 percent. Consumer spending rose 7.7 percent in April, as compared with 9.2 percent in March.
A report by Ben Dolven and David Murphy in Far Eastern Economic Review (May 8, 2003) says that China is experiencing a slowdown amid a ‘gigantic boom’. Ben Dolven and David Murphy believe that “Bejing’s convulsions may push the city’s growth to zero in 2003, but analysts put China growth at no less than 6 percent”. In a survey of eight foreign investment banks, the average GDP growth estimate for China this year was 7.4 percent, down from 7.6 percent before SARS outbreak.

82. WWW Virtual Library Economic And Business History
Information on the labour and business records, especially in fishing, foresting china. Economics in Chinese History; Staat, Handwerk und Gewerbe in Peking, 1700
WWW Virtual Library
Economic and Business History
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  • Africa Research Central at the California State University at San Bernardino. Guide to African primary sources, with a focus on repositories in Africa. African Studies WWW . Site of the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Newsgroups, links etc. Bibliography of African Periodical Literature Database at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Searchable database of over 33,000 articles. The Economic History of Colonial Africa: Selected Bibliography , assembled by George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History, Brown University, using the University of Alberta's Victorian Database on a CD-ROM, 1970-1995.
  • 83. | Research Tools | Surveys
    constrain the government s ability to finance economic growth. That will have implications for china s political stability as a place in which to do business.

    84. Statistics Show China's 50-Year Economic Development
    With a population of over 1.25 billion, china offers a huge market to foreign businesses. With the steady progress in economic and social development, the
    Statistics Show China's 50-Year Economic Development (October 3, 1999)
    THE 20th century is one of earth-shaking changes for China. Thanks to the pioneering work and arduous efforts by the People's Republic of China over the past 50 years, especially over the last 20 years or so since the beginning of reform and opening-up, the overall national strength and the living standards of the people have been improved in no small ways. Now, the Chinese people are advancing with big strides along the path of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is our strategic objective to basically realize modernization and build China into a prosperous and strong socialist country with a high degree of democracy and civilization by the middle of the 21st century.
    On the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, we are proud of our achievements. The following facts and figures show that we have a lot to celebrate.
    A Substantially Stronger Nation
    Over the last 50 years China has become a substantially stronger nation with its people enjoying higher standards of living.

    85. Business In China
    in china SARS Effects in Asia Plan Your business Trip to Sales and Supply Planning OECD Statistical Survey on china in the World Economy Guidelines on
    Asia Home Burma Cambodia China ... Vietnam
    Guidelines Insight Asia Due Diligence ...
    Plan Business Trip

    Why China?
    China is the fourth largest country in terms of size and the largest in terms of population. China is the seventh largest economy and has the youngest population in all of Asia. The total value of goods and services has been growing at a double digit rate for over 20 years. Although growth figures are now in the single digits (about 7.3 %), this is a large market that cannot be ignored. The World Bank estimates by the year 2025 China's economy will account for 25% of the total World Economy.
    Driven by domestic demand and supported by World Trade Organization accession, China economy should continue to grow robustly over the next 2 years.
    The Dragon versus The Elephant:
    when a company wants to move a factory to Asia
    Register Company in Asia

    1) A Foreign Representative. 2) Joint Venture. 3) A Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise
    How do I get a factory started in Asia?

    86. China Economy - Capitalism, Socialism, Free Markets, Regulation,Government Polic
    boost of the import and export trade of china. Trade Almanac,1997; NTDB 1996, economic Trend and the companies who handling the exporting businessmostly are
    CHINA: Economic Policy Analysis
    This site presents an analysis of the Chinese government's economic policies compared to a list of 33 economic policies as prepared by the McKeever Institute of Economic Policy Analysis (MIEPA) . To read the analysis scroll through this site. To learn more about the background policies, click here
  • Introduction and Policy Recommendations
  • To learn more about MIEPA , click here Return to MIEPA 's Home Page Several foreign born students living in California have completed a study of their home country governments' economic policies as compared to the MIEPA list of policies as outlined above. The study on China is shown below. The ratings herein are based on the following rating scale:
    5.0 Perfect Facilitation of Wealth Creation
    4.0 Midway between Perfect and Neutral
    3.0 Neutral Effect on Wealth Creation
    2.0 Midway between Neutral and Obstructionist
    1.0 Perfectly Obstructionist to Wealth Creation
    Return to
    MIEPA 's Home Page CHINA: Comparison of Chinese economic policies to MIEPA criteria as prepared by native student of China, Mr. J. F., studying in the US in November of 1997. (This analysis replaces an earlier study of China that was completed in February of 1996 By Cindy Li.) Return to MIEPA 's Home Page INDIVIDUAL POLICIES 1. Freedom from Internal Control: 3.0

