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         Boxing Olympic History:     more detail
  1. An Olympian's oral history: Joseph Salas, 1924 Olympic Games, boxing by Joseph Salas, 1988

61. Èñòîðèÿ æåíñêîãî áîêñà / Women Boxing History (Êëóá æå
in the news media as a history first for women including the South Carolina Junior olympic Chairman, a October 1993 USA boxing adopts rules and regulations
Home Page Site News Combative Activities Our Interviews ... UREF = ""; document.write (UREF)
Women Boxing History While women's boxing can loosely trace it beginnings to London in the 1720's, throughout the ensuing decades, there were various exhibitions and scattered bouts until the 1950's when several fighters, most notably Barbara Buttrick, JoAnn Hagen (Verhaegen), and Phyllis Kugler staged professional fights. The sport rekindled again in the 1970s thanks to the efforts of several important trailblazers. The 1970's, in particular, were highlighted by many women’s boxing "firsts" including many states lifting bans for women to box; issuing "first time" boxing licenses, sanctioning boxing matches; and the various commissions approving more than four rounds for women’s bouts.
London: First-staged women fights. The women would punch, use their feet and knee lifting/kicking to all parts of their opponents body. They also could maul, scratch and throw. This resulted in serious injury for either or both fighters. 1876.
Susan Cahn in "Coming on strong, gender and equality in 20th century sport" notes a match between Nell Saunders and Rose Harland in 1876 at Hills Theater in NYC. they supposedly fought for a silver butter dish. This was considered the first women's match in the United States.

62. Olympics -
history of the Torch The tradition of the olympic flame began during the ancient olympic The first torch of this olympics was lit by boxing great Muhammad is a user-supported site.
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The Olympic Games:
Winter 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, was where the year 2002 Winter Olympics were held. For information on Utah, click here . For a page on Utah's flag, click here The year 2002 Winter Olympic Games are being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The opening ceremonies were on February 8, 2002. The closing ceremonies were on Sunday, February 24, 2002. The events in the Winter Olympics include: ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding, luge, bobsleigh, skeleton (a type of sledding), curling, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, slalom, downhill (Alpine) skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined (skiing plus ski jumping), and biathlon (skiing and shooting).
The Flag of the Olympic Games
The flag of the Olympic Games has five interlocking rings (blue, yellow, black, green, and red) on a white ground. The rings represent the five parts of the world that were joined together in the Olympic movement: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. The motto of the Olympic Games is "Citius, altius, fortius" (meaning "Faster, higher, stronger" in Latin). History of the Olympics Flag
The flag was first used in the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. The Olympic flag is paraded during the opening ceremony of each Olympic Games. At the end of an Olympics, the mayor of the host-city presents the flag to the mayor of the next host-city. The flag will remain in the town hall of the next host-city until the next Olympic Games, four years later.

63. The Augusta Boxing Club - Our History
In its 20 plus year history, several hundred children and young adults of our team have qualified to represent the United States olympic boxing Association and
Georgia Games

National PAL Boxing Championships

East Coast Silver Gloves

CLUB BOXERS Future Stars
Club Super Stars


Non-Athletic Programs

BY REQUEST Pre-competition Training Camps
Start Your Own Boxing Club
ABOUT THE AUGUSTA BOXING CLUB... The Augusta Recreation and Parks Department, with assistance from area law enforcement agencies, implemented the Augusta Boxing Association/ Augusta Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) in an effort to curtail drug abuse and crime among young adults and children. This program uses sports, specifically boxing, as a tool to attract young people who have been given the opportunity to build self confidence, develop self discipline, learn to function as a team, develop good sportsmanship and experience the rewards of always striving to do their best. In its 20 plus year history, several hundred children and young adults have benefited from their participation in the Augusta Boxing Association. The program is preventative in nature as opposed to rehabilitative, with its participants coming from the entire Central Savanna River Area (CSRA). The majority of these children have had no prior contact with the court system. We are able to go beyond the athletic aspects of the program and provide tutoring and drug counseling, take them on field trips and require attendance at a variety of educational programs. Through the boxing tournaments, many of our participants have had the opportunity to travel extensively in the United States and abroad. Several members of our team have qualified to represent the United States Olympic Boxing Association and have competed in locations such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, Poland and England. Jacob Hudson, currently ranked # 1 in the United States, one of our participants, represented the U.S.A in the 1998 Goodwill Games in New York, New York. We are an official affiliate of USA Boxing, the Olympic Authority. We are also a Chapter Member of the National Police Athletice League.

