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         Business Ed Lesson Plans:     more detail
  1. Spellings lessons: as the Commission on the Future of Higher Education prepares for phase two of its plan to fix higher ed, some of its members discuss ... story): An article from: University Business by Phil Scott, 2007-04-01

1. Social Studies Lesson Plans
Social Studies lesson plans. Social STUDIES Elementary (K-5) sst03.txt mini-lesson on Amer. History (gr Become an entrepreneur; establish a business (10-12) sst112.txt Government
Social Studies Lesson Plans
Social - STUDIES Elementary (K-5)
sst03.txt mini-lesson on Amer. History (gr. 4-8) sst06.txt mini-lesson on classroom courtroom (5-12) sst10.txt mini-lesson on justice/resolving conflict sst14.txt mini-lesson, "My State," on U.S. states sst16.txt mini-lesson on applications of rule/law in our daily lives (gr. 7-10) sst17.txt mini-less on pioneers and Oregon Trail (5-11) sst20.txt mini-lesson on role play Civil War (5-8) sst21.txt mini lesson on making a paper on issues (5-12) sst22.txt mini lesson on a game for social studies review (5-12) sst23.txt mini lesson on writing fables (elem) sst24.txt mini lesson on decision making in bomb shelter sst25.txt mini lesson-researching local/family history sst36.txt mini lesson-political candidate debate (3-8) sst37.txt mini lesson-critical thinking skills (K-12) sst39.txt mini lesson-famous people in history (4-9) sst41.txt mini lesson: The World on a String sst48.txt

2. Business And Computer Lesson Plans
Join the business ed. looking for these types of sites, Virtual business education Resource a neatly designed directory equipped with lesson plans, cool links
TIGER 9-1-2 Online Resource
Business Law
(Several tutorial pages on creating webpages are located at the bottom of this table)
Tonya Skinner's Business Lesson Plans
- Best business education site on the web. Also has bulletin board ideas. Casco's Economics, Business, and Finance Site - Has links to NASDAQ Stock Market, Sierra Online Stock Market, Kelly's Blue Book, IRS, Infoseek Stock Quote, etc. Best of the Best Sites for Investment - A listing compiled for the Tahlequah High School stock market game. Intro to Word - This is a tutorial on how to use Word. Beginner's Web Portal - People who need some extra tutoring when it comes to navigating the Web can get help from this portal. Alfy, an animated character, guides students through a graphic-based site filled with activities to help get acquainted with the Internet. Create Your Own School Web Site - A virtual community providing educators, students and parents with online tools and services. Along with offering curriculum-focused content, educational links and resources and e-commerce, this site allows schools to create their own Web sites and receive e-mail. Initially, the site's content will be focused on middle and high schools. King Middle School's Standout Site - Visitors will find numerous links to curriculum-based sites as well as lesson-plan help and suggestions for online projects. A unique feature is the site's long and complete listing of zoos across the country and throughout the world.

3. Exceptionalities And Special Education
Gifted education and Special education. lesson plans and Resources FREE Custom Printed business Cards! Great freebie offer! edmund J. Sass, ed.D. You can reach me at
Gifted Education and Special Education
Lesson Plans and Resources This page contains links to lesson plans and resources for special education as well as lesson plans for students who are gifted and talented. It also contains lesson plans about individuals with disabilities (Helen Keller or FDR, for instance). Click on one of the topics in the site index to find what you need. If you are looking for lesson plans and resources for creativity, critical thinking, or problem solving, click here. All links on this page were checked and updated 11-30-03.
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4. Miscellaneous Lesson Plans
Miscellaneous lesson plans. Conditioning Experiment (1112) misc03.txt Introduction to business (9-12 activity (6-12) misc69.txt A cooperative lesson in guest
Miscellaneous Lesson Plans
Miscellaneous - Elementary (K-5)
misc04.txt misc05.txt Self-esteem activity (4-6) misc07.txt Creativity/cooperation; mannequin and 'the Answer Is...' (1-5) misc09.txt Self esteem / Feeling activity (4-7) misc12.txt First Day in G and T (2-4) misc13.txt Flexible thinking using squiggle art (K-5) misc16.txt Jeopardy, review all subjects (3-5) misc17.txt Unit on Alaskan moose, using all subjects (3-6) misc20.txt Self-esteem; Readiness activity (K-1) misc22.txt Getting to Know you activity, learning names is a fun way (1-6) misc23.txt Computer Olympics (4) misc27.txt Art; introducing Marc Chapall (2) misc28.txt Toolbox of ideas for creative thinking (1-6) misc29.txt Solar System Bowl; review activity (4-6) misc30.txt Create a composition in music (2-6) misc31.txt Art History and creating masks (K-8) misc32.txt Sequencing using card game (K-6) misc37.txt Learning to spell through cooperation; The Alphabet Game (3-6) misc39.txt

