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  1. Bush presses Congress to let Mexican trucks into US.(George W. Bush, president): An article from: America's Insider
  2. Bush to implement order to allow Mexican trucks into the US.(president George W. Bush)(Brief Article): An article from: America's Insider
  3. Introduction of President George W. Bush at the US Naval Academy commencement.(Speech)(Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England)(Transcript): ... from: U.S. Department of Defense Speeches
  4. The White House Workout: The Fitness Plan Inspired by President George W. Bush's Heathier US Initiative by Andrew Flach, Rosemarie Alfieri, 2003-05-17
  5. IRAN - July 23 - Bush Abandoned Hopes To Work With Khatami.(President George W. Bush)(President Mohammed Khatami)(US-Iran relations)(Brief Article): An article from: APS Diplomat Recorder
  6. George W. Bush (Getting to Know the Us Presidents) by Mike Venezia, 2007-09
  7. Presidents Card Game: Featuring 14 Presidents from Coolidge to George W. Bush : 1923-Present (History Channel) by Us Games Systems, 2003-03
  8. Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, George W. Bush, 2002, Bk. 1, January 1 to June 30, 2002 (Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States) by George W. Bush, 2005-06-22
  9. An open letter to George W Bush: 'they hate us and they hate freedom and they hate people who embrace freedom.' President George W Bush interviewed on ... 2004.: An article from: New Internationalist by Theodore Roszak, 2005-03-01
  10. ARAB-US RELATIONS - June 9 - Mubarak Meets Bush.(Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, George W. Bush)(Brief Article): An article from: APS Diplomat Recorder
  11. ARAB-US RELATIONS - Jan. 29 - Bush Outlines Policy.(George W. Bush)(Brief Article): An article from: APS Diplomat Recorder
  12. How Would a Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok by Glenn Greenwald, 2006-05-15
  13. A Letter to America: Is President Bush Leading us in the Right Direction? by Errington Thompson M.D., 2004-09-20
  14. Let's have some fun: how should President Bush spend his huge re-election campaign war chest? Let us count the ways--all 200 million of them.(On The Record): An article from: Campaigns & Elections by Ron Faucheux, 2003-08-01

101. Al Gore Would Be Wise To Follow The Campaign Model Of That Other Vice President
CNN EXIT POLLS: Louisiana, GOP Louisiana, Dem Texas, GOP Texas, Dem Tennessee, GOP Tennessee, Dem Oklahoma, GOP Oklahoma, Dem Mississippi, GOP Mississipp, Dem Florida, GOP Florida, Dem Colorado, Dem Colorado, GOP Georgia, GOP Georgia, Dem Vermont, GOP Vermont, Dem Ohio, GOP Ohio, Dem Connecticut, GOP Connecticut, Dem Maine, GOP Maine, Dem Maryland, GOP Maryland, Dem Massachusetts, GOP Massachusetts, Dem Missouri, GOP Missouri, Dem Rhode Island, GOP Rhode Island, Dem New York, GOP New York, Dem California, GOP California, Dem California, nonpartisan Virginia, GOP Arizona, GOP Michigan, GOP South Carolina, GOP Delaware, GOP Delaware, Dem New Hampshire, GOP New Hampshire, Dem Iowa RESULTS: Kentucky Oregon New Mexico New Jersey South Dakota Montana Alabama Nebraska West Virginia North Carolina Indiana District of Columbia Pennsylvania Wisconsin Wyoming, Dem Delaware, Dem Nevada, GOP Louisiana Texas Tennessee Oklahoma Mississippi Florida Minnesota, Dem Nevada, Dem South Carolina, GOP Utah Colorado South Carolina, Dem American Samoa

102. Inaugural Addresses Of The Presidents Of The United States. 1989
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States. george Washington togeorge W. bush. Search CONTENTS. WASHINGTON, DC us GPO, 1989 NEW YORK BARTLEBY
Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia Cultural Literacy World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations Respectfully Quoted English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States George Washington to George W. Bush

