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         California Parochial Schools:     more detail
  1. California law review by Jesse H Choper, 1968

41. CyberSports For BasketBall
Association Alaska School Activities Association california Interscholastic Federation Texas Association of Private and parochial schools Amateur Athletic

42. California's Problems Are Coming To You ...
In california, a majority of the children in public schools are now of In those melting pots of Americanization, the public and parochial schools of the early
Information about the Effects of Immigration on Georgia
California's Problems are coming to you ...
In earlier articles we have pointed out that you have been LIED to about immigration (both legal and illegal). You are told by the politically correct that immigrants only take the jobs that Americans do not want. Right!
That's why with unemployment a problem we have 8-12 million illegal immigrants, a million or so legal immigrants every year. To solve the unemployment problem!
We have shown how the H1B and L1 visa programs are replacing American workers in the high tech industry.
But immigrants only take the jobs Americans do not want! Right!
We have shown how the associated open border and free trade agreements are increasing "out sourcing." We are told that for every out sourced job, two are created here. We all have seen how closed and empty facilities are just brimming with these two for one jobs. There are still many aspects of the above subjects to cover and they will be forthcoming. But for a break, take a look at the article by Pat Buchanan below on some of the side effects in California. As this debate continues, you can watch California as a signal of what will eventually come to the rest of the country. If you do not like what is happening in California, then you can gauge roughly how much time will elapse before your State faces the same problems. But you can take it to the bank that if the current open border policy is maintained it will come to you - no matter of where you live.

43. Community Of Palmdale, California
is also served by private and parochial schools with a Antelope Valley Union High School District 44811 N University of Phoenix and california State University
COMMUNITY General Info
Community Overview




Upcoming Events

Volunteer Program

HOME ... SITE MAP SEARCH THE SITE Help Advanced powered by Inktomi
K-12 Education
Quality education is a high priority in Palmdale! The Palmdale School District and other neighboring districts provide schooling for grades K -12. The City is also served by private and parochial schools with a variety of educational institutions available to Palmdale residents.
Elementary Schools
Palmdale School District 39139 N. 10th Street East Palmdale, CA 93550 Westside Union School District 46809 70th Street West Lancaster, CA 93536
High Schools
Antelope Valley Union High School District 44811 N. Sierra Highway Lancaster, CA 93534
Continuing Education
Nearby Antelope Valley College offers associates of arts and science degrees in 37 fields. Certificate programs are offered in 47 different vocational areas. Four-year degree programs are offered in the Antelope Valley at satellite campuses of Chapman University University of La Verne University of Phoenix and California State University Bakersfield

44. Pasadena Schools And Training - Pasadena.COM
education teachers in public, private and parochial schools. Qualifications High school diploma or GED california School of the Culinary Arts Pasadena, CA Schools and Training

45. Feature: Endorsements - California Propositions
Endorsements california Propositions. for each child it sends to private or parochial school. Children who already attend these schools would be included over
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Year of the Dragon
November 3 - November 9, 2000
U.S. President U.S. Congress California Assembly San Francisco Elections ... Controversial Attack Ad Heats Up Honda/Cunneen Race
(in National News) S.F. School Board Looking for Fiscal Savior
(in Bay Area News) API Business Leaders Face the Future
(in Business) Charlie's Angels Fly High
Voices: Angela Oh Says You Should Vote on Tuesday

(in Opinion) Endorsements:
California Propositions
Proposition 32 Provides $500 million in loans to veterans for farm and home loans. YES Proposition 33 Allows legislators to join the Public Employees Retirement System. NO Proposition 34 Supersedes a tougher campaign law approved by voters in 1996. NO Proposition 35 Allows state to contract with private firms for construction. YES Proposition 36 Provides therapy and rehabilitation for non-violent drug offenders instead of imprisoning them. Would send all non-violent drug-possession offenders into treatment. YES
    The war on drugs sends billions of dollars in military action to the jungles of South America, while millions of people are being incarcerated here. With public funding for schools and healthcare in shambles, illegal drugs continue to be prevalent in our communities. This measure can keep as many as 37,000 people out of prison each year and may stop the need to build new prisons, thus saving taxpayers $1.5 billion over the next five years. Proposition 36 will allocate $120 million annually for drug treatment, which could affect tens of thousands of people.

