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         Breeding Birds:     more books (100)
  1. The Atlas of Breeding Birds of vermont by Sarah B., et. al., eds Laughlin, 1985
  2. The Historical Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland: 1875-1900
  3. Population Trends of Breeding Birds of Ohio (Ohio Biological Survey Miscellaneous Contributions) by Brad A. Andres, Susan L. Earnst, 1996-06-15
  4. Sub-sampling data from the North American Breeding Bird Survey for application to the Bird Community Index, an indicator of ecological condition [An article from: Ecological Indicators] by T.J. O'Connell, J.A. Bishop, et all 2007-07-01
  5. Breeding birds of Elephant Butte marsh (New Mexico Ornithological Society publications) by Charles A Hundertmark, 1978
  6. Atlas of Breeding Birds of the West Midl by J Lord, 1970
  7. Breeding-Bird Populations in Jack Pine and Mixed Jack Pine/Deciduous Stands in Central Ontario (Royal Ontario Museum Life Sciences Division//Contributions) by Ross D. James, Mark K. Peck, 1995-05
  8. Multi-scale breeding bird and land-cover associations.: An article from: Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science by J. Russell Butler, 2001-10-01
  9. Aviary and cage birds;: Their care and breeding, by Marion Luther Flowers, 1963
  10. Breeding Birds of Southern Africa (Helm Field Guides)
  11. A Guide to Shetland's Breeding Birds by Bobby Tulloch, 1992-01
  12. The New Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland: 1988-1991. (book reviews): An article from: Wilson Bulletin by George A. Hall, 1995-03-01
  13. Comparison of breeding bird communities in bottomland hardwood forests of different successional stages.: An article from: Wilson Bulletin by J. Matthew Buffington, John C. Kilgo, et all 1997-06-01
  14. Breeding Birds of the Barabboo Hills, Wisconsin by Michael J. and Kenneth Il Lange Mossman, 1982

121. Common Loon, Gavia Immer
Describes the appearance of this bird in breeding plumage and winter plumage. Includes facts about its diet and nesting.

122. Exotic Birds And Avian Breeding In Florida
Breeder of various species. Located in Santa Rosa Beach.
Fancy Birds
Specializing in the Breeding of Genetically
Superior Exotic Birds
Located in the Northwest Panhandle of Florida

Years of patient and experienced breeding has gifted Yvonne Lieber with sweet Birds that are all hand fed, gentle, and truly loveable. If you are looking for a healthy pure bred bird to make a part of your Family, then your always welcome to fall in love with one of our new baby birds fresh into this world, with love and happiness to chirp about !! Fancy Birds is known throughout the South East United Sates for providing the healthiest, energetic birds that sport some of the brightest coats of feathers, and comes with the added feature of having wonderfully pleasant personalities. We have taken pride in picking only the best bird personalities, and moods, for this is what sets us apart from all other breeders.......having pleasant birds, that are happy, calm, and safe around children and any family members. You don't just want a pretty bird, you want a happy, and friendly "Pal" to play with. Hurry.....Call now to reserve your new baby bird.........We've got one waiting for you NOW !!

Treats an average of 2024 wild birds that have been injured and releases them back into the wild. Also has a captive breeding program.
HOME ABOUT US CONTACT US LOCATION ... LINKS FOLLOWING LINK UNDER CONSTRUCTION You can view but cannot purchase online; phone with orders. Sorry about the inconvenience. Please bear with our growing pains! "FOR THE BIRDS" SHOP A NON-PROFIT AVIAN HOSPITAL AND SANCTUARY Welcome to the Official Website of the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary. This site has been formatted for Internet Explorer 6. Don't miss our 2nd Annual " Swing For The Birdies!" Charity Golf Tournament June 12, 2004 at the Lansbrook Golf Club. For More Information Click Here The non-profit Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, Inc. is the largest wild bird hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the United States. For over 30 years, the Sanctuary has been dedicated to the rescue, repair, rehabilitation and release of healthy indigenous wild birds. Founded in 1971 by Ralph T. Heath, the Sanctuary is world-renowned for its innovative rehabilitation techniques, and the first facility to breed Eastern brown pelicans in captivity. The Sanctuary is staffed by experienced professionals and dedicated volunteers. Similar to a human hospital, it is equipped with emergency facilities, a surgical center, recovery areas and an outdoor recuperation area. Display areas feature permanently injured birds that have been given a home at the Sanctuary. At any given time, visitors can view in excess of 600 wild birds. The healthy offspring they produce are released back into the wild. So come and visit us. The Sanctuary is a not-for-profit corporation depending solely on the financial support of individuals like You! We are open 365 days a year and admittance is always

