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         Block Scheduling Teach:     more detail
  1. What Do I Teach for 90 Minutes?: Creating a Successful Block-Scheduled English Classroom by Carol Porter, 2002-06
  2. Buen Viaje! Block Scheduling Lesson Plans Spanish 1

41. The Problem With Block Scheduling
I ve changed the content of my class to teach only the basics and I m afraid that Yet,most say they like blockscheduling and would like to go to the 2nd year
The Case Against
Block Scheduling
4: Comments from Others
This is one of several pages on the problems of block scheduling, a major educational "reform" that is being implemented across the country in spite of serious evidence that it is harmful to education. These pages are the work of Jeff Lindsay. On this page, I assume that you have already seen my main page on block scheduling (Part 1). Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (This Page) Part 5 The Nature of the Problem
(Main page + overall index) The Debate on Academic Harm Pros and Cons, Alternatives Comments from Others Tactics and Resources
(And summary + links)
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Comments From Around the Country [index]
An example of students and parents stopping implementation of the block comes from Pierre, South Dakota, where concerned parents and educators were able to use information from my site and other places to inform others and influence decision makers. Here is a Feb. 2004 message from a bold and intelligent eleventh-grade student (used with permission) who is standing up against the block in order to help the students who will follow after him: Jeff

42. Research
However, to be an interdisciplinary team, the team teachers do not have to be scheduledto teach at the same time. Flexible block scheduling requires that the

43. Re Middle School Block Schedule
I teach at a middle school where we have 80 minute blocks, 4 per CA Martha Michals,Principal I am begining my research on block scheduling for the

44. WeLEAD Online Magazine - How School Principals Can Teach Leadership To Teachers
One school tackles the change to block scheduling. Upon completing her doctoral degree,Shanika plans to teach at the university level, conduct research and
weLEAD Online Magazine
weLEAD, Inc.
How School Principals Can Model Leadership to Teachers!
By Shanika Taylor In the 21 st century School, principals who develop teachers and students as leaders create a stronger organization. Demands for national school reform from politicians, demands for educational reform at the school level from teachers and parents, demands for increased test scores from parents and superintendents. Given all of the demands, when does the principal have time to be an instructional leader? The reality is that by developing teachers and ultimately students as leaders, the principal increases his likelihood of meeting these demands by freeing up time to work as an instructional leader. Principals are veteran teachers who are currently in leadership positions. Outstanding principals are able to mesh the two positions and yield great rewards. As a highly effective leader, the principal must be actively involved in educating and developing teachers as leaders. The successful principal realizes he does not have the time or the expertise to be effectively involved in all aspects of the school.

45. Alamogordo News New Principal Introduces New Block Scheduling At
Fullyear courses will be completed each semester. Each teacher will teach threeclasses. (block scheduling) bubbled up some serious disciplinary issues.
The article you have requested has been archived
Click here to view the article

46. Dr. David Bateson's Letter On Block Scheduling
for longer time in a classroom for the teachtest, re-teach-retest cycle we implementedthe four period day, a video was made which promotes block scheduling.

Faith and Family Genealogy Gardening ... Bible Study Double click on thumbnails to get full-size. THIS IS THE LETTER FAXED TO JOEL RAMSEY REGARDING CLAIMS MADE ABOUT
Faculty of Education
Department of Mathematics and Science Education
2125 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6T 1Z4
August 8, 1994
Dear Mr. Ramsey,
I was very interested to talk to you last week about an article which I published in 1990 in Volume 27, #3 of the Journal of Research in Science Teaching entitled "Science Achievement in Semestered and All-Year Courses." From what you have told me, some of the education officials in your area have received from misinformation about that article and about how I presently stand with regard to the research and conclusions as stated in that article.
Let me state most strongly that I stand firmly behind the conclusions reported in that study; Students in semestered courses in secondary science in British Columbia do not score as well on reliable and valid, standardized science instruments

