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         Birds By Location:     more detail
  1. Location checklist to the birds of the Chiricahua Mountains / by Richard Cachor Taylor ; drawings by Lois McLane, Tim Manolis & Margaret Pope by Richard Cachor Taylor, 1993

141. Alaskan Premium Bird Seed For Wild Birds ~ Will Henri's Farm - Anchorage, Alaska
Contact information and locations for purchasing Will Henri's Banquet for Alaska's Wild birds.
Welcome to Will Henri's Farm, home of Will Henri's Banquet for Alaska's Wild Birds , a premium diet of seeds, millet, grains, and our special formula of ground mixed nuts. This unique mix of bird seed is specially tailored for Alaska's wild birds, including Magpies, Waxwings, Redpoles, Siskins, Nuthatches, Pine Grosbeaks, Chickadees, Woodpeckers and many others. It is a blend of perfectly balanced nutrition and variety that keeps birds coming back for more. Some of the birds above are with us all year around and need your help, especially through the winter. Will Henri's Banquet for Alaska's Wild Birds helps supplement their natural resources and makes life a little bit easier for them Click here to learn about Will Henri's Banquet for Domestic Birds We are proud to offer this new recipe for your indoor feathered friends. And like our wild bird seed, it contains no preservatives.

142. Southwestern Louisiana Birding
Illustrated Louisiana checklist, Lafayette and Acadiana Parish checklists, birding locations in Southwestern Louisiana, and comparisons of similar species.
About the Nature Station Flora Fauna
... Home Southwestern Louisiana Birding Illustrated Louisiana Checklist
Lafayette Parish Checklist

Acadiana Park Checklist

Birding Locations in Southwestern Louisiana
Birding Links

v For current information and conversation on Louisiana bird sightings, be sure to join the LABIRD listserve. Rules and signup can be found at the LABIRD homepage
Recent postings from LABIRD
can be found on the Birding on the Net site.
v Back in about 1996, we solicited the opinions of Louisiana birders regarding which ten bird species they felt would be the next added to the state list. Click here to see how accurate their guesses were.
v The bird photographs on these pages are taken from the photos and videos of Paul Conover, Gary Broussard and Dave Patton. For information regarding the pictures, please contact Paul Conover Acadiana Park Nature Station E. Alexander St. Lafayette, LA 70501

143. Grey White-eye - Zosterops Borbonicus Mauritianus
Photo of this species, scientific classification, and list of locations where this bird can be found.
Mauritius Grey White-eye
Oiseau lunette gris
Zwazo manyok / pik pik
Zosterops borbonicus mauritianus Grey White-eye The Pic Pic is the only one of the nine known remaining endemic species on the island commonly seen, it has adapted well to juman presence. Top Scientific Name Zosterops borbonicus mauritianus English Name Mauritius Grey White-eye Local English Name French Name Local French Name Oiseau lunette gris Creole Name Zwazo manyok / pik pik Habitat Geographic Range Mauritius Status First Description Classification Kingdom
Sub phylum
Sub class
Super order
Family Genus Species Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Aves Neornithes Neognathae Passeriformes Campephagidae Zosterops borbonicus mauritianus Sites Bassin Blanc Macchabee Forest Road Macchabee-Bel Ombre Nature Reserve Home ... About Mauritius Back Next Page Encyclopedia Creole Sega ... Orchids

