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         Birds By Location:     more detail
  1. Location checklist to the birds of the Chiricahua Mountains / by Richard Cachor Taylor ; drawings by Lois McLane, Tim Manolis & Margaret Pope by Richard Cachor Taylor, 1993

1. Identifying Wild Birds By Location At
Use bird checklists and location as a guide to identifying birds. Find morehelp here at Identification by Location.
Identification by Location Identify Checklists of the Birds
of each State and Province
... Checklists of the Birds of U.S. Military Bases (!!)
Someone went to a lot of work and did a great job! It is easier to identify an unknown bird if you can narrow your choices. I suppose that it is theoretically possible that any of the 10,200 species of birds of the world may be in your back yard right now! It is highly unlikely that one of them is an Emperor Penguin or an Emu. It is more likely that the bird is one that has already been seen in your area. You can start with a list of the birds of your state or province. The links to the right can show you all the birds that have been seen. Remember, these state/province checklists include some very rare birds that have been seen only once or twice in your area. But you have still managed to limit your choices to 400-600 species at most. You can narrow your choices even further. Find a local checklist of birds in your area. Audubon Chapters or State Parks will often have checklists showing local seasonal abundance. These checklists may include 200-300 species. You started your search by considering all the birds of the world and already you narrowed your choices down to just 2-3% of the birds of the world!

2. Bird List - Checklist Order
Goldfinch House Sparrow 1 House Sparrow 2. Go to Birds by alphabeticname. Go to birds by location. Back to Birds in Nature Home Page.
Birds in Nature - images of wild birds by Richard Ditch This page lists my bird photos in checklist order, the way most experienced birders expect to see birds listed. Checklist order is based on taxonomic relationships of related species, so thrashers and mockingbirds appear close to each other, etc. Most field guides base their structure on this same taxonomic order. If you prefer selecting from another list, try either my alphabetic order selector or my location selector page - all three methods contain links to all the same images. The most recent posts can also be seen. A much shorter list that avoids redundant and weaker images is made up of my favorites.
Common Loon 1

Common Loon 2

Common Loon 3
... Back to Birds in Nature Home Page

3. Great Horned Owls In Cliff Roost - Richard Ditch
Birds in Nature images of wild birds by Richard Ditch Back to the birds by location. Back to Birds in Nature Home Page
Birds in Nature - images of wild birds by Richard Ditch
Subject:Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)
Place: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Date: June 2002
Film: Fujichrome Sensia 100
Exposure: aperture priority matrix metered
Scan: Minolta Dimage, 100% of frame
Commentary: Taken within a half mile of our house, and within a quarter mile of the White-winged Doves on this site. We've watched these owls court on the hill top nearby in April, listened to them call in the early morning hours, and even had one on the street lamp in front of our house one Christmas night. But I only discovered this daytime roost recently when I spotted whitewash on the crest near my White-winged Dove location. That evening I got to watch a juvenile bird in the immediate area, and the following day I found this location, occupied by a single adult bird. Two evenings later when I took my wife to see the adult, we found these three juveniles instead. At dusk they flew down and waited for an adult to feed them.
This roost is on the shaded side of this hill, but even then it is extremely hot when temps reach 110 degrees, and it was hard to watch these birds panting through my 30x spotting scope. This is as close as I could get - the property is fenced and very rugged as can be seen. Although a tight shot (such as this adult) of the three birds would be nice, I think this overview is just as interesting as it shows the rugged locale and tells a lot about the life style of these impressive birds.

4. Birds By State
birds in Nature images of wild birds by Richard Ditch. Species by location. This option allows viewing my bird photos by the state in which the photo was taken. Within each state category, images
Birds in Nature - images of wild birds by Richard Ditch
Species by Location
This option allows viewing my bird photos by the state in which the photo was taken. Within each state category, images are listed in checklist order.
If you prefer to select images from an alphabetic list, use the alphabetic selection page.
If you prefer to select images from a checklist order, use the checklist selection page.
A much shorter list that avoids redundant and weaker images is made up of my favorites.
CA DE ... WA
Common Loon 1
Common Loon 2

Common Loon 3

Yellow-billed Loon 1
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Willet 1
Heerman's Gull 1

