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  1. California law review by Jesse H Choper, 1968

61. San Diego Source > Commentary > Columnists, San Diego Source > Commentary > Colu
and most good private and parochial schools could and be ignored by many voucherspawned schools forcing children the aim is to Balkanize california even more

62. People For The American Way | Vouchers Fail In California And Michigan
In california, Latinos also rejected vouchers by 77% 23% while African The Catholic Church, whose system of parochial schools provides the great majority of

63. NEWS: School Vouchers Face Tight Races - Christianity Today Magazine
Proposal 1 in Michigan and Proposition 38 in california would give thousands of dollars to parents who want to place children in private or parochial schools.
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64. Americans United To Novato School Board
purposes.7 A fundamental precept of both the california and federal funding to sectarian schools, including Waldorf or parochial schools, is unconstitutional
Americans United to Novato School Board
Letter by John Barker, June 25, 1996
return to PLANS page John C. Barker
Attorney at Law
1563 Solano Ave., Suite 196
Albany, CA 94707
June 25, 1996
Via Facsimile: 415-897-5145
To All Members of the Novato School Board
c/o Chairperson Connie Benz
Re: Approval of Waldorf Charter School in Novato
Dear Charperson Benz and Members of the School Board:
I am writing as Vice President of the local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, to oppose approval of the Waldorf charter school in Novato, on the grounds that public funding should not go to support a sectarian institution. From my phone conversation yesterday with Ms. Benz, I understand that approval of this school is on the consent calendar for this evening's board meeting. I appreciate Ms Benz's agreeing to distribute my letter to the other board members before this evening's meeing (hopefully in time for them to review it before the meeting). I would also appreciate it if this letter would be included in the official record of the board meeting proceedings. Thank you.
I. Every transfer of money from the government to a religious or sectarian private school would violate the California Constitution.

65. Country Club Estates, Moorpark, California
and many other private and parochial schools are all Residents are close to top local schools. california Lutheran University and california State University

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66. Public Policy Affecting Catholic Schools
With the awful financial mess california is in, any new law means that despite whatever anyone might say about parochial or private schools, parents are the

School's Department

Locate a Catholic School

Religious Education

Archived Articles

September - October 2002
by Robert Anderson
If you are a Public Policy Representative for your parish school we need to hear from you. Send us an e-mail at and we will make sure that you are included on an e-mailing list for up to the minute bulletins for action. And start today to enlist others in your parish school to help you with this important work. Big tasks are made little with help. TAX CREDITS are becoming a more important issue as we write. While vouchers will continue to capture the attention of many in the battle for school choice and equity for families wanting a decent education for their kids; tax credits seem to have caught the attention of many politicians and advocates for choice in this country. If you refer to the archives of this web site Archives the money should follow the child not the school system. That means that despite whatever anyone might say about parochial or private schools, parents

67. Saint Charles Parish, Imperial Beach, San Diego, California
athletic activities is available to the students of the school, with the school teams participating in intraschool games with other parochial schools in the
About the Parish Parish History New Adult Faith Formation
Mass Schedule

Lector Schedule

Mass Intentions

Saint Charles Catholic School
929 18th. Street, San Diego, CA 92154
Mr. Steve Stutz, Principal Click here for: E-mail us: Click here for more important information: Reunion Trivia Parent Newsletters
Re-membering Catholics

68. AFT: AFT On The Issues: Press Release On PACE Study
report 32,000 open seats statewide, according to the california Catholic Conference from lowincome families move into smaller private and parochial schools.
AFT Home AFT On The Issues AFT Africa-Aids Campaign Mandatory Overtime for Nurses ... School Nurses Executive Summary from Policy Analysis for California Education The following executive summary was issued by PACE on Sept. 20. It is reprinted here with permission. SCHOOL VOUCHERS OFFER HOPE TO POOR FAMILIES,
$3 BILLION IN 'TAX RELIEF FOR THE WELL-OFF' While school vouchers promise urban families a way to escape mediocre public schools, California's Proposition 38 would provide a $3 billion bonus to affluent parents whose children already attend private school, according to a study released today [Sept. 20] by scholars at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Voters will decide the fate of Prop. 38, authored by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Tim Draper, on November 7. If approved, any California parent could obtain a voucher worth at least $4,000, then move their child from a public to a private or religious school. The researchers dissected the many provisions of Prop. 38 and forecast its downstream implications for taxpayers, children, and schools. They conclude that no one really knows how many families would actually use the new vouchers, covering less than two-thirds the yearly cost of educating a child, and achievement effects could be small, given the limit efficacy of small-scale voucher experiments underway in a half-dozen cities around the nation. "The devil with small voucher programs has always been in the detailshow they are designed and what kinds of families they best serve," according to Luis Huerta a coauthor of the new report. "And Prop. 38 is bedeviled with many unknowns."

