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  2. Senate bill would lift ban on food & medicine sales to Cuba.: An article from: NotiCen: Central American & Caribbean Affairs
  3. How will trade agreement affect black workers: CAFTA may lower consumer prices but at a cost.(WASHINGTON REPORT)(Central American-Dominican Republic Free ... An article from: Black Enterprise by Joyce Jones, 2005-10-01
  4. DR-CAFTA a boon to small businesses.(Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement): An article from: Fairfield County Business Journal by Hector V. Barreto, 2005-06-13
  6. The Central American Impasse by Giuseppe Di Palma, 1986-08
  7. The Religious Roots of Rebellion: Christians in Central American Revolutions by Phillip Berryman, 2004-01
  8. The new Panama invasion.(Travel)(Retirees from the U.S. flock to the Central American paradise): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  9. The Central American Peace Process, 1983-1991: Sheathing Swords, Building Confidence by Jack Child, 1992-10
  10. 'Dirty wars,' 21st-century style: Latin American churches tackle 'free' trade. (Trade).(proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement): An article from: Sojourners by Elizabeth Palmberg, 2003-07-01
  11. Residencia para los centroamericanos. (ley de inmigración estadounidense)(TT: Residency for Central Americans) (TA: U.S. immigration law): An article from: Semana
  12. NARROW MAJORITY SUPPORT CAFTA BUT MOST KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT, SAYS POLL.: An article from: NotiCen: Central American & Caribbean Affairs by Gale Reference Team, 2006-09-28
  13. HAITI: RIGHTS GROUPS URGE GOVERNMENT TO BACK OUT OF TRADE PACT WITH EUROPEAN UNION.(Reprint): An article from: NotiCen: Central American & Caribbean Affairs by Gale Reference Team, 2007-11-01
  14. Acarician residencia. (inmigrantes centroamericanos esperan obtener estatus legal en este país)(TT: They hope for the green card) (TA: Central American ... in this country): An article from: Semana

81. Honduras This Week Central America April 1999
Guatemala, which has the weakest adoption statutes in central America, grew exponentially law, submit to an interview with the Solicitor general s Office and
CENTRAL AMERICA Monday, April 19, 1999 Online Edition 153
"No one likes the bearer of bad news."
Antigone, line 277, Sophocles (496-406 B.C.E.) The cabal to silence Bruce Harris
Probe into illegal adoptions and revelations of corruption in high places inspires spurious lawsuit against internationally known child welfare advocate.
Bruce Harris(left) is being sued for defamation of character in Guatemala due to his investigation of illegal adoptions in that country. By W. E. GUTMAN GUATEMALA CITY Journalists and whistle-blowers share common traits: they are perceived as arrogant, insensitive and vexing. Their revelations are seldom appreciated, sometimes embarrassing, occasionally incriminating, always untimely and damned inconvenient. Both seek the truth, one in the interest of history, the other in the service of justice. Each is a vital cog in the vast and complex machine that energizes a democracy. They become indispensable in marginally democratic nations where the muzzling of the press reveals the repressive nature of government. Whereas the press is the unelected watchdog over those elected or self-empowered to run a country, human rights advocates are the gatekeepers of a higher moral ground upon which rests the very foundations of a free society. Being the watchdog and message-bearer to the multitude is a tall order, especially for an institution as fragile as the press. The task takes on Herculean proportions when the truth is uttered, not by a credentialed journalist, but by an eminent and respected activist. What is endured as "inauspicious rumor" by the first is branded as "seditious effrontery" when bared by the other.

