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1. Olympic Bobsled Links
This site has links to information about the bobsled event at the olympic Games olympic bobsled Links. 2002 SLC bobsled Salt Lake Tribune bobsled Schedule. olympic bobsled history. CBS Sports
Olympic Bobsled Links 2002 SLC Bobsled UK Click here UK Click here UK Click Here This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about the Bobsled event at the Winter Olympic Games. Visit our Olympic Games Stuff Links to find cool Olympic gear Official Olympic Bobsled Sites British Bobsleigh Association United States Bobsled And Skeleton Federation Olympic Bobsled News and Guides BBC Olympic Bobsled News Canoe 2002 Bobsled Guide CBS 2002 Bobsled Guide Deseret News and KSL Radio, SLC Coverage ... Washington Post Olympic Bobsled News Olympic Bobsled Schedule - 2002 Salt Lake Tribune Bobsled Schedule Olympic Bobsled History CBS Sports Olympic Bobsled History Slam! 1998 Bobsled Coverage Other Bobsled Sites Alpine Bobsled Club Salt Lake Tribune - Bobsled Tutorial Search the net for Bobsled related websites Bobsled Stuff Ebay - Olympic Bobsled 2002 Salt Lake City Bobsled Store Bobsledding and the Luge Fiercely Driven ... Zero Error Bobsled Parts Check out the other Winter Olympic themes: Alpine Skiing Biathlon Cross Country Skiing Figure Skating ... Speed Skating and Summer Sports: Baseball Basketball Boxing Cycling ... Visit our Olympic Games Stuff Links to find cool Olympic gear Search the Net See Also 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Links 2002 Salt Lake Games Links Olympic Games Links Michael Johnson Links This site is not affiliated with NBC Network or any official Olympic Committee var site="s12sirlinksalot" Terms of Service

2. Bobsled - Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games Coverage
Deseret News and KSL coverage of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter olympic Games About bobsled Schedule/results bobsled photos. bobsledding slides into olympic history with high speeds, low times,3987,,00.html

Alpine skiing



Cross country skiing
... Prince says Games will go on About Bobsled: Schedule/results Bobsled photos Bobsledding slides into Olympic history with high speeds, low times
Traditionally the darling of sliding sports, bobsledding dates back to the 1880s in Albany, N.Y., born of lumbersled races. Today's world-class U.S. bobsledders are generally track and field and/or football converts because a rare union of strength and speed are essential to jumpstarting the mammoth sleds, which can weigh a maximum of 858 pounds (for the two-man) and 1,386 pounds (four-man).
Up Close: Women's bobsled

For more than 75 years, men have competed in Olympic Bobsled. But 2002 will be the first time ever that women will race in the Olympics. Learn about the sport, the athletes, the venue, and more.
Up Close: Bobsled

Sleds rip down the course at over 85-miles-per-hour. From top to bottom, this competition run is over in well less than a minute. Learn more about Bobsled and U.S. contenders.
Olympic highlights
Utah connections Bobsled medalists in Nagano August 2, 2002

3. Bobsledding Slides Into Olympic History With High Speeds, Low Times - 2002 Winte
Deseret News and KSL coverage of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter olympic Games More history will be made during the 2002 Winter olympic Games in Salt Lake City when women's bobsled is added,3949,30000121,00.html
Related content: Olympic highlights Utah connections Alpine skiing
... E-mail a copy of this story Bobsledding slides into Olympic history with high speeds, low times Traditionally the darling of sliding sports, bobsledding dates back to the 1880s in Albany, N.Y., born of lumbersled races. Today's world-class U.S. bobsledders are generally track and field and/or football converts because a rare union of strength and speed are essential to jumpstarting the mammoth sleds, which can weigh a maximum of 858 pounds (for the two-man) and 1,386 pounds (four-man).
Two-man bobsledding teams consist of a driver, who steers the sled, and a pusher/brakeman, who provides additional muscle for its initial acceleration. Four-man teams feature two extra pushers.
During Olympic competition, bobsledders descend down an icy track on four different timed runs, negotiating at least 15 curves at speeds that often exceed 80 miles per hour. Times are then combined, and the lowest wins. OLYMPIC OVERVIEW
The Germans and Swiss have historically produced the world's best bobsledders, combining to win 19 of the 34 gold medals awarded for the two- and four-man races since the sport's Olympic debut in 1924.

