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1. Regarding Helmets.
Tom Recktenwalt received this information in a safety briefing. The father is a Master Sergeant with they wear their helmets when blading, skate boarding or biking. If this message
Two Wheels, One Voice. A Story About a Boy,
A Bicycle And A Helmet Tom Recktenwalt received this information in a safety briefing. The father is a Master Sergeant with the Air Force stationed at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia. What happened to him and his boys could happen to any father and any sons.
Please read on... Regarding Helmets. The Sergeant wrote his First Sergeant telling him of his experience. "I'm passing to you my experience over the last couple of days in hopes that maybe it can be passed on to others and possibly prevent someone else's siblings from receiving life threatening injuries. "My two sons, 9 and 11, are usually pretty safety conscious. When they take off on their bikes or roller blades they almost always grab their helmets and throw them on. But, on the other hand, when they're in a hurry, they sometimes do not. Well, we as parents try to catch those incidents and immediately make the correction. Sometimes we get complacent and don't even notice. "Well, Wednesday evening right after school, we took off on our usual roller blading excursion around the neighborhood (Without helmets this time) and sure enough, my youngest, Trent, got his blades caught up with his brother's, got turned around and landed right on the back of his head. I'm amazed that he wasn't knocked unconscious. He was hurting pretty bad and had blood coming from his right ear and nose. Sure, kids fall and bump their head, but this was giving me a serious message to take him to the hospital.

2. Special Events
safety Week Each May for a week the Community Benefit Committee concentrates on promoting the use of helmets for biking, blading and boarding events.htm
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Port Huron Hospital
The Port Huron Hospital Foundation holds several events throughout the year. Two fundraising events: the Annual Golf Classic and Festival of Trees.
Annual Golf Classic
- Since 1980, the Annual Golf Classic, which is held on the 2nd Tuesday in July, has raised more than $620,000 net to support a wide variety of programs and services at Port Huron Hospital. Festival of Trees - Held annually, the weekend following Thanksgiving weekend at McMorran Place Arena in Port Huron. With over 75 decorated Christmas trees and many activities for children Festival of Trees is a great way to kick off the holiday season!
  • Thursday evening - Preview Party. A gala event, optional black tie. The first opportunity to view the trees. Reservations are required. Sunday - Breakfast with Santa. Breakfast at McMorran with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Reservations are required.
There are many opportunities for involvement in addition to attending the event: sponsorships, designers, entertainment and volunteers. For more information or to make reservations call the Foundation office at 810.982.3776.

3. Untitled
the importance of wearing proper safety gear, which included helmets, knee elbow pads and gloves will recognize the safety risks of blading, boarding and biking and wear equipment
CPRD Comments-October 5, 2000
The show consisted of doing stunts, jumps, grinds and also some freestyle skills. The crowd really got into Lee Brinkman's performance that attempted numerous high jumps ranging from 360’s to no arms and legs with very high air. At the end of the show all spectators were eligible for safety equipment door prizes paid for by Culver and Pizza Hut. KIKC radio donated on air advertising that also included an interview with Lee that was aired on Friday and Saturday mornings. Prizes won included six helmets and 4 sets of elbow and kneepads. In addition the performers handed out numerous stickers to the kids and even signed a few autographs. We are planning some more skate park events for next year and will be focussing on a skate board event for sure. The message was very clear that wearing safety gear is not only important but also cool. If nothing else occurs maybe more kids will recognize the safety risks of blading, boarding and biking and wear equipment which will minimize any serious injuries. Any promotion we do at Millennium Park will always be designed to promote and increase safety.

