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PrimateJobs careers PrimateLit here far outweigh any advantages of keeping the "cute little monkey zoonoses A zoo s concern. J Am vet med Assoc 167828
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2. Re Career Research
Account. careers, Military careers, Music careers, Music, Schools careers careers, Trade Industry careers, Transportation careers, vet. med. zoo keeping careers, Visual

3. Veterinary Jobs, Equine Jobs, Veterinarian Jobs And Other Animal Related Employm
hospital employment opportunities in virginia zoo keeping as a pa different jobs invet med animal career equine related sales jobs zoo careers vetenarian vet
Searching for a Job in the
veterinarian industry, equine or
other animal related employment? Veterinary

Of or pertaining to the art of healing or treating the diseases of domestic animals, as oxen, horses, sheep, etc. or relating to veterinary medicine; concerned or connected with the medical or surgical treatment of animals Discover How You Can Have 10 to 50
or more Employers Calling You For Interviews Within The Next 72 Hours…

Have you spent hours upon hours in your search for animal related jobs in the US, posting your resume with the big online sites and searching these sites and your newspaper just to find:
  • You get so few responses back no matter how many resumes you email or mail; it seems like almost nobody is on the other end.
  • It takes too much time to do a job search online and in the newspaper.
  • Most of the "good" jobs with "good" pay are not posted

should be doing with our vet school careers and our lives am, the better I am at keeping my sh** together U of I College of vet med. Brookfield zoo
The chronicles of a not-so-young veterinary student
Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Well, the summer's taking off. . .
Yes, I'm getting in the groove. I got here at 8:30 a.m. and I'm still here at the vet med building. Unfortunately, my dinner (a carton of cottage cheese and a container of pineapple chunks, both labeled with my name and the date) was purloined out of the cafeteria fridge by some nameless, faceless jerk.
Now what kind of person would steal cottage cheese and fruit? It's not like it was anything irresistably appetizing like homemade cheesecake or prime ribit's curdled milk and canned fruit, for pete's sake! Geez! Anyway, in order to quench my hunger and rage, I had to go halfsies on a pizza with a classmate. Instead of a 60 cent dinner, I had an 8 dollar dinner. Poo.
Rants aside, I started this morning with a good workout in the barn attic above the cowsthat's where the Vet Med Fitness Club has a little "gym." I can watch the horsies run outside while I do burpies.
I've got a modest schedule with the research for now, so I've been getting interviews done for the pet column so I can hopefully get ahead on those since the research schedule will get busier as the summer rolls on. The job is greatI'm learning tons from talking with the different clinicians and staff. I interviewed our ER vet this morning and got invited to hang out in the ER on Fridaythat should be interesting. Lotsa cool emergencies come in during spring.
This afternon my research mentor and I had our first "field day" collecting snails at a local private pond. Some folks in town own a HUGE plot of land behind a motel. They've got a great house and dozens of acres of woods, prarie and human-made ponds, one even has a sand beach. They also have a collections of peacocks and swans which provided ample musical and visual entertainment as we sloshed through the water in search of snails.

our lectures covered our future careers/goals, professional ethics, cat and the whole point of keeping this weblog is to give U of I College of vet med. Brookfield zoo
The chronicles of a not-so-young veterinary student
Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Braaaaains. . .and hearts and nerves and more. . .
We have two exams this week, or of you want to be pessimistic, four (two in each class): tomorrow an Neurobiology practical exam and written exam together worth 25% of our final grade, and Friday a Gross Anatomy practical exam and written exam, together worth 30% of our grade. We're not feeling any pressure or anything. . ..
Last night I stayed late to study anatomy, and many of my classmates also came in later to study their braaaaains. . .
"Smells yummy. . ."
Kelli likes to listen to Mozart while she studies brains.
This is what her brain will look like after the exams. . .
Last Friday we got a fresh heart to dissect, and I tell you, after working on the embalmed specimens I think I prefer the smell of formalin to the smell of bloody, squishy heart. The thing is so squishy and floppy it's difficult to tell what structures I'm looking at. . .
Anyhow, after this week we have a renal physiology exam Tuesday, and then we're exam-free for a couple weeks. So a few of my classmates and I are going to form a little jam band and hit some local open mics; we'll thinking of calling ourselves Cingulate Gyrus in honor of this upcoming neuro exam.
Cyngulate Gyrus:
Dave M. : Bass

6. | Central Carolina Community College
CCCC to hold shagdancing class April 11. vet med students take tour of NC zoo facilityApril 10. Soldiers enhance military careers with classes February 13.

