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         Boxing Olympic History:     more detail
  1. An Olympian's oral history: Joseph Salas, 1924 Olympic Games, boxing by Joseph Salas, 1988

81. Newsroom - Little Rock, Arkansas: City Limitless - CVB, Hotels, Attractions, His
fourth round TKO victory over Taylor’s 2000 US olympic teammate, Dante eight years, three of the most recognizable voices in boxing history – the broadcast

82. Ancient Olympics In UK Directory: Sport: History
during the Ancient olympics, including wrestling, boxing, and the javelin. Hellenic Ministry of Culture The olympic Games Review the history and origin of,10082853,575637,575702,522949

Europe92, bronz medal winner of junior World championship-92, winner of International tournament in Istambul-92, V place in olympic boxing tournament Atlanta
73 YEARS AMATEUR BOXING OF AZERBAIJAN. Boxing in our country takes its birth from the beginning of XX century, since the time when the workers and engineers from Russia and Evropean countries - specialist on oil industry vizited Baku and brougth with themselves this kind of sport. The meetings of boxers - amateur in Baku began to be held in the second decade of the centure, among which boxers we might distinguish Abbas Agalarov, Alexandr Shepelev. In 1924 Boxers Union of Azerbaijan established Amateur Boxing Federation and after that they began to take part in the international tournaments and meetings . In 1929 a dual match with the boxers from Turkey was held in Baku. The meeting terminated with the score 4:4. In the third decade of the centure the boxers of Azerbaijan succesded good results even in the championship of USSR. Thus, N. Kitasov and A. Kayurov became championsof former USSR and A. Agalarov the winner of silver medal. The fourth decade after II World War the boxing continued developing in the Republic. I. Ashumov I. Odinov and A. Kryuchkov became the silver medal winnerson USSR Championships, who later under the leadship of merited master of sport, merited trainer (coach) of USSR, referee of international category A. Agalarov in the fifth decade of the centure passed their rich experience to the young boxers, like M. Askerbekov, P. Amirov, B. Kipiani, R. Imanov, N. Abasov, A. Abiyev, A. Kuliyev, O. Gusseinov, T. Babanly, Z. Kuliyev, B. Eynullayev, Kh. Muradov, K. Aydinov e.t.c.

84. History Human Experience - Boxing - Sports Recreation
history and the Human Experience boxing, which is a popular where it was included in the olympic Games Although boxing also existed during the Roman era, it wasn
Home Web Directory What's the Buzz? Escape Hatch ... Free Email Monday, June 07, 2004 4:44:41 PM DIRECTORY Boxing VISITOR POLL Flirty Diaz Annoys Timberlake
What celebrity couple would you like to see make a movie together?

FEATURED AUTHORS Saurin Desai I write copy, articles, short stories and films when not acting, act when not writing and chase women when doing... Wolfgang Ellenberger Interests include singing, choir conducting, operas, good films, international encounters, multi-mediality, and the... sanjay Moreland I'm Jess. I don't sit back and wait for life I snatch it up. I've done a few crazy things, and if you stick around... Chapter Quicklink What's the Buzz Escape Hatch: Open Mic
History and the Human Experience
Boxing, which is a popular international sport on both amateur and professional levels, involves two competitors who fight with their gloved fists inside a square boxing ring until a winner is declared. Boxing as a sport can be traced as far back as ancient Greece, where it was included in the Olympic Games. Although boxing also existed during the Roman era, it wasn't until the 18th century that it became a popular professional sport in England. Then, during the Industrial Revolution, boxing evolved into a favorite sport of the working class. This section focuses on the history of international boxing. boxing history american boxing history human experience of boxing mens boxing history ... boxing faqs Get more exposure, list your site

85. Lukol Directory - Sports Events Olympics Boxing
olympic boxing Links Links to news, history and other information about the boxing events at the olympic Games. http//

Lukol Directory -
Sports Events Olympics ... - Olympic Boxing Champions
This document is a list of all Olympic boxing champions in all weight divisions.
Olympic Boxing Links

Links to news, history and other information about the Boxing events at the Olympic Games.
Difference Between Amateur and Professional Boxing

