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  1. Learn Calligraphy: The Complete Book of Lettering and Design by Margaret Shepherd, 2001-02-20
  2. Calligraphy Alphabets Made Easy by Margaret Shepherd, 1986-07-25
  3. Calligraphy for the Beginner by Tom Gourdie, 1997-08
  4. Calligraphy For Dummies (For Dummies (Sports & Hobbies)) by Jim Bennett, 2007-05-07
  5. Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy, a Step-by-Step Manual by Eleanor Winters, 2000-05-08
  6. Calligraphy Kit: Learn the Art of Beautiful Writing (Walter Foster Art Kits) by Arthur Newhall, Eugene Metcalf, 2006-06-01
  7. Art of Calligraphy by David Harris, 2005-06-20
  8. Calligraphy for Kids by Eleanor Winters, 2007-03-01
  9. Calligraphy school (Learn as You Go) by Gaynor Goffe, 1994-05-01
  10. Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique by Marc Drogin, 1989-11-01
  11. The Complete Calligraphy Set: Techniques, Tools, and Projects for Mastering Calligraphy by Ann Bowen, 2001-10-15
  12. Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy: A Structured Course in Creating Beautiful Brush Lettering by Rebecca Yue, 2005-04-01
  13. Lettering & Calligraphy Workbook by Diagram Group, 2006-08-28
  14. The Complete Guide to Chinese Calligraphy by Qu Lei Lei, 2007-09

1. Index Cynscribe Calligraphy Directory
Large directory of links related to calligraphy, typography, handwriting, penmanship and other related topics, listed by category.
CYNSCRIBE Calligraphy Directory
I s a resource for calligraphers,lettering artists, papermakers, typographers,
graphic designers, paper decorators, scrapbookers, rubberstampers,
greeting card makers,book designers and artist bookmakers.
libraries, museums, and schools.

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2. Japanese Calligraphy
Shodo Japanese calligraphy. calligraphy (shodo "the way of writing") is the art of writing beautifully Metal stick to weight down the paper during writing. Hanshi Special, thin calligraphy
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Kanji ...
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Calligraphy (shodo: "the way of writing") is the art of writing beautifully. Most children learn calligraphy in elementary school . It is a popular hobby for adults, too. A calligraphy set consists of:
  • Shitajiki : Black, soft mat. It provides a comfortable, soft surface.
  • Bunchin : Metal stick to weight down the paper during writing.
  • Hanshi : Special, thin calligraphy paper.
  • Fude : Brush. There is a larger brush for writing the main characters and a smaller one for writing the artist's name. The small brush, however, can be used for the characters, too.
  • Suzuri : Heavy black container for the ink.

3. Calligraphy Centre | The Written & Hand-Lettered Word | Creative Letterforms
Welcome to calligraphy Centre. Artists of the written word. How to get to calligraphy Centre. Map of 560 N Trade St Winston Salem, NC 271012915.
Cheerio: Fall 2004
Welcome to Calligraphy Centre. Artists of the written word.
We do calligraphy and we teach it. A love of the written word and its power to connect viscerally and spiritually is what drives us. This site contains info on classes and the twice yearly, week-long calligraphy retreat known as Cheerio Calligraphy Retreats . The studio of Joyce Teta features calligraphic services such as wedding invitations John Stevens
NEW: Video clips of John Stevens demonstrating brush and pen calligraphy Calligraphy Services

Learn Calligraphy

Joyce Teta

Calligraphy Centre: 560 North Trade St., Winston-Salem, NC 2710
Logos, calligraphy and site design by John Stevens How to get to Calligraphy Centre
Map of 560 N Trade St
Winston Salem, NC 27101-2915

4. Art Of Chinese Calligraphy
Illustrative examples of the best Chinese calligraphy by the masters spanning the last 3 000 years. calligraphy of the Masters. Master Calligraphers. Steles. Appreciation of Chinese calligraphy .
Calligraphy of the Masters Masters of Calligraphy Han Jin / Sui Tang Song ... Qing Alphabetic Listing: Over the thousands of years, the style of Chinese calligraphy has evolved continually. About 213 B.C., under the famous Chin Shih Huang Ti, who perpetrated the 'burning of the books', the Prime Minister Li Szu drew up an official index of characters and unified the written form for the use of scholars. This is chuan-shu and contained more than 3,000 characters. From that time to the present, there are five major styles of calligraphy:
More about the evolution of these styles (in Chinese [BIG5])