103. My Way - News
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, under pressure to say which foreign leaders were rooting for him to beat U.S. president george W. bush, refused to reveal any names. Article reprinted courtesy of|top|03-14-2004::16:30|reuters.html
Kerry Won't Say Which Foreign Leaders Support Him
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Mar 14, 4:23 PM (ET)
By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent BETHLEHEM, Pa. (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, under pressure to say which foreign leaders were rooting for him to beat President Bush, refused on Sunday to reveal any names. "No leader would obviously share a conversation if I started listing them," Kerry told reporters after Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested he name some names or stop implying foreign leaders were encouraging him to beat Bush. Kerry, who visited the battleground state of Pennsylvania to slam Bush's health care policy and hold a town hall meeting, said last week he had met foreign leaders who told him "you've got to beat this guy" because of unhappiness over U.S. foreign policy. He was challenged on the issue by Powell, who said on "Fox News Sunday" that "if he feels it is that important an assertion to make, he ought to list some names. If he can't list names, then perhaps he should find something else to talk about." Cedrick Brown, owner of a small business in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, also pressed Kerry on the issue during a town hall meeting and questioned whether he had met any foreign leaders recently.

104. - Transcript: President George W. Bush - July 24, 2001

CNN TV what's on
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Languages Time, Inc. People Fortune EW
Transcript: President George W. Bush
President Bush has signed a supplemental defence budget spending bill The text of the address given by President George W. Bush to troops at Camp Bondsteel, Yugoslavia: Thank you very much. It's always a proud moment for the commander in chief to see the troops who uphold the values of our country. Especially here, seeing in a foreign land, brings home the true meaning of the sacrifices you make for our freedom. Thank you, General David, for your kind introduction and your hospitality. Laura and I are honoured to be here. I also want to recognise the leadership of Senior NCO Command Sergeant Major Marvin Hill. IN-DEPTH Bush in Europe Bush's European tour On the issues Flash: Missile defence ... Gallery: Bush visits Europe Transcripts World Bank speech Meeting with Blair Meeting with Berlusconi Bush statement to pope ... Bush speech in Kosovo In-depth specials G8 summit: Genoa 2001 Europe's view on Bush Changing face of Europe Climate change ... TIME special report I want to know what you did, Marvin. You got some of the folks kind of excited when I mentioned your name.

105. Public Papers Of The Presidents Of The United States: Main Page
Current Administration (george W. bush, 2001 Only). Purchase a print copy of thePapers of the Presidents of the United States from the us Government Online
Resources by Topic Education Environment Social Programs Transportation Site Search:
Public Papers
Main Page Search Browse Search Tips About the ... Executive Branch
Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Main Page
The Public Papers of the Presidents, which is compiled and published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration, began in 1957 in response to a recommendation of the National Historical Publications Commission. Noting the lack of uniform compilations of messages and papers of the Presidents before this time, the Commission recommended the establishment of an official series in which Presidential writings, addresses, and remarks of a public nature could be made available. More
Current Administration (George W. Bush, 2001 Only)
  • Quick Search: (ex: "Executive Order 13198", "radio address" AND "April 14, 2001")
    Search Tips
Previous Administrations, 1992 forward

106. The Atlantic | April 2003 | Close-Up: The Mind Of George W. Bush | Brookheiser
In The Atlantic, Richard Brookhiser probes the president's private life and public career, including his decisionmaking, his judgments, and the views of people close to him.
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Foreign Affairs

on politics and society from The Atlantic Monthly. Close-Up: The Mind of George W. Bush by Richard Brookhiser he powers of the presidency have changed almost beyond recognition since the infancy of the office, when foreign relations were handled by a dozen clerks and diplomats, the armed forces consisted of several thousand soldiers and sailors, and the President himself took months-long summer vacations from the yellow-fever-ravaged capital of Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. Don Quixote resident George W. Bush came to office with a particular package of traits and experiences. His two most obvious personal traits are humor and seriousness. Bush's humor was most in evidence during his campaign and in his early days in the White House. It was not universally admired: Bush has no ability to bathe a crowd in a delighted glow, as Ronald Reagan could. Yet almost all who deal with him, from loyal associates to unsympathetic reporters, testify that one-on-one he is a funny man. Evidently you have to be there. When Bush, speaking to the journalist Tucker Carlson, jeered at the condemned murderer Karla Faye Tucker's plea for clemency (Carlson's description: "'Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, 'don't kill me'"), you didn't want to be there. Journeys With George they didn't get the next President in a home movie).

107. Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (George W. Bush)
Rumor control center from explores the truth or fiction of stories circulating about the president, supported by extensive explanations and references.
var TheAdcode = 'ad1874c'; George W. Bush Urban Legends
Reference Pages:

Politics The items indexed on this page are preceded by colored bullets:
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identifies a statement of undetermined or ambiguous veracity.
identifies a legend of indeterminate origin or unclassifiable veracity.
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George W. Bush
"Make the Pie Higher!" poem is composed of actual quotes from George W. Bush. George W. Bush took a half hour off from glad-handing supporters at a 'thank you' dinner to witness for Christ to a teenage boy. Recent study proves George W. Bush has the lowest IQ of all presidents of the past fifty years. Texas governor George W. Bush "refused to sell his home " to Blacks. President George W. Bush proclaimed, "The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur Some celebrities promised to leave the USA if George W. Bush won the 2000 presidential election. American president George Bush asked Brazilian president Fernando Cardoso if " Brazil has Blacks , too."

108. The New York Times George W Bush
11 attacks on United States, instituted policy of preemptive strikes against suspectedthreats to the nation s security, where us would act R george W. bush.
NYTimes: Home Site Index Archive Help ... Register Now It's Free! Go to a Section Arts Automobiles Books Business Campaign 2004 Cartoons Corrections Crossword/Games Editorials/Op-Ed Education Health International Job Market Learning Network Magazine Movies Multimedia/Photos NYC Guide NYT Front Page National New York Region Obituaries Readers' Opinions Real Estate Science Sports Technology The Public Editor Theater Travel Washington Weather Week in Review Services Site Search: Washington Campaign 2004 Candidates > George W Bush
Stephen Crowley/The New York Times George W. Bush
Party: Republican
Prev. Occupation: Businessman; Managing Partner, Texas Rangers Baseball Team
Prev. Political Exp.: Governor, Texas; President, United States
Web Site:
resident Bush enters his run for re-election with a few simple themes: That under his leadership, he has hunted down terrorists, routed the Taliban from Afghanistan, toppled Saddam Hussein, and presided over an economy that, after a rocky three years, shows signs of solid recovery. But along the way, he has amassed a lot of scar tissue, and the Democrats plan to portray him as a president who scaled back environmental protections, appointed deeply conservative judges, restricted civil liberties and alienated some of America's closest allies. More
Other Candidates George W. Bush

109. [ ] How George W. Bush Won The 2004
Purging voter lists is just the beginning the us has embraced a form of and thereis little evidence to contradict their claims, george W. bush has already

110. USA-Presidents.Info - George H. W. Bush
Provides a biography of American president george H. W. bush. Includes his picture and a list of his Supreme Court appointments.
George H. W. Bush Site Links

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George Herbert Walker Bush (born June 12 , 1924 ) was the 41st President of the United States ( 1989 - 1993 ). Previously, he served as director of the CIA in 1976 - 1977 , and the 43rd Vice President of the United States under President Ronald Reagan ( 1981 - 1989 ). His son, George W. Bush , is the 43rd President of the United States. As a result George H. W. Bush is sometimes referred to as "the Elder Bush", "Bush the Elder", "Bush Senior," "Bush 41", or "the first President Bush" in order to avoid possible confusion between his presidency and that of his son. (Note that contrary to popular conception outside the U.S., Bush and his son are not " senior " and " junior " but rather just father and son with very similar names.) Order: 41st President Term of Office: January 20 , 1989 - January 20 , 1993 Predecessor: Ronald Reagan Successor: Bill Clinton Date of Birth: Thursday , June 12 , 1924 Place of Birth: Milton, Massachusetts First Lady : Barbara Pierce Profession: businessman Political Party : Republican Vice President : Dan Quayle
Personal background
George Bush's father, Prescott Bush , served as a Senator from Connecticut and was a partner in the prominent investment banking firm Brown Brothers Harriman.

111. George W. Bush On The Issues
Al Gore. Alan Keyes. Bill Bradley. george W. bush. Harry Browne. John McCain. News(Latest headlines on the Presidential race). About us (About
Carol Moseley Braun George Bush Wesley Clark Howard Dean ... Al Sharpton 2004 Presidential Candidates George W. Bush
On the issues>>

