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         California Alternative Schools:     more books (45)
  1. Alternatives in California school finance (Rand Corporation. Rand report) by Stephen M Barro, 1971
  2. Equality in California school finance: Impacts of alternatives on taxpayers (Working paper / School of Public Administration) by Millicent Ann Cox, 1977
  3. California. University. School of Criminology. San Francisco Project. Research report by Joseph D Lohman, 1965
  4. Opposition to public education in California: Zach Montgomery's alternative model for the public school system of California, 1861-1885 by Joseph R Peden, 1979
  5. Beyond retention: A study of retention rates, practices, and successful alternatives in California by Catherine George, 1991
  6. Alternative measures of fiscal capacity of school districts in California by Phillip E Vincent, 1979
  7. Inside alternative schools on the San Francisco peninsula by Bob Wachman, 1973
  8. Alternative schools (School management digest) by Jo Ann Mazzarella, 1978
  9. The grass roots alternative: A citizens' approach to community education by Katie Elsbree, 1977
  10. Bridging alternative and regular education: a look at how the state standards link the career and academic worlds shows educators how other key linkages ... in our schools.: An article from: Leadership by George Manthey, 2006-05-01
  11. Criticisms of Traditional Postsecondary School Admissions Criteria: A Search for Alternatives (Occasional Paper No. 1) by Carlos Manuel Haro, 1978-07-01
  12. Business roundtable proposes charter school: school district staff, chamber back plan for storefront classes.: An article from: San Diego Business Journal by Billie Sutherland, 1994-04-25
  13. Alternative court structures in the future of the California judiciary: 2020 vision by Lawrence B Solum, 1993
  14. Assessing alternative drug control regimes (Working paper / Graduate School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley) by Robert J MacCoun, 1994

1. Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM) - Accountability (CA Dept Of Edu
ASAM) Online Reporting System is provided by the california Department of Education for alternative schools serving very highrisk, highly mobile students.
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Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM)
Provides state-mandated accountability for alternative schools serving very high risk student populations.
Online Reporting
The Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM) Online Reporting System is provided by the California Department of Education for alternative schools serving very high-risk, highly mobile students.
Public Notices
Public notices regarding ASAM.
Selecting a Third ASAM Indicator
Schools participating in the ASAM are required to select a third indicator for school year 2003-2004. Advisory letter
Third Indicator Selection Form
(DOC; 72KB; 3pp.) Questions: Download Free Readers California Department of Education
1430 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
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Web Policy Feedback
Last Modified: Thursday, May 13, 2004

2. Index
West Mall Alternative... SCHOOL BOARD SCHOOLS CURRICULUM RESOURCES ... HOME Grades K-6 Home Studies Principal: Wendy Muller Location: 22070 H Street Santa Margarita, CA 93453 Phone: (805) 438-3323 Grades 7th and 8th Home Studies Principal: Wendy Muller Location: 22070 H Street Santa Margarita, CA 93453 Phone: (805) 438-5633 Grades 9th - 12th Independent Studies Principal: Wendy Muller Location: 6500 Atascadero Avenue Atascadero, CA 93422 Phone: (805) 462-4393 RETURN TO TOP^

3. Choice As A Way Of Learning - Alternative Schools & Programs (CA Dept Of Educati
and high schools students should be encouraged to determine whether any particular alternative education course meets University of california ag standards
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Choice as a Way of Learning
Alternative School Legislation
State law ( Education Code sections 58500 through 58512) provides that districts may establish and maintain alternative schools and programs. These Education Code sections provide a definition of alternative schools, declare the purposes of alternative schools, and stipulate the requirements that alternative schools must meet. Among these requirements are that both the teachers and the students must be selected from volunteers, that alternative schools must be maintained and funded at the same level of support as other educational programs, and that district must annually evaluate such schools and programs. Districts may apply to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction for waivers of sections of the Education Code on behalf of alternative schools, thereby providing these schools with one of the important advantages of charter schools.

