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         Birds By Location:     more detail
  1. Location checklist to the birds of the Chiricahua Mountains / by Richard Cachor Taylor ; drawings by Lois McLane, Tim Manolis & Margaret Pope by Richard Cachor Taylor, 1993

121. NJAS: Why Is NJ Important For Migrating Birds?
birds migrate nearly everywhere in New Jersey. “location, location, location,”is the cry of the real estate broker as he tries to close the deal.
Sightings Join Donate Store ... Search
Oases Home About NJAS Conservation Education ... Overview
What is it?

How does it work?

Stopover Sites

NJ’s Importance in Migration

Migration Study

What Radar Images Can Tell Us

Species Composition
One Fantastic Flight ... Stopover Site Models Action What can you do? Park Flight Partners and Projects Creating a Backyard Habitat Why is NJ important for migrating birds?
What is a migratory flyway?
New Jersey's location in the Atlantic Flyway Physiographic regions and diversity of habitats Habitat is key
In the Western Hemisphere, birds typically migrate in a north-south direction. There are certain places throughout the world and certain places in New Jersey, where the paths of migratory animals cross and concentrate, the same way tributaries feed into a river. The migratory paths are called flyways and there are four major flyways in North America. Each of these flyways corresponds to a major land feature that acts as a barrier or navigational tool to migrating animals. The barriers include coastlines, mountain ranges and major river valleys and floodplains.

122. Birds Eye View Of Philadelphia And Vicinity Showing Location Of The Philadelphia
birds eye view of Philadelphia and vicinity showing location ofthe Philadelphia Reading Railroad. 1870.
All Prints Shipped FREE to U.S. Destinations Toll Free: M-F 11am - 8pm EST Home Catalog Contact Help ... Historic Panoramic Prints Please enjoy our extensive collection of historic Panoramic Maps. Each drawing represents a city, town, or other location. In many cases these are a "Bird's Eye View" image, as if taken from an airplane, of famous locations from over 100 years ago. Search our collection to find your own town and see what it looked like in the past! Image Number (use when ordering by phone): Buy Now 11x14 Glossy (9.2" x 12.6" viewable) Buy Now 18x24 Art Paper (16.6" x 22.6" viewable) Buy Now 18x24 Laminated (16.6" x 22.6" viewable) Buy Now 18x24 Glossy (16.6" x 22.6" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Art Paper (22.6" x 30.8" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Map Paper (22.6" x 30.8" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Laminated (22.6" x 30.8" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Glossy (22.6" x 30.8" viewable) Buy Now 36x54 Map Paper (34.6" x 47.2" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Art Canvas (20.8" x 28.4" viewable) Buy Now 36x54 Glossy (34.6" x 47.2" viewable)

123. Fort Wayne, IN Wild Birds Unlimited - Bird Reports Archive
We specialize in the hobby of backyard bird feeding. See quality birdfeeders, mounting hardware, birdseed, nesting boxes, and birdbaths. Also find unique nature gifts from Harmony Kingdom, garden
Bird Reports Archive
Bird: red breasted nuthatch
Location: southwest fort wayne
Date: 21 Dec 2003
We haven't had this friendly little bird for a few years, only have one. Our bluebirds also came back about a month ago! Bird: Cedar Waxwing
Location: New Haven IN
Name: Barbara
03 Nov 2003
First time I have ever seen a cedar waxwing in my back yard. I was so excited, haven't seen it since. Bird: Pair of Junco's
Location: Ft Wayne West side of town
Name: N Keller Email: Date: 26 Oct 2003
feeding under Niger Feeder Bird: Cedar Waxwing Location: Ft Wayne westside of town Name: N Keller Email: Date: 26 Oct 2003
a medium size flock Bird: Paragan Falcon Location: Fort Wayne, In Name: Email: Date: 19 Oct 2003
My husband and I witnessed one the Paragon falcons swoop down and grab one of the piney squarals in are yard. They are so fast and was interesting to see him take off with the little piney in his claws. Bird: Sandhill Crane Location: Fort Wayne, IN Name: Caren Email:

