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1. Clinical Genetics Courses And Lectures
Genetic / Genome Education Resources for Professionals, including courses, lesson plans and other resources cases and activities courses. online Resource Center Media Resource Room, 1998 National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Education Conference. Primer in Cell biology
Clinical Genetic Education Resources (Courses and Lectures) Curricula Courses Cases Exams ... References
  • Core Curriculum Recommendations for Medical Schools , American Society of Human Genetics (knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to medical genetics needed by medical students during their careers as physicians), Am J Hum Genet 1995 (56):535-537. Clinical Objectives in Medical Genetics for Undergraduate Medical Students , Association of Professors of Human Genetics, Genetics in Medicine vol. 1(1):54-55, Nov/Dec 1998. (clinical training and competencies for medical students to apply genetic principles in diagnosis, management, and prevention of human disease) Core Competencies in Genetics Essential for All Health-Care Professionals National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics (NCHPEG) [Recommendations of core competencies in genetics essential for all health professionals , Core Competency Working Group of the National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics, Genetics in Medicine Vol 3(2), March/April 2001
  • 2. Annotated List Of Online Continuing Medical Education Sites-Sklar
    Annotated List Of online Continuing Medical Education Sites with links to 230 sites, 11000 courses and 18600 Credit hours. audio presentation, Molecular biology of Memory A See Specific activities. Baylor College of Medicine's online CME courses consists Many courses consist of multiple lectures
    Online CME Sites
    Bernard Sklar, MD, MS
    This is the Annotated List of Online CME .  We now have links to, and descriptions of, more than 300 Online CME sites offering more than 12,500 courses and more than 22,000 hours of CME credit.
    Last Updated June 4, 2004.
    How to Find Online CME: Using this list, you can find online CME web sites arranged by their:
    (1) dominant medical specialty or medical topic ; or
    alphabetically by the first letter of the site name; or
    (3) you can scroll this list until you find a course or site of interest.
    other ways to find online CME
    Find sites by medical specialty or topic:
    Anesthesia/Pain Management Bioterrorism Cardiology ... Wellness/Prevention
    Find sites alphabetically by first letter of site name:
    B C D ... J K  L M N O ... W X  Y  Z
    Last visited...3/2004.
    Credit hours...1.0 per case (total of 21 hours presently available).
    Instruction Type...Case-Based-Interactive. Target Audiences...NEURO, PHYS. Educational material last updated....1/04. Financial support...None Stated.
    Academy of Anti-Aging Research CME Series Last visited...3/2004.

    3. E-CLASS: Creating A Guide To Online Course Development For Distance Learning Fac
    lectures. Once these mandatory components are in place, it's time to teach the class. How can we structure any and all online courses or biology slides match activities (lecture
    E-CLASS: Creating a Guide to Online Course Development For Distance Learning Faculty
    Dr. Steven M. Gerson
    English Professor
    Johnson County Community College
    Overland Park, KS 66210
    (913) 469-8500, ext. 3625
    "I've been hearing a lot about Distance Learning, lately. I think I'd like to try that out," said the English professor.
    "Great," responded the department chairperson. "We need to enter that market and provide access to a new audience of students. I'm glad to hear of your interest."
    "So, what do I do now? How do I go about creating my class online?" the professor asked.
    "Uh . . . . Uh . . . . Let me get back to you," stumbled the chair. If this is the way your school handles emerging technology issues, join the club. Generally speaking, most colleges and universities are not prepared to deal with electronic education issues efficiently. Rarely have schools developed strategies regarding Distance Education standards, policies, or procedures. They are often stumped by how to effectively help faculty design courses, plan distance education programs (Rockwell, et al. "Incentives"), and/or determine acceptable standards for technology requirements. In fact, at Johnson County Community College, the Distance Learning Coordinating Committee determined that the following constituted barriers to successful online education (Table 1):

    4. ET&S [3 (3)] - Towards First Year Biology Online: A Virtual Learning Environment
    First Year biology online a virtual learning activities and online activities together form the basis of many university courses topics include exams; lectures; lab reports; ethics

    ISSN 1436-4522
    Towards First Year Biology online: a virtual learning environment
    Mary Peat
    Director, First Year Biology
    School of Biological Sciences
    The University of Sydney
    NSW 2006 Australia
    Tel: +61 29351 2100
    Fax: +61 29351 2175
    In our changing world where university students are demanding a greater say in their tertiary education, and in particular are demanding a greater flexibility in the way they receive their instruction, it is imperative that we investigate and experiment with course delivery strategies that fulfil these expectations. Online delivery of learning materials offers teacher and students a more flexible mode that may better suit the learning style and commitments of many of the students. First Year Biology at the University of Sydney caters for a large number of students with varying incoming academic backgrounds and interests. In an attempt to offer them greater flexibility in the learning environment we first launched a Virtual Resources Room (VRR) offering access to various learning materials and subsequent development of communications capabilities turned the VRR into a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

