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         Breeding Birds:     more books (100)
  1. Contributions of the Conservation Reserve Program to populations of breeding birds in North Dakota.: An article from: Wilson Bulletin by Douglas H. Johnson, Lawrence D. Igl, 1995-12-01
  2. Bird Care; Diet, Health, Breeding

141. Mainebirding :: Redirect - One Moment Please...
A refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife.
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142. Birds Of Tanzania
yet to take this a stage further and to analyse the data available for other countries in an attempt to understand where our birds spend the nonbreeding season
Updated 26. september 2003
Responsible for the Birds of Tanzania web-site Stein Nilsen TRY OUR NEW URL
Click here to see the distribution maps (NB! Large file)


585.000 records in the database, Virgin YVBulbul squares down to 47 New maps; All Acrocephalus Warblers, Wahlberg's Eagle and a new Yellow-Vented Bulbul Several new maps Ashy Starling Lappet-faced Vulture Ovambo Sp.hawk
and Grey-capped Sparrow Weaver Xls-file Waterbirds 1%-level world population 2 new maps added, Spotted and Water Thicknee New maps 3 tagged Greater Flamingoes Download updated Checklist Birds of Tanzania (109Kb zip-file) Three Greater Flamingoes are tagged with transmitters,
follow their movements

Tanzania Bird Atlas has passed the HALF MILLION record,
there are now records in the database (November 2002)
Two NEW species for Tanzania (and East-Africa); Chestnut-mantled Sparrow-Weaver Black-collared Eremomela Both species discovered in SW Tanzania in Rukwa Region These are species number 1389 and 1340 for East Africa Introduction As the sub title suggests this is not just about mapping the distribution of birds in Tanzania. By collecting data on a monthly basis and concentrating on evidence of breeding we hope to understand much more about the seasonality of our birdlife. It is sometimes difficult for people unfamiliar with the tropics to understand how different animal and plant life cycles can be without the all pervasive effect of a harsh winter. Even the ubiquitous

143. Birds Of Salem
Bird list, breeding bird census results, and birding tips.
Birds of Salem Woods
Bird List
    A compilation of sightings over the past 15 years.
Breeding Birds
    Results of breeding bird censuses from the past three years
Birder's Toolbox
    Tools for attracting birds in the field
Trip Reports Articles from Woodwinds Home New Info Birds ... Links This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

Breeder located in the Netherlands. Versions in English and Nederlands. Information on the species, feeding, breeding, available birds and photos.
De Wolwever 37
5737 AD Lieshout
(In the vicinity of Eindhoven)
The Netherlands
Tel./Fax.: +31 (0)499-421916
Mobile: +31 (0)6-53903258
Contact: Theo Brouwers


145. Fact Sheet: Penguins
Describes the physical traits, breeding, behavior, and natural predators of these flightless sea birds. Also explains the differences between the individual species.
Updated: July 24, 1998
Penguins are flightless sea birds of the Southern Hemisphere. In all, there are 18 species of penguins, found in South Australia, New Zealand, and off the coasts of Peru, Chile, and South Africa. Some species live as far north as the equatorial Galapagos Islands, but they are primarily cold-weather birds. There are seven species of Antarctic penguins: the Adelie, Gentoo, Macaroni, Chinstrap, Rockhopper, King, and Emperor. The Adelie and the Emperor are the two true Antarctic species. Penguins have a heavier skeleton than most birds, waterproof feathers, and specialized glands that extract and excrete excess salt. Their feathers, which even cover their bills and feet, combine with a thick layer of fat to insulate them. This works so effectively that the birds frequently overheat in the frigid waters. They vary, by species, from the sixteen inch, two and a half pound Little Blue penguin of Australia to the truly Antarctic sixty-six pound Emperor penguin, which stands more than three and a half feet tall. (The Emperor has actually been recorded at up to ninety pounds.) Penguins swim like other birds fly. Their wings have not disappeared, nor have they become vestigial, useless appendages. Instead, they've evolved into flippers. Penguins use highly developed muscles to flap their wings to move forward, and they guide themselves with their tail. They are the only bird to "porpoise." That is to say, they launch themselves out of the water, momentarily flying in fluid arches as they continue to swim forward at high speeds like dolphins. Penguins do this in order to breathe, but porpoising also creates air bubbles that reduce friction during swimming. Gentoo penguins are thought to be the fastest of all swimming birds, achieving speeds of thirteen to seventeen miles per hour.

