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1. Canadian Economic Statistics - Business - University Of Alberta Libraries
Home Subject business economics canadian economic Statistics. Version française ISP stats Book Statistics Related to Income Security Programs (Human Resources Development
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Winspear Business Reference Library
Canadian Economic Statistics Resource Guide
Please help us improve this resource guide by taking a quick survey Top databases for economic statistics. For definitions of Canadian economic concepts see: Economic Concepts (Canada. Canadian Economy Online) For a good overview of the current economic situation consult: Monthly Economic Indicators (Micro-Economic Policy Analysis Branch, Industry Canada: Strategis)
(HC 111 M66 1999- Rutherford Library) Canadian Economy Online (Government of Canada) Looking for historical statistics? Try Historical Statistics of Canada. 2nd edition
  • "1,088 statistical tables on the social, economic and institutional conditions of Canada from the start of the Confederation in 1867 to the mid-1970s."
Topics List
Bank Rate

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Disposable Income
Gross National Product (GNP)
- includes GNE/GNP
Household Expenditures

Income Statistics

Industrial Product Price Index

Inflation Rate (% change in CPI)
... Labour Force Statistics (Employment, Unemployment, Participation Rate)
Leading Economic Indicators
Low Income Cut-Offs (LICOs) Money Supply Pensions/Retirement Savings ... Work Stoppages File types: downloadable - data may be imported into a spreadsheet program pdf file - an Adobe Acrobat file txt file - a text file
Bank Rate
Note: The Bank of Canada's official rate is now the Target for the Overnight Rate (see separate listing) Bank of Canada
  • click on Canadian Interest Rates
  • daily rates for the past 60 days;

2. A Reference Point For Canadian Statistics
canadian Statistics. About GDSourcing. Market Industry stats. Research Assistance. Agriculture / Arts, Culture Recreation / business Srv / Computer (IT) / Construction / economic
Search for
Canadian Statistics About GDSourcing Research Assistance Agriculture Business Srv ... SUBJECT INDEX It is designed to help Canadian entrepreneurs with limited research budgets assess their market potential and performance. Feel free to read our Privacy Statement Learn More about our site
Find Resources Fast! Answer a few questions, and the Business Resource Finder will display a list of sample plans, articles, and other resources that match your business type. See how other businesses have gotten started with their plan; read answers to common questions for these business types. Click to start
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Canadian Stats Fact of the Week What is the breast cancer incidence rate for women 50 to 59 years old?
(per 100,000)

3. Business Plans And Financial Preparation Plans | Financial Forecasts, Budgets, M
canadian Industry Associations. business economic. INFORMATION. GLOBAL. World Fact Book Canada Quick stats. canadian economic stats. Canada Local economic stats (Cities
RESOURCES USA Business Strategy Yahoo Finance Marketing Strategy US Public Co. Filings ( ... (Directory) CANADA Canadian Public Co. Info ( Toronto Stock Exchange Canadian Industry Associations
INFORMATION GLOBAL World Fact Book General World Information - All Topics Newspapers from Around the World LIBOR Rates ... Foreign Exchange Rates USA US Quick Stats US Economic Statistics US Local Statistics US Gov't Statistics Links ... US Public Records by State CANADA Canada Quick Stats Canadian Economic Stats Canada Local Economic Stats (Cities) GOVERNMENT
RESOURCES USA US Business Advisor US Gov't Web Site - FIRSTGOV IRS Legal Research Site ... Department of Labor State Sites: 50 States State Resource Center CANADA Strategis - Canadian Business Resources Statistics Canada Canadian Taxes - CCRA Small Business Info Provincial Sites: Alberta BC Manitoba New Brunswick ... JBM Productions

4. Canada Economic Development Programs And Business Incentives
A province by province look at economic performance and business incentives across Canada about relocating your business? There are economic development departments in each canadian province which work get useful BC business and economic statistics on the BC stats site. economi

5. The Canadian Economy - Statistics And Analysis By Banks And Government Organizat
Statistics Canada. stats Canada provides a wealth of current data on all areas of the canadian economy. Bank of Montreal economic Analysis and Research.
Canadian Economy
The Canadian Search Directory

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Bank of Canada
The Bank of Canada is responsible for monetary policy in Canada. The measures taken by the Bank influence the economy by regulating the amount of money in circulation. Statistics Canada Stats Canada provides a wealth of current data on all areas of the Canadian economy.