The Forum


George W. Bush
... Dick Cheney Presidential challengers: Carol Moseley-Braun
Former Ambassador and Senator Wesley Clark
NATO general Howard Dean
Former Vermont Governor John Edwards
North Carolina Senator Dick Gephardt
Missouri Congressman Bob Graham Florida Senator John Kerry Massachusetts Senator Dennis Kucinich Ohio Congressman Joe Lieberman 2000 Vice Presidential nominee Ralph Nader 2000 Green Party nominee Al Sharpton Civil Rights activist Pat Buchanan 2000 Reform Party presidential nominee Bill Clinton President of the United States, 1993-2001 Hillary Clinton New York Senator and former First Lady Elizabeth Dole John McCain Republican presidential challenger Al Gore 2000 Democratic presidential nominee Ross Perot 1996 Reform Party presidential nominee Jesse Ventura Former Governor of Minnesota Other Political Leaders Spencer Abraham Secretary of Energy Lamar Alexander Former Governor of Tennessee Gary Bauer Conservative Spokesman Bill Bradley Former Senator (D,NJ)

112. World Book Not Found -
Biographical sketch based on World Book Encylopedia. Read about the president's entire life, or use navigation links to focus on a single era.
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113. George W. Bush's Resume - BuzzFlash Reader Commentary
Best! Kelley Kramer. . george W. bush Resume. Past work experience FirstUS president to establish a secret shadow government.
BuzzFlash Reader Commentary April 23, 2003 CONTRIBUTOR ARCHIVES Support BuzzFlash
Get a copy of

click image MORE
INTERVIEWS WORLD MEDIA WATCH P.M. CARPENTER MAUREEN FARRELL ... FAQ George W. Bush's Resume BuzzFlash Note: Now available as an email-attachment-friendly PDF. A BUZZFLASH READER COMMENTARY
by Kelley Kramer I recently had an email exchange with a right-winger from my local newspaper, and of course the war with Iraq came up pretty quick. But he said something in defense of George Bush that really surprised me. In defense of the attack on Iraq he said 'between Hussein and Bush, Hussein is the bad guy'. My first response was ... So your guy is better than a third world dictator, Wow! what an accomplishment! Does he put that on his resume? And with that in mind, I started wondering ... what would a George W

114. Presidente George W. Bush
Biograf­a oficial en la Casa blanca .
Medicare Iraq Seguridad del Territorio Nacional Seguro social Noticias Noticias en Breve Discursos Radiales Visitas a la Casa Blanca Visitas a la Casa Blanca Presidente Vicepresidente Sra. Bush ... Sra. Cheney
Presidente George W. Bush
In English
Casado con la Primera Dama Laura Bush Hijas
Hijas gemelas, Jenna y Barbara Estudios universitarios
Yale University, bachillerato en historia Estudios de postgrado
Gobernador de Texas
Presidente de los Estados Unidos In English
Vice President First Lady ... Help

115. USA-Presidents.Info - George W. Bush
Provides a biography of American president george W. bush. Includes a list of his cabinet members and legislation passed during his presidency.
George W. Bush Site Links

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George Walker Bush (born July 6 , 1946 ) is the 43rd and current President of the United States , succeeding Bill Clinton in 2001 . His first term expires in 2005 . He is currently seeking a second term, which would last till 2009 ; see George W. Bush presidential campaign, 2004 for a description of his campaign. Bush was the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000 and is a lifelong Republican . Order: 43rd President Term of Office: January 20 , 2001 –present Predecessor: Bill Clinton Date of Birth: Saturday , July 6 , 1946 Place of Birth: New Haven, Connecticut First Lady : Laura Welch Bush Profession: Businessman Political Party : Republican Vice President : Richard Bruce Cheney
Personal life and education
George W. Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut and grew up in Midland and Houston , Texas . He has four younger siblings: Jeb , Neil , Marvin , and Dorothy . A younger sister, Robin, died of leukemia in 1953 at the age of three. Like his father, Bush was educated at Phillips Academy ( September , 1961 - June , 1964 ) and Yale University ( September , 1964 - May , 1968 .) While at Yale he joined Delta Kappa Epsilon (where he was president from October , 1965 until graduation), and the Skull and Bones Society . He played baseball during his freshman year and rugby during his junior and senior years. He received a bachelor's degree in history in 1968 . Although he had an SAT score of 1206, 200 points below that of the average Yale freshman of 1970 , he benefitted from an admissions policy which gave preference to the children of alumni (his score was at roughly the 70th percentile nationwide). He then earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School , making him the first president to hold a MBA degree.

