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         Breads Cooking:     more books (100)
  1. Beard On Bread by James Beard, 1995-02-07
  2. The Panera Bread Cookbook: Breadmaking Essentials and Recipes from America's Favorite Bakery-Cafe by Panera Bread, 2004-11-09
  3. Muffins & Quick Breads (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library) by John Phillip Carroll, Chuck Williams, 1993-06
  4. Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes by Jeffrey Hamelman, 2004-09-03
  5. Making Quick Breads: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-135 (Storey/Garden Way Publishing Bulletin ; a-135) by Barbara Karoff, 1992-01-01
  6. The Wooden Spoon Bread Book: The Secrets of Successful Baking by Marilyn M. Moore, 1994-01-06
  7. The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book: A Guide to Whole-Grain Breadmaking by Laurel Robertson, Carol Flinders, et all 2003-09-09
  8. the Bread Bible: 300 Favorite Recipes by Beth Hensperger, 2004-10-14
  9. The Bread Winners Cookbook: Forty-Five Remarkable Bread Bakers Share 200 of Their Favorite Recipes--All Made With Natural Ingredients.
  10. The Bread Bible: Beth Hensperger's 300 Favorite Recipes by Beth Hensperger, 1998-12-01
  11. Beyond the Bread Basket: Recipes for Appetizers, Main Courses, and Desserts by Eric Kayser, 2008-02-05
  12. Baking with the St. Paul Bread Club: Recipes, Tips and Stories by Kim Ode, 2006-09-15
  13. All New Easy Low-Carb Cooking: Over 300 Delicious Recipes Including Breads, Muffins, Cookies and Desserts by BSc, Patricia Haakonson, 2004-04-01
  14. 60-Minute Bread Book by Nancy Baggett, 1985-08-19

61. Chef Mom | Chef Mom Central | Section 2: Bread
sugars, eggs, fruit, cheese and more of the ingredients you use in baking or cooking! them,and even learn how to grind your own grains for breads and other
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American Pie Cooking at Home ... ChefMom home Other sites! LowCarb Energy She Knows - for moms GeoParent ... Cool links! more recipes and features: all articles recipe search add a recipe tips ... chef mom main page Meal planning made easy: Chef Mom Central Breads Most of us love the smell of baking bread and muffins! Here are some delicious bread recipes you'll love! Chef Mom Central Getting started! Section 1: Appetizers Section 2: Breads Section 3: Breakfast Section 4: Dinnertime Section 5: Desserts Section 6: Entertaining Section 7: Holidays Section 8: Just for kids Section 9: Beverages More cool stuff Add your favorites Ask Chef Mom ... Grocery checklist Breaking bread Basic flour differences: What is the difference between bread flour, self-rising flour and all-purpose flour? Homemade pizza with whole wheat crust: My family loves this pizza recipe, which is a hodge-podge of several different recipes I've come across. It is time-consuming and family affair with lots of little tasks to delegate: cheese grating, vegetable slicing, pepperoni placing. You get the idea. It is definitely a weekend-only activity at our house, and I've been known to structure the weekend around it!

62. Pioneer Thinking Free Link Directory: Cooking
cooking Best Bread Recipes Recipes for yeast breads, quick breads,sweet breads,bread machine breads, ethnic breads, breads for holidays and special

Message Board Login FREE ecards Refer This Page ... Search Our Link Directory Cooking:
  • A Pinch Of... new (Added: 20-May-2004 Hits: 0)
  • Best Bread Recipes - Recipes for yeast breads, quick breads,sweet breads, bread machine breads, ethnic breads, breads for holidays and special occasions and more. pop (Added: 27-May-2003 Hits: 1032)
  • Best Chocolate Recipes - Chocolate recipes for pies, cakes, cookies, confections, candy and more, plus instructions for tempering, melting and molding. pop (Added: 27-May-2003 Hits: 885)
  • LocalHarvest - is the most comprehensive online resource for local foods and farm products. Use the powerful search to discover and support your community's family farmers. pop (Added: 15-Dec-2003 Hits: 322)
  • MIX-A-MEAL - MIX-A-MEAL is perfect for food storage and emergency preparation. It provides you with delicious dehydrated food mixes and dry mix recipes. Enjoy the taste your family loves with easy-to-fix mixes. pop (Added: 13-Mar-2001 Hits: 327)
  • - Vegan recipes with simple ingredients and pictures pop (Added: 2-Feb-2001 Hits: 190)
  • Ancient Grains ~ Healthy Bread (Added: 25-Aug-2003 Hits: 70)
  • - Pleasant Hill Grain offers serious kitchen machines for tasty, healthy eating. From Bosch mixers to grain mills to Kuhn Rikon stainless steel pressure cookers, get kitchen tools at great prices with an emphasis on responsive, personal service!

