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         Botany Institutions:     more books (100)
  1. Centennial History of the Carnegie Institution of Washington: Volume 4, The Department of Plant Biology (Centennial History of the Carnegie Institution of Washington) by Patricia Craig, 2005-06-20
  2. People, plants and politics: The development of institution-based botany in California, 1853-1906 by Barbara Ertter, 2000
  3. Species list of the modern cleared leaves in the collection of the Division of Paleobotany, Smithsonian Institution by Leo J Hickey, 1973
  4. Nomenclatorial notes on plants growing in the Botanical Garden of the Atkins Institution of the Arnold Arboretum at Soledad, Cienfuegos, Cuba (Botanical Museum leaflets, Harvard University) by F. Tracy Hubbard, 1932
  5. Botany of the Maya Area Miscellaneous Papers XIV - XXI by Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1940
  6. Polynesian plant studies #6-18 (Smithsonian contributions to botany) by F. Raymond Fosberg, 1981
  7. Polynesian plant studies 1-5 (Smithsonian contributions to botany) by F. Raymond Fosberg, 1975
  8. Flora of Micronesia, Casuarinaceae, Piperaceae and Myricaceae (Smithsonian contributions to botany) by F. Raymond Fosberg, 1975
  9. The relation of plants to tide-levels;: A study of factors affecting the distribution of marine plants, (Carnegie Institution of Washington publication) by Duncan S Johnson, 1915
  10. Adaptation and origin in the plant world (Carnegie Institution of Washington. Publication) by Emmett Virgil Martin, 1939
  11. Root development in the grassland formation,: A correlation of the root systems of native vegetation and crop plants, (Carnegie Institution of Washington publication) by John E Weaver, 1920
  12. Development and activities of roots of crop plants;: A study in crop ecology, (Carnegie Institution of Washington publication) by John E Weaver, 1922
  13. Physiological features of roots, with especial reference to the relation of roots to aeration of the soil, (Carnegie Institution of Washington publication) by William Austin Cannon, 1925
  14. The fruit of Opuntia fulgida;: A study of perennation and proliferation in the fruits of certain Cactaceae, (Carnegie Institution of Washington publication) by Duncan S Johnson, 1918

1. Institute For Economic Botany At NYBG
activities and the preservation of biological diversity, helps foster the developmentand strengthening of economic botany programs at institutions in various
T he I nstitute of E conomic B otany A Focus on Human Needs T he NYBG Institute of Economic Botany (IEB) was founded in 1981, to focus a portion of the Garden's research enterprise on applied botanical questions of great human concern. The field of economic botany, with its allied discipline ethnobotany, involves the study of the relationship between plants and people. Economic botanists pursue research projects on useful plants, from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. The IEB of The New York Botanical Garden comprises 28 scientists, staff (including adjuncts) and students, 7 interns, 7 volunteers, and over a dozen honorary research associates at other institutions around the world. Many of the IEB staff members reside outside the United States for long periods of time, because of the nature of their research. The projects of the IEB encompass seven principal activities, each supporting the primary mission of the IEB: understanding the relationship between plants and people.
  • Collecting and identifying plants, and gathering information on their uses through field research focused in the tropics. Studying natural resource management on regional and national levels.

2. JSTOR: Ecology & Botany Collection Release Information
The Ecology botany Collection is the third journal archive collection to be included in JSTOR. The Ecology botany Collection is offered separately from the Arts Sciences I Collection and the General Science Collection. discipline groupings ("Ecology" and "botany") for those institutions participating in the collection
The Ecology & Botany Collection includes the full backruns of 29 journals. The Ecology & Botany journals will automatically appear on the JSTOR "Search" and "Browse" pages as two discipline groupings ("Ecology" and "Botany") for those institutions participating in the collection. with your comments and questions. Last updated May 20, 2004

3. Internet Directory For Botany: All Links
INTERNET botany LINK USA MIRROR PAGE BY RAINO LAMPINEN, R.S and the institutions that house them, for the benefit of science and society. Australian Systematic botany Society
Tropical Biology On Line Home
Instead of s-l-o-w-l-y loading this long page with all links (c. 500 kB) you should browse the data using the shorter pages - links are also divided into 18 smaller files. I strongly recommend that you choose this link to the main menu
Links to other parts of this file
American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta , and list of members , USA (via the Missouri Botanical Garden).

