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1. General Software, Inc. - News: Embedded BIOS[tm] 4.2
general Software's. Embedded biostm 4.2. Released. Embedded bios Caldera now offers a special royalty plan for Embedded bios customers contact Caldera Thin Clients for more
General Software's
Embedded BIOS[tm] 4.2

Embedded BIOS
On-Site Training

Custom BIOS Adaptation

OEM Board Bring-Up

Windows CE Bootloading
Key Initiatives
Windows CE

Year 2000

About GS Company Overview Jobs News for the Press Visitor's Guide ... Contact Us The New General Software Embedded BIOS[tm] 4.2 The new Embedded BIOS[tm] 4.2 release offers significant advantages to OEM customers over prior releases:
  • Footprints from 16kb to 256kb allow full feature set to be enabled at once, even with OEM extensions in the Board module for space-hungry features as graphical splash screens. OEMs can now move components such as the setup screen subsystem and the debugger to other segments.
  • Support for Intel Pentium and PentiumII is now available. Embedded BIOS adaptations for IWILL and ASUS desktop mainboards have been developed, in addition to the Intel Mobile PentiumII and Intel Low-Power Pentium designs.
  • Support for AMD K6, including Acer's Aladdin V chipset is available, with adaptations for motherboards such as the MS5169.
  • New 4-way interleave Flash drivers support advanced Flash arrays.

2. General Software, Inc. - BIOS Applications
The percopy royalty for Embedded bios is less than CE Integrator companies for HALsoftware, and Embedded bios provides much Copyright © general Software, Inc

Applications Services

On-Site Training

Custom BIOS Adaptation

OEM Board Bring-Up

Windows CE Bootloading
Key Initiatives
Windows CE

Year 2000


About GS
Company Overview
Jobs News for the Press Visitor's Guide ... Contact Us
  • Standard BIOS for Embedded System or Consumer Electronics
  • Failsafe Bootloader A reduced-configuration adaptation of Embedded BIOS can be built to provide Manufacturing Mode and Flash services. When this is done, the resulting BIOS is small and can fit in a 16KB boot block, making it an ideal failsafe bootloader that can load the full-featured BIOS into the system, or get another BIOS via Manufacturing Mode from a host system.
  • Mainboard BIOS Embedded BIOS provides the standard functionality expected from DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and other operating systems. BIOS adaptations are available for the IWILL mainboard and others. These mainboards can be used in standard desktop configurations for applications that require it.
  • Deeply Embedded Pre-Boot Environment Embedded BIOS can be configured for systems without disk drivers, keyboards, CRT controllers, or any other standard PC/AT peripherals. In such a configuration, it can load an operating system or application into memory and run it, providing BIOS services to DOS and the application software, and at the same time providing the embedded facilities such as the debugger, Flash file system, ROM disk, and console redirection needed in the lab and on the finished target.

3. Xbox-Hq.Com - Buy Xbox Modchips And Accessories + Xbox
New guy looking for ftp bios help. Last post by forahobby by forahobby in Xbox general Discussions on Apr 24, 2004 New royaltyFree DVD Format (EVD/AVD players)

4. IT Resource Center Forums - Workstations
ITRC Wizard, ITRC Wizard. 1000 points. ITRC royalty, ITRC royalty. 2500 points. ITRCPharaoh, ITRC Pharaoh. E500 bios, general, Sidney Heath, 0, 05/05/04, 05/05/04.

5. USENIX 2003 Annual Technical Conference, FREENIX Track — Paper
Flexibility in ROM A Stackable Open Source bios vendors who were hopeful of a future where they wouldn't have to pay a royalty to bios vendors can be started now that a general purpose open

USENIX Annual Conference '03 Tech Program Index
Pp. 115-124 of the Proceedings
Flexibility in ROM: A Stackable Open Source BIOS
Adam Agnew, Adam Sulmicki, *Ronald Minnich, William Arbaugh
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland at College Park
Advanced Computing Lab, Los Alamos National Lab*
Los Alamos, New Mexico
LANL LA-UR-03-2137,,,

One of the last vestiges of closed source proprietary software in current PCs is the PC BIOS. The BIOS, most always written in assembler, operates mostly in 16 bit mode, and provides services that few modern 32 bit operating systems require. Recognizing this, the LinuxBIOS founders began an effort to place a Linux kernel in the ROM of current motherboards- completely removing the legacy BIOS. While the LinuxBIOS effort fully supports Linux, other modern operating systems, e.g. *BSD, and Windows 2000/XP, could not be directly supported because of their reliance on a few services provided by those legacy BIOSes. In this paper, we describe how we have combined elements of the LinuxBIOS, the Bochs PC emulator, and additional software to create the first open source firmware for the IBM PC capable of booting most modern operating systems.

