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         Botswana Culture:     more books (25)
  1. Botswana - Culture Smart!: a quick guide to customs and etiquette (Culture Smart!) by Michael Main, 2007-01-02
  2. Culture and Customs of Botswana (Culture and Customs of Africa) by James Denbow, Phenyo C. Thebe, 2006-02-28
  3. Botswana (Cultures of the World) by Suzanne Levert, 2007-01-07
  4. Dividing the Commons: Politics, Policy, and Culture in Botswana by Pauline E. Peters, 1994-12
  5. Executive Report on Strategies in Botswana, 2003 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Botswana Research Group, The Botswana Research Group, 2003-06
  6. Social Movements and Democracy in Africa: The Impact of Women's Struggle for Equal Rights in Botswana (African Studies: History, Politics, Economics and Culture) by Agnes Ngoma Leslie, 2006-09-13
  7. Culture Smart! Botswana: A Quick Guide to Customs & Etiquette (Culture Smart) by Michael Main, 2006-10-15
  8. National migration study: Bibliography on the society, culture and political economy of post-independence Botswana by Carol Kerven, 1981
  9. Bibliography on the society, culture, and political economy of post-independence Botswana by Carol Kerven, 1981
  10. Bees and beekeeping in Botswana report by B Clauss, 1983
  11. Language Pluralism in Botswana - Hope or Hurdle: A Sociolinguistic Survey on Language Use and Language Attitudes in Botswana With Special Reference to ... Papers on Research in Language and Culture) by Birgit Smieja, 2002-12
  12. National Museum Monuments and Art Gallery
  13. Mekgwa Le Melao Ya Batswana by Isaac Schapera, 1947
  14. Phrasebook Setswana-english by A J Wookey, 1981

81. Japan Forum - Local Discussions - Japanese Community/culture In Botswana?
Japan Guide Homepage, Forum botswana - Japanese community/culture inbotswana? Discussions Japanese community/culture in botswana? Is

82. Lonely Planet's Guide To Botswana
Lonely Planet guide to botswana and the world. Order Now. Subscribe to LonelyPlanet s online newsletter for a special offer! botswana. culture.
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Botswana Culture Botswana's early tribal religions were primarily cults in which ancestors directed family matters from their underworld domain and were contactable only through the heads of family groups. Religious rites included male and female initiation ceremonies and rain-making rituals. Polygamy was practised, and a man's estate was inherited by the children of his head wife. San folklore is rich with supernatural explanations of natural events, orchestrated by N!odima, the good guy, and Gcawama, the mischievous trickster. Missionaries dislodged nearly all the traditional practices, and Christianity is currently the prevailing belief system in Botswana. English is the official language of Botswana, but the most common language is Setswana, a Bantu language understood by over 90% of the population. The original Botswana artists were everyday craftspeople who injected individual aesthetics into utilitarian implements such as pottery, fabrics and tools. Botswana's baskets are exquisite, employing designs with such evocative names as Tears of the Giraffe, Urine Trail of the Bull and Forehead of the Zebra. Because indigenous languages have only been written since the coming of the Christian missionaries, Botswana doesn't have much of a literary tradition. All that survives of the ancient myths and praise poetry of the native peoples has been handed down orally and only recently transcribed. Botswana's most famous modern literary figure was South African-born Bessie Head, who settled in Serowe and wrote of the harshness and beauty of village life.

83. Botswana Books, Essential Reading
guide to botswana. (BOT18, $21.95), Africa • Phyllis Martin • Patrick O Meara• CULTURAL PORTRAIT • A comprehensive account of African culture, history Africa/pc/Tusker Trail & Sa
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Item Lonely Planet Botswana Lonely Planet
A comprehensive, practical guide in Lonely Planet's hallmark style with 16 detailed maps and a separate chapter on Victoria Falls. The Safari Companion, A Guide to Watching African Mammals Richard Estes
BEST SELLER An encyclopedic guide to the behavior of Africa's mammals by a noted scientist. Estes describes 100 large African mammals: their diet, habitats and what they do with their time. Written with the typical safari-goer in mind, the book interprets what the animals are doing. Newly revised, there's no other field guide like it. Southern African Wildlife, A Visitor's Guide

