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         Birds By Location:     more detail
  1. Location checklist to the birds of the Chiricahua Mountains / by Richard Cachor Taylor ; drawings by Lois McLane, Tim Manolis & Margaret Pope by Richard Cachor Taylor, 1993

61. Bird Viewing Location Links - Washington
Where and When to View birds in Washington. Links on This Page. BirdingAssociations Birding Hotspots and Field Trips (Audubon
Sunny Walter's
Washington Nature Weekends
Bird Viewing Locations
Other States:

BC CA ...

(external links below open in new windows) Where and When to View Birds in Washington Links on This Page
Links on This Website (other pages)

62. Joanne's Backyard
Photographs of birds and butterflies from a backyard at an undisclosed location in the northcentral US.
Welcome to Joanne's Backyard. I created this as a place for fellow bird lovers like myself, to come and see the various birds that have visited my backyard habitat. In addition to all the pictures on this site, you will also find plenty of related info on birds, my butterfly garden, a little about me and also links to my favorite sites. A few years back I bought a bird house to decorate my backyard fence. Little did I know, that this one purchase was going to change my life. Months later, I noticed a gorgeous blue-colored bird sitting on the fence. It wasn't long before I learned I had actually purchased a bluebird house and now had a pair claiming it for their own. What a thrill it was, to have a successful fledge of eastern bluebirds. This experience was life altering. I was now inspired and it didn't take long before I began adding feeders and bird baths in hopes of attracting more bird species to my yard. I searched the internet for sites, to learn how to provide a habitat that would be attractive to birds. I found the National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat program and realized I already provided the basics (food, shelter, water, and places to raise their young), so I completed the application process and received my certification in August, 2002. As my passion for backyard birding has grown, my interests have expanded to include gardening for birds, digital photography and raising mealworms, which are a favorite food of many birds, but especially the bluebirds. I now have a few butterfly/hummingbird gardens and was treated to my first ever sighting of a ruby-throated hummingbird this past summer, which I was fortunate to photograph.

63. Frontenac
12 km northeast of Sydenham. Canadian Shield land. Home to many unusual species of birds. Swimming, fishing, backcountry hiking and canoeing. Natural features, facilities, location.
Skip over main navigation to content. Welcome Your Parks Park Zine ... Backcountry Camping Other Quick Links Natural Features Fees Tourism Weather ... Reserve a site
Situated on a southern arm of the Canadian Shield north of Kingston, this semi-wilderness park features granite outcrops, vast wetlands and mixed forests, plants and wildlife. Trails wind through rugged terrain to Moulton Gorge, the Arkon Lake Bog, the Black Lake homestead and the Crab Lake mines. From Otter Lake, hikers and canoeists head into the interior for glimpses of osprey and kingfisher, deer and black bear, coyote and fox, and abundant beaver. Wilderness skills courses are offered in summer and winter. Visit the Friends of Frontenac website Bringing your own supply of firewood to the park this summer? Please read this.
Park Class Size IUCN# Location Operating Park Natural Environment 5,214 ha

64. Birds- Bush & Beyond Guided Trekking - Motueka, New Zealand. Nature Treks And Gu
There was a remarkable array of flightless birds, including the giant moa (now extinct).The Maori brought the Polynesian rat and dog. location Heaphy Track.
New Zealand's natural environment is unique. Once part of the southern super continent of 'Gondwana', it had been isolated for about 60 million years until the first humans arrived a mere 1,000 years ago. That event made New Zealand the last major land area on earth to receive the brunt of human contact. What the early Polynesians found was a natural environment that had evolved in total isolation. "New Zealand is the closest we can come to studying evolution on another planet". (Jarred Diamond - American biologist). There were no mammals other than 2 bats. The bird life had evolved free of predation except for a few birds of prey. There was a remarkable array of flightless birds, including the giant moa (now extinct). The Maori brought the Polynesian rat and dog. Europeans followed with a long list of predators. The effect of these animals on New Zealand's remarkable bird life was devastating, but in places such as Kahurangi, many species still remain and like the plant life, most are endemic.
Kea Checklist of some of the more sought after sightings
E= Endemic to New Zealand Bird Species E Great Spotted Kiwi Location: Heaphy Track Status: Only Kahurangi Park and West Coast E Blue Duck (WHIO)

