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         Bereavement Grief School Guidance:     more detail
  1. Living with Grief in School (Guidance for Teachers) by Ann Chadwick, 1994-02-28
  2. Mourning and Dancing for Schools: A Grief and Recovery Sourcebook for Students, Teachers and Parents by Sally Miller, 2000-08-01
  3. Grief In School Communities by Louise Rowling, 2003-03-01
  4. Student Dies, A School Mourns: Dealing With Death and Loss in the School Community by Ralph L Klicker, 1999-09-01
  5. Life Cycles: Activities for Helping Children Live With Daily Change and Loss by Jeanne Lagorio, 1997-11

41. Croft Middle School
Summer bereavement Camp The grief Center at Counselor from April 19May 7. Late registration will be conducted on June 2-3 at each summer school site.

Programs Students Faculty ... Upcoming Events
"In the end, we will conserve only what we love;
We will love only what we understand;
We will understand only what we are taught."
Summer Reading for Parents
Promoting Harmony - Young Adolescent Development and School Practices, by John Van Hoose, David Strahan, and Mark L'Esperance The Roller-Coaster Years: Raising Your Child Through the Maddening Yet Magical Middle School Years, by Charlene C. Giannetti and Margaret Sagarese H.E.L.P. - How to Enjoy Living with a Preadolescent, by Judith Baenen
What's on Your Mind? (Questions Parents Ask About Kids) What can I do to balance my 12-year-old's summer schedule
and my concern that she not lose her learning momentum?

Summer learning is critical to maintain skills and pursue areas of interest students don't have time for during the school year. What they don't need is more of the same. Kids want activities that are fun, exciting, and challenging. While reading is an important summer activity, here are a couple of other family-friendly ideas as well.
With family or guests visiting this summer, have your young adolescent prepare to escort guests around your community. This gives her a chance to uncover one or two new and interesting sites to visit. Give your young adolescent the task of researching your town and writing to your guests with information about fun activities for their trip. Local historical sites, museums, businesses, and colleges offer tours and free information.

42. Bereavement Video Helps Children And Their Families
Max Nellie s Journey with grief has been conferences centered on issues of bereavement, and has presented to several thousand elementary school students in
Grief Education Coping with Grief
Bereavement Video Helps Children and Their Families
by the Old Brick Playhouse "Life is nothing but a continuing dance of birth and death, a dance of change…so let us then work with these changes now in life, that is the real way to deal with death," claims Sogyal Rinpoche in the Tibetan Book Of Living and Dying. This philosophy parallels America's recent movement to improve the process of dying and grief surrounding such a loss. From Bill and Judith Moyers' recent PBS special "On Our Own Terms" to the groundbreaking work of America's Hospice organizations, we in the West, seem to be focusing on End of Life Care, and The Old Brick Playhouse has recently joined that crusade. Then, in a timely manner the West Virginia Initiative to Improve End-of-Life Care approached the Old Brick with a request. It seems there was a need for a product that explored the topics of loss and grief as they impact children at different stages of development. "It was an exciting challenge due to the delicate nature of the subject matter," says Armentrout. "But we were driven by both the need for such a product and our love for entertaining children."

43. Information | Centre For Suicide Prevention
Books for Families and Friends bereavement, grief Loss. for families and friends should not be used as a substitute for professional guidance or counselling

44. St Christophers Hospice
Rowling L grief in school communities Open University Press A great deal of material on child bereavement has a focus on the child within the family context.
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Abrams R
When parents die. Learning to live with the loss of a parent. 2nd edition
Routledge 1999
Rebecca Abrams draws on her personal and professional understanding of parental loss, as well as the experiences of many other adults, teenagers and young children, to provide the reader with an honest, compassionate and insightful exploration of the experience of losing a parent. Her father died when she was 19, and her stepfather died two years later. She believes that losing a parent at this age means encountering problems which are often largely ignored or unrecognised. Rebecca Abrams now works as a counsellor. Aranda S, Milne D
Guidelines for the assessment of complicated bereavement risk in family members.
Melbourne: Centre for Palliative Cae, 2000
Note:This book is no longer in stock, but the document can be downloaded from Ashfield J, Lockyer-Scrutton P
Dictionary of medical terms for bereavement and palliative care counsellors. Revised 2nd edition Calvary Hospital Adelaide Inc. 1998