124. Birds Of Nova Scotia - Long-eared Owl
Longeared Owl status, description, breeding, range, remarks and picture.
Click photo to see complete painting
Long-eared Owl
Asio otus (Linnaeus) Status Rare resident. Breeds. Although other nineteenth-century authors had rated it "rare" or "not common," Harold F. Tufts (1899) designated it "common except in winter" in Kings County. Apart from one report each from Annapolis, Digby, Queens and Shelburne counties, all summer reports since 1960 have come from Kings County, where all but one of reported nestings also have occurred. Scattered reports from southwestern counties and nocturnal mist-netting on Bon Portage Island by bird banders from Acadia University in recent years have revealed a distinct outbound migration in October and November. An individual on Sable Island on 29 July 1966 suggests such movements may begin even earlier. Some remain in winter; roosts of 3-12 individuals have been found regularly by Bernard L. Forsythe in mixed woods in Kings County, but only a few have been recorded in other parts of the province at this season. Birds on Cape Sable on 10 May 1972 and 29 March 1981 were presumably returning migrants. Description Length: 35-42 cm.

125. Birds2Pet - Cockatoos, Conures, Macaws - Parrots On The Web
M.A.P. certified breeder of cockatoos, conures, and macaws. Information on parrot care and breeding. Located in Redwood Estates.
A central California resource for hand raised companion parrots; rare species of parrots; information on species, rearing, and care; and breeding stock.
Specializing in rare and hand-fed parrot species : Cockatoos; Conures; Macaws.
Our Aviary is Model Aviculture Program (MAP) certified,
and Mary Ellen LePage is Founding Member / Manager of "Companion Bird Source -
an association of breeders and retailers setting higher standards",

Northern California Coordinator and Corresponding Secretary
to the American Federation of Aviculture , and Past Board Member of the Aviculture Microbiology Foundation, Inc., a Nonprofit, National/International Specialty Foundation Affiliated with American Federation of Aviculture.
Last Updates: April, 2000

126. Mousebirds In Aviculture: Purchase Your Copy Now!
Kateri J. Davis' book on the softbills as pets and aviary birds. Care, breeding,and diet.
Birdhouse Publications proudly presents: By Kateri J. Davis A look into the world of a fascinating group of African Softbilled Birds that make great pets and aviary birds! Softcover - 140 pages ISBN 0-9716105-0-9 Only $24.99 Published by: Birdhouse Publications P.O. Box 60051 Sacramento, CA 95860 916-487-2478 or Click Here For Order Form Wholesale Prices Available to Book Dealers. Email for more information. Mousebirds, or colies, are gaining popularity as pets and in aviaries, and this book is a must for any bird fancier who is interested in the unusual.
Three years in the making, this book takes you into the world of mousebird aviculture, giving an extensive look at what it takes to care for and breed these acrobatic, softbill birds.
Previously little has been documented about this fascinating order of birds in captivity. Now, through a mixture of zoological and private owner experiences and observations plus scientific studies, this book covers completely the care, diet, housing, and breeding of all mousebirds.

127. Gum Tree Ranch
breeding Australian birds. Specializes in normal and yellow gouldians, scarlet chest parakeets, bourkes and redheaded parrot finches. Located in Fallbrook.