65. Parks & Recreation - The Birds
with birds; Landscape with birds Artist Zora Janosova location NationalColonial Farm 3400 Bryan Point Rd., Accokeek ZZebra Bird;
text only version
Find All of the Birds!
74 five-foot birds were creatively designed by area artists and placed throughout Prince George's County from August thru October, 2003. Images of the artist's designs and the locations where the birds roosted are listed below. Birds I View gave visitors the opportunity to enjoy whimsical art while discovering the county and its communities.
See the official Birds I View Field Guide that was available for birdwatching journeys.
The birds were available at the locations below until the end of October 2003. To find out more about what the birds have been up to since October, visit our page.
Click on the images to see larger versions of the designs and bios of the artists.
  • Family Reunion
    Artist: Caroline Afande
    Location: Patuxent Research Refuge National Visitor Center
    10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel
  • If I Ran the Zoo-Bird Artist: Barb Bancroft Location: Kettering-Largo Library (inside) 9601 Capital Ln., Largo Library Hours: Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm Sunday, 1 pm - 5 pm
  • Nesting Instincts Artist: Kyle Bancroft Location: Prince George's County Administration 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Dr.
  • 66. The Golden Festival Of Birds And Bears - Finding Us
    The Golden Festival of birds Bears May 9 15, 1999 Golden, BritishColumbia, Canada. Festival location. For more information regarding
    May 9 - 15, 1999
    Golden, British Columbia, Canada
    Festival Location
    For more information regarding directions to Golden, services, and accommodation in Golden, please contact Back to Main Page Schedule of Activities Contests
    Our Birds
    Contact Us for More Information!
    This site is generously mirrored for free by two great local service providers:
    Redshift Information Technology
    and Rocky Mountain Internet Junction
    The Festival organizers wish to thank both providers for their kind contributions.
    Last updated March 20,1999
    Site design by Redshift Information Technology Inc.

    67. Limestone Islands
    West of Parry Sound in Georgian Bay. Fossil deposits and home to many birds. Nature reserve; no facilities, no camping. Natural features, facilities, location.
    Natural Features This 450 ha nature reserve in Georgian Bay has two limestone islands. The islands are unique compared to the others in the region which are typified by granitic bedrock and wind-swept pines. The flat, low-lying shelves of pitted limestone are dominated by shrubby and herbaceous vegetation. The islands provide valuable, undisturbed nesting habitat for several species of colonial waterbirds. Park Facilities and Activities There are no visitor facilities and camping is prohibited on the islands. Day-use for walking, photography and nature appreciation is permitted outside of the May 1 – August 1 nesting season with the permission of the Park Superintendent. However, due to the sensitivity of the site, visitation to the islands is generally discouraged. Location: Fourteen miles west of Parry Sound in Georgian Bay. Park Class Size IUCN# Location Operating Park Nature Reserve 450 ha Central No
    For more information:
    Killbear Provincial Park
    P.O. Box 71
    Nobel, Ontario
    POG 1GO
    Last Modified: January 5, 2004

    68. Venango County Birds
    JEFFERSON COUNTY Date, Bird Name, location, Comments. April 27, Henslow s Sparrow,Tom C. Other Sites to Visit. Other Web Sites For birds Click to go to

    69. GORP - Birds And Wildlife - The Low Country
    General information and links to specific sites along the coast south of Charleston.