63. Recipe Software And Books: Cooking: Breads
Web Selection. cooking Books breads Flatbreads and Flavors by Alford,Jeffrey; Baker s Manual (5th Edition) by Amendola, Joseph;
PrimaRecipes Recipe Books Recipe Software Cooking Resources ... Submit Resource
Windows software for recipe enthusiasts: Recipe Software
Find your favorite recipe books: Recipe Books
Check our selection of great recipe and cooking sites on the Web: PrimaRecipe's Web Selection
Cooking Books
  • Flatbreads and Flavors by Alford, Jeffrey
  • Baker's Manual (5th Edition) by Amendola, Joseph
  • The Baker's Dozen Cookbook : Become a Better Baker with 135 Foolproof Recipes and Tried-and-True Techniques by Baker's Dozen, The
  • The Metropolitan Bakery Cookbook by Barrett, James
  • Beard on Bread by Beard, James A.
  • The Bread Bible by Beranbaum, Rose Levy
  • Best Bread Machine Recipes: For 1 1/2 and 2-Pound-Loaf Machines (Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen) by Better Homes and Gardens
  • Betty Crocker's Bisquick Cookbook by Betty Crocker
  • Betty Crocker's Best Bread Machine Cookbook : The Goodness of Homemade Bread the Easy Way by Betty Crocker Editors
  • Grand Finales: A Neoclassic View of Plated Desserts by Boyle, Tish
  • Crepe Recipes (Best 50) by Bristol Publishing Enterprises
  • Rev. Bread Machine B
  • 64. Cooking With BJ - Category
    extended search. cuisines. courses. meals. recipes. submit recipe. requestrecipe. send your totkas. cooking articles. HOME, Recipe Categories breads .

    65. : Cooking, Recipes, Lessons, Shopping For Kids, Children, And Parent
    The following recipe subcategories exist for breads Yeast breads; Quick breads.Welcome cooking Basics Recipes Fun Stuff The Scoop Parents Shop.

    66. : Cooking, Recipes, Lessons, Shopping For Kids, Children, And Parent
    welcome cooking Basics Recipes Fun Stuff The Scoop Parents Shop. Appetizers BeveragesCold Beverages Hot Beverages breads Quick breads Yeast breads Breakfast

    67. The Gourmet Food And Cooking Resource
    Find a Resource Our culinary directory contains thousands of links tofood, cooking, recipes and drink web sites. TORTILLAS AND breads. Report&SelStart1=MEX

    68. Welcome To FamilyTime
    Grandma s Irish Soda Bread. FamilyTime Favorites. breads and Grains.European. breads. 20 minutes prep; 50 minutes cooking. Helen s Babka.

    69. Seasoned Cooking - Recipes - Breads And Spreads
    Recipes breads and Spreads.
    Recipes - Breads and Spreads Issues Recipe Index Reviews Search ... Amish Potato-Bread Stuffing This simple stuffing is simply perfect. Apple Butter Best enjoyed on your favorite cinnamon raisin bread. Apple Butter This tangy spread is pure bliss through and through. Apple Muffins Fresh out of the oven, these sweets are too tempting. Apple Oven Pancake Great for brunch with company. Aunt Bea's Homemade Rolls Fresh bread can't be beat. Autumn Apple Bread A classic favorite. Bagels with Tomato Spread Enjoy these treats as an afternoon snack. Baked Stuffed French Toast This make ahead breakfast treat is pure heaven. Banana Bran Muffins Simple and satisfying. Banana Nut Muffins What a great brunch idea for your table. Banana-Almond Muffins These muffins have a moist, yet crunchy texture. Basic Bread Bowl Recipe Make soup an event with homemade bread bowls. Basic Pizza Dough A simple recipe that can be used right away or frozen for later. Basic Whole Wheat Pancake Mix Make this mix in large batches so that pancakes can be a quick fix. Belgian Waffles Enjoy them anytime!