4. California Driving Schools By
california Driving schools information. californias alternative Private Schooling schools. Teens that successfully complete alternative Private Schooling's drivers education Internet course
California Driving Schools Information Available by
California driving schools sources presented at California driving schools information available by clicking above. Find california driving schools on The state requires teens to either be simultaneously enrolled in driver’s education and drivers behind the wheel. Teens who enroll in Alternative Private Schooling's drivers education course will be receiving one of two types of completion certificates. California’s Alternative Private Schooling offers teens that live in California, driver’s education online. Alternative Private Schooling provides the student with all the materials and education that the classroom has to offer. Teens that successfully complete Alternative Private Schooling's drivers education Internet course will receive a California DMV completion certificate. San Jose and Santa Clara residents receive a discount by enrolling in online drivers education and behind the wheel training. Related terms include chicago driving schools texas motorcycle drivers test philadelphia driving schools mn driving schools , and amador valley drivers school . APS contracts with a licensed and insured driving school in the Santa Clara Valley to provide the hands-on-training. APS drivers education is an approved course offering California teens an online course that allows teens to take drivers education. APS is a unique internet study and testing system for Drivers Education in California.

5. Accrediting Commission For Schools - WASC Accreditation - Public California: Alt
The california alternative education schools will find that the protocol entitled WASCCDE Focus on Learning Joint Process can serve as the basis for the
Welcome FAQ Directory of Schools Calendar of Events ... Contact Us Ongoing Process: Public California: Alternative Education The California alternative education schools will find that the protocol entitled WASC-CDE Focus on Learning Joint Process can serve as the basis for the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The process guides the school into an ongoing improvement process that includes implementation, assessment, and refinement of the schoolwide action plan on an annual basis. Appropriate reports and reviews throughout the normal six-year cycle of accreditation support this proces. Initial Visit
As noted on our Getting Started page all Public California Alternative Education schools follow the initial visit procedures, utilizing the WASC-CDE Accreditation Manual: Initial Visit Procedures. Full Self Study/Visit
The full visit instructions for California public schools are outlined in the respective protocols for these schools.

6. Juvenile Court, Community And Alternative Schools Administrators Of California
Juvenile Court, Community and alternative schools Administrators of california. An Invitation for Membership
Juvenile Court, Community and Alternative Schools Administrators of California An Invitation for Membership Juvenile Court, Community and Alternative Schools Administrators of California (JCCASAC) is an organization that provides leadership, inservice, direction, and information to administrative personnel involved in juvenile court and community school education programs. JCCASAC functions as a support system to these professionals by providing activities, projects, and services in the following areas: Instructional Program, Staff Development, Evaluation, Legislation, Special Funding, Personnel Procedures, Communications, Networking, Interagency Coordination, Pupil Personnel Service Research, and Management Development. Directory of JCCASAC Members Newsletter Journal of Court, Community and Alternative Schools Material exchange Northern and Southern section meeting notices Information regarding state conference Professional growth and support activities Networking Administrative Resource Manual (available for a small printing fee)
Name: County: Position:
Mailing Address: North/South Member: E-Mail Address: Telephone: Fax: Contact Person (if different then above): I am applying for membership in the Juvenile Court, Community and Alternative Schools Administrators of California as an:

7. NaturalHealers- Massage Therapy Schools, Chiropractic Schools, Acupuncture Schoo
Directory of massage therapy schools and schools of acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, herbal, ayurveda, homeopathy, midwifery, massage schools and more. Arizona. Arkansas. california. Canada Alberta. Canada - B.C a variety of other alternative medicine schools
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  • Massage Schools
  • Acupuncture Schools
  • Ayurvedic Schools ...
  • Yoga Teacher Training
    If you would like to find massage therapy schools, chiropractic colleges, acupuncture schools, or any school of the natural healing arts , you'll find a great source for information on schools, programs, certification, careers and licensing requirements. This site includes:
    • Featured Schools : A detailed description of schools that are members of the network.
      Specialty Location All Ayurveda Chiropractic Herbal Homeopathy Massage Naturopathy Nutrition - More Specialties - Acupressure Acupuncture for MDs Alexander Technique Animal Therapy Applied Kinesiology Aromatherapy Associates Degree Ayurveda Bachelors Degree Bioenergetics Biofeedback Breema CME Continuing Education Chair Massage Chiropractic Colonic Therapy Continuing Education Craniosacral Distance Learning Doula Training Energy Healing Feldenkrais Feng Shui Flower Essences Guided Imagery Hakomi Healing Touch Hellerwork Herbal Holistic Health Practitioner Holistic Nursing Holistic Skin Care Homeopathy Hydrotherapy Hypnotherapy Iridology Jin Shin Life Coaching Lomi Lomi Macrobiotics Massage Midwifery Naprapathy Naturopathy NCBTMB CEUs NLP Neuromuscular Nutrition Ohashiatsu Ortho-Bionomy Osteopathy Personal Training Pilates Teacher Training Polarity Therapy Reflexology Reiki Rosen Method Rubenfeld Synergy SHEN Therapy Shiatsu Sound Healing Spiritual Healing Stone Therapy Structural Integration Thai Massage Tibetan Medicine Trager Tui Na
  • 8. Alternative Schools
    Code Board Policy 6181Topic Instruction. alternative schools alternative schools or alternative schools. Management ResourcesWEB SITESCDE Policy VENTURA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICTadopted April 10, 2001 Ventura, california

