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  1. Back-to-School Health News.(Influenza)(Brief Article): An article from: Techniques
  2. CIRCUSWORKS: a special back-to-school web site for primary school teachers and homeschoolers. (Notices).: An article from: Communication Disorders Quarterly
  3. Assisted living and elder care in the Valley: senior care during the back-to-school rush.(An Advertising Supplement): An article from: San Fernando Valley Business Journal
  4. Older nurses face the challenges of tertiary study: a group of RGONs, most in their fifties, went back to school for a year. Here three share their journey ... article from: Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand by Marilynn Bruton, Lynette Harrison, et all 2003-09-01
  5. Circusworks, a special back-to-school gift to primary school teachers and homeschoolers. (Notice).(Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey): An article from: Communication Disorders Quarterly
  6. Tuberculosis: Back to the Future (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Third Annual Public Health Forum) by John D. H. Porter, 1994-07
  7. Looking forward by going back: a school counselor educator's return to school counseling.(PERSPECTIVE FROM THE FIELD): An article from: Professional School Counseling by Tamara E. Davis, 2006-12-01
  8. Merck backs off campaign to make cervical cancer vaccination school entry requirement for preteen girls.(FOR THE RECORD)(Merck & Company)(Report): An article from: Guttmacher Policy Review by Adam Sonfield, 2007-01-01
  9. School backpacks do not appear to be behind new-onset, chronic back pain. (Alternatives Probably Unneeded).(Brief Article): An article from: Pediatric News by Deeanna Franklin, 2002-01-01
  10. Heavy school backpacks may be too much for children to shoulder. (In The News ...).: An article from: Childhood Education
  11. Reducing the co$t of pain: Understanding and using ergonomics to develop, implement, improve and market your cumulative trauma/repetitive motion injury prevention programs : workshop manual by Ronald W Porter, 1996

1. Schools - 8/13/03
back to school health. Brandy Baker / The Detroit News. Verna Brocks ofDetroit holds one of her 20 grandchildren, Jasmine Brocks, 16 months.
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2. UPHS August 2003 Newsletter: Back To School Health & Safety Feature
August 2003. back to school health and Safety. back to school healthand Safety. As summer draws to an end, you have probably already

June Newsletter
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August 2003 Back to School Health and Safety
Back to School Health and Safety
As summer draws to an end, you have probably already started thinking about the upcoming school year and what it will mean for your children. Although things tend to settle down as the school year progresses, preparing for the first day can be very frustrating, especially if it is the first time around. However, the key to making a smooth transition from summertime fun to the hustle and bustle of back to school time is to be prepared. Following are some tips to help ensure a healthy, safe and stress-free school year for you and your family. Starting School for the First Time
School Phobia

Children sometimes experience a fear of going to school. This can be caused for a number of different reasons. For the younger student, the cause could be separation anxiety or fear of being away from parents for the first time. In older children, school phobia can result from fear of a bully from the previous school year, peer pressure, or another bad experience that can be associated with school.

3. Pharmasave National - Library
back to school health A Heads Up On Head Lice -By Debbie Adams Before you haulout the scissors to start cutting off “infested” hair, recognize that head

4. National Headache Awareness Week
More results from backto-school health Tips for Children back-to-school health Tips for Children,
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Important Note: All information on KidsHealth is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor.

5. Back-to-School Health Tips For Children
backto-school health Tips for Children,

6. //Back To School :: All About Health @
Phone Dir. Free Ads. ArticlesNew! Friend Finder. New Look. Games. Chat. Forums. Email. The new school year is upon us. From bedtime battles to the misery of morning call, summertime sleep habits die
Home Phone Dir Free Ads Articles New! Friend Finder New Look Games Chat ... Email The new school year is upon us. From bedtime battles to the misery of morning call, summertime sleep habits die hard. Late summer nights combined with early school start times, and the stresses of just being a kid, deprive our children of essential sleep. And sleep deprivation often wreaks havoc with health, academic performance, and behavior. It is an unrecognized epidemic.
From elementary school through high school and beyond, a great many of our children are chronically sleep-deprived. With more than 1/3 of elementary school-age children having some kind of sleep problem and most adolescents not getting enough sleep, many will struggle to meet the barrage of new challenges, demands, and emotions of a new school year.
It is not widely recognized and appreciated just how pervasive and critical quality sleep is for brain development and how it directly influences daytime functioning, performance, mood, and behavior. When was the last time your doctor asked about your child's sleep? Parents wouldn't think of letting their child skip meals or run into a busy street, but staying up late is very often of little concern. It shouldn't be.
Sleep Affects How Your Child Thinks, Feels and Functions

