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         Breeding Birds:     more books (100)
  1. Understanding Owls: Biology, Management, Breeding, Training by Jemima Parry-Jones, 2001-10
  2. The Birds of Ohio: With Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas Maps by Bruce G. Peterjohn, 2001-05
  3. The Breeding Birds of Cumbria by Malcolm Stott, 2002-09-18
  4. Atlas of the breeding birds of Los Alamos County, New Mexico: Pajarito ornithological survey by J. R Travis, 1992
  5. Hertfordshire Breeding Bird Atlas by Chris Mead, 1982-01
  6. Sonoma County Breeding Bird Atlas
  7. Breeding bird use of and nesting success in exotic Russian olive in New Mexico. (Short Communications).(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Wilson Bulletin by Scott H. Stoleson, Deborah M. Finch, 2001-12-01
  8. The breeding birds of Denmark,: With special reference to changes during the last century by Poul Jespersen, 1946
  9. Missouri Breeding Bird Atlas: 1986-1992 (Natural History Series No. 6) (Natural history series) by Brad Jacobs, James D. Wilson, 1997-01-01
  10. 1990 results of the breeding bird survey on state natural areas (Wisconsin endangered resources report) by Randolph M Hoffman, 1991
  11. Eggs of British birds,: With an account of their breeding-habits. Limicolae. With 54 coloured plates by Frank Poynting, 1895
  12. Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas (Bur Oak Book) by Laura Spess Jackson, James J. Dinsmore, et all 1996-11-01
  13. Helping and Communal Breeding in Birds (Monographs in Behavior and Ecology) by Jerram L. Brown, 1987-05
  14. Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia (Pitt Series in Nature and Natural History)

41. NJAS: N.J. Breeding Bird Atlas
NJ Breeding Bird Atlas. New Jersey hosts 210 species of breeding birds, 30 species of which are rare, threatened, or endangered.
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Research Home About NJAS Conservation Education ...
Records of N.J. Birds

N.J. Breeding Bird Atlas
The Birds of New Jersey was published in 1999 and is available at all of New Jersey Audubon Society's staffed nature centers. The information on both common and rare species gives us baseline data for tracking bird population trends in the state. New Jersey hosts 210 species of breeding birds, 30 species of which are rare, threatened, or endangered. This work is increasingly used to protect high-priority parcels of land.
Many U. S. states have completed, or are in the process of completing, their first Atlases. During a period of rapidly diminishing, large-scale, federally funded projects, the Atlas projects stand nearly alone in their scale and relative low cost. In New Jersey, we had about 800 blocks, each about 10 square miles. We generated over 88,000 records on 210 species of breeding birds. To date we have used the data to help direct conservation efforts, and preserve habitat in New Jersey. The censusers have helped to create the largest database on the distribution of New Jersey's Threatened and Endangered birds. This data is also being transferred into the hands of land-use regulators so they can use it to preserve habitat.

42. Radio Archive Breeding Bird Surveys
This month, all across Alaska, neotropical breeding birds are being identified and counted by biologists and volunteers along established bird routes.

43. BBIRD - Breeding Biology Research And Monitoring Database
A national, cooperative program that uses standardized field methodologies for studies of nesting success and habitat requirements of breeding birds.

44. Contra Costa County Breeding Bird Atlas
Maps of breeding birds in Contra Costa County.
Contra Costa County, CA
Breeding Bird Atlas Updated to include 1998-2001 Data
The Contra Costa County breeding bird atlas is in the final year of a five year survey. Below is an index map of the county with its atlas blocks. Each block is referred to by its coordinates, such as 625-215 for the block in the northeast corner of the map. The breeding status of each species in the county is included below the map. Contra Costa County map generated by the really cool Tiger Map Server For information about the Contra Costa County Breeding Bird Atlas, contact Steve Glover
If you have comments, suggestions, etc. for this web site, contact Joel Herr Click on a species to see its breeding status in each of the county’s blocks. Please note that the atlas project is in progress and the species maps are neither official nor final. The display for each species is provided in part by BBA List software. For information about birds in Contra Costa County all year, refer to the Contra Costa County checklist or Steve Glover’s Guide to Finding Birds in Contra Costa County Water Birds Pied-billed Grebe Double-crested Cormorant Pelagic Cormorant American Bittern ... Common Merganser Vultures and Raptors Turkey Vulture Golden Eagle White-tailed Kite Northern Harrier ... Peregrine Falcon Grouse and Quail Ring-necked Pheasant Wild Turkey California Quail Rails and Coots Clapper Rail Virginia Rail Sora Black Rail ... American Coot Shorebirds, Gulls and Terns

