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         Burma History:     more books (100)
  1. The River of Lost Footsteps: A Personal History of Burma by Thant Myint-U, 2008-01-08
  2. The Burma Road: The Epic Story of the China-Burma-India Theater in World War II by Donovan Webster, 2003-10-01
  3. Hell Under The Rising Sun: Texan POWs and the Building of the Burma-Thailand Death Railway (Texas A&M University Military History Series) by Kelly E. Crager, 2008-02
  4. History of Burma by Harvey G. E., G.E. Harvey, 2000-10
  5. History of Burma (Bibliotheca Orientalis) by Arthur Phayre, 2006-07-21
  6. Suffering in Silence: The Human Rights Nightmare of the Karen People of Burma by Claudio O. Delang, Karen Human Rights Group, 2001-01-01
  7. The Traveller's History of Burma (Orchid Guides) by Garry Abbott, 2006-07-24
  8. Burma's Modern Tragedy (Studies in Asian History and Development, V. 7)
  9. Burma in Revolt: Opium and Insurgency Since 1948 by Bertil Lintner, 2000-01
  10. Almost Englishmen: Baghdadi Jews in British Burma by Ruth Cernea, 2007-01-28
  11. Burma Ruby: A History of Mogok's Rubies from Antiquity to the Present by S. K. Samuels, 2003-02-05
  12. The Imperial War Museum Book of the War in Burma 1942-1945 (Pan Grand Strategy Series) by Julian Thompson, 2004-09-18
  13. Myth & History In Historiography of Early Burma: Pardigms, Primary Sources, & Prejudices (Ohio RIS Southeast Asia Series) by Michael A. Aung-Thwin, 1998-05-30
  14. The Making of Modern Burma by Thant Myint-U, 2001-04-02

181. Unocal In Myanmar (Burma) - The Story That The Media Doesn't Tell About Unocal I
Unocal, with Total of France, is developing the Yadana natural gas project in Myanmar(burma).

Judge finds for Unocal is California Phase 1 trial
April 14, 2004 Collaborative for Development Action conducts third
independent field study of Yadana project
February 2004 Summary of Unocal's key points from meeting with state/union pension fund administrators Oct 1, 2003 For more than a decade, Myanmar (Burma) has been a focus of the debate over whether engagement or isolation is the proper course to achieve social and political change in developing countries with repressive governments. Unocal, based on nearly four decades of experience in Asia, believes that engagement is by far the more effective way to strengthen emerging economies and promote more open societies. Others disagree with our view, favoring economic and political isolation as a better way to bring about change. We welcome a vigorous debate on the merits of those two approaches. Over the past five years, however, activist groups who oppose the military government of Myanmar have not been willing to limit the debate to the merits of engagement or isolation. Instead, these groups have resorted to spreading false and hurtful allegations about Unocal and the Yadana natural gas project. The activists' goal is to apply public and political pressure on Unocal in order to force the company to sell off its interest in the Yadana project and withdraw from that country. As part of this effort, they have conducted a well-orchestrated campaign to influence news reporting. Unocal and the other project investors do not defend the actions and policies of the government of Myanmar. We do defend our reputation and the integrity of the Yadana project. Our hope is that Myanmar will develop a vital, democratic society built on a strong economy. The Yadana project, which has brought significant benefits in health care, education, and economic opportunity to more than 45,000 people living in the pipeline area, is a step in the right direction.

182. Welcome To New Horizons Travels & Tours Ltd.
Provide specialty tours to burma (Myanmar). Have personal expertise in this exotic, unknown country

Travel Itineraries

Photo Galleries

Client Comments

About Us
Golf Tours
Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Taunggyi, Maymyo.

With our experience and local contacts both inside and outside Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, we will make your holiday the experience of a lifetime.
As we are working with trusted local agents our prices are very competitive, but please remember that they can vary depending on season and number of travellers

50 Burrard Road West Hampstead London NW6 1DD
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183. Southeast Asia Diary: Tales Of Cambodia, Laos And Thailand
Andy Carvin describes his 1997 travels across Cambodia, Laos, burma, Thailand and Hong Kong.
Before You Go
Travel Planning
Facts at a Glance



Myanmar (Burma)
THE DIARY Getting There
The Transpacific Commute
One Day in Bangkok

