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         Bears Polar:     more books (100)
  1. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Picture Puffin) by Bill Martin, 1994-01-27
  2. The World of the Polar Bear
  3. The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World
  4. Little Polar Bear Sticker Book by Hans de Beer, 2001-12-01
  5. Polar Bears and the Arctic (Magic Tree House Rsrch Gdes(R)) by Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce, 2007-09-25
  6. A Polar Bear Journey by Debbie S. Miller, 2005-03-01
  7. Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home! by Hans de Beer, 2001-08-01
  8. Polar Bears Past Bedtime (Magic Tree House, No. 12) by Mary Pope Osborne, 1998-01-12
  9. Polar Bears by Ian Stirling, 1999-01-15
  10. Polar Bears National Geographic 2008 Wall Calendar
  11. Polar Bear Night (New York Times Best Illustrated Books (Awards)) by Lauren Thompson, 2004-10-01
  12. Little Polar Bear and the Husky Pup by Hans De Beer, Rosemary Lanning, 1999-10-01
  13. The Polar Bear Son: An Inuit Tale by Lydia Dabcovich, 1999-03-29
  14. Polar the Titanic Bear by Daisy Corning Stone Spedden, Laurie McGaw, et all 2001-09-01

1. Bayside Bears,polar Bears
Bayside Bears are polar bears well, mostly polar bears . I have been known to occasionally dabble in on my website. But, polar bears are my passion and my main
Bayside Bears
Original Designs by Mary Lou Foley
"To Love, Guide and Protect" winner of the 2003
Golden Teddy Award
( also nominated for a 2003 TOBY) Bayside Bears are polar bears......well, mostly polar bears....
I have been known to occasionally dabble in brown and black mohair or alpaca. These are always one of a kind and appear now and then here on my website. But, polar bears are my passion and my main focus. I like to think that my designs capture the unique characteristics of the polar bear...the long neck, flat head and square nose. I love to create realistic bears on all fours, but I also like to humanize them a bit too. As for the Details.....I use only the finest imported mohair and alpaca material. All my bears have a hand sculpted polymer clay nose and German glass eyes. I always do extensive needle sculpting on each bear's face until I think I have the exact right look and shape. Many of my bears have my signature open mouth design which has a little soft sculptured tongue. I incorporate eyelids into many of my bear's faces, depending on the look I am trying to achieve. Almost all my bears are fully jointed and have double neck joints to get just the right tilt of the head. If you don't see a bear that speaks to you.....let me make you a custom design...share your ideas with me and we'll see what evolves. Two Bears Nominated for 2003 TOBY award s
"To Love, Guide and Protect" and "George"

2. Feenicks' Polar Bear PAGE
Polar bears polar Bear Polar bears polar Bear s Polar Bears Arctic Bear White BearPolar Bear Polar Polar Polar pictures pictures pictures Polar Bear Polar
Welcome to the polar bear page of
See below for some links to pictures of Polar Bears and Links to Other Polar Bear Pages.
POLAR BEARS Polar Bears are just too cute.
Although it is nice to see Polar Bears a lot, the current wave of advertising that takes advantage of these wonderous creatures really annoys me!!
I love any picture of a polar bear but where that polar bear is wearing underwear that has a rotten coca-cola logo on it... Grrrrrrr!!!
For God's sake !!!
Anyway - now that I have gotten my little rant out of the way how about checking out these very awesome pictures of polar bears and these links to a few sites that have info on polar bears. PICTURES
Here are some Polar Bear Pictures that I scanned myself. I haven't seen these particular pic's anywhere else on the Net.
A REALLY cute polar bear cub.

A Polar Bear playing with a Tyre.

A painting of a Polar Bear.
Now look at these pictures located at other web sites, and tell me, are polar bears not the coolest looking creatures on Earth. Polar bears pictures,"shamelessy grabbed" from other sites

3. Bears: Polar Bears -- 56 K - Big Movie Zone
Big Movie Clips bears polar bears 56 K, Courtesy of National WildlifeFederation and Primesco. SEND TO A FRIEND! BUY THE DVD! BUY THE VHS!

4. Bears: Polar Bears -- 300 K - Big Movie Zone
Big Movie Clips bears polar bears 300 K, Courtesy of National WildlifeFederation and Primesco. SEND TO A FRIEND! BUY THE DVD! BUY THE VHS!