64. Historical Events In Women's Boxing - Most Indepth History On The Net! - Women B
in the news media as a history first for including the South Carolina Junior olympic Chairman, a USA boxing adopts rules and regulations implementing women
Home Page The Latest News Upcoming Events Fight Results ... Other Links WBAN FORMS WBAN Women Registry New Boxer Form Health Questionnaire Upcoming Events Form ... Edit a Record EDITORIALS Editorial Section Tiger Tales by Fox About WBAN HISTORY OF
WOMEN'S BOXING Historical Events News Reports History of W/Boxing Amateur History ... Alastair Segerdal

WBAN has over 150 contributors world- wide who cover fights, donate historical data, keep WBAN up-to-date on what is going on in their area! If you would like to be part of the WBAN Network,
Go Here

Special WBAN
Final Tribute to:
George Beckelhiemer

Bill Harris

Alastair Segerdal

Cassie Brown

"Chronological events that

65. Virtual Library Of Sport - Bodybuilding, Boxing Etc
boxers, archives. legends and lore olympic boxing Medalists for HickokSports The Best Fights in history from CBS Sportsline top;
Home Boxing The Sport General Information National and District Boxers under development
The Sport About, Improve your game History Rules Forums

Deemed one of the worst boxing decisions in olympic history, Jones’ South Korean opponent was awarded the Gold, and Jones the Silver when corrupt judges

67. News, Odds Provides Boxing History And Boxing Golds
boxing history. Felix Savon won a historic third olympic heavyweight gold medal but only after surviving a late scare with a cut under his eye.
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Boxing History
Felix Savon won a historic third Olympic heavyweight gold medal - but only after surviving a late scare with a cut under his eye. The 33-year-old Cuban legend won comfortably on points 21-13 against Russian Sultanahmed Ibzagimov but had a scare 14 seconds from the end of the final. Savon equalled the Olympic record of Hungarian Lazlo Papp and countryman Teofilo Stevenson with three boxing golds each. Australian referee Wayne Rose stopped the bout to inspect a gash under Savon's left eye. But Rose allowed the fight to continue after wiping Savon's cut eye and the Cuban colossus kept out of harm's way over the final seconds to win the fight and enter Olympic boxing immortality. It was the same eye which caused Savon problems in his semi-final win over German Sebastian Kober. Savon is a legend in amateur boxing and has won six world titles.
Boxing History
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68. Bayer Sport, Olympics - News Archive
2004/03/25 Biggest relay of olympic history olympic Torch May 17 The official German olympic outfit will boxing SUNDAY 2004/02/29 Defeat against Gaidarbekow

69. Boxing Searches
boxing gym bare boxing knuckle womens boxing amateur association boxing muay thai boxing 1980 boxing champion lightweight olympic boxing history british boxing





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70. Ancient Olympic Games - Everything Games On The Net
Without without point work first olimpijada oympics trained prizes, athlete ancint gold medal boxing pentathlon history olympic games ncient crowns calpe.
ancient olympic games
You've just landed on the biggest resource on the internet for ancient olympic games. We here at Everything Games On The Net have found some of the most relevant sites for ancient olympic games, and have compiled a list of the best ancient olympic games information sites online. Please scroll below to find our current list of the greatest ancient olympic games resource sites on the net. Thanks for stopping by Everything Games On The Net, please come back soon! You Are Here: Everything Games On The Net ancient olympic games
Results For: ancient olympic games
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Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games, The
Univ. of Pennsylvania presents this overview of the original Games. Read why today's competition is no more commercial than in ancient times.
Perseus Project - The Ancient Olympics

Exhibit on the ancient Olympics presents information about individual sports, the context and spirit of the games, athlete's stories, and a virtual tour of Olympia.
Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum

Guided tour providing information about the games including history, events and anecdotes. Connects to related sites.
Ancient Olympics - Description

Brief history of the Olympics in ancient Greece includes a timeline of milestones.