Bang Pa-In Palace

And the Ruins of Ayutthaya

Phnom Penh A Day in the Killing Fields Angkor Arrival at Angkor Apsara Sunset Angkor Wat Sunrise Closure in Cambodia Siem Reap to Nong Khai A Travel Day Vientiane Visiting Vientiane Luang Prabang Luang Prabang Pilgrimage Bicycle Race The Pak Ou Caves Luang Prabang to Chiang Rai Riding the Mekong Express Mae Sai Daytrip to Burma Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Bound Three Wats and a Massage Hilltribe Trek Chiang Mai to Bangkok Doi Suthep and the Hmong "Poppy Field"; Bangkok Transit Stop Hong Kong Hong Kong Reunion Sheung Wan Walking Tour; Reaching the Peak
Southeast Asia Diary: Tales of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand
This website is a travelogue, photogallery and RealAudio archive of my November 1997 trip to Southeast Asia with my perennial travel partner, Susanne Cornwall . Through this website you can enjoy my entire travel journal, which is listed city by city on the left side of the screen. And when you're done with the diary, be sure to visit our other Southeast Asia websites listed below. One last note: The Southeast Asia Diary has a pop-up dictionary built into it. As you read the diary you'll occasionally see certain words followed by a little red star:

184. Southeast Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library - Burma
ASIA WWW To IIAS Homepage To Southeast Asian Studies WWWVL.burma. You are being redirected to
You are being redirected to

185. IID--Initiatives For International Dialogue
The IID is a solidarity and advocacy group involved primarily in peoples' issues in East Timor, burma and Mindanao in the Philippines.
Select A Section Mindanao: Updates Mindanao: Take Action Mindanao: In-depth Burma: Updates Burma: Take Action Burma: In-depth E. Timor: Updates E. Timor: Take Action E. Timor: In-depth Select An E-mail List Mindanao East Timor Burma Read on Conference Statement of APCET 5 Read on APCET 5 Resolution on the UN Tribunal The Fifth Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET 5) calls for the effective prosecution of crimes against the people of the East Timor, shocking to the conscience of the international community, ensured through the creation of an appropriate tribunal of the United Nations and
enjoins the office of the Secretary General of the United Nations to take all necessary actions to ensure the expeditious establishment of this tribunal. Read on Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID)
Main office: 27 Galaxy Street, GSIS Heights, Matina, Davao City, Philippines

186. The Martaban Trade An Examination Of The Literature From The Seventh Through Eig
Asian Perspectives 40(1). Epigraphic and literary evidence for a pottery tradition in Lower burma dating from the early centuries of the present era are discussed. (PDF)

187. Frontline: The Opium Kings: Opium Throughout History | PBS
According to US drug experts, there are new drug trafficking routes from Burmathrough Laos, to southern China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Opium A history.
var loc = "../../../";
c.3400 B.C.
The opium poppy is cultivated in lower Mesopotamia. The Sumerians refer to it as Hul Gil, the 'joy plant.' The Sumerians would soon pass along the plant and its euphoric effects to the Assyrians. The art of poppy-culling would continue from the Assyrians to the Babylonians who in turn would pass their knowledge onto the Egyptians. c.1300 B.C.
In the capital city of Thebes, Egyptians begin cultivation of opium thebaicum,grown in their famous poppy fields.The opium trade flourishes during the reign of Thutmose IV, Akhenaton and King Tutankhamen. The trade route included the Phoenicians and Minoans who move the profitable item across the Mediterranean Sea into Greece, Carthage, and Europe. c.1100 B.C.
On the island of Cyprus, the "Peoples of the Sea" craft surgical-quality culling knives to harvest opium, which they would cultivate, trade and smoke before the fall of Troy. c. 460 B.C.
Hippocrates, "the father of medicine", dismisses the magical attributes of opium but acknowledges its usefulness as a narcotic and styptic in treating internal diseases, diseases of women and epidemics. 330 B.C.