5. CM Magazine: Bears: Polar Bears, Black Bears And Grizzly Bears.
bears polar Bears, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. bears polar Bears, BlackBears and Grizzly Bears is a part of the Kids Can Wildlife Series .
CM . . . . Volume III Number 3 . . . . October 4, 1996 Bears: Polar Bears, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. Deborah Hodge. Illustrated by Pat Stephens.
Toronto: Kids Can Press Limited, 1996. 32 pp, hardcover, $14.95.
ISBN: 1-55074-269-8. Subject Heading:
Bears-Juvenile literature. Kindergarten - grade 6 / Ages 5 - 11.
Review by Brenda Partridge. Did you know:
"...bears can get cavities from eating too much honey? ...all baby bears have blue eyes? ...bears are related to dogs?" Deborah Hodge has written a new information book about the grizzly bear, the polar bear and the black bear. To make research about this popular animal easy and enjoyable for children, the author organized the information into fourteen two-page chapters, such as "Bear Food", "How Bears are Born", "How Bears Protect Themselves", "Bears and People" and "Bears Around the World". The material is presented in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, yet very thorough fashion. Adding to the precision and clever presentation are many "bear facts", each marked by a bear symbol and clearly displayed in a separate box with a yellow background. At the end of the book is a glossary, called Words to Know in which, vocabulary such as hibernate, mammal and warm-blooded are explained. For example: hibernate: to spend the winter in a deep sleep. A hibernating animal cannot be wakened.

6. Polar Bear - Pictures, Breeders, Babies
GotPetsOnline Pictures. Pictures Exotics All by Photo Polar Bears. Polar Bears.Do you want to check the classifieds ads concerning Polar Bears for sale?
Pictures Exotics All by Photo
Polar Bears
Do you want to check the classifieds ads concerning Polar Bears for sale?
Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Add YOUR pet to our Picture Gallery for FREE!
Pictures Of Pets Pets For Sale Add Your Pet Pictures ... User Login

7. Polar Bears
Polar Bears. Polar bear. Polar bear. Polar bear. Bears come in manyshapes and sizes. They love us and we love them, regardless of
Polar Bears
Bears come in many shapes and sizes. They love us and we love them, regardless of their physical or psychological characteristics. This bear loves the wall... and this one loves a tree

8. Communicating With Bears: Polar Bears -
Communicating with bears polar Bears. Related Subject(s) Not Indexed Actually,I am NOT recommending that you attempt to communicate with polar bears!

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9. Reebok Store - Chicago Bears Polar Fleece Search For
1 ITEM. Gridiron Classics Chicago Bears 1/2 Zip Pullover SidelinePolar Fleece List Price $59.99* Our Price $24.97. 1 ITEM. Shopping

10. - Chicago Bears Polar Fleece Search For
NFL teams.

11. Polar Bears International, Working To Conserve The Polar Bear
Tons of educational information and research on polar bears, gorgeous polar bearphotos, and a huge polar bear FAQ file from an organization dedicated to
You've found the web's biggest polar bear site! Explore the latest information and research, browse photos of polar bears, and get all the bear facts. Polar Bears International is a non-profit group dedicated to the conservation of the polar bear.
Polar Bear Conference Highlights
PBI's recent International Polar Bear Husbandry Conference in San Diego, California, was a huge success, drawing delegates from Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.K. in addition to hundreds from Canada and the U.S. Subject experts presented findings on a wide range of both captive and wild polar bear issues. Highlights from the presentations and many speaker summaries are now available.
Adventure Learning Program
PBI's Polar Bear Projects PBI is proud that sales from our online gift shop cover our administrative costs, freeing up donations for our polar bear projects. We fund studies with long-range benefits for polar bear conservation and which add to the world's understanding of these magnificent animals. Your donations are supporting the following:

12. Polar Bears
A SeaWorld Education Department Resource. Contents. Scientific Classification. Habitat and Distribution. Physical Characteristics. Senses. Adaptations for an Aquatic Environment. Behavior. Diet and
A SeaWorld Education Department Resource
Scientific Classification
Habitat and Distribution

Physical Characteristics

Specific Index
Goals of the Sea World Education Department Based on a long-term commitment to education, Sea World strives to provide an enthusiastic, imaginative, and intellectually stimulating atmosphere to help students and guests develop a lifelong appreciation, understanding, and stewardship for our environment. Specifically, our goals are...
  • To instill in students and guests of all ages an appreciation for science and a respect for all living creatures and habitats.
    To conserve our valuable natural resources by increasing awareness of the interrelationships of humans and the environment.
    To increase students' and guests' basic competencies in science, math, and other disciplines.
    To be an educational resource to the world.
"For in the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught." -B. Dioum

13. Polar Bears - Pictures, Breeders, Polar Bear Babies
General resource on the endangered status, habitat, range, and diet, including a selection of polar Bear pictures and informational links. polarbears. The largest living carnivores on earth, polar bears are found in regions of the Arctic Copyright © 2001-2004 All rights reserved
The largest living carnivores on earth, Polar Bears are found in regions of the Arctic. They are commonly seen on the territory that belongs to Canada, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The species has been seen as far south as Greenland and Iceland. In winter, the Polar Bear prefers southern areas. Coastlines are favorite sites of bearing females. In summer months, the species is often observed in areas with land-fast ice. The scientific name of the species is Ursus maritimus . It stems from the notion that this is a marine species that spends a lot of time in water. In fact, these animals do perfectly well on the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean. This is where the Polar Bear usually hunts and gives birth to the cubs. Picture source:
Feenicks Polar Bear Emporium
Polar-Bears - Classification
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Ursidae
Genus: Ursus
Species: maritimus
Polar-Bears - Description
The Polar Bear is large weighing about 330-1,760 pounds with the female body being generally smaller than the male. The length of the body is approximately 6.6 to 10 feet. In fact, the Polar Bear is similar to the Brown Bear with respect to the body build. The species is large and stocky with a comparatively small head and an elongated neck. Although the fur is generally white, it may appear yellowish or even brown at times, which happens due to oxidation. The species has a black skin and the hairs contain no pigment. When the light is reflected from the clear hair strands, the animal appears white. The Polar Bear is well adjusted to swimming for it has broad forepaws that serve as paddles. The soles of Polar bears are furred for insulation.

