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         Australian Cooking:     more books (100)
  1. The Great Australian Barbecue (Outdoor Cooking and Entertaining with Digby the, Barbecue King)
  2. A Taste of the Past : Early Australian Cooking - by Joyce Allen -, 1977
  3. The History of Australian Cooking
  4. Fusions. A New Look at Australian Cooking by Martin; Whittington, Richard Webb, 1997
  5. Traditional Australian Cooking; 400 Classic Recipes
  6. Cooking for Friends ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
  7. Australian Heritage Cooking for the Microwave
  8. Cocktails ("Australian Women's Weekly") by Australian Women's Weekly, 2004-01-01
  9. Aww Dinner Party Cookbook ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library) by Australian Womens We, 1990-01
  10. Cooking with Herbs (Australian Women's Weekly)
  11. New Finger Food ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library) by Australian Women's Weekly, 2002-11-30
  12. Easy Malaysian-Style Cookery ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library) by Australian Womens Weekly, 1994-04
  13. Childrens Birthday Cake Book ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library) by Australian Womens W, 2004-01-01
  14. Cooking With Colleen McCullough and Jean Easthope by Colleen McCullough, Jean Easthope, 1982-10

61. Australian Recipe Collection
Authentic recipes with cooking help.
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I really do not do much work on this site anymore, but at the time (1995-1997), there were not many Australian recipes online... since my late husband was Australian, I had decided to pick his brain for some of his favorite (and not so favorite =) ) Australian recipes! Please note, I AM NOT Australian, I don't possess the knowledge that he did about his country. If you have a recipe to contribute, please email me and I will add it.
*Please note*

I try to only have Authentic Australian recipes. Dishes from The Outback Steakhouse (i.e. Walkabout Soup, Bloomin' Onion, Jackaroo Chops, Alice Springs Chicken, etc) are NOT authentic Australian recipes.
If you have any question about what certain things are (castor sugar, capsicums, golden syrup, mixed spice, etc..) please refer to the cooking info section!
Beverages Breads Salads ... Info
Questions, Comments, looking for a certain recipe, or want to share one? Email me!
As listed in for Australians living overseas
Weekly Award Winner Jan 19-26
This Site has been awarded the prestigious

This Recipe Ring site is owned by Ang
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62. Camp Oven Cooking
Learn how to use and care for a cast iron camp oven and find out about the australian Camp Oven Festival. Prepared by Queensland Mitsubishi 4WD Owners' Club.
Cast iron camp ovens are fun and a time-proven way to cook a variety of food including breads, roasts, stews and casseroles. Camp ovens come in various sizes and a good one will last a lifetime if cared for. Most camp stores carry good quality ovens but look for one that has a strong handle and a lid with a large lip to hold the coals. Before using a camp oven and to prevent rust it needs to be "seasoned". The first step with a new cast iron camp oven is to peel off any labels and then wash the oven and lid in warm water only, rinse and dry completely. Grease the oven and lid inside and out with a good grade of olive or vegetable oil. Do not use lard or other animal products as they will spoil and turn rancid. Do not use a spray in coating the oven but rather use oil soaked in a paper towel. Place the oven upside down on an oven rack with the lid separate and place aluminium foil underneath to catch any excess oil. Bake at 300-350 degree oven heat for at least an hour. You will probably need to repeat the process for the oven to obtain the desired uniform black patina that provides the non-stick qualities and protects your oven from rust.

63. - Home
Biography and other information about Jason Roberts, host of Nine Network's cooking program Fresh! cooking with the australian Women's Weekly . Has a few recipes.

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of traditional cooking methods, along with recipes using emu, kangaroo, and crocodile.......
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65. Default
An australian chef who has developed recipes and information for you to cook at home.
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66. Cooking For Friends (Australian Women's Weekly) Women's Weekly Australian
cooking for Friends (australian Women s Weekly) Women s Weekly australian. Author or Artist Women s Weekly australian. Title cooking
Cooking for Friends (Australian Women's Weekly) Women's Weekly Australian
Author or Artist : Women's Weekly Australian
Title: Cooking for Friends (Australian Women's Weekly)
Australian Women's Weekly
Women's Weekly Australian
Subject: Cooking
Category: Food Drink General
Format: Paperback
Cook's Garden (Australian Women's Weekly)...

Mary Coleman-Good Food Fast (Australian Women's Weekly)...