4. Ski News: Olympic History
olympic history It was here that the early olympic organizers decided to holdthe very A snow made bobsled run, which no longer exists, ran from part way
Olympic History ...
Chamonix, France
Site of the First Winter Games
By Susan Thomas Chamonix (pronounced Sham-oh-nee) is a quaint little town with the language and food of France, and the beauty and class of Switzerland. It was here that the early Olympic organizers decided to hold the very first Winter Games. An ice rink in the shadow of 15,000-foot Mont Blanc provided the setting for skating. A snow made bobsled run, which no longer exists, ran from part way up the mountain and into the town. And the skiing of course took place on the slopes where skiers flock every winter, 74 years later. At the time of the first Winter Games, a train moved people about half way up the mountain to the glacier, Mer de Glace. The train has been upgraded and it is still there for sightseeing. The Mer de Glace is an impressive, immense glacier that runs down the flanks of Mont Blanc almost touching the town of Chamonix. The glacier reaches down into the valley like a crooked old finger made of old snow and blue ice. It wasn't until 1955, 3 decades after those first games, that the Telepherique (tram) de l'Aiguille Du Midi (that's the high peak at the top, translated as the Needle of Noon) carried locals and tourists all the way to the top of the Mer de Glace. Now, that tram lures people from all over the world to Chamonix.

5. Everything You Need To Know About Bobsled
it was approved by international bobsled officials after some slight modifications because the bobsled's runners were too warm, the first time in olympic history that a team

Olympics Front
Sport by Sport
History ... Countries Related Items

Bobsled section

Everything You Need to Know About Bobsled

How It Works

1994 Golds

Critical Moment

Venue: "Spiral," the first artificial ice track in Asia, is in the foothills of Mount Iizuna in the Asakawa district in the northern part of Nagano City. The 1,700-meter track has an elevation of 113 meters and encompasses 15 curves. 1994 Golds: Two-man, Switzerland (Gustav Weder and Donat Acklin in 3:30:81); four-man, Germany (Harald Czudaj, Karestan Brannasch, Olaf Hampel, Alexander Szelig; 3:27:78). Critical Moment: Finding the perfect racing line is the key to bobsledding: The driver struggles with a violently shaking bobsled to keep it on the path that gives the fastest time down the run. In turns, the driver must keep the sled high enough to maintain speed but low enough to avoid going extra distance. KRT How It Works: Nuts and Bolts: Speeds can reach 90 miles per hour, and runs take less than a minute. When braking, the crew feels five times the force of gravity. History: Although sleds have been around for centuries, bobsled racing didn't begin until 1877 in Davos, Switzerland, where a steering mechanism was attached to a toboggan.

6. Buffalo And Western New York Olympic History
Mesler was an alternate with the team in case another bobsled pusher became siteat http// on the olympic torch from history.
Olympic History from Buffalo and Western New York
News... History
This page is maintained by Tim Evans, a member of the International Society of Olympic Historians. You can e-mail me at The 2004 Athens Olympics Boxer Nick Casal turns pro .... last updated 3-28-04 (from "Casal turns pro, signs with Finkel" By TIM GRAHAM Buffalo News 3/27/2004) Boxer Nick Casal dreamed of winning an Olympic gold medal from the time he was a child growing up in Niagara Falls. Now, an injury has forced him to abandon that dream and turn professional. IN January of 2004, Casal was hurt durring the U.S. National Championships, and will not be able to make the Olympic team. Instead 18-year-old Junior Welterweight turned professional in March, signing a multi year contract with manager Shelly Finkel. Durring a sucessful amateur career, Casal won the 2002 National Junior Olympics the 2003 "under 19" World Chamtpionship and several New York State Golden Gloves Tiltles. None of the Buffalo/Rochester area sailors managed to qualify for the 2004 Olympics in recent trials at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Houston, Texas. In Florida the weekend of 3-21-4, Kathleen Tocke and Jodie Swanson finished 4th in the Yngling Class and 5th in the European Class respectively. Both are members of the storied Buffalo Canoe Club. Also missing the cut were Cory Sertl of Rochester who was a member of Jodie Swanson's crew, and Kurt Taulbee of Williamsville, who finished 12th in the Laser Class last November in Houston.