6. Evalu8 - Business, Jobs & Economy / Economics, Stats, Financial, Tax
gave its business customers an incentive to upgrade lumber wars * The United States lumber industry to rivet the attention of canadian economic and political
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'Offshoring' will soon be making waves

It looks like Canada may soon join the growing political firestorm raised by the transfer of information technology jobs to places such as India and the Philippines. Last week, offshore outsourcing, as the phenomenon is called, was among several issues that placed U.S. President George W. Bush on the campaign defensive. The topic is also hotly debated in Britain and Australia. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Canada will be next. [ More
A mortgage tax credit is a bad idea
Other provinces take note: That old election standby a mortgage interest tax credit has again raised its head in Ontario with the release of the governing Conservatives' election program. While many homeowners may welcome the idea of such a tax credit, other taxpayers must ask who's going to pay for it. [ More Air Canada's last, best hope

7. BC STATS: Links
The canadian Tourism Commission has a website that includes some statistics and research reports The Ministry of Small business and economic Development is
BC Government Home BC Stats Home Links to other sites Government Population Tourism Other Statistical ... Policy Research SUBJECTS Quick access to BC Stats' subject areas Census Data Economic Statistics Regional Statistics Social Statistics RESOURCES Subscription Releases Web Store Statistical Glossary Other Links
Links: Government Sites, Canada and Provinces
Government of Canada
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Department of Finance
Supreme Court of Canada
Provinces and Territories
British Columbia
Extensive links to British Columbia:
BC Government Directory

Legislative Assembly

Local Government Information Sharing and Service

Ministries and Organizations
Canadian Government Statistical Offices
Statistics Canada
Census 2001 Information
Bank of Canada: Weekly Financial Statistics
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency: Taxation Statistics
... Vital Stats , B.C. Ministry of Health
Provincial Government Statistical Bureaus:
Newfoundland Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island [English] ... Nunavut
Statistical Offices in Rest of World
Australian Bureau of Statistics Centre for International Statistics, Canadian Council on Social Development

8. Financial Planning: Dismal Family Business Survival Stats Worrisome, Finds Study
Key concerns of a succession plan for canadian businesses need to of any succession plan; consider the future economic needs of the business owner and spouse
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Financial Planning: Dismal Family Business Survival Stats Worrisome, Finds Study News Canada Five steps to start a solid succession plan
(NC)-The statistics are worrisome. About 70 per cent of family businesses never make it to the second generation, found a recent Grant Thornton research study. A stunning 90 per cent of family companies go bust before a third generation can take over the management of the firm. Poor succession planning appears to be the primary culprit for these dismal statistics, according to the study Finding the Right Balance.
Key concerns of a succession plan for Canadian businesses need to address these five steps:
  • evaluate the tax consequences of any succession plan
  • consider the future economic needs of the business owner and spouse or common-law partner
  • plan the best timing for the formal transfer of ownership
  • think about roles for key employees, including possible ownership
  • write a relevant communication of the plan to third parties and employees
  • consider contingency measures for emergencies such as a sudden death
A good succession strategy can help business owners plan, preserve and pass on the hard-earned family wealth - both financial assets and the invaluable business experience of the founding generation. Visit for more information. Grant Thornton LLP is a leading Canadian firm of chartered accountants and management consultants with offices across Canada.

9. Proud To Be™ Threads: BC Economic Stats To March 22 2004
The budget forecasts economic growth of 2.8% in Most Confident in Canada The canadian Federation of BC are more optimistic about their business prospects over

10. Proud To Be™ Threads: BC Economic Stats January 2004
an estimated $23.8 million in direct economic impact Most Confident in Canada The canadian Federation of are more optimistic about their business prospects over

11. Gander - Economic Development: Gov. Resources, Stats Can.
Canada’s demographic, social and economic characteristics. prices and living costs, business and labour Statistics on canadian Industries and Products stats
Back to Main WHY GANDER Community Profile Strategic Location Local Labour Market Business Profiles INFRASTRUCTURE Energy Communications Transportation Education ... Waste Management INCENTIVES Wage Subsidies Tax Credits Financing Training ...
RESOURCES Business Partners Government
Business / Industry ... Convention Facilities MEET THE TEAM Current Projects Contacts
Government of Canada Resources
Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada produces the statistics that help Canadians better understand the country, its population, resources, economy, society and culture. Under the Statistics Act, Statistics Canada is required to collect, compile, analyze, abstract, and publish statistical information relating to the commercial, industrial, financial, social, economic and general activities and conditions of the people of Canada. In addition to conducting a census every five years, there are approximately 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life. Click here for more information on Statistics Canada Statistics Canada Resources
Statistics Canada 2001 Censes