71. Sports: Boxing Manager Guilty Of Fixing Fights, Bribery
received the first perfect marks in olympic history for her organizers over security for the olympic torch relay 29 on back nine In brief; boxing manager guilty
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In brief
Boxing manager guilty of fixing fights, bribery
By wire services Published May 4, 2004 LAS VEGAS - Manager Robert Mittleman pleaded guilty to fixing fights and trying to pay a federal prosecutor and judge $15,000 to have a case against one of his indicted boxers dismissed, authorities said. Mittleman, 61, of Oak Park, Ill., pleaded guilty to two counts of sports bribery and one of bribery of a public official, according to a plea memo unsealed by court order last week. Mittleman admitted that he arranged for boxer Thomas Williams, known as Top Dog, to lose a match with Brian Nielsen in Denmark on March 31, 2000, the guilty plea memo states. GYMNASTICS: Comaneci defends 10s Nadia Comaneci defended her perfect 10s in gymnastics at the 1976 Montreal Games after a top Olympic official said the scores were inflated.

72. Feminist Majority Foundation
Making olympic history. boxing is one of the eight sports that will hold competition on at least fifteen of the sixteen scheduled olympic days.
Making Olympic History New York Times At the first modern Olympics in 1896, Melpomene became the first female to compete, although unofficially, in the games. Women have made many advancements in the Olympic games over the past 100 years and it appears that the 2000 games in Sydney, Australia will benefit them more than ever before. Two new sports have been added to the games, increasing the total number of sports to twenty-eight. In addition, Sydney will incorporate more than twenty new women's events into its program. This is twenty more than were seen in the Atlanta games in 1996. For the first time in Olympic competition, the Modern Pentathlon, Water Polo, and Weightlifting will include events for women. Athletic, Aquatic, and Shooting sports are also adding more women's events. Two sports being added to the Olympic agenda are the Triathlon and Mia Hamm (white jersey) battles for the ball during the U.S. women's 2-0 victory over Norway. (USA Today)

his professional career, he was the first boxer to win light heavyweight gold medal from the 1960 olympic Games in Copyright © 2004 Gallery of history Direct.

74. Kickboxing Martial Arts Fitness. Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Tae Kwon Do Info At
failed. In the year 2000 WTF Taekwondo goes olympic. Click here to view and listen to the history of Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do Links.
Channels "New" Fight Zone

Virtual Training
Learn ... Glove Deodorizers Styles

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... Styles Tae Kwon Do Videos Beginner Taekwondo
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Usually ships within 24 hours History of Tae Kwon Do The earliest records of Martial Arts practice in Korea date back to about 50 B.C. These earliest forms are known as ' Taek Kyon '. Evidence that Martial Arts were being practiced at that time can be found in tombs where wall-paintings show two men in fighting-stance. Others reject this evidence and say that these men could be dancing as well. Back then, time there were three kingdoms:
  • Koguryo (37 B.C. - 668 A.D.)
  • Paekje (18 B.C. - 600 A.D.)
  • Silla (57 B.C. - 936 A.D.)
  • 75.
    McCoy later became World middleweight boxing Champion, on 6th April, 1914, and he held on to be the demonstration sport in the 1924 Parisbased olympic Games.
    English Boxing and the 'French Connection' - by Ollie Batts
    (previously published in the UK, the author reserves all rights) According to Michel Delahaye, in his book La Boxe Française, Ergo Press, April 1989, the French style of fighting with the hands and feet, known as Boxe Francaise (French Boxing), was assimilated by Charles Lecour (1808 - 94), the son of a French baker, in 1832. Prior to that time, a method of fighting existed in old Paris where the combatants kicked one another with their everyday shoes on. The common name for a street shoe at that time was "savate" (pronounced sa-vat ), which simply meant 'old shoe'. The name savate , therefore, became associated with this particular method of street-fighting. Those early street brawls did not stop at kicking however, as gouging, wrestling and headbutting are also said to have taken place (just like in England today!). The first person to make an attempt to systematise savate was Michel Casseux (aka) Pisseux (1794 - 1869), who opened the first 'official' Salle (training establishment) in 1825. Unfortunately, savate was still recognised by many as a style of street-fighting, and therefore, initially only attracted those of dubious means and character.

    76. HISTORY
    brought a very special moment in olympic history for Ireland. Irisman to win an olympic gold medal in boxing. The 1996 olympic games in Atlanta were a personal

    77. SPORTS FACTS - Boxing - Olympic Medallists
    Tony Hinchliffe s Sports Facts history boxing olympic Medallists. HOME DIARY history LINKS Message Board boxing olympicS ON THIS
    Tony Hinchliffe's Sports Facts
    Olympic Medallists




