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1. Africa Indigenous People Resources Bangwa
africa, african Anthropology General Resources. By peoples. Akan Akuapem Akye Anyi Aowin Asante Babanki Baga Bali Bamana Bamileke Bamum Bangubangu bangwa Baule
Bangwa Home Africa, African Anthropology General Resources By peoples Akan Akuapem Akye Anyi ... Zulu ArtWorld AFRICA -Bangwa "The Bangwa occupy a mountainous and part forested countryside west of the Bamileke in south-eastern Cameroon, near the headwaters of the Cross River. They comprise nine chiefdoms. People live in separate family compounds, sometimes with large meeting houses where visitors may be received." - From University of Durham - Bangwa People "Authority among the Bangwa was traditionally instituted as part of the Bamileke political complex. Like most of the western Grasslands people, Babanki political authority is vested in a village chief, who is supported by a council of elders, and is called Fon." You will find material related to Bangwa history, culture, arts, political structure and more. - From University of Iowa -

2. , Esti's Goichman Sculpture Gallery
african many examples of fine indigenous jewelry. link Bakota, Bamileke, Bamun, bangwa, Bateke, Baule, Bembe, Benin......Your place for Art Unique creative ceramic sculptures Inspired by Tribal ART on sale ! Treasures from Tervuren peoples of central africa.
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Visit some tribal culture Art links: Tribal Art and Ethnographica
Description: Antiquities and tribal art
A portal for african art lovers
Description: african-antiques, "A portal for african art lovers". A place of meeting for all lovers of genuine African or Oceanic Art . Present objects, objects for sale, collections, read subjects in the NEWS section,reports ,discussion, and much more.
African ethnograghic collection
Description: Choose a country of the continent to study its collections.

Anthropology Collection Database Query
Description: the Department of Anthropology at the California Academy of Sciences . here you find Anthropology Collection Database Query. To view their collection type in the fields and click on the SEARCH button. link ART PRIMITIF Description: ART PRIMITIF: Art primitif Oc©anie, africain. link Description: tribal art. link Arts primitifs Afrique- Oceanie Description: Arts primitifs Afrique- Oceanie.

3. Africa Anthropology
Ancient African Civilization African Archaeology. By peoples Baga Bali Bamana Bamileke Bamum Bangubangu bangwa Baule Beembe Bembe Berber Bidyogo Bobo The indigenous peoples Rights Question
Indigenous Studies - African Anthropology Home Ancient African Civilization African Archaeology By peoples Akan Akuapem Akye Anyi ... Zulu Abang Dance: Radiance from the River and Efik Ideal of Femininity "To dance is human, and humanity expresses itself in dance. Dancing interweaves with many aspects of life, such as art, communication, belief systems, social relations and political dynamics. Interwoven in Abang dances are three modalities: space, rhythm, and unity. Each of these modalities conveys its own distinct message(s) but interacts with each other to produce a specific form of dance as an expression and communicative art." - From Africa Resource Center - Acacia Initiative: International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI) (3.1) "The Acacia Initiative: Communities and the Information Society in Africa Program Initiative is an international program to empower sub-Saharan communities with the ability to apply information and communication technologies (ICTs) to their own social and economic development." - From International Development Research Centre - Africa Online: Kids Only A great kids site about Africa. Language, people, land and culture. Offers games and online quizzes. - illustrated - From -

4. Cameroon/Cameroun Bibliography
Brain, Robert.bangwa Kinship and Marriage. London Anthropological Study of One of Cameroon's Bantu peoples. Revised Edition of the Languages and Cultures of Asia and africa, 1984
Subject Headings Agriculture and Pastoralism
Anthropology and Sociology



Agriculture and Pastoralism Alary, Véronique. "L'utilitarisme en question: les cacaoculteurs face aux risques," in Le désarroi camerounais: l'épreuve de l'économie-monde edited by Georges Courade, pp. 89-109. Paris: Karthala, 2000. Ayisi-Mbala, J.P. The Role of Goats in the Economic Development in Cameroon . Ph.D., Leeds (UK), 1981. Bol Alima, G. Studies on Double Cropping of Maize in Yaoundé, Cameroon . Ph.D., London (UK), 1978. Boutrais, Jean. "L'agro-élevage des Peuls de Ngaoundéré (Adamaoua camerounais)," in L'ethnicité peule dans des contextes nouveaux: la dynamique des frontières edited by Youssouf Diallo and Günther Schlee, pp. 161-89. Paris: Karthala, 2000. Domo, Joseph. "Transformation des représentations dans la pratique agricole au Nord-Cameroun." Annales de la Facult és des Arts, Lettres et Sciences Humaines de lùUniversité de Ngaoundéré (Ngaoundéré) 1 (1996): pp. 31-8. Grangeret-Owona, Isabelle. "La fertilité des terres bamiléké dans tous ses états," in