82. Mesoamerica
Shop at REI. Belize Guatemala Honduras Mexico Aztec Maya Olmec Toltec general Mesoamerica central America Costa Rica Educational Mesoamerica Want to go on a dig? Students/volunteers wanted for dig in Belize! ARCHAEOLOGY PORTAL THE GREAT PLAZA ADD OR CHANGE A LINK ... SITE INDEX We've been reading... Featured Partners:



... Electronic Mailing Lists
Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey (BRASS)/El Pilar Project Caracol Archaeological Project K'axob and Xibun: Research into the Maya Past Lamanai South - Digging in Belize: a volunteer's account Maya Research Program Excavations at Blue Creek
Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey (BRASS)/El Pilar Project Nakbe Piedras Negras: Piecing Together the Past , from Brigham Young University Santa Rosa Archaeological Project
Copan Museum Plan and Concepts , from Latinworld Magazine Copan Ruinas, photos, by J. Anthony Copan Ruins, from Copan Sculpture Pages, by Stevan Davies Hieroglyphs and History at Copán, by David Stuart ... Maya Museum: Renewing a century of Harvard Connections to Copán . From Harvard Magazine Saving the Maya Past for the Future: Copán's New Sculpture Museum, by Barbara W. Fash and William L. Fash

83. Ambassador Brown: Statement On The Situation In Central America, November 14, 20
Ambassador Richard Brown, United States Special Advisor, on the Resolution on the Situation in central America, before the Fiftyseventh general Assembly, in

November 14, 2002
Statement by Ambassador Richard Brown, United States Special Advisor, on the Resolution on the Situation in Central America, before the Fifty-seventh General Assembly, in Plenary, November 14, 2002
Today we are here to address an important item, namely, “The Situation in Central America: Procedures for the Establishment of a Firm and Lasting Peace and Progress in Fashioning a Region of Peace, Freedom, Democracy and Development.” The situations are different in each of the countries of the region, but all are of vital importance to the United States , as Central America is tied intimately to our country by geography, history, and most importantly – people. We have welcomed large numbers of Central Americans into the United States, and we value the productive contributions they make to our society and the ties of kinship they have forged between our nations. In the past year the nations of the region have made significant progress on a set of objectives that serves to bind them together. Economic integration is deepening, bringing with it a series of important benefits. The United States has announced its intention to embark upon free trade agreement negotiations with the region. This agreement, when concluded, will have an enormous positive impact on the region’s economic growth and development.

84. Central America Books | Planeta
This 14th edition of the Mexico and central America guide provides reliable information about general tourism as well profiles of national parks and reserves.
Last Updated
Thursday, April 15, 2004
2004 Central America Bibliography
N ew titles and classic top shelf books which explore Central America
BIBLIOGRAPHIES: Ecotourism Environment Latin America Mexico ...
Mark Bonta
Seven Names for the Bellbird: Conservation Geography in Honduras
Terrific tale of environmental conservation in Central America. This book is highly recommended as it provides welcome insights and perspectives. Eco travelers heading anywhere in Latin America should pick up a copy of this book. Excerpt: Conservation Geography in Action
Peter Hutchison, Editor
Footprint Mexico and Central America
, Footprint Handbooks, 2003
- The Handbook looks better than ever. This 14th edition of the Mexico and Central America guide provides reliable information about general tourism as well profiles of national parks and reserves. Explore Copan in Honduras, Oaxaca's beaches or Belize's cayes. This is a terrific guide. The format is easy to follow. Colorful pictures and maps complement the text. Highly recommended.
Beth Kephart
Still Love in Strange Places
, W.W. Norton, 2002

85. Americans Arrested, Sex Tourists In Central America
The arrest of this man is one more example of what is becoming all too common here in Costa Rica and in central America in general .
boes .org
STOP the sexual exploitation of children!
Americans arrested

May 4, 1998
"The arrest of this man is one more example of what is becoming all too common here in Costa Rica, and in Central America in general"
Mr K, a retired US military engineer from the Gulf war, was arrested on Friday, May 1st, 1998 by Costa Rican police, accused of the sexual abuse of a 14 year old boy. According to neighbors, the American, who has been living in the San Fransisco de Dos Rios middle class suburb of the country's capital, would continually take street children to his home where he lived alone, reportedly to first feed them and then to commit sexual abuse. Many of the children were between the ages of six and twelve.
As in previous weeks, a child's screams of pain were heard from Mr K's home on late Friday and the already concerned neighbors called the police. The American retiree was arrested. The police apparently also confiscated two large bags of pornographic material, including video tapes of very young children performing sexual acts. The former military man is being held in the San Sebastian jail awaiting arraignment.
-For months now we have been trying to draw the attention of the region's governments to the growing levels of sex tourism and sexual exploitation of children in Central America, but almost without exception, the issue is falling on deaf ears, explained Bruce Harris, the Executive Director for Latin American Programs of the child advocacy agency Casa Alianza, the Latin American branch of the New York based Covenant House.