    87. Business Case Knowledge Base, Economic And Statistical Data Sources
    business Case Guides and Data economic and Statistical Data, Inflation and Price Trends
    Knowledge Base
    Economic Data
    Home Knowledge Base Training Tools ... Encyclopedia
    Business Case Guide
    The authoritative source PDF and
    printed editions Download today!
    Business Case Guides and Data
    Economic and Statistical Data , Inflation and Price Trends Comprehensive and Regional Sources
    See also the Knowledge Base page: Inflation and Price Data and Trends

    88. Asia Via The Web: Economics/Business                      Â
    via the Web page includes several sites with information about the Taiwan economy and business in Taiwan. china External Trade Development Council (CETRA).
    UCLA Asia Institute Asia via the Web: Economics/Business Academic Papers China Discussion Lists Economic Crisis ... Taiwan Academic Papers Working papers archive ftp: China Our China via the Web page includes several sites with information about the Chinese economy and business in China. Some of the sites included on that page are listed here as well. China Chamber of International Commerce Government maintained site, includes information and links to companies and trade organizations. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation A rich bilingual website offering information on economic trends, laws, and specific companies. Inside China Today: Investor Insight This news service offers continually updated business news stories from Reuters, AFP, and other sources. Market quotes are from Yahoo! Finance. Market Indicators Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong) Yahoo! Finance
    CBS Marketwatch
    Shanghai Composite Yahoo! Finance
    CBS Marketwatch
    Taiwan Weighted (from CBS Marketwatch) Discussion Lists Less Developed Countries Send SUB ECONOMY Firstname Lastname to

    89. Biz China
    business. About BizChina. Contact BizChina. Chinese developers to talk with Welch. Macro Economy. Finance.
    Advanced Search Biz Home Industry Updates Biz Guide Investment Alerts Local Resources ... Periodicals Hot links + Government
    ... Biz Site Map A worker takes a break from installing exhibition stalls for the Auto China Show in Beijing June 7, 2004. The event will be held from June 9 to 16 in Beijing. [Reuters]
    Summer grain output to rise after years

    China's summer grain output looks set to increase for the first time in four years, the Ministry of Agriculture said Monday. Ample room for fiscal policy manoeuvring Reform in air cargo sector on horizon Standards pending for old, famous brands GM plans to double car production in China ... Beijing braces for summer power shortages More Headlines Veritable 'V' comes to China GM to assemble 1.3m car units in China by 2007 Shoe industry takes step into West China Meeting discusses country's steel situation ... Father of Financial Futures see huge potential in China Special Coverage Auto China 2004
    New Models, New Concepts and Top Companies 2008 Beijing Olympics
    "Games logo unveiled" VC Forum 2004 RMB in Spotlight APEC Summit WEDDC Markets Shanghai (Mon ) Shenzhen (Mon ) Nikkei (Mon ) HSI (Mon ) Dow Jones (Mon ) Nasdaq (Mon )
    Exchange Rates in RMB 100 units of foreign currencies USD EUR HKD JPY GBP CHF CAD AUD
    Industry Updates
    This is a paid service that provides subscribers with news, analysis, policies, projects, bidding and statistics covering 16 industries every Monday to Friday.

    90. UNC Charlotte - J. Murrey Atkins Library - VIBES - Countries - Ca
    insurance) business and Marketing business News Country Information (General) (includes statistical data) Country Information (economic) (includes statistical

    91. GlobalEDGE (TM) | Country Insights - Links For Taiwan
    It also edits a trade journal. (In Chinese and English Prepared by US embassy staff, the guides cover the economic and business environment, political

    92. Trade- International Trade Links- Greater China
    USbased site for china business news and information, with This site has information on china-US relations and passport applications, and an economy and trade
    China: International Trade Web Sites General Information About China China Part of the CIA World Factbook, this web site provides good background information about China, including geography, government, economy and people. China Today A comprehensive information site for China, including topics such as banking, finance, international trade, government, investment opportunities, travel, statistics and much more. Country Briefings China profiles, forecasts, statistics, market updates, currency, news, and more from The Economist U.S. State Department A great source for political and economic affairs information, including Country Commercial Guides, Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts, Online U.S. Embassies/Consulates, Foreign Per Diem rates, Background Notes (basic country overviews) and Travel Warnings. The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Websites

