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         Careers Writing Journalism & Pub:     more detail
  1. Arco Making Money in Technical Writing by Peter Kent, 1997-10

1. Career Center - Summer Job And Internship Resources
Publishing/journalism General Information Binder; Travel writing; WetFeet Insider Guide careers in Traditional Interactive Book Publishing;

2. Bulletin Board: Topic: Comments Made About Writing Careers
many people are impressed by writing careers. That's because those run a bigger name pub by folks, they are apt nothing to do with journalism say things like, "you should
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Topic: Comments Made About Writing Careers
46 messages Page 1 of 2 Author Message show profile
Whenever I am at a social event that involves meeting new people, and the topic of who does what for a living comes up, as soon as I say I am a freelance writer people say one of the following: neat! cool! fun!
I'm curious, what kinds of comments do other freelance writers hear from strangers? uneedabob show profile "Can't find a job, huh?"

3. Career Center - Info Lab Publications
Title, pub. Date. Material Type. Opportunities in Technical writing careers, 2000, book. publishing/journalism General Information, 2002, binder.
Info Lab Publications Communications
The following is a sampling of this section of the Career Center's publication collection. A complete
index of our print resources is available in the Information Lab of the Career Center. These materials
are for reference only and cannot be checked out. Books are numbered within categories Title Pub.
Date Material
Type Acting Is Everything: An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles book binder Art of Voice Acting book booklet binder Career Opportunities for Writers book Career Opportunities in Advertising and Public Relations book Careers in Communications and Entertainment book Careers in Journalism book Communications: Past Job Listings binder Directory of San Francisco Ad Agencies booklet Event Planning/ Hospitality: General Information binder Expanded Freelancer's Rulebook: A Guide to Understanding, Working with and Winning Over Editors book Great Jobs for English Majors book Hollywood 101: The Film Industry book Hollywood Creative Directory: Producers book Hollywood Reporter Blu-Book 2002 book Hollywood, Here I Come: How to Launch a Great Modeling or Acting Career Anywhere and Land in Los Angeles

4. Re Career Research
careers, Math, Economics Account. careers, Military careers, Music careers, Music, Schools careers Zoo Keeping careers, Visual Arts Crafts careers, writing, journalism, pub

5. PressThink: What's Radical About The Weblog Form In Journalism?
the arguments at the pub, the chatter at cocktail parties the blogjournalism nexus rather interesting. Must writing lead to some even having had prior careers, and then hire them
Jay Rosen's Bio
Introduction to this weblog

E-mail PressThink

He Said, She Said, We Said
August 2003

Search this site:
Like PressThink? More from the same pen: Read about Jay Rosen's book, What Are Journalists For? Read the first chapter of What Are Journalists For?, entitled "As Democracy Goes, So Goes the Press." Excerpt from the Conclusion to What Are Journalists For? (from The Australian, Feb. 24, 2000) Essay from Tikkun magazine, 1999. It describes the public journalism movement as a "breakaway church" within the profession. ... Essay in Columbia Journalism Review on the changing terms of authority in the press, brought on in part by the weblog's individualand interactivestyle of journalism. It argues that, after Jayson Blair, authority is not the same at the New York Times, either. Audio: Have a Listen Listen to an audio interview with Jay Rosen conducted by journalist Christopher Lydon, October 2003. Interview with host Brooke Gladstone on NPR's "On the Media." (Dec. 2003) Listen here. One hour radio program about objectivity in journalism, its history, nature and consequences, from WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio. Host: Gretchen Helfrich. Guests: Jay Rosen and sociologist Michael Schudson. Here's a radio segment about blogging on Australia's Radio National with author Rebecca Blood, Jay Rosen and Lee Rainie, of Pew's project on Internet and American Life. (April 15, 2004; requires Real Player.) ... One hour Minnesota Public Radio call-in program about the increasing legitimacy of webloggers, as the Democratic Party invites bloggers to cover the July convention. Guest Jay Rosen, host Marianne Combs (scroll down to May 12, 2004; requires Real Player.) Jay Rosen's Other Weblogs:

6. Freelance Writing Glossary
About careers Freelance Writers. Search. in this topic Words Style. Grant writing. Greeting Cards. journalism. PR Marcom. Technical writing Paid on publication. POD. pub Date. Query
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Careers Freelance Writers Home ... Articles by Subjects zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Freelance Jobs Getting Started How To / Samples / FAQs Books and Tools ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Freelance Writers newsletter. Search Freelance Writers Freelance Writing Glossary Back to Last Page
A growing list of terms every freelancer needs to know. If you need a definition or want to suggest an addition to this page, email me Acquisitions Editor Advance Advance Copies ... Staff Writer Standard Subject Category Tear Sheet Trade Publisher Vanity Press Writing Coach ... Back to Last Page From Anne Wayman
Your Guide to Freelance Writers
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7. Job Search With Resume Posting For Jobseekers
need a list of careers writing resume at at Contact is the scheduled airline pets (pub. 22, writing resume 2003 s sociology, psychology, literature, journalism, writing resume 2year
"After almost four months of unemployment, 'Connect' had me back to work in less than 4 weeks" Lynn Cary, Systems Analyst CA 'Connecting Job Seekers with Employers Since 1997' Featured Job - click here Find a Job FAST With Connect Careers' Fast-TRAC Service... Submit your resume to 'Connect Careers' today and we will place it on the desks of KEY DECISION MAKERS at over recruitment companies and 270,000 employers across the nation. Furthermore, Connect Careers is the only employment service that extends your job search to 1000's of recruiters who operate their business away from the Internet. With the largest Network of recruiters and employers, both on and off the Internet, we are placing a person in a new job every few minutes...... more Our unique Fast-Trac service provides GUARANTEED results or your money back.

8. Bulletin Board: Topic: Journalism Vs. Other Professions - Pover
I also looked at a respected NYC trade pub position recently that pays in the 30s for an the issue with journalism careers (or writing careers, more broadly) is that
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: Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency
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Topic: Journalism vs. Other Professions - Poverty and Pain
71 messages Page 1 of 3 Author Message show profile
Tell me if this sounds familiar.
Many of my friends work as lawyers, in finance, or in some well-paying position and commute from the suburbs. I work as a journalist and have mostly lived in NYC. Has anyone noticed the massive income disparity between professions? And I'm not talking about just traditionally well-paying professions, either. I feel constantly put on the defensive by well-meaning, but completely clueless folks who can't understand why it's not possible to buy a $500,000 house or take two weeks in Italy every year. Or why medical insurance is even a concern.

9. Alternative Careers In Science : Leaving The Ivory Tower
Opportunities in technical writing and communications careers. Rev. Lincolnwood, IL VGM Career Horizons Preparing for a career in journalism. Chicago, Ill. Ferguson pub., c1998.
Hebron High School Library Career Books
Available to students and parents.

Alternative careers in science : leaving the ivory tower. San Diego : Academic Press, c1998. America's top 300 jobs : a complete career handbook. 6th ed. Indianapolis, IN : JIST, c1996. Ball, Victoria Kloss. Opportunities in interior design and decorating careers. Lincolnwood, Ill. : VGM Carreer Horizons, c1995. Banning, Kent B. Opportunities in purchasing careers. Lincolnwood, Ill. : VGM Career Horizons, c1998. Bartlett, Gillian, 1950-. Great careers for people interested in the performing arts. U.S. ed. Detroit, MI : UXL, c1994. Baxter, Neale. Opportunities in counseling and development careers. Lincolnwood, Ill., USA : VGM Career Horizons, c1994. Baxter, Neale. Opportunities in state and local government careers. Lincolnwood, Ill. : VGM Career Horizons, c1993. Belikoff, Kathleen. Opportunities in eye care careers. Lincolnwood, Ill. : VGM Career Horizons, c1998. Bone, Jan. Opportunities in film careers. Rev. Lincolnwood, Ill. : VGM Career Horizons, c1998. Bone, Jan. Opportunities in laser technology careers. Lincolnwood, Ill., USA : VGM Career Horizons, c1989.

10. Opportunities: Journalism Internet Markets and Resources for Writers ftp// journalism careers - UK-based
Book contents
Getting connected


Web research

New writing opportunities
Publishing practicalities

Issues in an online environment
Email new URLs to
New writing opportunities Journalism other genre pages
AHDS - Arts and Humanities Data Service

ADAM - Art, Design, Architecture and Media information gateway The American Prospect - liberal philosophy, politics, and public life; some very good articles cutting across cultural boundaries American Society of Journalists and Authors - active and supportive union Ananova News Centre UK (formerly Press Association) - latest stories from the UK's top news and information websites; useful free daily round-up of news, sport and information by email. BookStore-Cool - actively seeking articles for publication; pays a proportion of its advertising revenue to authors; says it protects writers

11. Professional Writing Concentration
These include desktop pub lishing, computer-assisted such as advertising, journalism, public relations the opportunities available for writing careers in such track.htm
The Professional Writing Specialization BarryWeb Description English / Professional Writing The concentration in Professional Writing is an academic program to prepare Barry graduates for challenging positions as practitioners in the broad spectrum of professional writing, including but not limited to these areas: investigative, editorial, satiric, and literary journalism; broadcast media; corporate and speech writing; advertising for print and electronic media; scientific, technical, and engineering documentation, and writing for educational, governmental, and other not-for-profit agencies. The premise of this program is two-fold:
  • That mastery of every aspect of composition underlies all writing contexts. Thus, students receive instruction in generating and organizing ideas, in presenting material both in written and visual formats, and in the most effective ways of matching a message to its intended audience. That expertise in invention, composition, revision, and editing methods provides a graduate with flexibility to adapt easily to the varying conventions and audiences of professional writing.
  • The core curriculum consists of the following 39 credit hours in addition to 6 credit hours of relevant electives and a 3- or 6-credit internship ENG 208 WRITING AS A PROFESSION 3 An overview of the opportunities available for writing careers in such different disciplines as business, the sciences, and the technologies; freelancing; getting a job; negotiating fees. Ethical issues relevant to professional writers will be emphasized. Prerequisite: English 112 or its equivalent or permission of the Department Chair.