128. Louisiana Breeding Bird Survey Data
Louisiana breeding Bird Survey Data. 1998. birds that Nest in Louisiana With Maps from the Louisiana breeding Bird Atlas 19941996.
Louisiana Breeding Bird Survey Data
Metadata also available as - [ Parseable text SGML XML
Originator: U.S. Geological Survey, National Wetlands Research Center Title: Louisiana Breeding Bird Survey Data Digital Vector Data
U.S. Geological Survey, National Wetlands Research Center and the Nature Conservancy, David A Wiedenfeld and Mark Swan
Title: Altas of the Birds That Nest in Louisiana Edition: First document
Lafayette, LA Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey, National Wetlands Research Center
This data set consists of vector data for breeding bird habitat locations throughout the State of Louisiana. The data contains information about the presence or absence of species and its breeding status.
To obtain Louisiana breeding bird survey data for the Louisiana Gap Project to map species for conservation.
Ground condition
Progress: Complete None planned
None vector data Breeding bird Species breeding status breeding distribution USGS quadrangle
None Louisiana
It is strongly recommended that this data is directly acquired from the distributor described above or from another USGS Biological Resources Division server and not indirectly through other sources which may have changed the data in some way. The distributor makes no claims as to the data's suitability for other purposes.

129. New England Seabirds And Pelagic Birding
Conservation news, checklists of birds and mammals, birding spots, pelagic trips and trip reports, seabird breeding colonies, and tips for a first pelagic trip.
Click To Enter
New England Seabirds and Pelagic Birding
To promote pelagic birding and the conservation of seabirds. What seabirds can you see in New England waters Whales, Dolphins, and other marine animals you may see Where To Find Seabirds - Stellwagen Bank, Gulf of Maine Take a Pelagic Birding Trip Help for pelagic trip sponsors - Boats Seabird Breeding Colonies To Visit Historical Reports of Birds Seen Hints For New Pelagic Birders Trips Outside New England - Midway, Antarctica Seabird Conservation in the Atlantic News - Upcoming Trips, Latest Results, New Features
Webmaster Emmalee Tarry
This page, formerly associated with the Brookline Bird Club, is provided as a service to the birding community by the Webmaster. Your comments are most welcome. Please send comments and questions to:
Emmalee Bowers Tarry. . As an ArtToday P Photographs are the property of the photographer and are used by permission of the owner only. Add A link to New England Seabirds. View - Source and copy the following code to paste on your site. To save the image stormp1.jpg, right click and select Save As.

130. Buddy's Birds Aviaries Featuring Solomon Isle Eclectus Parrots
breeding Solomon Island eclectus parrots exclusively. Has pictures, hatch report, frequently asked questions, and java based chat area. Located in South Florida.
ECLECTUS PARROTS Solomon Isle Eclectus Hand-fed Parrots Hand Fed Babies and New Hatchlings Available Now Click on the Hatch Report for pictures and info! HAND-FED BABY PARROTS
FULLY WEANED Our babies are sweet! SI Eclectus are great talkers and extremely interactive pets. Call (954) 938-5100
If you reach AMC voice mail, leave a message for "BUDDY")
or E-MAIL for details. WE HAVE BABIES! For more information See the Hatch Report BUDDY'S BIRDS AVIARY IS LOCATED IN SOUTH FLORIDA, BROWARD COUNTY. SHOWINGS TO INTERESTED PARTIES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. (954) 938-5100 (If you reach AMC voice mail, leave a message for "BUDDY") The finest in luxury shopping WWW.LUXURY.NET

131. Sommer Ranch Andalusians
breeding and sales of pure and partbred horses. Breeders of exotic birds including Eclectus, Macaws, and Grays. Located in Acton, California.
Your Complete Breeding Andalusian Sales Center Nestled in the San Gabriel mountains, just a short drive from Los Angeles, Sommer Ranch Andalusians boasts a complete breeding, training over thirty pure and partbred Andalusians available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada.  Sommer Ranch has been the home to the legendary bay stallion, BRAVIO.  We salute his accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of his amazing offspring. His recent passing in August of 2003 has left a large hole in our hearts that no one can ever fill.  But we look forward to continuing his story by raising and promoting his progeny to the best of our ability.   T his magnificent horse earned incredible honors during his career as our showing and breeding stallion, but most of all we will remember him for the loving family member that he was to each of us.  His accomplishments fill an entire page and we invite you to read more about him in the attached article.   To contact us: Email: URL:

132. BirdsnWays - Articles & FAQs On Pet Birds, Pet Parrots & Exotic Bird Species - A
Links to fulltext articles on every aspect of greys, including breeding, selection, care, housing, nutrition, and speech training.

