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1. Harrold's Links To Government Agencies, Officials, Records, Political Parties, S
postal Rate Commission. a. postal Rate Increase Proposals ( current, proposed, %change) QuasiOfficial agencies education, careers, community service, military, gov't 101) U.S. Census
Go to the JOBS Page. Government Information
Go to the NEWS Page. Translate [ Return Here by Clicking Lines With the Patriot Day:September 11 [ eMail changes to: A
overnment Resources Federal, State, Local ... aws, Regulations, U.S. Code Find the 1st of any word(s) on this page by typing them into this box then press the Enter/Return key or use CTRL+F with IE, NS, and Opera browsers. You are here: Hard to Find Data, US Gov 10 Most Wanted Documents
History of "In God We Trust" and "under God"
Under God" (by Richard E. Gardiner, April 2003)
The history of a phrase . by James Piereson, 10/27/2003,
The Weekly Standard , Volume 009, Issue 07) Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids Gov't Sites by Agency, Alphabetical, or Subject for:
and Harrold's Civics/Government Study Links Be Heard Download GovernMail MIT web site gathers and displays information on government (background, intro)
(Qoute: "Anyone can anonymously contribute information, but to ensure accuracy of submitted data, the system contacts the members of the government cited, giving them the opportunity for confirmation or denial.")
The (MIT) Government Information Awareness (GIA) site

(Qoute: "In the United States, there is a widening gap between a citizen's ability to monitor his or her government and the government's ability to monitor a citizen. Average citizens have limited access to important government records, while available information is often illegible. Meanwhile, the government's eagerness and means to oversee a citizen's personal activity is rapidly increasing.")

2. Re Career Research
careers, Military careers, Music careers, Music, Schools careers, Political Science, Attorneys Judges careers, postal gov. agencies careers, Retail, Sales, Real Estate careers

3. FirstGov For Consumers: Education
Linking to Children Button Image Linking to careers and Education Federal agencies Release Annual Report to Congress On College FTC Federal postal Job Scams,

Directory Assistance
Contact Special Projects Search ...
In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight
Federal Agencies Release Annual Report to Congress On College Scholarship Fraud FTC - Federal Postal Job Scams $cholarship $cams
How to recognize and avoid them. File a Fraud Complaint Online
  • Related Agencies
Department of Education Office of Personnel Management Veterans Administration Food ... Etc.

4. Federal Employment Web Sites (All Agencies)
Employment http//; Administration; Employment http// United States postal Service; Employment http//
Federaljobs.Net Resources
Number of Unique Resources: 14
Updated - All links tested and verified. Return to Career Center General Federal Legislative Branch Federal Executive Branch - Executive Federal Executive Branch - Departments U.S. Department of Agriculture

5. Marshall University Libraries - Research Help - Gov. Documents - Search Engines
gov. Resources on the Web ( UMich) Univ. of California GPO Gate. govBot Database of government Web Sites. Federal agencies careers / Census / Consumer Finances / postal Info / Small
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see also: The Federal Government West Virginia Government Search Engines and Gateways FirstGov
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Michigan Electronic Library - GPO Access ...
Federal Gov. Resources on the Web
Univ. of California GPO Gate
GovBot: Database of Government Web Sites
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Occupational Outlook Handbook
Keirsey Temperament Sorter School-to-Work The Job Page - government and private sites Census (Population) U.S. Census Bureau American Fact Finder - population, housing, economic and geographic data TIGER maps West Virginia Census 2000 data Consumer Information - consumer information from the federal government Federal Consumer Information Center - order information and full-text of publications Food Safety - consumers, industry, etc. Renter's Kit Consumer Product Safety Commission Criminal Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Justice Topics Law Enforcement Victims of Crime ... Uniform Code of Military Justice Economic Information Bureau of Labor Statistics Bureau of Economic Analysis (Commerce Dept) Economic Census (1997) Economic Report of the President US Budget - from the OMB FY2002 Budget - US Senate Environmental Issues Army Corps of Engineers - Huntington District Environmental Quality - Dept. of Energy

