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         Ballroom Dancing:     more books (100)
  1. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ballroom Dancing, DVD Edition (Complete Idiot's Guide to) by Jeffrey Allen, 2006-09-05
  2. Complete Book of Ballroom Dancing by Richard M. Stephenson, 1992-08-01
  3. Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing by Ronnen Levinson, 2000-02-14
  4. Ballroom Dancing by Alex, Moore, 2006-01-01
  5. Modern Ballroom Dancing by Victor Silvester, 2005-06-02
  7. Shall We Dance: A Beginner's Guide to Ballroom Dancing by Eric Zimmerer, 2003-03-03
  8. Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancing (Teach Yourself) by Craig Revel Horwood, 2005-10-31
  9. Ballroom Dance Pack by Walter Laird, 2005-01-17
  10. Ballroom Dancing (Teach Yourself) by Peggy Spencer, 1992-08
  11. Picture Yourself Dancing: Step-by-Step Instruction for Ballroom, Latin, Country, and More by Shawn Trautman, 2006-05-12
  12. Ballroom Dancing: The Romance, Rhythm and Style by John (John Lawrence) Reynolds, 1998-09-04
  14. Glamour Addiction: Inside the American Ballroom Dance Industry by JulietMcMains, 2006-11-17

ballroom dancing DanceSport - Will Add Zest to Your Life! ballroom dancing DanceSport. Will Add a New Dimension to Your Life!
Ballroom Dancing - DanceSport - Will Add Zest to Your Life! HOME SOCIAL DANCERS DANCESPORT AAU YCN PRESS CENTER SITE MAP
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Will Add a New Dimension to Your Life!
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Make new friends. Add a new dimension to your life! Learn to DanceAffordable Lessons. Attend our Fabulous Social Dances.
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Become a DanceSport Athlete. Achieve high goals. Be a Champion! Participate in the newest Olympic recognized sport.
Learn lifetime skills of great value while having the time of your life. It’s really neat! “Give it a Whirl!”
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2. Ballroom Dancing, DanceSport, Dance Supplies: DanceScape
Social and Ballroom Dance resource and community, featuring news, tips, online shopping, supplies, videos and services. From Ballroom, Latin, and Salsa to Hip Hop, Belly and Break Dancing. Argentine Tango. Ballet. Ballroom. Belly Dancing. Break Dancing. Cheerleading. Country Western. DanceSport. Erotic. Flamenco. Folk Dancing. Formation. Hip Hop. Hustle/Disco
Home What’s New? Classifieds Singles ... Contact Shall We Dance? DANCE STYLES Argentine Tango Ballet Ballroom Belly Dancing Break Dancing Cheerleading Country Western DanceSport Erotic Flamenco Folk Dancing Formation Hip Hop Hustle/Disco Jump Roping Line Dancing Mambo Rock'n'Roll Round Salsa Skating Swing Tap DANCE INTEREST GROUPS For Beginners Only Collegiates/University ProAms Dance Professionals Dance Stars Fan Clubs DANCE TALENT danceTalentNetwork Auditions Entertainment Tips See What's New... FEATURES New Dance Products DanceScape Clearance Center Fashion Tips Music Tips FEATURE BRANDS Arthur Ashmore Brackley's Tailsuits Ballroom Gifts CHRISANNE Claude Blouin DanceSport Videos Dance Vision DSI Salsa Casino Supadance World Salsa Fed. search Locate dance events
around the world Start Dancing... GENERAL CALENDAR View/Add Events Competitions/Results DANCESCAPE EVENTS Dance Cruise GoodLife Workshops Burlington Workshops Gala Evening Dance PLANNING/BOOKINGS Travelocity POPULAR PLACES Boston New York New Jersey San Francisco Florida Los Angeles Washington DC Atlanta Ontario GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS United States