BirdsnWays Home
Library of Articles : African Greys, Amazons, Budgies, Caiques, Canaries
    The Library
    Species Related

~ SPECIES ARTICLES ~ African Greys


... Search for Specific Articles

133. Cornwall Bird Atlas
Project to produce atlases for breeding and overwintering birds in Cornwall.
Environmental Records Centre
for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
Cornwall Bird Atlas
For many years there has been no way of bringing together the diverse records relating to many of the breeding and non-breeding bird species. Randomly collected records of common breeding and wintering species have been a particular cause for concern and there has been much discussion about the best way to handle such records. The Cornwall Bird Atlas project hopes not only to provide a home for such records, but also to put in place a recording structure that will lead to a comprehensive understanding of the avifauna of Cornwall. This project will take all species records at any time of year and use them constructively, but the primary aim is to concentrate on the production of two atlases: We hope that the atlas(es) will provide a clear picture of the status of all the birds using Cornwall at the start of the 21st century so that all the organisations in the county working for the conservation of birds will have a firm basis on which to draw conclusions. While many other counties have produced tetrad (2km x 2km) atlases of their breeding birds and some have also produced winter atlases, there is nothing of that sort for Cornwall. The best that we have is the 10km x 10km atlases produced at a national level. The topography and habitat variations across the county mean that current atlases provide only a crude indication of the population and distribution of any species.

134. Ontario Programs
Conservation priorities, Ontario birds at risk, Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program, nocturnal owl surveys, and breeding Bird Surveys in Ontario.
Index Conservation Priorities Ontario Birds At Risk
Bald Eagles
Red-shouldered Hawks
Barn Owls
Short-eared Owls
Loggerhead Shrikes
Prothonotary Warblers Great Lakes
Marsh Monitoring

Nocturnal Owl Surveys ...
Bird Studies Canada

Ontario Programs of Bird Studies Canada Main Page
B ird Studies Canada, and formerly Long Point Bird Observatory has been running Ontario-wide programs for many years, beginning with the Ontario Bird Feeder Survey, launched in 1976, which later became the continental Project FeederWatch program. The Canadian Lakes Loon Survey also had its beginnings in Ontario. We ran the Great Lakes Beached Bird Survey for several years in the early 1980s; this international program was designed to provide us with information on the numbers, species and distributions of birds found dead along shorelines throughout the Great Lakes. At about the same time, we launched the Ontario Heronry Inventory, which is still repeated every 10 years. A Great Lakes Colonial Bird Registry was later conducted. Together with the Federation of Ontario Naturalists , we launched the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas project (1981-85), which then evolved into the Ontario Rare Breeding Bird Program, and which has in turn continued as the Ontario Birds At Risk program. Other current projects in Ontario include the Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program, the Nocturnal Owl Survey. Wherever possible, Ontario projects have a large, and very important, volunteer component.

135. Davis Lund Aviaries - Menu
Californian aviary breeding turacos, mousebirds, hornbills, and other zootype exotic birds. Softbilled bird information and photos.
The Davis Lund Aviaries' Goal in creating this website is to promote softbill aviculture by providing an introduction of softbilled birds to the general public, and by sharing experiences with and gaining knowledge from other softbill aviculturists. Hope you enjoy your visit! Welcome to the: The New MOUSEBIRD Book Is OUT! Click Here Davis Lund Aviaries P.O. Box 60051 Sacramento, CA 95860 Owners: Kevin Lund and Kateri Davis Our Aviaries The Mousebird Book About Our Aviaries Softbill Items For Sale Care of Softbills What Is A Softbill Bird? Diets/Feeding Purchasing Softbills Breeding Softbills Mixed Species Aviaries Species Information of Birds Kept by the Davis Lunds Hornbills Babblers (Pekins, Mesias, Etc.) Mousebirds (Colies) ... Softbill Bird Web Links A New Softbill Book! "Mousebirds In Aviculture" The only book of its kind! Covers care, diet, breeding, and much more on these great pet and aviary birds. A must for every softbiller! Only $24.99 Click here for more info.
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Since 01/99 Last updated on 10/10/01 Added mousebird book link, revised several other pages