46. San Luis Obispo Demographics
california. an alternative elementary school and high school, and a mental healthconnected elementary schools as well as 4 private and parochial schools in the
Choose a Destination... About the City Visiting SLO Bus Schedule Parking What’s New City Government Employment Opportunities FAQs How are we doing? -City Departments- Administration City Attorney City Clerk Community Development Economic Development Fire Human Resources Natural Resources Neighborhood Services Police Public Works Special Activities Utilities City of San Luis Obispo (SLO) Demographic Profile
Where is San Luis Obispo?
San Luis Obispo is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the Central Coast of California. The City is 10.5 square miles in area and an elevation of 315 feet. Major State Highways:
U.S. 101 links San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles and San Jose. Highway 1 follows the California coastline. San Luis Obispo is 80 miles from Interstate 5. State highways 41, 46, 58 and 166 provide access to central and eastern California. Air Service:
San Luis Obispo Airport
is located at the southern end of town. Three commuter airlines, American Eagle, Sky West United Express, and America West, offer 38 flights per day (19 arrivals, 19 departures).

47. Parochial Schools: Jewish High Schools Increase In Number
Six private high schools have opened their doors this year in california alone. For email updates about parochial schools and other education options, please

48. 4th Annual Central California Regional Science Fair
california’s table grape farmers are again, for the eighth year, funding Students from public, private and parochial schools will strive to take home ribbons
[Back to 98-99 Press Releases] March 12, 1999 Contact:
Armen D. Bacon
Exec. Asst. to the Superintendent
Fresno Co. Off. of Education
1111 Van Ness, Fresno 93721
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "Working on a science fair project may be the closest students come to being a scientist, and many find that experience life changing," states Brad Huff, Science Coordinator, Fresno County Office of Education. Students from public, private and parochial schools will strive to take home ribbons, medals, trophies and 100 special awards. ***END*** Photo Opportunity: During set-up on Tuesday, March 23, students may be interviewed while setting up their projects. The best time for this is from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. [Top]

49. 2003 Science, Mathematics & Engineering Fair
california s table grape farmers are again, for the eleventh year, providing Students from public, private and parochial schools will strive to take home scienceengin fair032403.
[Back to 02-03 Press Releases] March 17, 2003 Contact:
Armen D. Bacon
Exec. Asst. to the Superintendent
Fresno Co. Off. of Education
1111 Van Ness, Fresno 93721
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The 50th Annual Central California Regional Science, Mathematics and Engineering Fair will be held March 24-27, 2003 at the Fresno Convention Exhibit Hall. Nearly 900 students in grades 6 through 12 have registered to enter over 800 projects in this year's competition. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 and high school students who place first are eligible to advance to the California State Science Fair held in Los Angeles May 19 and 20 at the California Science Center. The top two winners of the Senior Division will go on to represent our regional fair at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, May 12-16, 2003. California's table grape farmers are again, for the eleventh year, providing funding for the students to attend the international competition. Now in its 54th year, the Intel ISEF is the world's only international science fair representing all the sciences, mathematics and engineering for students in grades 9-12. Its goal is to bring together students and teachers from around the world to establish new collaborations for future research and experience cultural exchanges.

50. Vouchers: Proceed With Caution
a regular column, “Those in Power Over Us,” in california Political Review. s use of taxpayer funded vouchers at private and parochial schools is touted
Early On Lead Poisoning Positive Behavior Support No Child Left Behind ... Detroit Parent Network Where to find help for a child in Michigan Anywhere in the U.S. , or Canada What's New? Help Text Menu ... Translate Last Updated: Article of Interest - Court Cases Vouchers: Proceed with Caution The Supreme Court’s Cleveland ruling, a stunning victory for public education reform, could loose a boa constrictor on private schools. M. David Stirling , California Political Review, July 17, 2002 M. David Stirling, vice president of Pacific Legal Foundation writes a regular column, “Those in Power Over Us,” in California Political Review. The recent Supreme Court decision holding constitutional Cleveland’s use of taxpayer- funded vouchers at private and parochial schools is touted in glowing terms by most conservative commentators. “The most important civil-rights case in almost 50 years,” declares one. “One of the most significant political decisions ever made by the Court,” comments another, adding that the “decision will do more to rescue a deteriorating educational system than any other act to come from Washington, D.C.,” in 25 years. And I agree with both assessments. Indeed, recognizing the forces in conflict within the public education arena, I am heartened that vouchers, as a concept, were preserved by the High Court as a viable alternative in the ongoing public education debate.