124. Lake Flocking Experiment
Two flocks of birds migrating to different locations flock together before splitting apart.
Lake Flocking Experiment
Lake flock is based on the simulation in Computational Beauty of Nature . It simulates two species of birds migrating to lakes. Each birds has a general, but not perfect idea of where the lake is. Flocking helps the birds locate the lake with more accuracy. A single flock will split into two flocks when their goals diverge. All parameters are customizable. Source code is provided. Source Code
Other Flocking Simulations


125. When Birds Are Pests
Safe methods of keeping nuisance birds from attacking your crops, without using chemicals. market that promise to protect your garden from birds " says Jack Wagner of Birdbusters, a supplier of
Rodents Insects
Stinging Houseplants Lawn Care
Gopher Gardening
When Birds are Pests
Bird control methods that work
by Michael E. Trunko
Winged invaders swoop down from the sky, descend upon your ripening fruit or newly planted vegetable garden and in minutes your harvest or garden is gone. If you've ever suffered similar misfortunes, you're not alone. Although bird problems vary from year to year, region to region, and crop to crop, gardeners can expect damage to some extentfrom minor annoyances to total devastationevery season.
"It's just a fact of life," laments Mona Zemsky of Bird-X, Inc., a manufacturer of bird-control devices in Chicago, "that if you grow certain crops, you're going to have a bird problem. Irrigated gardens in the deserts of the Southwest are just as susceptible as gardens in the Midwest or New England."
An effective bird-control strategy involves more than sticking a scarecrow in your garden and forgetting about it (although in rare instances, this may work). Usually, the secret lies not only in the product or procedure but in your efforts and commitment as well. Also, the first strategy you attempt may not prove successful. But if you correctly use the appropriate products and procedures, you will enjoy damage-free harvests.
Start Early
"Failing to be ready early enough is perhaps the biggest mistake gardeners make," Zemsky points out. "You must keep the birds out before they include your garden in their daily feeding habit."

126. - States And Capitals
Lists the fifty states and information on their locations (latitude and longitude), birds, colleges and universities, constitutions, flowers, genealogical resources, and geological formations.
States and Capitals
Yellow Pages - Find businesses in your state Name: Category: City: State: Choose a State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut D.C. Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Alabama
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Site Map FAQ Place your pointer on a file folder to view a pop up of state abbreviation and capital city name.

127. Park Avenue Birds - Hand-raised Exotic And Domestic Birds
Specializing in hand raised exotic birds. Locations in West Bridgewater and Taunton.
Welcome to Park Avenue Birds and Pet Supply
"The Elite Tweet"

If you are looking to add a feathered companion to your family, then you have found the place that not only carries the widest variety of exotic and domestic birds in the area, but also will guarantee their health and be there for you long after the sale.
We also carry freshwater and marine fish, small animals and reptiles. We offer a full line of supplies to be certain that all our animals and fish will go home with the proper housing, food and lighting requirements to maintain their health.
Although we do not carry kittens, since it is our philosophy that they should only be purchased by a breeder, we do carry food, toys and supplies to meet all their needs.
Too far of a trip? We will gladly ship. And we offer a 10% discount to offset the shipping charges. Just e-mail with your request. Please feel free to contact us at