5. Education World® - Teacher Resources : Lesson Plans : General Resources
Books in ed. Curriculum. Great Sites Directories Indices. Arts Humanities. business. Careers. Classroom Learning Games Atlantic Canada lesson plans Atlantic Canada lesson plans is a

6. Business Education Resource Directory - Business Education Resources, Lesson Pla
Web Sites lesson plans Activities Projects Freebies Software Accounting Bulletin Boards business Law Career Computer Technology Consumer ed Database Desktop
Teaching Business Education
Newsletter's Powerful New
Teaching Tool...
An extensive catalog collection of resources that instantly connects you to 10,000+ business education lesson plans, activities, books, videos, publications, products, suppliers and Web sites. Coming September 2003!
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ISBN 0-9721331-1-9 CD-ROM Neatly organized into 25
of the most popular business
education subject areas.
If you teach Business Education, you're going to love the Business Education Links Resource Directory , an incredible new resource from the publisher's of Teaching Business Education Newsletter The Business Education Links Resource Directory is a powerful new software tool that instantly connects you to 10,000+ of the very best business education lesson plans, activities, projects, books, videos, publications, suppliers and web sites. The CD is the ultimate clearinghouse of resources available to business educators. With the Business Education Links Resource Directory , the days of spending hours searching the Internet are over. All the work is already done for you. Just load the software from your CD or hard drive, choose a business education subject area from the directory catalog menu, and click to instantly browse the best business education resources available.

7. Entrepreneur Web Guide
Where Should I Build My business lesson Related Web Technology lesson plans Discovery School Technology lesson plans - Thirteen ed Online Technology
INFORMATION CENTER Entrepreneur Career Guide Want to be your own boss? Learn about starting your own business with the following Web resources. Lesson plans for business, economics, finance and law are also included here. Home Careers Skills Schools ... About Entrepreneur Resources Starting a Business Resources
Am Express Small Business Exchange

American Success Institute

Better Business Bureau

Build Your Income and Business
Starting Your Business Tutorials

Communication Skills


Personal Skills
Presentation Skills ... Writing Skills Clip Art Images and Photographs Create and Online Presentation- SURWeb Finance and Money Clip Art - CoolClips Microsoft Design Gallery r Workplace Clip Art - CoolClips Yahoo News Images Business Plans, Forms and Templates Business Plan Outline Tutorial Business Planning Worksheet Business Plans- Samples Business Resource Center Templates ... Tax Forms Tax Related Information Internal Revenue Service Tax Information for Businesses-IRS Business Ethics Articles 911- Work-Related and Business Articles Business Ethics Articles - Articles 911 Math and Calculators Basic Math Calculator Break Even Analysis Budget Calculators Online

8. Education World® : Teacher Lesson Plans
Visit Teacher lesson plans. Archives Arts and Humanities ed Technology Health to guide them as they explore and evaluate a business franchise opportunity
EdWorld Internet Topics
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in Education
Host Department
Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Home Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans FROM OUR TEACHERS Summer Camp in the Classroom VaReane C. Heese, who teaches at Springfield (Nebraska) Elementary School, submitted this lesson, in which students team up to create summer camping adventures. (Grades 3-12) The teacher who submitted our highlighted lesson received a $50 honorarium. See the guidelines to submit yours! OTHER RECENT LESSONS Click if you prefer to see our Teacher-Submitted Lessons grouped by subject Sports and Hobby Math Melissa Thomas, who teaches at Dacula (Georgia) Middle School, submitted this lesson, in which students write about ways in which they use math in a favorite sport or hobby. (Grades 3-12) Invent a Holiday Katrina Stroup, who teaches at Alcorn Central School in Glen, Mississippi, submitted this lesson, in which students create a new holiday worth celebrating. (Grades 3-12) Sheep and Wolves Denis McCarthy, who teaches at Sheng Kung Hui Primary School on Macau, submitted this lesson, in which students release energy in a quick game of "Sheep and Wolves." (Grades K-5)

