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         Breeding Birds:     more books (100)
  1. The breeding bird survey, 1966 (Special scientific report--wildlife) by Chandler S Robbins, 1967
  2. Changes in Breeding Bird Populations: Between 1930 and 1985 in the Quaker Run Valley of Allegany State Park, New York (New York State Museum Bulletin # 477) (Bulletin / New York State Museum,) by Timothy L. Baird, 1990-05
  3. The first ten years of the co-operative Breeding Bird Survey in Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service report series) by Anthony J Erskine, 1978
  4. Breeding Birds of Ontario: Nidiology and Distribution, Volume 1: Nonpasserines. by GEORGE K. & ROSE D. JAMES: PECK, 1983
  5. Helping and Communal Breeding in Birds: Ecology and Evolution (Monographis in Behavior and Ecology) by Jerram L. Brown, 1987-07
  6. Chesapeake Bay island breeding season birds: Hooper's Island south to Smith Island with notes on vegetation and general island features by Henry T Armistead, 1978
  7. The atlas of breeding birds in Rhode Island (1982-1987) by Richard W Enser, 1992
  8. Atlas of the Breeding Birds of New Hampshire. (book reviews): An article from: Wilson Bulletin by George A. Hall, 1996-03-01
  9. The breeding bird survey, 1967 and 1968 (Special scientific report--wildlife) by Chandler S Robbins, 1969
  10. In Search of Breeding Birds by Desmond Nethersole-Thompson, 1992-10
  11. The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland by J T R [compiler] Sharrock, 1976
  12. The Breeding Birds of Quebec: Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Southern Quebec. (book reviews): An article from: Wilson Bulletin by William E., Jr. Davis, 1998-03-01
  13. Seed-Eating Birds: Their Care and Breeding : Finches and Allied Species-Doves, Quail and Hemimpdes by Jeffrey Trollope, 1992-01
  14. Atlas of Breeding Birds in New Hampshire

101. Welcome To The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust's Website!!
A nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental education and public awareness; research, breeding and re-introduction programmes for locally endangered, wetland birds.

102. Iceland-Birds
off course. The nature of the country is more suitable for breeding seabirds than passerines (perching birds). Most of Iceland s
Around 70 species of bird breed in Iceland, but as many as 300 have been recorded as seen in total. Some birds overwinter in Iceland returning to the Arctic to breed, some are on passage, and some occur as vagrants blown off course. The nature of the country is more suitable for breeding seabirds than passerines (perching birds). Most of Iceland's birds breed also in Northern Europe apart from 3 species where Iceland is the only place these species normally breed in Europe. These are Great Northern Diver (Common Loon), and two ducks- Barrow's Goldeneye and Harlequin. Below are some details of some of Iceland's birds with their English, Scientific and Icelandic names.
Great Northern Diver Gavia immer Himbrimi
Great Northern Divers (or Common Loons in USA) breed in Canada spreading east to Iceland. They winter in the coastal waters of Western Europe from Norway to Spain. in winter they lose their black and white plumage to a brownish mottled plumage. They breed on deep lakes with either running or still water in tundra or conifer forests. They have an eerie wailing cry which epitomises the environment in which they live. They are quite large birds some 30 inch(75cm) in size.
Harlequin Duck Histrionicus histrionicus
Harlequin Ducks breed in Iceland, North America and along the North Pacific Coasts. They are very rarely seen elsewhere in Europe. They breed on islands in turbulent fast flowing rivers and winters on the rocky coasts. it is about 16 inch(40cm) long with a wingspan of 24 inch (60 cm).

103. Bird Control International
Specializing in the controlling of problem birds through the use of falconry techniques, trained dogs, live trapping. Also operates a raptor breeding facility.
Bird Control International Inc.
Services Media Birds of Prey ... Contact Us
For over 30 years Bird Control International has been providing the highest quality bird control services in the world. Our methods have been carefully developed for maximum effectiveness, while at the same time being humane and environmentally friendly.
Our primary method of bird control is based on a modified version of the ancient art of falconry.
Our clients have included Airports, Airbases, Landfills, Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments. We also provide services to private sector companies and charitable organizations.
In addition to operating a raptor breeding facility near Simcoe Ontario, we are involved in breeding co-operatives in Europe and the United States.
Our birds have been used in major motion pictures, television shows and commercials, as well as in print media. Many of our birds have been used as subjects by some of the world's foremost wildlife artists.

