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         Boxing Olympic History:     more detail
  1. An Olympian's oral history: Joseph Salas, 1924 Olympic Games, boxing by Joseph Salas, 1988

41. The Real Fight Club
champion of the world, made his first major mark in boxing by capturing a No matter what he did as a professional fighter, Lennox Lewis made olympic history.
by Gregory J. Robb
Have you ever been in a physical fight with someone?

ou've simply had enough, and you're not going to take it anymore. You want to fight back, but you don't REALLY want to hurt someone. Some of today's richest, most popular fighters began as angry kids who wanted to learn to protect themselves and get a handle on their aggression by learning skill, technique, and strategy. Oba Carr started boxing when he was six. Some idiot stole his bicycle and the shy boy wanted to learn to defend himself in the future. You might say he has: Carr built up an amateur record of 168 wins with only eight losses. As a professional, Carr has 50 wins. His only three pro losses came at the hands of some of boxing's best: current 147-pound champion Felix Trinidad, top contender Ike Quartey, and the immortal Oscar De La Hoya. Many boxers duke it out with the loving support of their parents. Oba Carr had the blessing of his father. Oba Carr, Sr., has trained his son to fight and has always been on the ringside team. Current world welterweight champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley had 260 amateur fights before turning pro in 1993. His glorious brawl with Oscar De La Hoya in Los Angeles, on June 17, 2000, has gone down as one of the greatest fights in recent memory. Before the fight, CBS

42. Global Nation |
Under the guidance of the fatherand-son team of Mel and Manny Lopez, it is only in boxing where Filipino athletes had won medals in recent olympic history.
News Opinion Infotech Today is , Philippines
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Quest for Olympic
boxing gold resumes
Inquirer News Service IT is business as usual for the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines (ABAP) when the country hosts the 22nd Asian Boxing Olympic Qualifying tournament on January 10-18 at the Puerto Princesa City Coliseum in Palawan province. Twenty-four slots in 11 weight categories are up for grabs in this first of three zone qualifiers for the 2004 Athens Games. "We are ready and determined to go to Athens," said tireless ABAP president Manny Lopez, stressing that the boxing association is not disheartened but keen on winning that long-sought Olympic gold medal despite the decline of amateur boxing over the past four consecutive Olympics, including that embarrassing medal shutout in the 2004 Sydney Games. "This time, we are confident that our boys will do us proud."

43. Olympic Games
Olympics. The Jews in Sport section contains a history of Jews in sports from ancient times to 1948. The history of Jews in basketball, baseball, boxing,
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No. of records: 70 page: International Sailing Federation ISAF is the world governing body for the sport of sailing. The Web site provides information on regattas, offshore racing events and news, rules and regulations, training and development, Olympic results, sailing clubs and yacht racing associations. It has details of team and match racing, technical information, information for trainers and officials, pages on doping control, women's section and ISAF Sailor, accessible upon registration. Some documents are in PDF format requiring Adobe Acrobat software, including Olympic Solidarity's Sport Administration manual. The full text of articles in Making Waves, the ISAF online newsletter, can be accessed. The Radio Sailing Division and IFDS Disabled Sailing Web sites are described separately in Altis. disabilities international organizations regulations Olympic games ... International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH) Web site for the ISOH whose purpose is to promote and study the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. This site provides details of their officers and activities such as publications including the Journal of Olympic History and collections of statistical data. The tables of contents of past issues of the Journal, plus the abstracts from the most recent issue, can be viewed.

44. Eurosport
A short history. boxing was olympic since 688 BC, but after the fall of the Roman Empire, the recorded history of boxing ended until the 17th century.

