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         Bereavement Grief School Guidance:     more detail
  1. Living with Grief in School (Guidance for Teachers) by Ann Chadwick, 1994-02-28
  2. Mourning and Dancing for Schools: A Grief and Recovery Sourcebook for Students, Teachers and Parents by Sally Miller, 2000-08-01
  3. Grief In School Communities by Louise Rowling, 2003-03-01
  4. Student Dies, A School Mourns: Dealing With Death and Loss in the School Community by Ralph L Klicker, 1999-09-01
  5. Life Cycles: Activities for Helping Children Live With Daily Change and Loss by Jeanne Lagorio, 1997-11

1. Grief, Loss And Bereavement
Pregnancy loss, Dealing with the death of an adolescent peer. friends with, go to school with and work with you are losing control, seek adult guidance. to understand bereavement, we need
Northern County Psychiatric Associates Psychiatric Services For Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families Baltimore, Maryland
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Seasonal Depression Bipolar Disorder
Family Issues
Medication Anxiety Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder Panic Agoraphobia Separation Anxiety Disorder Medication Specific Medications Free Medication Programs For Kids and Teens Depression Anxiety Family therapy Phobias Dementia Mental Health Book Reviews Bereavement Managed Care Humor
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2. Death, Dying, Hospice, Grief, Bereavement, Thanatology Bookstore
Books on death, dying, terminal illness, hospice care, palliative medicine, grief, bereavement, funeral planning, and related thanatology issues. Subscribe to our free newsletter! lifesaving book for high school students Life-Sustaining Therapy. Sensible guidance on tough clinical issues of sadness, depression, grief, and bereavement. The book includes
The Growth House bookstore selects the best books, videos, and music we can find on end of life subjects. Books can be a thoughtful gift for someone dealing with illness and grief. Growth House
Want suggestions?
About Dying
Hospice Care
Helping Children
Bereaved Parents
Sudden and Traumatic Loss
Alzheimer's Disease
Professional Resources
Books Of Immediate Interest
Palliative Care in the Home
This practical reference book by noted palliative care specialists gives clear guidelines on how to provide high-quality palliative care in home settings. A Physician's Guide to Pain and Symptom Management in Cancer Patients An authoritative clinical guide suitable for both medical professionals and cancer patients. Wall of Silence: The Untold Story of the Medical Mistakes That Kill and Injure Millions of Americans By Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Prasad Singh. One study estimated that 100,000 Americans die each year of preventable medical mistakes equivalent to a 747 plane crash daily. Could you be the next statistic? May, 2003. Death And The Adolescent: A Resource Handbook For Bereavement Support Groups In Schools This concise handbook gives a complete outline for a ten-session grief support group that can be easily customized for your location. Published February 1999.

3. American Hospice Foundation: Grief At School
guidance counselors; school psychologists; school boards and Community mental health centers; Hospice bereavement coordinators. grief at school is an important
Grief at School: A Guide for Teachers and Counselors
Published by the American Hospice Foundation
Why Focus on Grief at School? School is where we equip children for life, and loss is part of life. Teachers, counselors and administrators play a vital role in helping children understand what is normal, establishing boundaries and experiencing community. Grief is the normal and natural response to loss, a universal human experience. Millions of children and adolescents are directly affected by a death every year. Young people also grieve other important losses as they experience the break-up of families, the loss of friends and relationships, or the sudden absence of security and control in their lives. Every school is a melting pot of complex emotional issues. Students not only react to their own life events, but also register and reflect the crises in the world around them. Their emotions are contagious. Young peers want to do the right thing, but are not sure how to do it. Meanwhile teachers, administrators and counselors feel an enormous burden of responsibility. The American Hospice Foundation offers help with Grief at School. Who Will Benefit from Grief at School This 20-page booklet is a resource for educators faced with growing numbers of grieving children in an increasingly loss-ridden and violent world. It is intended to supplement the schools' existing systems for dealing with immediate crises.