    12. Careers In Marine Science
    Education, environmental law, interpretation, art, journalism and many lectures) and writing (to write scientific papers who aim for scientific careers have to
    Careers ln Marine Science
    So you want to be a Marine Scientist? You like to be outside, heard the oceans would feed the world, want to learn to SCUBA dive or communicate with dolphins. GREAT! You know what you like and have a direction in mind. But is Marine Science for you? What exactly does a marine scientist do and how do you enter the field. Many people are asking these same questions. Interest in the ocean and the environment has sparked an increase in questions from students about careers in marine science. This publication will attempt to answer some of the commonly asked questions and help you learn more about this challenging field.
    What does a Marine Scientist do?
    More often, the question "Will I get to work with dolphins or whales?" is asked. The answer is probably not! Most people come into contact with marine animals at aquaria and theme parks, where they see some of the large, more glamorous animals that the seas have to offer. Television portrays marine biologists as divers searching for the mysteries of the deep or in a cage surrounded by sharks. The truth is that these are images of a small percentage of marine scientists. South Carolina has many more people studying shrimp than dolphins or sharks. Some scientists venture out on large research vessels, sometimes for extended periods of time, while others study water samples in a laboratory. Many spend their day hip deep in marsh mud while still more perform research to help determine the laws and regulations necessary to protect the ocean's limited resources.

    13. Wolverhampton University SAD :
    Level 3. Students investigate journalism in the the required skills for careers in regional newspaper reporting, magazine writing, radio broadcasting

    14. Journalism Careers - Careers And Training Advice For Writers And Journalists
    Advice on journalism, writing, media and broadcasting careers for freelancers, students and career changers.
    Journalism Careers . com
    Advice on journalism training and writing for magazines as a freelance journalist About the ebook Buy the ebook Journalism articles Journalism exercises ... Affiliate programme
    Want to be a journalist? Sean McManus tells you how in his ebook 'Journalism Careers - Your questions answered'. It's based on the most popular questions emailed through Sean's personal site over the last five years. It's packed with advice on training, freelancing and writing. Learn more at
    Articles Exercises Recommended books Link to us
    Journalism Careers: Your questions answered
    This site answers your questions about writing for magazines, editorial training, working freelance and much more to do with journalism careers. Whether you're a student planning your future in media, a recent graduate looking for careers advice or a mid-life career changer, you've come to the right place. Five years ago I set up a website to promote my work. Soon I was receiving emails from site visitors asking what it's like working as a journalist and how to get that crucial first break.

    15. PaperCuts : Hard Copy Companion
    IN Just pub, 2000 Depth Annotated Listings of Online Sources With Appendix on Networking Career Planning Some listings writing, journalism Broadcast$7
    E-Zine for the rest of us! Home
    Front Page

    Teaching Opportunites On The Web ... List by Topic Membership Join Now Login
    Hard Copy Companion
    The following is an up to date listing
    of books pertinent or helpful to an online job search;
    they are easily accessible, and can be purchased through
    local bookstores:
    Library Careers
    Book Publishing
    Public Sector
    Private Sector
    And Additional Areas This appears to be one of the few books which has a plethora of job listings specifically for the literature inclined. It is a good offline reference source. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN MAGAZINE PUBLISHING
    Electronic Publishing
    Includes glossary of magazine terms
    Literature Programs, College Information,
    Professional Seminars
    Ralph Monti Special Interest Media: NJ, 1999.

    16. Untitled Document
    journalism Program, a newspaper of Cerritos College. accurate communication. more. journalism Prgrm. journalism careers. SHP and Directed Studies L The Inverted Pyramid. L - writing the
    Click on my name to go to the Journalism Home Page or just wait 5 seconds Click here for City Council Click here for Fire!