    United States
    Canada Europe Top Adventures ... Contests Search:
    DisplayAds ("Top,Right,Middle,TopRight,Right1,Right2,Frame1!Top", "468", "60");
    Wildlife We Love (and Would Hate to Lose)

    15 Spectacular World Parks

    Your Guide to Walking Well

    Top 10 Carolina Campsites
    2004 Gear of the Year

    from Outside Online

    US States
    Around the Globe City Weekends ... Discussion Boards DESTINATIONS The Low Country Birds and Wildlife By Claire Pamplin Ask someone who really understands the Low Country and he will tell you not to miss an opportunity for the unparalleled birding and wildlife-watching to be found there. Woodstork The coast between Charleston and St. Marys is on the Atlantic flyway, enhancing the region as an destination for bird-watching. Nine national wildlife refuges and several state-owned sanctuaries ensure large, undisturbed habitats for birds and animals. Many are open to the public. Low Country birders have recorded bald eagles, peregine falcons, snowy egrets, cattle egrets, tri-colored (Louisiana) herons, wood storks, night herons, little blue herons and many other species. American alligators, loggerhead turtles and manatee are also present. Mammals include deer, feral hogs, raccoon, mink and otter. The cooler months are the best times to do most outdoor activities in South Carolina and Georgia, and bird- and wildlife watching is no exception. October through April are the best birding months. If you're looking for alligators and other reptiles, March through October is prime time. The hotter months are also best if you want to see flowers in bloom, trees in full leaf and Spanish moss at its thickest.

    70. Long Point
    Peninsula in Lake Erie, 45 km southwest of Simcoe. 40 km peninsula is home to many migratory birds. Birding, hiking, boating, fishing, camping. Natural features, facilities, location.
    Skip over main navigation to content. Welcome Your Parks Park Zine ... Barrier Free Access Other Quick Links Natural Features Fees Tourism Weather ... Reserve a site
    This park is part of a 40-kilometre-long sandspit in Lake Erie which is recognized as a biosphere reserve by the United Nations. It is a world-renowned refuge and stopover for migrating birds in fall and spring. Waterfowl viewing is excellent in March. Its delicate dunes and marshes also teem with songbirds, spawning fish, turtles and frogs. Bringing your own supply of firewood to the park this summer? Please read this.
    Park Class Size IUCN# Location Operating Park Recreation 150 ha Southern Yes For more information:
    Long Point Provincial Park
    Box 99
    Rowan, Ontario
    Site Map Search Your Parks ... Long Point Last Modified: May 20, 2003

    71. Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping conserve, restore and enhance the environmental and aesthetic features of the lagoon. History, location, events, birds, plants, and membership information.
    Dedicated to preserve, protect, and enhance Batiquitos Lagoon. The Nature Center

    (more addresses below) The Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation is dedicated to the preservation, enhancement, and protection of Batiquitos Lagoon. This coastal wetland is north of San Diego between the cities of Carlsbad and Encinitas. Batiquitos Lagoon is one of the few remaining tidal wetlands on the southern California coast. (click here for a gorgeous picture courtesy of the Port of L.A.) The BLF is also involved in programs to educate the public in the values of this natural environment (coastal salt marsh with tidal mudflats) and the habitats it provides for birds, insects, plants, fish, mammals, and benthic animals.
    The Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation is a non-profit organization.
    Events (trail walks, invasive plant removal, kid's activities,
    monthly speakers, docent training, daycamp, et al.) Wetlands Community-based Grant Trail Guide (PDF* file for printing) Art Festival Location (with trail and access map) Birds History Plants (including vegetation maps) Geology Our Mission Maintenance Dredging Membership Long-Term Monitoring
    (including Least Tern Monitoring) Board Meetings Fishing Grand Plans Newsletter Related sites FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) More e-mail addresses
    • If you're interested in volunteering

    72. Brucknell Park Camp Is The Perfect Location For Student School Camps Or Scout Ca birds Butterflies. window. The Brucknell park bush landis home to a wide variety of birds and butterflies. Visiting
    Brucknell Park
    Natural Bushland Camp
    Please note our email address: Homepage