9. Vocational Teacher Resources
business and Entrepreneur lesson plans; Carpentry and Constructions Trades Technical Teaching and Learning State Career ed lesson plans Career and
INFORMATION CENTER Vocational Teacher Resources Home Careers Skills Schools ... About Workforce Preparation and Development Adult Education
Adult Education Reading Instruction

Adult Education Resource Center

Adult Education Resources

Adult Education Teacher Resources
... Adult Literacy and GED Resources
School-to-Work and Tech Prep
Career Development Framework
Career Tech Connect Resource Center

Career and Technical Ed Resources by State

School -to- Work Learning Center
... Workplace Mentoring Guide - PDF Vocational Curriculurm Steps to Employment Vocational Curriculum and Frameworks Vocational and Career Lesson Plans Workforce Preparation 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Jobs - PDF Center for the Study of Work Teams Connecting Competencies with Learning Standards Foundation Skills - ... US - Workforce Investment Act Exemplary Programs Vocational Education Standards Standards Agricultural Education Standards Arts and Communications Standards Business Education Standards MCREL Business Education Standards - ... Vocational-Technical Curricular Standards - Tennessee Exemplary Programs What is Working Best Practices for CIS - Alaska Best Practices Idea Book Best Practices in School to Work - Florida Building Bridges to College - ... Workforce Strategy Publications Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

10. Lesson Plans 4 Teachers: Economics Lesson Directory
Biz/ed business lessons. USA Today business Activites for Kids. DVDs ESL Gradebooks Grants Humor Insurance Jobs Jokes lesson plans Music News
Home Lesson Plans Theme Units Worksheets ... News Monday Jun. 7, 2004 SEARCH THE SITE NEWSLETTER Sign up for our newsletter: Member Benefits
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ESL Resources

Teachers Colleges

Special Education
... LessonPlans Home Economics The following is a selection of our top rated Economics lesson sites. New sites are added each month. Please feel free to recommend a site by submitting your choice to our FEEDBACK page Top Rated Economics Lessons Ask Eric Economics Lessons Great Economics Lessons EconEdlink online lessons Entrepreneur Career Guide ... USA Today Business Activites for Kids Know Another Great Site - Please Suggest a link What's New! INFORMATION How to Advertise
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11. Ag Lesson Plans
Science, Plant Science, Ag Mech, FFA/Leadership, Ag business, and Misc. Flanders This will transfer you to Georgia Ag ed Site; click on Anthrax lesson. plans.htm
Thanks for making this site a regional winner in the NAAE Ideas Unlimited program!! Ag Lesson Plans in Power Point Format Dedicated to the busy teacher who can't seem to get it all done! Feel free to download these files and use them as you see fit. If you have lessons that you would share with others, attach them to an email and send them to John Jones, Glen Rose High School, Malvern, Arkansas at: and they will be posted here for all to use! ATTENTION USERS: Since the site has grown so, new lessons will now be dated as to when they were posted. It is hoped that this will help in finding new material faster. Since May 19, 2000, you are visitor # DO YOU WANT TO PLAY JEOPARDY - A BLANK TEMPLATE READY FOR YOUR QUESTIONS IS HERE See What Others Are Saying! If you are ready to share a file that you have put together, please name the file as specifically as you can. Please do not name the file name "chapter x" Don't have power point and a way to hook your computer to a tv? Click here for info A special thanks to the following teachers who have contributed the lessons below.

12. LESSON PLANET - 30,000 Lessons And 1568 Lesson Plans For Economics And Business
The involvement of business resources now will directly impact the health Grades Higher ed. 5258 of the second grade social studies sequence of lesson plans.
Powered by
Over 30,000 Lesson Plans, Teacher Tools and More! All Grades Pre-K K-2 Higher Ed Search the largest directory of lesson plans on the web! Attention Teachers!
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Teacher Web Resources: Current Top Sites
Top Site Archives

Curriculum Corners
Maps Planet ... Home Economics and Business Subcategories: Business Lesson Plans Economics Lesson Plans Finance Lesson Plans Marketing Lesson Plans ... Taxes Lesson Plans Found Economics and Business ' Lesson Plans. Also for ' Economics and Business 4955 Web Sites 92 Books 8 Software Titles 762 Maps ... 78 Supplies * Log in or become a Lesson Planet Member to gain access to lesson plans.

