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         Blizzard Disasters:     more books (48)
  1. Disaster in the Yukon (AirQuest Adventures) by Jerry B. Jenkins, 2006-07-01
  2. Dangerous Planet: The Science of Natural Disasters (Avalanche to Earthquake, Volume 1) by Engelbert Phillis, 2001
  3. Buckeye Blizzard: Ohio and the 1950 Thanksgiving Storm by Roger Pickenpaugh, 2001-08
  4. Blizzard! by Jim Murphy, 2006-10
  5. Blizzards (Nature on the Rampage) by Duncan Scheff, 2001-09
  6. Blizzards (Facts on File Dangerous Weather Series) by Michael Allaby, 2003-12
  7. Blizzards Snowstory Fury (Cover-To-Cover Chapter Books) by Mary C. Turck, 2000-12
  8. All Hell Broke Loose: Experiences of Young People During the Armistice Day 1940 Blizzard by William H. Hull, 2004-10-27
  9. The Navajo blizzard emergency, January 29 through February 19, 1949: Report of J.M. Stewart by J. M Stewart, 1949
  10. 1977 emergency food stamp disaster issuance: Testimony before the Subcommittee on Domestic Marketing, Consumer Relations & Nutrition of the House Committee on Agriculture by Anita Elizabeth Dabney, 1977
  11. Dangerous Weather: Includes a Chronology of Weather, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Blizzards, Floods, Droughts (Dangerous Weather Series) by Michael Allaby, 1998-01
  12. The salvation of mankind from catastrophes such as abnormal heat and cold, droughts, thunderstorms, blizzards, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, ... volcanic eruptions and other catastrophes by Richard Paul Rodrian, 1929
  13. Blizzards, floods and FEMA (Issue memorandum) by Annie Mertz, 1997
  14. Post-flood recovery and hazard mitigation: Lessons from the Massachusetts coast, February, 1978 (Publication / University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Water Resources Research Center) by Rutherford H Platt, 1980

41. Motoring In Emergencies And Disasters
of developing emergencies such as severe weather (hurricane, blizzard), major toxicspills, incidents involving explosions and other major disasters, keep a
United States Search and Rescue Task Force Driving In Emergencies and Disasters Disaster driving! In times of emergency, people often react incorrectly, either staying with or abandoning their cars at the wrong time. This mistake, can be fatal. After almost every disaster, search and rescue teams find victims who might have survived if they had known whether to stay with or leave their cars during these times of emergency. The following are safety tips for drivers in various types of emergencies. This information should be kept in the glove compartment of your car. In any situation, the most important rule is to: "Remain Calm. Don't Panic!" Earthquake Stay in your car! Bring the car to a halt as soon as safely possible, then remain in the car until the shaking has stopped. The car's suspension system will make the car shake violently during the quake, but it is still a safe place to be. Avoid stopping near or under buildings, overpasses and utility wires. When the quaking has stopped, proceed cautiously, avoiding bridges and other elevated structures which might have been damaged by the quake and could be damaged further by aftershocks. Hurricane Evacuate early! Flooding can begin well before a hurricane nears land. Plan to evacuate early, and keep a full tank of gas during the hurricane season. Learn the best evacuation route before s storm forms, and make arrangements with friends or relatives inland to stay with them until the storm has passed.