7. - 2002 Winter Olympics - U.S. Bobsled Roster And Bios - Friday Februar
Position Pushman with Shimer, Kohn, Steele. olympic history Competing inhis first olympics. Won 1999 bobsled National Championships.
Men: Todd Hayes Garrett Hines Randal Jones Pavle Jovanovic ... Darrin Steele
Women: Jill Bakken Vonetta Flowers Jean Racine Todd Hayes Age: Height: Weight:
May 21, 1969
Hometown: Del Rio, Texas
Position: Driver with Jones. Driver with Jovanovic, Schuffernhauer and Hines.
Olympic History:
Competing in his first Olympics.
Back to the top
Garrett Hines Age: Height: Weight:
July 3, 1969
Hometown: Chicago, Ill. Position: Pushman with Hayes, Schuffenhauer, Hines. Olympic History: Competing in second Olympics. Fifth in 4-man and tenth in 2-man at 1998 Games. Accomplishments: Back to the top Randal Jones Age: Height: Weight: Birthday: June 24, 1969 Hometown: Winston-Salem, N.C. Position: Pushman with Hayes. Olympic History: Competing in third Olympics. In 1994, placed 13th in 2-man with Shimer. Fifth in 4-man at 1998 Games. Accomplishments: Back to the top Pavle Jovanovic Age: Height: Weight: Birthday: January 11, 1977 Hometown: Toms River, N.J. Position: Pushman with Hayes, Schuffenhauer and Hines. Olympic History: Competing in first Olympics.

8. - 2002 Winter Olympics - Sport Explainers - Bobsled History - Monday F
1914 bobsled races take place on many natural ice courses throughout Europe. fivemen compete on each fourman team for the only time in olympic history.

Back to Explainer Index

John Gichigi/Allsport HISTORY Sleds have been used for centuries as a way to travel on snow, but bobsledding didn't emerge as a sport until the late 19th century, when the Swiss attached a steering mechanism to a toboggan. Bobsled races take place on many natural ice courses throughout Europe. The Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT) is founded. The four-man race takes place at the first ever Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France. At the Games in St. Mortiz, Switzerland, five men compete on each four-man team for the only time in Olympic history. The two-man event is added at the 1932 Olympics in Lake Placid, NY. American Eddie Eagen becomes the only person to win a gold medal in both the Winter and Summer Olympics (four-man bobsled, light heavyweight boxing). An important rule change limits the total weight of crew and sled, ending the era of the heavyweight bobsledder. The rule helps make the sport a highly athletic event. Early 1990s: Women's bobsledding debuts at events in Europe and North America.

9. Cool Attractions - Olympic History
years later, in fact, in 1992 the bobsled run would Calgary s Olympics in 1988 werewell received by both also marked the first time in history alpine events
This site is
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days until the 2002 Winter Olympic Games
A Vintage Pair of Ice Skates 1924 marked the year of the first official Winter Games, and for the first time events such as figure skating, speed skating, Nordic skiing, bobsleigh, and ice hockey were held at a separate celebration than the Summer Games. Taking place in Chamonix, France, 294 competitors were involved in the first official Winter Olympics. The number of athletes participating in Salt Lake City is projected to be over 2,300. Norwegian figure skater Sonja Henie made her debut at the 1924 Games, at age 12, and in 1928, 32, and 36 took home the gold medals. In 1937 Henie took advantage of her world popularity and appeared in her first movie. Her Hollywood career would last over 10 years.
Margaret Crosland Training
in Davos, Switzerland With the world at war in the 1940s the scheduled games in 40 and 44 were cancelled. As punishment for their roles in WW2, Japan and Germany's absence from Olympic ceremony would continue into the 1948 games in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Twenty-eight countries participated enthusiastically, and it was clear that the games had survived both the world's conflicts, and the 12-year span between the last Olympics. The IOC awarded the 1976 Olympics to Denver, Colorado, but after two years of preparation and financial squabbling, the people of Colorado refused to fund the major event through public taxes. Innsbruck offered to host the Winter Olympics only twelve years since it last played the role, and the underplayed event went off peacefully and without excessive spending.