3. Ballroom - The Ballroom Dancing Resource
DANCETALK MESSAGE BOARD The DanceTalk message board has now been fully integrated into Ballroom, and has new forums, custom settings, and more!
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BDC Mall ... Help Smooth Dances



Viennese Waltz
Latin Dances
Cha Cha


Swing EC Swing WC Swing Lindy Hop Complete List... What do you want to do today? Make a Selection Learn a new dance step Take an online dance lesson Listen to dance music Join in a discussion with other dancers Find a place to dance Find a dance partner Buy or sell dance apparel Try out this week's dance variation Look up a dance-related term in the glossary Shop in our online store Advertise on this website Contact Us What's New... 40 NEW VARIATIONS! That's right... we filmed 40 variations to last us for the rest of 2004. The current variation is a Viennese Waltz, and is online right now. Go check it out! Shopping for your dance needs has never been easier, thanks to our new shopping cart application. Now with smart order tracking, information about your order and shipment status is just a click away! DANCETALK MESSAGE BOARD The DanceTalk message board has now been fully integrated into Ballroom, and has new forums, custom settings, and more!

4. Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing: Pointers On Learning To Dance, Choosing Shoes,
Much Ado About ballroom dancing a handbook for the social dancer. Offers pointers on learning to dance, choosing shoes, finding dancing music, and more! of being interviewed for a Time Magazine

5. Allan's Instructional Ballroom Dance Index
Index to web pages with instruction and tips (with videos, audio clips, text, illustrations and diagrams) on ballroom dancing, ordered by dances and dance steps. Also offers technique advice.
A comprehensive directory/index to web sites with instructional content (e.g. video clips, diagrams, audio, etc.), organized by dances, dance steps, techniques and resources. See menu options

6. BDS -- Ballroom Dance Supply --BDS Home Page;ballroom Dance Shoes,ballroom Dance
Bill Rowe's BDS endeavors to be your onestop ballroom dance shop.Become a BDS Distributor.BDS is International.Customer 19.49 SALE! ballroom dancing On TV
Support Progenitor Howard Dean's Policies via John Kerry for President ..... THe farthest one can get from the Republican Fascists ! .... Nov 1,2003 ...BDS Has Moved A Little to a Bigger....Better.... Location with Lots of Parking and a Beautiful Showroom ! Same Convenient Hours ! ...881E Hamilton Ave....Campbell,CA ...Behind "Party America" ....Near Bascom Ave ...Tel: (408)879-0522 ...
Ballroom Dance Supply Home Page
Bill Rowe's BDS endeavors to be your one-stop ballroom dance shop.Become a BDS Distributor .BDS is International.Customer Feedback We American Liberatorsie. Imperialist Bastards! A number of children were among
the casualties in Falluja
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Books: Rogue Nation Why Are We At War ... I'm An American Naziand I Don't Like IT!! Let's Sue the Bastards Dysfunctional Democracy: Defiance of the Global Will We American Fascist Vigilante Bastards Election 2000 - A Perspective- Gore Won -We Lost I don't think atrocious terrorist activity, in knocking down a few buildings, or crashing a few planes, even approaches the threat to the American democratic way of life, of the internal political cancer that Republican fascism presents. Look for the expected use of the cover of American grief , to implement inappropriately "stupid" responses, dumb spending on cold war defense strategies, and perpetration of asinine social agendas.My confidence in the public to recognize such is minimal,but I refuse to be distracted and let this

7. Ballroom Dancer's Information Site About Ball Room Dancing Competitve Dances In
Focusing on Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

8. History Of Modern Ballroom Dancing
StudyWebAward, HISTORY OF MODERN ballroom dancing. Sofcom Pick of the Net. But it was not always so. These Standard Ballroom dances have diverse origins.