2003 Media Releases
Caldwell defeats CCCC, wins Christmas Classic December 18 Seven complete LPN program December 18 Business students turn dreams into REALity December 12 Victory over Roanoke-Chowan CC helps Cougars achieve Christmas goal December 11 CCCC joins statewide library project December 11 Carolina Farm Stewardship Association gives CCCC high honors December 2 CCCC expands classes thanks to Pittsboro Christian Village December 1 Millworker fills historic Pittsboro mill November 24 Theatre students bring history back to life November 17 CCCC trains inspectors in advance of new laws November 17 November 14 Cougars fall after tough fight at Brunswick November 14 Cougars pounce Pfeiffer 84-75 November 13 CCCC students participate in university transfer day November 13 Cosmetology students aid in the fight against breast cancer November 13 Harley-Davidson University classes begin at CCCC November 7 Lady Cougars take second place at regional tournament November 7 Race for your future at Siler City literacy expo November 7 Cougars get off to a slow start at Cape Fear November 7 Basic skills education goes online in Harnett County November 7 Staff and students make Shawtown their home November 5 Jonesboro students kick off literacy awareness campaign November 5 Machining technology students to benefit from recent gift October 30 Student government welcomes Bill Tyson as new Harnett County provost October 30

7. Virginia Tech Libraries: New Book List
Title Cool careers without college for nature lovers / Katie Haegele. environmentalpolicy making and the zoo / Nicole A. Mazur. Location vet med/RESERVE.
New Book List August 2002 (select month)
Select Call Number: (view key)
B C ... Theses
QH-QR: Life Sciences
Call: Title:
Meditations of John Muir : nature's temple / compiled and edited by Chris Highland. Author: Muir, John, 1838-1914. Publisher: Berkeley : Wilderness Press, 2001. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: Discovering careers for your future. Nature. Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : Ferguson Pub., c2002. Location: JUVENILE
Call: Title: Cool careers without college for nature lovers / Katie Haegele. Author: Haegele, Katie. Publisher: New York : Rosen Pub. Group, c2002. Location: JUVENILE
Call: Title: A century of ecosystem science : planning long-term research in the Gulf of Alaska / Committee to review the Gu Publisher: Washington, DC : National Academy Press, c2002. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: Last stand of the tallgrass prairie / Aimee Larrabee and John Altman. Author: Larrabee, Aimee. Publisher: New York : Friedman/Fairfax : Distributed by Sterling Pub. Co., c2001. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: The great marsh : an intimate journey into a Chesapeake wetland / David W. Harp and Tom Horton.

8. Unusual Animal Careers Part Eleven
Unusual careers With Animals The Online Series Continues with Part Eleven. Area of Focus Veterinary Related Roles. animal specialists, avian, herptiles, zoo or wildlife veterinarians, and consulting drugs, and other supplies, keeping the inventory of laboratory
Unusual Animal Careers Part Eleven:
By Diana Guerrero

Editor's Note: This is the continuation of an ongoing series related to animal careers. To reap the benefits of all the tips and requirements of this series it is suggested that you read them in order. You can do this easily by going back to the index page. The first parts of this series briefly discussed types of careers and which ones might be appropriate for you, how to begin researching those career options, and how to find specific information in the area of your interest to help you further clarify your goals and contacts. Now the series is discussing both domestic and exotic animal work and how to begin to get practical experience and prepare for that career. The next few articles will take a closer look at different roles and what kind of training or education is necessary for them. To simplify some of this information it has been grouped by similar categories. Unique training for some areas not listed will be included in another section. If you see any additions to jobs and want to provide me with a description and the related educational aspects please contact me. Certainly all of the options will not be here, but those that are can help you find related areas of interest or spark another thought to something similar. Since the career field is changing so fast, many new positions will crop up every year.

9. Vet-Owned Companies
Calendar vetOwned Companies TrinityKIA Industrial Manufacturing. keeping It Completely Kleen Supplies Professional Services. AAA - med*A*CARD. PTI Consulting Engineers, Inc .
Home News Vet-Owned Companies Products ... Weaverville Moving Wall Photos Wall Memorials Info TC CAM REPORT SCAMS JJ Jackson Museum The VIRTUAL WALL ... Calendar [ Vet-Owned Companies ] TrinityKIA Resources News Sponsors ... Savings Bonds Ge t Excited... Be Proud! Support our Vets!
VFW Post 7705 promotes because of their positive influence towards advancing the lives of our Veterans all across America. Please Support our Veterans by doing business with them. Below is a list of Veteran-Owned companies that have registered in the Veterans Business Directory at:
If you own a company, make sure that your company is registered so the 150,000 monthly visitors to will know about your business! To register, please visit or contact this webmaster at:
  • Veteran Owned Businesses directory - Veteran Alumni Organizations - Nationwide Help Wanted Classified -