    School Camps

    Value of Outdoor Education
    Jungle Book Names

    This is a real life photo taken with a webcam - through a window.
    The Brucknell park bush land is home to a wide variety of birds and butterflies. Visiting students can gain rich educational experience in our natural environment.
    Seasonal Bird List for the Brucknell Park area. AUTUMN
    White Throated Tree Creeper
    Grey Fantail Grey Thrush Yellow Robin Blue Wren Brown Thornbill Raven Magpie Kookaburra Noisy Minor Eastern Rosella Fantailed Cuckoo White Naped Honeyeater Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike Eastern Shrike Tit WINTER Scarlet Robin Yellow Robin White Throated Tree Creeper Grey Thrush Red Browed Finch White Naped Honeyeater White Eared Honeyeater White Plumed Honeyeater Yellow Faced Honeyeater Yellow Wing Honeyeater Blue Wren Grey Fantail Wedgetail Eagle Kookaburra Noisy Minor Crimson Rosella Brown Thornbill Little Grassbird Magpie White Browed Scrub Wren Eastern Spinebill Golden Whistler Long Billed Corella Swallow Nankeen Kestrell Pied Currawong Grey Butcher Bird SPRING Mudlark Blue Wren White Throated Tree Creeper Brown Thornbill Yellow Robin Gold Finch White Plumed Honeyeater White Eared Honeyeater Kookaburra Golden Whistler Magpie Grey Fantail White Browed Scrub Wren English Blackbird Raven SUMMER White Throated Tree Creeper Crimson Rosella Grey Thrush Gold Finch Dusky Wood Swallow Grey Fantail Brown Thornbill Blue Wren Yellow Robin

    73. Vefhótel Galdurs
    Often they can also give more exact location of rare birds. Fréttir 24.5. 2004,Fjallkjói (Sland) Fjallkjói sást á flugi í nágrenni Selfoss. BB. 24.5.

    74. Northumbria Hotels & B&Bs Search Result
    Original coaching house near Beamish. Countryside location. Home cooking, family rooms. Gardens with many wild birds. 4 Diamond ETC and Northumbria Tourist Board Member.
    Farms Groups Specialist Search For Accommodation ... Search For Places To Eat Top 5 Must-Dos! 1. Enjoy A Great Night Out 2. See World Class Heritage 3. Indulge At City Bars And Cafes 4. Visit Contemporary Landmarks ... 5. Sample Northumbrian Produce Basic Information The Coach House ETC Address High Urpeth, Beamish, Durham, DH9 0SE Telephone Fax E-mail Web Enquire now about this property Description The home of Kim and Mike Foreman, the Coach House is a converted genuine Coaching House in the hamlet of High Urpeth which has it's history dating back to Roman times. It is situated in a delightful countryside location, yet within very easy travelling distance for Durham, Metro Centre, Newcastle, Beamish Museum and five minutes from the A1M. Newcastle airport and main rail stations are approximately 20 minutes away. The Coach House acts as an excellent touring base for Northumbria, Durham and the Northern Dales. Our Guests have a choice of Two Patio areas within our lovely garden and can view the unique activity of our many Wild Birds. There is a choice of well appointed and Spacious Bedrooms plus a Family Room and Studio Suite all with colour TV, tea and coffee making facilities.