42. Connecticut Disasters
blizzards 1798 New England blizzard Place Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine andNew York Date Nov. 1721, 1798 Sources Natural disasters, GB 5014.N373 2001
Connecticut Disasters
1798 New England Blizzard
Place: Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and New York
Date: Nov. 17-21, 1798
Sources: Natural Disasters, GB 5014.N373 2001
Hartford Courant 1888 Blizzard
Place: Northeast U.S.
Date: March 11, 1888
Source: Hartford Courant 1978 Blizzard
Place: Northeast U.S.
Date: February 6-7, 1978 Source: Hartford Courant Construction Disasters Hartford Civic Center Collapse Place: Hartford, CT Date: Jan. 18, 1978 Source: Hartford Courant L'Ambiance Plaza Collapse Place: Bridgeport, CT Date: April 23, 1987 Source: Hartford Courant Mianus River Bridge Collapse Place: Greenwich, CT Date: July 28, 1983 Sources: Hartford Courant New York Times Fires Hartford Circus Fire Place: Hartford, CT Date: July 6, 1944 Source: Hartford Courant Floods 1936 Flood Date: March 12, 1936 Place: Connecticut Source: Hartford Courant 1955 Floods (see Place: Connecticut Date: mid-August 1955 Source: Hartford Courant Hurricanes 1938 Great New England Hurricane Place: Northeastern U.S.

43. DRIE - Disasters Information
Stretsville CPR rail yards is one of the biggest and most writtenabout disastersin Ontario. A 110-hour-long blizzard with gusts of up to 140 km/hr brought a

Events Log

Canada United States ...
Events Log: Updated 04/28/0398
Canada: Updated 01/22/97
USA: Updated 10/22/96
World: Updated 10/09/96
News: Updated 07/30/96
A LOOK AT SOME MAJOR DISASTERS The following is a partial list of major disasters. This list is not intended to be exhaustive. Other disasters have occurred in this time period, both in North America and in the rest of the world. If you know of any other disasters which are not listed here, please send details of the disaster to and they will be added to the list. Links to other disaster information pages. Oklahoma City Bombing
A Weekend of Wind Storms
Metro Toronto Area Tornado-like winds caused destruction across southern Ontario yesterday. The sudden winds ripped balconies and roofs off buildings and uprooting trees from Kitchener to Wiarton. The winds at times ranged up to 140 km/h causing damage on the same scale as weak tornados. Environment Canada said the frenzied storms weren't tornados. The wind sliced across the province, striking hardest in Oakville and Guelph. In Guelph, the winds ripped the roof off a school where a church group was playing basketball. In Brampton, a sudden blast of wind lashed at homes and hydro wires, uprooting trees and causing property damage. No one was injured.
B.C. South Coast

44. DisasterLinks
Air Crashes. Major Airline disasters. Airline Safety Online. Clues Sought forFiery Concorde Crash. 2003 blizzard http//
Disaster URL's Here is a partial listing of some web sites on the internet dealing with 7th grade English Disaster Projects.
Nuclear Power
Fact Sheet - Chernobyl Accident
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Home Page
The Three Mile Island 2 (TM ...
Fact Sheet - Three Mile Island
Distant image of Mount St. Helen's
Mount St. Helens
Mount Vesuvius
Texas Tornadoes
Florida Tornadoes
Florida 1998 tornado
1999 Oklahoma Tornadoes
(see Mrs. Fuhrman for help searching the above link)
Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Floyd
Hurricane history
Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki ...
Hurricane Mitch
Missisissippi Flood - 1993
Last 1889 Johnstown Flood Survivor
Floods in California, February 1998

45. National Disaster Education Coalition
As much as 90 percent of the damage related to all natural disasters (excluding droughts)is Attempting to walk for help in a blizzard can be a deadly decision
Home About NDEC Contact Meetings Disasters Guide Disasters Guide
Using This Guide

Talking About Disasters:
Guide for Standard Messages This Guide is in the public domain and may be freely downloaded and republished without written permission. Acknowledgement to the National Disaster Education Coalition, Washington, DC, is requested (see " Introduction and Purpose " for specifics). NOTE: Contents of this Guide are in revision, and a new edition will be posted in late Spring, 2004. If you are interested in being notified when the new version is available, send an email to: . We will advise via email when the revised Guide is completed. Download Individual Chapters
The content on this page is in Adobe PDF format. To open these files you will need Adobe Reader. If not already installed, it is available as a free download from Adobe's website (click on "Get Adobe Reader" below).