(The Japanese calls these tensho, reisho, kaisho, gyosho, and sosho styles.)
It is remarkable that after two thousand years, all five styles of writings are still in use today.
A few arbitrarily selected works of the master calligraphers are presented herein. Great Masters Han Dynasty
  • [Zhong Yao][Chung Yu] Han Dynasty
      Zhong Yao
        [Zhang Zhi][] Han Dynasty Jin Dynasty
        • [Lu Ji] (261-303)
          • Pin Fu Tie
            • Tang Yin(1470-1523)
                [Wang Xizhi][Wang Hsi-chih] (303-361)
                None of his original works remain today. Some of his best writings were preserved on carved stone tablets, Stone rubbings taken from them have been reproduced and reprinted widely; they have been studied by generations of students and used as examples to learn and practice the art of calligraphy.

5. Appreciation Of Chinese Calligraphy
Introduction to appreciation of Chinese calligraphy, showing various styles of writing a single Chinese word. calligraphy is an art dating back to the earliest day of history, and widely practiced throughout China to this day its beauty. Because in essence, calligraphy is an abstract art
Appreciation of
The Art of Chinese Calligraphy
Go to Calligraphy's Home Page Calligraphy is an art dating back to the earliest day of history, and widely practiced throughout China to this day. Although it uses Chinese words as its vehicle of expression, one does not have to know Chinese to appreciate its beauty. Because in essence, Calligraphy is an abstract art. While viewing a Western abstract painting, one does not ask, "What is it?" When viewing Chinese calligraphy, one need not ask, "What is the Chinese word?"
In this page, we selected single words from the works of many master calligraphers from the past to illustrate the astounding beauty of the art. Like all art, it is best to simply look at them for enjoyment. Do not be sidetracked with questions of theory, technique, etc. Do not worry about "What is it?"
Beside each work, a very short comment is given to describe its "style", based on the classical book of Tu Meng. Tu Meng of the Tang dynasty (618-905) developed 120 expressions to describe different styles of calligraphy and establish criteria for them. The first 15 from his list, with explanations and English interpretations by Chiang Yee:
  • ability, mysterious, careful, carefree, balance
  • 6. IAAO -- Arabic Calligraphy
    Thie Web presentation explains in detail the historical and cultural significance of Arabic calligraphy. Origins of calligraphy. Reform of Arabic writing.
    Last updated: Friday August 22, 2003
    Articles Introduction Origins of calligraphy Reform of Arabic writing Noble calligraphers ... Alif as unit of proportion Presentations Unique calligraphic works Major calligraphic styles Calligraphic collection

    7. Art Of Arabic Calligraphy
    articles about the History of Arabic calligraphy, Arabic Language Script, The Kufic Styles, and The Cursive Styles. Part 1 of 4 articles
    Part 1 of 4 articles
    The Art of Arabic Calligraphy
    The Language and The Script
    Mamoun Sakkal Arabic belongs to the group of Semitic alphabetical scripts in which mainly the consonants are represented in writing, while the markings of vowels (using diacritics) is optional. The earliest-known alphabet to mankind was the North Semitic, which developed around 1700 B.C. in Palestine and Syria. It consisted of 22 consonant letters. The Arabic, Hebrew, and Phoenician alphabets were based on this model. Then, around 1000 B.C., the Phoenician alphabet was itself used as a model by the Greeks, who added letters for vowels. Greek in turn became the model for Etruscan (c. 800 B.C.), whence came the letters of the ancient Roman alphabet, and ultimately all Western alphabets. The North Arabic script, which eventually prevailed and became the Arabic script of the Quran, relates most substantially and directly to the Nabatian script, which was derived from the Aramaic script. Old Aramaic, the language of Jesus and the Apostles, dates from the 2nd millennium B.C., and some dialects of which are still spoken by tiny groups in the Middle East. Arabic script still shares with Aramaic the names of the alphabet letters (Alef, Jeem, Dal, Zai, Sheen, etc.); similar graphic representation for phonetically similar letters (Sad and Dad, Ta and Tha, etc.); connections of letters in the same word and several forms of each letter depending on its location in the word, except for letters that cannot be connected to the letters which come after them (Alef, Dal/Dthal, Raa/Zai, Waw). The Arabic alphabet contains 18 letter shapes, by adding one, two, or three dots to letters with similar phonetic characteristics a total of 28 letters is obtained. These contain three long vowels, while diacritics can be added to indicate short vowels.