45. Grief Services At Hospice Of Hope
Lending Library The Community grief bereavement Lending Library contains a variety of bereavement materials that are schoolBased grief Support Groups
Community Grief Services
...offering support and guidance to those coping with the loss of a loved one... Grief Support Meetings
Click here for the latest schedule
The Grief Support meetings are designed to address the needs and questions of those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Each session consists of discussion and support to those attending. Sessions may focus on a specific aspect of the grieving process. Personalized Bereavement Care
Individual support is available to patients, patients' family members and to anyone in our community who is suffering from the effects of the loss of a loved one, or other major life-losses. Services of our Bereavement Team staff members are free of charge and available on request. Call our Maysville (800-928-4848) or Georgetown (800-928-4243) office to inquire. Garden Therapy
Get your hands dirty! For some people, making beautiful things grow in the dirt is a wonderful, healing activity. If you are one of these people, you are invited to spend some time assisting in our gardens. We call it "garden therapy"! We have both a Butterfly Garden and a cutting garden . Lots of blooms are sent to our patients and families.
Lending Library
for spiritual and emotional comfort;

46. Grief And Loss
and ethical aspects of childhood death and bereavement. children grieve at school.” Professional school Counseling v 1 Loss and grief.” Primary Educator

47. Welcome To The Sturbridge Group
school nurses, and guidance personnel in helping children cope with death and loss. Using Sandra Fox’s four psychological tasks of childhood grief (
Contact Information: Email: Phone: Mailing Address: 249 Ayer Rd Suite 204 Harvard, MA 01451 When Death Comes to Class: Responding to Grief and Loss in the School Setting Description: Participants will leave the workshop with a detailed, step-by-step intervention manual for intervening with children in the school setting. Learning Objectives:
  • To increase understanding of participants of their own reactions and coping style when faced with a significant death in their own lives.
  • To learn how children grieve and to understand the range of interventions that may be helpful to them
  • To learn a model for school based interventions that will assist staff as they work in school settings after a child dies.
Who Will Benefit: Teachers, guidance counselors, school psychologists, administrators, school social workers. Example Seminars Back to Training (C) 2002 Sturbridge Group Web Design by David DuBois

48. - Your Online Parenting Resource - Children's Health Doctors S
groups, home visits, fun days, school presentations, holiday and support for those caring for grieving children people who have experienced bereavement url www,

49. Childrens Corner
counselor in the Baltimore County public school system for 18 who are helping their children deal with grief. their feelings and work through bereavement in age
Unfortunately, children are not immune to grief. They form strong loving bonds with those close to them. Therefore, when they lose a loved one, they suffer feelings and symptoms of grief similar to that of an adult. However, children are quite different in the way they show or express it based upon the stage of development they are in. This can be very confusing to the parent who in most cases is also working to resolve their own personal grief. In support of both the parents and children we have created the Children's Corner. In this section of the web site you will find articles, books, and links to other sites that may help you to better understand your children's grief, thus enabling you to appropriately support and guide your children through the grieving process.
Articles Children And Grief
Children's Grief

Clergy and Adults who Explain Death to Children

Concerning Siblings
Articles on the Web ChildLine - Bereavement
Discussing Death with Preschoolers

From the Lips of a Child

Getting Help From Other Kids
Erin Linn Book List For Grieving Children
Books about death, loss, illness, and hope for children and their caregivers. Collected by Lee Anne Phillips.

50. MYN: Teenagers And Grief
recently have had to learn about bereavement firsthand Also, social workers from Hopkins High school were brought Fliers on how to deal with grief were handed
news freetime travel shopping ... Lost password?
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a little about...
Minnesota Youth News is written by teens for teens (and everyone else). Since 1996, Minnesota high school students have reported on serious topics like teen smoking and teen sex, as well as lighter fare like prom fashions and Valentine's Day. MYN has garnered several national awards and runs at least three times a month in Variety. Last update: October 8, 1997 at 12:46 AM
MYN: Teenagers and grief
Adele Johnsen and Annie Casey, Star Tribune April 10, 1997 Teenagers aren't expected to be well acquainted with death and how to handle it when it comes knocking at the door of someone close. But young people often have to confront death when it claims older neighbors, grandparents and, yes, even friends and family members their own age. For teenagers and adults, alike, the death of a friend or acquaintance especially a sudden death causes discomfort and bewilderment. In March, two 17-year-old students at Eden Prairie High School Amy Christine Chinnock and Brendan J. Hession died within two days of each other. Of course their families and friends grieved, but also an entire school was affected.

