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         China Economic & Business Statistics:     more books (100)
  1. China or India?: An article from: San Diego Business Journal by Lixin Cheng, 2007-04-23
  2. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Prepared and Preserved Meat, Edible Offals and Fish Extracts in China (World Trade Report) by Edible The Prepared And Preserve, The Prepared, et all 2000-12-29
  3. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Meat of Bovine Animals in China (World Trade Report) by Chilled And Frozen Meat The Fresh, Frozen Meat of Bovine Animals Research Group, 2000-12-29
  4. The 2007-2012 World Outlook for China and Porcelain by Philip M. Parker, 2006-06-26
  5. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Frozen Fish Fillets in China (World Trade Report) by The Frozen Fish Fillets Research Group, The Frozen Fish Fillets Research Group, 2000-12-29
  6. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Fresh and Chilled Fish Fillets in China (World Trade Report) by The Fresh and Chilled Fish Fillets Resea, The Fresh, et all 2000-12-29
  7. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Fish in China (World Trade Report) by Fresh Chilled and Frozen Fish, Chilled And Frozen Fish The Fresh, et all 2000-12-29
  8. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Unmilled Cereals Excluding Wheat, Rice, Barley and Maize in China (World Trade Report) by R. The Unmilled Cereals Excl, Rice, Barley The Unmilled Cereals Excluding Wheat, et all 2001-01-05
  9. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Unmilled Maize in China (World Trade Report) by The Unmilled Maize Research Group, The Unmilled Maize Research Group, 2001-01-05
  10. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Malt Extract and Preparations of Flour for Infant Food in China (World Trade Report) by The Malt Extract and Preparations Of Flo, The Malt Extract, et all 2001-01-05
  11. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Rice in China (World Trade Report) by The Rice Research Group, The Rice Research Group, 2001-01-05
  12. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Live Bovines and Buffaloes in China (World Trade Report) by The Live Bovines and Buffaloes Research, The Live Bovines, et all 2000-12-29
  13. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Fresh and Chilled Fish Excluding Fillets in China (World Trade Report) by The Fresh and Chilled Fish Excluding Fil, The Fresh, et all 2000-12-29
  14. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Live Fowl, Ducks, Geese and Poultry in China (World Trade Report) by Ducks The Live Fowl, Ducks, Geese The Live Fowl, et all 2000-12-29

41. US-China Business Council Statistics And Analysis
Firsttime visitors Register here! Registered members login here. business Advisory Services. Programs and meetings. china Market Intelligence. Policy Advocacy. Council statistics and Analysis. china
Home First-time visitors Register here! Registered members login here Business Advisory Services ... Policy Advocacy
Council Statistics and Analysis
US-China Business
Last Updated: 24-Jul-01

42. UCSD Libraries: China Studies Resources
the china Statistical Yearbook and information on every aspect of statistical works and articles. Various data and reports on business and economic activities.
China Studies Resources IR/PS Library Reading Asian Scripts Contact Us Business and Economy
China Business and Economy: A Resource Guide
International Relations and Pacific Studies Library
Part One: Electronic Resources
General Information
Business and Economic News In Chinese. GB
Includes more than 80 Chinese newspapers from China and other parts of the world, of which nearly one-third are for business and economy including Jingji Ribao, Shanghai Jingji Ribao, Guoji Shanye Ribao, Zhongguo Zhengjuan Bao, and Shanghai Zhengjua Bao.
China Business Vista.
Good for general information on companies, business culture and policies, trade and investment activities, and commercial news.
China Business World
Provides basic information on doing business with China.
China Economic Information Network In Chinese and English.
Produced jointly by State Information Center and State Development Planning Commission, the Network offers the most comprehensive coverage of economic and business information. It also provides paid services for finding needed information on China trade and investment. The specially created English column, "China Economy", covers a broad spectrum of business and economic activities, new policies and regulations issued by central and local governments.
China Economic Information Service In Chinese and English.

business Report. Click the above banner for more information. CURRENT/ BACK ISSUES. 98/05/16 china's New Housing Policy. 98/04/16 Days Inn's china Connection. 98/03/16 Changing Trend in china's Foreign Investment 97/02/16 Top 10 economic News in 1996
China Business Updates
Click the above banner for more information

44. Öйú¾­¼ÃÍø
fix for an oil price scare that is threatening to derail global economic growth chinaEurope cultural exchange active and fruitful official 1241 read. business.