45. The Arkansas Breeding Bird Atlas
Project to determine the status and distribution of Arkansas's breeding birds.

Sampling Methods

Breeding Codes


Verification Form

Introduction The Arkansas Audobon Society initiated the Arkansas Breeding Bird Atlas (ABBA) Project in 1994 for the purpose of developing a series of distributional maps for all species of birds that breed within the state. Initial funding of the project came from the Arkansas Game and fish commission, the University of Arkansas, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in Washington, D.C. Data collection began in 1994. Success of this project is dependant upon volunteers for data collection among the 875 total blocks within the state. Methods The sampling unit is a 25km (9 square miles) block that has been randomly selected within each U.S. Geological Survey topographic map in Arkansas. A total of 918 topographic maps cover the entire state of Arkansas, but 43 of these are more than 50% outside the state and were deleted from the project. That leaves a total of 875 blocks to be surveyed state-wide, which is about 12-15 blocks per county.
Each volunteer receives an 8.5 by 11 inch copy of a map of a USGS quadrangle map with the location of the block clearly marked, and an 8.5 by 11 inch map of the plot itself. Different classes of road types are shown on the maps, from interstates and state highways to dirt roads, logging roads, and roads on levees. Major bodies of water are shown, as are major rivers and streams. Cities and towns are also labeled.

46. Buteo Books - Breeding Bird Atlases
ANDRLE, Robert F. and JR CARROLL, ed. The Atlas of breeding birds in New York State. Cornell, 1988. 551 pp. The Atlas of breeding birds of Michigan.

Catalog Subjects
Breeding Bird Atlases
North America ANDRLE, Robert F. and J. R. CARROLL, ed. The Atlas of Breeding Birds in New York State. Cornell, 1988. 551 pp. Includes Map Overlays (set of 8 acetate sheets). BREWER, Richard, Gail A. MCPEEK, and Raymond J. ADAMS, Jr. The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Michigan. Michigan State University Press, 1991. Maps. Illustrations. 594 pp. BUCKELEW, Albert R., Jr. and George A. HALL. The West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas . Pittsburgh, 1994. Range maps for 171 species. Acetate overlays. 215 pp. BUSBY, William H. and John L. ZIMMERMAN. Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas . University Press of Kansas, 2001. 203 species accounts, 215 illustrations, 341 maps, and 399 tables. 466 pp. CASTRALE, John S., Edward M. HOPKINS, and Charles E. KELLER. Atlas of Breeding Birds of Indiana . Indiana DNR, 1998. 388 pp. DUCEY, James E. Nebraska Birds: Breeding Status and Distribution. 148 pp, drawings, maps. Paper. ERSKINE, Anthony J. Atlas of Breeding Birds of the Maritime Provinces. Nimbus, Nova Scotia Museum (Chelsea Green), 1992. 270 pp. Folding maps, overlays. Paper.

47. Map & Graph: Countries By Environment: Breeding Birds Threatened
Map Graph Environment breeding birds threatened (Top 100 Countries). Scroll down for more information, Show map full screen.