10. Omniseek: /Sports /Sledding /Bobsled /Olympic
Caribbean Outpost Jamaican olympic bobsled Team Official Web Site. The sport, the athletes, and the history. html) olympic bobsled test. An NRC{59827}
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Sports /Sledding /Bobsled /Olympic IOC - Past Olympic Games
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) lists out a brief history of each of the previous Olympic Games.
( Swiss Acres - Lake Placid: The Olympic Village Clean comfortable rooms at affordable rates. Family restaurant, large lobby with fireplace, cocktail lounge, kitchenettes, hot tub and Sauna. Lowest group rates. Affordable golf and ski packages. ( Caribbean Outpost: Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team Official Web Site The sport, the athletes, and the history. ( OLYMPIC BOBSLED RESULTS FEB 14 - 01:00 FOUR-MAN FEB 20 - 01:00 All start times are EST. (

11. Harvard University Olympic History
Harvard's olympic history. Since the first Modern Olympiad in Athens in 1896, Crimson athletes have been leaving their mark on the Games A Harvard athlete won the first gold medal of the modern olympic Games. James B. sports at the Winter olympics bobsled, figure skating, ice hockey, and skiing
Harvard's Olympic History
Since the first Modern Olympiad in Athens in 1896, Crimson athletes have been leaving their mark on the Games...
  • A Harvard athlete won the first gold medal of the modern Olympic Games. James B. Connolly 1898 , of South Boston, was victorious in the hop, skip, and jump (now known as the triple jump), the first event of the 1896 Games in Athens. He took a silver medal in the high jump and a bronze in the long jump at the same Games, and also competed in the 1900 Games.
  • Overall, Harvard won five gold medals at the 1896 Olympics. In addition to Connolly Thomas E. Burke '01 won in the 100 meters and 400 meters, William W. Hoyt 1898 was the champion in the pole vault, and Ellery H. Clark 1896 captured the gold in the high jump.
  • Harvard has the only father/son combination ever to win gold medals for the United States while competing together. Paul Smart '14 , and his son Hilary '47 , won a gold at the 1948 Games in yachting (star class).
  • Harvard has had an athlete compete at every modern summer Olympic Games, and has been represented at every Olympic Winter Games, except 1964 and 1972.
  • Eight Olympians from Harvard competed at the 1996 Atlanta Games.
  • 12. Sound Video Contractor Hot Topic The 2002 Winter Olympics
    the opportunity to race the olympic bobsled track that will be used by olympic athletes this first time in olympic history, women will compete in the bobsled event at the

    13. - Historyindex
    Welcome to the olympics history section The Winter olympics are a We ve picked somegreat olympic moments, but it s driver of the 32 gold medal bobsled team.

    14. Olympic History
    Comments olympic history. Talk about bobsledder Vonetta Flowers' historic accomplishment. For someone to pick up a bobsled and practice for all of 19 months and beat seasoned
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    Olympic history
    Talk about bobsledder Vonetta Flowers' historic accomplishment. 1. Congrats to Vonetta! I think you are a wonderful role model, not just to other black females, but also to all races. What you have achieved and your grace and dignity inspires us all!! Submitted by: Lynn 12:28 PM EST, Feb 27, 2003 2. How about the two black men who medaled in the bob sled? desperately in need of information. Help! respond to culuculu Submitted by: 12:59 PM EST, Mar 4, 2002 3. For someone to pick up a bobsled and practice for all of 19 months and beat seasoned veterans of the sports is nothing short of outstanding. You should be very proud. One things for certain: A nation is! Submitted by: SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!