5. Africa Direct-Ethnographic Art, Trade Beads, Masks, Carvings, Artifacts, Textile
are one of the smallest tribes in South africa, but are HUGE $1,200.00. Statue of a Fon. bangwa people. Old damage to foot has indigenous repair with a metal

6. Tribal Arts - Links - Autumn Gallery Handcrafted Tribal Arts
Information available for the following peoples Akan Akuapem Bamana Bamileke Bamum Bangubangu bangwa Baule Beembe Rainforest Jewels. Rare indigenous Folk art
@import url(;
A Cool Tribal Arts Gallery

Hand crafted tribal, native and eastern sculpture, masks and other art works inspired by famous balinese, buddhist and hindu legends.
Africa Tribes

Learn about the customs, languages, and history of African tribes. Tribes. People who belong to a common ethnic group may one of the following tribes: Wolof, Fulani, Serer, Toucouleur of Madagascar, 18 different tribes speak Malagasy and French.
Afro-Dit, a place where lovers of African tribal art can share their enthusiasm

Any Search Info - Directory Arts Visual Arts Native and Tribal Oceania

Search-Info.Com leading the way for better search technology. Enjoy your search experience with fast relevant and comprehensive results!
Any Search Info - Directory Arts Visual Arts Native and Tribal

Search-Info.Com leading the way for better search technology. Enjoy your search experience with fast relevant and comprehensive results!
Art Deals Now on eBay
You can find art right here. With over 5 million items for sale every day, you'll find the art deals you're looking for at the world's online marketplace - eBay. ArtNatAm Native American Artists.

7. Chapter 2 - Art Forms
usually associated with the forest peoples; the figures of can claim to be at all indigenous are those Some are not specifically bangwa, but common throughout
CHAPTER TWO Art forms Plate 10
A Challenge mask. A BANGWA STYLE Bangwa lies at the watershed of two important culture areas – of the Bamileke the savannah on the one hand, and of the Ekoi Cross River group of the West Cameroon forests and Eastern Nigeria on the other. Culturally the Bangwa are heterogeneous, although their language and social organisation ally them with the Bamileke. Bangwa art, it will be clear, has affinities to the art styles of both areas: local sculptors are expert both at the manufacture of the forest-inspired skin-covered head masks and at the savannah-type portrait statues. One problem is to determine how far this group of nine miniature chiefdoms can be said to have its own distinctive art style. The Bangwa are a very mobile people, receptive to ideas and inspiration from all points of the compass. It is therefore difficult to isolate one style or tradition stamping each work of art. From the forest, particularly from their nearest western neighbours the Banyang, the Bangwa have acquired a number of secret societies, with their associated masks. The Cross

8. Chapter 3
history of education in Cameroon and the bangwa area that one solution was to educate indigenous men to look into the question of education for African peoples.
Fontem Asonganyi is perhaps the most interesting of all the paramount chiefs to have ruled in the Bangwa area. He is the dominant figure in the history of Bangwa during the past 100 years and for that reason he will sometimes appear in what follows. After having fought off a rival claimant, Asonganyi succeeded his father, Fontem Atshemabo, about the year 1889 while still only in his teens. He developed his position as a middleman in the trade economy between the grasslands and the forest area to its full potential and quickly became very wealthy. Through alliances, guile and plain old violence Asonganyi absorbed many of the previously independent local chiefs into his chiefdom, Lebang, making it the largest in all of Bangwa, modelling it and himself much more closely on the lines of the Bamileke kingdoms and their powerful rulers, the Fons. He made extensive use of the traditional societies, particularly Troh and Lefem , as a means of creating greater social and political control over his chiefdom and introduced many others which had previously never been seen, borrowing from not just grassland culture but also forest cultures as well. Between 1896 and 1900 he also led wars against the neighbouring

9. The Constitution Of Kenya Review Commission
Kenya Muslims and other peoples of Kenya and you will the sole exception, perhaps, of South africa. What the Truth ironic that the very indigenous status of these same Swahilis
The Commission The Review Process The Constitution: Past, Present and Amendments Civic Education on the Constitution ... Some of your Views KENYA MUSLIM CIVIC EDUCATION TRUST
Submissions and Papers by Professor Mohammed Hyder, Phd
Submission At The Jubilee Hall, Mombasa, Saturday March 16, 2002
Submission At Mtongwe Social Hall, Mombasa, Monday May 16, 2002