13. LESSON PLANET - 30,000 Lessons And 135 Lesson Plans For Marketing
Planet AND Teacher Web Tools as a lesson Planet Gold Of Money, Power And Wealth Grades Higher ed This highly realistic business simulation challenges
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Over 30,000 Lesson Plans, Teacher Tools and More! All Grades Pre-K K-2 Higher Ed Search the largest directory of lesson plans on the web! Attention Teachers!
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Teacher Web Resources: Current Top Sites
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Curriculum Corners
Maps Planet ... Marketing Found Marketing ' Lesson Plans. Also for ' Marketing 733 Web Sites 21 Books 1 Software Title 1 Map ... 7 Videos * Log in or become a Lesson Planet Member to gain access to lesson plans. Lesson Plans (1 - 10 of 135): Agribusiness in a Global Environment Lesson 5 - Welcome to Lesson 5 of the Agribusiness in a Global Environment Web Site. Grades: Higher Ed Cereal Box - WordPerfect (Mktg) - Students will utilize word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations software applications as they explore marketing concepts and create a new breakfast cereal. Students will combine marketing, agriculture, DeskTop Publishing, and data processing as the

14. Links For Teachers
of Charter Schools on School Districts http// business. Shakespeare Plays lesson plans http//
Links for Teachers click here to remove navigation bar Lesson Plans Key Pals Art English Languages Change, etc. Educational Journals Scaffolds and Organizers Phys Ed New Teachers Science Music Social Studies Business Rubrics/Assessment Standards Math Teacher Tools WebQuest Workshop Language Arts Workshop Educational Research Applying Bloom to Student Work Project-Based Learning Educational Research Anti-Plagiarism Resources Fulbright Japan Trip See also links under : Questions Standards Rubrics Scaffolds Teacher Tools Lesson plan resources GEM The Gateway American Memory Lesson Page BBC Schools Blue Web'n CyberSmart Curriculum New York Times Teacher Connections

15. Indiana Web Academy
lesson plans General. lesson plans - High School. lesson plans - Middle. Art. business ed. business education. Counselors/ Psychologists. English/Language Arts.
. . . Table of Contents . . . HOME E-FLASH NEWSLETTER JOIN . . . Requirements . . . School Participation Agreement (Requires Acrobat Reader) ABOUT IWA . . . Our Mission . . . Benefits . . . What can IWA do for me . . . Sponsors . . . Staff . . . Contact Us STUDENTS . . . Student Survey PARENTS TEACHERS/ADMIN SPONSORS . . . Become an IWA Sponsor PROGRAMS . . . E-Flash . . . E-Locker . . . E-Parent . . . IWA Website Contest . . . Request A Training Session . . . Seminars . . . Semester Courses . . . Summer Workshops . . . JASON Project . . . Digital Divide Initiatives . . . E-Scholars . . . IWA CoreComm Internet Access . . . IWA/Gateway Partnership . . . Preferred Vendor Program STORE . . . Terms of Service . . . Technical Support RESOURCES . . . Broadcast Network . . . Common Questions MEMBER SCHOOLS . . . Members Only . . . Tech Support COMMON QUESTIONS CONTACT US
Teachers and administrators, IWA has programs and resources designed to make your lives a bit easier. In addition to all the links listed below, we'll provide you with online storage for projects as well as a way for you to allow your parents online access to student grades, attendance and homework assignments. Click on the E-Locker button to access your online storage. Learn more about providing the online access to grades and attendance by clicking on the E-Parent button.

16. Core Knowledge - Lesson Plans
Hirsch, ed, ed. What Your Sixth Grader Needs to Test/State Connections a. business letter form Knowledge Schools Bookstore lesson plans Conference Send
March 12-14, 1998
Grade Level:
6th grade
Presented by: Jane Conner and Elaine Benen, Forestville Elementary School, Great Falls, VA
Length of Unit: Nine Lessons (16 Days)
A. Concept Objectives
2. Students will develop an understanding of desert formation, naturally and
3. Students will develop an awareness of the variety and uniqueness of desert landforms. 4. Students will develop an awareness of the adaptations living things must make in order to survive in desert environments. 5. Students will develop an awareness of the location of the Middle East. B. Core Knowledge Sequence to be covered 1. Formation of deserts 2. Great deserts of the world 3. Geography of the Middle East 4. Composition of a business letter 5. Writing poetry C. Specific skills to be taught 1. Define and identify various desert features. 2. Identify the way deserts are formed. 3. Compare and contrast adaptions of living things to a desert habitat.