    ON THIS PAGE Light Fly Fly Bantam Feather Light Light Welter Welter Light Middle Middle Light Heavy Heavy Super Heavy Val Barker Cup
    First included in the Olympics in 1904, however the rest of the Games had already finished and only US boxers took part. Matches cosisted of three 3-minute rounds until 2000 when four 2-minute rounds were introduced. It remains a sport for amateurs only. Light Flyweight Top Flyweight Top Bantamweight Top Featherweight Top Lightweight Top Light Welterweight Top Welterweight Top Light Middleweight Top Middleweight Top Light Heavyweight Top Heavyweight Top Super Heavyweight 1984 Tyrell Biggs USA Dec 4-1 Francesco Damiani ITA Hazis Salihu YUG Robert Wells GBR 1988 Lennox Lewis CAN RSf 2 Riddick Bowe USA Aleksandr Miroshnichenko URS Janusz Zarenkiewicz POL 1992 Roberto Balado CUB Pts 13-2 Igbeneghu Richard NGR Brian Nielsen DEN Svilen Russinov BUL 1996 Vladimir Klichko UKR Pts 7-3 Paea Wolfgramm TGA Duncan Dokiwari NGR Aleksey Lezin RUS 2000 Audley Harrison GBR Pts 30-16 Mukhtarkan Dildabekov KAZ Rustam Saidov UZB Paolo Vidoz ITA

    78. Oral History Guide Entries, 411 - 420
    to obtain a copy of an interview contact the Oral history Project Dean Scott Goodnight; Big Ten boxing; Vern Woodard; Boxers; olympic boxing coach; Professional
    Interviews 411 - 420
    Each Guide entry contains information about an interview, including biographical data about the interviewee (name, vital dates, dates at the UW-Madison, and principal positions held as of the interview date), information about the interview (interviewer, year conducted, length, and series, transcript, and restriction information if applicable), and a list of key topics discussed in the interview. For more detailed information about an interview, or to obtain a copy of an interview contact the Oral History Project
    Last Page
    Alphabetical Index Oral History Guide ... Next Page
    411. TAUBERT, Kenneth (1921- )
    Custodian; Custodial Supervisor, Memorial Library
    At UW:
    Interviewed: Length: 2.5 hours Interviewer: Jan Ingram Background; Hiring at UW; Custodial supervisor at Memorial Library; Job responsibilities; Custodial hiring practices; Night shift at Memorial Library; Axe incident; Library administration; Elimination of late night hours; Custodial union; Strike; Retirement.
    412. WALSH, John J. (1912- )

    79. Melanie Ley's Amateur Boxing Home Page
    The topranked amateurs in the United States are invited to participate in Operation Gold, funded by USA boxing, the US olympic Committee and private and
    Amateur Boxing in the United States
    USA Boxing, Inc., located in Colorado Springs, CO, is the national governing body for all amateur boxing in the United States. As the NGB, USA Boxing is responsible for the administration, development and promotion of Olympic-style boxing in the U.S. USA Boxing recognizes group members, which are organizations that hold national programs on the same level as USA Boxing's. Group members include: local boxing committees (LBC's) of which there are 60 throughout the country; the four branches of the armed forces; the National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA); the Police Athletic League (PAL); the Silver Gloves and the National Golden Gloves of America. Each of the Olympic Sports must have one international sports federation (IF) that is responsible for organizing, administering and developing the sport on a worldwide basis. For boxing, the International Amateur Boxing Assn. (AIBA) is the IF. The IF is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IF recognizes the national governing body (NGB) for each member country; that NBG must be a member of its national Olympic committee - United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in the U.S. Each country may have only one NGB to represent it in AIBA. The IF sets the rules and regulations for the international level of competition, and an NGB's rules cannot be more restrictive than those of its IF.
    Board of Governors
    (All LBCs, Regions, group members, board of directors, commitee chairmen, etc.)

    80. Welcome To The NewsMarket!
    is the biggest moment in Iraqi olympic history, Ahmed AlSamarrai. Media Assets for this story, (7). Maurice Termite Watkins Prepares Iraq s boxing Team for
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    Highlights Michael Moore Releases Trailer for "Fahrenheit 9/11" Swarovski Presents "Out of Africa" New Medicare Law Creates Questions for Hispanic Recipients Many Americans Have a 'Second Job' as Caregiver to Family Member ... Technology Provides Competitive Advantage in Car Racing var maxStoriesSearchValue=10 var iUserType=0 var IsTNMCartAllowed=0 adidas to Supply Official Personalized adidas Roteiro™ Match Ball to UEFA Euro 2004
    Media Assets for this story

    Senator John Ensign Travels to Iraq, Meets Iraqi Prime Minister

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