4. Bike Helmets Are "Ticket To Safety"
bicycle riders in King County wear a fastened, safetyapproved helmet. in $100 shoes to protect their feet yet biking, blading and boarding without helmets
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Subscribe to Free Email Alerts! Click here to learn more Successful Search Tips Home Press Release Archives May 15, 2004: Bike helmets Bike helmets are "Ticket to Safety"
Law enforcement primed to enforce King County Bicycle Helmet Law Saturday, May 15, 2004
nd community partners came together for a "Ticket to Safety" event to stress bike helmet education and enforcement, given the expanded bike helmet regulations for Seattle and King County. King County Executive Ron Sims urges residents to enjoy local bike trails and always wear bike helmets "King County is home to extensive bike trails, many avid bicyclists and bicycle clubs, and numerous recreational cyclists like myself," said King County Executive Ron Sims. "Let's enjoy this great activity to the fullest, and this means always wearing a helmet." In King County from 1997 to 2001, over 850 people required hospitalization for bicycle-related crashes, and an additional 24 people died. Head injuries account for 60% of bicycle-related deaths.

5. Head Injuries. Think Safety. -Pediatrics
Think safety. Information about head injury, from your Guide Do you wear a helmet while rollerblading, snow-boarding, riding a bicycle require the use of helmets for biking and seatbelts while driving. Think safety. Teach children safe
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Head injuries. Think Safety.
Dateline: 02/08/99 update Do you wear a helmet while roller-blading, snow-boarding, riding a bicycle? Do you wear a seatbelt? You should insist that your children do. Injuries kill more children and adolescents than all diseases combined. Biking, falls, cars, sports, and firearms can all be dangerous. Unlike many other pediatric emergencies, head injuries can sometimes be prevented by simply wearing a helmet or buckling a seatbelt properly. The most common type of traumatic brain injury results from accidents in which the head strikes an object. Other causes include whiplash and shaken baby syndrome. Many states have laws that require the use of helmets for biking and seatbelts while driving. Think safety. Teach children safe behavior.

6. Prevention - The Brain Injury Association Of Chatham-Kent
and promotion of helmet usage while biking, blading, boarding and scootering BIACK provides safety information and helmets through Smith s Cycle.
You are Here: BIACK Home > Prevention
BIACK - Prevention
The Brain Injury Association of Chatham-Kent is committed to increasing awareness of Acquired Brain Injuries and their causes and to providing events and information to the community to help reduce the incidence of Acquired Brain Injury in Chatham-Kent. Information and Education
Annual Events
Information and Education
Resource Library Drop by our office and browse through our comprehensive library of books, journal articles, other printed materials, videotapes, cassette tape et notre resources francaises. What's New in our Library? Click here to read about what's avaiable. Speakers We offer speakers to schools, groups and organizations to talk about acquired brain injury, its effects, prevention and management. Simply contact our office for details. General BIACK Links Page Quick Facts about ABI Prevention Concussions and Sports Road Safety Medical Neuropharmacological Agents: Anticonvulsant Agents Talking with your Doctor Holiday Stress Tips for Families of Brain Injury Survivors Winter Safety Are your affairs in order? A Cargiver Checklist

7. - A Gateway To New Web Sites, Best Web Sites, Press Releases
helmets from the Experts at and DOVER, MA August 9, 2002 boarding, biking, blading on helmets, the U.S. Consumer Product safety Commission

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"Use Your Helmet, Not Your Head": Timely Tips on Kids' Helmets from the Experts at and
DOVER, MA August 9, 2002
Boarding, biking, blading, - outfitting the kids has taken on a whole new dimension. Number one on the "to do" list should be "check out protective gear," particularly helmets to protect sensitive developing brains.
But use your head in choosing a helmet.
"Helmets have become an integral part of kids' day to day sporting activities," notes George Hall, co-founder of , the definitive website for all snow sport accessories. "We've even added a sister site to address the growing need for specialized gear in a variety of sports" adds co-founder David Laidman.
Headlining Helmets Worldwide, advocates for helmet use in children's sports have taken a strong stance in their effort to reduce head injuries. In the U.S. 20 states have bicycle helmet laws on the books for children, while the International Inline Skating Association supports legislation requiring persons under the age of 18 to wear helmets while inline skating, and strongly recommends voluntary use of helmets by all skaters. France recently launched a nationwide campaign to promote ski helmets for children and, back in the U.S., both the Aspen Skiing Company and Crested Butte have announced that all ski and snowboard students age 12 and younger are required to wear helmets while attending lessons. In another example of the growing emphasis on helmets, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission also recommends using a bicycle helmet while on a scooter.