104. Uli Reyer – Homepage Ecology
Research at the University of Zurich on the ecology of frogs, birds, and fishes. Mating systems, reproductive behavior, cooperative breeding, aggressive behavior, vocal communication, and population dynamics.
Zoological Institute
University of Zurich

Winterthurerstrasse 190

CH-8057 Zurich
phone: fax: e-mail: www: Life Science Zurich University of Zurich Zoological Institute Ecology Group Home address: Rietholzstrasse 34
CH-8125 Zollikerberg
Switzerland phone: fax:

105. Missouri Breeding Bird Atlas
Missouri breeding Bird Atlas. 19861992. Preface, Appendix B. Abundance data routes. Acknowledgements, Appendix C. Relative abundance of breeding bird species.
Missouri Breeding Bird Atlas
Brad Jacobs
James D.Wilson

Natural History Series, No. 6
Missouri Department of Conservation, Jefferson City Project Coordination Assistance by Sharon Hoerner
Illustrations by George Miksch Sutton and authors
Cover Art by David Plank
Editing by Margaret Castrey
Layout and design by Bruce Helm
To all the birders who made this book possible Contents Lists of Illustrations and Tables Appendix A.
Atlas block descriptions and data summaries Preface Appendix B.
Abundance data routes Acknowledgements Appendix C. Relative abundance of breeding bird species Introduction Appendix D. Additional species reported The Natural Divisions of Missouri Appendix E. Brown-headed Cowbrid parasitism Guide to Species Accounts Literature Cited Index of Bird Accounts 1. U.S. Geological Survey 7.5-minute quadrangles ... 12. Missouri's Forests Tables 1. Species Counts by Natural Division 2. Species Recorded and not Confirmed Use of this site is subject to certain News Organizations: see permissions under Terms and Conditions.

106. Front Page
Listings of aviary and tame birds for sale or wanted to buy. Includes articles on feeding, recipes, training and breeding.
The New Zealand site for keepers and breeders of tame and aviary birds
this is a fun little facility
go sign in.. important notices please read .Sth.Island Broker
.Nrth.Island Broker

..Terms of Trade

...Bird Bytes

birdnetnz at

107. Missouri Breeding Bird Atlas Index
and Conditions. URL http// Last modified Tuesday, 11Jul-2000 082135 CDT.
B C D E ... Y B
Bittern, American


Blackbird, Red-winged


Cardinal, Northern

Catbird, Gray

Chat, Yellow-breasted

Chicken, Greater Prairie-
... Yellow-billed D Dickcissel Dove, Mourning Rock Duck, Wood E Eagle, Bald Egret, Cattle Great Snowy F Falcon, Peregrine Finch, House Flicker, Northern Flycatcher, Acadian ... Willow G Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray Goldfinch, American Goose, Canada Grackle, Common ... Grouse, Ruffed H Harrier, Northern Hawk, Broad-winged Cooper's Red-shouldered ... Hummingbird, Ruby-throated J Jay, Blue K Kestrel, American Killdeer Kingbird, Eastern Kingbird, Western ... Kite, Mississippi L Lark, Horned M Mallard Martin, Purple Meadowlark, Eastern Western ... Common Moorhen N Nighthawk, Common Nuthatch, White-breasted O Oriole, Baltimore Orchard Ovenbird Owl, Barn ... Short-eared P Partridge, Gray Parula, Northern Pewee, Eastern Wood Pheasant, Ring-necked ... Pintail, Northern R Rail, King Redstart, American Roadrunner, Great Robin, American S Sandpiper, Spotted

108. NWT/Nunavut Bird Checklist Survey - Environment Canada
A volunteer bird monitoring program initiated to collect information on the distribution, abundance and breeding status of birds in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
Français Contact Us Help Search ... Back to Migratory Bird Section
Northwest Territories/Nunavut Bird Checklist Survey
The NWT/Nunavut bird checklist survey is a volunteer bird monitoring program. It was initiated to collect much needed information on the distribution, abundance and breeding status of birds in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut . It was initiated by the Canadian Wildlife Service in 1995 as a response to needs identified in the Canadian Landbirds Monitoring Strategy Checklist data can provide a great deal of useful information that is difficult to collect in a large, remote area like the North. For any one person or agency to collect this sort of data would be more costly than current budgets allow. However, by using cooperative effort, we are able to build a database of bird sightings that can be used for a variety of purposes. We intend to use the Checklist Survey database as baseline information for further studies, environmental assessments, for mapping bird distributions more accurately and (if the database becomes large enough) for detecting major population changes.
Data Requests
Information from the Checklist Database may be obtained two ways. Use the