7. Back To School: Lunchbox Makeovers
WASHINGTON It’s back-to-school time and for many, that means back-to-packing offoods do most of the damage to children’s diets and health, a handful
For Immediate
August 19, 1999 For more information:
Back to School: Lunchbox Makeovers
Ten Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch for Kids
  • Encourage your child to choose 1% or fat-free milk
  • Switch from ham, bologna, salami, pastrami or corned beef, and other fatty luncheon meats to low-fat alternatives . Wootan noted that supermarkets sell many good tasting, low-fat or fat-free brands of turkey breast, chicken breast, ham, bologna and roast beef.
  • Include at least one serving of fruit in every lunch . Try buying a few new types of fruit each week to let your child discover new favorites and to give her more choices. In addition to apples, oranges or bananas, try pears, sliced melon, cups of applesauce, grapes or pineapple (fresh or canned in its own juice). Try serving fruit in different ways whole, cut into slices, cubed or with a yogurt dipping sauce.
  • Use whole grain bread instead of white bread for sandwiches
  • Limit cookies, snack cakes, doughnuts, brownies and other sweet baked goods
  • Pack baked chips, pretzels, Cheerios, bread sticks or low-fat crackers instead of potato, corn, tortilla or other chips made with oil or Olean
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  • 8. MedlinePlus: School Health
    and Program Study Violence Prevention (National Center for Chronic Disease Preventionand health Promotion). Teenagers; back to school (Nemours Foundation).
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    School Health
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    School Health
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    9. School Health (Print Version)
    Chronic Disease Prevention and health Promotion) http// back to school (Nemours Foundation
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    School Health
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    10. Back To School On Civil Rights Redirect Page
    back to school on Civil Rights looks at more than two decades of federal monitoring and Department of health and Human ServicesAdministration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD)
    Contact Information:
    National Council on Disability
    1331 F Street, NW,
    Suite 850
    Washington, DC 20004 202-272-2004 Voice
    202-272-2074 TTY
    202-272-2022 Fax Comments and Feedback:

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    FAQs Newsroom Site Map ... What's New Privacy Notice: The National Council on Disability (NCD) will collect no personal information about you when you visit its website unless you choose to provide that information. The only information NCD automatically collects is the visitor's Internet domain and Internet Protocol address, the type of browser and operating system used to access the site, the file visited and the time spent in each file, and the time and date of the visit.

    11. Welcome To Coordinated School Health Programs
    back to homepage, Coordinating school health Programs, CSHP logotype.
    State Agencies Web Policies My Email this page Coordinating School Health Programs Health Education Physical Education Health Services Nutrition Services ... YRBS Survey
    RFP Questions and Answers have been posted.
    Click here
    W elcome
    to the Coordinating School Health Programs web site, brought to you by the Maine Department of Education and Department of Human Services . The main purpose of our site is to introduce the eight components of Coordinated School Health Programs to school personnel, parents and students, especially within the state of Maine, but also beyond its borders. We also want to serve as a resource for information and networking for those involved or interested in school health issues.
    The CSHP Guidelines are finished and printed, and may be downloaded by section in their respective component areas. Thank you to all who wrote and helped us prepare the CSHP guidelines. We truly appreciate your input and help throughout the long process. How to Use Our Web Site You will see the "buttons" for the eight components at the top of your screen. Clicking on any one of them will take you to the