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  • 48. University Of Iowa Press - Browse
    The Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas—the first comprehensive statewide survey of Iowa s breeding birds—provides a detailed record of the composition and
    University of
    Iowa Press

    100 Kuhl House
    Iowa City, IA
    Book orders
    The Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas By Laura Spess Jackson, Carol A. Thompson, and James J. Dinsmore Bur Oak Books Series /A> HREF=""> * Order *
    • 504 pp, 185 photos, 185 maps, 1996
      $24.95 hardcover 0-87745-572-4
    • $24.95 paper 0-87745-561-9
    The Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas
    The Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas The Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas
    provides a welcome and much-needed baseline for future comparisons of changes in Iowa's birdlife and, by extension, the lives of all animals in the state.
    Shopping Cart Operations
    University of Iowa Press
    100 Kuhl House, Iowa City, IA 52242-1000 Fax: Book orders E-mail: Home Search Browse ... Inter-American Bibliography

    49. UB Reporter: UB Librarian Assists In Documenting Breeding Birds For State Atlas
    UB librarian assists in documenting breeding birds for state atlas. By PATRICIA DONOVAN Contributing Editor. Chris Hollister is a birdman.
    Volume 35, Number 33 Thursday, May 6, 2004 News Front Page People etc. Columns Letters Submit a Letter Sports Obituaries ... Archives - new content
    UB librarian assists in documenting breeding birds for state atlas By PATRICIA DONOVAN
    Contributing Editor Chris Hollister is a bird-man. A lifelong wildlife enthusiast, the UB librarian has spent the past four years slogging through the fields and wetlands of Grand Island and Niagara Falls laden with binoculars, maps and field guides, one ear cocked for the mating song of a Loggerhead Shrike, the other for the chirp of Bufflehead fledglings. And it's all on your behalf. Chris Hollister's then 10-year-old daughter,Jessica, sits in the nest of a bald eagle, which obviously has been acclimated to humans, in the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge in Orleans County.
    PHOTO: CHRIS HOLLISTER Although a student of many species, Hollister is a self-taught amateur ornithologist. He is one of hundreds of volunteers who have assisted the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation since 2000 in its four-year quest to update its database of breeding birds across the state. The results will be published within the next year or two in "New York State Breeding Bird Atlas 2000-04." The atlas will include a distributional map for each species that depicts as accurately as possible its true breeding range in the state. The results are relevant to ecologists, conservation biologists, economists, health officials and ornithological field researchers, both professional and amateur.

    Translate this page in allestimento. LISTA DEGLI UCCELLI NIDIFICANTI IN ITALIA CON CARTINE GEOGRAFICHE CHECK - LIST OF ITALIAN breeding birds WITH MAPS. by Alberto Masi - - - - -.
    Italian Ornithological Web Site
    by Alberto Masi since 1996
    in allestimento
    by Alberto Masi [cover] pagina 1 pagina 2 pagina 3 pagina 4 ... pagina 5 INDEX :

    Status in Italia
    vai a pagina 1 [cover]

    a cura di Alberto Masi

    Italian Ornithological Web Site
    by Alberto Masi since 1996

    pagina 2 pagina 3 pagina 4 ... pagina 5 Updated to December 1995 Compiled by Alberto Masi Introduction The present list is an extract for the breeding birds and represents an uptade of the previous one " Check List ofItalian Birds Brichetti and Massa Riv. ital. Orn.54:3-37 , and following update 1987 and 1991: Riv. ital. Orn. 57:157-160; 61:3-9 Classification and nomenclature are in accordance with the " List of recent Holartic Birds species Voous 1973, 1977: Ibis 115:612-638; 119:223-250, 376-406
    Status in Italia
    B Breeding (Nidificante) S Sedentary, Resident (Sedentaria o Stazionaria) M Migratory, Migrant (Migratrice) W Wintering, Winter visitor (Svernante, presenza invernale) A Vagrant, Accidental (Accidentale): viene indicato il numero di segnalazioni ritenute valide (A) Uncertain vagrant (Accidentale da confermare): segnalazioni accettate con riserva reg regular (regolare) irr irregular (irregolare) par partial, partially

    52. The Breeding Birds Of Lake View Cemetery
    The breeding birds of Lake View Cemetery. © Copyright 1996, 1997 Jean M. Hoffman Available Annotated List of breeding birds. The