    75. Fairy Wren & Other Australian Birds
    This Tiny Bird Knows an Impostor When it Hatches. Phoenix32890 Veteran Member Joined14 Sep 2002 Posts 10892 location With the birds and the alligators.
    Forum Index Home Forums Portal ... Toolbar new Register FAQ Search Log in to check your private messages ... Australia Author Message Piffka
    Veteran Member
    Joined: 11 Nov 2002
    Posts: 6425
    Location: Bombay, WA
    Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2003 8:49 pm Australia seems to have an incredible collection of animals including some extraordinary birds. This article in the NYTimes shows that one of its smallest and most beautiful is also very clever...
    This Tiny Bird Knows an Impostor When it Hatches

    Veteran Member
    Joined: 14 Sep 2002
    Posts: 11177
    Location: With the birds and the alligators. Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2003 11:22 pm Post: 142387 - Piffka- What a lovely story- and what a gorgeous bird. Thanks! gezzy Seasoned Member Joined: 15 Nov 2002 Posts: 2952 Location: Canada Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 12:01 am Post: 142402 - Thanks Piffka I don't think I've ever seen such a beatiful bird. margo Seasoned Member Joined: 28 Oct 2002 Posts: 4056 Location: Sydney Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 2:25 am Post: 142467 - We have a wonderful collection of colourful birds, interesting birds, unusual birds, etc. I'm happy to direct visitors to some great birding - but you will have to travel outside the city!

    76. Do Birds Appreciate Heated Birdbaths?
    Noddy24 Seasoned Member Joined 27 Oct 2002 Posts 2320 location Brave New World,Posted Thu Oct 02, 2003 1025 am Post 386456 Do birds Appreciate Heated
    Forum Index Home Forums Portal ... Toolbar new Register FAQ Search Log in to check your private messages ... Forum Index Poll :: Are you a bird watcher?
    Yes. I hike for miles to look at birds. Yes. I have feeders in the back yard. I would be a bird watcher if I lived in a more rural area. Total Votes :
    Author Message
    Seasoned Member
    Joined: 27 Oct 2002
    Posts: 2513
    Location: Brave New World
    Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 10:25 am Post: 386456 - Do Birds Appreciate Heated Birdbaths? Last year I received a heated birdbath for Christmas. Last year the weather in December, January, February and March did not inspire me to get out in the beautiful snowy landscape dragging extension cords and buckets of water.
    This has been a completely uneventful summer for backyard birding. Late in April, the Resident Bear raided the feeders and I didn't want to run a lunch counter for the Resident Bear.
    Do winter birds really enjoy having water in liquid form? Or is the "need" for winter water developed by the heated birdbath manufacturers of America? sozobe
    Veteran Member Joined: 16 Oct 2002 Posts: 9874 Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 2:34 pm

    77. Birds Of Prey Centre, North Yorkshire. Flying Displays, Falconry Courses, Birds
    birds of prey centre. Includes visitor information, location map, information about adopting birds and contact details.
    Home Visitor Information Adopt a Bird Meet the Birds ... Links page
    Falconry UK LTD - Contact: 01845 587522
    The at Sion Hill Hall, near Thirsk, was setup to ensure that birds of prey would survive to provide the public with a rare opportunity to see and enjoy these beautiful birds.
    Why not visit us for a fantastic day out for all the family - and round off a perfect day with a visit to our well stocked gift shop and snack bar.
    Enjoy the thrills and excitement of falconry at the Birds of Prey and Conservation Centre , with over 70 birds and 30 species.
    Eagles, falcons, hawks, kites, vultures and owls will swoop and dive around you as you sit in a beautiful English garden. Our skilled handlers will explain why the birds hunt and fly as they do, where they come from in the wild and how they are trained.
    Discover at first hand what makes these birds masters of the skies. Following each breathtaking display you too may hold our birds of prey for The Ultimate Hands on Experience. CLICK HERE for your "FREE CHILD ENTRY" vouchers!
    Next Club meeting -
    Sat 5th June
    Online booking now active... it's easy