136. Old Crow
Located 73 km north of the Arctic Circle and 110 km south of the Beaufort Sea, represents a valuable wetland and provides breeding habitat for several aquatic mammals, and a variety of birds.
Old Crow Flats, located 73 km north of the Arctic Circle and 110 km south of the Beaufort Sea, represents one of the Yukon's most valuable wetlands and provides breeding habitat for several aquatic mammals, peregrine falcons, and a variety of waterfowl, shorebirds and songbirds. In summer, the Flats serves as a waterfowl refuge for moulting and staging for fall migration. Old Crow Flats falls within the traditional territory of the Vuntut Gwitchin. The richness of Old Crow Flats and its importance to waterfowl populations have drawn researchers to study this special ecosystem. Researchers are currently investigating why particular lakes are important to breeding and moulting waterfowl, as well as monitoring the long-term changes in vegetation communities. Satellite imagery has emerged as an important tool in these studies.
National and International Recognition
Given the remote wilderness location, pristine conditions, and the strong conservation regime now in place for the Old Crow Flats, its future as a wetland of international significance seems politically assured. One potential threat is global climate change. Old Crow residents seem to feel that lake levels have been dropping, and are concerned that the Flats are "drying up" from the warmer temperatures and earlier springs of recent years.
  • The mean annual daily temperature is -10 degrees C (1951-1980).

137. 0Pinehill Kennels - Dedicated To Breeding The Finest Elhew English Pointer Bird
breeding for bird dogs with natural ability. Puppies started on birds at an early age. Garry, Linda and Clint Surratt TN

138. FNYSBC - We've Moved!
New York State's ornithological society. breeding bird atlas, photograph gallery, field trips, meetings, state checklist, awards, publications, and conservation issues.
Federation of New York State Bird Clubs For the birders and birds of the Empire State We've moved! You will now be forwarded to our home page at

(If you are not forwarded automatically, please click on the link.) Please navigate from there and change your bookmarks.

139. The Running Bird Ranch
Exclusively breeding white bellied caiques. Offers hand feed babies, young pairs that are dna sexed, older pairs, and proven breeders. Located in Orlando.
The Running Bird Ranch White Bellies Caiques Call 407-349-2533 We Specialize in:

140. Jukka Forsman. Heterospecific Attraction In Breeding Bird Communities. ISBN 951-
number and abundance of migrant species than the removal treatment, suggesting that resident birds are used as cues for locating profitable breeding sites.

Library units
Collections Electronic collections
Library services
... index.html
Heterospecific attraction in breeding bird communities
Implications to habitat selection and species interactions in a landscape perspective
Jukka Forsman
Department of Biology, University of Oulu Academic Dissertation to be presented with the assent of the Faculty of Science, University of Oulu, for public discussion in Kuusamonsali (Auditorium YB 210), Linnanmaa, on May 19th, 2000, at 12 noon. University of Oulu Manuscript received 25 April 2000 Manuscript accepted 2 May 2000 Communicated by Docent Hanna Kokko Docent Hannu Pöysä UNIVERSITY OF OULU, OULU FINLAND 2000 ISBN 951-42-5626-3 URN:ISBN:9514256263
I studied the structure of European breeding forest bird communities on several spatial scales focusing on heterospecific attraction among birds (i.e., the attraction of individuals to the company of interspecifics). Namely, I examined how heterospecific attraction affects habitat selection in migrant birds and the potential role of predation risk in enhancing heterospecific attraction during breeding with particular emphasis regarding the interaction between resident and migrant birds. Geographically, low densities and low relative proportions of resident titmice (Parus and Aegithalos spp.) were associated with harsh winter conditions. The densities of northern European titmice populations are suggested to be lower than expected on the basis of summer productivity potentially causing geographical variation with respect to the interactions between resident and migrant birds. As expected, the associations between titmice and migrants appear stronger and more positive in northern Europe than elsewhere.

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