188. Myanmar Burma Birma Shwedagon Rangun Yangon Rangoon - Reiseberichte Pics Bilder
Bildergalerie einer Reise durch burma von 1994 mit den Stationen Yangoon mit Shwedagon Pagode, Pegu, Inle See mit den schwimmenden G¤rten und Beinruderern, Mandalay, Sagaing, Mingun und der Tempelstadt Pagan am Irrawaddy.
home / menu reiseroute thailand fotos / pics
~~ Unsere Burma bzw. Myanmar Reise mit Koh phi phi
home / menu reiseroute thailand ... fotos / pics
Zu den Bildern der Burma Reise bitte auf 'fotos' klicken, zur Route auf 'reiseroute' oder einfach ins Kartenbild klicken Der richtige Prospekt war bald gefunden und die Reise bei Shwedagon Pagode
Der Inle Lake Mandalay
Ebene von Bagan

Privat haben wir jedoch noch eine Woche Badeurlaub in Insel Kho Phi Phi . Ein Geheimtipp ist Phi Phi Island heute aber nicht mehr.

189. The Christian Hall Of Fame Adoniram Judson
Short studentfriendly account of this missionary to burma.

190. Phuket Liveaboard Diving In Thailand And Burma (Mergui)
A specialized dive travel agency for scuba diving liveaboards. Dive sites in Thailand and burma. Located right in the heart of Phuket.
Phuket liveaboard diving in Thailand and Burma (Mergui) with Siam Dive n' Sail
Liveaboard diving
Dive site descriptions Go Pro/ Instructor Courses Who are we? ... Indonesia Liveaboards Phuket Live-aboard dive boats for trips in Thailand, Burma and the Andaman Sea including the Andaman Islands. We are liveaboard specialists. We conduct PADI instructor courses (IDCs). We supply information on scuba diving and dive sites. Updated June 3, 2004
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191. Myat Thura - Myanmar Man From Burma, Yangon
Personal home page of a Myanmar man from burma.
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Myat Thura - Myanmar
About Me

My Photos
Baby Myat
Young Myat


My Family
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Add ons
Post your photos
Message Board

My Journal

Guest Book
Contact Me
Recommended Myanmar sites
Eaindra Kyaw Zin Zaw Win Htut Emperior Group Myo Kyawt Myaing ... Acid
Interesting Sites
Yangoncity MM CGI Planet Shwenet ... Myanmar History
Myanmar Journals
Interview Achit Academy People ... Pansagar Journal Myanmar History for the interested people If you are interested in Myanmar history but tired of shallow articles intended for the general users? Here is a Myanmar history site dedicated to the professionals. The purpose of this site is actually nothing. I created this site just to play a very interesting toy I am accessable to. However, being an inexperience designer, I had to give quite a lot of work and energy to finish my site. All the designs, are my own. I really hope you all will enjoy my site.
Important Events
  • 15 Jan 2004 - Draw my first web site 20 Jan 2004 - Successfully uploaded the whole site Feb 2004 - change the layout of the site 16 March 2004 - change both the design and the content extensively
About my new site
I am now building a new site for the medical professionals of Myanmar especially the former students of the three institutes of medicine in Myanmar. It is like an online club for the medical students. I provide forums, guest books and online album for the members. Please come and visit the site when it is finished. It will be ready in a few days.

192. Trouser People Brings Football To Burma
An article about Trouser People the new book telling the story of the British adventurer who brough football to Myanmar.
When Trouser People Ruled
Burma has been in a terrible slump, on and off the soccer pitch. A new book offers a funny kick. It traces the arrival of the sport a century ago, showcasing along the way not only Burma's modern misery but decades of headhunting and good old-fashioned colonial repression.
By Ron Gluckman /in the library G OOD FORTUNE ALL TOO OFTEN PASSES BURMA , an utterly lovely land mired in misery and ruled by a succession of tyrants and military thugs. Hence, two events are reason for cheer, even if separated by a century or so. One is the arrival of soccer (football to everyone except Americans). Never mind that Burmese rank among the world's worst players, they approach the game with admirable gusto. Likewise journalist Andrew Marshall, whose lively retelling of this tale in "Trouser People" (Viking) is the best book on Burma in ages. This is not ordinary sports story. The focus is George Scott, fascinating Victorian-era explorer, administrator, pioneering photographer and all-around rogue who arrived in colonial Burma 130 years ago. He had scant Asian knowledge, none of British-ruled Burma, practically no governing skills and an unbridled independence that would later doom his diplomatic career - although he was knighted, surprisingly, later on. A skilled linguist and fearless traveler, Scott spent much of his life touring and snapping pictures of everyday Burmese, particularly remote tribes, many then enthusiastic head-hunters.