45. Statistical Resources On The Web/Foreign
Census. china economic Information Network Numerous economic indicators and business products information; Initial
Statistical Resources on the Web
Foreign Government Data Sources
Frames Index No-Frames Version Comprehensive Sources
Individual Countries
B C D ... N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Last updated on May 25, 2004
    Foreign government data is also available from other U.S. and international sources on the Statistics page and the Foreign Statistics page.
Comprehensive Sources
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
    • Organization of Pacific Rim nations promoting business development
    • News releases and the full text of major publications
    • Member nation profiles include brief descriptive information and extensive links to economic and business web sites
  • Central Banks of the World
    • Links to national banks arranged by country
    • Most central bank web sites provide monetary and economic statistics
  • Davidson Data Center and Network (UMich)
    • List of free and commercial data bases, primarily for developing countries in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Southeast Asia
    • Includes national level economic data (prices, monetary), individual firm level data, and household data (labor force, census, public opinion, household budget)
    • Browse by subject or country; search by keyword

PRICE INDEX(RPI); MAIN INDICATORS OF THE NATIONAL ECONOMY 1997. Subscription Form of china Monthly statistics. Return chinaVista Online business Services main.

47. China Vista The World S Premier Online Gateway Into China
trade offers, or promote your business worldwide economic Brief The latest reports about Chinese economics. china Statistical Report Published by the china

48. Biz China
business. and credit policies in order to avoid economic overheating china reports fourth monthly trade deficit.
Advanced Search Biz Home Industry Updates Biz Guide Investment Alerts Local Resources ... Periodicals Hot links + Government
... Biz Site Map A worker takes a break from installing exhibition stalls for the Auto China Show in Beijing June 7, 2004. The event will be held from June 9 to 16 in Beijing. [Reuters]
Summer grain output to rise after years

China's summer grain output looks set to increase for the first time in four years, the Ministry of Agriculture said Monday. Ample room for fiscal policy manoeuvring Reform in air cargo sector on horizon Standards pending for old, famous brands GM plans to double car production in China ... Beijing braces for summer power shortages More Headlines Veritable 'V' comes to China GM to assemble 1.3m car units in China by 2007 Shoe industry takes step into West China Meeting discusses country's steel situation ... Father of Financial Futures see huge potential in China Special Coverage Auto China 2004
New Models, New Concepts and Top Companies 2008 Beijing Olympics
"Games logo unveiled" VC Forum 2004 RMB in Spotlight APEC Summit WEDDC Markets Shanghai (Mon ) Shenzhen (Mon ) Nikkei (Mon ) HSI (Mon ) Dow Jones (Mon ) Nasdaq (Mon )
Exchange Rates in RMB 100 units of foreign currencies USD EUR HKD JPY GBP CHF CAD AUD
Industry Updates
This is a paid service that provides subscribers with news, analysis, policies, projects, bidding and statistics covering 16 industries every Monday to Friday.

our forecast for the US, china and Europe An analytical database of worldwide economic indicators and city guide to product prices and business costs worldwide.
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Online store

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50. | The Leading Provider Of China Business And Professional Informat
source for economists, scholars, researchers, business analysts, bankers and individuals who need to understand china s social and economic development.
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Today's Weather Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Hong Kong ...more cities China Market Research Customer Enquiry Now you can buy just the China business and professional information you need.  Search our collection to read product descriptions and purchase information for instant delivery to your desktop or 24 hour shipping to your office. Can't find a report , directory, database or statistical data C lick on the button below to go straight to Friedl Net 's online enquiry form Submit this form to have our searchers help you identify relevant publications. The China Business Monitor Search News in Title in Title and Text in Keywords Analysis
Jun-04 China's Insatiable Demand for Oil Oct-19 China's GDP Grows 9.1% in Third Quarter Oct-11 The XR Stability Ploy - Wen Says: Peg This Blue Wire
Jun-04 World’s Largest Brewers Look for Greater Stake in China’s Breweries Oct-19 Ford to Invest as much as US$1.5 Billion in China Sep-28 Sinopec, CNOOC, Shell and Unocal Signed Gas Deal in East China Sea Red Tape
Jun-04 New Joint Venture Guidelines for China’s Auto Sector Oct-19 China’s Export Tax Rebate Reform Oct-11 The Arrival of Godot: Auto Loans Land Shanghai
Sep-28 Ikea to open 10 new stores in China by 2010 Aug-03 Singapore-China Partnership Forum in Shanghai Jul-18 Three Gorges Electricity Supply Eases Shanghai's Power Shortage Business
Jun-04 China’s Banks Look to Foreign Investors Oct-19 Competition in the Auto Financing Sector Heats Up Sep-28 Intel to Build $375 Million Plant in Chengdu Markets