4. A List Of Botanic Institutions
Australia Department of botany, University of New England, Armidale, New SouthWales Department of botany and Tropical Agriculture, James Cook University
A List of Botanic Institutes
Department of Botany , University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales
Department of Botany and Tropical Agriculture , James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland
Department of Botany , The University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Western Australia
The Department of Plant Science , University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia
School of Botany , La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria
Institut für Botanik , University Innsbruck
Institut für Botanik , University of Salzburg
Institut für Angewandte Botanik und Pflanzenphysiologie, Technische Mikroskopie und organischer, Rohstoffe, Holzchemie , Technisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät der Technischen Universität Wien, Wien
Department for Comparative and Ecologica Phytochemisty , Institute of Botany, Vienna
Institute of Botany , Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna
Institute of Botany , Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia
Departamento de Botânica , Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo
Departamento de Botânica , São Paulo State University at São José do Rio Preto
Department of Botany , University of Lethbridge, Alberta
Department of Botany , University of British Colombia, Vancouver, British Colombia
Department of Botany , Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba
Department of Botany , University of Manitoba,Winnipeg, Manitoba
Plant Evolution and Development , Saint Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Botany Department and Root Biology and Mycorrhiza Research Group , University of Guelph, Ontario

5. Botany And Biology Institutions, Links For Palaeobotanists
botany and Biology institutions, Links for Palaeobotanists, Annotated links to internetresources, especially for palaeobotanists (Palaeobotany, Paleobotany).
Home Botany and Biology Institutions
Botany and Biology Institutions
Indexes of Botany Institutes

Indexes of Biological Institutes and Institutions

Palynolocical Associations@

Grants and Funding Organisations@
... Botany and Biology Institutions Indexes of Botany Institutes
Places of Palaeobotanical Research

Palaeobotanists Personal Pages

Search for Palaeobotanists, Botanists and Palaeontologists
Selected Botanical Gardens and Herbaria ... People Search Engines and Phone Directories Indexes of Botany Institutes
Anthony R. Brach , Raino Lampinen , Shunguo Liu and Keith McCree , INTERNET DIRECTORY FOR BOTANY: UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS, OTHER INSTITUTES . Not updated for a long time. dmoz : Science: Biology: Botany YAHOO : Science:Biology:Botany: Institutes YAHOO Australia : Science:Biology:Botany: Institutes YAHOO Canada : Science:Biology:Botany: Institutes YAHOO France : Science:Biology:Botany: Institutes YAHOO Germany : Science:Biology:Botany: Institutes YAHOO Korea : Science:Biology:Botany: Institutes YAHOO New Zealand : Science:Biology:Botany: Institutes YAHOO United Kingdom : Science:Biology:Botany: Institutes , and Institutes Home Botany and Biology Institutions Indexes of Biological Institutes and Institutions Categories Places of Palaeobotanical Research Palaeobotanists Personal Pages Search for Palaeobotanists, Botanists and Palaeontologists

6. Organisations, Links For Palaeobotanists
Southern African Botanists´ addresses, and South African botany Departments. andcommunication between the UK´s collectionsholding institutions and the
Places of Palaeobotanical Research

International Palaeobotanical and Palaeontological Institutions

Palaeobotanists Personal Pages

Search for Palaeobotanists, Botanists and Palaeontologists
Search for Palaeobotanists, Botanists and Palaeontologists
Search for Palaeobotanists, Botanists and Palaeontologists
Search in a Database only for Palaeobotanists

Search in a Database for Palaeobotanists, Botanists and Palaeontologists
Search in a Database for Geo Scientists Indexes of other Researcher Databases ... Search for Palaeobotanists, Botanists and Palaeontologists Search in a Database only for Palaeobotanists Categories Search in a Database for Palaeobotanists, Botanists and Palaeontologists Search in a Database for Geo Scientists Indexes of other Researcher Databases
Renowned Palaeobotanists@ ... Directories focused on Palaeobotany@ Search in a Database only for Palaeobotanists American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
, (AASP): (APP). The APP is an organization whose currently aprox. 150 members (mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland) share a common interest in various aspects of palaeobotany and palynology. For the APP member list, go to: pp 67, (PDF file).