    93. RFE: Complete Table Of Contents
    list) Campaign for Real economics (CAMREC) Chinese economic Association Discussion N economic History Book Reviews in economic and business History (EH
    Complete Table of Contents
    Each resource name below links to the resource itself, while [ more ] links you to an extended description of that resource here in Resources for Economists on the Internet . Each section name links to resources listed here in RFE in that area. Each section also contains short descriptions, links to extended descriptions, and possible sub-sections. There is also a much shorter Abridged Table of Contents . It lists only RFE's sections and sub-sections; to see the list of resources in a section, you must click on the section name.

    94. Asian Development Outlook 2002 - People's Republic Of China -
    for the Economy of the People’s Republic of china. to serve as the engine for economic growth and private firms and small individual businesses, accounts for
    Home What's New Site Map Index ... Help Resources Asia Recovery Information Center ADB Institute Search
    Publications Catalog Online Publications Document
    Table of Contents p. 9 of 81 BACK NEXT I. Developing Asia and the World II. Economic Trends and Prospects in Developing Asia ... East Asia
    People's Republic of China
    In spite of the global economic slowdown, the People’s Republic of China maintained its robust economic expansion in 2001, though some signs of slowing appeared in the second half of the year, due partly to a sharp deceleration in growth of external trade. Driven by domestic demand and supported by World Trade Organization accession, the macroeconomic outlook for 2002–2003 is bright.
    Macroeconomic Assessment
    The People’s Republic of China (PRC) remained one of the best-performing economies in the Asia and Pacific region in 2001, with GDP expanding at a rate of 7.3%. However, there were clear signs of deceleration in the second half of the year, with GDP growth slowing from a quarterly rate of 8.1% to 6.6% between the first and fourth quarters. The industry sector posted a gain of 8.7%, led by the robust performance of foreign-invested enterprises. Their value added rose by 11.9% in the year, compared with 8.1% for state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The services sector grew by 7.4%, supported mainly by high growth in transport and telecommunications. Suffering from a severe drought and a decrease in the planted area, the agriculture sector grew by 2.8% in 2001. Grain output declined by about 2.1%, following a 9.1% drop in 2000.

    95. Sources For Asia-Pacific Business Research
    Virtual International business and Economics Sources Includes Agencies Includes data from official governmental agencies in Australia, china, Hong Kong
    Sources for Asia-Pacific Business Research Research Links Data Search Home

    96. Course Description Of The Graduate School Of Economics
    Economics, Methods of business History, Winter, KUDO. Topics in International Economics, Enterprise development and Industrial Conglomerations in china and East
    Course Description
    Graduate School of Economics
    The University of Tokyo
    2003/2004 Academic Year
    Economic Theory
    Subject Topics Term Teacher Responsible Principles of Political Economy Principles of Political Economy Summer/Winter OBATA Methodology of Political Economy Methodology of Political Economy Summer SHIBATA and MARUYAMA Microeconomics Microeconomics I Summer MATSUI Microeconomics Microeconomics II Winter KANDORI Macroeconomics Macroeconomics I Summer HAYASHI Macroeconomics Macroeconomics II Winter BRAUN History of Economic Theories not offered in this academic year History of Modern Economic Theories not offered in this academic year Social and Economic Thoughts not offered in this academic year Studies on Classical Works in Economics not offered in this academic year Theory of Distribution and Production not offered in this academic year Theory of Market Competition and Credit not offered in this academic year Modern Political Economy Modern Political Economy Winter SHIBATA Advanced Microeconomics Advanced Microeconomics Summer MATSUSHIMA Advanced Macroeconomics Advanced Macroeconomics Summer BRAUN Mathematical Economics Mathematical Economics Winter NISHIMURA Topics in Principles of Political Economy Marxian Theory of Value Summer/Winter OBATA Topics in Methodology of Political Economy Topics in Methodology of Political Economy Summer SHIBATA Topics in Modern Political Economy Topics in Political Economy Winter SHIBATA Microeconomics Workshop Microeconomics Workshop Summer/Winter FUJIWARA and SASAKI Macroeconomics Workshop Macroeconomics Workshop Summer/Winter