    12. Back-to-School Health Tips For Children With Asthma
    backto-school health Tips for Children with Asthma help parentsof children with asthma prepare for the new school year.
    Living With Asthma
    Your Environment Healthy Lifestyles Action Plans ... Asthma Care Checklist for Camp Back-to-School Health Tips Pregnancy Tools Printer friendly version Sitemap About
    Treatments and ...
    Back-to-School Health Tips for Children with Asthma
    As summer winds down families are getting ready for the new school year. In addition to school supplies and new clothes, parents of children with asthma need to make extra preparations to assure that their child is taken care of safely at school. "With proper preparations, you can reduce the impact asthma has on your child at school," said Epi Mazzei, R.N. and manager of the LungLine® toll-free helpline at National Jewish. "A child with asthma should be able to join their classmates in almost every activity at school." Below are several tips to help parents of children with asthma prepare for the new school year.
    Asthma Action Plan
    Ask your doctor for a written Asthma Action Plan for the school. This plan should include what medicine to use to treat asthma symptoms and changes in peak flow zones, what medication to use as a pretreatment before exercise, emergency telephone numbers and a list of things that make your child's asthma worse.
    Meet with school staff
    Plan a meeting with school staff before or in the beginning weeks of the school year. It is helpful to have the school nurse, health aide, teacher and physical education teacher at the meeting. Your child also can be involved in the meeting. Take the written Asthma Action Plan to the meeting. Review the Asthma Action Plan, use of the peak flow meter, medicines and things that make your child's asthma worse.

    13. BCK2SKOL Lessons
    with Little or No Net Experience " back TO school" THE ELECTRONIC LIBRARY CLASSROOM 101 ADDENDUM Two Searching in health and Medicine. ADDENDUM Three Searching in Education
    BCK2SKOL Lessons
    A Class on the Net for Librarians with Little or No Net Experience
    Your feedback and support for BCK2SKOL are appreciated; please email link updates, suggestions and comments to: Search BCK2SKOL Return to BCK2SKOL Homepage Links checked 22 October 1999. See the BCK2SKOL homepage for course update details.

    14. Back To School / Back To Campus
    Other Resources for Teaching Children and Teens back to school 2002 Materials ·Is Children s Mental health Matters (Adobe Acrobat pdf format) · Promoting
    Back to School
    Building on last years bullying prevention theme, this year we have developed materials to help parents and teachers talk with children and teens about respecting differences and appreciating diversity in people. Back to School 2003 Materials
    Activity and Media Planner

    Tips for Parents

    Tips for Kids

    Tips for Teens
    Other Resources for Teaching Children and Teens

    Back to School 2002 Materials
    Is Your Child Totally Ready?

    Bullying and Gay Youth

    September 11 Anniversary
    Children's Mental Health Matters (Adobe Acrobat pdf format) Promoting Children's Mental Health Depression Bipolar Disorder Anxiety Disorders ... Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Back to Campus This year we have developed a seperate kit for college students and staff. The kit includes several new factsheets, including Self-Injury, Coping with Your Parents' Divorce and Exam Week Stress, and several resources, activity and media outreach ideas to spread the work about mental health on college campuses. Back to Campus 2003 Materials Activity and Media Planner Radio PSAs First-Person Testimonial What to Do When Depression Enters Your Relationship ... Letter to Parents MS Word format Exam Week Stress Mental Health Resources Adjustment to Life's Changes Anxiety Disorders and Depression ... Suicide and Depression For more information

    15. Tufts Health Plan > Members > Well > Hfn_back2school
    back to school means more than equipping your kids with new clothes and school supplies. sonow is the time to evaluate your child s health and physical

    16. Parent Involvement - Back To School
    on topics such as helping students deal with transitions from one school to another,health and safety issues, life after high school, planning backto-school
    June 07, 2004 Teacher Appreciation
    Schools of Excellence Certification

    Building Successful Partnerships

    National Standards
    After-School Programs

    This resource is available only to PTA members. Not a member? Join today!
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    Support PTA

    Contact Us

    National PTA has gathered a number of resources to help parents, children, and local PTAs prepare to return to school. From helpful articles with expert advice to easily downloadable materials to promote back-to-school events, National PTA is committed to helping children succeed. These articles written by National PTA staff and experts in the health, education, and well-being of children can help you prepare for back-to-school, find advice on topics such as helping students deal with transitions from one school to another, health and safety issues, life after high school, planning back-to-school events, and parent-teacher communication. Whether it's taking part in a letter-writing campaign to policy makers, hosting a back-to-school event, speaking to school administrators about the need for school-based after-school care, or distributing brochures to parents and the community, it's all advocacy. Learn how you can make a difference as an individual or parent group. Get the word out about your back-to-school event with these ready-made promotional tools.