17. E. L. Easton - The Language Classroom - Lesson Plans
lesson plans Denise Lawson / Teacher´s Guide lesson plans Scott Mandel Home; Italy; New York City. Bookstores; business ESL; Distance ed; Languages; Teaching.
@import url(ele.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/
The Language Classroom
Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Sites
Lesson Plans by Category

Typical Teaching Outline Univ. of New Orleans
Lesson Plan Template
Roger Bumgarner
Lesson Plan Template
George Cassutto
Lesson Plan Template
John I. Brooks III
How to Write a Lesson Plan
How to Write a Lesson Plan
How to Write a Lesson Plan
Beth Lewis
How to Write a Lesson Plan
LESSON PLANS: Categories
Asia Ask Asia Calendars English Virtual School ESL sample / Katherine Haffner-Zoccatelli ESL - Newcomers ESL scroll down Foreign Language Foreign Language Geography History ... Mysteries mysterynet Olympics Science Weather Writing a Journal
Lesson Plans Mr. Donn Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Collaborative Lesson Archive / Univ. of Illinois Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Teacher Vision Lesson Plans James Madison Univ. Lesson Plans edHelper Lesson Plans Apple Learning Interchange Lesson Plans Elizabeth B. Miller Lesson Plans LessonPlans Lesson Plans NYTimes Lesson Plans CEC Lesson Plans Ask ERIC Lesson Plans Shelia C. Harbet

18. E. L. Easton - English - Weather
plans lesson plans lesson plans faldo.atmos Travel Home; Italy; New York City. Bookstores; business ESL; Distance ed; Languages; Teaching.
@import url(ele.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/
Lesson Plans
Multilingual Sites
wind speed, wind chill, humidity, heat index / Weather Post
World Climate Data
Weather Wiz
MetLink / UK
Mt. Washington Weather Center
Nick Walker
Web Weather for Kids
Ntl. Weather Ass. Weather BBC Weather CNN Weather Yahoo! Weather National Weather Service Weather Weather Channel Weather The Weather Network Space Weather
French Canada French France German Italian Russian Spanish ... Multilingual WeatherOnline Multilingual Choose language by clicking on "lingua" in upper right corner. / Wundergrund
Terms Terms NWS San Francisco Terms Oklahoma Climatological Survey Terms Washington Post Terms Terms Terms Terms SERCC Terms Anthony Watts Terms Barometer Bob Terms

19. Adult Ed - Lesson Plans
Adult ed Icon, Job Interviews Overview. an effective answer? and Why is this an ineffective answer? are the questions to drive your lesson. Dress businesslike
Job Interviews
Keep in Mind

For the most part, basic skills can be taught using any topic or theme. Spelling, reading comprehension, effective writing, even math skills, can be taught whether the class is studying Parenting, New York City History, Smart Shopping, or Job Readiness. For example, let’s say you are working with a group of parents and you want to teach a particular skill. They will probably be more engaged if they are reading about children's health issues than they would be reading about something not relevant to their lives.
Activity One:
Identifying Strengths (Parts One and Two)
Activity Two:
What Questions To Expect
Activity Three:
Preparing Good Answers (Parts One and Two)
Activity Four:

With adjustments, these activities can work with students at any level and we suggest adaptations throughout the activities. The following list includes examples of general tips that you could use when applying these activities to a lower level class:
1. Use language experience technique.
2. Read to the students.

20. Adult Ed - Lesson Plans
Adult ed Icon, Time Lines Connecting Your Life to History Activities. History can be always tell students that I am not interested in getting in their business.
Time Lines: Connecting Your Life to History
History can be a tough subject for beginning readers and writers. There are some basic concepts that are necessary to understand history. The difference between a million years, a millenium, a century, and a decade may be common knowledge for some people. But if you are not used to seeing and using big numbers in print, it can be hard to understand them. It's hard to explain the difference between a thousand and a million years in everyday terms. It's not a comparison some people have ever had to consider.
There are other history-related concepts that may be new to some adult education students. Try explaining to someone who can't read a map that the city you live in is that little dot or star in the atlas. It's a difficult and abstract concept if you don't already "get" it. In fact, most teachers understand things like that so well, that we take their understanding for granted.
This unit uses time lines to help students relate their own lives to history. The first time lines students make are time lines of their own experience. Then they move on to time lines of other times, places, and topics.
Note: When students are asked to write about their own lives, they need to be aware of what they are disclosing. I always tell students that I am not interested in getting in their business. I just want them to write about something they know. It's a good idea to remind students that they are in control. They shouldn't write about anything that they don't want to share with me and other students.

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