The personal computer (PC) basic input output system (BIOS) remains one of the last bastions of closed source software. The reasons for this are many, but the most prominent is that many of the hardware interfaces in modern PC chipsets are covered by non-disclosure agreements. NDAs greatly limit the set of systems that an open source BIOS could support. Additionally, technical barriers to entry at the firmware/BIOS level are significant. For example, debugging is considerably more difficult, and the tools to permit control over the processor at the firmware level, e.g. an in-circuit emulator, are very expensive.

6. IT Resource Center Forums - Workstations
ITRC royalty, ITRC royalty. 2500 points. bios, general, william martindale, 1, 04/06/04,04/06/04. AMDAGP.SYS locked drive, Windows based, stu, 2, 03/28/04, 04/06/04.

7. Executive Bios
Executive bios. Beginning in 1998, he served as general Manager of API s UpstreamSegment, which focuses on advocacy on access, royalty management, environmental,,1104_1854,00.html
Drilling and Completions Facilities and Construction Health, Safety and Environment Management and Information Production and Operations Reservoir Description and Dynamics Meetings and Conferences Technical Resources Career Development Young Members Sections About Oil and Natural Gas About SPE Products and Services Search For Meeting ATCE OTC Calls For Papers ... Meetings Policy Leadership Membership Media Center Honors and Awards Volunteers Governance Members Only Publications SPE Foundation Contact Us Site Links Join SPE Pay Dues Online Membership Directory Update Information About SPE Media Center Executive Bios
Executive Bios
High Resolution Photo
2004 SPE President Kate Hadley Baker
BP Group From 1998 to 2001, Baker served as the Director of Upstream Digital Business for BP Amoco, managing the consolidation of BP, Amoco and later, ARCO Upstream IT assets. In 1997, she served as Manager of the Technical Services Group at Amoco Worldwide Exploration. There she managed a group of 130-150 people providing hardcopy data to high performance computing services. From 1975 to 1994, Baker held many positions for Exxon Production Research Company and Exxon Company, USA, including Research Geologist, Research Supervisor, Senior Supervisory Geologist, Project Leader, Planning Advisor, Division Operations Geologist, Well Evaluation Coordinator, and Senior Research Supervisor.

8. Hemera Technologies GraphicsDesk : Graphics News - BIOS : Technology For Busines
Hemera Technologies, a Canadabased provider of wholly owned royalty-free images collectionprovides unlimited access to around 75,000 general business images

9. Biographies: Biography, Famous People, Biographical Information -
general Biographies. PBS Biographies Multimedia bios on well-known figures. Athletes;Authors; Celebrities; Leaders; Musicians. Newsmakers; Poets; royalty; Scientists;

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  • 10. - The First Place To Buy At The Last Minute
    bios s Entertainment. bios s - Literary. bios s - Military. Docu s - general.Docu s - Entertainment. Docu s - News. Docu s - royalty. Docu s - Military.

    Latest Releases
    Bios's - General Bios's - Entertainment Bios's - Literary ... Docu's - Military Skip to titles beginning with:
    Absolute Monarch, The
    Starring: Alan Whicker All The Queen's Horses - A Golden Jubilee Tribute To Her Majesty The Queen (2002)
    Starring: Alastair Down (Pres/Narr) Coronation, The
    Starring: Richard Dimbleby (Pres/Narr) Coronation, The - 2nd June 1953
    Starring: Robert Powell (Pres/Narr) David Starkey's Elizabeth - The Complete Series
    Starring: David Starkey (Pres/Narr) David Starkey's Elizabeth - The Complete Series (DVD) (Widescreen)
    Starring: David Starkey (Pres/Narr) David Starkey's The Six Wives Of Henry VIII - The Complete Series (DVD) (Widescreen)
    Starring: David Starkey (Pres/Narr) Diana - A Celebration
    We currently have no details of stars featuring in this title Diana - A Tribute - 1961-1997 - Queen Of Hearts (1997) We currently have no details of stars featuring in this title Diana - Princess Diana - A Day In The Life We currently have no details of stars featuring in this title Next 8 Titles affiliate programme your photos bet online ... investor relations Your Order Hot Stuff Browse Action/Adventure Adult Audience Childrens Comedy ... Games NEW!