Heerman's Gull 4
Heerman's Gull 6 ...
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Snowy Egret 1 Return to Top of Page
Pied-billed Grebe Roseate Spoonbill Northern Mockingbird - FL
Return to Top of Page
Herring Gull Return to Top of Page
Bald Eagle 4 Return to Top of Page
Purple Martin Return to Top of Page
New Jersey
Northern Gannet Great Blue Heron 24 Little Blue Heron Canada Goose ...
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New Mexico (Bosque del Apache NWR)
Great Blue Heron 1 Great Blue Heron 3 Great Egret Black-crowned Night Heron 10 ...
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New York
Black-crowned Night Heron 5 Great Gray Owl Return to Top of Page
Hybrid Yellowthroat 1 Hybrid Yellowthroat 2 Hybrid Yellowthroat 3 Return to Top of Page
Black-crowned Night Heron 1 Great Blue Heron 7 Great Blue Heron 16 Black Skimmers ...
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White-tailed Ptarmigan Tufted Puffin
Go to Birds by alphabetic name Go to Birds by Checklist order ... Back to Birds in Nature Home Page

5. Bird Links To The World
Comprehensive collection of links related to birds, birding, and birders, divided by geographic location.

6. GORP - The Greatest Concentration Of Species On Earth! - The Birds Of The Manu B
Article by Barry Walker about the birding at this incredibly rich destination.

United States
Canada Europe Top Adventures ... Contests Search:
DisplayAds ("Top,Right,Middle,TopRight,Right1,Right2,Frame1!Top", "468", "60");
Wildlife We Love (and Would Hate to Lose)

15 Spectacular World Parks

Your Guide to Walking Well

Top 10 Carolina Campsites
2004 Gear of the Year

from Outside Online

US States
Africa Antarctica ... Discussion Boards DESTINATIONS The Birds Of The Manu Biosphere Reserve The Greatest Concentration of Species on Earth! By Ornithologist Guide Barry Walker of Adventure Specialists Peru's Manu Biosphere Reserve has the highest concentration of bird life on Earth. At the time of writing approximately, 925 species have been recorded. Ornitholigists expect this figure to break the 1000 mark in the near future as remoter areas of the reserve are explored. There are a little under 9000 species of birds in the world, meaning Manu holds one in every nine species found on the planet. No other protected area on Earth contains so many birds. The Biosphere Reserve encompasses a great variety of altitudinal zones and habitat types. Altitudes vary from over 4000 meters above sea level in the high Andes down to 350 meters in the lowland Amazonian rain forest. For every 1000 meters gained or lost, the structure of the bird communities differs. This altitudinal variation, coupled with the variety of forest types, grasslands, lakes, and micro-habitats such as bamboo stands, reed-beds, and treefalls, has produced the highest bird count for any area in the world. Manu is a birdwatchers paradise and many eco-tourists visit the reserve specifically to watch birds.

7. A Birds Eye View Of Webcams
Cam from around the world indexed by location or topic. Includes a featured cam area and highlights holiday cams as appropriate.

Webcams by Country

View the entire list with the number of cams in each location shown in brackets Featured Webcams
A selection of webcams that deserve that extra bit of attention What's New
Every week we introduce
new webcams to the site There are currently:
Web Cams
Arctic Circle (1) Albania (1) Andorra (2) Antarctica (6) Antigua (1) Argentina (15) Armenia (1) Aruba (1) Ascension Islands (2) Australia (37) Austria (82) Bahamas (1) Belgium (26) Bermuda (2) Brazil (30) Bulgaria (1) Cameroon (1) Canada (100) Cayman Islands (2) Chile (2) China (1) Columbia (2) Costa Rica (1) Croatia (2) Cyprus (3) Czech Republic (14) Denmark (13) Dominica (1) Dominican Rep. (1) Ecuador (1) El Salvador (1) England (148) Estonia (12) Falkland Islands (1) Faroe Islands (3) Finland (44) France (192) F.Y.R. Macedonia (2) Germany (190) Gibraltar (1) Greece (14) Greenland (4) Grenada (2) Guadeloupe (3) Guam (2) Guatemala (5) Hong Kong (6) Hungary (10) Iceland (5) India (3) Indonesia (3) Iran (4) Israel (4) Italy (87) Japan (75) Jersey (7) Jordan (4) Latvia (2) Lebanon (3) Liechtenstein (5) Lithuania (1) Luxembourg (2) Macao (3) Malta (1) Martinique (2) Mexico (21) Moldova (1) Monaco (3) Morocco (1) Netherlands (30) Netherlands Antilles (2) New Caledonia (Fr) (2) New Zealand (16) Northern Ireland (3) Norway (39) Pakistan (1) Panama (1) Peru (3) Phillipines (3) Poland (17) Portugal (21) Puerto Rico (1) Reunion Island (Fr) (3) Republic of Ireland (12) Romania (5) Russia (39) San Marino (1) Scotland (43)