4. Barr-Harris Children's Grief Center
term treatment if needed. Child guidance to the surviving parent or about Death, bereavement and grief. For Children and Adolescents How the school Can Help A Child Who Has Lost
Grief Center Please help us to improve this web site! When you are ready to leave the site, please answer a few questions about your opinion of the site. This survey will only take about three minutes. Your answers will be used to make the site better for people looking for information about children and grief. Click here for the survey. There is help for children facing the pain of death, divorce, separation, or abandonment.
The Barr-Harris Center serves:
  • Children who have lost a parent through death, divorce, or abandonment.
  • Children who have lost a sibling or other family member through death.
  • Children with a parent or other family member facing imminent death.
  • Parents and other family members.
The Center provides:
  • Diagnostic evaluations of the child, parent, or other family members.
  • Short and long-term treatment if needed.
  • Child guidance to the surviving parent or custodial adult
  • Educational presentations to schools, agencies, community groups and self-help groups.
  • Consultation and in-service training to agencies, clinics, hospitals, schools and children's institutions.
The Barr-Harris Center is affiliated with the Institute for Psychoanalysis.

5. Bereavement, Grief & Trauma Resources
Therapeutic bereavement, grief Trauma Resources Celebrations provides gentle guidance in this profoundly important change within the school curriculum, and ways in
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Usually ships in 8 - 10 business days! This resource examines the issues involved in loss and changes and can be used by teachers, youth workers, social workers, and other health care professionals. The authors have developed group leaders to work creatively and with sensitivity in a variety of contexts, particularly with young people from 13 years old and up and can also be used with adults.
Learn more
This is a collection of powerful and inspirational responses to loss and to the age-old impulse to honor and memorialize the uniqueness of each human being. For the bereaved, the ritual of delivering a eulogy can seem insurmountably difficult. Remembrances and Celebrations provides gentle guidance in this profoundly important task, with a wide range of examples of memorial tributes and expressions of bereavement drawn from both the famous and the obscure, from ancient times to the present. Learn more Included:
Grief, Bereavement and Change

6. Web Site Directory, The Best Sites For The Student In The Web, Provided By Stude
school guidance Social Worker. Academic Competitions At risk Students bereavement / grief, Career Career Counselling Depression,

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8. TA Responses Grief And Bereavement
for technical assistance related to grief AND bereavement. This list represents a 1994). In Elementary school guidance and Counseling, v28, pp. 206213. grief Groups for Students

9. TA Responses Grief And Bereavement
The Invisible Griever Support Groups for Bereaved Children. In Elementary school guidance and Counseling, v28, pp. grief Groups for Students Who Have Had a

10. Literature Review | Part11| Bibliography
DM Corr (Eds.) Handbook of Childhood Death and bereavement. Disenfranchised grief Recognizing Hidden Sorrow Elementary school guidance and Counseling, 29, 3847
Aspinall, S. Y. (1996) Educating children to cope with death: a preventive model. Psychology in the Schools, Adolescence and Death. New York: Springer. Brown, E. (1999). Loss, Change, and Grief: An Educational Perspective. London, England: David Fulton Publishers. Burdge, G. (1999) Personal Interview at Orca at Columbia Elementary in Seattle, WA. 9-20-99. Handbook of Childhood Death and Bereavement. New York, N. Y. : Springer Publishing. Corr, C. A. (1998) Enhancing the concept of disenfranchised grief. Omega-Journal of Death and Dying Childhood and Death. New York: Hemisphere Publishing Corp. Doka, K. (Ed.) (1989). Disenfranchised Grief: Recognizing Hidden Sorrow. Lexington, MA: Lexington Books. Edgar, L. V., Howard-Hamilton, M. (1994). Noncrisis death education in the elementary schools. Elementary School Guidance and Counseling Edmonds, Vicky (2000). Personal Interview. 3-4-00. Escalona, S. (1982) Growing up with the threat of nuclear war: some indirect effects on personality development. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry Glass, Jr., J. C. (1991). Death, loss, and grief among middle school children: implications for the school counselor.