Kenya 2001: A Fresh Synthesis (Booklet)
Between Coercion And Consent: Kenya’s Constitutional Crisis (Paper)
Between Colonialism And The Marginalization Of Kenya Muslims (Speech)
But Who Are The Swahilis? (Paper)
Transition Justice: Between Mercy And Precedence (Paper)
Kenya’s Religious Minorities: Fears And Prayers (Paper)
AN ADDRESS GIVEN TO THE MEETING BETWEEN PROFESSOR YASH PAL GHAI AND COAST MUSLIMS AT THE JUBILEE HALL, MOMBASA, SATURDAY MARCH 16, 2002 INTRODUCTION: Professor Yash Ghai, Commissioners, Ladies and Gentlemen Before we get into the mainstream of our discussions today, I would like to welcome you most heartily on behalf of the MUSLIM CIVIC EDUCATION TRUST (MCET)and on behalf of all Kenya Muslims. MCET is on record about the real hopes it had on your appointment as the Chairman of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (CKRC). In Issue # 51 of our MCET Friday Newsletters that came out on November 24, 2000, we told our readers something about you and why we pinned so much faith on you. Here is a small piece of what we said of you as a distinguished son of Kenya:

10. Subject Headings List
History2001 africa. africa Brethren. africa Christian Mission. africa Bangui, Zaire. bangwa (african people) Baning-Gould, Sabine Bannon, Carol. Bantu-speaking peoples. Banza, Kamutenga
BGC Archives Subject Headings List
(as of 03/27/03)
(NOTE: These headings do not directly link to the database or collection guides. Use the Connect to search database links which appear throughout this page and enter the heading there.)

A B C ...
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100 HUNTLEY STREET (Television program)
100th Anniversary of the Korean Church, 1984
4 Him (music quartet)
700 Club (Television program)
'80 Evangelization Crusade, Korea A A Foreign Devil in China (Book) A HOME FOR BETTY (Motion Picture) A NEW HEART FOR DONNA (Motion Picture) A PALE HORSE (Motion Picture) A PASSION FOR SOULS (Motion Picture) A SEASON FOR PEACE (Television program) AAA Aarsvold, Joel Aarum, Wes Aba, Congo Aba, Nigeria Ababio, Issac H Ababua (African people) Abarr, Karleen Abatso, Yvonne (Rollerson) Abbot, Ephraim Abbott, Lyman Abeel, David Abendroth, Dallas Aberdeen, SD Aberdeen, WA Aberhart, William Aberle, W F Abernathy, Thomas Edward

11. Welcome To
Bamana Mali. Bamun - Cameroon. bangwa - Cameroon. Bassa - Liberia - Sierra mask, Pumbu Eastern Pende peoples, Democratic Republic of the the people and kings of africa. Fake, real and

12. Lang Classification
Sources for the Numbers List Languages of the peoples of the USSR, Izdat'el'stvo Nauka Migeod, The Languages of West africa, Books for Libraries Press The Harris volume (The indigenous
Sources for the Numbers List This page gives the sources for each language on <a href="numbers.shtml">the Numbers from 1 to 10 page</a>. Sometimes half the work in dealing with a new language is finding out what it is, and relating it to the sometimes wildly varying classifications from Ruhlen , Voegelin, and the Ethnologue. There are notes relating to this, as well as information on dialects , and names of languages I don't have yet. ’ÄîM.R. Totals : 4792 entries -238 conlangs -411 dead langs -325 dialect/variant = living languages I have 80.1% of Ruhlen’Äôs 4750 languages. Dialects I have but not in the list: 835, so the grand total is about 5612. Thanks to the following people who've sent me numbers over the net (biggest contributors first; abbreviations in boldface): <!1520> <a href=""> Jarel Deaton</a> ( JD <!696> <a href="">Eugene S.L. Chan</a> ( NO PP CM RS CS <!15> Jennifer Runner (who has a <a href="">