MATTHEW BRASH B/vet/med MRCVS. The Human Star of zoo vet Ask Matt Brash age 37born in Germany, what was the scariest moment in his career to date, and he
Nonsporting and Business speakers MATTHEW BRASH B/VET/MED MRCVS The Human Star of 'Zoo Vet' Credits Ask Matt Brash age 37 born in Germany, what was the scariest moment in his career to date, and he will hesitate between a Polar bear waking from anesthetic during an operation or talking to three hundred parents and pupils at the local grammar school where he is the school governor. ‘At least I could do what the zoo keepers did, and run from the bear’ he reflects. Matt trained at the Royal Vet School in London and worked in Winchester, before running a busy mixed animal practice in North Yorkshire with his partner Stuart.. He is also the resident Vet for Flamingo Land Zoo in Kirby Misperton, and specializes in exotics and avian work. He is married to his delightful wife Claire, who is also a vet specializing in racehorses, and they have three young sons, and a menagerie of household pets including Bees and three pet Sheep. For relaxation he is a avid vegetable grower and a D.I.Y expert, and will proudly show visitors the extensions to the cottage and the children’s tree house fondly called Tenko by the family.

11. ASAC Newsletter
visit someone from the Internship and Career Center, 3rd Development Internship, UCDavis vet med Extension CA 121067 Keeper Aide, Sacramento zoo, CASacramento. Newsletter.htm
ASAC Newsletter
Hi folks, Yes, I know two newsletters this week. Couldn't help it! STUDENTS, DON'T FORGET - TUESDAY JUNE 8TH - DEPT OF ANIMAL SCIENCE SPRING AWARDS BBQ @ PUTAH CREEK LODGE, 5:30PM ALL OF YOU ARE INVITED!!! (ABI students - yes, another BBQ for you, too!) *** *** The Vet Aide Club is sponsoring "Dinner with a Vet Student", an informational program for all those who want to learn about the various aspects of vet school from those who are currently there. This will also be the Vet Aide Club's last meeting for the year and your last chance to buy a club t-shirt! There will be 15-20 vet students at the event who will answer your questions over an informal dinner. So if you want to get some advice on how to apply to or get through vet school, or if you just want to chow down on some great catered food, reserve your spot now! (see below). EVERYONE IS INVITED! DATE: Wednesday, June 2, 2004

12. Your Comments Are Requested
me with the heat and keeping me a live, It's not Email Date Sunday, July 06, 2003 the last building by the zoo was R D comments.htm
We'd like to know what you think about our web site, share your experiences while you were stationed here and the closing of this fine school. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors. If you have any problems adding to this page please contact the webmaster.
Add Your Comments
Name: E-mail:
After you submit your comments, you will need to reload (refresh) this page with your browser in order to see your additions to the log. We'd like to know what you think about our web site, share your experiences while you were stationed here and the closing of this fine school. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors. If you have any problems adding to this page please contact the webmaster.
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After you submit your comments, you will need to reload (refresh) this page with your browser in order to see your additions to the log. Name: leslie

13. Vet Tech Students Who Care
vet med Resources Daniela Munoz 12/06/2 (0) Check out careers website - AmandaMarcucci 11/20/2 (0) Job website Exotic vet in Yorba Linda - Jacki Smith 11/20

Cal Poly Pomona
Vet Tech Students Who Care

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14. Laboratory Primate Newsletter, Volume 35, Number 1
Program, Washington State; zoo Animal Behaviour Welfare keeping the recreational cage in zoo Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Richard Huneke, Washington Univ., Div. of Comp. med
Laboratory Primate Newsletter
Articles and Notes
Reorganization of Dominance Rank Among Adult Males in a Captive Group of Tufted Capuchins (Cebus apella), Rotational Use of a Recreational Cage for the Environmental Enrichment of Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata) News, Information, and Announcements Editor's Notes......
. . The Newsletter Joins the WWW; The Price of Postage Information Available......
. . Health and Safety Guidelines; WRPRC Audiovisual Archives; Primatology and Related Information on the WWW; Introducing ABSLnews; Slide Set on Emerging Diseases Primate Film Competition...... Retirement Surprise...... Travelers' Health Notes: Inactivated Hepatitis A Vaccine Recommendations...... Meeting Anouncements......
. . The Evolution of Human Language; 9th International Congress on Isozymes, Genes, and Gene Families; International Orangutan Keepers IPS/ASP Joint Congress in Madison, Wisconsin...... News Briefs......
. . Mountain Gorillas Still Threatened; Ebola-Zaire: Skin Test Developed; UW Field Station AWA Violations; WHO Reports from Africa; Gorilla Birth and Death in Seattle; Primates Intercepted in Manila; Dengue in Gibbon Colony Thailand; Court Rules Against Berosini