193. Free Burma Home: Educational Info On Burma, Democracy Movement, Human Rights, AI
Human rights and Democracy in burma/Myanmar.
no frame page no frame page

194. Burma (Myanmar) - Consular Information Sheet
Contains background information, entry requirements, and safety and security advice for visitors to burma from the US State Department.
U.S. Department of State
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Washington, DC 20520

Consular Information Sheet This information is current as of today,
Burma (Myanmar)
April 8, 2004 COUNTRY DESCRIPTION : Burma (Myanmar) is an underdeveloped, agrarian country ruled by an authoritarian military regime. The country's military government suppresses all expression of opposition to its rule. After a long period of isolation the country has begun to encourage tourism. Foreigners can expect to pay at least five times more than locals do for hotels, domestic airfare and entry to tourist sites. Tourist facilities in Rangoon, Bagan, Taunggyi, Inle Lake, and Mandalay are adequate but are very limited in most of the rest of the country. Please note that visitors should bring cash necessary to cover their expenses for the duration of their visit, since traveler's checks, credit cards, and ATM cards will likely not be honored in Burma. (See "Currency" and "U.S. Treasury Sanctions," below). ENTRY REQUIREMENTS : The Government of Burma strictly controls travel to, from, and within Burma. A passport and visa are required. Travelers are required to show their passports with a valid visa at airports, train stations, and hotels. There are frequent security roadblocks on all roads, immigration checkpoints, and domestic air flights in Burma.

195. The Burma-Shave Jingles
Complete collection of original signs. Also includes the BurmShavedaily mailing list.
the Burma-Shave jingles
Here you will find the complete text of the original Burma-Shave jingles, as archived in Frank Rowsome Jr.'s book The Verse by the Side of the Road . You can learn more about the Burma-Shave phenomenon from the Burma-Shave online exhibit at the Start each morning with a fresh jingle! Subscribe to the Burma-Shave daily mailing list.

196. Mhone Shwe Yee :: Welcome To Mhone Shwe Yee
Myanmar Community information sources. Tries to show you all you want to know about burma.
@import url("themes/ExtraLite/style/style.css");
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MSY Joke MSY Quizzz Recommend MSY ... Most Popular We are the people Web Directory Members MSY Forum MSY Stats ... Contact MSY MSY Events June 2004 S M T W T F S Today's Events No Events Upcoming Events No Events Search Search MSY Past Articles Wednesday, June 02 China Places Conditions on Britney Tour Malaysian Police deny detaining Burmese journalist junta giving military trainings to thugs Tuesday, June 01 Mystery of Burma's royal family's missing jewels still unresolved Burma Arrests 10 in Suu Kyi Protests Ex-actress from Burma has key role in Unocal human rights case Thailand's plan to build fences along the border to be aired with U Khin Nyunt ... job hunters await in Kawthaung to be smuggled into Ranong Sunday, May 30 Six illegals caught while trying to swim into Singapore Breaking silence over deadly cyclone, says many dead and missing Older Articles Friends Forever sex male female any age to Photo no matter Yes MSY Yellowpages U Tin Win Group U Tha Tun Firm Welcome to Mhone Shwe Yee An interactive website and comprehensive guide to Myanmar community around the world - for the benefit of all. Mhone Shwe Yee gives everyone a place to exchange ideas, discuss about their thoughts, and permission to add/modify the web contents on their own. Mhone Shwe Yee is a Public Palace where you can meet new friends, find lost friends, post anything to get the rest of the world's attention, get help, read latest news, and find a lot more information about a very beautiful south east Asian country, Myanmar (Burma).

197. The Irrawaddy On-line Edition
Independent publication that tries to raise awareness about burmarelated issues through unbiased reporting from a Burmese perspective. Cover Story Culture Editorial Intelligence ... Burmese Tycoon SEARCH: Archive Available Since 1997 YOUR EMAIL: Get Irrawaddy's Lastest News to Your Desk Nine NLD Protesters Freed [read more...]
HRW Urges Burma to Remove Children from Army
[read more...] ...
The Naga: Diminishing Gains?
The Naga of India finally have peace but they remain isolated and poor, reports Karin Kaasik from Nagaland.
The Chin and Mizo: Ex-brothers?
United by geography, commerce and the colonial experience, the Chin and Mizo have grown apart in recent years, writes Karin Kaasik from Mizoram, India.
Shaky Future for the KIO
An attempted coup and an assassination have jolted the Kachin Independence Organization this year. Naw Seng reports on the chaos in Laiza.

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