46. Buyout Footage- Tragedies Natural Disasters Stock Footage Public Domain Films Ar
keywords united states, washington, natural disasters, volcano, volcanoes, lava hurricane,hurricanes, tornado, tornados, blizzard, blizzards, floods, drought.
Public Domain Films And Royalty Free Stock Footage Contemporary Tragedies And Natural Disasters.
Contemporary stock footage detailing tragic events and personal losses that have had a profound effect on American society and the world at large. The contemporary stock footage titles from our royalty free stock footage and public domain films library focus on these dramatic and emotional events. Human Tragedies - Historical Stock Footage Public Domain Films Stock Footage Library 9-11 WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK
Footage includes the Twin Towers ablaze, collapse of the first tower, reaction shots and "man on the street" interviews
(public domain films) 2001 30 min COL keywords: united states, new york city, twin towers, 9-11, 9/11, terrorism, terroist, terrorists, terrorist attack, airplane hijacking CHALLENGER DISASTER
January 28, 1986, the ninth Challenger flight lifts off and explodes 73 seconds into flight killing all seven astronauts on board.
(public domain films) 1986 33 min COL keywords: disasters, nasa, rocket, space shuttle, challenger, explosion, explosions, christa macauliffe, ronald reagan

47. TODAYIS.COM - Where You Find Out More About Today Than You Really Want To Know
Dordrecht Woudrichem, Neth 9/17/1570 Netherlands hit by flood disaster, 1,000s ineastern US, at Charleston SC, 110 die 3/11/1888 - Great blizzard of 88


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... Sports Articles Family Stories Genealogy Health History ... Travel My Favorites Meal Vacation Other Sites Shop Online Send Free ECards RDS Services, Inc. Disasters 7/23/1196 - Northern Dutch coast flooded, "Saint-Nicolaas Flood" 9/8/1218 - In 1219, Floods in Northern Netherlands after storm, 1,000s killed 10/18/1347 - Earthquake destroys Villach, killing 5,000 8/29/1421 - Southern sea floods 72 villages, killing est 10,000 in Netherlands 9/23/1456 - Earthquake strikes Naples; about 35,000 die 12/2/1530 - Lisbon hit by Earthquake; about 30,000 die 1/2/1531 - Earthquake in Lisbon Spain, kills 20,000-30,000 12/5/1555 - Most deadly earthquake kills 830,000 in Shensi Province, China 9/17/1570 - Netherlands hit by flood disaster, 1,000s killed 8/5/1622 - Spanish silver fleet disappears off Florida Keys; thousands die 6/29/1626 - Earthquake hits Naples; 10,000 die 10/31/1630 - 16,000 inhabitants of Venice died this month of plague 4/16/1643 - Heavy earthquake strikes Santiago Chile; kills 1/3 of population

48. Vocabulary Cards: Natural Disasters And The Weather
mudslide, fog. natural disaster, temperature. famine, tsunami. drought, storm.earthquake, hurricane. aftershock, tornado. blizzard, flood. thunder, heatwave.
Karin's ESL PartyLand
Reproducible for Classroom Use Vocabulary Cards: Natural Disasters and the Weather Activity: Vocabulary Review (Circumlocutions Game)
Skills: Speaking, Listening
Level: Intermediate-advanced
Class Time: 30 minutes
Preparation: However long it takes you to print this page, copy onto cardstock, and cut up. Directions: Divide the class into small groups. (If you have fewer than ten students, you could play togetherjust pair students and have each pair be a team.) Give each group a set of vocabulary cards. Instruct students to place the cards face down in the center of the group. Play begins by one student choosing a card and providing an oral definition. No gesturing or spelling is allowed. The person who answers with the word on the card gets to keep the card. Play continues clockwise. If a student does not know a vocabulary word, the card is returned to the middle of the deck and the student forfeits his/her turn. Play continues until all of the cards have been defined. The winner is the person with the most cards. Variation: Use the cards and the board to play team Pictionary or check out Ideas for Vocabulary Cards for more suggestions.