    70. Rustic European Breads From Your Bread Machine - Online Shopping
    Purchase Rustic European breads From Your Bread MachineOnline and Save Big Money Over Retail Prices. Rustic Rustic European Breads From Your Bread Machine Rustic European Breads From Your Bread Machine at Don't forget to use the money-savings coupon/deal listed below on Rustic European Breads From Your Bread Machine.
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    Expire Date: Rustic European Breads From Your Bread Machine Make delicious European-style breads with your bread machine, in half the time! This best-selling collection, offering more than 100 recipes, features easy directions to help turn you into a master baker. By Linda West Echardt and Diana Collingwood Butts. 352 pages.
    Category: Cookbooks > Bread Baking
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    Body Jewelry ... Womens Shoes Online Shopping Stores
    BackCountryStore Best Buy CompUSA ...

    71. Catch22inc Recipes Archive, Indian, Recipes, Cooking, Breads, Curry,
    Catch22inc Eclectic Recipe Archive Catch22inc Home More Recipes. Indian Recipes Archive.
    Catch22inc Eclectic Recipe Archive Home More Recipes Indian Recipes Archive Indian Recipe Collection 01 Index Contents Ingredients Spice mixes Accompaniments ... Desserts, Misc Indian Recipe Collection 01 Direct Index - coming soon Besan Burfi
    Bonda With Instant Mashed Potato
    Boondhi Raita
    Carrot Halva
    Cauliflower And Potatoes (Aloo Gobi)
    Chapati (Phulka)
    Chicken Curry (Murga)
    Chicken Curry North Indian Style
    Chicken Pullao (Sriram, 1985)
    Chole "Bill And Jim" (Chick Peas) (Somesh Rao) Coriander Fish (Bharia Machli) Curried Eggplant (Bhartha) Curried Garbanzo Beans Curried Mushrooms Dahi Vada (Savory Balls In Yogurt) Dry Potatoes (Sookha Aloo) Egg Cooked With Meat And Fried (Nargisi Kofta) Garam Masala Gobi Aloo (Cauliflower And Potatoes) (Somesh Rao) Green Pepper Curry (Sriram) Gulab Jamuns (Easy Method) Kheer (Vermicelli Pudding) (Dalbir Chadda) Kheer Lamb Vindaloo Mah Ki Dal (Whole Black Beans) Malai Chicken (Sriram, 1985) Mango Ice Cream Masaledar Sem (Spicy Green Beans) (Madhur Jaffrey) Masur Dal (Lentils) Mattar Paneer (Peas And Cheese) Mint And Coriander Chutney Mughlai Chicken With Almonds (Madhur Jaffrey) Navrathna Kurma Navrattan Pullao (Nine-Jeweled Rice) Okra (Bhindi) Onion And Tomato Raita Pakoras (Savory Fritters) Paneer (Cheese) Paratha Pork Curry Prawn (Shrimp) Curry (Sriram, 1985)

    72. Quick Cooking - On-Line Recipe Index - Quick Breads
    Nora’s Knife Contest EMail this Page Our other sites Cookbooks Taste of HomeLight Tasty Reiman Magazines cooking Schools Taste of Home Quick breads.

    73. Quick Cooking - On-Line Recipe Index - Yeast Breads
    Nora’s Knife Contest EMail this Page Our other sites Cookbooks Taste of HomeLight Tasty Reiman Magazines cooking Schools Taste of Home Yeast breads.

    74. : : : : Glossary : Cooking Utensils
    from the tandoor. Tawa, A slightly concave thick iron / non stickpan used for cooking Indian breads like chapati, paratha , etc.
    Glossary of Ingredients
    Glossary of Cooking Methods
    Glossary of Miscellaneous Terms
    Glossary of Units ... Ovenware
    Glossary of Cooking Utensils Baking Trays
    Large and small, aluminium / stainless steel trays used for baking purposes. Bamboo Broom A normal short broom of bamboo sticks, widely used in Chinese kitchens to clean the wok. Bamboo Steamer A special kind of steamer made from bamboo strips used in Chinese cooking specially for steaming dimsums. Chakla is a small marble or wooden platform and belan the rolling pin , usually made of wood. They are used for rolling dough to make various Indian breads. Chimta In simple term : tongs, meant for holding cooking object in frying,griddle cooking etc. Chopping Board Made of food grade fibre, comes in different shapes, sizes, thickness and colours used for the purpose of cutting and chopping food items on it.

    75. The Ultimate Directory Of Cooking Sites: Breads And Baking
    It has wonderful recipes for both traditional breads and bread machines.Also contains a tips, tricks and trouble shooting section.