    97. Course Schedule
    Prof.Y.MARUYAMA, * Mathematical Methods for Economics Prof.NISHIMURA, and Industrial Conglomerations in china and East Workshop on Modern business Organization I
    Graduate Course Schedule
    Summer Term in the 2003/2004 Academic Year
    Stochastic Processes for Statistics, Finance, and Economics
    Prof. KUNITOMO/td> #* Macroeconomics I
    (Summer and Winter)
    Prof.HAYASHI #* Methodology of Political Economy
    Pfor.SHIBATA and Prof.MARUYAMA Topics in Methodology of Political Economy Prof.SHIBATA # Japanese Economy Profs. Ma.ITOH, K.NAKAMURA, KIKKAWA, H.SATO, YASAKA, M.MARUYAMA, and SHIBUYA Advanced Course in Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method (Summer and Winter) Prof.OMORI # Business Statistics Prof.SHIMIZU Fiscal Aspects of Welfare State in the World (Summer and Winter) Prof.SHIBUYA * Public Economics Prof.FUJIWARA # International Economics (Summer and Winter) Profs.TAKENOUCHI, KUDO, MORI, SUEHIRO, SHIBATA, TAJIMA, MARUKAWA, OBATA and SHIBUYA Contemporary Public Finance (Summer and Winter) Prof.JINNO and Prof.MOCHIDA Research Meeting for Economic History (Summer and Winter) Prof.ONOZUKA and Prof.N.NAKAMURA International Perspective of Financial Accounting Theory (Summer and Winter) Prof.DAIGO

    98. Zhejiang Gongshang University - Colleges
    business Administration Academic Institutes business Administration; Market The College of Economics Hangzhou University Hangzhou, Zhejiang, PR china Zip code
    Home Contact Chinese Version English Version About GSU Colleges Courses for International Students Life of Campus Colleges Business Administration
    Head: Lu Fuxin
    Student Enrollment: 808
    Academic Staff: 29
    Programs for Bachelor Degrees: Business Administration; Marketing; Human Resources
    Programs for Master Degrees: Business Administration, MBA, Technological Economy and Management
    Program for Doctor Degrees: Business Administration
    Academic Institutes: Business Administration; Market Research; Economics of Industries
    Head: Lu Lijun
    Contact information: Add: The College of Economics Hangzhou University of Commerce No. 149 Jiao Gong Rd. Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P. R. China Zip code: 310035 Phone: 86-571-88071024 Ext.8379 88930445 Fax: 86-571-88832369 E-mail: Website: Finance Head: Han Dezong Student Enrollment: 570 Academic Staff: 25 Programs for Bachelor Degrees: Finance Programs for Master Degrees: Finance Academic Institutes: Finance Statistics and Computer Head: Su Weihua Student Enrollment: 411 Academic Staff: 29 Programs for Bachelor Degrees: Statistics, Information and Computer Science

    99. China Online Resources, Durham University Library
    comprehensive, current information about Hong Kong in business and economy, government, news Region (HKSAR) Government of the People s Republic of china.
    China Online Resources
    General Politics, Law, Military History Geography, Maps ... UK Organizations with China Interest General
    Internet Guide for China Studies
    China The Beautiful-Chinese Art and Literature . This homepage contains resources on Chinese art, culture, language, and philosophy in its China and Chinese Reading Rooms and lists discussion groups and professional associations. China Today . This site covers a wide variety of information on China in the following major topics: art, science, business, the military, politics, sports, travel, and tourism. The complete reference to China/Chinese-related Web sites . This source contains more than 8000 links to other China/Chinese-related Web sites. The site is updated daily. It is one of the most comprehensive Web site on the subject area. Finding News about China . This site provides links to resources regarding the social, political, and economic developments in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, and Tibet. Links to popular interest include stocks and business data and world news and reports. Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks . Maintained by Professor Marjorie Chan of Ohio State University, the site offers annotated links to more than 200 Web sites on Chinese studies. Topics include Asian publishers, culture, language, electronic texts, netnews, web radio/TV, software, linguistics, and electronic conferences.

    100. World Scientific
    Environmental Science. Environmental Science. General. Chinese Publications. Popular Science. Social Sciences. Asian Studies. business Management. Economics. Education.
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