51. Aiming High For The Schools
(parochial schools tend to have lower tuition, but the Bay Area makes any privateschool tuition difficult to said that the welfare of california s children is
755 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
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Business and Economics



Book a PRI Speaker

You are here: Press Room Clippings San Francisco Chronicle, November 17, 2003
Aiming High For The Schools
by Jennifer Nelson
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a pile of problems waiting for him when he moves into the governor's office today. While the state's budget problems and the broken workers'-compensation insurance system have gotten much attention, parents across the state are hoping Schwarzenegger will make fixing California's schools a top priority. Year after year, we hear speeches, see legislation passed and pay for new programs aimed at improving our schools. Educational leaders are always crying poor to the public, but, in truth, the schools have received a 28 percent increase in per-pupil spending over the past 10 years. What do we have to show for all of this spending and effort?

52. Roman Catholic Diocese Of Fresno
erects the Diocese of Monterey to embrace the entire State of california. the diocese contains 42 parishes, 22 missions, 11 parochial schools, 2 hospitals and
What is now the Fresno Diocese was once a very sparsely populated desert and forest land that was one portion of the vast Diocese of Guadalajara comprising some two-thirds of the total area of Mexico. In 1769, all of Upper and Lower California were added to it.
The first Diocesan records are kept with the arrival of Blessed Junipero Serra, a Franciscan Missionary, and his companions. Guadalajara becomes an archdiocese, with a suffragan diocese, Sonora. This includes the Mexican States of Sonora, Sinola, and Upper and Lower California. Mexico wins its independence from Spain. Rome erects the Diocese of Monterey to embrace the entire State of California. The first Bishop of the Diocese is a Spanish Dominican, Rev. Joseph Sadoc Alemany. He had become a naturalized American citizen. The Archdiocese of San Francisco is erected. The Diocese of Monterey receives its first bishop, Most Rev. Thaddeus Amat. Bishop Amat renames his jurisdiction as the Diocese of Monterey and Los Angeles. The Episcopal See moves to Los Angeles. Our Lady of Mercy Church in Merced is established.

53. : Welcome :: California Safe Schools : Danger In The Schoolyard :
And the University of california Berkeley, which has the oldest IPM program in legislation nor laws already in effect cover private or parochial schools and day
Ladies' Home Journal - SPECIAL REPORT Danger in the Schoolyard Studies show that pesticides can harm children’s health. Yet across the country, kids are being exposed to high levels of dangerous chemicals at school. By Carol Lynn Mithers When Robina Suwol, forty, dropped off her sons at Sherman Oaks Elementary School, in Los Angeles, on March 30, 1998, she noticed a man spraying something along the side of the building. He must be cleaning, she thought absently as she opened the car door for Banden, then ten, and Nicholas, then six. As the boys got out, mist from the spray wet their heads and faces. “Yuck!” said Nicholas, “This tastes terrible!” “What tastes terrible?” wondered Suwol, but with a line of impatient parents behind her at the curb, there was no time to find out. The more she thought about what had happened, however, the more anxious she became. The man had been wearing a hazardous-materials suit. If what he was spraying was so dangerous that he needed protection, why was it being used around kids? She called the school office, and was directed to the L.A. Unified School District’s maintenance department.

54. Oceanside California Information
At least four privateer parochial schools. campuses, the main one and an adult school that offers 1999, the college and University of california went partners
Oceanside, The City and area.
by McCormack's Guides Much different town now . Suburban. Third most populous city in the county. Population in 1998 was estimated at 153,869. If you want the new, there are a lot of choices here. About half of the city's homes and apartments were built over the last 15 years. School rankings bounce all over, from the 10th to the 90th percentiles. Most children attend schools in the Oceanside District, which in recent years has suffered from crowding. Some kids attend school in Carlsbad and Vista school districts. At least four privateer parochial schools. Another public elementary opened in 1998. New superintendent is making many changes and many improvements. MiraCosta Community College runs two campuses, the main one and an adult school that offers English classes and basic skills. Community colleges are pleasing and helpful civic ornaments: they provide classes and activities at cheap prices and facilities (gyms, libraries, playing fields) of use to the community. In 1999, the college and University of California went partners on learning center that will offer many technical classes. Nine homicides in 1997, ten in 1996, 23 in 1995, reports FBI. The counts for previous years are 15, 18, 16, 13,11, 10, 12. Many parts of the city are suburban safe and compared to what it was 20 or 30 years ago, Oceanside is greatly improved. Between 1993 and 1997, the overall crime rate dropped 37 percent. Five police substations opened in neighborhoods. City has figured out a legal way to harass troublemakers and prod them to get out of town.