    5. WKU Biology Courses
    A list of courses. WKU biology Degree requirements. Find a Syllabus for your biology Class. Search for any WKU Course by term. Lecture and laboratory hours are listed as time per week not credits. coordinating cellular activities biology. Staff direction in preparing and giving lectures. Includes analyses of presentation and techniques. May be repeated. ( Every semester and summer). online
    WKU Biology Classes and their descriptions can be found below Lecture and laboratory hours are listed as time per week not credits. Follow the OnLine Syllabi link to find syllabi and/or materials for a particular course.
    100 level Jump to level courses level level Graduate Bio syllabus finder
    GENERAL BIOLOGY. 3 hours. GEN ED D-1
    An introductory course in biology for the non-science major which emphasizes the organization of life systems integrated with major principles and new discoveries. Lecture, three hours. (every semester and summer) Online Course Materials GENERAL BIOLOGY LAB 1 hour. GEN ED D-1
    A laboratory course correlated with Biology 113 for non majors emphasizing experimentation, current topics of biological importance, and fundamental biological principles
    Laboratory, two hours

    6. Biozone: General Biology Online Resources
    Biozone's General biology online Resources page lists a selection of useful educational websites which offer a range of information on various biology topics. Includes lecture notes, online General online biology Resources; Presentation Media. for your lectures related topics to pass their courses. Choose from the and also lists activities, further reading and other
    Subtopics for this page:
    Presentation Media
    for your lectures
    Genetics and Evolution

    Health and Disease

    Online Textbooks and Lecture Notes
    An Online Biology Book
    This online biology book has over 50 chapters covering all areas of biology. Chapters include: biological molecules; cell biology; enzymes; DNA; genetics; plant biology; animal biology: digestive, nervous, reproductive, endocrine, muscular, respiratory, excretory; evolution; biodiversity and classificaiton; ecology; and human evolution. Well worth a look and also contains a glossary of terms.

    7. Biology Education - Resources
    links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials Includes articles, lectures, activities, diagrams and as botany, cell biology, ecology, palaeontology
    Biology education

    Information for biology teachers on the embryology of sea urchins. Comprises lab notes on gametes, fertilisation, and sperm experiments, details of anatomy and physiology, natural history, and taxonomic classification, and support lessons on using microscopes and understanding dilution. Advanced labs on topics such as artificial activation, ultraviolet light effects, and modified sea water formulations are provided, with animations illustrating lab procedures and developmental processes.

    Introduction Searchable database of visual resources depicting microbes. Users can select species group, stain, media, or keywords, and are then presented with microscopic stills, animations, or QuickTime film footage.
    Introduction Professional body for UK biologists. Information about the IOB, affiliated societies, education and training, meetings, conferences and publications.
    Introduction NEQAS is an international quality assessment service to clinical microbiology laboratories both in the UK and abroad. Includes a list of bacteria distributed for antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
    Introduction Set of annotated links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials, assignments, tests and other materials used in the teaching of biology and botany.

    8. Biology Resources
    Includes articles, lectures, activities, diagrams and images for a Studyweb General biology. to books, course materials, online courses, academic departments
    Back to Internet Resources by Subject Subject Resources
    • Austrailian Biological Research Network (ABREN) This is an on-line, information network to support Australian biological research. It is premised on the recognition that the Internet will be the prime medium for research communication in the next millennium. Biodiversity and Biological Collections A collection of links devoted to information of interest to systematists and other biologists of the organismic kind. Headings include botany, herpetology, invertebrates, entomology, ichthyology, mammalogy, mycology and microbiology, ornithology and general biodiversity. Biology on the Internet: Selected Sites Links to biological sciences journals, government resources in biological sciences, and sites covering biotechnology, cell biology, entomology, and genetic research. BioSites A virtual catalog of selected internet resources in the biomedical sciences. BioTech Life Sciences Dictionary Free reference dictionary developed by staff at Indiana University containing over 6700 terms dealing with biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology, genetics, ecology, pharmacology and toxicology.