6. Accenture Tallies Scorecard On E-gov Initiatives
Consulting firm Accenture this week released a report on how egovernment initiatives stack up around the world. Its scorecard-style evaluation covers the 22 most active countries online. Applications. careers. Convergence. Data Center human services or postal agencies are not likely to move forward in the hard job of going online. Top government support drove e-gov
CheckMessage('','topic','67123809**Jun 07 2004','Jun 07, 2009','/',''); var outerref = new String("(none)"); var nwchannel = 'cn'; Search /
Docfinder: Advanced search Help Site map bannersrc = ";pos=top;sz=728x90;tile=1;type=news;ord=092015?"; RESEARCH CENTERS



Data Center

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Tests/Reviews ... More TODAY'S NEWS Gartner Summit: RSA focuses anew on the password problem AMD reveals Sempron brand for future low-cost chips Dell expands 64-bit offering with four-way Itanium Confusion surrounds Cisco-Linksys wireless hole ... Outsourcing
Accenture tallies scorecard on e-gov initiatives
By Ellen Messmer Network World Fusion, 04/04/01 WASHINGTON, D.C. - Consulting firm Accenture this week released a report on how e-government initiatives stack up around the world. Its scorecard-style evaluation covers the 22 most active countries online. Entitled "eGovernment Leadership, Rhetoric vs. Reality - Closing the Gap," the report bequeaths the highest marks on Canada, Singapore and the U.S., in that order, for efforts each country has taken to provide online services and information to citizens and businesses.

7. Notices
we give your name, email, or postal address to visitor once they have left the CIA careers website. site has links to other United States Government agencies.
Home Notices Privacy Security ... Privacy and Security notices About the CIA What's New at CIA CIA Careers Publications ... Related Links The Director of Central Intelligence heads both the U.S. Intelligence Community and the Central Intelligence Agency. As a result of these dual roles, this Web site includes information about both the Intelligence Community (see the DCI's welcome page ) and the Central Intelligence Agency . For the purpose of the notices which follow, we will refer to this entire Web site as the Central Intelligence Agency Web site since 'Central Intelligence Agency' is a more widely known name than is 'Director of Central Intelligence.' The notices which follow apply equally to all areas of this Web site.
Privacy Notices


Security Notice

Links to this Site or Its Contents
For More Information
Privacy Notice
The Central Intelligence Agency is committed to protecting your privacy and will collect no personal information about you unless you choose to provide that information to us.

8. Careers And Jobs By Field, Career Center, University Of Maryland
Policy Covers the full range of careers including job in Inspection Service Crime Lab US postal Inspectors Criminal agencies http//
P r e p a r a t i o n
Exploring Majors and Careers


T h e J o b H u n t
Mega Job Listings

Careers and Jobs by Field

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Non-profit Organizations

O t h e r
Special Populations
Masters/PHDs Internships/Summer/Part-time Graduate/Professional School Career-Related Web Links If our links aren't enough to get you started, use the The Riley Guide with its hundreds. "Where to find the jobs" is particularly useful. Business/Management Agriculture/Sciences/Mathematics Arts/Communications Education ... Technical(Engineering, Computers, Web) Business/Management Job listings, resume databank All Retail Jobs Sales and other types of positions in the retail industry. Be An Actuary Job listings, career information, internships, minorities Careers in Business This extremely informative and interesting page is designed to help you get started on a satisfying career in business. Describes specific job activities in Finance, Accounting and Management to help answer the question "But what do . . . actually do?" Covers salary information, job market trends and leading employers. Jobs in Logistics

9. U.S. Department Of State Careers: Foreign Service Specialist: Steps To Becoming
of communication (eg transportation links, telecommunication services, postal and delivery State in cooperation with other federal, state and local agencies.

Careers Home
What's Hot Contact Us ...
do you qualify?