8. PRESS RELEASE: “Use Your Helmet, Not Your Head”
MA, ISSUED August 9, 2002…boarding, biking, blading, outfitting the of the growing emphasis on helmets, the US Consumer Product safety Commission also
PR Web (English)
AmbosMedios (Español

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... Search Archives June 7, 2004 CUSTOM NEWS FEED FOR JOURNALISTS MEMBER LOGIN (SUBMIT YOUR PRESS RELEASE) Customize your free daily PRWEB news feed. Register Here to Send Your Press Release ...
All Press Releases for August 21, 2002
“Use Your Helmet, Not Your Head” Boarding, biking, blading, - outfitting the kids has taken on a whole new dimension. Number one on the “to do” list should be “check out protective gear,” particularly helmets to protect sensitive developing brains. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
CONTACT: Steve Dubin, PR Works, (781) 878-9533,
“Use Your Helmet, Not Your Head”
Timely Tips on Kids’ Helmets from the Experts
at and
DATELINE: DOVER, MA, ISSUED August 9, 2002…Boarding, biking, blading, - outfitting the kids has taken on a whole new dimension. Number one on the “to do” list should be “check out protective gear,” particularly helmets to protect sensitive developing brains.
But use your head in choosing a helmet.

9. Summer Safety
helmets, elbow and knee pads as well as wrist guards are good things to wear while biking, roller blading, or skate boarding to prevent injuries. Safety
Summer Safety Kids during all your summer fun please remember to be safe!! And remember these great tips!! Helmets, elbow and knee pads as well as wrist guards are good things to wear while biking, roller blading, or skate boarding to prevent injuries. While at the beach or pool don't forget the sunscreen and especially your water safety rules. How about some fun summer learning by taking swimming lessons. This is great whether your a beginner or an accomplished swimmer brushing up on your skills. While outdoors, especially at night ,watch out for those nasty mosquitoes ( which can carry diseases )by using repellents. Also, poison ivy runs rampant this time of year so learn what it looks like and ...Stay Away!! Lastly, watch out for those LICE lice site !! Remember what those friendly louse said on our video....No sharing hats, brushes/combs or scrunchies. Enjoy your summer!! Prevention is Powerful Summer Safety Site:

10. - News For You: Fun Rock, New Muppet, Helmet Heads - July 19, 2002
such as biking, rollerskating, skate-boarding or skooter wear helmets when participating in activities such as roller blading and biking? Why should helmet safety education
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Turner Learning is in the process of focusing our educational initiatives. You will soon begin receiving more topical, relevant teaching tools. Click here for details. STUDENT BUREAU
In partnership with:
News for you: Fun rock, new Muppet, helmet heads
By Danielle Friedman
'Fun' rock'n'roll returns
July 19, 2002 Posted: 1:48 PM EDT (1748 GMT) NEW YORK RESOURCES Garage Rock Garage Rock Jukebox
  • What is "garage rock"? How does its style differ from other forms of mainstream music? Which bands play garage rock? Who is Little Steven Van Zandt? What is his opinion of the music options for today's youngsters? Group students and assign each group one of the following decades: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s. Instruct groups to conduct research to learn about the type of music that was/is most popular with teenagers during their assigned eras. After each group presents its findings, ask: To what extent did/does the music reflect the culture and politics of the era? Discuss. Discuss the following questions with classmates: How often do you listen to music? How important is music to your life? Why? In which of your classes is music discussed, and to what purpose? Do you believe that music should be incorporated into language arts and social studies curriculums? If so, in what contexts? If not, why not? In what ways can music help people study and understand culture?
  • 11. Chapter Directors Corner Think First Message Comes To Life In
    blading, boarding or on biking, blading, skateboarding. or on scooters. For information on. locations to get fitted for a helmet, call the Bicycle safety helmets on beforebiking

    boarding, biking, blading, outfitting the kids has taken on a out protective gear,” particularly helmets to protect THAILAND ACHIEVES 15-YEAR safety RECORD.
    Press World ( :: Free press release distribution service.
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    This two-day event was created to promote beach volleyball at Long Beach by offering some of the largest cash prizes for all divisions of play in the East Coast and is expected to attract top players from all over the country, including Hawaii. Last year’s tournament drew more than 350 players from the U.S., including top local and professional players from North Carolina and the West Coast, and Canada.
    To register for this year’s event, players may register online at until Thursday, July 10th or obtain a registration form by mail (which must be returned with postmark no later than Saturday, July 5th) from:
    Island Beach Volleyball Association
    80 Washington Avenue
    Island Park, NY 11558