    78. Birds & Blooms Magazine And Calendar Publications
    9H034 Winter Garden with Potting Shed. Photographed on location in Waukesha,Wisconsin. Published in birds Blooms Magazine, December/January 2002.
    #7I304 Yucca (x2).
    #7A003 Winter Garden.
    #9A285 Tatarican Honeysuckle.
    #9F046 Hosta Garden.
    #9B068 Jingle Bells Poinsettia, 7A003 Winter Garden.
    #00T009 Fall Still Life, #01C004 Cannas, #5S08 Butterfly Weed.
    #9F046 Hosta Garden.
    #8A616 Frosty Marigolds.
    #9H034 Winter Garden with Potting Shed.
    #00F175 Water Lilies and Frog.
    #9O258 (x2) Monarch Caterpillar. #8A153 Daylilies. #5T09 Blazing Star (x2). #7A017 Highbush Cranberry Fruits. #7I304 Yucca (x2), #6B79 Columbine (x2). #7H68 Redbud. #7I304 Yucca, #8A616 Frosty Marigolds, and #8A11 Sparrows in winter. #8D009 Tending the flower garden, model Julie Rosenberg. #6F09 Small garden bridge. #7I278 Coreopsis (x2), #7G66 Heliotrope (x2), #5S20 White Cosmos (x2). #7I178 Weigela florida. Weigela florida #7I23 Honey Bee. #7K08 Blue Bird on split rail fence.
    A Blue Bird stands on a split rail fence facing his post mounted nesting box. Full page, back cover. #8A22 House Wren. #7Q01 Clay Pots and More. #5V24 Monarda didyma, Cambridge Scarlet. #7Q14 Watering Trough Planter. #7Q162 Garden Archway. #6C43 Zwanenburg Bronze Crocus in Snow.

    79. GORP - Birdlife In Kenya
    General information and summaries of which birds can be seen in various parks and reserves.

    United States
    Canada Europe Top Adventures ... Contests Search:
    DisplayAds ("Top,Right,Middle,TopRight,Right1,Right2,Frame1!Top", "468", "60");
    Wildlife We Love (and Would Hate to Lose)

    15 Spectacular World Parks

    Your Guide to Walking Well

    Top 10 Carolina Campsites
    2004 Gear of the Year

    from Outside Online

    US States
    Around the Globe City Weekends ... Discussion Boards DESTINATIONS Birding in Kenya Kenya has a vast variety of species, over 1000, in a vast variety of habitats. From montane forest to tropical coast, in every conceivable altitude range: deserts, open savannah grassland, lowland forest, bush and scrub, lakes and mudflats. This huge variety of birds is made possible by the lack of climatic extremes. Kenya straddles the equator and has no 'summer' or 'winter' as such - only wet and dry seasons. In the northern latitudes huge numbers of birds migrate south to avoid the harsh oncoming winters. From as far east as the Bering Straits and as far west as the northern tip of Norway - they come in their millions to East Africa. It has been estimated, give or take a few million, that as many as 6,000 million birds make the journey each year. Combine the migratory birds to the incredible variety of local birds, and you have an ornithological paradise. advertisement DisplayAds ("Top,Right,TopRight,Right1,Frame1,Middle!Middle", "250", "250");

    80. Volcanoes Safaris | Birds
    it has more than 1,000 bird species recorded, making it possibly the richest Africanbirding destination “a wonderland for birds . Its location near the
    Although Uganda is about the size of Britain, it has more than 1,000 bird species recorded, making it possibly the richest African birding destination - “a wonderland for birds". Its location near the East African savannah, the Central African rainforest and the semi-desert of the north gives it a remarkable diversity.
    Specific safaris
    Birds can be seen anywhere and everywhere in Uganda and in Rwanda but for our special programme see A Birder's Paradise safari (U13) here
    A list of our scheduled safaris from Kampala, Uganda and Kigali, Rwanda are shown below.
    From Kampala UGS1 - Classic Uganda and Rwanda 11 days UGS2 - Gorillas and Wildlife - Bwindi and QE 5 days UGS3 - Climbing the Rwenzoris 10 days From Kigali RWS1 - Gorillas in the Virungas and Bwindi 8 days RWS2 - Classic Rwanda and Uganda 11 days RWS3 - Gorillas in PNV and Mgahinga 6 days

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