8. GCBEA5 4 The Birds By Popupcop provides information and resources in the new sport of Geocaching locating containers with a GPS unit and longitude and latitude coordinates. weeks ago someone added an additional geocache container from another location. I don't know if this was done container to the 4 the birds cache location. ( I cannot find the

9. Colorado Birding Recent Photos Of Birds In Colorado Sponsored By The Colorado Bi
Cited Observers of Colorado birds. Species/ Review Species**/ Number/ First Date Reported/ Last Date Reported LongBilled Curlew 2 birds comanche ng (different location) Baca Apr
Bird Sightings Spring 2001 (March 1 to May 31)
(Last updated on June 14, 2001
C.C.=Community College, C.V.C.G.=Crow Valley Campground,
F.C.R.P.=Fountain Creek Regional Park, W.R.G.B.=Wheat Ridge Greenbelt
M.OB.=many observers, A.N.=Anonymous
wla=Wildlife Area, imm.=immature, basic=winter plumage, alternate=breeding plumage
Cited Observers of Colorado Birds

Species/ Review Species**/ Number/ First Date Reported/ Last Date Reported/ Location/ County/ OBSERVERS
Red-Throated Loon **
Pacific Loon **
Common Loon 1 bird pueblo res. Pueblo fall through 3/3 M.OB. Common Loon up to 3 birds standley lake Jefferson Apr. 3 4/25 LSE Common Loon 1 bird cherry creek res. Arapahoe Apr. 4-6 4/21 GWA, RST, DLF, PLA, RKOS Common Loon 1 alternate plumage big johnson res. El Paso Apr. 8 4/8 BMA Common Loon 1 alternate plumage chatfield res. Jefferson/Douglas Apr. 11 4/11 JKE, ASP, NPI Common Loon 1 bird pueblo res. Pueblo Apr. 11 4/11 BPE Common Loon 1 bird bonny res. Yuma Apr. 14 4/19 TLE, LSE, RST, RKOS, JHE, SHE Common Loon 1 bird near wray Yuma Apr. 14 4/14 TLE, LSE

10. Suffolk Bird Reserves
location Road south of Felixstowe. visits arranged by Ranger Admission Free Telephone01394 673782 Features Best known as excellent area for migrant birds.
The Monthly Web Magazine for Birdwatchers Where to Stay in Suffolk Accommodation Guide
Other useful Suffolk sites;
Bungay Town Guide

Southwold Scene
Bird and Nature Reserves
Dunwich Heath and Minsmere Beach National Trust Heathland Conservation Area.
Location: 2m S of Dunwich Village, 7m N Aldeburgh
Admission: Free
Road: A12, signed
Important conservation area with good walks and spectacular views. Converted coastguards cottages offer information on the heath and the history of the lost town of Dunwich. Havergate Island RSPB
Bird reserve.
Location: Island by Orford Ness, access from Orford Quay, 9m E Woodbridge Road: B1084, B1078 to Orford Facilities: 8 hides. Admission: Charge (reduced for RSPB members) - includes boat transport. Telephone: Features: Britain's largest colony of Avocets, also many wading birds in Spring and Autumn.