    15. - History - Olympic Bobsled Medalists
    Translate this page This document lists all olympic bobsled medalists since 1924. It is a page inthe history section of, the largest collection of sports
    Sports History
    Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
    Olympic Bobsled Medalists
    Table of Contents
    Men's 2-Man
    Year Gold Time Silver Time Bronze Time Hubert Stevens
    Reto Capadrutt
    John Heaton
    Ivan Brown
    Fritz Feierabend
    Gilbert Colgate
    Felix Endrich
    Fritz Feierabend
    Frederick Fortune
    Andreas Ostler
    Stanley Benham Fritz Feierabend Lamberto Dalla Costa Eugenio Monti Max Angst Not held Tony Nash Sergio Zardini Eugenio Monti Eugenio Monti Horst Floth Ion Panturu Wolfgang Zimmerer Horst Floth Jean Wicki Meinhard Nehmer Wolfgang Zimmerer Bernhard Germeshausen Meinhard Nehmer Wolfgang Hoppe Bernhard Lehmann Zintis Ekmanis Wolfgang Hoppe Bernhard Lehmann Gustav Weder Rudolf Lochner Christoph Langen Gustav Weder Pierre Lueders Christoph Langen Christoph Langen Christoph Reich Martin Annen Top of Page
    Men's 4-Man
    (5-Man in 1928)
    Year Gold Time Silver Time Bronze Time Ralph Broome Thomas Arnold Alexander Richardson William Fiske Nion Tucker Geoffrey Mason Clifford Grey Jennison Heaton David Granger Lyman Hine Thomas Doe Hanns Kilian Valentin Krempel Hans Hess Sebastian Huber William Fiske Edward Eagan Clifford Grey Henry Homburger Percy Bryant Paul Stevens Hanns Kilian Max Ludwig Hans Melhorn Pierre Musy Arnold Gartmann Charles Bouvier Reto Capadrutt Hans Aichele Fritz Feierabend Frederick McEvoy James Cardno Guy Dugdale Francis Tyler Patrick Martin Edward Rimkus Max Houben Freddy Mansveld Louis-Georges Niels James Bickford Thomas Hicks Donald Dupree Stanley Benham Patrick Martin Howard Crossett Franz Kapus Gottfried Diener Robert Alt

    16. Bobsled
    US Women bobsledders Bakken and Flowers Make olympic history With Gold Medal Win;American Skandia Savors Sponsorship, Success of US Women s bobsled Team.
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      Olympics Winter Olympics Through The Years ... Event-by-Event
      A two-woman bobsled event was added in 2002. Only drivers are listed in parentheses. Multiple gold medals
      Year Time United States (Hubert Stevens) United States (Ivan Brown) Switzerland (Felix Endrich) Germany (Andreas Ostler) Italy (Lamberto Dalla Costa) 1960 Not held Great Britain (Anthony Nash) Italy (Eugenio Monti) West Germany (Wolfgang Zimmerer) East Germany (Meinhard Nehmer) East Germany (Wolfgang Hoppe) Soviet Union (Janis Kipurs) Switzerland I (Gustav Weder) Switzerland I (Gustav Weder) (TIE) Italy I (Guenther Huber) Germany I (Christoph Langen)
      Year Time United States II (Jill Bakken)
      Year Time Switzerland (Eduard Scherrer) United States (Billy Fiske) United States (Billy Fiske) Switzerland (Pierre Musy) United States (Francis Tyler) Germany (Andreas Ostler) Switzerland (Franz Kapus) 1960 Not held Canada (Vic Emery) Italy (Eugenio Monti) Switzerland (Jean Wicki) East Germany (Meinhard Nehmer) East Germany (Meinhard Nehmer) East Germany (Wolfgang Hoppe) Switzerland (Ekkehard Fasser) Austria I (Ingo Appelt) Germany II (Harald Czudaj) Germany II (Christoph Langen) Germany II (Andre Lange) Note: Five-man sleds were used in 1928.

    17. - Olympics - Canada Beats U.S. For Hockey Gold
    olympic appearance. Russians consider leaving Games. Sarah Hughes wins figure skatinggold. Two athletes disqualified for doping. US women make bobsled history.