14. Polar Bears: Animal Information, Pictures, Map--National Geographic Kids
Kids' feature about polar bears, with photographs, video, audio, fun facts, an email postcard, and links to other animals.
Parents: Home Kids Home NG Kids Magazine NG Explorer Classroom Magazine ... Kids News
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Parents and Educators: E-Mail Newsletters Shopping Subscriptions

15. Polar World, A Place Where Polar Bears Can Live In Peace With Their Polar Bear F
The total polar Bear information site. Includes a polar Bear Picture Gallery, a polar bear Picture of the week, and a polar bear trivia section!!! A polar Bear word find and a polar puppet are you need to know about polar bears. Visit our polar Bear Faq Section to read all about polar bears and their lives in the
Special Note I: If you enjoyed your experience with Polar World and found it useful and fun, please consider making a donation to us. Any amount would be appreciated and would allow Polar World to continue it's operation and expand in the future. Thanks again!
Updated 6/7/2004

16. Connecticut Polar Bears Home Page
The polar bears Womens Ice Hockey Organization has won 9 national championships in 14 years and are the current Midget National Champions. Four current or former bears are on the US Olympic Team.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

17. This Page Has Moved
Tales of the Great White (polar) Bear from the National Wildlife Federation.
Page Has Moved
This page has been moved to this location Please update your bookmarks to point to the new location. In 10 seconds, you will be automatically sent to the new page.

18. The Bear Facts On Polar Bears
Compiled by the web s foremost source on polar bear information, polarbears International. Russia s polar bears face an uncertain future.
Polar Bear Evolution

Prepared in 1995, this report presents a thorough description of what is known about polar bear populations.
Polar Bear Status Report
Polar bears are a potentially threatened species that live in the circumpolar north. They are animals that know no boundaries. They pad across the ice from Russia to Alaska, from Canada to Greenland and on over to Norway's Svalbard archipelago. Biologists estimate their population at 22,000 to 27,000 bears, of which around 15,000 are in Canada. In 1973, the five nations with polar bear populations (Canada, Denmark, which governed Greenland, Norway, the U.S., and the former U.S.S.R.) entered into the International Agreement for the Conservation of Polar Bears. Here is what they encounter in each nation:
In Norway, polar bears are completely protected and have been since 1973. On the glacial Svalbard islands, their population has rebounded from a low of about 1,000 to roughly 2,000 bears. Scientists are worried, however, about the effects of pollution on the bears. PCB levels in the polar bears of Norway and western Russia are two-and-a-half to seventeen times higher than those in North American populations.
In Canada, Hudson Bay's ice melts about three weeks earlier each spring than it did just 25 years ago, which has greatly shortened the time that the bears can hunt for food. (Polar bears need a platform of ice from which to hunt seals.) Canadian scientists have observed that today's polar bears are smaller in stature, weigh less, and have fewer cubs. The bears in certain areas of Canada have excessive levels of PCBs and other contaminants. In Canada, native hunting is allowed under the provision of the International Agreement. Each community is given a quota, and natives are permitted to sell their right to hunt a bear to non-natives. Roughly 500 bears are harvested each year.

19. LJ BEARS Home Of The HUG TESTED Teddy Bears
Mohair and Synthetic bears and other animals by Lynette made in small editions, featuring musical and polar bears.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

20. Polar Bear
polar bears are the biggest carnivores on land! They re twice as big as a tiger,and the ultimate polar predators. Like all bears, polar bears love to play!
Photo courtsey Roger Birkel, The Baltimore Zoo. Polar Bear Scientific Name: Ursus maritimus Home: All around the North Pole on sea ice, islands, and coasts Description: White-furred, long-legged, huge, one-ton bear Polar bears are the biggest carnivores on land! They're twice as big as a tiger, and the ultimate polar predators. Hunting alone for anything from seals to large fish, or scavenging for dead whale or walrus, the polar bear uses a sense of smell 100 times better than ours. A clever polar bear technique for catching a seal requires long hours by a break in the ice, waiting for the seal to come up for air so he can grab it. Polar bears can run at speeds close to 40 mph . Some polar bears never step on land, though, and move from one ice floe to another. Even though they are amazing swimmers, with water-repellent coats and partially webbed paws, the bears prefer to use chunks of ice as rafts to get around! The cold, windy, and ice-covered terrain of the Arctic is a polar bear paradise! Polar bears hiss like cats when they're mad!

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