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         Basketry:     more books (100)
  1. Pine Needle Basketry: From Forest Floor to Finished Project by Judy Mallow, 1997-06-30
  2. Wicker Basketry by Flo Hoppe, 1999-12-31
  3. Earth Basketry by Osma Gallinger Tod, 1986-11
  4. Contemporary Wicker Basketry: Projects, Techniques, Inspirational Designs by Flo Hoppe, 1997-03
  5. The Weekend Crafter: Basketry: 18 Easy & Beautiful Baskets to Make (Weekend Crafter) by BJ Crawford, 2003-09-28
  6. Natural Basketry by Carol Hart, Dan Hart, 1976-04
  7. Willow Basketry by Bernard Verdet-Fierz, Regula Verdet-Fierz, 1994-12
  8. Indian Basketry by George Wharton James, 2005-03-01
  9. Basketry: The Shaker Tradition: History, Techniques, Projects by John McGuire, 2004-09-01
  10. Modern Approach to Basketry (Crown's arts and crafts series) by Rh Value Publishing, 1988-12-12
  11. Basketry: A World Guide to Traditional Techniques by Bryan Sentance, 2007-06-11
  12. Spruce Root Basketry of the Alaska Tlingit by PAUL (Frances), 1944
  13. Basketry (Craft Book) by Handy "Craft-Pak", 1977
  14. The Techniques of Basketry by Virginia I. Harvey, 1987-01

1. Shapes And Uses Of California Indian Basketry
Shapes and uses of California Indian basketry.
Shapes and Uses of California Indian Basketry
Note: The sizes of the baskets illustrated here are proportional to one another.
Plant Food Gathering and Transport
Gift/Storage Basket. The gift/storage basket is presented as a gift and is used for transporting goods or plant foods. Typical size: ht. 30"; dia. across mouth: 25". Gift/Storage Basket. Ht. 30"; Dia. 25". Seedbeater. Using the seedbeater, edible wild seeds were harvested by knocking seeds off the plant and into the burden basket. Typical length: 20". Seedbeater. Length 20" Acorn and Seed Meal Winnowing, "Sifting" Baskets, and Trays. "Sifting," winnowing baskets, and trays are round or triangular. The baskets are deep while the trays are shallow or flat. Close-twined round or triangular "sifters" were used to separate fine, fully-ground acorn meal from the coarser meal which required additional pounding. Seeds were also sifted with these basketry implements. The fine meal was separated by a side-to-side shaking action. Both closed- and open-weave baskets and trays were used for winnowing. Typical dia.: 20". Deep Sifting Basket. Dia. 20".

2. Basketry (Main Menu) -- Native American Art
Native American basketry historic and current examples, Native women's experiences, some modern problems, plants and environment Native. basketry Survival, Beauty. Edith Bonde, Hubbard Lake
N ative
B asketry:
S urvival,
B eauty
Edith Bonde, Hubbard Lake (MI) Ojibwe elder, photographed in 1975 weaving a splint basket, she was about 67 then. Bonde's black ash splint porcupine globe (7.5" tall x 8.5" diameter), 1980. A perfect work of art.
"I was born in the north woods of northern Michigan, raised in lumber camps, where my father worked and our family stayed all winter, so I got very little education except nature. When my mother put me off her lap, so she could work at her baskets, she gave me some scrap material to play with that's how I learned to make baskets. I make only authentic Indian baskets, as my ancestors made. I work in my kitchen, after the splints are off the log, using only a sharp knife and a pair of scissors. I use black ash only. This is more of a hobby for me, I do not make a lot of baskets, perhaps 15 a year, and I only make them on order, which I never catch up with." Edith Bonde, 1975 letter to Smithsonian Institution
Basketry Menu
B asketry, Native Philosophy, Environment botanical guide to the plants used. Pollution kills basket ash trees
C alifornia Basketry Story: Susan Billy, Pomo, describes 4 traditional Pomo basket plants, modern difficulties finding material. California Indian Basketmakers' Association pesticide difficulties.