49. Juvenile Nonfiction Disasters
about this book because it s good to know about natural disasters so if it blizzardThe Storm That Changed America blizzard The Storm That Changed America

Search High Volume Orders Links ... Soil Engineering Additional Subjects Engineering Avery T. Willis Color Anatomy! Watchmen ... Multiple Regression Analysis: Applications in the Health Sciences Featured Books
I really enjoyed reading this book with my class for information about tornadoes and hurricanes. The book presents many facts about these storms in a very kid friendly way. the format for the book is questions and answers. The book provides just enough information to keep it interesting for student readers. The pictures are not real, but are realistic. I like how the authors write a note in the beginning of the story inviting the reader to read their book. This book will be appealing for stud...
Written by Melvin Berger Gilda Berger Higgins Bond
Published by Scholastic Reference (November 2000)
ISBN 0439148804
Price $5.95
Twisters are tornadoes. I learned about them in the book Twisters by Will Osborne. Twisters wreak everything. Twisters can destroy homes because the winds go 300 miles per hour. They hit in the midwestern U.S. in April, May and June. I feel excited about this book because it's good to know about natural disasters so if it happens you'll be prepared.
Written by Sal Murdocca Will And Ma Osborne
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers (February 2003)
ISBN 0375813586 Price $4.99

50. : Natural Disasters - Survival Community Of Forums, Supplies,
Worst blizzard in 7 years. Natural disasters Fierce storm hits eastern US, causesat least 16 deaths Posted February 17, 2003 1236 pm Eastern © 2003

51. - Worst Blizzard In 7 Years
Worst blizzard in 7 years Posted on Monday, February 17 @ 133510 EST by admin.Natural disasters Fierce storm hits eastern US, causes at least 16 deaths Posted

52. Blizzard/Snow And Ice Storms Safety And Preparations
aid kits, protection from dangerous people, basic first aid, earthquake flood firesafety, tornado, hurricane, high wind disasters, blizzards, stranded in your
Please show your support for this site and visit the sponsors Blizzard/Snow And Ice Storms Safety And Preparations You may live in the North where you are used to a fairly regularly scheduled winter season or you might be in the South where snow is a rare event. Either way, you may one day encounter a hazardous situation involving snow or freezing rain. Both can not only be dangerous, but fatal if you are not prepared. Be sure you always have on hand everything on the emergency supply list . Have one in your home and one in your car. You may also want a kit to leave at work and one for your kids at school. Usually there is enough warning that there is snow coming in your area. That is the time to make sure you are prepared for the worst, but don't worry too much. Most of the time snow is harmless. When snow becomes dangerous, these conditions may appear:
  • Over 1 foot of snow falling within 2 hours Snow mixed with rain Freezing rain that comes before or after snow Sudden temperature drops more than 10 degrees within an hour
  • These conditions are especially hard on very young children, senior citizens, and those with critical illnesses. If you are in that category, make sure you are in a safe place before the snow storm. The last thing you would want is to be stuck outside in the cold.

    53. Georgia Disasters -- Storm & Excess Water
    Following a blizzard, get water to your livestock as soon as possible; their NaturalDisasters in Georgia Freeze and Ice Storms http//

    Main Page
    News Releases Articles
    A special information site from
    The University of Georgia
    College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    Make Selection Disaster Main Page Disaster Preparation Disaster Recovery Drought Fire Nuclear Emergency CARING FOR LIVESTOCK AFTER A BLIZZARD
    Water Following a blizzard, get water to your livestock as soon as possible; their water need is critical. Cattle cannot satisfy all their water requirements by eating snow. In pastures with severe drifting, water in shallow streams may be absorbed by snow in the stream bed. Very little, if any, running water may be available for several days. You may need to haul water to cattle. Also, if water is limited, keep cattle off salt. Cattle which have been away from feed and water for several days may overeat salt, causing salt poisoning.
    Feed When stock cannot be reached by roads, use planes, helicopters or snowmobiles to provide emergency rations.
    Cattle Feedlot cattle that have gone through a severe storm or stress period should be put back on feed carefully. Change the ration gradually from a low to a high proportion of concentrate. Watch your herd carefully for several weeks following prolonged severe winter weather exposure. Isolate cattle that show signs of scouring or labored breathing. Keep these animals in a dry, draft-free place and contact a veterinarian.