Interesting point by point comparison.
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86. Winged Sandals: History: The Olympic Games
fewer sports than in the modern Olympics – the ancient Olympics only consisted of wrestling; boxing; pankration (a combination of wrestling and boxing in which
@import url(/arts/wingedsandals/css/styles.css);
Some aspects of the modern Olympics come from the ancient Greek Olympics, but there are also a lot of differences between the ancient and modern Games. The ancient Olympics always took place at Olympia, in the south of Greece, every four years in August or September. According to tradition they were started in 776 B.C. and they continued until A.D. 393. They were held to honour the god Zeus, who had a large sanctuary next to the stadium where the competitions were held. The Olympics were very popular and important events. The Greeks even measured their years by reference to the Olympics! Thousands of people came from all over Greece to compete or watch. If there was a war, there was a truce around the time of the Olympics to allow all competitors to go. Most spectators slept in the open or in tents. There was no city at ancient Olympia, just the sanctuary, and sporting venues. The Ancient Olympics: Spectators and Events
  • foot-races of approximately 200, 400 and 4,000 metres

87. WAIL! The CBZ Journal (March 2002)
Ghouls and Rules in boxing by By Adam Pollack Ghouls At the 2002 Winter olympics This is the fourth time a duplicate medal has been awarded in olympic history.
. . . THE CBZ JOURNAL March 2002
Table of Contents
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Ghouls and Rules in Boxing
by By Adam Pollack

At the 2002 Winter Olympics, Canadian figure skating pair David Pelletier and Jamie Sale won silver and the Russians Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidzewon gold. However, almost everyone agreed that it was a tragic judging decision because the Canadians clearly skated better.
After an investigation was conducted, it was discovered that the French judge had been pressured by her own skating federation to engage in vote swapping, granting the Russians gold in pairs so that the Russians would grant the French gold in ice dancing. In light of this, the Canadians have been granted a gold medal in addition to the Russian pair who won controversially (but get to keep their gold) and the French judge has been suspended indefinitely for misconduct. This is the fourth time a duplicate medal has been awarded in Olympic history.
This brings us to revisit the 1988 Summer Olympics, where something was rotten in South Korea. Roy Jones, Jr. fought brilliantly in the final against South Korea's Park Si Hun. He obviously won all three rounds. However, the gold went to Hun, and amidst the controversy Jones, Jr. was granted the Val Barker best boxer award for the tournament. Given that he was being called the tournament's best boxer but had not won gold, it was essentially an admission that Jones, Jr. had been wronged. Yet, to this day, he has not been granted the gold he rightfully earned. This should be corrected.

88. Cyber Boxing Zone -- Newswire
The Cyber boxing Zone Newswire. The bout was the highest scoring matchup in olympic history as Williams gave a hell for leather performance against the
Schedule Current Champs News WAIL! ... Home The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire January 29, 2001
The Blooding of our fresh faced Olympians
Barry Stephen Hanley
KO Nation, the latest HBO attempt at resurrecting the ailing fight game, played host to the unveiling of several promising Olympians. Fresh from Sydney, all had opted to leave the singlet and head gear in the past, opting for the muddy, shark infested waters of the professional game.
The bouts were held in The Theater, and adjunct to Madison Square Garden formerly known as the Felt Forum. Five Olympians were featured in their professional debuts..
Three of the fights deserve a mention. First, a middleweight contest between Bronze medalist Jermaine Taylor. Taylor, from Arkansas, was hoping to make his State renowned for something other than the charismatic philanderer who occupied the White House for the past eight years. His opponent was a journeyman from Scranton, P.A, 'Irish' Chris Walsh. The only thing eyecatching about Walsh's performance was an intricate celtic cross tatooed into the small of his back. Jermaine 'Bad Intentions' Taylor lived up to his moniker. His solid right crosses bombarded Walsh from the opening bell. 2:30 of the second round marked the first knockdown as Walsh hit the deck due to a crisp right cross. Kevin Kelley, serving as a commentator, emphasized the importance of 'cleaning up' once your opponent is hurt. " If you can't clean up, you'll get cleaned up" he added.
As Walsh sat on his stool between rounds he prophetically announced, "I think he's got me George." Sure enough, Taylor landed the definitive right hand in 2:50 of the fourth round, prompting Arthur Mercante Jr. to stop the fight. Afterwards, a charming personable Taylor said he found it hard to adjust to fighting sans headgear.

89. @ugusta: Preolymic Training
Team practice open to all comers June 14, 1995 For the first time in olympic boxing history, fans will be able to talk with and watch the United States boxing


home page

Augusta's Training Venues Equestrian
Table Tennis
Schedule of Events
Torch Bearers
Augusta's Olympians B oxing Before the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the 12-man U.S. Olympic Boxing team will train at the Augusta Boxing Club. They will joined by Olympic boxers from Israel. T he U.S. Olympic Boxing Team mugs for the assembled cameras in the center ring at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center following the final bout of the Olympic Box-Offs on April 22.