51. Foreign & International - China
Guide to Doing business in and with china Laws and series and judicial interpretations, Selected Works of china International economic and Trade
NYU School of Law Home University Home Sitemap Law Library ... Venezuela CHINA
*Please, use Internet Explorer for Chinese databases! CHINALAW
Laws in Chinese and English as well as legal commentaries. The database includes an in-depth analysis of the four different jurisdictions in China. Translations of Chinese laws and regulations and legal articles. China Academic Journals
Search in English or Chinese. Abstracts and bibliographic citations in English (1994-). Full text available in Chinese via the CAJ Viewer (free download). IP access. Choose "IP-Address Access" to search. China Economic Law Reform Project
The project created a database on China's economic law reform. The site includes useful bibliographies.

A fee-based service in the vernacular provided by the State Info Center, a governmental agency. The library doesn't have a subscription. See the library's collection policy
Chinese Government Official Home Page
and Government Online Project
China Law Reference Service Online

A magazine that supplements China Law Reference Service Online . The printed publication is known as "Asia Law and Practice".

52. Economics By Region Or Country
*, Great Britainchina Centre (The). Ministry of Finance and economic Affairs (Malta). of Upheavals in Global Markets and the Change of Internal business Cycle.
Advanced Search Current Topics Learning Materials Data ... Educators You are here: Home Internet Resources Current Topics
Learning Materials
Virtual Worlds

Internet Resources


Internet Resources
Search tips Internet Tutorials Add a Resource Home ... Economics - General > Economics by Region or Country
Economics by Region or Country
Parent section: Economics - General Related sections: Country and City Guides
EU Economics

International Economics

International Trade
Select the name of the resource from the list to see a short description or select the icon to connect directly to the resource. This listing is sorted alphabetically. A listing sorted by resource type is also available.
Actualidad Economica
Administratsiya Irkutskoi oblasti Administratsiya Kaliningradskoi oblasti Administratsiya Kemerovskoi oblasti ... About Us

53. ERS/USDA Briefing Room - China: Related Links
Data on social and economic indicators. World Bank. World Bank in Beijing. Development projects and business opportunities in china.
search our site home briefing rooms china china: related links
U.S. Department of Agriculture
World Agricultural Outlook Board
. Monthly updates of supply and demand estimates, weather and climate.
Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). on countries including China.
U.S. Embassy in China
. News, information on agriculture and economy.
Agricultural Trade Office, Shanghai
. Works closely with importers, wholesalers, and trade organizations.
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
. Monitoring plant pests and animal diseases.
Other U.S. government
Library of Congress. China country study
Commerce Department:

54. Asia And China Business
china business PROFILES. HSBC Bank. Economy, statistics, business information. 19972003. No company information.
Library Home Catalogs E-Resources Get Help/Ask Us ... E-Resource Locator Title contains Title starts with Title matches Description contains Franklin
search in ... Keyword Relevancy Title Title Keyword Author Author Keyword Subject Subject Keyword Journal Title Asia and China Business Printer-Friendly Page
Prepared by Terese Terry
Lippincott Library
* = Highly Recommended
BUSINESS ASIA. Economist Intelligence Unit. Fortnightly. Covers 18 Asian nations. Political, economic, social, and regulatory trends and intelligence. 1983-1998.
HD 69.I7 B832 (ST) Continued in FACTIVA . From 1996-current. ISI EMERGING MARKETS . Covers 13 Asian countries. Includes analyst reports, EIU reports, company financials, industry profiles, market surveys, stock prices, news and more. INSEAD . Includes case studies. Choose Asian Focus JETRO . Japan External Trade Organization. Trade Directory, market research reports, economy and trade statistical surveys.