51. Grieving Persons' Resource Directory ~ Dover ~ New Hampshire Services For Grief
Can provide schoolbased support groups. bereavement counseling is available for individuals (including children and Worker (MSW) with expertise in grief work.
Grieving Persons' Resource Directory
Dover NH
This page is optimized to be printed Behavioral Health Services
Health Insurance Counseling, Education and Assistance Services

New Hampshire Help Line

Parents Without Partners
Widowed Support Group
Behavioral Health Services
One Washington Center 130 Central Ave
Dover, NH 03820 Dover, NH 03820
101 N. Main Street 9 Academy Street
Rochester, NH 03867 Rochester, NH 03867

Contact Person: Donna Delbert, Lisa Harris, Intake Clinicians Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Service Categories: Children, Individual, Group, Fees Behavioral Health Services offers comprehensible mental health services for all ages. Individual and group counseling are available for grief related issues, family issues, substance abuse and trauma. Emergency Psychiatric Services are available 24 hours per day to deal with crisis and trauma intervention. Sliding fee scales are available for residents of Strafford County. Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurances are accepted. Please contact for additional information regarding other available services and/or fees. Case management is available for those who qualify. HICEAS

52. Newsletter ~ Spring 2001 ~ Articles, Support, And Guidance About Death, Bereavem
Just like the schools don t teach us how to Roland Stoodley Recognized for bereavement Support Efforts. Community Services Programs and AARP grief and Loss
Volume III ~ Spring 2001
The opinions expressed in this newsletter represent the views of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Seacoast Area Widowed Persons Service, Inc.
This page is optimized to be printed The Journey With Grief
Single Once Again

The Vital Role Of Volunteers

Roland Stoodley Recognized for Bereavement Support Efforts
Resource Directory
The Journey With Grief
by Linda Navelski, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Maine and New Hampshire, who has a private practice in York, Maine. She works with adults and children around the issues of grief, loss and trauma. Linda is also a member of the Board of Directors for Widowed Persons Service. In the twenty-three years of marriage, Harold and Patrice had been best friends and business partners, sharing the ups and downs that create the challenges and joys of life. One day in February, Harold's life abruptly changed with the death of Patrice. Harold's devoted and meaningful relationship was no longer a part of his life. He agonized over the question, "Why? She was so young!" Harold filled the days with his work, but was also enveloped with a deep sadness and an unfamiliar emptiness. Surprisingly, he was also challenged by physical illnesses in the months following his wife's death. Could these illnesses (cervical disk surgery, lung infection, severe flu) be the result of his emotional loss?

53. The Child Bereavement Trust
An interactive pack for use in the home, in school and healthcare. It includes two of our publications grief and bereavement Understanding Children and

54. National Children's Bureau - Childhood Bereavement Network
information, guidance and support offered to bereaved children/young Training and support for teachers/schools and other professionals ie
childhood bereavement network directory regions
Full Listing
printer friendly version >>
East Midlands
Geographical Coverage County of Northampton Types of Services
  • 1-to-1 support for 0-18 years Group activities for 0-18 years
Telephone E-mail Address Child Health Directorate
Northampton General Hospital
Lincolnshire Centre for Grief and Loss
Geographical Coverage Types of Services
  • 1-to-1 support offered to 10-18 years Occasional group activities for 10-18 years
Telephone E-mail Website Address 27 Tentercroft Street
Registered Charity Number
Southwell Diocesan Council for Family Care
Geographical Coverage Types of Services
  • 1-to-1 support offered to 4 years upwards
Telephone E-mail Website Address Warren House
2 Pelham Court
Pelham Road
Registered Charity Number
The Laura Centre
Geographical Coverage County of Leicestershire but services offered to bereaved children/families elsewhere if they can travel independently to The Centre in Leicester Types of Services
  • 1-to-1 counselling support for 3-18 years and family work Group activities for 5-18 years
Telephone E-mail

55. Teen Grief Group - Helping Teens Work Through Grief
notices to newspapers, hospice newsletters, school communiques, church Taken from Teen grief Group Rispite From Isolation , bereavement MAGAZINE/JUNE
Home Crazy Grief Teen Grief Group What Professionals Say ... Email Author page reviewed Sunday, April 04, 1999 11:19 Helping Teens Work Through Grief Tips for Beginning a Teen Grief Group Preparation: When advertising the group, emphasize specific topics and issues related to grief. Inform school guidance counselors, mental health professionals, youth leaders in churches and synagogues,
directors of youth groups and families of hospice clients. Send notices to newspapers, hospice newsletters, school communiques, church bulletins or anywhere youth may go. Call or meet with each new teen, ensuring that he or she will know at least one person by name when attending
their first meeting. If leaders are paraprofessionals, provide for regular consultation with a mental health professional. Although this group is not intended to be a therapy group, a professional can provide insights as well as determine when additional help for a certain teen may be warranted. Meetings: Begin with an icebreaker and introductions. Follow with comments about confidentiality, logistics of time and place, dates and cancellation policy.