Oct 2257 It was a bangwa Village in africa. (photo) Apr 558 CORBIN, RUSSELL The people in our backyard (photo Sep 2752 The indigenous church is a success.
(Congo 1952 - Czechoslovakia) p. 673 Congo 1952 - 1956 p. 674 Congo 1956 - 1959 p. 675 Congo 1959 - 1962 p. 676 Congo 1962 - 1967 p. 677 Congo 1967 - Congo Christian Inst. p. 678 Congo Christian Institute CongoDescription 1925 p. 679 CongoDescr. 1925-1939 p. 680 CongoDescr. 1939-1952 p. 681 CongoDescr. 1952-1961 p. 682 CongoDescr. 1961-CongoPolitics p. 683 CongoPolitics - Congregational p. 684 Congregational - Connellsville p. 685 Connelly - Conner, L p. 686 Conner, L - Conscienteous p. 687 Conscienteous - Consultation p. 688 Consultation on church p. 689 Consultation - Converse p. 690 Converse, P - Cook p. 691 Cook - Cook, G p. 692 Coon, Gaines M p. 693 Cook G - Cook, L p. 694 Cook, L - Cooke p. 695 Cookery - Coons, E p. 696 Cooms, P - Cooper, M p. 697 Cooper, M - Cooperative p. 698 Cooperative - Copenbarger p. 699 Copenhagen - Corbridge p. 700 Corbridge - Corey, S p. 701 Corey, Stephen J p. 702 Corey, Stephen J p. 703 Corey, Stephen J

14. Anthropology - Publications
RE, Game animals, palms and people of the F, Witchcraft and Healing among the bangwa of Cameroon, Campbell BR, Animals behaving badly indigenous perceptions of
Anthropology - Publications Anthropology RDF RDF Zip People Publications ... BOTTOM
  • 1200 Publication References
Author Title Date Place of Publication ... ALLEN NJ Hinduism, structuralism and Dumezil. University of Oxford ALLEN NJ Imra, pentads and catastrophes. University of Oxford ALLEN NJ Categories and classifications: Maussian reflections on the social. University of Oxford ALLEN NJ The Indo-European prehistory of yoga University of Oxford Abramson A. Sacred cows of `Development: Reflections on the Moral Economy of Fijian Personhood in the Context of Dairy Transformation in Agriculture University College London Abramson A. Mythical Land, Legal Boundaries: Wondering About Landscape and other Tracts University College London Abramson A. Dialectics of Localisation: The Political Articulation of Land Rites and Land Rights in the Interior of Eastern Fiji (1874-c.1990) University College London Abramson A. Bounding the unbounded: ancestral land and jural relations in the interior of Eastern Fiji University College London Aiello L.C. A comparison of the Nariokotome Homo erectus with juveniles from a modern human population University College London M. Clegg

15. IIE | Fulbright News & Publicity
Murrey, Christina S. BOLIVIA The indigenous Aymara a performing arts of the Ga people of Ghana Art, healing, and aesthetics among the bangwa Beischer, Thomas G
U.S. Student Program Home Student Program Design Fulbright Grant Opportunities Application Center ... Related Links
Fulbright Fellows
by Field of Study
Field of Study, Name, Country and Grant Proposal
Accounting and Finance
Totah, Nicole T.
The hotel industry in Spain and the United States: a cross-cultural and multinational analysis
Logue, Nicolas F.
The movement techniques of Beijing Opera
Silverstein, Jeremy E.
Gestural and inter-disiplinary theater of Catalunya
African History
Ball, Jeremy R.
The three crosses of the Ovimbundu, 1860-1930
Bertz, Ned O.
Everyday encounters: nationalism, race, and the Indian Diaspora
Boer, Wiebe K.
Soccer and the construction of nation and state in Nigeria
Corradini, Stephen J.
The universities' mission to Central Africa and Zanzibari Muslims
de Rouvray, Cristel A.
Essay on Leo's life and works
Hoag, Heather J.
Designing the Delta: water management in the Rufiji district, 1945-85
Houle, Robert J.
Rinderpest and revival: the making of Zulu Christianity
Levine, Roger S.

16. IIE | Fulbright News & Publicity
BA, 2000, Linfield College Contemporary indigenous social movements healing, and aesthetics among the bangwa McCormick, Cameron K arts of the Ga people of Ghana
U.S. Student Program Home Student Program Design Fulbright Grant Opportunities Application Center ... Related Links
Fulbright Fellows by Country
Name, last degree earned, degree-granting institution, and research topic of Fulbright Fellows
— organized by country of destination
Albania Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bangladesh Belgium Bolivia Botswana Brazil Burkina Faso Bulgaria Cameroon Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Finland France Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Guinea Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Ivory Coast Jamaica Japan Jordan Kenya Korea Kuwait Latvia Lesotho Lithuania Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Mali Mauritius Mexico Moldova Morocco Mozambique Namibia Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Norway Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Senegal Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
Vander Berg, Kristi J.