90. Ancient History Sourcebook: Accounts Of The Hellenic Games, C. 470 BCE-175 CE
Thucydides The history of the Peloponnesian War, c. 404 41st Olympiad afterwards they invited boxing boys .And are caught present at the olympic games, or
Back to Ancient History Sourcebook
Ancient History Sourcebook:
Accounts of the Hellenic Games, c. 470 BCE-175 CE
Pindar Olympian Odes , c. 470 BCE No. 9 Fit speech may I find for my journey in the Muses' car; and let me therewith have daring and powers of ample scope. To back the prowess of a friend I came, when Lampromachos won his Isthmian crown, when on the same day both he and his brother overcame. And afterwards at the gates of Corinth two triumphs again befell Epharmostos and more in the valleys of Nemea. At Argos he triumphed over men, as over boys at Athens. And I might tell how at Marathon he stole from among the beardless and confronted the full-grown for the prize of silver vessels, how without a fall he threw his men with swift and coming shock, and how loud the shouting pealed when round the ring he ran, in the beauty of his youth and fair form and fresh from fairest deeds. No. 10

91. - United States - New - Sports - All Sports - Sports Reference - Events
boxing http// Offers an introductory guide to the olympic discipline of boxing. Discover a concise history of the

92. Saskatchewan Amateur Boxing Association
Programs, information about olympic style boxing, a list of clubs and board members, match results, upcoming events and news.
Who we are How to start a Boxing Club Who we are:
Boxing Saskatchewan is a non-profit society which regulates the sport of amateur boxing in Saskatchewan. S.A.B.A. enforces rules and regulations governing amateur boxing as dictated by the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association.
Boxing Saskatchewan encourages the physical and mental development of young men and women through the requirements and skills of amateur boxing. Boxing Saskatchewan promotes, encourages and develops the widest participation and the highest proficiency in boxing amongst the members of the Association. Boxing Saskatchewan promotes and assists promotion of competitions, demonstrations and events related to amateur boxing.
Boxing Saskatchewan promotes the formation of new clubs throughout Saskatchewan and encourages all clubs to continually recruit new athletes.
Boxing Saskatchewan receives support from Sask Sport in fulfilling the objectives set out in the constitution, policies and procedures.
Lifetime Membership:
Mr. Norris Petit, a long standing member of Boxing Saskatchewan, president of Saskatoon Aboriginal Youth Boxing Club and current 1st vice President of Boxing Saskatchewan was recently recognized by Boxing Saskatchewan for his long-term contributions to the sport. Norris received a plaque from Boxing Saskatchewan President, Graham Craig and is now recognized as a life-time member of Boxing Saskatchewan. Boxing Saskatchewan salutes the efforts and dedication of Mr. Petit!
Saskatchewan order of merit Investiture:

93. Gale - Free Resources - Black History Month - Biographies - Muhammad Ali
Threetime world heavyweight boxing champion who tossed an olympic gold medal into a river because he was disgusted by racism in America.
Quick Title Search Press Room About Us Contact Us Site Map ... Browse Our Catalog document.write(url); Free Resources Reference Reviews Marketing for Libraries Black History Month ... Women's History Month

Muhammad Ali
Also known as: Cassius Marcellus Clay, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., Cassius Clay
Professional boxer Personal Information Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.; name changed to Muhammad Ali, 1963; born January, 17, 1942, in Louisville, KY; son of Cassius (a piano player) and Odessa Clay (both deceased); first wife, Belinda; second wife, Aaisha; third wife, Veronica Porche; fourth (and current) wife, Yolanda Williams, married in 1986; children: nine (one with Yolanda). Religion: Muslim. Addresses: HomeP.O. Box 187, Berrien Springs, MI 59103. Career Former world heavyweight boxing champion. Began professional career, 1960; initially became heavyweight champ, 1964; stripped of title and boxing license over refusal to participate in the Vietnam War, 1966; retired from boxing, 1981. Appeared in film The Greatest, 1976, and television film Freedom Road. Awards Olympic Gold Medal in boxing, 1960; six Kentucky Golden Gloves titles; National Golden Gloves titles, 1959-60; World Heavyweight Championship, 1964-67, 1974-78, 1978-79; U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, inductee, 1983; named the greatest heavyweight champion of all time, Ring Magazine, 1987; International Boxing Hall of Fame, inductee, 1990; Jim Thorpe Pro Sports Award, Lifetime Achievement, 1992; Muhammad Ali Museum, Louisville Galleria, opened 1995; Essence Award, 1997.