86. Central America Daily
Full Story general s son favored in Panama PANAMA CITY Martin Torrijos, a former McDonald s manager and the son of a late military leader, is favored to
Archived Page from Sunday 02 May, 2004
Click here to read today's edition

-Costa Rica

-El Salvador




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87. Central America Books, Videos, And DVDs, Mayan, Archeological, Sites, Ruins, And
pictured on our site. see also Our Complete list of Participating Online Store for More Shopping. general Information central America.
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List Price: Price: You Save: Driving the Pan-American Highway to Mexico and Central America : A Complete Guide for Do-It-Yourself Planning and Driving Through Mexico and Central America.

88. Maps Of The Central American Sea Kayak Expedition
Belize Belize City (201 KB). Belize - South Lake (407 KB). Belize - central (Stan Creek) (404 KB). Belize - Placencia (North area) (400 KB).
Click on the Map to visit a country Or scroll down to access more detailed maps!
By Local Transportation
By Kayak
  • Baja - Mouth of the Colorado river to La Paz (Mexico). From the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) to Costa Rica along the Caribbean coast Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua (kayak up the jungle rivers of the mosquito coast of Honduras and Nicaragua). Pacific coast from Costa Rica to Panama (explore the Darien jungles). Cross the Panama Canal to the Caribbean sea. Caribbean coast from Panama canal to the San Blas Archipelago.
  • Baja-Mexico Maps, Itinerary and Favorite Places Baja Map Itinerary Favorite Places Read our accounts of Mexico: Index Baja Photo Galleries: Baja on Slides
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    Belize Maps, Itinerary and Favorite Places Itinerary Favorite Places Blue Creek Mayans and Kekchi Indians Read our accounts of Belize: Index Belize Photo Galleries: Belize on Slides Belize Live with a Digital Camera Blue Creek, Kekchi Indians and Mopan Mayas Village Belize Detailed Maps: (large maps, slow modem users check the size first!)

    89. Central America: 1984 UUA General Resolution
    Unitarian Universalist Association central America 1984 general Resolution. WHEREAS, the 1983 general Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist
    Unitarian Universalist Association
    Central America

    1984 General Resolution WHEREAS, the 1983 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association approved a resolution opposing United States military and paramilitary operations against Nicaragua, and covert and overt attempts to overthrow its government; and WHEREAS, the US has been, is now and may in the future consider giving additional military aid to other Central American countries; and WHEREAS, we believe that problems in Central America are social, economic and political and should be solved accordingly, not militarily; BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1984 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association reaffirms the resolution of the 1983 Assembly and extends it to include all of Central America. International Relations Actions Main Index Search Actions Unitarian Universalist Association Home Contact Us Search Site Map
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    90. Central America Trip: Press Briefing By Secretary Caldera And General Wilhelm
    general WILHELM The training is over and the operation has begun, and it is rotating through the nations of central America right now. MR. HAMMER Thank you.

    Office of the Press Secretary
    (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
    For Immediate Release March 9, 1999
    Hotel Maya
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2:35 P.M. (L) MR. HAMMER: Good afternoon. Thank you for coming. Today we are going to be having a briefing by Secretary of the Army, Louis Caldera; and Commander in Chief of Southern Command, General Wilhelm. They will be focusing on the military the U.S. military's efforts in direct response to Hurricane Mitch, the initial immediate assistance that was provided and also the reconstruction that is still ongoing. So now, Secretary. SECRETARY CALDERA: I'm Louis Caldera, Secretary of the Army. Immediately after Hurricane Mitch occurred, the Secretary of Defense, Bill Cohen, asked me to come down as his personal representative, to look at the efforts that the U.S. military was doing, to make sure that General Wilhelm had all the support and all the resources in the Pentagon to help support this mission.