    17. Parent Involvement - Back To School
    Know the Nurse Discover the health basics parents should family conversations onethics, giving back to the Global Citizenship at Home and school Parents and
    June 07, 2004 Teacher Appreciation
    Schools of Excellence Certification

    Building Successful Partnerships

    National Standards
    After-School Programs

    This resource is available only to PTA members. Not a member? Join today!
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    Articles: Changes/Transitions Raising Good Citizens Subject Matters Resources marked with are available only in the Members' section. If you are not a member, you can join today. From the nervous jitters of that very first day of school to the anxiety of changing schools, students face some pretty unnerving adjustments throughout their academic career. Help ease your child through these transitions with expert advice and useful tips. Kindergarten Readiness Ensure your child is ready for kindergarten. Review the readiness skills that various education experts cite as important predictors of kindergarten success. New School Blues Help your children adjust after a family move with advice on how you can alleviate their anxiety and help them make new friends. School Transitions Life After High School Is your child ready for college? How do you know? If your child is going to college, how can you help prepare her for this big step in life? Maybe college isn't right for your child. What are the alternatives? Find out in our Life After High School series.

    18. Spotlight On Consumer Health: Back To School, Back To Work...A Time For Women To
    Spotlight on Consumer health back to school, backto Work A Time for Women to Focus on health.'/Web/address_change.aspx','test','alwaysRaised,width=300,height=300'); Home For Consumers Spotlight on Consumer Health Back to School, Back to Work ...
    OTCs Tax Deductible
    Back to School,
    Back to Work Drug Facts Label Consumer Publications Dietary Supplements
    Are Regulated
    ... Consumer Links Spotlight on Consumer Health: Back to School, Back to Work...A Time for Women to Focus on Health
    A Message from Amy Niles
    President and CEO
    National Women’s Health Resource Center, Inc.
    It’s fall. The summer is over. Kids are back to school. People seem more focused on work. Household routines have resumed. It’s a perfect time for us all to take serious stock of our own health and the health of our families. Women are the Health CEOs of their households. As Health CEO, just like the CEO of a corporation, the woman is a role model for those she cares for. Women play a key role in ensuring that their families are healthy and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.

    Offers tips for around the house, back to school, beauty, health and weddings. Includes contests and news.
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    Welcome to The FrugalWorld
    Our goal here is to pull together the best frugal tips, articles, news, books and Websites on the Internet into one location. The best way to use this site at present is to click on one of the categories on the left of every page to pull up that category's main page, upon which you'll find all the information related to that category on the site. The search box at the bottom of each page can also be used to find all tips/articles/etc. on a specific topic.
    News Frugal Flagstaff family finds fun for free
    Arizona Daily Sun - It can be difficult at times to live on a shoestring budget. Or, should I say a thread on a shoestring budget...or a microbe on a thread on a shoestring budget. You get the picture: we're fiscally challenged. 20 strange ways to save - Here are some of the zaniest cost-cutting tips submitted to our monthly Frugal U. contest. We don't recommend you take these money-saving ideas seriously...

    20. Back-To-School: Articles
    When planning your backto-school checklist, health and safety precautions shouldbe at the top right up there with new clothes, notebooks, and lunch boxes.
    Back-To-School Articles
    General, Subjects, Homework, Safety, Testing
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    Calendar with Gifted Children in Mind
    This calendar provides a wealth of information, ideas, activities and resources for parents of gifted and talented children. Use it as a reference for articles, books, websites, mailing lists, associations and more.

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