11. Birds Of Prey At Wingspan, Paradise Valley Rotorua.
Guided interactive tours by Wingspan falconer with live birds ofprey at new location in Paradise Valley Road, Rotorua. See our
About Us


Birds of Prey
About Us


Birds of Prey
Site Map

12. Birds
Keywords Search by species name (common or scientific); generalized category (songbirds,shorebirds, wading birds, etc.); location/region; or activity (swimming
Birds From seabirds to songbirds, this library emphasizes wild birds in their natural habitats, along with captive and domesticated examples. Keywords Search by species name (common or scientific); generalized category (songbirds, shorebirds, wading birds, etc.); location/region; or activity (swimming, preening, nesting, etc.) To search our collection for bird images, click on the Search for Photos button at left then use the popup menu to select the Birds category. You may also enter keywords to narrow your search within any category. Other categories include: Birds Human Interest Invertebrates Mammals Outdoor Recreation

13. Radar And Acoustic Location Of Birds - Environment - Research At The Royal Milit
Joseph R. Buckley. Radar and Acoustic location of birds. Radar ornithology,or the tracking of birds by radar is a relatively well
dqmcodebase = "/academic/gradrech/script/" Joseph R. Buckley
Radar and Acoustic Location of Birds Now funded by the Directorate of Environmental Services, National Defence Canada, this project has yielded one Master's Thesis and currently has one Ph. D. student involved. Many weeks of measurements have been made at the Prince Edward Point Migratory Bird Sanctuary, both of the fall migration of songbirds, and, for calibration purposes, overpasses of a C130 Hercules aircraft. As well as having application for the identification of critical migratory stopover habitat, the results of this work may have direct applicability to airport safety. Site Map Date Modified: 2003/05/07 Important Notices

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MISC Email Us Link to Us Awards Privacy Statement ... Web Design Enjoy Browsing the Birds! Name: Location: Plymouth Minnesota Hobbies: Suki Loves To Talk!! Yellow Bird Loves To Chirrrrp!! Pictures: [more] Website Info Guestbook ... More Pix Name: Bongo Location: West Yorkshire UK Hobbies: Demolition Pictures: Bio: Bongo was my soul mate. He was a ver... [more] Website Info Guestbook ... More Pix Name: Kaspar Location: Winfield, British Columbia Hobbies: Following His Brother Around The House, Poking Everybody With My Sharp Little Baby Nails And Biting Toes. Pictures: Bio: I'm still just a baby and finally am get... [more] Website Info Guestbook ... More Pix Name: Jalapeno Hobbies: Chewing On Zippers Pictures: Bio: This pesty little ring neck parakeet, is... [more] Website Info Guestbook ... Bio Name: Bambino Location: Winfield, British Columbia Hobbies: Biting, Chewing, Shredding, Drawing Blood, Making Grown Men Cry, Instilling Fear In All Who Dare Try To Love Her Pictures: Bio: Bambino is an exceptionally beautiful lo...

15. Space Today Online - Tracking Threatened Birds And Animals By Satellite
As a ground station receives several downlinks, it calculates the location of the Centerwhere researchers are studying habitats and migration routes of birds.


Birds Land ...

How Satellites Track Threatened Birds and Animals

'Vodka' is an endangered Siberian Crane tracked by the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, which use satellites orbiting over Earth to monitor migration routes of endangered species. A wildlife-tracking satellite looking down on a wide area of the globe from its high vantage point is a useful tool for biologists, naturalists and conservationists working with animals, birds and fish in their natural environments.
Data collected through satellite tracking helps us understand and protect the endangered and threatened species of the world.
Scientists have attached tiny transmitters to wild animals for years, tracking their radio signals with receivers nearby on the ground. Now they track wildlife ranging over much wider areas with receivers high above the ground.
A receiver in an orbiting space satellite can hear a transmitter attached to an animal. Even if the animal is out of sight over the horizon from a tracker on the ground, a satellite high in space still can hear the transmitter and repeat its signal down to trackers on the ground.
How Animals Are Tracked
To track a bird or animal on the ground or in the air, scientists strap a tiny radio transmitter to the animal, bird or fish. Information collected from the animal, bird or fish is impressed on a signal sent from the transmitter up to a NOAA weather satellite orbiting far above Earth.