    9. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Biology Education
    Includes articles, lectures, activities, diagrams and images for World Lecture Hall biology and Botany links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials
    BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
    Biology education
    A-Z Index Titles Descriptions
  • BIODIDAC: Bank of Digital Resources for Teaching Biology
  • Biological Timing Tutorial
  • Biology Hypertextbook Chapters
  • Biology Project: Online Interactive Resource for Learning Biology ...
  • World Lecture Hall: Zoology Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    BIODIDAC: Bank of Digital Resources for Teaching Biology
    Set of images, illustrations, and texts in the fields of zoology, botany, and histology.
    Author: Antoine Morin and Jon Houseman, University of Ottawa
    Subjects: biology education, botany, zoology
    images, documents
    Location: canada
    Last checked:
    Biological Timing Tutorial
    Guide to biological rhythms in people and animals, with emphasis on the human clock located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), a distinct group of cells found within the hypothalamus. Also describes the use of melatonin levels as a marker of the circadian rhythm.
    Author: University of Virginia
    Subjects: biology education, human anatomy
  • 10. RMIT - Biotechnology - Postgraduate Studies
    Marine Sciences Association, The Institute of biology. formal lectures, flexible learning activities, online learning, review 24 credit point courses are held
    About RMIT
    Study at RMIT Admissions Careers ... Research Search Entire site Entire site, incl. images, multimedia... Home pages Staff and other contact details Academic programs [degrees, certificates...] Courses [subjects] Policy and Procedures Images, pdf, multimedia... Current location for Home Our Organisation Faculties Life Sciences ... Biotechnology - Postgraduate Studies
    Biotechnology - Postgraduate Studies
    Postgraduate Biotechnology courses / programs offered in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) include:
    • Master of Biotechnology (Coursework) Graduate Diploma Graduate Certificate
    The program provides specialist postgraduate training in biotechnology, food microbiology, clinical microbiology, environmental and agricultural biotechnology, with special emphasis on recent advances in the area and on the application of new technologies. Students usually choose one of the major streams but it is also possible to combine any courses (subjects) listed in the program structure. In addition to the coursework courses (subjects), the Master of Biotechnology includes one optional semester of research work or one optional semester or work experience. Stream Structure
    • Clinical Microbiology
      Bacterial Infections, Viral Infections, Pathogenesis of Enteric Infections, Clinical Mycology, Veterinary Microbiology.

    11. Who Owns Online Courses And Course Materials? Intellectual Property Policies For
    Owns online courses and Course lectures on CDROM, and online quizzes. Lab exercises for traditional, lecture-based business calculus and other math courses Spanish, biology, and so
      Who Owns Online Courses and Course Materials?
      Intellectual Property Policies for a New Learning Environment

      By Carol A. Twigg Download PDF version

      Case 1. Professors as Rock Stars: The Arthur Miller Case

      Case 2. It's a Huge Market: The Case
      Symposium Participants
      Preface On February 17-18, 2000, a group of fourteen higher education leaders gathered at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, Florida, to participate in an invitational symposium. The topic was "Who Owns Online Courses and Course Materials? Intellectual Property Policies for a New Learning Environment." This was the second of the recently created Pew Symposia in Learning and Technology, whose purpose is to conduct an ongoing national conversation about issues related to the intersection of learning and technology. The participants in the Biltmore symposium fell into four categories: (1) recognized experts on the topic of intellectual property; (2) those who are actively engaged in developing and implementing online programs and who are grappling with intellectual property issues on a daily basis; (3) people who approach the issue from a corporate perspective and who collaborate with both individuals and institutions; and (4) noted higher education thinkers on the topic of technology-mediated programs. By blending those familiar with the current policy and legal situation related to ownership issues with those struggling to delineate the practical implications, we hoped to arrive at a point of understanding that would have a positive impact on both theory and practice.

    12. Cell And Molecular Biology Online - Current Research
    Cell and Molecular biology online, an informational resource for cell and molecular biologists. Current Research features cell biology labs, molecular biology labs, current research, lab home General Resources. courses and Texts. Images and Medicine) organizes online molecular biology search and lists research activities and opportunities, teaching activities and seminars

    CMBO Home


    We Recommend...

    Current Research


    Online Journals

    General Resources

    Courses and Texts

    Images and Videos
    Cool Bio Stuff Communication Career Resources Societies Conferences Grant Information Random New Content FAQ About CMBO Awards ... Site Map Current Research The Current Research section highlights outstanding lab home pages that describe the ongoing research projects of particular labs and research groups. Most online lab home pages include research summaries, publications and email addresses of lab members. The outstanding lab sites provide a combination of protocols, relevant links, prepublished results, unpublished material, images and videos. I have also developed a list of Lab Home Page Collections Research Labs Baldwin Laboratory Page (Stanford) The lab studies protein folding and protein secondary structure. The lab page includes a poster presentation, online manuals, tutorials and links. Bargmann Lab Home Page (UCSF) The lab studies the development and function of olfactory neurons in C. elegans

    13. Science, Biology, Evolution: Education
    Links to curriculum, syllabi, lectures, activities and more and revised collegelevel biology textbook available PBS Evolution - online course and guide for
    Top Science Biology Evolution ... Criticism of Darwinism Related links of interest:

    14. ARC LINKS: Tutorials And Web Resources For College Courses
    This page serves as a reference source containing a collection of hyperlinks to tutorials and other web resources in various college level subject areas with an emphasis on math, science, 8 Kimball's biology Pages online biology textbook w/searchable 20 General biology - Streaming video lectures(Dept Various Computer Science courses online Tutorials w/ Course Notes
    A cademic R esource C ore LINKS
    "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
    Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack

    (Note: Plug-ins may have to be downloaded to use all resources. Some sites require a fast, high bandwidth Internet connection.) The total number of visitors to this site as of 12/26/03 is: var go_mem="kfoster";
    Get a GoStats hit counter
    Sign Guestbook
    To help search for your topic, click here to obtain information about the categories in the TABLE OF CONTENTS.
    Last updated on 06/03/04 Algebra / Trigonometry or PreCalculus(includes Plane Geometry) AutoCad Automotive Tech Biology (including Nutrition) ... Intermediate Accounting I - Power Point Lecture Notes (Dr. Lewis Shaw, Suffolk Univ.)
    ALGEBRA / TRIGONOMETRY Or PRE-CALCULUS (includes Plane Geometry)
    Trigonometry ( Extensive online review of topics from Algegra/Trig. or Pre-Calculus (FHS Precalculus) ... Microcontroller/Microprocessor Online Reference Site
    Technical Drawing, Engineering Graphics, Modern Graphics Communication (Giesecke on the Web)

    15. Bio 101/102 - Introductory Biology Lectures And Laboratory
    links to information on both biology and Scientific Chemical society also has an online publication, the develop their quantitative skills for courses in the
    Bio 101/102 - Introductory Biology Lectures and Laboratory

    ... Spring CATALOG DESCRIPTION 101, 102 Introductory Biology Lectures and Laboratory
    Full course for one semester each, taught by several staff members. The course furnishes an understanding of biological principles and the properties of life. Among topics considered are structure and function of plants and animals, relations of organisms to each other and to their environment, energy relations of organisms, integrative and coordinating mechanisms of organisms, cell biology principles, genetics, molecular biology, reproduction, development and growth, and the evidence for organic evolution. The laboratory work deals with the descriptive and experimental aspects of the topics covered in the lectures. Biology 101, or consent of the instructor, is a prerequisite for Biology 102. Lecture-laboratory.
    Back to the top of the page


    16. Wauu.DE: Science: Biology: Evolution: Education
    Links to curriculum, syllabi, lectures, activities and more and revised collegelevel biology textbook available html. PBS Evolution online course and guide
    Home Science Biology Evolution : Education Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
    All Categories Categories Onlye
    • BBC Education: Evolution
      Educational site featuring the full text of Origin of Species, essays on Darwin and interactive learning activities.
    • BBC News: Teaching the Evolution Teachers
      Article about a plan to improve how the theory of evolution is taught in the United States and Canada.
    • Becoming Human
      Online documentary, activities and lesson plans
    • BioMedia: Eye to Eye Annotated links and lesson plan on eye evolution.
    • Danny Yee's Book Reviews: Evolution Reviews of several score books about evolution - mostly popular titles, but some academic works as well.
    • Darwin Day at the University of Tennessee Annual educational event to encourage teaching evolution as a unifying concept in biology and to disseminate accurate information concerning evolution.

    17. ScienceDaily -- Browse Topics: Science/Biology/Evolution/Education
    PBS Evolution online course and guide for teachers the nature of science in high school biology. Links to curriculum, syllabi, lectures, activities and more
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    18. :: Ez2Find :: Education
    Links to curriculum, syllabi, lectures, activities and more and revised collegelevel biology textbook available Open New Window online course and guide for
    Guide : Education Global Metasearch
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    Web Sites

    19. Course List - OSU Online Catalog
    material by assisting in laboratory, recitation, and lectures. special topics in soil biology, review basis REC courses in chemistry, physics, and microbiology

    20. Organismal & Pop. Bio. (Biol 002)
    Syllabus and other online course materials will be available Return the card to the biology Department office your commitments for other courses and activities
    Introduction to Organismal and Population Biology (Bio 002)
    Course description: Introduction to the study of organisms emphasizing morphology, physiology, behavior, ecology, and evolution of whole organisms and populations. One laboratory per week. One credit. Lectures MWF 10:30 - 11:20 AM. Spring Semester only. Lectures are in Science Center room 101. Laboratories are in the Science Center's Introductory Biology Laboratory. Bio 2 is a team-taught course, with 4 faculty lecturers (combinations of Dr Julie Hagelin Dr Sara Hiebert Burch Dr Rachel Merz Dr Colin Purrington , and visiting faculty ). Laboratory sections will be staffed with combinations of faculty and laboratory instructors . See the following documents to preview course contents: Course overview from BIO 002 2004 (128 KB PDF)
    Lecture titles from BIO 002 2004
    (44 KB PDF)
    Laboratory exercises from BIO 002 2004
    (40 KB PDF) Updated syllabus and other course materials will be available at the Bio 002 Blackboard site (password required) in early January. For Spring 2004, the required texts were

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