94. Summer Olympics 2000 Olympic History -- Table Tennis
olympic history Table tennis Men s singles olympics, Medal, Athlete, Country. Atlanta 96, Gold Silver Bronze, Liu Guoliang Wang Tao
ESPN Keyword Search Search The Web ESPN Network: NASCAR ... U.S. Roster Olympic history Table tennis
Men's singles
Olympics Medal Athlete Country
Atlanta '96 Gold
Liu Guoliang
Wang Tao
Jorg Rosskopf
Petr Korbel China
Czech Republic Barcelona '92 Gold Silver Bronze Jan Waldner Hean-Philippe Gatien Ma Wenge Taek Soo Kim Sweden France China South Korea Seoul '88 Gold Silver Bronze Nam-Kyu Yoo Ki-Taik Kim Erik Lindh South Korea South Korea Sweden Men's doubles Olympics Medal Athlete Country Atlanata '96 Gold Silver Bronze Kong Linghui/Liu Guoliang Lu Lin/Wang Tao Taek Soo Kim/Nam-Kyu Yoo Steffen Fetzner/Jorg Rosskopf China China South Korea Germany Barcelona '92 Gold Silver Bronze Lu Lin/Wang Too Steffen Fetzner/Jorg Rosskopf Hee Chan Kang/Chun Seung Lee Taek Soo Kim/Nam-Kyu Yoo China Germany South Korea South Korea Seoul '88 Gold Silver Bronze Longcan Chen/Qingguang Wei Ilija Lupulesku/Zoran Primorac Jae-Hyung Ahn/Nam-Kyu Yoo China Yugoslavia South Korea Women's singles Olympics Medal Athlete Country Atlanta '96 Gold Silver Bronze Deng Yaping Chen Jing Qiao Hong Liu Wei China Taiwan China China Barcelona '92 Gold Silver Bronze Deng Yaping Qiao Hong Jung Hwa Hyun Bun Hui Li China China South Korea North Korea Seoul '88 Gold Silver Bronze Jing Chen Huifen Li Zhimin Jiao China China China Women's doubles Olympics Medal Athlete Country Atlanta '96 Gold Silver Bronze Deng Yaping/Qiao Hong Liu Wei, Quai/Yunping

95. Augusta Boxing Club: Augusta, Georgia
Official affiliate of USA boxing, Tom Moraetes has trained Champions such as Vernon Forrest, Poncho Carter, and olympic hopeful Ray Whitfield.
Georgia Games

National PAL Boxing Championships

East Coast Silver Gloves

CLUB BOXERS Future Stars
Club Super Stars


Non-Athletic Programs

BY REQUEST Pre-competition Training Camps
Start Your Own Boxing Club
THE LATEST... 2004 Ringside Augusta National Junior Boys Summer Classic Augusta, Georgia to host the Second Annual Ringside Augusta National Junior Boys Summer Boxing Classic, presented by COMCAST. Tom Moraetes, the Augusta Boxing Club along with the City of Augusta and the Augusta Recreation and Parks Department have combined efforts to host this tournament June 17,18,19, 2004. with registration set for June16th. GET IN COMPETITIVE SHAPE! If you want to compete in any of the local/regional amateur boxing matches, you'll want to be in shape. Contact the Augusta Boxing Club for Pre-Competition Training Or if you want to join the Augusta Boxing Club, download the application form here. Application Note : You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print out the application.

96. - The Science Of Olympic Boxing - September 15, 2000
technology computing Editions myCNN ... Feedback
CNN Sites CNN CNN Europe CNNfn CNNSI myCNN CNNfyi AllPolitics Languages
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Consumer group: Online privacy protections fall short

Guide to a wired Super Bowl

Debate opens on making e-commerce law consistent


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The science of Olympic boxing
VIDEO CNN's Ann Kellan meets a featherweight who gives his hitting an edge with computerized punching bags and video Play video (QuickTime, Real or Windows Media)

97. Downtown Athletic Club
Modern athletic equipment, an olympic sized pool, squash, racquetball and basketball courts and even a boxing ring.