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Steps to becoming a Foreign Service Specialist Submit Your Application
Initial Review

Qualifications Evaluation Panel

Oral Assessment
Placement on a Register

1. Submit Your Application To apply, you must first complete the Application for Federal Employment (DS-1950) . In addition, depending upon which of the nineteen different specialist job categories you are applying for, you must refer to the specific vacancy announcement and complete all additional required procedures. To be eligible , you must be a U.S. citizen between the ages of 21 and 59 (hired before 60th birthday), or between 21 and 37 for Diplomatic Security, and be available for worldwide assignment. RETURN TO TOP 2. Initial Review A completed application package contains all of the material listed in the specific Vacancy Announcement. Materials submitted for inclusion in the package are reviewed as they are received and become the property of the Department of State. An application can be terminated whenever any materials do not meet the basic eligibility requirements for employment in the Foreign Service. RETURN TO TOP 3. Qualifications Evaluation Panel

10. U.S. Department Of State Careers: Foreign Service Office: How To Become A Foreig
State in cooperation with other federal, state and local agencies. of communication (eg transportation links, telecommunications services, postal and delivery

Careers Home
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How to become a Foreign Service Officer SELECTION PROCESS
  • Register for the
    Written Exam
    Select a Career Track Take the Written Exam ... Placement on the List of Eligible Hires
  • 1. Register for the Written Exam The first step to becoming a Foreign Service Officer is taking the Foreign Service Written Exam, which is offered once a year in the spring. The next exam is scheduled for April 24, 2004. Registration is closed for the April 24, 2004 exam. Visit our exam information page for more details.) The exam will measure your knowledge of subjects determined to be necessary for performing the tasks required of a Foreign Service Officer. There will be multiple-choice questions on a range of topics from U.S. Government to psychology to American culture to management and finance. The exam includes an English usage section, a biographic inventory, and an essay exercise. To be eligible , exam takers must be U.S. citizens between the ages of 20 and 59, and be available for worldwide assignment. You can select your testing location from among hundreds of test sites around the world. Click here for more information on how to prepare for the exam.

    11. Screening Advertisements
    per month, or guarantee highpaying careers in glamour And puts a wealth of agencies Your state attorney general s office postal Inspector (in
    Download Printable PDF Screening Advertisements A Guide for The Media Introduction Credit Repair and Loan Scams All Purpose Advertising Screening Tips Travel/Vacation Fraud ... Resources Introduction
    Fraudulent claims can show up in ads for a wide variety of products and services. Most use similar terms and techniques to entice a reader, listener, or viewer to respond favorably to an ad. This publication includes general tips on how to screen ads effectively and particular tip-offs - "buzz words" or techniques - to help you identify some of the most common types of deceptions that are found in ads for get-rich-quick schemes, weight loss fraud, health fraud, credit repair and loan scams, travel fraud and product misrepresentations . By learning to spot the tell-tale signs of fraudulent advertising, you can protect your customers, your bottom line, your reputation, and the good name of your legitimate advertisers. One evaluation standard applies to all ads: Does the offer, promotion, payoff, or benefit sound too good to be true? If you use this standard, and if you exercise caution when you spot some of the buzz words and techniques revealed in this booklet, there's a good chance that you'll be able to spot a questionable ad or promotion with just a quick look, and an even better chance that you'll be able to stop it before it gets into print, on the air, or in the mail to your customers.

    12. UNCW What Can I Do With A Major In Criminal Justice
    US postal Inspector jobs http// of Prisons jobs - http// CIA careers http//
    Division of Student Affairs "Creating Experiences for Life"
    About Career Services


    Updated August 14, 2003
    by Diane Sledden Reed
    Related Career Titles
    Related Major Skills Related Web Sites
    Related Career Titles ENTRY LEVEL JOB TITLES *Airport Security Officer *Customs Agent *Litigation Manager *Bailiff *Deportation Officer *Body Guard *Deputy Marshall *Military Officer *Border Patrol Agent *Detective *Naval Investigator *CIA Agent *Discrimination Investigator *Non-Profit Organization Advocate *Child Support Agency Worker *Drug Enforcement Agent *Paralegal *Community Service Coordinator *Employment Agency Recruiter *Park Ranger *Compliance Manager *Environmental Conservation Officer *Police Officer *Corrections Officer *FBI Agent *Postal Service Investigator *Court Administrator *Pre-Trial Services Officer *Court Clerk *Loss Prevention Specialist *Private Security Officer *Housing/Tenant Representative *Industrial Security Specialist *Juvenile Court Counselor *Law Clerk *Public Safety Officer *SBI Agent *Social Worker *Victim Services Specialist