11. Grief & Bereavement Textbooks Textbooks & Books Price Comparison - Direct Textbo
Cheap Used College Textbooks school Books Direct Textbook Title, Author, or Keyword. grief bereavement Textbooks Next grief bereavementTextbooks. A grief Observed. Paperback - Show all Sorrow Pregnancy Loss - guidance and Support for You
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Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson

Paperback - Show all editions
Mitch Albom
, 08 October, 2002 Broadway
List Price: $12.95 Customer Reviews:
ISBN: 076790592X
Name All the Animals : A Memoir

Hardcover - Show all editions
Alison Smith
, 10 February, 2004 Scribner
List Price: $24.00 Customer Reviews:
ISBN: 0743255224
Return from Tomorrow
Paperback - Show all editions George G. Ritchie Elizabeth Sherrill , July, 1988 Fleming H Revell Co List Price: $4.99 Customer Reviews: ISBN: 080078412X Learning to Fall : The Blessings of an Imperfect Life Paperback - Show all editions Philip Simmons , 29 April, 2003 Bantam List Price: $12.95 Customer Reviews: ISBN: 055338158X Anna : A Daughters Life Hardcover - Show all editions William Loizeaux , 03 February, 1993 Arcade Books List Price: $19.95 Customer Reviews: ISBN: 1559701978 A Tempered Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the Ashes of Loss Hardcover - Show all editions Jennifer Sands , November, 2003 Olive Press List Price: $21.95 Customer Reviews: ISBN: 0971733074 Hannah's Gift : Lessons from a Life Fully Lived Paperback - Show all editions Maria Housden , 01 July, 2003 Bantam List Price: $11.95

12. Resources - Guidance Inventory (District Office)
Miscarriage; Tragic Events school Support. Support Someone Who is Dying; grief Counselling and grief Therapy; Saying Goodbye bereavement Activity Book;
Back Resource Index Guidance Inventory Index Home
Guidance Inventory (District Office)
G (Mary's Office)
  • Gifted
  • Giftedness, Conflict, and Underachievement
  • Developing Student Potential Through Enriching the Prescribed Curriculum
  • A Model for Gifted Programming in Regular Classrooms
GIFTED CHILDREN: (Derek's Office)
  • Developing Student Potential Through Enriching The Prescribed Curriculum
  • Programming for Exceptionally Able Learners
GRIEF (Mary's Office)
  • Grief
  • Grief Counselling "Death of a Child"
  • Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers
  • Illness - Critically Ill Articles
  • Information Articles on Death/Illness/Hospital Stays.
  • Miscarriage
  • Tragic Events School Support
GRIEF: (Derek's Office)
  • The Caregivers Handbook
  • Treatment of Complicated Mourning
  • Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy
  • Saying Goodbye: Bereavement Activity Book
  • Grief, Dying and Death
Memorial Services: Guidelines Policy: Tragic Events Strategy (TEST) Policy Programs:
  • When Grief Comes to School: Multimedia Materials for Professional Growth
  • Bereavement Support Group Program for Children
  • Dealing with Loss is One of the Hardest Things We Ever Experience
  • Sorting Out the Grief in Bereavement Counselling
  • Where's Grandpa? How Children Deal with Death

13. The  Bereavement Center Of Westchester
the bereavement Center school personnel. Our goal is to offer assistance to schools in providing the guidance and support necessary to deal effectively with issues of loss and grief OUTREACH PROGRAM.htm
Home page
Our Center Our Mission Our History ...
The Bereavement Center of Westchester BCW "When we create a safe place for all of us to be open and vulnerable, healing occurs." Unknown
School Outreach Program
The School Outreach program developed as an outgrowth of our Tree House program. We know that it is often too difficult for grieving families to make their way to the Bereavement Center to take advantage of our services. The School Outreach program is one way that we can reach out to those children and teenagers who have experienced a loss but cannot come to us. It is also directly meeting a compelling set of opportunities to help grieving youth and to educate their peers and teachers about how to give support. School and school friendships play a large part in young people’s lives, and it is tremendously helpful for grieving students to feel safe, supported and less lonely as they move through the normal, natural pain of grief that often affects their work and social lives at school. We also realize that this is sometimes an overwhelming and difficult task for school personnel. Our goal is to offer assistance to schools in providing the guidance and support necessary to deal effectively with issues of loss and grief among students.
Services Available:
In-service education program
  • what grief is (the natural and normal responses to loss) and why grieving is an important, inevitable and lifelong learning process.