    8. Arab Gateway: Writing And Calligraphy
    Arab Gateway's calligraphy page
    gateway HOME PAGE
    Arab A to Z
    ... CONTACT US CALLIGRAPHY THIS PAGE: The Arabic alphabet Articles Books Calligraphy for sale ... Websites OTHER PAGES: Architecture Art Cinema Photography THE ARABIC ALPHABET A RABIC is written from right to left. There are 18 distinct letter shapes, which vary slightly depending on whether they are connected to another letter before or after them. There are no "capital" letters. The full alphabet of 28 letters is created by placing various combinations of dots above or below some of these shapes. (An animated version of the alphabet shows the correct way to move the pen). marks above and below other letters. Although the Arabic alphabet as we know it today appears highly distinctive, it is actually related The following four lessons (part of the Babel course) give a fair idea of what is involved in learning to read and write Arabic: Lesson One Lesson Two Lesson Three Lesson Four The links on this page explain the historical development of calligraphy and provide examples that illustrate both its beauty and its variety.

    This page introduces ancient and modern Japanese calligraphy.
    INTERNET EXPLORE from Ver4.0

    Learn calligraphy in a few simple steps. Basic letter shapes alphabets and decoration. How writing and lettering developed, from Egyptian hieroglyphs to the Roman alphabet. Shop for calligraphy
    Using The Pen Left-Handed? The Basics Some Alphabets ... Shop UK
    Learn Calligraphy in a few simple steps. Everything is here, from Holding the Pen to writing the Alphabets . There are also some tips on decoration and planning that will enhance your Calligraphy projects.
    Discover the History of Writing . How lettering developed through the ages, from Egyptian hieroglyphs to the Roman alphabet.
    Ideal gifts for the budding Calligrapher

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    11. CLAS - Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society
    If you are left handed, do not despair. Advice for lefthanders who want to learn calligraphy.
    Some of the best calligraphers and letterers are left handed. Recent psychological research suggests that you may have some compensating talents based on the differing activities of the left and right halves of the brain. The calligraphy above of the name of the Society was done by Gaynor Goffe who is a left hander and an eminent UK calligraphic artist and teacher. The problem arises most acutely with pen calligraphy. Pen calligraphy using an edged pen requires that the angle of the nib must be absolutely right relative to the baseline. For right hander, just holding the pen to the surface delivers the required angle. For left handers the hand approaches from the opposite direction which means the angle is difficult to achieve comfortably. Often left handers develop very strange ways of gripping the pen to compensate for the problem of angle. A more normal and proper relaxed grip is to be encouraged rather than these unusual grips which tend to add tension to the writing action and to restrict the freedom of movement which is absolutely necessary for the production of beautiful curves and flowing letters. If you do want to get to grips with pen made calligraphy, special nibs for left handers are made to help with the problem and the more reputable pen and nib makers provide some part of their ranges to help left handers cope. Ordinary nibs are cut straight across but the ones specially made for left hand use are cropped at an angle to become what is called "left oblique". The best advice is to seek out a competent teacher who is familiar with the problems of left handers and understands the need for special attention, guidance and encouragement which lefties need.