    11. GuruNet
    and Costello, Plato, Chaim Soutine) general bios Short bios of Norgay) PersonalitiesMore Short bios of the Elvis Presley, Darth Vader) royalty Short bios
    GuruNet 4.2
    By Dale Farris, Secretary
    Golden Triangle PC Club
    September 2003
    Service Overview
    Have you grown tired of the hundreds of "hits" you receive when you enter a keyword into your favorite search engine's search field? As many savvy Internet search aficionados have learned, "more" hits are not necessarily better when you are trying to find important information. In fact, usually the more "hits" you see, the less relevant are these "hits" to your search needs.
    Part of the reason for the numerous useless links found in today's search engines is the nature of the information filed away in the countless millions of Web pages that comprise the Internet. Another reason for the many times useless search engine results is the reality that not all information is accessible via Internet search engines. Serious researchers have learned that in many cases legitimate, reliable information can only be found by paying a fee to access solid sources of information.
    In addition, researchers have also learned to use tools other than generic search engines, such as specialized electronic databases, or online versions of research works, including the always reliable dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, and other specialized reference sources.

    12. Bios - Internet Resources (bios)
    demo Embedded bios™ on Flash Chips general Software is Embedded bios™ is a fullfeaturedbios for x86 source code and industry-leading non-royalty-based Real

    emb. software bios
    vendors conf. google
    Get your Windows Embedded Introductory Kit
    Download your Windows Embedded Introductory Kit today, and see how developing for devices with Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded can help increase efficiency. Download today and get $400 off Windows Embedded DevCon 2004 registration.
    Introductory Kit
    Etherboot is a software package for creating ROM images that can download code over an Ethernet network to be executed on an x86 computer. Many network adapters have a socket where a ROM chip can be installed.
    LinuxBIOS Project LinuxBIOS is an Open Source project aimed at replacing the normal BIOS with a little bit of hardware initialization and a compressed Linux kernel that can be booted from a cold start. The project was started as part of clustering research work in the Cluster Reseach Lab at the Advanced Computing Laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory. preview:
    Open Bios Project OpenBIOS is on Open Source software project to build a BIOS. The project seems to be at early stages, but there are a number of other BIOS links available here too.

    13. Bios - Best Of The Web - Firmware
    3) bios Samples and Software Tools general Software 4 free design guide - topsites for bios enter your code and industry-leading non-royalty-based Real
    Download RTI ScopeTools Flash Demo Here! home emb. software bios RTI ScopeTools Flash Demo
    For VxWorks 5.5 users, Wind River Systems is offering a FREE trial evaluation of ScopeTools here. A beta program for MontaVista Linux 3.1 customers using x86 and PPC targets is currently underway. You may sign up for the beta program here.
    The BIOS Web
    GIOS - An open source BIOS for PowerPC based embedded systems Embedded Systems Firmware Demystified
    sponsor msg: Tundra - The Leader in PCI-X Bridging
    free email alerts on bios
    browse bios vendors
    bios resources:

    tutorials, resources, freeware...
    (7 records)
    projects, portals, demos
    (7 records)
    (1 records)
    free design guide - ' top sites ' for bios
    enter your email: Accelerated Technology , the Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics Corporation, provides embedded systems developers with a focus on service, well-documented source code and industry-leading non-royalty-based Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) software, AT's RTOS software shortens time-to-market and provides a complete solution for engineers. Architecture supported include 68K, x86, ARM, ColdFire, DSP, Hitachi, PowerPC, SPARC, Mitsubishi, M-Core, Infineon

    14. Galaxy Directory : Operating Systems < Software < Computers < General Products A
    Galaxy Business and Commerce general Products and Services AS/400 (33) BeOS (4)bios (7) CHORUS (1 leader in providing source code, no royalty, embedded real
    Web Directory News Domain Search terms: advanced Voyeur Search Options Yellow Pages ...
    Submit Your Site to this Directory

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    More Featured Listings
    Purchase IBM Operating Systems At

    IBM operating systems, from desktop to mainframe - find the solutions to meet your e-business needs at
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    Bid at eBay and find thousands of great buys on just about anything! Free Virus Scan Scan for spyware, malware and keyloggers in addition to viruses, worms and trojans. New threats and annoyances are created faster than any individual can keep up with. Site Listings Showing 1 - 20 of Sites Page Title URL VMware Virtual Computing Throughout the Enterprise By using virtual machines to consolidate and isolate the workloads of multiple servers, you increase server utilization and decrease operations complexity, reducing your TCO. With VMware server software, we are able to run up to 10 database servers on a single server, which allows us to provide mainframe levels of reliability and data security at much lower cost. Jody Powers, President, ... URL: [

    15. Windows Magazine
    with a PC can also be bios locked, reducing Marcel Mendoza, general manager of marketingand sales for Microsoft is dealing directly with its royalty OEMs on