Labour Statistics

Statistics in Canadian Industries and Products

Trade Data
2001 Community Profiles

Statistics Canada 2001 Censes

12. Business & Economics Numeric Data - Internet Resources
business economics Numeric Data of US and canadian economic variables. Features data from more, including US business Cycle dates, Weekly economic Analysis, Topical Studies
Subject Guide
Business Source EconLit LexisNexis Regional Business News ... BUS 3334
Marketing Research BUS 441 BUS 4422
International Marketing ECO 333 ECO 420 TRT 300 TRT 321 ... Statistical Resources in Print For convenient one-stop shopping for all your economic data visit one of following sites; for just US government data try Fedstats , listed further below AgEcon Search (University of Minnesota)
Awesome service providing keyword search for staff and working papers from several of the leading university and governmental servers concerned with agricultural economics. Either type in a search at the top for all databases or select specific institutions to search at one site. You may even browse many of the papers from each institution and download any item listed. AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center)
Good starting point for agricultural data. AgNIC provides a huge hotlist of statistics-rich Internet sites on topics related to agriculture. See especially their agricultural

13. U.S. Economic Statistics - Business - University Of Alberta Libraries
rate is set by the Federal Reserve Board, and is similar to the canadian bank rate business Enterprise (Composite Indexes of economic Cyclical Indicators
Home Catalogue Databases Ejournals ...
Winspear Business Reference Library
U.S. Economic Statistics
Top databases for economic statistics. U.S. Statistics - Mega Sites Statistical Resources on the Web (University of Michigan. Documents Center) Statistical Abstract of the United States (U.S. Census Bureau) FedStats Fred , an Economic Time-Series Database (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
  • Historical U.S. financial and economic data.
  • Downloadable.
American FactFinder (U.S. Census Bureau)
Statistics Covered:
Consumer Confidence
Consumer Price Indexes

Discount Rate

Disposable Income
Gross Domestic Product
Gross National Product
Inflation Rate
change in CPI)
Leading Economic Indicators

Monetary Aggregates

Prime Rate

Treasury Bills (T-Bills)
File Types downloadable - data may be imported into a spreadsheet program pdf file - an Adobe Acrobat file txt file - a text file
Consumer Confidence
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index
  • Click on Press (top right of page) and then scroll through the list to locate information on the latest 3-4 consumer confidence indexes.
  • Note: information on the Consumer Research Center Website is available by subscription only.

14. Economic Analysis And Statistics: The Strategis Canadian Economic Research Guide
Study original research and analysis of changes to the canadian economy or benchmark your own firm's performance. business Information by Sector. economic Analysis, Statistics Overview of the
This site uses Javascript to help ensure that the page looks its best when viewed with the most common graphical browsers. If your browser does not support Javascript or if you have turned off the Javascript all of the content and features of the page will still be available but the page may not look exactly as the designers intended. Contact Us Help Search Canada Site ... Text Version Search: More Search Options Subjects: Company Directories Trade, Investment Business Information by Sector Economic Analysis, Statistics ... Consumer Information Strategis Guides: Starting a Business Financing Exporting Researching Markets ... Exploiting Technology Opportunities
Economic Analysis, Statistics
Current Economic Conditions

15. What Is A Business Network? - The Context
Already the economic benefits are apparent in greatly a $25 million national business networks program kit published by the canadian business Networks Coalition
Contact Us Help Search Canada Site ... Comments or Questions
What is a Business Network? - The Context
What is a Business Network?

Why Network?

Characteristics of a Business Network
The International Scene
The Canadian Context
Historically, within the entrepreneurial culture of Canada and the United States, SMEs have tended to act independently. They have traditionally undertaken projects alone and refrained from involving other companies. There are a number of reasons for this independence. The primary reason is that, until now, alliances have not been necessary for business to achieve their objectives. Other reasons include lack of trust and poor communications, a shortage of information, possibly a lack of role models and cultural conditioning. This is changing. In the new millenium, a number of successful Canadian business networks are in place:
  • On the East Coast, 45 innkeepers operate the Atlantic Provinces Heritage Inns Association which acts as a network to market these historic stopovers. In Northwestern Ontario, a group of aboriginal-owned fishing camps and hunting lodges operate a network to market their businesses in the United States using cooperative trade shows and videos.