55. California Schools
california schools http// Directory of Elementary schools la-edu/rel.htm parochial Private and parochial schools in LA
Questions? Comments?We’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at questions@schoolanddayc To return to the main page click here. California Schools

Directory of Elementary schools in Bakersfield
Directory of Bakersfield High Schools.
Directory of Bakersfield Middle Schools
Elementary schools in Berkeley
Public Elementary schools in LA http:// Private and Parochial schools in LA http:// Public High Schools in LA http:// Directory of schools in Los Gatos http:// Directory of schools in Davis http:// Directory of Schools in Pacifica http://

56. About Convention Legislation Resources Contact Home
Whatever their particular orientation, california s private schools uphold and Quaker) schools to military academies, include parochial schools associated with
About Convention Legislation Resources ... Home
Private Education and the Public Interest
A message from the California Association of Private School Organizations (CAPSO) Private schools are partners in the education of the public. California's private schools currently educate more than 640,000 students representing over 10% of the state's total K-12 enrollment. One out of every five K-12 schools in California is a private school. Private schools provide students with knowledge, skills and values that are essential for productive and responsible participation in a democratic society. Graduates of California's private schools make significant contributions to every aspect of life in the state, often distinguishing themselves for their social, cultural, economic, scientific, academic, legal, religious and political achievements and leadership. Whatever their particular orientation, California's private schools uphold and promote the values of public participation and service to community. Private schools are diverse and pluralistic. American private education reflects the diversity that is a hallmark of our country's strength, freedom and creativity. Private schools span the ideological gamut, from Society of Friends (Quaker) schools to military academies, include parochial schools associated with multiple faiths and denominations, and feature an array of non-sectarian schools with differing philosophies of education, visions and missions. Private schools are urban, suburban and rural, large and small, progressive and traditional, religious and secular, independent and networked in various associations. In short, private schools offer parents and students a broad and meaningful range of educational options.

57. City Of Upland California
University of californiaRiverside, and california State Polytecnic University-Pomona. Upland also has about 19 private / parochial schools within the city.
4197 Chino Hills Parkway Chino Hills, CA 91709
Featured Properties Search For Homes Your Home's Value ... About Us
City of Upland
Incorporated, May 15, 1906 The City of Upland is located 27 miles west of San Bernardino and 35 miles east of Los Angeles at an elevation of about 1,242 feet. The City's area is 15.08 square miles. City Information Centers Upland City Hall
460 N. Euclid Avenue
Upland, CA 91786 Chamber of Commerce 433 N. 2nd Avenue
Upland, CA 91786 Public Services Fire Department City of Upland
475 N. 2nd Avenue
Upland, CA 91786 Electric Southern California Edison Sewer Chino Basin Water District 2450 Philadelphia Street Ontario, CA 91764 Telephone Verizon Police Upland Polic Department 1499 W. 13th Street

58. Press Release May 16, 2000
Not only are private school teachers excluded—more than 40,000 of them in the 4,200 private and/or parochial schools in california that are attended by
For additional information contact:
Robert Teegarden
Associate Director for Education
Dr. Ron Reynolds, President of the California Association of Private School Organizations (CAPSO) and head of the Hebrew Day Schools of Los Angeles, criticized Governor Davis' proposal as a "one-of-a-kind idea that probably will do nothing to actually better the lives of children. The governor should stress the competence of the professionals, not the competition between schools or systems."
Mr. Teegarden went on to point out that 75 years ago, the U. S. Supreme Court unanimously decided in Pierce that parents had the absolute right to select the venue for educating their children. Governor Davis' decision would seriously undermine that American freedom by creating an unfair advantage for teachers in government institutions. "Governor Davis, right intentions, bad idea," he said.

Greek Orthodox parochial day schools maintain nurseries, preschool centers, kindergartens Nursery to Kindergarten 2003-2004 enrollment 85 california.
Archdiocese Parochial and Afternoon School students participating in the Daily News Spelling Bee were congratulated by Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos.
There are 23 Greek Orthodox parochial day schools functioning in the United States with an enrollment of 4,370 students for the current school year 2003-2004. Greek Orthodox parochial day schools maintain nurseries, pre-school centers, kindergartens, elementary and secondary grades and adhere to local and state-mandated curricula. There are, however, those that exclusively offer early childhood programs. For information on how to establish an early childhood program within the framework of a parish, please contact the Archdiocesan Office of Greek Education at (212) 570-3552. ALABAMA Cathedral Day Care
307 South 19th Street
Birmingham, AL 35233

60. News
pay for tuition at private or parochial schools and infuriated say vouchers will weaken public schools and are I can say, said california Teachers Association

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