15. Environment Education: Eco Career -- Veterinary Science
of veterinary Science Ludhiana141004 Punjab, Pre- med, Pre-vet vets play an importantrole here. Wildlife and zoo vets promotes natural ecology and cater to
Cats and Dogs, Bulls and Cows... What is Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry? Besides curing animal illnesses, a veterinarian also handles the breeding and scientific handling of livestock. The demand for Veterinary doctors has increased tremendously, as more and more people are keeping animals - for protection, companionship and work. Besides domestic pets, they handle farm animals like cows, horses. Most of them develop a specialized area of expertise. Studies To practice as a vet it is essential to have a Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry. For research or teaching areas, a Master's degree is essential while a Phd is preferred.A 10+2 with science background is required for enrollment into a Bachelor Degree course. Where do I study? Course Institution Eligibilty Duration Eastern Region
College of Veterinary Science,Khanapara,Guwahati-781002 Assam
MVSc4 BSc Faculty of veterinary science and Animal Science PO Krishivisywavidyalaya,Nadia741254WB

16. Careers With Animals - Job Descriptions
of college taking essentially premed courses like vet techs can work wherever veterinarianswork- in Another career that involves helping animals heal and

17. Inside Illinois, April 1, 2004 (Vol. 23, No. 17)
notes Eight artists address Brown v. Board … vet med open house show is April 17 18 … Doodles, zoo tours on he needed to support his acting career with a
Home About Us Contact Us For Media ... Search





This Year


Inside Illinois II Archives II Advertising About II ... Postmarks QUICK SEAR CH Advanced MORE Campus Calendar Other News Sources PUBLICATIONS Inside Illinois Vol. 23, No. 17, April 1, 2004 Campus Research Honors Briefs ... PDF Format UI2 Self-Service registration system replaces UI-Direct When continuing students at the Urbana campus begin registering for their fall classes on April 5, they may find that the software for registration has taken a technological leap forward. Full story Courses to be renumbered under new seven-level system A new course numbering system will take effect on the Urbana campus with the fall 2004 semester. Full story CAMPUS Provost Herman to be named interim chancellor President James J. Stukel will recommend that Provost Richard Herman be appointed interim chancellor of the Urbana campus when Chancellor Nancy Cantor departs to become president and chancellor of Syracuse University.

18. Department Of Animal Sciences - Career Opportunities, Interships
medO-Lark Camp. in and expected to perform animal restraint, vet Assistance, preparing onthe job training for students interested in careers in environmental
Career Opportunities
Potential Internships
BEEF SWINE DAIRY CATTLE ... GENERAL Employer/Organization Position Description Internship Category Contact Web Site Application Deadline Accelerated Genetics beef Click here No Date Given Agri Beef Co. BEEF: Feedlot Management Internship program will involve all aspects of feedlots and feedlot management including pen riding, doctoring, animal nutrition and feeding, yard maintenance, cattle processing and budgets. beef Click here. 28-Feb-01 American Angus Association and Angus Productions Inc. Responsibilities of internship include: Traveling to assist with junior shows and events, assisting with the daily in-office preparation for the National Junior Angus Show, contests, LEAD Conference, correspondence, communications and any other work as assigned. beef Click Here 15-Feb-02 American Simmental Association (Animal Health) BEEF: Intern will be assisting a Veterinarian. Jobs duties and responsibilities will be specially designed to be mutually beneficial. Veterinarian will assist the intern to arrange housing. beef Click here No Date Given American Simmental Association (Breed Administration) BEEF: Intern will work at the ASA headquarter in Bozeman, Montana, and be responsible to help with public relations and everyday administrative tasks as assigned.

19. || Veterinary Associations And Organizations
on Comprehensive pet med comparisons What mentoring students, encouraginglifelong careers as swine are group of dedicated pre-vet students brought
VET ASSOC. @ Veterinarian associations references for the professional. has compiled contacts to veterinary associations on the web. home
get a


contact us
news features

pet health

pet insurance

pet training
... favorites

VET RESOURCES vet associations vet resources vet supplies veterinary jobs VET STUDENTS vet universities student resources veterinary jobs RURAL RESOURCES equine bovine ruminant swine ... farm vets Veterinarian Associations and Organizations Click on the letters below to search veterinary associations and organizations alphabetically. AAALAC International - Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care- AAALAC is a private nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through a voluntary accreditation program. AAALAC stands for the "Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care." AABP - American Association of Bovine Practitioners- The American Association of Bovine Practitioners is composed of veterinarians interested in bovine medicine. It was founded in 1965 as a "not-for-profit" organization and has grown to a membership of approximately 5000 veterinarians. Most of the members are from the United States, but we have approximately 500 Canadian members and 200 members from other countries

20. Medical And Health Resources -
Jobs, Resumes, and careers; MomMD career support for links; vetInfo - veterinarymedical Information; vet.Net - The veterinary Newsgroups
A Directory of the Web's Best Reference and Search Resources, from Art to Zoology, and Everything Between! Report Dead Link Books about Health News about Health Search:
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