109. SDNHM Bird Atlas Breeding Bird Species Accounts
Nests typically concealed in dense marshes; watch for birds in breeding plumage (white face) carrying nest material or shortbilled fledglings.
Breeding Bird Species Accounts
Bird Atlas Introduction Grebes to Rails Shorebirds to Woodpeckers Flycatchers to Thrashers ... Thrushes to Orioles Each species known to have bred in San Diego County, plus some more or less plausible prospects, are addressed below. Use this information on the birds' basic biology to help schedule your field trips, target less obvious species, and interpret your observations. These accounts cover the breeding season only; a supplement covering winter status will be issued separately. When possible, the account specifies the span of dates on which each species' eggs are known from San Diego County. Use these dates as a guide for what to expect when. For many species, expect to see the birds courting and building nests possibly as much as two to three weeks earlier than the first date. Expect to find chicks still in nests from two to three weeks after the first date to two to three weeks after the last date. And expect to see fledglings following their parents for a week or two after that. For several species whose breeding range extends far to the north of us, our local breeding population arrives early in the spring and begins nesting quickly, while individuals breeding farther north arrive and pass through much later. In some of these species, migrants may still be seen on the way to their breeding range when our local birds of the same species have fledged their first brood. Conversely, in late summer, some of these northern breeders may pass us going south while the local birds are still on their territories. The species accounts try to alert you to the more complex situations. In many migratory species, seeing some nesting behavior is essential to identifying the bird as even possibly nesting in your square.

110. Species Of Birds Recorded In San Diego County
small numbers of certain nonbreeding water birds occurring mainly as winter visitors remain year round) X extirpated from county as a breeding species (may
Checklist of Birds
Recorded in San Diego County, California Birds and Mammals Department Species Accounts BRCC Philip Unitt, Collection Manager, Department of Birds and Mammals, San Diego Natural History Museum This list covers all species and subspecies of birds reported reliably in San Diego County. The distribution and status of each species is unique. The following codes can only place this status in broad categories. If the species occurs in multiple roles, two may be indicated, but this simple system cannot capture the rich complexity of many patterns of bird distribution. B breeds in county regularly
E designated as endangered or threatened by federal or state governmentor should be
I not native to San Diego County, introduced by man
M occurs in county mainly in migration
O breeds in county occasionally or exceptionally
P pelagic, occurring mainly offshore and rarely visible from land
R more or less resident, occurring in county year round
S occurs mainly as a summer visitor
V vagrant, not occurring in county annually, except in a few instances where individual birds have remained
W occurs mainly as a winter visitor (small numbers of certain nonbreeding water birds occurring mainly as winter visitors remain year round) X extirpated from county as a breeding species (may still occur as a nonbreeding visitor or migrant).

111. The Birds Of Chilly Hollow
Over 20 years of breeding show quality English budgerigars in all color varieties including rare colors. Photographs of birds, breeding facility, plus a budgie care page.

See Our Birds
Visit Our Aviary Budgerigar Care Maryland Budgerigar Society Champion Breeder Chilly Hollow, located in Clarke County, Virginia, is home to some of the top winning English budgies on the East Coast. We have been breeding high quality, championship birds for over 16 years, and have a wonderful selection of prize winning budgies in a stunning variety of colors ... including our own flock of special rare color birds. Come take an on-line tour of the avairy and see our beautiful flock of show birds, and birds for sale. We've also written a special page on budgie care for the novice owner. Information on the Maryland Budgeriar Society is available for the serious enthusiast. Just click on the links above to go to any page on this website. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail anytime! Our Birds Our Facility For more information please contact Kitty Newman
The Birds of Chilly Hollow, 1705 Chilly Hollow Road, Berryville, VA 22611
An American Budgerigar Society registered aviary.
Budgie lovers have visited our site since June 2000.

112. Tropical Birds Of Paradise - A Full-time MAP Certified Aviculturist Breeder Spec
Fulltime bird breeding facility certified by the Model Avicultural Program.
About Us Pricing About
Model Avicultural Program
List of Available Birds
Tropical Birds of Paradise is a full-time bird breeding facility certified by
Model Avicultural Program
We ship nationwide
Will buy or trade Jardines, Congo Grays or Bustards
Helmut Roth
Bonified Aviculturist
Contact Tropical Birds of Paradise Grass Valley, California PHONE: ( 530 ) 268 - 3687
Contact Tropical Birds of Paradise
  • Ducks Geese Swans
    • Specializing in Temminck's Tragopan
      (T. temmincki)
      Ruffed Pheasants
      (genus Chrysolophus)
        Golden Pheasant
        (C. pictus) Lady Amherst Pheasant
        (C. amherstiae) Peacock Pheasant
        (genus Polyplectron)
          Grey Peacock Pheasant
          (P. bialcaratum) Gallopheasant (genus Lophura)
            Crestless Fireback Pheasant (L. erythropthalma)
          • Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus)
              Java (P. muticus muticus)
            India ( Blue ) Peafowl (Pavo cristatus)
              Spalding peacock Black-shoulder Peafowl White Peafowl
            List of Available Birds
            Feathers from all of our birds are available at auction on E-bay.