    54. InteliHealth: About Natural Disasters
    a schoolwide Winter Storm Awareness Night. Invite families to the event to learnmore about winter storm and blizzard safety. Create a disaster supplies kit

    55. Disasters - ALL You Need To Know!!
    Save $2.39 (20%) Read more about this title blizzard (A Disaster!Book) ~ Ships in 23 days Christopher Lampton / Paperback

    Click HERE
    Absolute Disaster : Fiction from Los Angeles Ships in 2-3 days
    Lee Montgomery (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1997
    Our Price: $12.76 ~ You Save: $3.19 (20%)
    Read more about this title...
    After Disaster : Agenda Setting, Public Policy and Focusing Events (American Governance and Public Policy) Ships in 2-3 days
    Thomas A. Birkland / Paperback / Published 1997
    Our Price: $20.95
    Air Disaster Vol 1 Ships in 2-3 days
    MacArthur Job, Job MacArthur / Paperback / Published 1995
    Our Price: $17.56 ~ You Save: $4.39 (20%)
    Read more about this title...
    Air Disaster Vol 2 Usually ships in 24 hours
    MacArthur Job / Paperback / Published 1996
    Our Price: $17.56 ~ You Save: $4.39 (20%)
    Read more about this title...
    Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death? : How Pessimism, Paranoia, and a Misguided Media Are Leading Us Toward Disaster Usually ships in 24 hours
    H. Aaron Cohl / Paperback / Published 1997
    Our Price: $9.56 ~ You Save: $2.39 (20%)
    Read more about this title...

    56. Chicago ''L''.org: Mishaps & Unusual Occurrences
    Weather/Natural disasters. The blizzard of 79 Although the blizzard of 1967 occurredpreviously, the blizzard of 79 was the first that crippled the L system
    Thankfully, the "L" does not have claim to the worst transportation disaster in Chicago (that dubious honor goes to the 1915 Eastland disaster in which 844 were killed when an excursion steamer capsized in the Chicago River) nor the worst train disaster (that happened in 1972 when two Illinois Central commuter trains collided at 27th Street, killing forty-five). But the "L" has had its share. It is also worth noting that many "L"-related mishaps are not the fault of the CTA or their predecessors at all, but rather Mother Nature. A fair number of crippling problems have resulted from heavy snowfalls and other nature-related mishaps. These are perhaps the most frustrating because it is difficult to be fully prepared for them and impossible to prevent them. Listed below are those incidents which could truly be called disasters in some way or another (and the term is, of course, high subjective). Each is linked to a page describing the incident, with an additional page listing those mishaps which, while disastrous in their own right, do not warrant a page all their own. : There seems to be a tendency in the United States to want to blow rail accidents out of proportion. For instance, after the Amtrak crash at Bourbannais, a vigorous discussion ensued about how unsafe rail travel is. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    57. Chronological List Of Disasters With Declarations
    Apr 1978, Fire, Monroe (East Stroudsburg), Governor s Proclamation President sDeclaration Of Major Disaster. Feb 1978, blizzard, All 67 Counties, Governor s
    Chronological List of Disasters With Declarations DATE TYPE AFFECTED AREAS ACTION Sep 2003 Hurricane Isabel/Henri Statewide Governor's Proclamation of Disaster Emergency; Presidential Declaration - Individual Assistance for Chester County; SBA - EIDL for Berks, Delaware, Lancaster and Montgomery Counties Aug 2003 High Winds and Heavy Rains Crawford, Forest, Lackawanna, Mercer, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Venango, Warren, Wayne and Wyoming Counties Apr 2003 Fire Forest, Clarion, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, Venango and Warren Counties SBA - Economic Injury Disaster Loan Mar 2003 Fire, Borough of Emporium Cameron, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, McKean and Potter counties SBA-Economic Injury Disaster Loan Feb 2003 Severe Winter Storm Adams, Bedford, Berks, Blair, Cambria, Carbon, Chester, Clinton, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Lycoming, Mifflin, Montour, Montgomery, Northampton, Northumberland, Perry, Philadelphia, Schuylkill, Snyder, Somerset, Union, Washington, Westmoreland, and York counties Governor's Proclamation of Disaster Emergency; Pres-EM