    91. SORS Smithsonian Internships
    students for special projects and general departmental work Institution National Museum of the american Indian Cultural Resources Center 4220 Silver
    General Information Regarding Fellowship and Internship Programs
    The following section includes descriptions of fellowships, internships and other programs available at the Institution. Please take note of specialized fellowships and their respective places of contact. As part of its mandate for "the increase and diffusion of knowledge," including the diverse ideas, skills, and cultures of our nation, the Smithsonian Institution pursues policies of equal opportunity and cultural diversity. Smithsonian fellowships and internships are awarded on the basis of these policies. Applicants are evaluated on their academic standing, scholarly qualifications, experiences, the quality of the research project or study proposed and its suitability to Smithsonian collections, facilities, and programs. Scholars and students with outside sources of funding are also encouraged to utilize the Institution's resources and facilities. The Office of Fellowships can facilitate visiting appointments in such cases provided that the investigator obtains approval from the staff member with whom he/she would consult.
    An internship at the Smithsonian Institution is a prearranged, structured learning experience scheduled within a specific time frame. The experience must be relevant to the intern's academic and professional goals, and to research and museum activities of the Institution. An internship is performed under the direct supervision of Smithsonian staff.

    92. Central America - Historical Unions And Federations
    1825–38) of the republics of central America Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Salvador. United under a captaincy general in Spanish colonial
    Central America - Historical Unions and Federations
    Last modified: by dov gutterman
    Keywords: america central america panama honduras ... central america federation
    Links: FOTW homepage search write us mirrors ... United States (Provinces) of Central America (1823-1825) (Provincias Unidas del Centro de America) Federal Republic of Central America (1825-1841) (Republica Federal de Centro America) Central American Federation (1851) (Federacion de Centro America) Greater Republic of Central America (1898) (Republica Mayor de Centro America) Flag According to Steenbergen Book (1862) See also:
    Costa Rica put the red in [in 1848] to differentiate it from the other three with the horizontal blue stripes; Guatemala turned the stripes and made them vertical. At one time in the 19th century Costa Rica used blue flag with a thin white cross with a red canton and several stars (no clue as to the number).
    John Andrew Lowe 29 November 1995 According to Smith's "Flags Through the Ages and Across the World

    93. South Ameican Explorers Clubhouses
    SAE Bulletin Board for central America general 1. You can now reply to a posting by using the Post/Reply link. Each posting has

    Traveler Info
    Clubhouses Books Maps ... Travel Help SAE Bulletin Board for Central America - General 1 You can now reply to a posting by using the Post/Reply link. Each posting has a unique number at the top left, this is the number you should put in the field Replying to Number. Postings from 2000 onwards Postings prior to 2000 Post/Reply
    Other Boards Traveling Southeastern US through Mexico to Guatemala City
    I am an elementary school teacher who will be traveling from the Southern US through Mexico to Guatemala City. I will be relocating to Guatemala City to work at the American School of Guatemala beginning in late October. I will finish my current work contract in late June, travel to the States for a while, then begin travel across Mexico probably in Late August or September, to arrive in Guatemala sometine in October. I am also considering bicycling this if I can find anyone interested in accompanying me.
    I am a 42 year old white male. As I mentioned I am a an elementary school teacher. I speak fluent Spanish, and enjoy backpacking, mountain hiking, kyacking, bicycling, travel. Anyone interested in accompanying me for all or any part of this journey let me know.