7. JSTOR: U.S. Ecology & Botany Collection Fees
The Ecology botany Collection contains 29 titles in two important fields titles, the Ecology botany participation fees are reduced for institutions already participating in
29 titles
... Methodology for Classification
JSTOR Classification For Charter Participants* ACF AAF ACF AAF ACF AAF Very Large Large Medium Small ... Very Small began JSTOR participation before March 31, 1997 Collections Rider Standard JSTOR Archive License Agreement View the participation fees for other collections For further information regarding participation and fees, please contact: Carol MacAdam
Associate Director for Library Relations
149 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10010
Phone: 212-358-6400 Last updated May 20, 2004.

8. UBC Botanical Garden Links: Learning Institutions - Botany
UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research. Home / Resources and Writings/ Links / Learning institutions botany. Learning institutions - botany (2).
@import url("/bgcpr.css"); Home Resources and Writings Links / Learning Institutions - Botany
Learning Institutions - Botany (2)
Kunming Institute of Botany // Heilongtan, Kunming, Yunnan, China UBC Department of Botany // Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

9. Botany Online - The Internet Hypertextbook In The Www Network Of Information And
botany online The Internet Hypertextbook. In Recommendations. UnitedStates of America. Organizations - Societies - institutions.
Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook
In the www Network of Information and Knowledge
Comments, Opinions and Recommendations
United States of America
Organizations - Societies - Institutions
PKAL Summer Institute 2001
Workshop Series C - July 22 - 25, 2001 Science for All: Integrative Biology
The World Wide Web: The Ultimate Information Source for Teaching Biology to Non-Majors:
Alice Bergfeld, Yolanda George, Peter von Sengbusch
We will present projects collected in our internet library (The Internet Library - Teaching Botany and Related Topics) focussing on our own project Botany online and on other non-major subjects. The session will include a discussion and - if possible some interactive part.
Resources: Botany Online: http://www.rrz.uni- Project Kaleidoscope - A Project Kaleidoscope 2000 Summer Institute Workshop - THE FUTURE OF PLANT BIOLOGY
Virtual Plants? - Enhancing Learning with Information Technology - Peter Sengbusch, Professor, Universitat Hamburg (Botany-Online) [Dr. Sengbusch is constructing an internet resource of web-projects before the meeting and invites anyone who would like their web teaching resources included to contact him at] Project Kaleidoscope

10. Botany, Plant Sciences Graduate Programs Outside U.S.A.
botany ( Plant Sciences) Graduate Schools Outside the United States. Sponsoring institutions Center for International Studies
(Plant Sciences)
Graduate Schools Outside the United States
Sponsoring Institutions:
Center for International Studies
Click here for information on becoming a sponsoring institution
General Listings:
American Unversity of Beirut
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Plant Protection
P.O.Box 11-236
Beirut, Lebanon
Click to send E-mail to:
Degrees Offered:

M.S. - Plant Protection Science and Engineering Biology Ankara, Turkey Fax: Degrees Offered: MS-Botanics; PhD-Botanics; MS-Biotechnology; PhD-Biotechnology; MS- General Biology; PhD-General Biology; MS-Ecology and Environmental Biology; PhD-Ecology and Environmental Biology; MS-Hydrobiology ; PhD-Hydrobiology; MS-Molecular Biology ; PhD-Molecular Biology; MS-Zoology ; PhD-Zoology Graduate School of Health Sciences Pharmaceutical Botany Ankara, Turkey Fax: Degrees Offered: MS- Pharmaceutical Botany; PhD-Pharmaceutical Botany AustraLearn-North American Center for Australian Universities 12050 Pecos St, Suite 320

11. Botany Online - Internet Teaching In The Www Communication Network Of Informatio
But that might be changing, as a growing number of institutions are working toinclude digital creations in the tenure folders that form the core of a
****** From:
Ever So Slowly, Colleges Start to Count Work With Technology in Tenure Decisions
The key may be a growing movement for peer review of Web sites and online teaching materials By JEFFREY R. YOUNG Don't waste time teaching online or laboring over electronic course enhancements unless you've already climbed to the top of the tenure-and-promotion ladder. Review committees may not take technology work seriously, so stick to traditional academic activities, like publishing journal articles. That's the warning Gary Bradshaw heard from colleagues when he told them about his work on ePsych, an online resource to help introductory psychology students. He already had tenure when he started the online project, but he found out the hard way that the advice was sound. He was twice turned down for a promotion to full professor at Mississippi State University, where he is an associate professor of psychology. (The chairman of the psychology department, Stephen B. Klein, said he could not discuss personnel issues.) Mr. Bradshaw feels that work creating online teaching materials such as sophisticated Web sites or multimedia tools designed to help students slips through the cracks of the three traditional categories used in promotion: teaching, research, and service.