webmaster of
Byrnes Dance Image

Departmental Report TRS-96-008,
Department of Mathematics and Computing,
Central Queensland University
Bundaberg (updated 18 April 2004)
1998 British Standard Ballroom Champions (Photo: courtesy of Neville Lowe)
ABSTRACT This article traces the history of the International Dancesport championship "Modern Standard Ballroom" dances: Viennese Waltz, Modern Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, and Quickstep. INTRODUCTION The five ballroom dances: Modern Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, and Quickstep, are danced the world over both socially and in DanceSport competitions The word 'ballroom' denotes a room where balls may be held: that is: formal social dances. Balls were important social events in the days before radio and television (as in 'having a ball'). The word 'ball' derives from the Latin 'balare' meaning 'to dance'. This is also the origin of the related words : ballet, ballerina, ballad, etc. Note that this origin is quite different from that of a 'ball': a round object used for games. This derives from the Old Norse : 'bollr', meaning 'to inflate'. The figures in the modern ballroom dances have now been standardised and categorised into various levels for teaching, with internationally agreed vocabularies, techniques, rhythms and tempos. But it was not always so.

9. - The Ballroom Dance Resource
ballroom dancing Photos, instructional videos, history of dances, and many other informational tips to make ballroom dancing fun and easy for you. is dedicated to helping you learn and fully understand ballroom dancing. This site is full of information on craze and fashions. If ballroom dancing is what you want to learn
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See Microsoft Corporation or the for a free one. ballroom,ballroom dancing,ballroom dance,learn ballroom dancing,dance music,learning,dance,dancing,dance video,dance class,arthur murray,history of ballroom dances,rumba,rhumba,cha cha,foxtrot,waltz,tango,salsa,samba,bolero,bolaro,hustle,merengue,swing,east coast swing,west coast swing,argentine tangeo,veinnese waltz,quickstep,learning tapes,learning dvds,videos,cds,teaching,dvd,cruise lines ballroom dancing,ballroom dances,dance music,instructional videos,dvds,dance classes,arthur murray,latin,rumba,rhumba,cha cha,chacha,east coast swing,west coast swing,foxtrot,waltz,tango,salsa,samba,bolero,bolaro,hustle,merengue,swing,argentine tangeo,veinnese waltz,quickstep,learn to dance,learning,tapes,cds,teaching,cruise lines,dancingfeet Ballroom dancing: Photos, instructional videos, history of dances, and many other informational tips to make ballroom dancing easy for you. ballroom dancing,videos,dance,dance music,instructional videos,shoes, dvds,arthur murray,latin,salsa,tango,swing,foxtrot,waltz,cha cha,east coast swing,west coast swing,rumba,rhumba,samba,bolero,bolaro,hustle,merengue,argentine tangeo,veinnese waltz,quickstep,learn to dance,learning,cds,dancingfeet

10. ~Papillon~ Ballroom Dancing Page
History of ballroom dancing, music samples, international syllabus, picture gallery.
Welcome to Papillon 's
Realm of Ballroom Dancing.....
Last updated: Thu, 1 April, 2004
Specially designed by Vivian Tsui *Please visit my Flash movie before entering my main page.
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join me in my realm of ballroom dancing

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11. Dance, Exercise, Sports And Fitness Videos
Country western and ballroom dancing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Competitions, history of dance, local dances and workshops. Calgary information and links.
Dance, Exercise, Fitness and Sports is a web site dedicated to the promotion of dance, exercise, fitness and sports. Dance - Ballet, ballroom, belly dance, breakdance, Cajun, cheerleading, children, clogging, country western, dance teams, disco, exotic, funk, hip hop, hula, Irish, instructors, jazz, modern, oldies, salsa, square dance, shim sham, swing, and tap dance videos. Information on all the dance competitions, local dances, dance studios, independent instructors, and the history of dance. Exercise and fitness - health articles, aerobics, aquatics, dance exercise, jump rope, karate, kick boxing, kids, kung fu, Pilates, pregnancy, qigong, recovery, seniors, step aerobics, stretching, Tae Bo, Tai Chi, toning, treadmill, weight training, walking and yoga videos. Sports - Baseball, basketball, camping and survival, cheerleading, circus artistry, dance teams, children, figure skating, fly fishing, football, golf, gymnastics, ice skating, inline skating, karate, skateboarding, snowboarding, soccer, sport acrobatics, swimming, tennis and weight training. Add this page to your Favorites Do you like this site? Tell a friend!