144. Where To Watch Birds In Ayrshire
be obvious but unfortunately we have to make absolutely clear that nothing in theselocation reports guarantees safe access, that the birds mentioned will be
Where to Watch Birds in Ayrshire
Where are the best places to watch birds in Ayrshire? When are the best times to go? What can you expect to see? This section hopes to answer these questions. Click on a place name below to view the location report. Each entry gives location (including OS grid reference and map link), access details, birding notes and any other relevant information (e.g. distance to nearest pub!). Click here for a list of all the contributors. Where this icon appears in a location's entry, this is a link to a detailed section of an Ordnance Survey map for the location (typically where to park). In Spring 2003 we published a 32-page, full-colour free booklet Birdwatching in Ayrshire and Arran containing a summary of the information containing on these pages. Click here for more information on this Guide We now have so many reports that we needed to organise the sites to make them easier to find. You will see that they have now been grouped by district ( North Ayrshire South Ayrshire and East Ayrshire ) and then further sub-divided by area, and listed alphabetically. This hopefully makes it easier to find nearby places to watch birds when you are in an area.If an entry has a number in brackets next to it, e.g. (8) for Ardrossan, this is its index in the

145. Birdwatching In Northern Ireland
Portmore Lough Royal Society for the Protection of birds reserve Locationsouthwest of Glenavy west off B156 along George s Island Rd. OS ref.
Birdwatching in Northern Ireland Official Site of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board O rnithologists from Britain and Western Europe come to study the birds of Northern Ireland every year, and with good reason. The province's position on the western fringes of Europe, and the sheer size of many of the flocks that breed or visit, have made it of particular interest both to the experts and the increasing number of birdwatching visitors who are able to combine their special interest with a relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings. Huge flocks of ducks, waders and geese come south from Arctic Canada and Greenland and other northern vastnesses to pass mild winters on the Ulster wetlands. In spring and summer large numbers of breeding seabirds feed on the fish-rich waters off the north-west coast. Chough and corncrake have some of their last strongholds in Ireland, but are rare in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is the first landfall for autumn migrating American waders, ducks and gulls blown off course, and there is always the chance for keen-eyed birders to spot rare visitors, especially at coastal sites. Wherever you do your birdwatching you can be sure of excellent accommodation, friendly people and good restaurants and pubs. Birders find it quite possible to spend a whole vacation in iust a couple of promising locations, such as the great sea loughs of Strangford and Foyle. If you do run out of holiday time, you can plan a return visit, perhaps at a different season. The birds of Northern Ireland are of interest all year round.

146. BirdForum - Searching For Night Birds
Sal. Registered User. Sal s Avatar. Join Date Jan 2003. LocationPietermaritzburg, South Africa. Posts 567. Searching for night birds.

147. UMB EFG Gallery :: Birds & Mammals
birds Mammals, 39 images in this album on 5 pages, Gallery UMB EFG Gallery AlbumNantucket Field Station. JF2025 SiteField station Locationbeach Subject
39 images in this album on 5 pages [slideshow] [login] Gallery: UMB EFG Gallery Album: Nantucket Field Station
Site: Field station
Location: beach
Subject: Canada Geese on beach
Keywords/Broad Taxa: bird,
Taxonomy: Anseriformes, Canada Goose, Branta canadensis
Viewed: 60 times.
Site: Field station
Location: trail Subject: osprey nest Keywords/Broad Taxa: habitat, bird, Taxonomy: Viewed: 84 times. BC-38 Site: Field station Location: trail Subject: osprey nest Keywords/Broad Taxa: habitat, bird, Taxonomy: Viewed: 77 times. FS-0004C Site: Field Station Location: shoreline Subject: gull Keywords/Broad Taxa: bird, Taxonomy: Viewed: 42 times. FS-0005C Site: Field Station Location: shoreline Subject: osprey Keywords/Broad Taxa: bird, Taxonomy: Viewed: 62 times. FS-0006C Site: Field Station Location: shoreline Subject: osprey nest, osprey Keywords/Broad Taxa: bird, habitat, Taxonomy: Viewed: 70 times. FS-0007C Site: Field Station Location: shoreline Subject: osprey nest, osprey Keywords/Broad Taxa: bird, habitat, Taxonomy: Viewed: 61 times. FS-0008C Site: Field Station Location: shoreline Subject: osprey nest, osprey

148. Results: Keywords: Birds Places: Mode: Html
Results keywords birds places mode html. abbeys

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