    9. Alternative Schools
    alternative schools. Martin Luther King High School 635 B Street. Davis, california 95616. Fact Sheets.
    var ace_path="_borders/"; Alternative Schools
    Martin Luther King High School

    635 B Street Davis, California 95616 Fact Sheets English
    (Full Accountability Report Cards will be available in the near future)
    Principal : David Egolf
    Secretary : Billie Dunbar
    Davis Adult School

    315 West 14th Street
    Davis, California 95616 Director : Laurel Clumpner Secretary : Roberta Grant Tel Fax Davis School for Independent Study 526 B Street Davis, California 95616 Fact Sheets English Spanish (Full Accountability Report Cards will be available in the near future) Principal : Robb Rodden Secretary : Pat Snyder Tel Fax Children's Center 530 B Street Davis, California 95616 Director : Maria Furtado-Yuen Secretary : Vacant Tel Fax Please send questions and comments to Technology Last Revised: March 11, 2004

    accountability system for california public schools. The system includes schools and centers, and alternative schools (continuation high schools and countyadministered schools

    11. Truancy , Outdoor Therapy Programs For Troubled Teens, Troubled Teen
    teen programs, alternative schools for troubled teens, troubled teen. TEEN HELPLINE. MILITARY SCHOOL california resource catalog of specialty schools, treatment programs and group
    truancy , outdoor therapy programs for troubled teens, troubled teen

    12. Charter Schools: New Report Praises California Charter Schools
    california charter schools are serving lowincome and at-risk students, and helping these students succeed. Read the Progressive Policy Institute's article on how california schools are do the california Charter schools Praised in New Reportalternative schools Benefit At-Risk Students of the enrollment of these alternative schools than of the enrollment of traditional

    13. NCACS -- Links To Campus-Based Member Schools
    school. SMAP Childcare, Santa Monica, SCIES, Southern california Independent Educational Studies, K12 alternative School. COLORADO. Denver
    the NCACS Membership Publications Resources ... Contact Resources
    Select an Option Member Schools Home Education Member Publishers Member Resources WEB LINKS TO CAMPUS-BASED MEMBER SCHOOLS The following schools are NCACS members and have active Web sites. This is neither an exhaustive list of members, nor all of our members with Web sites. A complete list of member and partner programs can be found in the NCACS National Directory of Alternative Schools . Members wishing to list their programs or e-mail addresses on this page should contact the National Office at Outside the US Arizona California ... Washington OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES Compuhigh Cyberspace Online high school courses Ecole d'Humanite Hasliberg Goldern, Switzerland Holistic education, rigorous academics The Booroobin Sudbury School A Centre for Learning Booroobin, Australia Independent, democratic school Moo Baan Dek Children's Village School Tambol Wangdong, Thailand Summerhill school-based program for poor and orphans Brockwood Park School Hampshire, England, UK

    14. P.M.H. Atwater's List Of Alternative Schools
    Arts Sciences, and the School of Professional plus business training at their california Fresh Buffet be considered in any plans for alternative courses of
    Near-death experiencers, as well as anyone else who desires a healthier, more holistic yet grounded approach to the educational process, are invited to explore the varied offerings of the schools and universities mentioned here. This listing is not intended to be complete, but, rather, a starting point for what is currently available. I make no guarantees here; opinions expressed are my own.
    (Prepared 6-5-02 by P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.) ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY
    Offers Master of Arts in Transpersonal Studies. Also has Continuing Education Programs, Spiritual Guidance Mentoring Program, Intuition Development Training, Distance Learning and Residential Programs. 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    Phones: 1-800-428-1512 and (757) 631-8101, FAX: (757) 631-8096 E-mail: Website: CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF INTEGRAL STUDIES
    Offers M.A. in Philosophy and Religion, and Ph.D. in Humanities Concentration: Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. All programs designed to shape the intellectual, moral, and spiritual leadership necessary today. 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