    94. Business Development Mission To Central America
    Register, posting on the Internet, press releases to the general and trade media with the capacity to deliver relevant equipment or services to central America.
    Ambassador David Aaron's Business Development Mission to Central America March 21-28, 1999 MISSION STATEMENT Description of the Mission Under Secretary of International Trade, Ambassador David Aaron will lead a business development mission of 15 U.S. companies to Central America. The mission will visit Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador. In the wake of Hurricane Mitch, significant portions of regional infrastructure, as well as major sources of foreign exchange and economic growth, have been damaged. Reconstruction needs are estimated at over $8 billion for the region. Focusing on reconstruction, the mission will strive to expand opportunities for U.S. companies in the following sectors: general infrastructure (roads and bridges; power generation/distribution; urban construction; environment; water; tourism; telecommunications; port expansion/management; emergency preparedness equipment), finance, light manufacturing, and agribusiness. Additionally, the growing interest in the regional integration of energy, transport and telecommunication will be explored. In each country, meetings will be held with senior government officials, leaders of the local business communities and members of the American Chambers of Commerce. Commercial Setting Financial Assistance Immediate efforts after Hurricane Mitch focused on recovery, but efforts are now turning to reconstruction. The U.S. Agency for International Development's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) has provided $5 million to the Department of Defense (DOD) for reconstruction activities in Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. These funds will support the purchase of reconstruction and engineering materials and supplies, including gravel for road repair. USAID/OFDA has provided an additional $4 million to DOD for continued aircraft support in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, which contributes to the positioning of more than 40 DOD helicopters in Central America. To date, USAID/OFDA has provided nearly $29 million in assistance to the region.

    95. ASM Meetings
    The american Society for Microbiology will hold its 104 th general Meeting in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA from May 2327, 2004.

    96. Yale University Press - Publisher Of Fine Books
    for decades in Costa Rica, yet I found central America a gold and severely endangered connection to South America, or in the tropics in general, should have
    Search for a Yale book
    Browse our Books
    Contact Us About the Press Sample Chapters ... Go to our London site
    Fixing Intelligence:
    For a More Secure America
    by Jonathan A. Edlow, M.D.
    "General Odom uses the unique insight gained from years of experience in the intelligence business to explain in plain language an issue that is critical to U.S. national security—intelligence community reform. A valuable resource to expert and novice alike, it serves both as an excellent introduction to the intelligence community, and also as a valuable guide to the current debate over how to proceed with intelligence community reform."—Senator Richard C. Shelby
    The facts behind the summer blockbuster
    The Day After Tomorrow
    Red Sky at Morning:
    America and the Crisis of the Global Environment
    by James Gustave Speth
    " Moviegoers inspired to learn more will benefit from a new book called 'Red Sky at Morning' by James Gustave Speth, dean of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale. The book, an overview of environmental threats, provides a list of the already observable consequences of warming... as well as a forecast of even greater calamities."
    New York Times

    97. Victim Assistance In Central America: A Regional Effort, By Juan Carlos Ruan (5.
    the OAS through the following general Assembly resolutions Report on the Procedure for Establishing Firm and Lasting Peace in central America, Support for
    Victim Assistance in Central America: A Regional Effort The OAS facilitates victim assistance efforts by connecting the victim to appropriate medical resources. As the OAS program continues its programs in the countries of Central America, the future becomes brighter for communities in the area. by Juan Carlos Ruan, Inter-American Defense Board 1988 landmine victim Esteban Santo Hernandez bathes at the "El Cafetalon" camp for those left homeless in El Salvador by earth quakes. c/o AP Introduction Like many other regions in the world, landmines plague Central America. These landmines cause serious consequences to already impoverished peoples. Since 1991 the Organization of American States (OAS) has been assisting communities in Central America in the fight against landmines. Unfortunately, there are still victims of landmines who suffer traumatic injuries and are faced with what Col. William McDonough, Coordinator of the Assistance Program for Demining in Central America (PADCA for its initials in Spanish) of the OAS, calls a "new reality." For this reason, victim assistance is critical in order to reintegrate these victims as productive members of society. Landmine Situation In Costa Rica and Honduras, the mine-affected communities are located in remote, isolated regions near the border. Most of these mine fields have been identified and do not pose a serious threat to the national population. In Nicaragua, on the other hand, mines have been buried near populated areas, both on the border and in the interior of the country. Furthermore, mines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) can be found throughout Guatemala.

    98. Physics Central
    Physics central This internet site, updated periodically, is intended to keep people informed about physics research, people in physics, and to answer questions about physics. A Physics In

    99. Secretaría General Del Sistema De La Integración Centroamericana
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    100. Education World® - *Social Sciences Area Studies Central
    thumbnails of paintings. central America Carrib. Political Map . Clan Iain of Latin America. Project central America . Repositories of

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