    17. Links To Media Jobs In Radio, Television, Film, Multi-media, Animation, Advertis
    staff diversity, the use of interns and career considerations. Here you will find salary surveys, writing tips, links to journalism sites, industry news.
    Butte College
    Telecommunications Program
    Media Links (Jobs) Jobs MediaLiteracy TV and Kids Industry Magazines WritingHelp ... TELECOMMUTING MEDIA JOBS Telecommuting jobs for Web designers, artists, sales executives, writers and more. Searchable resume bank. "T-Jobs" says the ranks of US telecommuters have swelled from 4 million in 1990 to11 million in 1997. SKILLSNET: is the ultimate entertainment and new media career guide. Here you will find information about: industry, occuptions, training, and other resources. It is one of the best general sites to get a sense of what kinds of careers are available in the media industry. WILL WORK 4 FOOD Telecommuter talent bank. Post your 100 -word skill description for free.Categories include Remote Office Solutions, Graphic Design, Publishing, Internet Related, Prog- rammers a ndothers.A few Help Wanted notices are also posted. AD WEEKHELP WANTED: The classified listings from the weekly news magazine of the U.S. advertising industry. Includes listings for advertising, creative, marketing, media, TV production, publishing, etc. DIGITAL CHICAGO GUIDE TO JOBS IN NEW MEDIA "How to Get a Job in Desktop Publishing, Multimedia or Web Design,"with sidebars on networking, internships, college training,job resources on the Internet and more. Text is peppered with useful links.

    18. Malaspina University-College Department Of Creative Writing And Journalism
    as they relate to the careers of professional to postgraduate programs in Creative writing such as Program at Centennial College) or journalism (UBC, Western
    The Department of Creative Writing and Journalism at Malaspina University-College offers comprehensive degree programs (Bachelor of Arts, Major and Minor) in Creative Writing. Students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to work with published and produced professional writers in order to develop professional-level skills in various literary genres ranging from poetry to short fiction to plays and screenplays to news articles and feature stories. They may also elect to acquire an understanding of the publishing and entertainment industries as they relate to the careers of professional writers. Graduates of the program will have the skills and experience necessary to apply for admission to post-graduate programs in Creative Writing such as the M.F.A. program at the University of British Columbia. Students who elect to take the appropriate courses as a part of their degree requirements may also qualify for admission to post-graduate programs in Publishing (for example, the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University or the Post-Degree Certificate Program at Centennial College) or Journalism (U.B.C., Western, Carleton). Students interested in pursuing the Master of Publishing or Post-Degree Certificate in Publishing option may also choose to acquire work experience through internships. Graduates of M.F.A., M.Pub., and M.Jour. programs such as those mentioned above may apply for entry-level positions in the magazine-, book-, and newspaper-publishing industries.

    19. Journalism : Read Reviews And Compare Prices At
    Earn Thousands From writing Opinions by the_mad_cabbie Pros See Tips about journalism on the web. careers in the Royal Navy Welbeck College Join Welbeck
    Join Ciao Login Help Books ... More... All products Bookmark this page document.write(''); document.write(''); Home
    Overall user rating:
    Rated by 6 Ciao members
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    Overview Auctions Reviews Resources
    Reviews of Journalism
    Product rating Reviews Date so you want to be a journalist
    by castlebinn Pros: can be cheeky to the police
    Cons: low pay, long hours
    The days when journalists could file their copy from the pub after a few pints of Dogbolter and a scotch egg are long gone. These days they are de... Read review It's all about a lucky break... here's proof
    by BennyRialto Pros: All the things I've mentioned
    Cons: Poorly paid... but then you know that to begin with! When I was five the only thing I wanted to do in life was be a bus driver. For the next three or four years I harboured dreams of driving a 159 along... Read review Earn Thousands From Writing Opinions by Pros: See opinion Cons: See opinion Read review Display all 6 reviews
    Tips about Journalism on the web
    Tips about career on the web Computer training - Cerco career training We offer IT Training courses with a difference - when we find you a job you complete your payment. No matter what your profession or background, change your life in just 4 weeks.

    20. LPC - Career Information & Resume Writing
    careers in journalism. Chicago, IL VGM Career Horizons, 2000. Career Opportunities for Writers. New York Facts On File, 1995. careers in Banking and Finance.
    Las Positas College Library
    Quick Links Library Catalog Site Map ... Videorecordings
    Career Research
    Many but not all of them are listed in this bibliography . You may locate additional books in the online web catalog
    by using keywords, subjects, authors, or titles. Some examples of subject keywords besides the actual title of the career include: Applications for positions
    Career vocational guidance
    Occupations United States
    Vocational Guidance United States
    Magazine and Newspaper Articles
    EBSCOhost, NewsBank, and SIRS Researcher are web indexes and databases for periodical articles. Use these to find magazine and newspaper articles on career information. The following search terms may lead you to informative articles: Occupations
    Vocational guidance
    Employment Interviewing Boolean search for names of specific careers,
    such as "engineering and employment" or
    "engineering and vocational guidance" Articles listed will include the title and author of the article, the name of the magazine in which the article appears, the pages and the date of issue. If the article is not full text, you may check to see if Las Positas Library owns the magazine or newspaper in the Las Positas College Library Periodical Holdings List link, which is located on the

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