84. Projects Concerning Culture In BOTSWANA
Projects concerning culture in botswana. Legend C=Consulting, F=Financing,L=Lobbying, N=Networking, O=Overseas Activity, P=Publishing\PROJ\z1023013.htm
Projects concerning Culture in BOTSWANA
Legend : C=Consulting, F=Financing, L=Lobbying, N=Networking, O=Overseas Activity, P=Publishing, R=Research/Survey
Click here to have a more detailed description of the symbols used. place (region) year(s) - (Ghantsi) 1992-1995 (O) Plenty Canada Project Cooperating for Cooperation -
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85. Project: Urban Culture Between Tradition And Globalization In Francistown, Botsw
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Project: Urban Culture between Tradition and Globalization in Francistown, Botswana
Titel Stedelijke cultuur tussen tradition en globalisering in Francistown, Botswana Abstract Period Status completed Related organisations
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  • : philosophy of life and religion : public administration and policy : social geography

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86. Directory Index
botswana history culture....... No description. Headings 3 Archaeology Notes and Comments ArchaeologyLinks. botswana History Page 4 culture
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Botswana History Page 1: Brief History of Botswana Botswana History Page 10: Politics Botswana History Page 11: Religion Botswana History Page 12: Science ...
Botswana History Page 1: Brief History of Botswana
Description: Brief history of Botswana, by Prof. Neil Parsons, University of Botswana History Department Headings:
-1: A Brief History of Botswana
Early Hunting, Pastoral, and Farming People
-Bantu-speaking farmers
Iron Age Chiefdoms and States
-Eastern Botswana chiefdoms
-North-western Botswana chiefdoms
-Rise of Tswana domination
Growth of Tswana States -Times of war -Post-war Tswana commercial prosperity A British Protectorate -Threats of incorporation Advance to Independence BOTSWANA GAINS INTERNATIONAL STATURE -Economic and political growth Masire succeeds Seretse Khama Mogae succeeds Masire History Links Bibliography
Botswana History Page 10: Politics
Description: History of Botswana: politics Headings: -10: Politics Constitution President and Vice-President Political parties Local government Foreign policy Legal system Police and military Politics links BIBLIOGRAPHY
Botswana History Page 11: Religion
Description: History of Botswana: Religion Headings: -11: Religion RELIGION LINKS

87. RhoDesigns: Ethnographic Artifacts: Textiles, Pottery, Paintings, Baskets, Beads
A collection of art, paints and textiles from a variety of cultures including Vietnam, botswana and Guatemalan.
About Rhoda


Zulu Baskets,

from Africa, Indonesia, Laos, Guatemala, Mexico, Vietnam and China:
including textiles, pottery, paintings, baskets, puppets, more ...
For more information, email Rhoda:

RhoDesigns . Santa Monica, California . USA Telephone: 310.828.8851 Fax: 310.828.5611 Site Design and Maintenance by: Albertine Graphic Design

88. Botswana Safaris - Ulinda Safari Trails
Ulinda Safari Trails botswana. .. for unforgettable. Camping andLuxury Lodge Safaris in botswana. in remote and secluded locations.
Jane Bettenay - Director and Head Guide of Ulinda Safari Trails was the first woman in Zimbabwe to obtain the world renowned Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Licence, in 1989. Jane is an avid and award winning wildlife photographer. She attained her Full Botswana Guides Licence in 1995. All photos used on this site were taken on safari with Jane, who will endeavour to give you the best photographic opportunities possible. She is knowledgeable on the flora and fauna of areas visited and can tell you many fascinating facts on the species encountered in the course of your safari.
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89. Botswana Luxury Safari Tour Vacation Guide: Botswana Adventure Safari Vacations,
botswana luxury safari tour vacation guide botswana adventure safari vacations,botswana travel botswana safari tour vacation guide botswana adventure safari
Botswana luxury safari tour vacation guide: Botswana adventure safari vacations, Botswana travel
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Botswana safari tour vacation guide: Botswana adventure safari vacations, Botswana travel guide
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Botswana Travel Guide, Botswana Vacations, Botswana Safari's, Botswana Adventures Guide The Republic of Botswana is situated in Southern Africa, nestled between South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The country is democratically ruled, boasts a growing economy and a stable political environment. Botswana has some of Africa's last great wildernesses including the famous Okavango Swamps and the Kalahari desert. Botswana is the largest exporter of gemstone diamonds in the world as well as a large beef exporter to the European Economic Community.