45. Canadian Olympic Committee
history The Olympics first started nearly 3,000 years ago in Ancient Greece. The ancient Greek civilization enjoyed many sports—including running, boxing and
Cyrenus Boucher
> Facts/History

How the Olympic Games began
Nearly 3,000 years of Olympic history

The Olympics first started nearly 3,000 years ago in Ancient Greece. The ancient Greek civilization enjoyed many sports—including running, boxing and wrestling—because they believed physical activity and competition were very important. Every Greek boy was expected to participate in sports, because the Greeks believed the skills they learned in sports would make them better warriors.
In honour of Zeus
The ancient Greeks also believed religion was very important. Zeus was their greatest god. The ancient Greeks built a shrine to honour Zeus in the Valley of Olympia. Greeks gathered at the shrine to play their favourite sports as part of their religious ceremonies.
In 776 B.C. the ancient Greeks first recorded the results from their sporting events held in honour of Zeus. Every four years after that these Games were held, and because they took place in the Valley of Olympia, they became known as the Olympic Games.

46. Boxing
Home olympic Games Sports boxing boxing. history Equipment Rules Athletes Calendar Qualifications Sports Entry Forms
The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games Fran§ais
Olympic Games Vision and Mission ...
Key Dates
09 June 2004
Interesting Facts
The Olympic Velodrome roof, situated in the OAKA Complex, is 145m. in length, 106m. wide and has a total weight of 3,400 t. Athens Guide Torch Relay Tickets Sport Events ... Sports Boxing Javascript must be enabled to view this page, although the important information on the page is also available to browsers that do not support scripts.
History Equipment Rules Athletes ... Image Gallery
Sport of the month: Boxing The sport of boxing was never intrinsically linked with aggressive attack and heavy hitting. According to Dion, a historian, since ancient times people “did not consider beating and quarelling to be evidence of bravery". To the contrary, the aim of the 'un-injured' (atravmatistos) athlete in ancient Greece was the constant defense and the avoidance of blows, until his opponent was exhausted in attack and was led to 'apagorefsi', namely surrender by raising either one or two fingers, a sign that he acknowledged his defeat. A boxer called Melagomas from Karia in Asia Minor was famous in ancient times for this ‘un-injured’ style of boxing. He was able to avoid his opponents' blows and defend himself for two days, until his opponents conceded defeat. Description Only male boxers participate in the Olympic Games. Women's official boxing bouts first appeared in 1993 but have not been yet included in the official Olympic programme. They must be at least 17 years old and no older than 34. Boxing pairs are drawn by lot, just as in ancient times, according to their respective weight category. Each boxing bout lasts four rounds of two minutes each, with a one-minute break between each round. A score is marked when the athlete hits his opponent at the front part of the head or on the upper part of the body - above the belt line. However, the score is registered only when at least three of the five judges acknowledge the hit simultaneously.

47. Study Abroad 2003: Olympic History In Greece
6. Ancient Games The ancient olympic program included track and field events, boxing, wrestling, a combination of boxing and wrestling, and chariot races. website/study abroad/Olympic1.htm
The Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Florida presents Spring Break 2003 Study Abroad: Athens Olympia Legacy of the Ancient Games The Modern Olympic Games: Links to the Past (continued) Ancient Games: The ancient Olympic program included track and field events, boxing, wrestling, a combination of boxing and wrestling, and chariot races. Modern Games: The modern Olympic Games program is based on most of the events contested in Olympia. Ancient Games: Cultural events including art displays and poetry reading were held at Olympia. Modern Games: A Cultural Olympiad is organized by the host city that brings together artists, musicians, and singers. Ancient Games: Athletes trained vigorously and were assisted by sports trainers and coaches. Athletes were required to train at Olympia. Modern Games: Contemporary athletes receive state-of-the-art sports medicine and train arduously to prepare for elite competition. Ancient Games: Ancient Olympic champions were awarded an Olive wreath and enjoyed monetary rewards for their achievements.