146. Missouri's Birds
A Missouri Department of Conservation publication, with the breeding Bird Atlas and many useful articles.
Skip to Main Content. Nature Shop Help Jobs Search Fishing Hunting Nature Forestry ... Magazine Monday, June 07, 2004 Places to Go Private Land Assistance Get Involved Accessibility ... Winter Sparrows
Missouri's Birds
Like mammals, amphibians and reptiles, birds belong to the phylum Chordata. All birds are endothermic ("warm-blooded") and covered with feathers, and most have the ability to fly. Birds evolved from reptiles about 130 million years ago. There are an estimated 9,000 species of birds in the world. Approximately 900 occur in North America and more than 400 have been recorded in Missouri. More than 150 species regularly nest in our state. The variety of color, size, behavior, songs and nests in the bird world, and of course the magic of flight, make birds a wonderful part of outdoor Missouri.
Special Topics:
Related Links from the Missouri Conservationist

147. Parrots: International Aviculturists Society
A group of aviculturists from around the world striving to protect, preserve, and enhance the keeping and breeding of all exotic birds. Educational information from excerpts from previous conventions and seminars.
International Aviculturists Society
Dedicated to the Birds of the World!
Who are we?
2003 Convention: Parrots - Perspectives and Solutions From Aviculture and Field Conservation Progress in Understanding Proventricular Dilatation Disease (Fall 1998) Prevention of Avian Polyomavirus Infections through Vaccination (1998) Brazil Reports That the Endangered Lear's Macaw is Threatened by Illegal Bird Collectors - Press Release from IBAMA July 14, 1998 ... 1998 Convention Information (February 14 Update) with Speaker Highlights and draft of Voluntary Accreditation Standards (requires Adobe Acrobat to view. This Plug-in is available free from Adobe.) (12 pages so download may be slow) Use the back key on your browser to return to this page. 1998 Convention Information (requires Adobe Acrobat to view. This Plug-in is available free from Adobe.) Use the back key on your browser to return to this page. Proventricular Dilitation Disease Update - Winter 1998 (requires Adobe Acrobat to view. This Plug-in is available free from Adobe.) Use the back key on your browser to return to this page. IAS Bylaws Psittacine Incubation Techniques, Incubation Periods, and First Laying Dates of Captive Raised First Generation Parrots

148. Falconry Centre-Canada
Dedicated to over 200 birds of prey, falconry courses, breeding endangered species, rehabilitation facilities and bird control services. A pictorial virtual tour and webcams are available.
Best Viewed in Person
If not then at 800 X 600 Resolution
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149. Flying Oriental Roller Society, Dedicated To The Preservation Of The Oriental Ro
Includes articles on training, breeding, and flying the birds.
“Dedicated to the Preservation of the
Oriental Roller as a Flying – Performing Pigeon.” Yellow Hen Bred by George De La Nuez, used with permission.
The flying of the Oriental Roller is nearly a lost art in North America. We are at a pivotal point in the history of the breed on this continent. The Flying Oriental Roller Society is established to restore the heritage of the breed as an air performing pigeon and to advance the popularity of this distinctive breed in the pigeon fancy. The club is open to all who wish to fly and/or exhibit the flying type Oriental Roller or anyone who is interested in the breed and would like to share the fellowship and sportsmanship of like-minded Fanciers. (Preamble taken from FORS BY-LAWS) Articles of Interest:
Oriental Rollers
, An excerpt from the book "So You Want to Raise Rollers" by W. Paul Bradford reprinted with permission.
Andy Estrada, January 2000 Flying Oriental Rollers by Bill Tietze The Flying/Performing Oriental Roller - Common Misconceptions
Andy Estrada, December 1999