    13. Majors\sociology
    National Security Agency careers http// empl/11076.htm http// US postal Inspector jobs http//
    Division of Student Affairs "Creating Experiences for Life"
    About Career Services


    Updated August 22, 2003
    by Diane Sledden Reed
    Career Titles
    Major Skills Web Sites
    Many occupations today require a college educated individual who can write and speak well, solve problems, learn new information quickly and work well with others on a team. This means that college graduates use their education in a wide variety of fields, and your future career may relate more to your personal career interests, work values and transferable skills than any specific academic major. However, the following list contains a representative sample of current job titles of former Sociology majors. Use this as an idea list, and remember that it represents some, but certainly not all, of the careers you might consider. Students obtaining employment immediately upon graduation are usually those with the best college records and a willingness to relocate to find a job. Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelor’s degree.

    14. Federal Government Careers
    controllers, inspectors, airport security screeners, postal workers, cafeteria salaries in this other careers on this of Agriculture www.usajobs
    Careers in Federal Government Printer friendly page
    What's it like?
    Do all kinds of jobs for the federal government Specializations include Everything from managers to construction workers Preferred education High school diploma and up, but mainly bachelor's degree Required for some jobs Getting ahead Advancement is through a pre-set series of pay levels or "grades" Job outlook Federal government employment is declining Earnings Vary widely Links Find more information about this career WHAT'S IT LIKE? Paper pushers. Bureaucrats. Bean counters. There are a lot of less than flattering names for people working in the government. But let's face itwe need the government and we need government workers. After all, none of us, by ourselves, can patrol the streets, repair and build highways, inspect the nation's food supply, clean up toxic waste, manage the nation's air traffic, oversee the airwaves, test public water supplies, guarantee bank deposits and set educational standards for schools. We depend on government and government workers to do these things for us. The federal government employs almost 2 million civilian workers or about 1.3 percent of the nation's workforce. Working for an array of federal agencies and 15 cabinet departments including the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Education, Health and Human Services and the Department of Transportation, federal employees administer services that protect the public safety, health and welfare.

    15. Federal Investigators
    deputies, IRS special agents, and postal inspectors, among out salaries in this other careers on this Department of Commerce; Federal Times
    Federal Investigators Family: Area: Printer friendly page
    What's it like?
    Specializations include
    Depends on the agency they work for Preferred education Federal certification required Getting ahead Skills Where they work Varies widely Many different federal agencies, including the FBI Job outlook Good Earnings Moderate to moderately high Links Find more information about this career WHAT'S IT LIKE? Many federal investigators work on cases that involve violations of federal law. These are the criminal investigators who work as FBI agents, US Marshall deputies, IRS special agents, and postal inspectors, among others. They examine financial records to solve cases of white-collar crime, monitor court-ordered wiretaps of people suspected of breaking federal law, interview witnesses in cases of drug trafficking, and do undercover work. Their jobs can be dangerous and sometimes involve using firearms and making arrests. The federal government also employs a host of non-criminal investigators who do everything from checking airplanes to investigating the immigration status of non-citizens living in the United States. However, these investigators often uncover criminal violations and end up collaborating with federal criminal investigators. In addition, they sometimes face situations as risky as those confronted by criminal investigators, and some also carry firearms and have the right to arrest people.