12. Botany
two years of a four year botany degree at Tacoma Community College to consult the botany Department Curriculum Advisors at their chosen four year institutions during their freshman
Home The College How to Enroll Academics ...
How to Enroll
Advising Handbook General Information Degree Requirements Math Information/Flowchart Transfer Information From Area Colleges ... Developmental Studies Advising
PROGRAM PLANNING: Students must contact a TCC biology advisor during their first quarter at Tacoma Community College. Many courses are sequential and a careful selection of classes each quarter is needed to complete the program without delay. FIRST YEAR FALL Chemistry 140 Math 124 (5)* English 101 WINTER Chemistry 150 Math 125 (5)* English 102/103 (5) SPRING Chemistry 160 Math 126 (5)* Soc. Sci. Dist.(5)** (Or one quarter of calculus [Math 124] and one quarter of statistics Math 108, formerly Math 240, instead of 124, 125, and 126) SECOND YEAR FALL Biology 210 Chemistry 231 (5)* Humanities Dist. (5)** WINTER Biology 211 Chemistry 232 (5)* Soc. Sci. Dist. (5)** Physics 114, 115, and 116 are not required but are strongly recommended for a B.S. in Botany at the University of Washington. SPRING Biology 212 Chemistry 233 (5)* Humanities Dist. (5)**

13. List Of Botany Related Sites
Department online @ University of Florida .. The botany Bay Yacht Club. The botany Bay Edinburgh Journal of botany. institutions Print only .. botany in the Subantarctic. botany in the
Achichu Matrimonials T amil Kerala Hindi ... More Web-Directory Achichu Dating Friends, Chat
Your Location: Home Education Home Subjects Related Education Related Links A to Z website listings .,Global Directory, Indian Directory Etc
Department of Botany
The Department is having two courses. Botany as. a regular course running UG, PG, M.Phil., and research and M.Sc., Microbiology as self financing and......
Cocoa Or Theobroma Cacao : Its Botany, Cultivation, Chemistry and Diseases/Her
Cocoa Or Theobroma Cacao : Its Botany, Cultivation, Chemistry and Diseases/Herbert Wright. Reprint. ...
Botany Books from Narendera Publishing House
Books on Fisheries,Botany,Environment,Zoology......
Kewal K. Dhir, Professor of Botany
Kewal K Dhir. Professor of Botany. Contents. Work Information. Contact Information. Biographical Information. Work Information : Chief Coordinator,......
Department of Studies in Botany
Profile. Department of Botany. Profile , Courses , Faculty , Home. Genesis. When the University of Mysore was inaugurated in 1916, the......
Department of Botany
Botany: Major aim of research of the Department of Botany is to improve crop productivity using conventional and modern techniques, where genes with......

14. Botany Collection Managers Group
Forum, whose botany Collection Managers Group had set up a subgroup to discusscurrent programmes and future cooperation. The following institutions were
Botany Collection Managers Group
Members of the Committee

First year report

Report on the Third Meeting
, held on 30th July 1996 in the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford.
Digital imaging of botanical objects:
report of a meeting held at Liverpool Museum on 2 April 1997. Committee Members Dr Rob Huxley, Chair,
The Natural History Museum,
Tel: 0171 938 8823
Fax: 0171 938 9260;
Dr John Edmondson, Secretary,
National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside, Liverpool; Dr David Briggs, Cambridge University; Dr John David, International Mycological Institute, CAB International; Dr Sean Edwards, Manchester University Museum; Dr Paul Hackney, Ulster Museum, Belfast; Dr Stephen Harris, Oxford University; Dr Stephen Jury, Reading University; Dr Henrie Noltie, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh; Dr John Parnell, Trinity College Dublin; Dr Roy Perry, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff; Dr David Simpson, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew; Dr Donal Synnott