113. Arctic Loon, Gavia Arctica
Habits, breeding, migration, and distribution. Includes a photo.

114. Index Of /~jjackson283/
Offers information on breeding and nutrition of several species, along with pictures of their birds and links to many articles.
Index of /~jjackson283/
v Name Last Modified Size Parent directory

115. That Quail Place - All About Gamebirds
Information on breeding, incubating, brooding, and raising of Bobwhite quail, Coturnix quail, and Button Quail with archive of articles.
Popular Links
Gamebird Books

Online Forum
Gamebird Auction!
Book Bargains
Gamebird Books

What do you think? How many gamebirds will you raise this year?
Current results
Check It Out Take a Tour of
A Gamebird Farm
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Gamebird Computer
That Quail Place
All About Gamebirds
T hat Quail Place is for individuals interested in raising quail and other game birds. You will find information about many game birds, including, coturnix quail, bobwhite quail, pharaoh quail, button quail, pheasant, partridge and other game birds. What you will find on our website....
This website has been developed to provide information regarding the general care, breeding, incubating, brooding and raising of quail and game birds. An area is also provided for those individuals interested in purchasing supplies, including equipment used for raising and breeding quail, live birds and hatching eggs.

116. Falconiformes UK
Dedicated to the captive propagation of raptors for falconry and breeding worldwide. Includes details of birds, photos and contact information.

117. Aviornis UK
Devoted to the conservation of endangered waterfowl, pheasants, pigeons, doves, and parkland birds through captive breeding. Provides a ringing and registration scheme.
King Eider - Somateria spectabilis
Photographed by George Allen - Game Bird Gazette
A viornis UK
Cold Arbor Wildfowl, Tytherington Lane, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5AA
Tel / Fax: +44 (0)1625 573287
E-mail: or

118. Bird Cages & Parrot Cages Playstands Toys
Cages and playstands for parrots, macaws and other large birds. breeding cages and accessories available as well as bird toys and miscellaneous items.
Parrotize UK Home Parrot Facts / FAQ PARROT SHOP Parrotize Depts ... Bird Links
Parrotize UK brings
best quality parrot cages,
playstands and toys
- direct to your door
for Amazons, Macaws, Cockatoos, Senegals,
African Greys and other exotic birds.
Our extensive range of bird cages is designed
to meet the needs of all bird lovers, novice or expert,
and provide the ideal environment for your bird.
Express Delivery, Low Prices and
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Search for a Product powered by FreeFind
© 2004 Crossway Computing
Parrotize UK
Crossway Ventures Ltd., PO Box 94, Chepstow, NP16 5YU United Kingdom Tel: 07079 340018 Fax: 0870 135 6810

119. Parrots Magazine
Covering all parrots and parrotlike birds. Reader stories, articles covering breeding, behavior, and health care. Chat room and a list of avian veterinarians in the UK.

120. Aviary Manager Home Page
Provides a Windows based aviary management program to keep records on birds, their breeding, medicine and cages. Information about the features including screen shots and downloads.
PTY.LTD. This program is an absolute must for Professional Breeders and Aviary Enthusiasts alike! Aviary Manager 3.01 , The ultimate tool in Avairy Management Software. Available to download. Here. Click HERE or the Download your Free 30-Day Full Version. Aviary Manager, Making Aviary Management Easy! Click Here To Download The Full Version 30-Day Trial of Aviary Manager 3. To Purchase Unlock Code For AVIARY MANAGER CLICK HERE Aviary Manager© is an IBM Compatible software program designed for the bird keeper and not the computer expert. The entire program is fully menu driven so no need of computer knowledge is necessary. The program is WINDOWS 95/98/XP Compatible. Aviary Manager© is the simplest and yet most powerful software program designed especially for the aviculture enthusiast. Supports Windows 95,98,W2K
and now
Windows XP The Aviary Manager Site Was Created By... Comments about the Website? Please Email: var memberid="Bella124" var path = ""

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