    15. State Departments Of Education And Alternatives Schools
    Department of Education Bostrom alternative High School Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education Arkansas. Arkansas Department of Education california.
    State Departments of Education
    and Alternative Schools
    Alabama State Department of Education Alabama Education Online Girl Scouts Outreach Program
    Alaska Dept of Education State of Alaska - Educational Sites Government Educational Services Statewide Library Electronic Doorway
    Arizona Department of Education Bostrom Alternative High School Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education
    Arkansas Department of Education
    California Department of Education California Charter School California State Superintendent of Public Instruction - gopher Yahoo - California State Universities ... Yahoo - University of California
    Colorado Department of Education Colorado Department of Higher Education Education in Colorado The EXCEL School
    Connecticut State Department of Education Education in Connecticut Area Cooperative Educational Services University of Connecticut
    District of Columbia Public School System
    Education in Florida Florida DOE Program Information
    Florida Department of Education - Sunshine State Standards
    SAIL High School, Tallahassee, Fla

    16. High School Eligibility For ELC
    Beginning for the class of 2006, all california public comprehensive high read the sections directly below about charter schools, alternative schools, ATP codes
    Click on one of the links to the right to be taken to that topic within this page. ELIGIBLE SCHOOLS CHARTER SCHOOLS ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS ATP CODES ... ELC Links
    High School Eligibility for ELC The following schools may participate in the ELC program if they have satisfied the other requirements listed below:
    • Public California comprehensive public high schools, regardless of accreditation status.
    • Private California comprehensive high schools that have been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) or are WASC candidates.
    Beginning for the class of 2006, all California public comprehensive high schools must also be WASC accredited or WASC candidates to be eligible to participate in the ELC program. Please carefully read the sections directly below about charter schools, alternative schools, ATP codes, the a-g Doorways course lists, and magnet programs to further determine if your high school is eligible to participate in the ELC program. Alternative Schools
    Alternative schools are not eligible to participate in the ELC program. The faculty committee that oversees UC undergraduate admissions, the

    17. CASAS - CASAS Tops In Alternative Schools
    In california more than 1,100 alternative schools can now use the CASAS Life Skills, Employability Competency System, and Functional Writing Assessment with

    18. CASAS - ASAM
    align to california high school content standards for math, and English are relevant and appropriate for many students in alternative schools; are standardized

    19. Alternative Medicine, College Education Schools.
    alternative Medicine, Healing, Therapy, Spiritual Psychology,. Washington DC Florida School of Acupuncture and california College of Ayurveda Twoyear state
    To Home Page Dream Interpretation Dream Dictionary Astrology Profiles ... Friendly Links
    College Degree Programs
    Alternative Medicine, Healing, Therapy, Spiritual Psychology,
    Colleges and Universities offer a number of New Age Holistic Degree programs in Holistic health care, naturopathy, Chinese herbology and medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, Clinical counseling, psychology, spiritual psychology, Ayurveda, and more. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Offers degrees in: Holistic Health Care, Chinese Herbology, Oriental Bodywork, Clinical Nutrition, Body/Mind Psychology Scottsdale AZ
    Five Branches Institute

    South Baylo University
    Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies
    College of Naturopathic Medicine
    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) Degree Program. A four-year residential professional degree program. Bridgeport CT
    Capital University of Integrative Medicine
    Master of Science in Integrative Health Science. Washington DC

    20. Alternative Accountability System For Small Schools
    alternative schools Accountability Model (along with alternative schools). submit them to the california Department of For these indicators, schools may choose Small School Districts Critical Issues Alternative Accountability System for Small Schools Alternative Accountability System for Small Schools The Public Schools Accountability Act of 1999 established an Academic Performance Index (API) to measure the performance of schools, and established a system of awards and interventions based on that index. It also required the Superintendent of Public Instruction, with approval of the State Board of Education, to develop an alternative accountability system for schools with fewer than 100 students (and for alternative schools). Implementation of the alternative accountability system is now underway. Also, two legislative proposals are pending which would make changes in the system and affect the eligibility of small schools for state awards and intervention programs. The API for all schools is currently based on the state Standardized Testing and Reporting assessments, which consist of the Stanford 9 (SAT-9) and augmented SAT-9 tests. Thus, as the alternative accountability system was developed, it was determined that eligibility should be based on the number of students with valid test scores rather than the number of students enrolled in a school .It was also determined that different models were needed for schools with 11 to 99 valid test scores and those with fewer than 11 valid test scores. [If passed, AB 1295 (Thomsen and Reyes) will make these changes in the law. AB 1295 provides that, to be counted, a student must have been enrolled in a school within the same district in the prior year.]

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