17. Indigenous Religions (in MARION)
Witchcraft and healing among the bangwa of Cameroon Gifts for the sky people animal sacrifice R. Woodward Characteristics of African indigenous religions in

18. African Bird Club
include Cameroon Greenbul, Andropadus montanus, bangwa Forest Warbler farming employed about 500 local people in 2001 of the last remnant indigenous forests in
HOME ABOUT THE ABC HOW TO JOIN CONTACT US Search ABC Bulletin Conservation Fund Events Info Requests ... Corporate Sponsors
Eastern Arc gold rush - update March 2004
Photos: Top left Sakale area mining camp (March 9th 2004), top right Sakale area initial washing of alluvial material, bottom left miner digging pit in already mined part of Sakale area, bottom right illegal mining along streams within Amani Nature Reserve
Much more worrying is the continued exploration of other parts of the East Usambaras for gold along stream courses. Illegal mining and mining exploration has been reported in Semdoe FR, Nilo FR, Longuza FR, Derema corridor and is also occurring within Amani Nature Reserve. Small groups of determined miners are working using local informers and at night time to prospect for gold within these nationally protected areas. Within the Amani Nature Reserve, the illegal miners are being evicted by teams made up of Nature Reserve staff and local villagers. The catchment forest staff are also trying to deal with the issue of illegal miners within their forest reserves.
Neil Burgess in litt.

mother lived in Luanshya with mama Kapoma bangwa; that the no suggestion that being native or indigenous or of There are a large number of people from India
ZAMBIA SCZ/8/EP/3/96 HOLDEN AT LUSAKA SCZ/8/EP/4/96 (Constitutional Jurisdiction) IN THE MATTER of an Application under Article 41(2) of the Constitution of Zambia
IN THE MATTER of the eligibility of a candidate in respect of Article 34(3) of the Constitution of Zambia
IN THE MATTER of regulation 15 made pursuant to the Electoral Act, 1991
IN THE MATTER of the Presidential Election held in Zambia on the 18 th day of November, 1996 BETWEEN AKASHAMBATWA MBIKUSITA LEWANIKA ST PETITIONER HICUUNGA EVARISTO KAMBAILA ND PETITIONER DEAN NAMULYA MUNGOMBA RD PETITIONER SEBASTIAN SAIZI ZULU TH PETITIONER JENNIFER MWABA TH PETITIONER AND FREDRICK JACOB TITUS CHILUBA RESPONDENT CORAM NGULUBE, CJ., BWEUPE, DCJ., SAKALA, CHIRWA and LEWANIKA JJJS. On various dates between 10 th February 1997 and 7 th January 1998 and on 10 th November 1998 For the Petitioners Mr. M. Chona SC. Of Mahachi Chambers, Mr. E.J Shamwana SC of Shamwana and Company, Mr. D.M. Lisulo S.C or Lisulo and Company, Prof. Mvunga of Mvunga and Associates, Mrs. N Mutti, of Lukona Chambers, Mr.S. Sikota of Central Chambers, Mr. E. Lungu of Andrea Masiye and Company, Mrs. M. Zaloumis of Mvunga Associates, and Mr. S. Sitwala of Light House Chambers. For the Respondent Mr. V. Malambo and Mr. E. Silwamba of Malambo, Silwamba and Company.

20. Tropical Birding Cameroon Tour Report, April 2003
fishermen repairing nets, and elderly people cleaning themselves between the myriad of indigenous retracting forest road a far more obliging bangwa Forest Scrub

Click here for the Tropical Birding web site
The Bight of Biafra
3 - 23 April 2003 TOUR LEADERS:
K - Keith Barnes
C - Christian Boix-Hinzen PARTICIPANTS:
Kar- Karen Nielsen
D- Dave Redfield
H- Howie Nielsen
P- Patrick Mevel
S- Shannon Charlton Introduction Ornithologically, Cameroon remains little known despite being the most accessible and richest country in West Africa for birds. Lying at the junction between West and Central Africa, and forming a key part of the Lower Guinea Endemic Bird Area (EBA), Cameroon and its highland chain supports over 900 bird species, amongst them seven endemics. Cameroon is highly diverse with typical lowland tropical rainforests in the south and west to the Pro-Sahelian savanna in the north, and from rolling plains to volcanic beaches and mangrove swamps. The lowland forests of Korup are primal and magical places. Our undoubted trip highlight came in the form of a group of seven Grey-necked Picathartes, hissing and leaping about their theatre-like cavern. A narrow second place goes to the family of Bouvier’s (Vermiculated) Fishing Owl that we located in Korup. Other highlights here included Black Guineafowl, Forest Francolin and Rachel’s Malimbe. There is no doubt that Cameroon offers the most exceptional birding in West Africa, and definitely is one of the top three destinations in the whole continent. Click here to see the programme for Tropical Birding’s 2004 expedition to the Bight of Biafra.

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