56. Bereavement
of Contents Chapter 1 Coming to Terms with Death — bereavement; 10 things of a broken heart?; grief and the adolescent; Good grief; New school plan for
Editor: Justin Healey
ISBN 1 876811 29 3
Year 1999 Price: $17.95 Bereavement Volume 120 Issues in Society
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Coming to Terms with Death Chapter 2: Dealing with the Formalities Glossary; Facts and Figures; Further Resources; Index.

57. The Physical, Emotional, Spiritual And Existential Components In Dying And Berea
teachers at ten schools regarding issues of grief and will do design considerations and ameliorative factors of schoolbased bereavement services located
Home What's New Featured Grantees Newsletters ... Contact Us Search PDIA:

Joan Halifax, Ph.D.
Project: The creation of 'The Institute for Contemplative Work with Dying People," a center for spiritual inspiration, education, and continuing support for dying people, their families, and care givers as well as health care professionals, educators, and administrators.
The Universalist Meeting House of Provincetown
Reverend Jennifer Justice
Project: Continuing support for a series of community programs the church offers including: a support group for HIV+ people, HIV- people and partners who are grieving the loss of their loved ones; an eight-week course "Living with Dying;" and a volunteer team to provide additional spiritual support to people in their dying process.
Interfaith Neighbors, Inc
Eileen Lyons, CSW
$150,000 over 2 years
Project: Children's Bereavement Project (CBP) provides school-based bereavement services including assessment, group intervention, and follow-up services to 210 early adolescents each year. CBP will conduct outreach to educate students and teachers at ten schools regarding issues of grief and will do empirical research in order to identify the essential design considerations and ameliorative factors of school-based bereavement services located in neighborhoods with high rates of mortality and violence. CBP will train 40 guidance and youth practitioners from other community-based organizations to conduct school-based bereavement groups.

58. MHS Guidance Resource Library
The Bereaved Parent – Harriet Sarnoff Schiff. · When grief Visits a school Organizing a Successful Response – Dr. John Dudley.
MHS Guidance Resource Library These materials are available for check-out in Guidance.
Anger Anger Management for Youth – Leona Eggert
Career Preparation
Preparing Teens for the World of Work – Diane Schilling The ASUAB Career Exploration Program (2) A School-To-Work Transition Guide for Counselors, Teachers and Career Specialists – Dianne Schilling, Pat Schwallie-Giddis, W. James Giddis 150 Great Tech Prep Careers Internet Careers – College Not Required – video Welcome to the Real World – Job Series – 3 videos America’s Fastest Growing Jobs
Working With Adolescents – Building Effective Communication and Choice making Skills – Richard Nelson, Claire Dandeneau and Marsella Schrader
Teaching the Skills of Conflict Resolution – David Cowan Conflict Resolution: A Secondary School Curriculum – Gail Sadalla, Mant, Henriquez, Meg Holmberg
When Nothing Matters Anymore – A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens – Bev Cobain Understanding Your Teenager’s Depression – A Guide for Parents – Kathleen McCoy Disabilities Special Kids Problem Solver – Kenneth Shore Smart But Feeling Dumb – Harold Levinson Divorce Video: Coping With Family Crisis: Separation Complete Group Counseling for Children of Divorce
Eating Disorders
Your Dieting Daughter – Is She Dying for Attention? – Costin

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a handson reference for school administrators and day concerns impacting the grief resolution process help you develop effective bereavement counseling groups scst

60. ° ° ° The Grief Centre - MABF ° ° °
Advice available to create a Schools Crisis Contingency Standards for guidance see these courses please contact The grief Centre LIMITED
Half Day Courses ''The Redfern Report and You'' Specialist course for purchasers/providors of NHS/PCG/PCT's to update staff on the outcomes of this report relating to support/advice given to grieving families. Applicable to all who communicate with the bereaved immediately following a death in hospital Inset half-day/ Twighlight (1 hour) for Schools 'School Liaison Project' A highly acclaimed look at creating a framework to improve 'Positive Mental Health' for school children by inovative ideas on how to introduce bereavement into the National Curriculum
Advice available to create a Schools Crisis Contingency Plan. (DoH 2000) 'NHS Cancer Plan' recomended that it will introduce training to enable staff to demonstrate competance in communicating with patients.
Our courses are aimed at improving communication skills and how to provide psychological support. Level 1 'Introduction to Bereavement Counselling Skills
ABC Validated'
Level 1
ABC Validated'
Level 1 ''Introduction to Bereavement Counselling Skills'
ABC Validated'
Level 1
ABC Validated' 'Our courses are packaged to comply with the new UK Bereavement Standards
for guidance see'

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