47. EYE ON EDUCATION-Block Scheduling
Why block scheduling? ENCOURAGING STUDENT ENGAGEMENT IN THE block. research studiesconducted by seven Seattle area high school teachers who teach in block
By Sally J. Zepeda and R. Stewart Mayers
University of Georgia This book shows how effective supervision and staff development can improve teacher performance to enhance student learning in block periods. Also included is an authoritative and practical chapter on how to evaluate your block schedule. CONTENTS - Linking Supervision and Staff Development: Preparing Schools for the Block
- Reinventing Time: Looking at the Block
- The Administrative Team
- Readying for the Block: Staff Development And Supervision to Get You There
-Supervision in the Block: What’s Different
- Teaching in the Block: Maintaining the Momentum Through Job-Embedded Staff Development and Supervision
- Evaluating the Block Schedule
- References
by Michael D. Rettig and Robert Lynn Canady
James Madison University and University of Virginia With over 150 sample schedules, this book shows how scheduling strategies can enhance your school’s capacity to offer exploratory courses, interdisciplinary teaching teams, teacher-based guidance programs, and other programs and practices which are responsive to the needs of early adolescents.

in the school, creating a place where children are excited to learn and teachersare inspired to teach. (CER scheduling on the block ) Better attendance
BLOCK SCHEDULING: With a Mathematics Perspective: Karen J. Bennett CTER Program at University of Illinois Tom Anderson, Instructor Innovations in scheduling seem to be a popular reform for schools across the country. It is estimated that the number of schools that have implemented some version of block scheduling ranges from 10 to 25 percent, while many more districts are considering the concept. (The Center for Education Reform : "Scheduling: On the Block" Nov. 1996) But my research has shown block scheduling to be very controversial. There are strong opinions on both sides of this issue. It's creators are touring the country, proclaiming it's virtues, and some schools are "models" for its success. Yet many websites have sprung up, in strong opposition to it, denouncing the claims made and campaigning to prevent its implementation in their local schools! Both sides are passionate in their viewpoint. My school district is researching block scheduling and considering its implementation. How does the evidence stack up? Does one side prevail? As a Mathematics teacher, I wondered what such a plan would mean for me and my students should my district decide to implement block scheduling. What is block scheduling?

49. Block Scheduling
way to teach students organizational skills. The following section includes summariesof websites I have found regarding block scheduling, including several

50. - Block Schedule Shows Benefits
pass quickly, using colored highlighters and bingo chips to teach an introductory Anumber of local school districts are using block scheduling, or variations
Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Block schedule shows benefits
Longer classes allow in-depth instruction
By Erikah Haavie
Poughkeepsie Journal
Karl Rabe/Poughkeepsie Journal
Seventh-grade teacher Rosellen Hardt conducts a science class Dec. 9 at Wappingers Junior High School in the Town of Wappinger. The school started the block program in February. WAPPINGERS FALLS Isabel Lynch doesn't mind using reality television to teach lessons about teamwork to her students. Her groups of seventh-graders have tribal names, just like the contestants on the popular CBS series ''Survivor.'' Splitting them up in teams of four, Lynch encourages students to work together and cooperate in getting tasks done. Lynch, a 30-year teaching veteran, makes the 80 minutes of math pass quickly, using colored highlighters and bingo chips to teach an introductory lesson about decimals and place value. ''It forces you to be creative,'' she said.

51. Hot Topics In Education
Quality Counts 2000 Who Should teach? block scheduling AskERIC InfoGuideon block scheduling; block scheduling ERIC Digest By Karen Irmsher.
Hot Topics in Education The Michigan Electronic Library (MEL) Education Collection contains Internet resources of interest to librarians, teachers, students, and citizens of the state of Michigan. The primary audience is preK-12 teachers, administrators, and support staff. Links may also be useful for parents and community members interested in education.
General-Education Reform

52. The Access Excellence Teachers' Lounge - Block Scheduling
program, which is completely gone, and AP Biology was my favorite course to teach. referto my message posted on the other page focusing on the block schedule.^0@.ee6ca2c

53. Block Scheduling
Then if you have 20 faculty members who teach five classes per day(17 staff Studentson the eight period block schedule can now earn 64 credits in four years.