    53. Birds Of Otselic,New York
    Lists of bird sightings and breeding birds.
    The Birds Of Otselic Click here for Breeding Birds of Otselic For a complete list of birds sighted in the Town of Otselic click here Otselic bird sightings Click here to return to Otselic Valley page Otselic history
    From 1981 through 1986, the State of New York was divided into about 1300 blocks, 5 x5 km. in area, and each was surveyed for breeding species. This was the first breeding bird survey in New York history. The results were published in a book, The Atlas of Breeding Birds in New York State . During that survey period, despite a lack of coverage in many remote areas of the town, Otselic emerged as one of the richest breeding bird areas in the state. In addition, many species found breeding here are outside their "normal" breeding areas. For example, the White-Winged Crossbill was never known to breed outside the Adirondacks in New York State until 1985-6 when young were found in Spruce forest on the Ridge Road. Each bird species must nest in a particular habitat. While the requirements of some birds, such as the Robin, are very broad and they can nest almost anywhere, most have very narrow requirements. For example, the Louisiana Waterthrush , a Warbler that comes here from South America, can only breed in forested gorges with fast flowing mountain brooks. In Otselic, these birds breed at Buck's Brook, Thompson Brook, and Gorge Brook. They can't nest anywhere else. In most areas, these gorges and ravines have been filled, bulldozed, and cleared so the

    54. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Better News For UK Breeding Birds
    Better news for UK breeding birds. The government uses changes in breeding birds status as an indicator of the UK s sustainable development.


    ... Programmes
    Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 September, 2003, 09:37 GMT 10:37 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Better news for UK breeding birds

    By Alex Kirby
    BBC News Online environment correspondent
    Many popular British garden birds have seen their fortunes improve over the last few years, a survey reveals. Cuckoo: Sound of spring less heard The 2002 breeding bird survey collected information on birds throughout the UK. Of the 105 species monitored across the country, 29 had declined significantly since 1994, but 52 had registered significant increases. The government uses changes in breeding birds' status as an indicator of the UK's sustainable development. The survey, which began in 1994, is carried out by the British Trust for Ornithology, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Popular survivors Volunteer birdwatchers are given randomly-selected one-kilometre squares to visit three times in the season. Each of them spends about two hours early in the day counting all the birds they see and hear. Blue tit: On the up In 2002, a total of 2,136 sites were surveyed across the UK by more than 1,700 volunteers.

    55. Greesons Baby Parrots
    African greys, amazons, cockatiels, cockatoos, conures, macaws, pionus, quakers, and ringnecks. Also has avian articles and information about breeding birds. Located in north Florida.
    March 11, 2004
    Don and I have been breeding birds since 1980. As you can see, I have been a bird lover for a really long time. This picture was taken in 1953! We work hard to do things right and consider it a labor of love since we enjoy them so much. We started exhibiting at bird shows in 1984..took seven out of ten on the top bench, including Best in Show, at that first show, and don't you know we were hooked.
    We took many years to accumulate our breeding stock, selecting only the very best of each species. As a result our babies are of excellent quality. We never breed two birds just to produce more.. the goal is always to improve on their beauty and confirmation. I serve the hobby as an American Cockatiel Society Panel Judge. We breed many species of exotics including African Greys, Conures, Pionus, Cockatoos, Macaws, Quakers, Ringnecks and Amazons. Please check out our baby birds for sale. .you may find we have just the bird you are looking for. This list is updated frequently.
    Over the years I have published ten different booklets on birds.

    56. Breeding Birds Of Southeast Alaska
    breeding birds of Southeast Alaska. by Mark Schwan. One of the surest signs of spring is the coming of the birds—back from their

    Licenses/Permits Regulations News ... Publications
    Breeding Birds
    of Southeast Alaska
    by Mark Schwan One of the surest signs of spring is the coming of the birds—back from their winter retreats to nest and raise their young. Many species we see in Southeast Alaska in the spring are just passing through. The Lapland Longspur flying over the Mendenhall wetlands may be on its way to Barrow; the Western Sandpipers probing the mud of the Stikine flats may nest on the Seward Peninsula. Neither species nests in Southeast Alaska. Many of the northbound migrants do stop here, however, and between our residents and summer visitors, approximately 160 species nest in the region. For some species their breeding range goes no further north than southeast Alaska. The region is therefore a fascinating place for Alaskan ornithologists and bird watchers. The islands generally do not have extensive deciduous zones, and the spruce-hemlock forest is home to fewer breeding species than on the mainland. Only one flycatcher, the Western (or Pacific-slope) Flycatcher, is common, although this bird is very difficult to see. It generally stays high up in the trees and is only detected by its song or call. The same holds true for the Townsend's Warbler. One of the most beautiful nesting birds of the spruce-hemlock forest, it can drive the bird watcher crazy. This species is much easier to see after the nesting season, when it is starting to move south in flocks and is in more open terrain, away from nesting locations.