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Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements. basketry. Plan and weave a large basket or tray. TOPICAL LINKS. basketry Information. basketry Questions and basketry Answers!
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4. Basketry Information
Lists information about basket making classes, guilds, sources of materials, meetings, exhibits, collections, books, videos, and magazines.
In English
En Español A collection of basketry information. If you would like some information added or changed, send email to Alan Beebe or regular mail to Alan Beebe, PO Box 481, Saugerties, NY 12477. Last updated May. 19, 2004 Alan Beebe

5. Basketry
basketry located in Lethbridge, Alberta is a full service gifting company catering to the gift and basket needs of both personal and corporate customers. basketry. Fabulous Gift Baskets for All
Fabulous Gift Baskets for All Occasions
Thoughtful gifts they will remember!
Delivered on time!
Call 1-403-320-9859
Fax: 1-403-327-9856
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6. Basket Making Projects At AllCrafts
The Complete Book of basketry Techniques. Good pictures and directions Pine Needle basketry From Forest to Finished Project
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Free Basket Making Projects here
One can never have too many baskets. I find them truly beautiful, even the most humble and utilitarian berry basket. Great books to make baskets and collect baskets The Basket Book
Lyn Siler's books are highly recommended. A must-have for those just getting started.
Handmade Baskets: 28 Beautiful Baskets to Make for Your Home

Another Lyn Siler book, contains a wide variety of patterns and lots of helpful techniques Baskets: A Book for Makers and Collectors Gorgeous book from a basket artist. With patterns from some of her baskets that are in the Smithsonian - also includes basics and instructions.

Hopi basketry. Introduction. Today, while many Pueblo peoples no longer weave baskets, Hopi women continue a centurieslong tradition of basketry.
Hopi Basketry
Hopi basketmakers are some of the finest artists in this medium in North America. Today, while many Pueblo peoples no longer weave baskets, Hopi women continue a centuries-long tradition of basketry. They are also innovative artists, developing new methods and designs from traditional ones. Red, yellow, and black are the usual colors skillfully arranged to produce katsina, animal, blanket, and geometric designs. The natural colors of plant materials used to construct the baskets serve as a background for the designs, constrasting with the vivid colors of commercial dyes. The symbolism and tradition in Hopi basketry designs link each unique handmade basket to other parts of Hopi life, past and present. In particular, basketry designs reflect aspects of Hopi religion and agriculture . For the Hopi, just as the basket's fibers are woven together, so are all the pieces of Hopi culture: none is unrelated to another. To see photographs of some Hopi baskets, click Photographs Basketry History
Basketry Techniques
Basketry Uses
More about Arts and Crafts
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8. Basketry Supplies From Earth Guild
basketry supplies and tools Basket Patterns, basketry books, Basket Kits, Oak Hoops Rims, D Side Handles, Swing U Handles, Frames, Feet Bases, Reed in Coils by the Foot, Strand Pre
33 Haywood Street
Asheville NC 28801
fax: 828-255-8593
BASKETRY: Introduction
We have a wide range of instructions, materials and tools for basketry. Choose one of the links below for details. Earth Guild Basketry Patterns
These include a complete materials list and step-by-step instructions. All baskets are BJ Crawford’s original designs; photography and printing are done at Earth Guild.

Everything from simple patterns with black-and-white diagrams to stunning color gallery portfolios. Traditional and contemporary baskets, general and specific instructions.
Basket Kits

All the materials and complete easy-to-understand instructions.
Round and oval hoops. Square and rectangle rims.
Oak "D"s & Side Handles

Key, Market, Herb, Jelly, Wine, Colonial, Step, Sharp-Top and Williamsburg "D"s. Ash and oak side handles. Swing & "U" Handles Swing handles with separate "legs", and hamper swings (legs connect at the bottom. Light-weight bent-wood "U" handles, and heavier carved ones, square and round. Kitchen caddy, ribbed hearth and oriole frames. Three sizes of basket feet. Traditional Nantucket bases with a channel around the rim, and plywood bases with a ring of holes around the edge (these are great for kids).

9. Hopi Basketry Presentation
Hopi basketry Presentation. Anthropology 310b, Spring Quarter 1995 Prof. See also the Hopi basketry website of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office.
Hopi Basketry Presentation
Anthropology 310b, Spring Quarter 1995
Prof. Carol Jolles
Part 1: History and Meaning (Rohith Sood)
Part 2: Manufacture and Decoration (Cecil Lewis)
Part 3: Bibliography
This presentation was created using an HP Scanjet 2cx, and was shown to approximately 40 people on May 30th, 1995. Utilizing a Mac Quadra 660 with an AV output, the pages were shown to the class using software. Accompanying the presentation was a 4 page handout, and of course the knowledgeable oral presentation of the 2 students above. The handout, graphical presentation, and this optional WWW accompaniment were created by Frank Provo. This HTML version of the presentation (handout included) was assembled by Karen M. Strom and is hosted on her server. A few additional images have been scanned with a HP Scanjet 3c and the exhibit has been made friendly for all browsers we have available for testing. See also the Hopi Basketry website of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office. This page was last modified on September 15, 2001

10. Basketry Supplies, Basket Kits, Patterns, Accessories And Classes From East Troy
Offers a wide selection of supplies, patterns, and accessories. Monthly free patterns.
Welcome to East Troy Basketry Co. in East Troy, Wisconsin
We Carry a Full Line of Quality Basket Weaving Supplies, Patterns and Classes 5 days a Week!