    Application Integration
    IT Training Power Protection Storage Networking Choose One .... TW (All Sites) InformationWeek InternetWeek Network Computing Storage Pipeline Security Pipeline Mobile Pipeline Networking Pipeline Server Pipeline Linux Pipeline Optimize Government Enterprise The Open Enterprise Financial Technology advanced Although CMP no longer publishes Windows Magazine, we maintain archives of WinMag content in its original form. For up-to-date Windows and desktop coverage, visit InformationWeek's Windows Technology Center and TechWeb's Desktop Pipeline
    OEM PC Makers Asked to Change Windows Distribution Practices to Combat Piracy To combat a flourishing gray market in its operating systems, Microsoft will require OEMs in 2000 to ship copies of the OS that cannot be installed on another computer.
    By Paul DeGroot
    Directions on Microsoft
    Microsoft will significantly change the way its operating systems (OSs) are distributed with new PCs in 2000. The changes are aimed at reducing piracy and at creating PCs with superior "self-healing" ability. OEMs will be required to ship with each computer either a "BIOS-locked" CD-ROM that ties the CD to a particular make or model of computer or to put a backup copy of the OS on the hard disk. The decision has caused a stir within the industry as OEMs and Microsoft Authorized Replicators (ARs)—the companies that make OS CDs for OEMs—wrestle with the implications of the new policy. Corporate users may also be impacted. Targeting the Gray Market The new policy is aimed at the large "gray market" for Microsoft OS CDs.

    16. DDJ
    general Software has announced Version 4.1 of its Embedded bios, which initializesan industrial PC or Embedded bios comes with a royaltyfree copy of

    17. Published Protocols And Royalty-Free License [Protocol]
    Accordingly, any licensee under the royaltyfree license may Pragmatic general Multicast(PGM), The PGM Protocol is a to be employed by the NBP or the bios.
    MSDN Home MSDN Library Windows Development Windows Development (General) Published Protocols And Royalty-Free License
    Published Protocols And Royalty-Free License
    Microsoft works with many other companies and industry initiatives to enable Microsoft products to provide interoperability with multiple networks and network services. Network protocols are developed and promoted by a variety of formal standards bodies, industry consortia, and individual companies worldwide. Microsoft actively participates and contributes to the standardization process in many standards bodies and develops implementations to make the Windows operating system interoperable with other products that implement these protocols. In addition, the documentation for a subset of protocols previously provided only under the Microsoft Protocol License Agreement for Development and Product Distribution now reside on MSDN. If the protocols used for communication between Windows 2000 and Windows XP client operating systems and Microsoft Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server and Windows .NET Server operating systems are published on MSDN or through standards organizations or other third party sources, those protocols are listed below for your reference. If you wish, a

    18. Royalty -
    general Biographies Photo Galleries Artists Athletes Authors Celebrities LeadersMusicians Newsmakers Mad Monarchs bios of deranged royalty throughout time

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    Mad Monarchs

    Bios of "deranged"
    royalty throughout time. Royal Families
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    sites of royalty. World of Royalty Info on past and present royals. British Monarchy Official site of England's royal family. Monarchs of Britian Biographies for every king and queen. Royal Scandals Scandals of the British monarchy. Related: Ancient Rulers World Leaders HeadlineSpot: International News Find more useful resources in popular areas of the StartSpot Network Today's Headlines Bestselling Books Online Museums ... StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.

    19. Bios
    Internship Cincinnati general Hospital (1956). I’ve met all sorts of people of probably 100 nationalities including royalty, heads of state and other

    20. Global Entertainment And Media Summit
    his teeth with Cherry Lane Music, he started as a royalty clerk and in a few yearsworked his way up to Assistant to the Vice President and general Manager.
    home about The Summit schedule special announcements ...

    Keynote Speaker Larry Meistrich, CEO, Film Movement
    Lawrence Meistrich, age 35, is the Chief Executive Officer of Film Movement, LLC. Meistrich founded and served as CEO of Shooting Gallery, a premier independent film studio and entertainment production company, from its inception in 1990 until 2001. He has been involved in the production of more than 100 films, commercials and music videos. At Shooting Gallery Meistrich also created Gun for Hire, a comprehensive production and post-production operation with facilities in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and Vancouver. He has served as producer on numerous award-winning and nominated films, including the 1996 Academy Award winning film, Sling Blade, and the Academy Award nominated You Can Count On Me.
    Films produced by Shooting Gallery won more awards than those of any other independent film studio (including Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Sundance, Cannes, Venice and Montreal Film Festivals) over its eleven-year history, including You Can Count On Me, Sling Blade, The Minus Man, Henry Fool, Niagara Niagara, and Laws of Gravity. Meistrich also created the Shooting Gallery Film Series, the groundbreaking, first-ever commercially launched film series, which included films such as Croupier, Judy Berlin and A Time for Drunken Horses.

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