    58. Disasters!
    Choose a disaster. and you can not see before you, it means that a blizzard is blowing


    Let's Play !


    Your Opinion
    ... Natural Disasters
    Choose a disaster Avalanche Wildfire Flood Winter Storm Thunderstorm Hail Tornado Hurricane Earthquake Volcano Tsunami Rockslide and Landslide

    Winter Storm
    There are many kinds of winter storm. You probably already know those happening during the winter, like the snow storm and the ice storm.
    Snow Storm
    The temperature must be sufficiently cold for snow to fall and flakes to reach the ground. When winds blow heavily and you can not see before you, it means that a blizzard is blowing.
    What to Do During a Blizzard
    Go home! Many people lost themselves during major snow storms. Everything becomes white and it is hard to find your way back home.
    Did You Know...?
    • Have you ever examined a snowflake? They are all different. Even though most of them have six sides, you will never find two similar snowflakes!
      A big snowflake travels at 5 km/h.

    59. Montgomery County Humane Society - "Preparing For Natural Disasters"
    big screen everyone has natural disasters on the brain these days. Memories arefresh of the run on bottled water and toilet paper during the last blizzard.
    Preparing for Natural Disaster With hurricanes in the news and twisters on the big screen everyone has natural disasters on the brain these days. Memories are fresh of the run on bottled water and toilet paper during the last blizzard. We all know the routine of extra water, fresh batteries, plenty of candles, and cupboards full of canned food, but there is one aspect that is often overlooked. When and if disaster strikes, there must be provisions for all members of the family, furry ones included. After big storms be extremely careful of downed power lines. When taking dogs for walks be sure to keep them close if lines are near and never let cats out if you see power lines down in the neighborhood. Be prepared during large snowstorms to dig pathways out for small dogs. Blizzards and electrical storms are the first that come to mind when thinking disaster, but there are many other events to be prepared for. As the D.C. metro area is surrounded by large roads and train lines it is hardly unthinkable that a hazardous spill could occur. In such a situation evacuation of homes would be likely. The following steps can be taken ahead of time to prepare for such an event:

    60. ART-Expensive Disasters
    The US has sustained some very expensive weatherrelated disasters over the August1992-September 1996 period blizzard of 96 Followed by Flooding January 1996
    EXPENSIVE DISASTERS The U.S. has sustained some very expensive weather-related disasters over the August 1992-September 1996 period (50 months) with approximately $85 billion in damages/costs* and nearly 800 deaths. All figures below reflect direct and indirect damages, costs, and deaths. Events are listed beginning with the most recent (reverse chronological order). [The damage figures represent actual dollar costs at the time of the event and are NOT adjusted for inflation.]
  • Hurricane Fran September 1996. Category 3 hurricane strikes North Carolina and Virginia; at least $5.0 billion damage/costs; 36 deaths. Southern Plains Severe Drought Fall 1995 through Summer 1996. Severe drought in agricultural regions of southern plains; over $4.0 billion damage/costs estimated so far; no deaths reported. Pacific Northwest Severe Flooding February 1996. Very heavy, persistent rains and melting snow over Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and western Montana; approximately $1.0 billion damage/costs; 9 deaths.
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