69. Bestselling Author Michael Fumento Investigates: "California's Row Over Vouchers
and leading provoucher scholar at the University of california at Berkeley in public schools would consider transferring them to private or parochial schools.
California's Row over Vouchers
Poor Say They Want Private-School Access, Too
By Michael Fumento
Investor's Business Daily, September 24, 1993
"There are some proposals that are so evil that they should never even be presented to the voters," California Teachers Association President D.A. Weber said recently. No, the talked-of evil did not involve killer whales being fed puppies. And the subject? Legalizing drug use? Feeding puppies to killer whales at San Diego's Sea World? No, the proposal in question was giving tuition vouchers to California parents who choose to educate their children outside the public school system. If California approves Proposition 174 in November, it would become the first state in the country to allow parents to send their children to private schools at taxpayer expense. The voucher would be worth a little over $2,600, equivalent to half the amount the state pays to educate a child in the public schools. A Los Angeles Times poll released last week showed the voucher initiative trailing narrowly, by 45% to 39%.

70. Private School Choice Demonstration Amendment
10. california, Const. 2 (prohibiting support to the school and its students, but permitting publicly funded busing to parochial schools). Minnesota, Const.
You are currently visiting the ACLU online archives. These pages are not updated. For the latest information from the ACLU, go to TO: Interested Parties FROM: Robert S. Peck, Legislative Counsel DATE: January 22, 1992 RE: Private School Choice Demonstration Amendment The proposed school choice demonstration amendment to S. 2 would permit states to include private and parochial schools as "choice schools," notwithstanding contrary provisions of state law. While this effectively preempts state law after the Secretary of Education awards grants for the demonstration projects, it does not and cannot do so before an award is made. Therefore, a number of states, operating under state constitutions that prohibit the public funding of sectarian schools or institutions, are ineligible to apply for the grants. A government has only the power and authority granted to it by the people through a constitution. This is the foundation of a nation that observes "the rule of law." Just as the authority of the federal government is limited by the powers granted and denied by the federal Constitution, the authority of the state governments are limited by the powers granted and denied by their respective state constitutions. Where a state constitution prohibits public funding of sectarian institutions, the state would violate its constitution when it applied for the grant program contemplated by the choice demonstration amendment because it would exceed its constitutional authority. Thus, the following states are constitutionally inhibited from participating in the choice demonstration and cannot benefit from the amendment under consideration:

71. Jewish Community Relations Council (
There are not sufficient vacancies in california s private, secular schools to substantially greater government interference in parochial schools which could
JCRC POLICY STATEMENT ON EDUCATIONAL VOUCHERS (approved by the Metropolitan JCRC, February 10, 1998) The JCRC opposes school voucher proposals and other methods of funding private school education with public funds.
  • The JCRC supports a free, high quality public education system and opposes vouchers
    and other methods that would erode financial support of public schools or weaken the
    wall of separation between church and state
      Public schools are an essential part of the American social and political democratic
      infrastructure. A strong public education system is essential for citizens to learn common
      societal values and respect for those who come from different backgrounds in our pluralistic

72. Education
a number of private and parochial schools, students in Walter Reed Middle School, a california Distinguished School enroll at two magnet schools including the
UCNH Chamber salutes the following sponsors: Health Care

Financial Services

Economic Dev. Info

Government Info
Served by the Los Angeles Unified School District (L.A.U.S.D.) and a number of private and parochial schools, students in the Universal City-North Hollywood community benefit from top-notch faculties, curriculums that ensure academic and personal achievement, active parent groups, and a wide range of extracurricular programs, which combine for an exceptional educational experience for all. Local children don’t have to travel far to get to their desks. Three public schools located in North Hollywood take kids from kindergarten through twelfth grade. With educational excellence as their goal, an elementary, middle, and high school supply the coursework, activities, and sports programs that promote a well-rounded student. Lankershim Elementary School, "Lair of the Lankershim Lions" at 2520 Bakman Avenue in North Hollywood, provides students from kindergarten through fifth grade with opportunities to achieve their highest academic and social potential, encourages parental involvement, and celebrates diversity while fostering discipline.

73. The Valley Futures Project - San Joaquin Valley - Rosa's World
costs up, there weren’t enough dollars in california to fund Charter schools, parochial schools, even home schooling looked like better alternatives than

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Within a few years, though, things began to change. The promise of an education for the Perez children turned into an uphill struggle against a public education system that was crumbling from neglect, political bickering, and economic recession. In the neglected districts of the San Joaquin Valley, gangs gained such strength that parents started pulling their children out of the public schools. Charter schools, parochial schools, even home schooling looked like better alternatives than subjecting their children to violence and intimidation.
A FAMILY STRAINED At their wits end, Manuel and Carmen found it difficult to keep their family together. Two months after her 14th birthday, Rosa moved in with a family of second generation Mexican merchants, Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez. Maria died a few years later in a domestic dispute.

74. Technology | California Voters Reject Vouchers
By a huge margin, california voters flunked a school voucher initiative have given $4,000 vouchers to students electing to attend private or parochial schools.