    HOME PAGE Beverages Bread ...
    Fleischmann's Bread World

    If you are a bread baker this is a must see site for you. It has wonderful recipes for both traditional breads and bread machines. Also contains a tips, tricks and trouble shooting section. Site is designed for both novice and experienced bakers. Also has a search feature to help in finding that special recipe.
    Bread Machine Magic

    This is a very exciting site for those that own bread machines, there isn't a big archive of recipes but there are several. They also have (3) three books for sale with recipes and info about bread machines. Over all I like this site and when I get a bread machine plan on returning.

    Great site has several sections on bread, sourdough, bread machines, breads for the diabetic, cornbread and fruit breads.
    Texas CornBread

    This cornbread recipe is all that is here but, WOW, it is my kind of bread, us southerns don't like sugar in our corn bread and this recipe doesn't have any. Try it you might like it.
    The Bread Letter
    A place on the web where bread bakers come to really enjoy their bread baking hobby.

    76. What's Cooking With Lyn Nichols
    dried basil, crushed) 1 tablespoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup skim milk1/2 cup refrigerated egg product(Egg Beaters) 3 tablespoons cooking oil 1/4

    77. Kid Recipe Favorites: Breads From StrainedPeas! Cooking Up Fun For Children
    Chocolate Cuisine. home, search, recipes, forum, contact. Newest recipesPopular recipes My Recipe Box Submit a Recipe Home. Top//breads.

    78. The Creole And Cajun Recipe Page
    breads and Breakfast Breakfast and brunch in New Orleans Louisiana Chefs, Restaurantsand cooking Schools on the Web Links to heroes, role models, teachers and
    by Chuck Taggart
    Native New Orleanian, former Culinary Arts student at UCLA Extension and
    Damn good cook (albeit a modest one) email chuck
    updated on
    Mar 1, 2004
    what's new?

    recipes - table of contents
    the gumbo pages
    who, me?
    This page is dedicated
    to the memory of Jamie Shannon

    Executive Chef, Commander's Palace Search this site: Enter the name of a dish or an ingredient.
    "New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin." Mark Twain, 1884 Welcome to the Creole and Cajun Recipe Page! Here we celebrate the marvelous Creole cuisine of New Orleans, and the hearty cooking of Acadiana (or "Cajun country"). You'll also find some culinary basics stocks, sauces, seasonings, and the like as well as a few tastes of many other regional and world cuisines. Beware, all ye who enter here Louisiana (and especially New Orleans) has, in my not-so-humble opinion, the best cuisine in the world. However, it isn't always what you'd call healthy ("It ain't da seafood dat makes ya fat ... it's da batta!"), and some of the dishes are probably not for people obsessed with watching their intake of fat. But dawlin' ... talk about good! However, several of the dishes within these pages are indeed pretty good for you, and with some creative substitutions you can make them much more healthy. Use your imagination, but don't declare war on butter and cream; just enjoy them occasionlly, and in moderation.

    79. Fablis Directory For /Home/Cooking/Baking_and_Confections/Breads
    Information and directory resources about and for the category /Home/cooking/Baking_and_Confections/breads.Web Directory, Quick Search
    Web Directory
    Quick Search

    Home Cooking Breads Breads Click here to list your site See also:
    • Top/Home/Cooking/B
      1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook
      - A selection of recipes from across America, many from bed and breakfast inns.
      A Guide to Bread
      - Basic information on ingredients; includes bread machine tips.
      Amish Friendship Bread
      - Instructions for making starter, and variations on this traditional bread, including cake, cookies, pancakes and brownies.
      Atkinson Mill
      - A collection of recipes from a flour milling company.
      - Everything to help the commercial and domestic baker, with a special emphasis on artisan breads, especially the craft of sourdough bread baking
      Best Breads
      - A collection of bread baking tips and recipes. Also includes a list of the author's favourite links.
      Better Homes and Gardens
      - A list of muffin recipes previously published in the Better Homes and Gardens online magazine.
      Bread Net
      - The Free Internet Bread Recipe Archive featuring recipes for yeast, wheat-free, sourdough and quick breads. Includes recipes for bread machines. Bread Recipes - Recipes for Country Seed Bread, Ciabatta, and Challah.

    80. Recipes, Kitchen Tips, Food, Wine, Cooking, Eating Out ...
    LowFat breads Spinach Bread Lite. Ingredients 2 TBS Low-fat margarine, meltedEgg Beaters (equal to 3 eggs) 1 cup plain flour 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp.

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