Women's Weekly Australian-Pasta Meals in Minutes (Australian Women's Weekly)...

Women's Weekly Australian-Cakes, Cooking Class (Australian Women's Weekly)...
Evolutionary Algorithms in Molecular Design (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry)...

67. Fresh TV
You are at home / World of Food / Fresh TV. Fresh TV, cooking with The australian Women s Weekly. Tune in to watch Geoff, Lyndey Milan
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AWW Converter Temperature Length Weight Volume AWW Home World of Food Fresh TV Diet and Fitness ... Help
Search The Australian Women's Weekly
Subscribe to The Australian Women's Weekly here

Award sponsored by Sydney Olympic Park
You are at: home World of Food Fresh TV
Fresh TV Cooking with The Australian Women's Weekly
Tune in to watch Geoff, Lyndey Milan and celebrity guests dish up a season of recipes that will tantalise your tastebuds.
Weekdays, 11.30am on the Nine Network.

  • Find out more about Fresh's host, Geoff Jansz
  • Read the with Geoff
  • Read about Lyndey Milan , The Weekly's Food Director and co-host of Fresh
Fresh Recipes June 7 Orange Poppy Seed Spirals with Orange Cream June 7 Creamy Semolina Porridge with Baked Rhubarb and Almonds - DAIRY DELICIOUS June 7 Indian Spiced Cauliflower June 4 Classic Pavlova - PAMELA CLARK, AWW

68. Ninemsn Premium Australian Women S Weekly
to Fresh, cooking with The australian Women s Weekly videos — unlimited access to stepby-step cooking tip videos with Jason Roberts from the Fresh TV show;

69. Illawarra Internet Whats Cooking
These recipes are supplied courtesy of the australian Meat and Livestock Corporation. To submit your favorite recipe send E-mail
These recipes are supplied courtesy of the Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation.
To submit your favorite recipe send E-mail to Webmaster with the recipe and a GIF or JPEG of the dish.
If you are local to the Illawarra / Wollongong region. We will come over to your house and take a digital photo of the dish if required.
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70. BHG Australia - Healthy Cooking
Here s a great companion volume to cooking a Commonsense Guide a recipe book that s been in many australian kitchens for years now.

71. Simply Australian: Aussie Food > Groceries > Cooking Supplies
cooking Supplies Questions • Reviews Products, Size 250g, Qty US$ 2.50. Pavlova Magic Make Australia s popular desert the easy way. Recipes Pavlova.
Aussie Food Groceries Search: Product Catalog Aussie Food Groceries Teas Beverages ... Breakfast Cereals Cooking Supplies Sundries Footwear Personal Needs Hats ... Clearance Items
Best Sellers Vegemite Weetbix Cottee's Cordial Milo ... Lift Lemon
Cooking Supplies

Products Cadbury Bournville Cocoa
Use this cocoa for a rich chocolate flavor in all your baked goods.
Recipes: Chocolate Crackles
Size: Qty: US$ 4.95 McKenzie's fine desiccated Coconut Recipes: Coconut Slice Size: Qty: US$ 2.50 Pavlova Magic Make Australia's popular desert the easy way. Recipes: Pavlova Size: Qty: US$ 4.50 Bi-Carb Soda Size: Qty: US$ 1.50 John West Passionfruit Size: Qty: US$ 2.50 White Wings Golden Sponge Size: Qty: US$ 3.95 White Wings Golden Buttercake Size: Qty: US$ 3.50 White Wings Chocolate self-saucing sponge pudding Size: Qty: US$ 3.95 Winn Glace cherries Size: Qty: US$ 2.50 Copha Recipes: Rocky Road Size: Qty: US$ 2.50 Foster Clark's Custard Powder Recipes: Custard Custard Biscuits Custard Sponge Size: Qty: US$ 3.00 Golden Syrup Recipes: Anzac biscuits Size: Qty: US$ 5.50

72. GFCF Cooking Australia - Tips
the ml equivalent marked clearly to avoid any confusion with my australian standard measures GF, allergy, and vegan cook books are all good choices for suitable
Go to: Home Breads Mains Miscellaneous Soups Sweet Treats Tips Useful Info Veggies Index Tips.
One of my kids decided I should have a website for all my gluten-free (GF), casein-free (CF) and egg-free (EF) recipes. So, he put this together for me - thanks sweetie. It is a work in progress so I will be adding to it all the time.
I am by no means an expert, just a mum trying to help one of my kids overcome his allergies and autism and,at the same time, keep the rest of the family satisfied. These recipes and tips are the result of much trial and error.
'Useful Information'
contains tables of all the information I wished I had all together in one place when I started using recipes from the internet - imperial to metric measures, alternate names for things, flour, egg substitutes, links, etc.
(*All the recipes on this site use Australian Standard measures.)