14. Announcements
resources regarding Loss, Illness, grief, bereavement and other thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding grief. 6524663 or the high school guidance counselors
FHS Guidance Office
Check our Daily Bulletin for the most current information.
  • Visit the "College Bound Junior Check List" site Visit the Senior Calendar site ATTN Juniors: If you are interested in engineering, the University of Michigan is offering a summer program "Engineering Summer Symposium for Scholars" on Fridays, June 25 through July 30. The Guidance Office has more information and an invitation card you can complete to register for the program. 6/25 The Guidance Office has applications for the 2005 Miss Michigan Teen USA pageant. You must be at least 15 years of age and under 19 years of age and you will need to include a recent snapshot with your application. Application deadline is June 15th. 6/15 Hospice of Hope has a "Lending Library" funded by donations from the community, with many resources regarding Loss, Illness, Grief, Bereavement and other topics. There are many resources available for children, teens, adults and seniors. Resources can be checked out and returned to the Lutheran Home Care Agency at 9710 Junction Rd., Frankenmuth, during regular business hours, which are 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. In addition Hospice grief support services will be available at the school on May 18th and 25th and June 1st and 8th during the lunch period for those students who wish to express any concerns regarding thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding grief. This will be held in a CONFIDENTIAL setting. For further information contact Beth at Hospice of Hope 652-4663 or the high school guidance counselors. 6/8

15. Learn Online Course - Grief And Bereavement Counseling - Expert
school of Social Sciences Counseling Psychology Online Course grief and bereavement Counseling is on communication skills, guidance techniques, and positive discipline

16. Education News & Resources At The Times Educational Supplement
during the school term, the issue of bereavement needs particular He says the 10 guidance staff at the school keep in grief is a very personal thing, he says

17. Access Counseling Referral Network...Maribeth Melcher...Texas Therapists
bereavementgrief Issues; Therapy for Children (school and Developmental Problems); Private Practice; school guidance Counselor Elementary Middle school Levels;
Click Here For Flash Intro! Select From 150+ Topics Select By Therapist FAQ's ... Home Special Thanks To Sponsors! Report site difficulties Special Thanks To Yuko Ohigashi
of Japan for generously allowing use
compositions on our site!
Yuko Ohigashi

Used with permission.
Maribeth Melcher
(Fax 210-496-1956)
Office Site
21714 Hardy Oak
San Antonio, TX 78258 Click On Photo To Return To Home Page Licensed Professional Counselor Certified: Texas School Counselor Certified: Texas Teacher-Provisional Elementary General Certified Couple Communication Program Instructor, ICP, Inc. Certified: Reality Therapy Mediation Training (Texas Attorney General's Offices) Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor Counseling Services Provided As Follows:
  • Couple Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Pre-Marital
  • Counseling for Adolescents
  • Women's Issues
  • Bereavement-Grief Issues
  • Therapy for Children (School and Developmental Problems)
  • Survivors of Incest and Abuse
  • Anger Management
  • Reality Therapy
  • Depression
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • ADD/ADHD (children)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Professional Experience Includes:
  • Private Practice
  • Student Support Counselor: High School Level
  • Student/Teacher Assistance Network (STAN) Counselor: High School Level Initiated and implemented Peer Mediation and Mentoring Programs Trained educators to facilitate support groups Facilitated parenting programs Provided classroom guidance
  • Invited Guest speaker on TV programs.