116. Issues For George W. Bush's Vision For America
Information regarding the various issues that president bush campaigned on. Presents news items, legislation, web site links, chat threads, and other stuff to assist his supporters in following those issues.
The purpose of this site is to track various news items, bills, web sites, chat threads, and other information regarding the various issues that George Bush and Dick Cheney campaigned on, to assist other Bush Supporters in following these various issues and seeing where they might help President George Walker Bush. If you encounter any links which should be added to this site, please email me As we get closer to the 2004 elections we will focus on the various domestic items covered on this page, but currently changes to this page are rare, and the majority of changes are to the two sub-sites: Click here for
Click here for

Official Bush Sites Other Useful Sites
Issues in George W. Bush's Vision for America

117. Censure Bush
the power to censure the president to formally Political Action Committee unlessyou specifically authorize us. The Censure bush campaign is brought to
Censure Bush
President Bush told our nation that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Now that the chief weapons inspector has revealed that that simply is not true, President Bush seeks to avoid responsibility by creating an investigation that will focus on the CIA. That's why we believe:
"Congress must censure President Bush
for misleading the country
about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction." You can join the call by sending an email with this message to your representatives in Congress. Please enter your name, email address, zip code, and personal comment below. We'll deliver these messages by to your member of Congress and other political leaders.
Resources on Censure

A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to key leaders in Congress. Your Name
Your Street Address
City State Zip Your message to Congress:
Are you serving in the military, or is a member of your family serving? If so please check here.

118. Photo Matt » Moving Image
God save us!! Comment by Judy Gibson — Saturday April 10, 2004 @ 1154pm. george W. bush has yet to appear at the funeral of any.
@import url(/css/dante-lite.css);
Photo Matt
Unlucky in Cards
Photo Matt Moving Image
  • Home Archives ...
    • April 12:39 am File under: A mosaic of soldiers who have died in Iraq: Original Source Mirrored here in small medium , and large iPod Supports Standards Original Zen
      The URI to TrackBack this entry is:
    • A Truly Moving Image
      Trackback by JezzJournal 2:15 am Mosaic Of Soldiers
      What an incredibly poignant image. Trackback by DebWire 5:57 am Comment by Andrew 7:05 am My hair is standing. I feel chilled. Comment by Kevin Francis 7:13 am That is really sad to look at. Imagine how many family members are behind each of those photos. Comment by cindy 8:01 am PhotoMatt Pingback by 8:17 am War President
      Photo Matt has a mosaic of soldiers who have died in Iraq. Quite topical and very moving. Images used up to three times each for the curious. Not that many died. Crossposted up the wazoo here, sorry but I liked the pic. Trackback by Mind of Mog 9:10 am FREEDOM ISN"T FREE!!!! You idiots would probably have objected fighting the Japs during WWII as well. Try watching the History Channel once in awhile instead of MTV. 9:28 am Cool image, Matt.

119. Welcome To The American Presidency
Encyclopedia Americana Vice president of the United States under george bush. He was born in Indianapolis, Ind., on Feb. 4, 1947.
Bush Lauds Incoming Iraqi Government Kerry Describes Plan to Cut Nuclear Weapons Bush Promotes Faith-Based Initiatives Kerry Campaigns in Virginia ... Billionaire Soros Invests $15 Million Against Bush
From Classroom Magazines ELECTION 2004: Summer Conventions Preview
(Junior Scholastic, 5/10/04)
'The Most Insignificant Office'
(The New York Times Upfront, 4/26/04)

120. The Military Career Of George W. Bush
at the end of the 2000 Presidential campaign may in American history, military veteransin the us Senate lashed out at candidate george W bush for his
#1 Privacy Tool
Download Now "I learned some good lessons from Vietnam" March, 2002
``I've been to war. I've raised twins. If I had a choice, I'd rather go to war.'' January, 2002 Military Career of our Commander in Chief Bush's DWI revelation at the end of the 2000 Presidential campaign may have been leaked to cover a much bigger scandal On November 2, 2000, four days before the most disputed election in American history, military veterans in the US Senate lashed out at candidate George W Bush for his failure to explain a six-month lapse in his National Guard service. "At the least, I would have been court-martialed. At the least, I would have been placed in prison," Senator Daniel Inouye said. Bush would offer no explanation for his absence and, as he had throughout the campaign, refused to discuss his military service during the Vietnam War. Why would a man who was running for the office of Commander and Chief of the US Armed Forces refuse to discuss his service in the military? Why didn't the public and press take notice? Their attention that day was focused on something else.

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