150. Breeding Bird Surveys
the INEEL have yielded useful information about population dynamics of native birds, effects of weather and fire on avian abundance, and the breeding status of
Breeding Bird Surveys Related Links USGS Bird Checklists of the United States - Idaho Falls District Birding in Idaho USGS Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter Since 1985, official Breeding Bird Surveys have been conducted on the INEEL. The Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is a roadside route survey of avifauna designed to monitor abundance and distribution of birds in the United States and southern Canada. Data from these censuses are one of the main sources of information on avian population trends across the continent. These surveys are conducted in June every year. BBS surveys on the INEEL have yielded useful information about population dynamics of native birds, effects of weather and fire on avian abundance, and the breeding status of a number of bird species of concern, including sagebrush obligate species and other species exhibiting declines through their range. 113 bird species have been identified on the INEEL during the 1985 - 2002 Breeding Bird Surveys.

151. Exhibition Budgerigars
Offers information on breeding ,showing, illness and treatment of the budgerigar. Also pictures of his birds.
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152. Tropical Bird Fanciers
Organization dedicated to expanding the understanding, protection and breeding of birds.
Visit Lake Havasu Online!
Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA
Articles Bird Links Calendar of Events ... Zoo Trip
About Tropical Bird Fanciers
We are a growing club of approximately 70 members. We are a diverse group of pet owners, breeders, veterinarians,pet shop owners, and wholesalers, as well as those that just love birds. We have members knowledgeable in almost every breed from Finches to Macaws. Located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona , we are positioned mid state on the far western border. In the heart of the Mohave Desert, Lake Havasu makes up 45 miles of a 90 mile section of the Colorado River between Davis and Parker Dams. Our summer temperatures often reach 115 degrees and above throughout July and August, which brings about many bird keeping problems specific to heat. Being dedicated to expanding the understanding, protection and breeding of birds, we are always vigilant for new information, and most willing to share any knowledge we have to uphold our oath to make this a better world for our feathered friends; understanding their nature to better provide for their true needs; protecting them from those who only seek profit and care little for their welfare; breeding, not only for the enjoyment of others, but to purify bloodlines, and save those breeds on the brink of extinction. We now have our newsletter, "SQUAWK TALK", online. We hope that it along with links from this site, will help to better educate anyone that desires to know more about the wonderful world of birds. There are many other sites world wide with information on their specific area, and as we review those we find, we will add their links to our page.

Comprehensive site for information on birds and birding in the Hawaiian Islands. News and events, introduction, sightings, checklist, annotated lists of breeding and migrant birds, site guides to birding locations on each major island, articles, links and other resources.

154. AfewGoodBirds
A small aviary dedicated to the responsible breeding and conservation of amazons, bluemasked lovebirds, caiques, grand eclectus, senegals, and timneh greys.

Available Babies
Used Cages for Sale
Harmful Plants
Toxic Fumes
Available Babies
Used Cages for Sale
Harmful Plants
Toxic Fumes ... Contact A Few Good Birds

155. Breeding Bird Survey - Farmland Birds - Caring For The Chilterns | The Chilterns
To solve this problem, a ‘breeding Bird Survey’ of the AONB was carried out by the project in the spring and early summer of 2002.
introduction attractions activities local products ... access to the countryside
breeding bird survey farmland bird project facts changes in farming breeding bird survey ... return of the stone curlew
Historical information on farmland birds in the AONB is patchy, with surveys undertaken at different times in different areas. It has therefore been difficult to get a clear picture of how these species are responding to changes in their environment.
Results from the survey have illustrated a number of key points:
  • Other declining farmland bird species are widely distributed throughout the AONB. These are skylark, yellowhammer and linnet. All these species are found at above average population levels, making the Chilterns a very important area for their conservation. Other species are not faring quite so well in the AONB. Grey partridges have a very limited distribution and are found in poor numbers. They are mainly confined to the southwest corner of the Chilterns. Lapwings have a very poor population, with only a few hundred individuals left in the Chilterns. Tree sparrows and turtle doves were not recorded at all in the survey.