Sport s first page. history of the sport. The man . At the 23rd olympic Games (668 AD) boxing officially becomes an olympic sport. Onomastos
History of the sport The Ancient Greeks sports are divided into two categories the "heavy" ones (VAREA:wrestling, boxing, pangration and discus throw) and the "KOUFA" ones (all the others). The origins of boxing (in Greek Pygmahia: pyg + mahi = fist fight) are to be found in the pressing need for pre-historic man to ensure his own survival and procure food. Thousands of years pass before this first form of boxing develops into a new concept, an ideal in fact, which thanks to Greek culture is transformed into a peaceful sport, as evinced by the fact that at the end of the match the opponents become friends again. In mythology, boxing has a divine origin. Apollo is considered its creator. He also killed Forvanta, prince and an excellent boxer, in a fight, because he had the overweening arrogance to face and fight the God. At the time a boxer's basic qualities are deemed to be good physical form, fighting spirit and faith in eventual victory. The advice which follows, given by the philosopher Nikandros, teacher of Filinos of Kos (five times Olympic champion) on the occasion of his participation in the last Olympic Games in ancient Olympia, are typical: "You should know well, Filine my son, that in unyielding Olympia a strong body is not enough if it is not accompanied by a sound and mature mind. Exercise develops the body, music develops the soul and knowledge develops the mind. Only thus can beauty be created. A beautiful soul and mind are not the sole attributes of man ". At the 23rd Olympic Games (668 AD) boxing officially becomes an Olympic sport. Onomastos of Smyrna is the first Olympic champion. He puts forward a set of rules for boxing to the Ileiads (HLEIOUS), and these are accepted. "Boxing was added and Onomastos of Smyrna won and set the rules for boxing". Boys' boxing is added to the Olympic Programme at the 41st Olympic Games (616 AD). The first junior Olympic champion is Filytas or Filotas from Sivari, Sicily "Boys' boxing was added and Filotas of Sivary won".

49. Potted History
Potted history. Some early history about women and the olympics. Kallipateria was the first female olympic boxing coach in 440 BC.
Potted History Some early history about women and the Olympics
  • Married women were barred from the Ancient Olympic Games, but prostitutes or virgins were allowed to spectate. Kallipateria was the first female Olympic boxing coach in 440 BC. The first female Olympic champion was a Spartan princess called Kynisca, in 392 BC. She was also the first woman to become a champion horse trainer when her horses and chariot competed and won in the Ancient Olympic Games. Women had their own athletic games of Hera from about 1000 BC. Women were originally the prizes in mens Ancient Olympic chariot races. Ballooning, croquet and golf (1900) were once Olympic events in which women competed. Please see Statistics for more information. 1900 was the year the World Exhibition was scheduled to take place in Paris, with celebrations and events akin to our own Millennium celebrations. The Olympic Games were taking place at the same time, from 14th May to 28th October and were considered by many to be part of the World Exhibition. Some of the competitors did not know if they were in the Olympic Games or the World Fair. Happily for the women athletes of the time, the all male International Olympic Committee, who were very against women taking parts in sports, had little influence in Paris.
The organisers of the World Exhibition seemed unconcerned about the rights and wrongs of women competing, so their presence was not an issue. To this day there is still confusion as to which events were Olympic and which were World Fair events. So, who were the first female Olympic competitors and champion? For a sport to be Olympic in 1900 it had to be an open sport, amateur and international, not handicapped and not motorised. The long-held view was that women took part in just

50. History Of Boxing history - olympic boxing Medalists - history - olympic boxing Medalists
lycos infoseek altavista excite yahoo Click Here! Sponsored Links results for history of boxing
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in the 1980s.
the vacant WBC world Jr. Lightweight title, his first of multiple titles. November 3- In a rematch of their 1983 bout, Jose Luis Ramirez avenges his defeat against Edwin Rosario, knocking him out in The History of Boxing The History of Boxing 1958; repr. 1977); Fleisher, Nat et al., A Pictorial History of Boxing from the Bare Knuckle Days to the Present, rev. ed. (1987

51. - Boxing - Olympics
Links to news, history and other information about the boxing events at the olympic Games....... Websites. olympic boxing Links
You are here: Home Boxing / Olympics Subcategories
  • Boxers Chats and Forums Fan Pages Gyms ... Women
  • Websites
  • Olympic Boxing Links

  • Description: Links to news, history and other information about the Boxing events at the Olympic Games.
  • - Olympic Boxing Champions

  • Description: This document is a list of all Olympic boxing champions in all weight divisions.
  • Difference Between Amateur and Professional Boxing

  • Description: Interesting point by point comparison.