15. DL94: The CoLib Project
The CoLib Project Enabling Digital botany for the 21st Century the model and focus of debate on the future of floristics and systematic botany. 4.2. Collaborating institutions
The CoLib Project: Enabling Digital Botany for the 21st Century
John L. Schnase[1], John J. Leggett[2], Ted Metcalfe[1], Nancy R. Morin[3], Edward L. Cunnius[1], Jonathan S. Turner[4], Richard K. Furuta[2], Leland Ellis[5], Michael S. Pilant[6], Richard E. Ewing[6], Scott W. Hassan[1], and Mark E. Frisse[1] Abstract The CoLib Project is a multi-institutional, inter- and intra-disciplinary effort aimed at establishing a large-scale, distributed, botanical digital library and research facility. Its initial focus is on enabling the Flora of North America Project (FNA), a collaborative effort to gather and disseminate information on all the plants of North America. CoLib's long-range goals, however, are the following: (1) to scale FNA into a comprehensive, world-wide, internetworked, botanical digital library, (2) to enable the scientific practice of botany, (3) to use digital library technology to create new opportunities for cross-disciplinary sharing, and (4) to create a context wherein the librarianship that is intrinsic to systematic botany can be extended to the work that is currently underway on digital libraries. Large-scale hypermedia technology and broadband communications will be key components of future digital libraries. CoLib's research agenda focuses on collaborative hypermedia library systems, interactive multimedia computing and communications systems, and librarianship in the botanical digital library. The CoLib Project is providing a rich environment for research on large-scale, distributed, digital library systems and organizational processes associated with the use of digital libraries.

16. SYS-RESOURCE Access Policy Document - At The Natural History Museum, London
botany TOTALS 5,205,000 117,250. via three routes material collected on Museum fieldwork,material received in exchange from other institutions, and donations.
Collections scope Expertise Sampling Documentation ... Zoology SYS-RESOURCE: Botany The collections Geographical range Worldwide coverage is one of the major strengths of the collections. Inevitably some areas, such as the British Isles and the former British Empire, are better represented than others, such as the eastern Palaearctic. Other areas that are well represented include for flowering plants the Himalayas, north Africa and Mesoamerica, and for bryophytes and lichens Antarctica, the Mascarenes, Malesia and temperate parts of the Southern Hemisphere. Historical range The earliest specimens in the collection date from the last decade of the 16th century. New material continues to be added to the collections, so that they span 400 years. The collections provide information on what was growing where throughout this time, and also provide an insight into the progress in plant taxonomy throughout the last 500 years. Current priority areas for collecting The 1961 Morton Agreement with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew gave the Museum special responsibility for the vascular plant floras of the British Isles, Europe, and North and Central America. Consequently, comparatively little vascular plant material from other areas has been added to the Museumís collections since then.

17. Botany, Plant Sciences Graduate Programs In Midwestern U.S.A.
botany ( Plant Sciences) Sponsoring institutions Iowa State University (Agricultural Meteorology)Iowa State University (botany)Iowa State
(Plant Sciences)
Graduate Schools in the Midwestern United States
Sponsoring Institutions:
Iowa State University (Agricultural Meteorology) Iowa State University (Botany) Iowa State University, Interdepartmental Genetics Marquette University ...
Click here for information on becoming a sponsoring institution
General Listings:
Ball State University
College of Sciences and Humanities
Science Education
EdD Program; CL 121
Muncie, IN 47306 USA
Click to send E-mail to:
International Students Inquire about this program

Click Here to Apply to this Program
Produces K-12 science education leaders and science education faculty. or Produces faculty for two- and four-year colleges where good science teaching is valued.
Degrees Offered: EdD-Science; EdD-Science Education Research Areas: Biology; Chemistry, Computer Sciences; Geology; Mathematical Science; Natural Resources and Management; Physics and Astronomy; Physiology and Health Science Indiana University Department of Biology Plant Science Jordan Hall 138 Bloomington, IN 47405-9967 U.S.A.

botany Guide to Internet Resources. EDUCATIONAL institutions. This pageis designed to provide access to universities and other institutions

19. Biology
Resources Aquatic botany Marine Algae botany Cyanobacteria Zoology Mycology Genetics Oceanography Biology Departments Biology Organizations Aquatic Science institutions
Information Resources for Biology
Botany, Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology, Zoology
[Indexes and Gateways] [Bibliographies] [Library Resources] [Aquatic Botany] ... [Careers]
Indexes and Gateways to Biology and Aquatic Science Sources on the Internet
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Library Resources
  • Biology Reference Guide
    Guide to databases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, manuals, history for biology, available at UCSB

As botany is a broad topic and of interest to many persons for several compilationsof relevant information have already appeared from academic institutions.

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