    12. Jenny Hooke Wedding Stationery
    Custom designed stationery and invitations for weddings, special announcements, and parties.
    Top left:
    Mediaeval initials-
    hand-coloured on parchment folding "doors" Top right:
    Mediaeval names-
    individually designed and hand-embossed on brushed gold cover Lower left:
    Vine initials-
    hand-coloured on parchment Lower right:
    Two shall become one-
    reflective letters on marbled paper W EDDING STATIONERY WITH A DIFFERENCE ''The invitations and RSVPs are fantastic. Thank you"
    - Hiromi and Andrew, Japan...
    "It all looks fabulous" - Bronwyn and Michael, Australia... "We both loved the announcements, they look fantastic. Thanks again for your outstanding creativity" S ome comments from clients who have ordered their wedding stationery from the website designs. E very invitation is hand-finished - individually painted, embossed, folded or fancy-cut. In fact no two are exactly alike. A simple, elegant card, an individually designed monogram, or perhaps a touch of lace- Jenny Hooke offers you over fifty original designs which you can adapt, or bring your own ideas- a top class result need not be "over the top" in price. P archment, vellum, recycled and marbled papers and a variety of specialty boards add style and "class".

    13. Calligrapher's Resource Database :: Welcome!
    The calligraphy Studio Resource Guide is meant to function as a central directory of available Internet resources of interetest to Calligraphers, Book Artists, Studio Artists, and Crafters alike.
    Calligrapher's Resource Database
    Brought to you by The Calligraphy Studio, Inc. Can't find a local calligraphy course or you don't have the time to take one? Then, consider taking an Online Calligraphic Course The Calligrapher's Resource Database is brought to you by The Calligraphy Studio and is meant to function as a central directory of available Internet resources of interetest to Calligraphers, Book Artists, Studio Artists, and Crafters alike. With 486 listed resources , the Calligrapher's Resource Database is constantly adding new listings from and for professional artisans and crafters. Choose from the following categories for the various resources: Articles
    Artists Websites
    Book Arts

    Business Services

    Calligraphy Styles


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    If you have any questions, contact the Database Manager visitors since 2001 Calligraphy Studio Subscribe Add a Resource Modify a Resource ... Search Like this site? Please consider donating to help defray our costs.

    14. Friends Of Calligraphy
    International society of amateur and professional calligraphers open to anyone who is interested in the lettering arts. Subscription information for two separate newsletters.

    15. Calligraphy Centre Links
    Return to calligraphy Centre, History of Writing calligraphy very thorough article on development, tools, techniques, examples, etc by Britannica.
    Return to
    Calligraphy Centre
    S e l e c t e d L i n k s
    John Neal Bookseller
    For the most complete collection of calligraphic books and supplies
    Paper, Ink and Books
    Another source for books and supplies
    Twinrocker Paper
    The Writing Salon For the Art of the Hand Written. Located in Asheville,NC, features writing instruments, journals, ink, etc. PaperHead Paper for art, craft, decorating, sculpting... the place to go if you want to fold one mambo creative paper airplane.
    very thorough article on development, tools, techniques, examples, etc by Britannica. Letter Arts Review Full color, beautifully designed magazine about the Lettering Arts / Calligraphy Letterheads Magazine A magazine for and about Letterheads ( Signwriters, Pinstrippers, Calligraphers ) Good stuff, very well designed. Callig information site This site grew out of the Calligraphy Mailing List, a world wide forum for discussion and information exchange for anyone with an interest in Calligraphy Signcraft Magazine
    The mission of the Carolina Lettering arts Society is to promote the study, practice, education in and appreciation of calligraphy, lettering and the book arts. Info on events and how to join, etc. Oldest and considered most prestigious calligraphy Society The Letterheads Site for sign writers, signmakers, and everything to do with the craft.