    52. UK Online - Official ISP Of The Olympics
    history. boxing was part of the Ancient olympic Games, but became part of the Modern Games in 1904, which also included a demonstration of women s boxing.

    53. Australia: The Games And The New Millennium
    Australia has never won a Gold Medal at boxing. For the first time in olympic history, competitors will wear different coloured Judo clothes in Sydney.
    Let the Games Begin!! Links: Rochedale State School I Sydney Morning Herald I Official Olympic Games Page I IOC I Australian Olympic Committee Main Australian Medals Photos of the Games ... Email
    Olympic Sports:
    There are 28 sports represented at the modern Olympics, compared to the very first Olympics back in 776 BC where a "stadion" footrace was the only event held. A thletics:
    Olympic Stadium, Race Walk Course at Sydney Olympic Park, Marathon Course, North Sydney to Olympic Stadium

    54. Unpingco : Brian Viloria: From Rich Hawaiian History To Beyond : Boxing News
    However, being on the United States olympic Team sets Viloria apart from and its Filipino population have a very interesting history of boxing going back to
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    Brian Viloria: From Rich Hawaiian History to Beyond
    Feb 11, 2004 By Jason Unpingco
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    55. SLAM! Sports: 2000 Summer Games: Boxing
    Full story. Juarez joins Jones Jr., Holyfield. SYDNEY, Australia (AP) Ricardo Juarez has a special place in US olympic boxing history alongside Roy Jones Jr.
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    What Canada Did



    SEARCH 2000 Games
    June 07, 2004 Harrison vows to begin pro career in Britain
    Oct. 6: Full story
    Canada, U.S. get hit hard By STEVE BUFFERY Toronto Sun
    Oct. 2: Full story Both American finalists lose Oct. 1: Full story Juarez joins Jones Jr., Holyfield SYDNEY, Australia (AP) Ricardo Juarez has a special place in U.S. Olympic boxing history alongside Roy Jones Jr. and Evander Holyfield. Unfortunately for Juarez, he shares one other thing with Jones and Holyfield none has a gold medal.

    56. Reader's Companion To American History - -ALI, MUHAMMAD
    as a member of the 1960 US olympic boxing team, he After his retirement from boxing during the late 1970s, he Fayer, Voices of Freedom An Oral history of the
    Entries Publication Data Advisory Board Contributors ... World Civilizations The Reader's Companion to American History
    , boxer and spokesman for the Nation of Islam. The increasing militancy of African-American politics during the 1960s coincided with the transformation of Olympic gold medalist Cassius Marcellus Clay into Muhammad Ali, the most controversial and widely known of all heavyweight boxing champions. Born into a black working-class family in Louisville, Kentucky, Clay experienced the racial restrictions that fueled the civil rights protests of the late 1950s and 1960s. As a youngster, he resented being named after a white man, albeit an abolitionist. When he read news of the 1955 racial murder in Mississippi of Emmett Till, a black youngster about his age, he reacted angrily, hurling stones at an uncle sam wants you poster. He learned to box while a teenager, and his exceptional skills quickly became evident. By 1959 he had won a national Golden Gloves championship. Following his success as a member of the 1960 U.S. Olympic boxing team, he signed a professional contract with Louisville promoters and soon became a contender for the heavyweight boxing crown. Brashly outspoken about racial issues, he also bragged about his pugilistic ability, often proclaiming, "I am the greatest." His facile rhymes and sometimes accurate knockout predictions attracted the attention of boxing fans. As he was perfecting his boxing and promotional skills, he became affiliated with the Nation of Islam, an all-black religious group, often labeled the Black Muslims, led by Elijah Muhammad. He became close friends with the Nation's best-known spokesman, Malcolm X, but remained loyal to Elijah Muhammad after Malcolm's 1964 break with him. Recognizing that the Nation of Islam was notorious because of its advocacy of black self-defense and racial separatism, Clay kept his affiliation with the group secret until February 1964, when he defeated Sonny Liston and became heavyweight champion. He then announced his religious ties and stated that he had rejected his "slave" name in favor of the new name Muhammad Ali.