18. Department Of Guidance And Counseling Staff Development Opportunities
*Phases of grief and mourning *Families facing death and...... more effectively and improve your overall school culture. Title bereavement Facilitator.
Department of Guidance and Counseling
Current Staff Development Opportunities Title: Bereavement Facilitator Description:

*Phases of grief and mourning *Families facing death and loss *Indicators of complicated mourning *Leading bereavement support groups *Cultural issues in trauma and loss *Helping the dangerously ill and dying *Death notification *Grieving children *Grieving teens *Suicide *Caring for the caregivers Offered by: The American Academy of Bereavement Instructor: Douglas R. Gross, Ph.D., Sister Teresa M. McIntier, Deirdre C. Felton, MA, Jackson Rainer, Ph.D. Date: Time: varies Location: Hawthorn Suites Riverwalk, San Antonio total seats: total credits: Duration: 4 days Contact: 1-800-726-3888 or Comments:
This workshop is also being offered in Chicago, IL on May 17-20 and in Sacramento, CA on July 12-15 Title: Ethics Workshop for Counselors and Other Mental Health Practitioners Description:
This workshop reviews the current state of the Code of Ethics for mental health practitioners. Will include Kitchener's five moral principals and the "Ethical Decision-Making Model." Offered by: UTEP - PACE Instructor: Janise G. Prise, Dr. Don C. Combs

19. Duke Community Bereavement Services: Fall/Winter 2003 Workshops
health and health professionals, school guidance counselors and 18, 2004 ABIDING WITH grief A professional model for facilitating bereavement Support Groups.


Infusion Services

Home Health Services

Hospice Services
Services of Remembrance

Epilogue Newsletters
Spring 2003

Summer 2003

Spring 2004

Volunteer Services
... Notice of Privacy Practices Professional Training Workshops for social workers, grief counselors, mental health and health professionals, school guidance counselors and social workers, clergy, funeral home directors. The following full day workshops are scheduled for FY 03:
  • October 29, 2003 A workshop on facilitating grief after the death of a child.
  • November 5, 2003 WE HURT TOO A workshop on activities, tools, and techniques for helping children cope with dying, death, and grief.
  • February 18, 2004 GRIEVING A TRAUMATIC DEATH A workshop on the unique aspects of trauma and grief.
  • March 18, 2004 ABIDING WITH GRIEF A professional model for facilitating Bereavement Support Groups.
Other workshops can be scheduled by specific groups and organizations upon request. Fees vary according to the length of workshop and size of group. For more information, please call (919) 644-6869. For more information about our services

20. Connections Christian Counselling: Helping With Grief In School
Further reading Living with grief in school guidance for teachers, Family Reading Centre. Children and bereavement, Wendy Duffy (NS/CHP, 0 7151 4846 X).
Connections Christian Counselling
Helping With Grief in School
(This article appeared as Grief in School in Caring , and was reprinted in The Best of Caring , January 1997.) Amongst the children, the news whistled round the playground like the cold east wind. It was 8.55 a.m. on Monday 13 May 1996 at our local primary school. Children were kissing their mothers good-bye and juggling with lunchboxes, reading-book bags and coats, walking into school like any other day. One or two children were shouting out 'Mrs. Clarkson's dead!'. Most of the mothers appeared to ignore it and sent their children in as usual. 'Mrs. Clarkson's dead!' With blank, uncomprehending faces children went on telling each other loudly, while others just hung up their coats outside her classroom, refusing to hear, shutting it out because it couldn't be true. But it was true. Julie Clarkson had died during the weekend. She had been in remission. As a governor, I had been told of her illness two years previously, but parents and children had been informed only a week earlier that 'Mrs.Clarkson's illness could not be cured' and that she would not be coming back to school. Julie was full of vitality: a positive, energetic person and a very good teacher. The news that she had died was shocking and unexpected for everyone. We couldn't believe that Julie would not be coming back, smiling and full of ideas for a new week. Like many others, I went home distressed that morning. Some parents had not known anything and, like their children, had heard it baldly yelled out. Others had heard the sad news the day before. I felt especially sorry for those who had decided not to tell their children themselves but to leave it to the school, so that they could all hear together. I felt sorry too for the children in her Year 2 class, the shocked shouters and the equally shocked shouted at. I was glad that I had told my 7 year old son myself earlier that morning. His face had shown shock, then he had hung his head saying sadly, 'No more Mrs. Clarkson'. The whole school was told in assembly that morning, and there were many tears. Meanwhile I was at home, wondering what I could do to help.

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