12. Learn The Waltz, Fox Trot, And East Coast Swing Online With The Bal
The hottest ballroom dancing site on the net! Learn section. Either way, you will be out on the floor and ballroom dancing in no time!
Welcome to the Ballroom Dance Group home page. If you have always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance but never knew where to start, this is the right place for you. You can start learning the Waltz Fox Trot and Swing by looking at our Learn-Online sections, or you can browse through our Dance Tips section. Either way, you will be out on the floor and ballroom dancing in no time!
You can learn some basic Waltz, Fox Trot, or East Coast Swing steps and patterns right now with the Ballroom Dance Group's Learn Online page. Or you can download video clips or audio clips to help you get started. It's simple, it's fun, and it's free! Learn at home with our Do-It-At-Home Instructional Ballroom Dance Kit consisting of a video and practice CD. It's simply the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to learn how to ballroom dance!
If you are ready to hit the ballroom dance floor for the first time, here are some dance tips to help you make it through the evening gracefully!
Click Here
to find out who the Ballroom Dance Group is and why we are doing this.

13. Learn To Dance - Two Left Feet - The Dancers Website
Retired ballroom dancing teachers from Birmingham offer advice on learning to dance.
Two Left Feet - The Dancers’ Website
E mail Us
To Dance
Happy Dancing!
Two Left Feet Dance Studio has existed in one form or another in Birmingham,
England for some 20 Years and has provided top Quality Dance Tuition in
Ballroom and Latin American Dancing to Beginners thru' to Pros...Not
forgetting a variety of Lap Dancers, Strippers and Cheerleaders etc en route!!!
Now retired from teaching we still maintain an active interest and are prepared to offer impartial advice to you. So whilst you won't learn to dance online we aim to offer some advice on how and where to learn to dance. From Waltz to Salsa - Rock'nRoll toTango learning to dance will give you confidence and change your life....honestly. Advice on selecting the right dancing teacher, the best methods of learning to dance for your needs etc... are available on our Learning to Dance Page. Our Gallery Page features a selection of “Mug-Shots” from our Rogues Gallery. privacy

Toronto, Ontario Latin and ballroom dancing. Private lessons are also available, especially for upcoming weddings and special events.

15. Ballroom Dancing Worldwide
Dancetyme anything you want to know about New Vogue; Melbourne ballroom dancing Network All about ballroom dancing in Melbourne!
Home page About us ABC for newcomers Tid-bits NewsNet Blood, Sweat and... Articles TV guide Events calendars - Blackpool - UK Open - Elsa Wells IDSF EADA Top Professionals Dance studios, UK Virtual Shoe Shop Dance fashion Fabrics, Trimmings, Stones For Sale ads Video boutique Software/CD-ROMs Music CDs Posters Calendar Photo gallery Other suppliers Hotels Partners wanted P.Wylie section Social dancing Message board Links Webmasters only Contact us
Links to Ballroom Dance places around the world (Click on a country)
Alphabetical list of countries follows below
Austria Belgium Brasil ... Yugoslavia
To place your site/organisation on this list contact