55. .: Business | Market Research :.
to the Network china newsletter that will provide you with the latest information on doing business in china. Competitiveness of Economy statistics reveal how
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business opportunities in singapore
business premises eCommerce exiting a business ... tourism
You are at: HOME >> market research Research is an important factor in building a knowledge-based economy. To help you to understand the Singapore market, below is a compilation of links to useful information resources and economic statistics, and an overview of the efforts being taken by various sectors of the economy. Industry Information Statistics and Data Purchase of Resources It is useful to review the performance of the field you are interested in, before entering it. Below are links to view statistics and the past performance of different parts of the economy.
Official Statistics of Singapore
Gather your information from Singapore's official statistics website.
Latest Data

Key Statistics on the Singapore Economy

Key Statistics on People

SingStat Express

Delivery of the latest data releases via email - Free Subscription Service.
Summary Findings from Economic Survey Series Useful industry-specific figures, such as number of establishments, number of workers employed and value-added.

56. Library-international-china.cfm
of historical, political, infrastructure and economic trends; source of country, industry, business and news Detailed research on consumer markets in china.

57. - Business
INTERNATIONAL. business. CULTURE. GOVERNMENT. Development of china s Market Economy. National Development Zones. WestEast Gas Project. china statistics. Province Wide.
Hot Links -Media- Xinhua News Agency People's Daily China Daily China Radio International Beijing Review China Today China Pictorial People's China El Popola Cinio Chinese Literature Beijing Portal PLA Daily Other web sites China Development Gateway Chinese Embassies
Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation State Economic and Trade Cooperation China Council for the Promotion of International Trade State Intellectual Property Office People's Bank of China China Securities Regulatory Commission China Stock Market China Economic Information Network China Industry Net China Development Gateway News The annual China Kunming trade fair opened Sunday in southwest China's Yunnan Province. The five-day fair is under regional spotlight as a China-ASEAN free trade area is moving forward. All 10 ASEAN member countries set up a total of 237 display stands at the fair. Tencent Scheduled for HK listing Reform in Air Cargo Sector on Horizon Commerce Minister Urges Assent to Market Status Generali Insurance Opens Branch in Beijing ... Feedback

58. UCC Research
Dressay), JOURNAL OF ACADEMY OF business AND economicS CONFERENCE 1999PROBING THE NEW economic REALITIES, 1999 High-tech Research in china”, R D MANAGEMENT

59. Interfax International Services
publication covering major economic and business developments of china s economic scene including and prospects for leading economic sectors, and
NEW Daily Reports
Poland Business Report:
Provides daily comprehensive coverage of major political and economic developments in the Republic of Poland with special emphasis on the country's business seeing and financial markets. Hungary Business Report: Focuses on the daily political, business and financial developments in the Republic of Hungary together with an in-depth market analysis. Czech Republic Business Report: Provides extensive daily coverage of major business and political development together with and in-depth market analysis and same day trading results. Daily Central Asia Report: A daily bulletin featuring the latest information on the most important political and economic events in all Central Asian countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.
Daily Central Asia Report helps keep subscribers on top of events in the region's rapidly changing political environment and enables them to follow the key trends in economic development. Daily Business Report: Immediate and comprehensive coverage of daily economic and political events affecting business, including business transactions, tenders, legislation, currency rates, statistics and stock market activity. Available in English and Russian.

60. Journals Indexed In EconLit
Canadian business economics. Canadian Journal of Agricultural economics. CEPAL Review. CESifo economic Studies. CESifo Forum. china economic Review. china Quarterly.
EconLit : Journals Indexed in EconLit
Journals Indexed in EconLit
Hyperlinked journal names connect to the publisher's Web site.
links to the expanded journal list, which includes EconLit coverage dates.
indicates that full-text articles are available. Click on the journal name to link to the publisher's Web site for full-text articles or subscription information.
See also:

For an alphabetical list of journals covered in EconLit , click on the first letter of the journal's name below. (Please ignore initial "A," "An," or "The" in journal name when making your choice.)
A B C D ... Accounting Review ACES Bulletin Acta Oeconomica Advances in Economic Analysis and Policy Advances in Macroeconomics Advances in Theoretical Economics ... Agricultural Economics Agricultural Economics Research Agricultural Economics Review Agricultural Finance Review Agriculture and Human Values Agriculture and Resources Quarterly Agronomia Mesoamericana Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv/Journal of the German Statistical Society American Economic Review American Economist American Enterprise ... Annales d'Economie et de Statistique Annales de l'INSEE

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