156. Impeckable Aviaries Home Page
breeding and sales of macaws, cockatoos, parrots, and other psittacine birds in Johnson City, Texas. Includes bird information and prices and availablity.
IMPECKABLE AVIARIES PO Box 540 Johnson City, Texas 78636 phone 830-868-4509
WELCOME to the Impeckable Aviaries Home Page!
You are visitor number:
Impeckable Aviaries
2004 babies have arrived! We have African Greys, Amazons, Pionus, and Moustache babies now and will soon have macaws, Senegals, and Meyer's parrots. Click the species of your interest below for more information and for other special prices on our birds. If you would like to see more information we provide about birds or topics on birds, or if you want to know more about Impeckable Aviaries and visit our other web pages, continue scrolling down the page:-).
Please click on the genus of interest for prices and availability and check out our special prices on selected species:-) Look for species profiles by following links below! First one can be seen here: GENUS PIONUS
Amazons African Greys Poicephalus ... Pionus Impeckable Aviaries is home to some of the most beautiful birds in the world - parrots - and is proud to offer for sale select hand-fed parrots for the prospective pet owner and confident, parent-reared parrots for the bird enthusiast. In fact, Impeckable Aviaries does not employ artificial incubation nor do we tube feed or gavage our newly hatched and hand - feeding chicks with force feeding needles. You may find birds reared in such a manner for sale at the large pet chains in the malls. Some of these facilities sell unweaned birds to inexperienced customers who accidentally injure their birds unknowingly. Too often the result is the loss of a beloved young but otherwise healthy vibrant baby bird - see this

157. Beak N Wings, Inc.
Educational pet bird club, to furnish and exchange knowledge about and to promote humane breeding and or raising of pet birds, and to introduce the general public to the field of aviculture.
Welcome to Beak n Wings, Inc.
Rescue / Adoption
"We are MUCH more that just a club"
Beak n Wings is a volunteer, Kansas non-profit corporation founded in 1999 by Dean Tyson, in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. We are dedicated to improving the lives of parrots and other birds, as pets and in their natural habitats, through education, rescue and conservation.
Welcome. Please feel free to enter either through the main
web site, or enter through the Rescue / Adoption link.
Meet our Mascot. SHUBY Last Update 06/03/04

158. Arizona Avian Breeders Association
Advancing the knowledge, care, and breeding of birds with articles.
Your browser has JavaScript turned off. This web site is optimized for JavaScript. Open your browser preferences, and enable JavaScript in order to take full advantage of this web site. You do not have to restart your browser or your computer after you enable JavaScript. Simply click the 'Reload' button. About AABA Officers Society of the Elite Membership Application Meetings ... Founded in the late 1980's by individuals who have a profound love of birds, AABA is dedicated to:
  • Advancing and encouraging the knowledge, protection, care and breeding of all birds in captivity Preserving and protecting avian species in their natural ecosystems Preserving, protecting and propogating those species that are threatened or endangered in their natural habitat
Report Lost, Found
Join Us!
Contact Us! Up-to-the-Minute Nest Finders Report Lost Birds! Coming Events Monthly Speakers ... Photo Album Things to Know Articles Bird Care Safe Plants List Related Sites ... Home General Meetings
(Open to the Public)
First Saturday of each month
Socializing begins at 7:00 PM
Business begins at 7:30 PM
Apollo Baptist Church

11611 North 51st Ave.

159. Aves International- We Raise Exotic Birds And Parrots And Publish The Baby Bird
Species list, breeding information, care tips and baby birds calendar available from speciality breeder of parrots and softbilled birds.
over 440 pages!
over 2890 images!
We are breeders of fine parrots and other exotic birds from subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Since 1973 we have worked to develop a collection of healthy and hardy breeding stock and currently produce over 50 species of parrots and softbilled species. This website is meant to be entertaining as well as informative so please keep checking back to see what is NEW!
Intro Table/Sales Info Page
Rose-Breasted Cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapillus)

New! links to our sister sites: PHOTOCEAN Dream Artists-Free Animations and graphics SOUTHSEASIMPORTS.COM webpage design by TRIXIE

160. CDP Aviary - Specializing In Normal Green, Blue, Split To Blue, And Cinnamon Qua
Information about breeding, along with pictures of their birds, and available birds.
[click above to enter CDP Aviary]
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