16. -- Answers To Your Bird Questions!
Just enter colors, size, habitat and location. The ID Wizard willshow you photos of all the birds that match your description.
W Visit Our Nature Store
Shop in a safe, secure store for birding CDs, audio guides, books, bird feeders, coffee, gifts and more.
We carry over 3,000 nature items. All sales benefit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Click to Browse our store Feeding Wild Birds
Types of Feeders

Seeds to Attract Birds

Beyond Bird Seed
Feeding FAQ is the place to come for answers about wild birds in your yard and around the corner! What is that bird at my feeder? I found a baby bird - Please Help How do I make the squirrels go away? ... Why are birds banging into my Window? They are singing all night long!!
Northern Mockingbird Song
Chuck-will's-widow Song
photo Were you lucky enough to see a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak this spring? Forums Eight forums let you talk with others about your birding questions. Simply select a forum and click "Post". No Pop-up ads. Use the Forums without registering. Click here to see an instructional video

17. Birds Of Western Australia & Nearby Areas
location reports, checklists, and information on where to find Western Australian endemics.
Birds and birding in Western Australia are the focus of this site. Checklists are also given for nearby areas: Christmas Island and Cocos-Keeling Islands
1992, 2002 M.J. Bamford ( Compiled by Allan Burbidge This site contains checklists for various areas, reports of recent sightings, information on birds and birding in Western Australia (clubs, activities, places to see birds, bird tours and further information about birds of the region) and links to other bird sites (national and international).
Recent sightings
Places to see birds in Western Australia (some with bird lists):
near Perth
Rudall River National Park

Two Peoples Bay

Shark Bay and environs
Lake McLarty Nature Reserve
is an excellent place to observe waterfowl and waders See also Frank O'Connor's Birding Western Australia , especially for sites in northern Western Australia.
Endemics and where to see them
Threatened Birds in Western Australia
Birding in Western Australia

18. The Birdhouse Network: Nest Box Cam
Species Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) location McKinney, TX Host Heard Natural Science Networkand help us study the breeding biology of cavitynesting birds.

Cam Archives

About Nest Cam

Cam Links

Nest Box Cam 2004
The Nest Box Cams use real-time Internet technology to observe and interpret the nesting behaviors of cavity-nesting birds and promote understanding of their breeding biology.
Support the Cams

Be a Cam Sponsor

Cam Comments
Species : Barn Owl ( Tyto alba
Location Benicia , CA
Host Intuitive ISP Status : The owlets are exploring their new found freedom but return to the box daily. Streaming video is finally here! Copy and paste the following URL into QuickTime to see the owls live! rtsp:// DOWNLOAD FREE QUICKTIME View QuickTime Movie of Owls mating View QuickTime Movie of Owls preening See more movies and daily snapshots on the Barn Owl Archive Page! Automatic Pop-Up Window (large view) Species : Osprey Pandion haliaetus Location : Lake Barkley, KY Host Status : Three Osprey chicks thriving in the nest! Please note: given this camera's remote location, it is using solar power, which may result in occasional power loss. Automatic Pop-Up Window See more daily snapshots on the Osprey Archive Page!

19. Duclos Point
Southeast shore of Lake Simcoe. Swampland is home to rare plants and birds such as the marsh wren, osprey, and caspian tern. Offshore sandbar. Nature reserve; no facilities. Natural features, facilities, location.
Natural Features This swamp is home to rare plants and interesting birds such as the Marsh Wren, Osprey and Caspian Tern. Black Ash, Silver Maple, cattails, bulrushes, wild rice, and small pockets of thicket swamp are found here. There is an extensive offshore sandbar. Park Facilities and Activities There are no visitor facilities and camping is not permitted. Location: On the southeast shore of Lake Simcoe Park Class Size IUCN# Location Operating Park Nature Reserve 111 ha Southern No
For more information:
Sibbald Point Provincial Park
R.R. 2
Sutton West, ON L0E 1RO
Phone: (905) 722-8061
Last Modified: January 2, 2004

20. Breeders List - California
Aviary Name Andora Avairy. location Pleasanton, CA. birds Handfed Cockatiels, Diamond Doves Button Quail OUR NEST TO YOURS. location SACRAMENTO. birds GOFFINS ECLECTUS BRONZE
Please use the drop down menu to select a breeder near you.
*Select A Location* Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware DC Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Lousiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Australia Canada
Aviary Name:
Andora Avairy
Location: Pleasanton, CA
Birds: Handfed Cockatiels, Diamond Doves,Button Quail, Zebra Finches, Society Finches, Spice.
Contact Name: Cheryl
Web Site: http://

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