54. Irvine High School
problems with block scheduling are not inherent to the blended block system, butto block scheduling per se. For example, teachers who teach only alternating
Block Scheduling
What to do when neither alternating nor solid block scheduling is enough
We at Irvine High School have been on our current block schedule since September, 1996. Our formal name for it is "Academic Focus 4/4 Semester Plan," but in our every day parlance, we call it blended block scheduling. We developed this schedule out of a desire to improve student achievement, to provide a higher quality educational experience for our students, and to create a less stressful environment on our campus. In this pursuit, we endeavored to accommodate a wide variety of different, and sometimes conflicting, needs. What our schedule looks like: Regular Schedule: Period Time: Advisement Break Lunch How It Works What this means for students What this means for teachers Full time teachers teach three classes per day and have a ninety minute prep period daily. Teachers with solid block classes have the same students each day for the semester. For teachers with alternating block classes, they see three groups of students every other day, one group of students on the "A" Day, the other on the "B" day. The semester begins on an A day, followed by a B day. A and B days simply alternate throughout the semester. Lower class size Before block scheduling, teachers taught 5 classes with a contract maximum of 175 students, for an average of 35 students per class. Now teachers teach 6 classes, either 3 solid block classes each semester or 3 alternating block classes every other day. Several teachers teach a schedule that includes a mix of solid and alternating block classes. Regardless, with the contract maximum still 175, class size has been reduced to an average of 29.5 per class.

55. Block Scheduling Sites [v6.0]
scheduling http// Literature on block scheduling http// Scheduling Sites [v6.0]

56. Homepage
year (six instead of five), which means that they teach more students For more informationabout block scheduling, please check out the following websites http

57. LAB At Brown University Block Scheduling
With block scheduling, students and teachers are able to focus With a standard 4x4block program, teachers have only three to four classes to teach in a

58. ArtsEdNet Archive For March 2001 Re: Middle School Block Scheduling/Delivery?
I currently teach middle school block scheduling, and after 7 years have finallydecided that administrators have NO idea on what best to do for these students
Re: Middle School Block Scheduling/Delivery?
From: The Austin's (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 08:29:14 PST I currently teach middle school block scheduling, and after 7 years have
finally decided that administrators have NO idea on what best to do for
these students! I love my current schedule, which allows me to see every
middle school student each year. I have 1/3 of the 7th grade for 12 weeks,
then on to a new group. 8th grade is the same. Our 6th grade is currently
still a part of the elementary, so I see them 1 hour per week. I have had
every schedule imaginable, and this one works very well for me. It is a
compromise - I do dislike not being able to go more indepth with them - but
I now see EVERY student for 12 weeks. But on the other hand, by having them
for 12 weeks they have a good idea on what my class will be like when they get to high school. I teach the 12 week classes as exploratory - while there

59. Archdiocese Of Newark - School News
out some of the benefits of block scheduling for teachers. there were any drawbacksto the schedule, Syby explained It has changed the way I teach—I’m
Office of the Superintendent of Schools
(973) 497-4260 FAX: (973) 497-4249
For Release: January 28, 2004
Archdiocese schedules on cutting-edge
The Catholic Advocate
On this type of schedule, students may have a given class twice in one week, and three times the next. The schedule also adjusts to accommodate holidays, ensuring that students receive an equal number of classes in each subject.
School News
Vicariate for Education Archdiocese of Newark

60. "Authentic Assessment + Problem Based Learning = Block Scheduling" By Bob LeBlan
She expressed her belief that students and teachers like block scheduling morebecause they enjoy the more creative approaches that are used to teach.
Spring 1999 Issue by Bob LeBlanc Professor MacRorie December 1998 Authentic Assessment + Problem Based Learning = Block Scheduling
Block scheduling needs to be implemented in order to maximize the benefits of authentic assessment and problem based learning in the classroom. Due to the extended nature of the classes, block scheduling has added benefits for the students and teachers. These benefits include delving deeper in depth in subject matter, improved student focus in and out of class, the elimination of problems caused by shorter class periods, along with increased use of problem based learning and authentic assessment as earlier stated. Ultimately, the of any teacher is to provide effective learning situations for students. This can be best accomplished by incorporating problem based learning and authentic assessment into classroom activities. Because the nature of these activities requires longer class periods, the implementation of block scheduling is more desirable. These innovative considerations allow for a deeper understanding of concepts, enhance student focus in the classroom, address a greater variety of student learning styles, bring about the use of varied teaching strategies, and eliminate problems associated with shorter class periods. With the implementation of these concepts, the new active learner who can think critically in real world situations will be better prepared to meet the challenges of the world of work and a more experienced problem solver for the demands that lay ahead.

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