128. AOL Classifieds: Birds
If you birds FOR SALE/TRADEMICHIGAN (Qty. 12), Posted 05/03/04. LocationBANCROFT, MI - AOL Member Since 01, Price $30.00. Gender Female.
African Grey Amazon Cockatiel Cockatoo ... Help Birds listings found Newest Most Expensive Least Expensive Pages 1 thru 20 of 35 Basic Listings handfed quaker New! Location: apex, NC - AOL Member Since '96 Price: Gender: N/A hand fed quakers very friendly 05/09/2004 - Seller changed the following: Pricing Information 05/18/2004 - Seller added the following: currently 5 wks old and taking deposits The following payment... hand fed baby green cheek conure New! Location: apex, NC - AOL Member Since '96 Price: Gender: N/A prove dyh amazon pair sale or trade New! Location: cary, NC - AOL Member Since '96 Price: Gender: N/A New! Location: Meredith, NH - AOL Member Since '03 Price: Gender: Female WANTED: BIRDS ANY TYPE Posted: 06/03/04 Location: NEWPORT NEWS, VA - AOL Member Since '03 Price: Gender: N/A Hi, I have a story to tell, I live in VA, in 2003 my home was broken into and my family was distroyed. My family consists of myself (55yrs), Gillie, b/g Macaw (8yrs), Paulie, Conure (3yrs), Drumme... Bird Wanted Posted: 05/31/04 Location: Garden Grove, CA - AOL Member Since '03 Price: Gender: N/A I live in Southern Ca, I am looking to adding another bird to my family. I like all kinds of birds, but would prefer an Amazon, Grey or a conure. Thanks, keep me in mind if you need to find a lovi...

129. American Birding Association Birdfinding Guides
Instructions for finding birds in North America's birding locations with maps, species lists, annotated checklists, and general travel information.

130. The Birding Video Store
Information about company and how to order video tapes of birds and bird watching locations from around the world.
Welcome to the Birding Video Store
Looking for birding videos from around the world - Queensland, Costa Rica, Chile, Belize, The Yukon, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, Oregon, British Columbia, The Northwest Territories, Alaska, Washington, California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming...for starts? We have them and more our catalog is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to all of our customers for their support over the last six years. We hope that the next six will be as exciting as the last. You may use your Visa or MasterCard to order from us, using a secure portal furnished by PayPal or you may use your check or money order to order directly from us at the address below. If you are using your credit card you may purchase one at a time or using our handy shopping cart. Enjoy. BIG NEWS ON TWO FRONTS: Our third video on birding in Brazil is now in production; The Birds of Brazil's Our staff was able to participate in an exciting discovery and provide the first formal documentation of a Rufous Necked Puffbird at its nest.

131. Kielder Water Bird Of Prey And Falconry Centre
An opportunity to meet, see and hear Owls and birds of Prey from aroundthe world and learn about the ancient sport of falconry.
An opportunity to meet, see and hear Owls and Birds of Prey from around the world and learn about the ancient sport of falconry. Birds Centre Location Search ... Books
Kielder Water Bird of Prey Centre,
Northumberland, England.
Telephone: +44 (0)1434-250400

132. PetsPlus
Products for all domestic pets, reptiles, birds, fish, and carries pond supplies. Store locations in Norwich, Connecticut and Westerly, Rhode Island.
Now at Two locations: Norwich, CT and Westerly RI WELCOME PetsPlus/the Grooming Den has been in business for over 20 years. Our goal is to promote the Love and care of all pets. We bring to our customers what we consider to be quality pets, foods, and related products, combined with personalized service and advice. Welcome to our shop. We hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Dog Breeds Available Kennel Clubs Fish Small Animals ... CLUB Sorry for any problems with the Website, doing some remodeling Please call or email us Last Update 01/18/03

133. Location
If the location you would like to submit a report for is not listedin our options, please click here and let us know. We will add
SOCIETY GIFT SHOP Calgary, Canada Volunteer Newsletter HOME Ring Road News ... Staying Nearby INTERACT Contact Us Talk About Wildlife Edit Your Member Info The Society ... Contribute LEARN Kids Field Trips Free Eco-tours Learning Centre Cover Stories ... FAQ PLAY Nature Trivia Free Swaro Scope Birding Pool Pool Standings REPORT Backyard Wildlife Plants RECENT SEARCH Birds / Wildlife Plants Wildlife Lists WEB STUFF Virus Warning Add Us Tell a Friend Links ... Quality Control Report Alberta Wildlife - Step 1 What is this and how does it work? Where did you see what you are reporting? USER TIP - Use the Tab key to jump to the first item and then use your arrow keys to move up and down. Calgary - parks, natural areas and public places
Calgary - communities and neighbourhoods
Calgary - urban quadrants and rural surrounds Edmonton - parks, natural areas and public places
Edmonton - communities and neighbourhoods
Edmonton - urban quadrants and rural surrounds Camrose parks and communities
Lethbridge parks and communities
Medicine Hat parks and communities
Red Deer parks and communities Alberta - parks, natural areas and public places