16. About Business: Resources About The Economy
Board http// at a Glance (Quebec) Source Canada economic Development http
Jump to General Sector-Specific Region-Specific Other
GENERAL Monthly economic trends
Source: Industry Canada

The Economy in Brief
Source: Department of Finance

Economic conditions
Source: Statistics Canada

Downloadable publications (free) Source: Statistics Canada Trade and economic analysis Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade International trade statistics Source: Statistics Canada Economic research on trade and foreign direct investment Source: Export Development Canada Labour market analysis Source: Human Resources Development Canada SECTOR-SPECIFIC Business information by sector Source: Industry Canada

17. WWW Virtual Library Economic And Business History
The Proceedings of the business History Conference A survey of economic history in Canada was done by Douglas McCalla and Shawn Day for a canadian conference on
WWW Virtual Library
Economic and Business History
Go to:

Africa through France

Germany through Portugal

Rumania through United Kingdom
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Search This Virtual Library: More Options Help
Other Virtual Libraries on This Server: Labour History Women's History Also on This Server: IISH Historical Prices and Wages Entrepreneurs Portrayed Tulip Book The WWW Virtual Library: W3VL Overview W3VL Alphabetical W3VL Central Database W3VL History Central Catalogue Maintained by: Co Seegers for the Netherlands Economic History Archive (NEHA)
The World Wide Web Virtual Library
Economic and Business History
What's New About this Virtual Library
Conferences Upcoming Conferences Past Conferences Reference Works ... Alphabetical K-Z
What's New
The following sites came to our attention after the latest overall update (April 22, 2003). For new conference announcements, consult the Conferences page.
  • New An archive of The Ohio State University Department of Economics' All-Ohio Economic History Seminar is now available on line at:
  • 18. Business To Business Trade
    *, businessStat Online (BSO). *, businesspatrol Cyprus Selection. *, China. *, canadian Economy Online. *, Case Studies in economic Sanctions.
    Advanced Search Current Topics Learning Materials Data ... Educators You are here: Home Internet Resources Current Topics
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    Internet Resources
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    International Trade
    Select the name of the resource from the list to see a short description or select the icon to connect directly to the resource. This listing is sorted alphabetically. A listing sorted by resource type is also available. 3i Venturelab
    Aberdeenshire Business Network
    Action for World Development: Education for Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice AfBIS (African Business Information Services) ... About Us

    19. Business To Business Trade
    *, China. *, canadian Economy Online. *, Regional economic Conditions (RECON). *, Rusmarket. *, Scottish business Information Service (SCOTBIS).
    Advanced Search Current Topics Learning Materials Data ... Educators You are here: Home Internet Resources Current Topics
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    Internet Resources
    Search tips Internet Tutorials Add a Resource Home ... Industry and Commerce > Business to Business Trade
    Business to Business Trade
    Parent section: Industry and Commerce Related sections: Business - General
    Electronic Commerce

    International Agreements and Organisations

    International Trade
    Select the name of the resource from the list to see a short description or select the icon to connect directly to the resource. This listing is sorted by resource type. A listing sorted alphabetically is also available. Bibliographies
    Futures and Options Bibliography
    Companies Emap Global Insight KempsGold ... TradeUK Data American Stock Exchange (AMEX) Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States Business-Stat Online (BSO) ... VLAM Educational Materials New York Stock Exchange Poverty Reduction Learning Network (PRLN) Young Entrepreneur's Survival Kit Governmental Bodies Agri-Food Trade Service Austrade CFCE (Centre Francais du Commerce Exterieur) Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) ... Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia

    20. Vancouver Public Library - Business & Economics Division - Business Statistics L
    Profile of Small business in British Columbia. Socioeconomic Profiles of BC regions. GDSourcing A variety of canadian statistics from both government and non
    Vancouver Public Library Online Home Kids
    ... New Media Directory Inspiration through information. Access for all. Links
    Business Statistics
    British Columbia
    Canada United States International
    British Columbia BC Stats
    Statistical data about BC, including labour markets, business and economics, tourism, high technology, and communities. Some of their material includes: Dwelling Characteristics and Household Equipment 2000
    Dwelling characteristics such as: number or rooms, length of time in home, type of heating and appliances owned. Housing Starts
    Housing starts and building permit numbers for BC. Labour and Income Statistics
    Labour force participation rates for BC and Canada. Profile of Small Business in British Columbia BC Opportunities Profile of Small and Medium Sized Exporters in BC Socio-Economic Profiles of BC regions.
    Useful for marketing research.
    Canada GDSourcing A variety of Canadian statistics from both government and non-government sources. Browse the alphabetical subject index by topic or industry. Historical Statistics of Canada Historical data on population, labour, wages and working conditions, government finance, economic indicators, trade, industry and more. Covers Confederation (1867) through the mid-1970s.

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