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  • California voters reject vouchers Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper spent $23 million in support of the most radical voucher proposal ever and lost. By Katharine Mieszkowski SAN FRANCISCO What can $23 million buy a prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist in this election? A humiliating defeat. By a huge margin, California voters flunked a school voucher initiative, Proposition 38, which would have given $4,000 vouchers to students electing to attend private or parochial schools. With all the precincts reporting,

    75. JPMorgan Chase: Grant Programs: Eligibility California
    Individual public and charter schools; Private or parochial schools; Adult education and All classroombased programs must comply with the california State Board

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    the firm
    Grants Grant programs var arrCurrent = ['California eligibility',475,93,90,'community']; California Organizations eligible for support:
    • Have an IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter. Any organization using a fiscal agent must submit that fiscal agent's IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter along with a letter from that organization, authorizing the applicant's use of their financial management services as part of any proposal. Provide programs and services in California and have operations in the major markets: Los Angeles, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area served by JPMorgan Chase (see the list below for counties eligible for grant consideration). Provide year-round services
    Counties eligible in California:
    Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara Applications will not be accepted from:
    • Institutions and programs outside the eligible counties noted above Applications for capital or endowment campaigns Fund-raising dinners Special events Golf or tennis tournaments Fraternal and social organizations providing services to a specific constituency or with limited availability to the general public One-time events or festivals Volunteer-operated organizations Business enterprises or for-profit organizations Scholarships or tuition cost Deficits Promotion of religious doctrines Higher education institutions

    76. California Wing - Aerospace Education Awards
    educators. This award is open to classroom teachers kindergarten through twelfth grade at public, private or parochial schools. It

    What's New


    Wing Calendar
    Join Us

    Aerospace Education Awards Civil Air Patrol recognizes outstanding achievement on the part of its members, teachers, organizations and units. Brief summaries of these awards are presented below. The A. Scott Crossfield Aerospace Education Award This recognition program is for senior members who have earned the Master Rating in the Aerospace Education Officer 215 Specialty Track . Nominated by unit commander on . For more information, refer to CAPR 280-2 The Aerospace Education Excellence Award Program for Units This award is presented to units that participate in an activity-based voluntary aerospace education program. The unit AEO and unit commander enroll in the program and sign a contract to have six aerospace activities January through June (one each month). Reports are submitted each month to National Headquarters. Units completing the requirements are presented with a commemorative plaque. Far more important than the plaque are the educational materials that are provided at no cost as part of this program, and the benefits to the unit by participating in this program. Conducting these activities foster group interaction and socialization, and can generate great excitement for aerospace education within the unit.

    77. The Columbus Free Press - Reflections On Black History
    Only two places in california would black teachers in the public schools the t hire its first black teacher until 1944, and that was for a parochial school.
    Part 60 Separate but equal by Thomas C. Fleming, Nov 11, 1998 During the 1930s, I was a college student at three different campuses in Northern California Chico State College, the University of California at Berkeley, and San Francisco State College. The only segregated schools in the state at that time were the public schools in the Imperial Valley, on the Mexican border, inland from San Diego County. Most students in those schools were Mexicans, and blacks were placed there too. From my observation, there were always slightly more black women going to college than black males, even though their job opportunities were more limited. Most women graduates went into teaching or nursing. A smattering became doctors or dentists. There weren't many jobs for black secretaries then. For clerical work, both black men and women could get civil service jobs, particularly in the post office or the customs service, but not in private industry. Only two places in California would black teachers in the public schools the Imperial Valley, and the city of Los Angeles, which probably had more than half the black population of the state. Oakland, where the second largest number of blacks lived, had one black teacher, Ida Jackson. She was already teaching grade school when I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1926, but they didn't let any more after her for a long time. San Francisco didn't hire its first black teacher until 1944, and that was for a parochial school.

    78. Charter Schools: Student Achievement Higher At California Charter Schools
    Veteran california charter schools are improving more in student achievement than other public schools. These charter schools have higher scores on the Academic Performance Index than their public

    79. Charter Schools: RAND Report Shows California Charter Schools Test Scores On Par
    california charter schools get a thumbs up from key RAND report. The test scores and reported revenue of california charter schools show that they're doing more, with less, compared to traditional

    80. State Information - California
    CA2003 AB 349 california (February 11, 2003) Summary Assemblyman Ray Haynes (R the Compton school district and attend a private or parochial school of their
    "Promoting Teacher Quality"
    Advanced Search
    State of the State 2004
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, January 6, 2004 High Schools Get Low Marks in Readying Students for College
    Los Angeles Times (June 03, 2004) Professor Charts a New Course for L.A.'s Trade Tech
    Los Angeles Times (June 02, 2004) Budget deal affects Cal. universities
    CNN (May 26, 2004) District says math program falls short
    The Contra Costa Times (May 25, 2004) One Poor Test Result: Cheating Teachers
    Los Angeles Times (May 21, 2004) The Relationship between Exposure to Class Size Reduction and Student Achievement in California
    Education Policy Analysis Archives (November 10, 2003)
    Summary: This study examines the relationship between student achievement and the number of years students have been exposed to CSR in grades K-3. The analysis was conducted at the grade level within schools using student achievement data collected in 1998-2001. Why Equity Matters: Implications for Democracy
    Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (November 04, 2003) Summary: Describes the Diversity Scorecard Project; a partnership of 14 California higher education institutions utilizing institutional data to monitor progress toward equity for their historically underrepresented students in four areas: access, retention, institutional receptivity, and excellence.

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