    13. ►► CARDIOZONE FITNESS EQUIPMENT - Press Release On Press World (pres
    boarding, biking, blading, outfitting the kids has taken on a out protective gear,” particularly helmets to protect company Family Paws Kid K9 safety.
    Press World ( :: Free press release distribution service.
    Home Site Map Submit Press Release Links ... Add to Favorites
    CARDIOZONE FITNESS EQUIPMENT Commercial grade fitness equipment at wholesale prices, with the "Best Warrantees"
    We ship to any where in the USA
    Go to my web site and see for yourself the great deals that are waiting!
    Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express Accepted,
    512 Jordan Ave
    Montoursville PA 17754
    contact person: Kevin Miller
    phone: 570-368-8998
    site: Source: PRWeb
    No Flat Tires Puff Up Internet Sales
    Press Release Contact: Hugh Waters, (407) 843-7134 Air Free Tires, Inc. of Orlando Florida announces the introduction of a line airless bicycle tires, which will replace conventional rubber tires. ... category: Sports company: Air Free Tires, Inc.

    14. Bicycling - Go Milpitas!
    safety City Take the Saftety City s bike tour or walking tour and always be as safe as you are able when biking, walking, blading or boarding on city

    Looking for an online weight loss plan? Weight Watchers , a name you can trust. Go Milpitas! Your Community Website I am Ann Zeise, your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about Milpitas and Silicon Valley on the web. Search This Site The Web for Home Shopping Events Community Forum ... Newsletter Site Index: A B C D ... Z Bicycling
    Buy, Sell or Rent
    Kids ...
    Go Milpitas! About Milpitas
    Community Matters

    Dining and Food

    Health Services
    Public Resources

    Bicycling Sponsored Links
    California Bike Commute Week
    Held annually in May. Check here for exactly when. Local event usually announced on City Hall homepage. General Bay Area event here Hellyer Velodrome Calendar
    Event schedules for bike racing at Hellyer County Park. SBAY Geek Ride
    A monthly bicycle ride event (weather permitting) from March to October. It takes place on the Sunday 8 days after the monthly SBAY Pizza meetings at 3 or 4PM. PAST BIKE EVENTS Bike/Roller Fest 2000 GOMILPITAS ARTICLE
    The Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association sponsored this event on wheels June 3, 2000. Come see the photos of the fun everyone had.

    15. OBIA Review
    which encourages helmet use while biking, blading and boarding), and an awareness campaign that focuses on the Highway 401 and construction zone safety.
    Volume 7-1 Table of Contents
  • Mark this date...
  • From John's Desk...
  • From our members
  • News from around the province ...
    Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Social Action

  • Back Issues Find out more information in the OBIA Review Archives
    Please direct all comments, questions or submissions to:
    Jennifer Norquay
    OBIA Review Editor
    Ontario Brain Injury Association PO Box 2338 St. Catharines, ON Ph: (905) 641-8877 ext. 238
    Mark this date...
    The Annual General Meeting of Ontario Brain Injury Association is scheduled for Saturday, June 24, 2000. This year the meeting will be held in Toronto from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., although at the time of printing the location has yet to be finalized. As in prior years, the Community Association Advisory Council and the Survivor's Advisory Council will be meeting during the morning from 10:00 a.m. until 12 noon. Your proxy form, agenda and final details on meeting location, including a map, will be sent out mid-May. Please mark this date and come out and be a part of "Brain Injury Awareness Month" and make the goals of our organization heard throughout the province.
    From John's Desk...