Marlene Meyer Coming Fri., Sat., Sun., July 23-25
Donna Kallner Coming August 27-29
Cass Schorsch Coming October 8-10 Classes posted 5/13 Advanced Beginner Course is back!
Upcoming CLASSES
Click here
Tuesday, June 15
May Flower Basket
Thursday, June 17
Mohair or Plush
Old Fashioned Bear Saturday, June 26 Party Round Up We have lots of products not listed here. If you don't find what you're looking for call 1-888-424-9866 Business Hours: Mon-Sat. 10-5pm Thurs. 10-9pm Closed: Sundays and Holidays P.O Box 643 2082 Church Street East Troy, WI 53120 For questions /comments, contact Eileen Mirsberger at

11. Contemporary Baskets
One of a kind baskets and basketry classes throughout the year.

12. BasketMakers Susi Nuss, Editor - An Informational Site About Basketry
A comprehensive informational site for basketmakers, basket artists, vendors of basketmaking materials and all others interested in the art of basketweaving. A Z. Art basketry. Basketmakers. Beginners. Business. By Location Do you haunt flea markets or basketry auctions online or in person for that next gem to add to your growing
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Art Basketry



Great for guild logowear.
Open your store today!
Cataloging software for your basket collection. For a $5.00 discount
enter Code WAA9997 A comprehensive informational site for basketmakers, basket artists, vendors of basketmaking materials and all others interested in the art of basketweaving.
Basketmaking Events Basketry Events Basketry exhibitions, festivals, retreats, conferences, guild events, symposiums, seminars and workshops. Who, what, where and when. Upcoming events and reviews of past events of interest to basketmakers, hobbyist or professional. Call-to-entry opportunity listings and BasketMakers Events Calendar In the Spotlight Basket Collecting - Call for Content Do you have a large collection of fine quality baskets? Do you operate a gallery or shop that sells antique or collectible, individually hand-made North American baskets? Do you haunt flea markets or basketry auctions online or in person for that next gem to add to your growing collection? Have you learned some tricks of the trade along the way? Do you have a classic example of a particular basket type or regional style that you would be willing to have photographed? If your answer is yes, I would like to hear from you. I am currently researching a book on collecting baskets. Please

Hopi basketry. Techniques. Three basic Arizona. basketry specialization between the Hopi mesas probably occurred in the 1800s. Coiled
Hopi Basketry
Three basic techniques, plaiting, wicker, and coiling, are employed by Hopi basket weavers. More than one method is sometimes used in making a single basket, providing an array of visual effects. Each technique calls for certain plant materials. Wicker baskets are made from sivaapi (rabbit brush) and suuvi (sumac), while plaited baskets are made from siwi (dune brush) and suuvi . Coiled baskets are woven with mo:'vi (yucca) and sivaapi . Other organic materials are sometimes used as substitutes, but all are gathered from the natural vegetation in northern Arizona. Basketry specialization between the Hopi mesas probably occurred in the 1800s. Coiled baskets became the speciality of Second Mesa, and wicker became the speciality of Third Mesa. These specializations remain, although plaiting is in use throughout the mesas. In this way, all Hopi basketry shares a distinct style grounded in Hopi tradition stretching back many centuries into the past. More about Hopi Basketry Return to Our Home Page

14. Peg's Basketry Pine Needle Baskets Teneriffe Raffia Basket Coiling Coiled Reed
Instructional publications for pine needle and teneriffe basketry.
Peg's Pine Needle Basketry
Featuring award winning coiling and teneriffe, plus reed weaving. SITE INDEX
Basket Photos



Coiling Instructions
(Pine Needle)



var site="sm3pinebaskets" Vote for my Craft Site Portal MY PUBLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS

15. About Search - Find It Now!
Search Exact Match. Search basketry . Sponsored Links. http// On the About network basketry Displaying results 1 to 10 of 4,579