    57. Sports Gallery - Boxing Collectibles
    of the most memorable moments in olympic history as the athletes of all time, to open the olympics. remotely entertained the notion the legendary boxer, a gold
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    58. ThinkQuest : Library : Gold, Silver, Bronze: Welcome To The Olympics
    A 200yard foot race was the only event in the olympic festival until the events were added, such as wrestling and the pentathlon in 708 BC, then boxing in 688
    Index Olympic Games
    Gold, Silver, Bronze: Welcome to the Olympics
    Learn about the Olympics through time at this awesome website. You will learn about the Olympiads, the Ancient Olympics, the Olympic flame, the history of the Olympics, the medal winning countries of 2000, and the world records broken in 2000. You can also take a small quiz on the Olympics. We hope you enjoy this website. Visit Site 2001 ThinkQuest USA Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

    59. Olympic Hall Of Fame - Class Of 1983 Detail
    fame is that he is the only athlete in olympic history to have being eliminated in the first round of the olympic heavyweight boxing competition in
    USOC Hall of Fame Class of 1983
    Inducted in Chicago, IL
    Select a Year What is it? Class of 1983 Class of 1984 ... All members Bob Beamon
    Track and Field, 1968 (1 gold) Beamon set the Track and Field world on its ear at the 1968 Olympic long jump in Mexico City, when he jumped 29 feet, two-and-one-half inches to win the gold medal. Beamon's jump was a world record that eclipsed the previous record by 21 3/4 inches. The jump still stands as an Olympic record, and stood as a world record until Mike Powell leapt 29' 4 1/2" at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo.
    Dick Button
    Figure Skating, 1948, '52 (2 golds) In 1948, Button became the first U.S. figure skater to win an Olympic gold medal, enthralling spectators in St. Moritz with never-before-attempted maneuvers such as the flying sitspin, flying camel, double axel, double lutz and double flip. He followed that performance up with a second gold in 1952 in Oslo. In both performances combined, only one of the 18 judges did not award Button a first-place vote.
    Cassius Clay (Now Known As Muhammad Ali)
    Boxing, 1960 (1 gold)

    60. Kronk History
    Team. Hearns, boxing with a broken nose, lost a decision in the AAU finals to eventual olympic gold medallist Howard Davis. Goodwin
    ....................................................................PAGE 4 of 14 THE RETURN OF KRONK On March 2, 1972, Steward made a brash move and decided to leave Detroit Edison. He chose to devote his time to training and developing his rapidly growing stable of young boxers. He also quit promoting music events.
    Detroit Edison suggested that Steward only take a leave of absence. Instead, Steward chose to resign completely because he felt if things ever got tough, he would somehow be tempted to return to his old secure job. He put himself in a "survive or die" situation.
    After leaving Detroit Edison, Steward experienced rough times. He invested everything he had into the cosmetic distribution company and the business became quite successful.
    Suddenly, in 1973 he was hit with the news that the company that supplied his products was going out of business, due to legal issues with the government. Once again, Steward's survival instincts kept him from going under. His insurance agent suggested that he try selling life and health insurance. He disliked insurance salesmen, but after passing his insurance and N.A.S.D. tests, he soon began selling life and health insurance along with mutual funds with the IDS (Investors Diversified Services) Company. Despite the ups and downs of his newfound career, Steward maintained a core of boxers that he continued to train regularly in the evenings.

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