    16. Police And Detectives
    may relocate a number of times over the course of their careers. postal inspectors must have a bachelor’s degree and 1 year of Internet http//
    Skip Navigation Links Latest Numbers U.S. Department of Labor
    Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook OOH Search/A-Z Index BLS Home Get Detailed Statistics ... Find It! In DOL Printer-friendly version ( HTML PDF
    Police and Detectives
    Nature of the Work Working Conditions Employment Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement ... Sources of Additional Information
    Significant Points
    • Police work can be dangerous and stressful.
    • Civil service regulations govern the appointment of police and detectives.
    • Competition should remain keen for higher paying jobs with State and Federal agencies and police departments in affluent areas; opportunities will be better in local and special police departments that offer relatively low salaries or in urban communities where the crime rate is relatively high.
    • Applicants with college training in police science or military police experience should have the best opportunities.
    Nature of the Work About this section Back to Top People depend on police officers and detectives to protect their lives and property. Law enforcement officers, some of whom are State or Federal special agents or inspectors, perform these duties in a variety of ways, depending on the size and type of their organization. In most jurisdictions, they are expected to exercise authority when necessary, whether on or off duty. Uniformed police officers Police agencies are usually organized into geographic districts, with uniformed officers assigned to patrol a specific area, such as part of the business district or outlying residential neighborhoods. Officers may work alone, but in large agencies they often patrol with a partner. While on patrol, officers attempt to become thoroughly familiar with their patrol area and remain alert for anything unusual. Suspicious circumstances and hazards to public safety are investigated or noted, and officers are dispatched to individual calls for assistance within their district. During their shift, they may identify, pursue, and arrest suspected criminals, resolve problems within the community, and enforce traffic laws.

    17. Advertising And Public Relations
    Mail clerks and mail machine operators, except postal service. For a brochure on careers in public relations, contact on the Internet at http//
    Skip Navigation Links Latest Numbers U.S. Department of Labor
    Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Guide to Industries CGI Search/A-Z Index BLS Home Get Detailed Statistics ... Find It! In DOL Printer-friendly version ( HTML PDF
    Advertising and Public Relations Services
    Nature of the Industry Working Conditions Employment Occupations in the Industry ... Sources of Additional Information
    Significant Points
    • California and New York together account for about 1 in 5 firms and more than 1 in 4 workers in the industry. Competition for many jobs will be keen because the glamour of the industry traditionally attracts many more jobseekers than there are job openings. Layoffs are common when accounts are lost, major clients cut budgets, or agencies merge.

    Nature of the Industry About this section Back to Top There are 47,000 advertising and public relations services establishments in the United States. About 4 out of 10 write copy and prepare artwork, graphics, and other creative work, and then place the resulting ads on television, radio, or the Internet or in periodicals, newspapers, or other advertising media. Within the industry, only these full-service establishments are known as advertising agencies . Almost 1 in 5 are public relations firms. Many of the largest agencies are international, with a substantial proportion of their revenue coming from abroad.

    18. - Homeland Security
    Per Diems Travel. Jobs careers. Procurement. A76 Outsourcing was not, and intelligence agencies are struggling to get a of anthrax attacks, the postal Service walks a fine line
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    Get our news stories delivered right to your in-box each morning by signing up for our daily e-newsletter, or one of our weekly specialty publications. SPONSORED BY:
    Government Executive , May 1
    Moving Targets

    Terrorists are everything the Soviet Union was not, and intelligence agencies are struggling to get a bead on them.

    Zero Day attacks come without warning, exploiting computer weaknesses known only to the attacker.
    False Alarms

    In the aftermath of anthrax attacks, the Postal Service walks a fine line between caution and chaos. Homeland Security E-Newsletter
    Click here
    to see the latest issue of our free weekly e-newsletter and click here to sign up for your copy.

    19. FirstGov For Consumers: About This Site
    and skills they need for successful careers and productive is the federal government s provider of postal products and To provide better service in

    Directory Assistance
    Contact Special Projects Search
    About This Site FirstGov for Consumers is a "one-stop" link to a broad range of federal information resources available online. It is designed so that you can locate information by category such as Food Health Product Safety Your Money , and Transportation . Each category has subcategories to direct you to areas within individual federal web sites containing related information. FirstGov for Consumer is a "work-in-progress." Be on the lookout for more federal information sites added and a refined navigation mechanism. ScamAlert! provides current information on fraudulent and deceptive practices in the marketplace. This feature appears on each page, as necessary, and contains important law-enforcement information and tips to avoid scams. In the Spotlight showcases new education and consumer awareness campaigns and other items of significant interest on all pages. The FirstGov for Consumer web site has been optimized for version 2.0 or higher and

    20. FOIA Contacts At Major Federal Agencies - U.S. Government Info/Resources
    Links to Federal Freedom of Information contacts, from your Guide United States postal Service (USPS) United States Secret Service Jobs OPM Director Touts careers in Public Servi contact

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