90. High Commission Of India In BOTSWANA.
This takes you through the cultural heritage of India . Business Investment Inbotswana This explains the business investment details of India in botswana.
High Commission Of India

Mission Profile

Consular Services

Press Release
Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
India, The land of colours and of dreams,The land of varied cultures and rich traditions,The land whose very name evokes visions of snow capped peaks, gushing rivers and fertile plains. Of the many things that reflect India's myriad moods are parched deserts and palm-fringed beaches, verdant fields rugged mountain passes, cooling breezes hot winds.
India has been playing an important role in the World Affairs and was in the forefront of the opposition to colonialism and apartheid. Today, India, a responsible nuclear power, is the second largest troop contributor to the United Nations and has actively participated in scores of multi-dimensional UN operations in four continents. India Info
Map of India Country Profile Indian Missions Abroad ... Cultural Details
Botswana Info
Map of Botswana Country Profile Business Investment in Botswana
Mission Profile This is the Profile of Indian High Commission in Botswana.

91. Botswana: Economy
Festus Mogae and foreign investments)(Cover Story) (African Business). BOTSWANACULTURE UNDER THREAT SPECIAL REPORT ON THE SAN BUSHMEN (II) (Africa News
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    Cattle raising and the export of beef and other cattle products are the chief economic activities, though migration to urban areas in search of economic opportunity has been an important recent trend. The country's water shortage and consequent lack of sufficient irrigation facilities have hampered agriculture, and only a small percentage of the land is under cultivation. Corn, sorghum, millet, and beans are the principal subsistence crops, and cotton, peanuts, and sunflowers are the main cash crops. The only known minerals in the country at the time of independence were manganese and some gold and asbestos. Large nickel and copper deposits have since been found, as well as salt and soda ash. Vast coal deposits are also being worked, and antimony and sulfur are known to exist. Botswana's three diamond mines collectively make up one of the largest diamond reserves in the world, with stones mined by the government and a South African mining concern. Deposits of plutonium and platinum have also been found. Although Botswana's mineral wealth has made it one of the wealthiest nations of S Africa, high unemployment remains a problem. Development of the tourist industry has been based partly on the attraction of the country's game reserves. Botswana, because of its landlocked position, remains heavily dependent on South Africa, which provides port facilities. Many Botswanans work in South Africa's mines, although their numbers have diminished. There are rail and road links with South Africa and Zimbabwe, its chief trade partners. Botswana is a member of the Southern African Development Community.

92. Cultural Insights: Botswana - Cultural Context
point of view. This pilot version includes 50 countries. Your countryCultural Insights botswana. Cultural Insights botswana.

93. Botswana, Actualités De Ce Pays D'Afrique - Journal, Annuaire, Quotidien - Afri
CultureBilan de l’Afrique au Festival de Cannes Même si la présence des
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Edito Economie ... Archives
Femmes d'Afrik
Reportages photo
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Jouez sur Afrik
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Afrique Australe et Océan Indien
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94. Destinations/Africa/Botswana/Society And Culture
botswana Council of Non Governmental Organisations, botswana Council of Non GovernmentalOrganisations Provides information on programmes, members and partners.

Looking for something in particular? the entire directory only this category More search options Home Destinations Africa ... Botswana : Society and Culture


Botswana Council of Non Governmental Organisations
Provides information on programmes, members and partners. Rate It Review It Details
British Council : Botswana

Information on facilities and programs. Rate It Review It Details Ethnologue: Botswana Languages of Botswana. Rate It Review It Details Flying Mission Christian organisation which assists missionary and medical work by providing doctors, missionaries, aviation and other personnel with modes of transport and communication, especially to the rural areas. Rate It Review It Details Human Rights Watch: Botswana News and detailed reports on the situation in the country. Rate It Review It Details Kerala Samajam Directory for the people of Kerala living in Botswana.

95. Home Page
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96. Travel Channel :: Destination Guide
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