    The Help You Need
    Food Tech Real Estate ... Weddings
    Canada Beats U.S. For Hockey Gold
    Iginla, Sakic Score Twice
    POSTED: 10:08 a.m. EST February 24, 2002
    UPDATED: 8:51 a.m. EST February 25, 2002
    SALT LAKE CITY Canada won its first men's hockey Olympic gold medal in 50 years with a 5-2 victory over the United States just hours before the curtain closed on the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. SURVEY What do you think was the most noteworthy moment of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games? Belarus upsets Sweden in men's hockey
    Canada women upset U.S. for hockey gold
    Canada men win hockey gold
    Canadian pair awarded second gold medal
    Figure skating judging scandal
    Jimmy Shea wins skeleton gold
    Ohno wins gold after Korean Kim Dong-sung disqualified
    Picabo Street's final Olympic appearance Russians consider leaving Games Sarah Hughes wins figure skating gold Two athletes disqualified for doping U.S. women make bobsled history Other Results Tony Amonte scored the game's first goal, beating Martin Brodeur to give the United States a 1-0 lead. But Canada stormed back when Paul Kariya scored to put the his team on the board. Then, with just under a minute and a-half left in the first period, Joe Sakic fired a pass from the left corner to Jerome Iginla who was streaking to the right post. Iginla stuffed it in for the tie-breaking goal.

    18. ArmyMWR - Olympics
    7, 2002. The women s bobsled take to the track Feb. 19, in the 2002olympic WinterGames for the first time in olympic history. Photo

    Army Sports and Fitness
    All Army Sports World Class Athlete Program Armed Forces Sports
    The appearance of external hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement.
    Olympics (updated 12 Feb 2003)
    L-r: Spc. Bill Tavares, head coach, Spc. Jill Bakken, USA-2 driver, and Sgt. Tuffy Latour represent the World Class Athlete Program in the women's bobsled event at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Feb. 19 at the Olympic Winter Park, Park City, Utah. Army World Class Athlete Spc. Bill Tavares, women's bobsled head coach, works with the team on a makeshift ice track just west of the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, Feb. 7, 2002. The women's bobsled take to the track Feb. 19, in the 2002 Olympic WinterGames for the first time in Olympic history.
    Army World Class Athlete Sgt.Tuffy Latour, women's bobsled assistant coach, keeps a keen eye on U.S. practice runs at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah. Women bobsledders will take to the track for the first time in Olympic history at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Feb. 19. [U.S. Navy photos by Journalist 1st Class Preston Keres] - To download images, click once on small image for larger image, then right click large image to save.

    19. LookSmart Australia
    Gives a history of the sport, and mentions recent olympic champion teams.http// World Directory.;317902;

    20. LookSmart - Directory - Olympic Bobsled And Skeleton
    bobsled ThinkQuest Supplies facts, stats, and figures on this two- and four-personevent. Gives a history of the sport, and mentions recent olympic champion
    @import url(/css/us/style.css); @import url(/css/us/searchResult1.css); Home
    IN the directory this category
    YOU ARE HERE Home Sports Olympics Winter Events
    Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton - Learn about one-,two-, and four-person events, read results, and follow international teams and competitors.
    Directory Listings About
  • International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation
    Official page includes news, results, a competitions calendar, athlete and course profiles, history, an equipment guide and a TV schedule.
    BBCi Sport Winter Olympics 2002 - Bobsleigh

    In addition to coverage of the British bobsled squads, find news, schedules, bios, and results for other teams competing in Salt Lake City.
    Bobsled - ThinkQuest

    Supplies facts, stats, and figures on this two- and four-person event. Gives a history of the sport, and mentions recent Olympic champion teams.
    Bobsled Overview - CBS

    Get a brief description on the two- and four-man competition. View an all-time medals table, as well as top American and international teams to watch.
    Bobsled's Little Pumpkin Patch
    Member of the Calgary Bobsled Club presents news, background and a calendar of events. Peruse a list of rules to the sport.
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