    16. Calligraphy
    Short discussion of styles and status. jp0122)

    17. Calligraphy
    Chinese calligraphy (Brush calligraphy) is an art unique to Asian cultures. Shu (calligraphy), Hua (painting), Qin (a string musical instrument), and Qi (a strategic boardgame) are the four basic skills and disciplines of the Chinese literati.
    Chinese calligraphy Brush calligraphy) is an art unique to Asian cultures. Shu (calligraphy), Hua (painting), Qin (a string musical instrument), and Qi (a strategic boardgame) are the four basic skills and disciplines of the Chinese literati.
    Regarded as the most abstract and sublime form of art in Chinese culture, "Shu Fa" (calligraphy) is often thought to be most revealing of one's personality. During the imperial era, calligraphy was used as an important criterion for selection of executives to the Imperial court. Unlike other visual art techniques, all calligraphy strokes are permanent and incorrigible, demanding careful planning and confident execution. Such are the skills required for an administrator / executive. While one has to conform to the defined structure of words, the expression can be extremely creative. To exercise humanistic imagination and touch under the faceless laws and regulations is also a virtue well appreciated.
    By controlling the concentration of ink, the thickness and adsorptivity of the paper, and the flexibility of the brush, the artist is free to produce an infinite variety of styles and forms. In contrast to western calligraphy, diffusing ink blots and dry brush strokes are viewed as a natural impromptu expression rather than a fault. While western calligraphy often pursue font-like uniformity, homogeneity of characters in one size is only a craft. To the artist, calligraphy is a mental exercise that coordinates the mind and the body to choose the best styling in expressing the content of the passage. It is a most relaxing yet highly disciplined exercise indeed for one's physical and spiritual well being. Historically, many calligraphy artists were well-known for their longevity.

    18. Judaica Home Page
    Offering silver, ceramics, fabric arts, calligraphy, pewter and glass. Also presenting information about Jewish events.
    Passover Silver Jewelry Challah Boards ... Books Search for Product
    What is the Etzion Judaica Center? What is Judaica? Jewish Life Cycle ... Customer Service Please enter your e-mail to join our mailing list:
    APRIL SPECIAL After the horrific murder of her 13 year-old son Koby, while hiking in near his home in Israel, Sherri Mandel takes us through the different periods of her mourning as she searches for meaning and understanding in the world around her. A testament to her faith in Judaism and her devotion to those around her, this heartbreaking story has us crying while simultaneously reaffirming our hope for a brighter future for us all.
    THE JUDAICA CENTER The Etzion Judaica Center is your online resource for the perfect made-in-Israel gift. Bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, Jewish holiday, and shabbat gifts are our specialty. Located in Gush Etzion, the Judaica Center specializes in unique gifts for Jewish events and occasions, including challah covers, challah boards, chanukiyot, menorahs, and artwork for your home. summer wedding gifts It's the perfect time to pick out your summer wedding gifts. Our fine selection of silver Judaica, Shabbos challah covers and challah boards, havdallah sets and Judaica papercuts. The Judaica Center has an ideal selection of Israeli wedding gifts as well as a fine collection of silver and gold jewelry for the bride to be.

    19. Personalized Gifts & First Name Meanings - Naming Naturals
    Specializing in framed first names and meanings written in calligraphy and accented with pressed flowers or natural feather arrangements.
    Naming Naturals has moved! Please update your links to point to: Thank you and see you there!

    20. Arabic Calligraphy, Introduction
    Because Islamic leaders saw in figural arts a possible implication of idolatry, Islam s early theocracy looked to the artistry of calligraphy for religious
    Introduction While many religions have made use of figural images to convey their core convictions, Islam has instead used the shapes and sizes of words or letters. Because Islamic leaders saw in figural arts a possible implication of idolatry, Islam's early theocracy looked to the artistry of calligraphy for religious expression. In Islamic and Arabic cultures, calligraphy became highly respected as an art the art of writing. Scholar Yasin Hamid Safadi (1978) writes: The primacy of the word in Islam is reflected in the virtually universal application of calligraphy. Writing is given pride of place on all kinds of objectsobjects of everyday use as well as entire wall surfaces, mosque furniture, the interiors and exteriors of mosques, tombs, and al-Ka'ba, the most famous sanctuary of Islam. But like the icons of most other faiths, script also represents power. Its preeminent use is the writing of the divine message of the Qur'an , of course, which endowed it with extraordinary strength and transcendent significance. From this world's manifold possibilities, Allah had chosen Arabic as the vehicle for his final revelation. Arabic calligraphy is a primary form of art for Islamic visual expression and creativity. Throughout the vast geography of the Islamic world, Arabic calligraphy is a symbol representing unity, beauty, and power. The aesthetic principles of Arabic calligraphy are a reflection of the cultural values of the Muslim world. A thorough investigation into the aesthetic differences between Arabic and non-Arabic calligraphy might provide an approach for understanding the essential spirit of each culture.

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