16. !Penobscot Brown Ash Basketry Index.html
Splint baskets and other crafts made by a Maine Indian artist.
I no longer am with please use e-mail link provided on each page or . Thank you! June 20th, 2004 @ 3:00 PM, Maine PBS will be showing "Penobscot Basket Maker" 3 Stars - Recommended Video Librarian
Best Diversity Film; Route 66 Film Festival
August 2003
Award of Distinction; Indian Summer Image
Awards August 2003 Film Review
J.Sharkey's video "Penobscot Basket Maker," can be purchased @
Click on thumbnail pictures for bigger basket image on following pages. Page 2 Brown Ash preparation slideshow page2.html Page 3 Basketry pictures page3.html Page 4 C.Bears' pics, dream catchers, bookmarks page4.html Page 5 and review of film page5.html Page 6 Upcoming 2004 Shows page6.html Page 6 Banners from other interesting websites page6.html
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basketry. REQUIREMENTS were completely REWRITTEN effective January 1, 2004. Describe precautions you should take to safely use basketry tools and materials.
BASKETRY REQUIREMENTS were completely REWRITTEN effective January 1, 2004. Click Here for the OLD requirements
  • Describe precautions you should take to safely use basketry tools and materials. Do the following:
  • Show your counselor that you are able to identify each of the following types of baskets: plaited, coiled, ribbed, and wicker. Describe three different types of weaves to your counselor. Plan and weave each of the following projects:
  • a square basket; a round basket; and a campstool seat.
  • BSA Advancement ID#: 27
    Pamphlet Revision Date: 2003
    Requirements last updated in 2004 Page updated on: March 07, 2004 Materials found at the U. S. Scouting Service Project, Inc. Website ©1997-2004 may be reproduced and used locally by Scouting volunteers for training purposes consistent with the programs of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) [Links to BSA Sites] The U.S. Scouting Service Project is maintained by the Project Team . Look at our Web Stats . Please use one of our Contact Forms to communicate with us. All holdings subject to this

    18. Basketry, Etc. Handcrafted Nantucket Baskets
    Nantucket Lightship Baskets, supplies, moulds, instructions, books, basket weaving tips and techniques, and classes.
    If you would like to order one or more booklets, additional information, or a more detailed description of anything on this site, please contact Maggie via email or at:
    Basketry, Etc.
    55 Leonard St.
    Raynham, MA
    Welcome to Basketry, Etc. Please check our new additions. Maggie Silva , a retired Early Childhood School Psychologist of Raynham, Massachusetts, has been making baskets since 1984. A teacher, author, and lecturer, she often creates her own Nantucket styles. Her husband, Eddie, designs her prototype moulds. She is a member of the Northeast Basketmakers Guild, Penn-Jersey Basketry Guild, North Carolina Basketmakers Association, Association of Michigan Basketmakers and the Nantucket Basket Makers and Merchants Association. Maggie also offers open weave classes and private lessons at her studio. Ordering Information
    If you would like to order, please e-mail for instructions. VISA, MC, Discover, money orders, or personal checks are accepted.
    Pocketbooks Square Baskets Round Baskets Other Baskets ... Email
    This site produced and maintained by:

    19. Welcome To MWGBGt
    Group in Encinitas, California. Members photo gallery.
    Members represent all levels of interest in basket and gourd making. There are beginners, full - and part-time professionals, hobbyists and collectors, but all share a common fascination for these natural objects. The Guild organizes a biennial weekend event at Quail Botanical Gardens during the odd-numbered years in May. Over 30 gourd and basket workshops, along with displays and botanical tours, inspire hundreds of students and visitors and renew appreciation of this ancient art form. MWGBG meets from noon to 3:30 on the first Sunday of every month at Quail Botanical Gardens Encinitas, California. MWGBG also supports activities of the San Diego Regional Gourd Patch of the California Gourd Society Annually, members demonstrate at the Del Mar Fair, the summer Gourd Art Festival at the Welburn Gourd Farm in Fallbrook and the Quail Botanical Gardens plant sale. Local exhibits of Guild members' original work are also coordinated. A variety of classes and workshops are offered by renowned teachers from all over the world and guild members.

    20. California Plants, 1: Native Basketry
    California Native American basketry Plants used by Pomo, Susye Billy describees difficulties of finding them. California basketry Plants, 1.
    C alifornia B asketry P lants, 1
    Susan Billy, California Pomo, learned basketmaking from her great-aunt, Elsie Allen. She is now a teacher and leader in basketry revival. The basket Susan was working on in 1985 when photographed at left is now finished. Light square in dark rectangle (lower left) is a dau , (weaver's choice of deliberate apparent error), the Spirit Door that lets good spirits in, and lets bad ones out, of the basket. Willow, sedge, redbud, 1 3/4 x 4 3/4" "I feel that the generations before me tried all the different materials and found these to be the best, so I'm pretty strict on that. We use willow sometimes stripped, sometimes with a thin bark left on. Then we use 3 main colored fibers: white is sedge grass root, bullrush root for black, and new shoots of the redbud for a reddish-brown color. "W e have to dig our own materials, they can't be bought anywhere, and it's very hard today to find the places where the materials grow and be able to gather them. The way that rivers have been dammed up, the way that the waters run different now, wipes out the roots and things that used to grow along the sides of the rivers. "A

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