Comprehensive site for information on birds and birding in the Hawaiian Islands. News and events, introduction, sightings, checklist, annotated lists of breeding and migrant birds, site guides to birding locations on each major island, articles, links and other resources.

135. All Seasons WIld Bird Store
Offers a variety of birding products, along with annual birding tours. Locations around the Twin Cities, offers delivery service. Site has information on attracting different species of birds, links of interest to birdwatchers.
Great Gifts for Dad Want to commemorate Dad's ongoing squirrel battles? Or maybe he loves gadgets of all types. All Seasons has great gifts ranging from "Feed the Bird" squirrel t-shirts to hi-tech weather gadgets. They're Back! Are you ready for the return of the hummingbirds and orioles? We have one of the best selection of feeders you'll find in the Metro Area! It's Truly an Ugly Bugly The Minnesota Summer Bird is lying in wait. It's so large, you don't even need your binocs. Protect your family now from a bumper crop of Minnesota mosquitoes!

136. Great Lakes Environment - USEPA
Glaucous gull, Unknown location National Park Service, Indiana Dunes NationalLakeshore High Resolution. Great blue heron, Unknown location Don Breneman.
Great Lakes Recent Additions Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Great Lakes Visualizing the Great Lakes About ...
Glaucous gull, Unknown location
National Park Service, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
High Resolution
Great black-backed gull, Unknown location
National Park Service, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
High Resolution
Herring gull, Unknown location
National Park Service, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
High Resolution
Caspian tern with two nestlings, Unknown location
National Park Service, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
High Resolution
Nesting gull, Saginaw Bay Lake Huron
US Fish and Wildlife Service High Resolution Common snipe, Unknown location

137. Wi-Fi Hotspots Wireless Hotspots Australia Wi-fi Hotspots Wifi Hot
Hotspots by State. hot

138. EuroBirdNet Switzland LINK ERROR
General birdwatching information including Swiss birding locations and a checklist of the birds of Switzerland
Welcome on our server of ornithological information! Please use the new link for the access on EuroBirdNet Switzerland Please modify your bookmark with: "" Webmaster: Geneva, April 16 2002,
Alain Chappuis

This site exist since december 5th 1994.

139. Birding In Namibia
s of various Namibian birding locations and the species to be seen in them.......

140. Florida Birding Hotspots
Brief descriptions of eight of the best birding locations in Florida.
var zflag_nid="162"; var zflag_cid="257/1"; var zflag_sid="220"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="15"; document.write(code); F L O R I D A W I L D L I F E
Trouble, a handsome Bald Eagle is available for "adoption" at the Florida Audubon Society Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland, Florida.
Elvis, a rare Kestral, a threatened species, is available for adoption.
A former patient, Heinz, a Great Horned Owl , is now living in Central Florida.
Juanita, of the threatened species Crested Caracara , also awaits adoption. Smedley, an injured Osprey is awaiting your donations. TAKE A BIRD UNDER YOUR WING at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey,
1101 Audubon Way, Maitland, FL32751 This is one of the premier raptor rehab facilities in the nation. As the name suggests, it specializes in top-of-the-food-chain predators and scavengers: hawks, kestrels, falcons, owls, kites, ospreys, caracaras, vultures and eagles . The center receives between 500 and 600 injured or orphaned birds annually. Since it opened in 1979, more than 8,000 birds have been treated at the center; more than 3,500 including 206 bald eagles have been released back into the wild.

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