    16. CMyFilesNEWSLETOLDISSUEapr99
    CBiking, roller blading, and. skate boarding helmets CProtective padding, CAthletic braces and supportsCsafety sport seats, Bell sports. helmets, Kidde fire safety smoke

    17. - Multimedia News For The 21st Century Newsroom
    ANCHOR LEAD biking, boarding, blading. to protecting against serious head injury from biking or skating For more information on helmet safety, you can go to

    18. VERB - Materials
    Translate this page Here are 10 Top safety Tips that are important no matter what your VERB is! Gear up! Wear a helmet for activities like biking, blading and boarding.
    Adult Materials Tween Materials Home Overview ...
    Tween Materials
    Student Planner — Closing
    Some of documents on this page may be available in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Acrobat Reader (a free application) to view and print these documents. Student Planner (PDF – 16M)
    September through November December through February March through June ... June through August Closing
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    Page 120-121 10 consejos para seguridad Mantente activo…. Pero sin peligro Jugar con inteligencia es jugar seguro. ¡Aquí te damos diez conse-jos importantes para la seguridad, no importa cuál sea tu verbo!
  • ¡Usa el equipo! Si haces una actividad que requiere equipo pro-tector, úsalo siempre—y revísalo con regularidad para asegúrarte de que te sienta bien y que fun-ciona apropiadamente. ¡Protégete el meollo! Usa casco para el ciclismo, patinaje en línea y andar en monopatín. Comprueba que llevas la talla adecuada y que está bien abrochado para que no se te caiga. Pídele a un adulto que te enseñe cómo te debe sentar y cómo abrocharte el casco. ¡Caliénta! Acuérdate de estirarte y de refrescarte—¡hablamos de los músculos! Es importante calentar y refrescarse después de cada actividad.
  • 19. Catalog - Traffic - Alcohol And Bicycle Safety
    injury. This video reviews important safety equipment, maintenance and procedures for biking, boarding and blading., Bike.html

    Title Video # Year Time Description
    ALCOHOLIC BLACKOUTS AND THE BRAIN 14 Minutes This program documents causes and consequences of alcoholic blackouts as a form of amnesia. During a blackout, an individual may retain his or her ability to function, though with poor cognitive skills. Later, he or she will not remember activities that occurred during this incident. Drinkers who experience blackouts are a considerable danger to themselves and others, and binge drinkers are particularly susceptible. A case study involving a drunk driver is examined. BRANDON TELLS HIS STORY 28 Minutes This program is designed to help prevent illegal underage drinking, particularly underage drinking and driving. This is Brandon Silveria's story, who as a junior in high school chose to drink illegally and then drive. The ensuing crash nearly ended his life and has had a devestating impact on Brandon, his family and friends. 31 Minutes The leading cause of death of Native American Indians is alcohol related. This is 3-7 times higher than the national average. Nine out of ten Native American Indian teens are killed in alcohol related crashes. This video features interviews from several victims of alcohol related deaths and injuries and how it impacted their life. It also discusses various ways to build awareness and prevent future deaths and injuries by using the following techniques: Community education, legislation, enforcement and treatment.

    20. Your Health 8/98 - (Safe In Sun, Food Preparation, Kid-safe Summer
    STRAP ON A HELMET WHEN biking, boarding OR blading. in association with the Los Angeles City School Bicycle safety and Transit Educational safety Program is




    Summer months are a time for water recreational activities. But where summer and water are combined, children are especially vulnerable. Drowning is the leading cause of death for Los Angeles County youngsters from one to four years old. Of the 117 drowning deaths last year, 21 were children less than five years old. Two-thirds of these children drowned in backyard pools. It takes just a few seconds for a child to drown or nearly drown. Leaving children unattended in a few inches of water can have deadly results. In recent years, we have also seen an increase in the number of elderly persons who drowned during warm weather months. Last year, 26 people over the age of 65 drowned, compared to 15 who drowned in 1996. Many of these deaths occurred in spas and swimming pools. Seniors with heart conditions, high blood pressure or who experience dizziness and equilibrium difficulties should use caution when wading or swimming. DON'T LET A POOL MISHAP DAMPEN YOUR SUMMER SPLASH
    Drownings and near-drownings are preventable!

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