    57. Breeding Birds In The Wadden Sea 1991 - 1998
    TMAP. breeding birds in the Wadden Sea in 1996. The report confirms the outstanding significance of the breeding bird fauna of the Wadden Sea.
    Home The Trilateral
    News / Service ...
    TMAP Breeding Birds in the Wadden Sea in 1996 Results of a total survey in 1996 and numbers of colony breeding species between 1991 and 1996 Wadden Sea Ecosystem
    No. 10 - 2000 Foreword Summary Sammenfatning Zusammenfassung ... Contents Full report (pdf)
    (Viewing the pdf files requires Arcrobat Reader - Info Download via FTP-Server (recommended):

    58. Grand River Basin: Breeding Bird Data
    Project. Map of the Number of breeding birds in the Grand River Basin, 19811985. Source Atlas of the breeding birds of Ontario, 1987.
    Grand River Basin: Breeding Bird Data
    Return to Interactive Map Page
    Return to Grand River GIS Project Home Page
    Basinwide Thematic Maps Available: digital elevation model industrial data land use regional boundaries ... water quality Breeding bird data was obtained from the Ontario Federation of Naturalists. Many of the results from the Breeding Bird data has been previously published in the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario . The Grand River Basin GIS Project is looking to relate breeding bird data with other spatial data being made available through the Grand River Basin GIS Project. Map of the Number of Breeding Birds in the Grand River Basin, 1981-1985
    Source: Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario, 1987

    59. Breeding Birds Reports
    Trends in breeding birds in the Wider Countryside presents key information about trends in population size and breeding, BTO Common Bird Census presents
    Home Search Species
    Breeding Birds
    Plants Invertebrates Mammals Birds ...
    Breeding Birds in the Wider Countryside (link to BTO)
    BTO Common Bird Census results for 1998
    This report presents a summary of the results of the Common Bird Census (CBC) for 1998 in the form of population changes since the 1997 breeding season. These data form part of a long-running series charting bird population changes for about 70 species since the early 1960s. More information about the CBC is available from BTO
    Breeding Bird Survey (link to British Trust for Ornithology)
    Launched in 1994 by a partnership of the BTO, JNCC and RSPB the aim of the Breeding Bird Survey is to provide population trends for a range of common and widespread birds in the UK. The survey is designed to provide good geographical coverage of habitats and species across the UK, and has now replaced the Common Bird Census as the main way in which common birds are monitored in the UK. BBS annual reports are now available from the BTO
    Rare Breeding Birds Panel (link to RBBP)
    British Birds . Commencing with a report for 1996, a short annual report on the occurrence of the rarer non-native species breeding in Britain has also been compiled by the Panel and published in British Birds. The work of the

    60. Breeding Bird Atlas
    Science Breeding Bird Atlas. Washington Breeding Bird Atlas. The breeding birds of Washington State, published in 1997 by Seattle Audubon as Vol.
    Home Contact Search Site Map ...
    Important Bird Areas

    Breeding Bird Atlas
    Alien Invasive Species


    Washington Breeding Bird Atlas The Breeding Birds of Washington State, published in 1997 by Seattle Audubon as Vol. 4 in the Washington State Gap Analysis, is being supplemented by surveys being conducted in King, Kitsap, and Island Counties.
    The data may be published as a separate atlas or as overlays to be used with the original publication.
    For more information on the Gap Analysis project, go to:
    Washington Gap Analysis

    © 2002 Seattle Audubon

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