16. Ballroom Dancing In Japan
Information on amateur and pro ballroom dancing in Japan, studios, and clubs.

17. Ballroom Dancing Australia - Interactive Ballroom Dancing Website For Australian
ballroom dancing Australia Interactive ballroom dancing website for Australian Dancers. Welcome to ballroom dancing Australia.
Find: Area: ACT Canberra NSW Albury NSW Bathurst NSW Bega NSW Broken Hill NSW Campbelltown NSW Central Coast NSW NSW Cooma NSW Dubbo NSW Eastern Suburbs NSW Goulburn NSW Inner West NSW Kempsey NSW Lismore NSW Liverpool-Fairfield NSW Manly-Warringah NSW Muswellbrook NSW Newcastle NSW North Shore-Hornsby NSW Nowra NSW Parramatta NSW Penrith NSW St George-Cronulla NSW Sydney NSW Tamworth NSW Wagga Wagga NSW Windsor NSW Wollongong NT Northern Territory QLD Beaudesert QLD Brisbane QLD Cairns QLD Gold Coast QLD Ipswich QLD Maryborough QLD Mt Gravatt-Logan City QLD Redcliffe-Pine Waters QLD Redland-Bayside QLD Rockhampton-Mackay QLD Roma QLD Sunshine Coast QLD Toowoomba QLD Townsville SA Adelaide SA Barossa Valley SA Pt Augusta SA South East SA Yorke Peninsula TAS Burnie TAS Hobart TAS Launceston VIC Bairnsdale VIC Ballarat VIC Bendigo VIC Diamond Valley VIC Eastern Region VIC Frankston-Chelsea VIC Geelong VIC Melbourne VIC Mildura VIC Mornington VIC Northern Region VIC Shepparton VIC South Eastern Region VIC Wangaratta VIC Warragul VIC Warrnambool VIC Western Region WA Central and Eastern WA Great Northern WA Perth WA South Western International CLICK HERE TO BROWSE THE BUSINESS DIRECTORY
Dance Wear Music ... Add Your Business
Welcome to Ballroom Dancing Australia.

18. Ballroom Dancing UK
Change of address To stay in line with the terminology used by the Olympic committee The ballroom dancing UK site is now officially called Dancesport UK.
WHAT'S NEW Change of address:
To stay in line with the terminology used by the Olympic committee The Ballroom Dancing UK site is now officially called Dancesport UK. We have also moved to a new domain

Please update your links. You will be redirected there automatically in 3 sec.
The management is not changing though and we will continue to develop the site even better than before.
Maintained by Eva Allen of ZEM Software

19. QuickSilver Dance Center Homepage
Offers lessons in twostep, polka, swing, waltz, and ballroom dancing. Site includes class schedule, registration form, and FAQ.
QuickSilver Dance Center, 512-302-4324,



Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and relaxed on the dance floor.

You are visitor
last update 06/04/04 QuickSilver Dance Center offers adult social dance lessons Group and Private Lesson format, and accommodates both couples and singles in all classes. We also provide social dance opportunities at the studio, regular outings to local night clubs and dance venues, and other special events.
Join us for Two Step, Waltz, Jitterbug, Salsa, West Coast Swing and more! (If you are visiting this website from your work desk, turn the volume of your speakers DOWN!) (Every page plays music, except for this homepage.) Home Lessons Calendar Videos ... Email

20. California Junior Cotillion
A cotillion and etiquette program for children in San Diego, California . Teaches ballroom dancing, table manners and social graces.
California Junior Cotillion Home Why CJC? Instructors Schedule ... Photos 2003/4 California Junior Cotillion Website
"The Complete Etiquette Experience from Dining to Dancing".
Please join Ms.Kent and her staff this coming September by enrolling your child in San Diego's newest cotillion program for valuable lessons in table manners, etiquette and ballroom dance.
Our program is designed around three basic levels: Informal, Semi-Formal and Formal. At this time, we are only offering Informal (5 & 6 graders) and Semi-Formal (7 & 8 graders). We hope to offer Formal (9-12 graders) in a year or two. Students are encouraged to enroll in each of the levels to thoroughly learn the "world of etiquette", and to advance in ballroom dancing. Repetition is key in truly learning this material.
Who day your child may be headed for a White House or State-Dinner and this course will prepare them.
To see why our cotillion program is a cut above the rest, please visit "Why CJC?" on our navigation bar.

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