98. The Olympic History Page
In a fertile valley of Ancient Greece, at a place called Olympia, the first olympic Games were held at 776 BC. history Index. olympic history Page 2. Winter olympic history. Athens Summer olympic
E-mail This Page History Index Olympic History Page 2 Winter Olympic History ...
Vancouver Winter Olympic 2010
"And we compel men to exercise their bodies not only for the games, so that they can win the prizes-for very few of them go to them-but to gain a greater good from it for the whole city, and for the men themselves" Lucian, Anacharsis, ca. AD 170 In a fertile valley of Ancient Greece, at a place called Olympia, the first Olympic Games were held at 776 BC. This games were held every four years, for a thousand years. The Games, like all Greek Games, were an intrinsic part of a religious festival held in honor of Zeus. Hippias of Elis, at ca. 400 BC, compiled a list of Olympic victors, and according to him, the only event at the beginning was a stadium -length foot race (stade). The distance of the race came from the legend, that Hercules, the god of Physical Strength, run the same distance in one breath. It has been speculated, that the games at 776 BC were not the first games conducted, but rather the first organized games. It is believed, that this lead from the peace agreement between the city-states Elis and Pisa. The Eleans traced the founding of the Olympic Games back to their King Iphitos. King Iphitos was told by the Delphic Oracle to plant an Olive Tree from which the victor' wreaths for the Olympic Games was cut. Another legend says, that the Games were founded by Heracles, son of Alcmene. In Ancient Greece it was thought that the first Games held in Olympia was organized by heroes and gods.

99. Boxing – News Reports, Sydney Results, Ancient Origins, Olympic History, Atlant
IT MIGHT be a compliment to Audley Harrison, the Londoner who in the early hours of this morning fought for Britain s first boxing olympic gold medal for 32
Sunday, October 1
GIANT IS SHORT OF KILLER INSTINCT Top dog: Audley Harrison enjoys dishing out the punishment during his super-heavyweight Olympic semi-final against Italy's Paolo Vidoz. Photograph: Rick Bowmer IT MIGHT be a compliment to Audley Harrison, the Londoner who in the early hours of this morning fought for Britain's first boxing Olympic gold medal for 32 years, to suggest that he lacks the primeval instincts necessary for the real world of professional pugilism. But there were voices in his ear, authentic voices from entrepreneurs who manage the three-ring circus around Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson, suggesting obscene swags of money are there for the taking should Harrison say the word. Harrison, however, would have to put considerably more at risk than most heavyweight prizefighters. He is not a fugitive from the mean streets. He holds a degree from Brunel University in sports science and leisure management, and has a loquacious way of putting things. "I've got lots of different gears," Harrison said before stepping in against his gold-medal rival from Kazakhstan. "I study my opponents, and change my style to take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses. Basically, I figure out how to take them out in the nicest possible way." With due respect to the Khazakstani, Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov, who hails from the tough army school of a former Soviet state, the professionals would of course expect to make more of a westerner following the path of Muhammad Ali, Lewis and Holyfield and even the beast Tyson from Olympic glory to hyped up gore. They can spell his name in lights, for a start. And Harrison's perfectly weighted one-liners, his rainbow platted short curls are box office material.

100. International Institute For Sport And Olympic History
Seated Boxer. National Museum in Rome copy. a6. Other links to pages about the International Institute for Sport and olympic history.

International Institute for Sport
and Olympic History
(Image to be added) The International Institute for Sport and Olympic History (IISOH) is seeking benefactors to endow a wide variety of programs. The benefactor's donation is placed in a perpetual trust where the principal earns interest and provides the Library and Museum with perpetual support.
The funds from the endowments will be budgeted by the Board of Directors and used for:
  • Land acquisition for the campus
  • Building and facilities construction and maintenance
  • Library and Museum furnishings and supplies
  • Theatre and restaurant/cafe furnishings and supplies
  • Staff salaries and benefits
  • Collection development, aquisitions and preservation
  • Exhibitions
  • Research and Publications
  • Educational programs
Why an Endowment?
An endowed gift is FOREVER
Such a gift IMMORTALIZES either the benefactor or the party named by the endowment.
The endowment PERPETUALLY honors or memorializes a person, company or group.
Endowments can be made in memory or in honor of an individual such as a parent, spouse, deceased child or teacher/coach/friend whose influence has had an important impact upon the donor's life. The benefactor names the endowment in perpetuity

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