These tips are just a few things I have learnt along the way. I hope there is something of use to someone out there.

Have two sets of measuring cups and spoons. Use one set for the wet ingredients and the other for the dry.
If you intend using recipes from the internet, buy some measuring spoons and cups in US sizes. These are available at some kitchen shops and department stores. Recently I found there are more US sized spoons in shops than Australian Standard sized. I have measuring spoons which have the ml equivalent marked clearly to avoid any confusion with my Australian standard measures. Scales with both metric and imperial measurements are also very useful.

73. The Australian: "Cooking Book In Bad Taste" Has Been Archived
14 May 2004 Home. Online Archive. Subscribe to The australian. NEWS. Breaking News. Editor s Choice. The Nation. The World. privacy © The australian. IN THIS SECTION,5744,5457767^401,00.htm
07 June 2004
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74. Bush Tucker Plants Or Bush Food - Australian Native Food Plants
); // HOME. Bushtucker, Sites about australian Aboriginal food preparation and traditional cooking methods. Food preparation methods;
Sites about Australian Aboriginal food
preparation and traditional cooking methods.
Useful bush tucker sites and more bush tucker plants
Test Yourself
Australian Plants generally
Australian Plants photographs US Mirror: Australian Plants photographs Bush Tucker Plants Bungwall Fern Bunya Nut Candle Nut Cedar Bay Cherry ... More Bush Tucker Plants
Contacr webmaster

75. Cooking Practices And Health Of Hunter-Gatherers / Aborigines
The following information about cooking methods of australian Aborigines is quoted from http//
(Looking at the Science on Raw vs. Cooked Foodscontinued, Part 3E)
Cooking practices of hunter-gatherers
Though hunter- gatherers cook, degenerative diseases are rare.
In general, the scientific evidence available about hunter- gatherers who follow their traditional ways (or did follow them, since most traditional hunter- gatherers have now been acculturated) shows that globally they enjoyed good health with remarkably low rates of degenerative diseases. Perhaps, even, the lowest on the planet. (This will be discussed following our look below at some of the eating and cooking practices of hunter- gatherers; and a pointer will also be given to more extensive information available about disease incidence elsewhere on the site.) We cannot here review the voluminous hunter- gatherer literature exhaustively. However, a few examples looked at in some depth will help to get an idea on the subject. Covered here are Australian Aborigines, the San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert in Africa (with primary emphasis on the well- known !Kung tribe), and the Inuit ("Eskimos").

76. The Buy Australian Book Store,
cooking Category Listing, Reader s Digest Fast and Fresh cooking This cookbook shows how cooking against the clock can be a pleasure.

77. Australian Food & Cooking Magazines - Magazines australian Food cooking Magazines - The most complete source of australian Food cooking magazines.

78. Cooking
The Art of Living in Australia Together with Three Hundred australian Cook The Art of Living in Australia Together with Three Hundred australian Cookery
Home Add a URL Modify your URL What's New ... Ratings
Free Online Books on... Art and Architecture
Biographies and Memoirs
: Cooking Categories:
Web Sites

79. AUSTRALIAN FOOD COOKING :: The Best Australian Food Cooking Online
You ll find more choices in australian Food cooking here than any other site online! australian Food cooking. Your SEARCH RESULTS are in!
Flowers Gifts Chocolate Fine Candies ... Discount Coupons

Australian Food Cooking
Your SEARCH RESULTS are in! We've turned over the top culinary institutions of the world for the most delectable Australian Food Cooking, so you don't have to.
Spend some time to review the largest collection of Australian Food Cooking on these top-rated sites filled with edible specialties.
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Brazil Food Market
Muncie Indiana Gift Basket Denmark Cook Book ... Pot And Pan Racks
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All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

80. Food, Cooking & Culture: Australian Volunteers International
Food, cooking Culture » Volunteer Recipes. Volunteer recipes. Making coconut milk, Vanuatu Photo australian Volunteers International,
Home About Us Where We Work Want to Volunteer ... Links
Volunteer Recipes

Volunteer recipes
The following recipes have been tried and tested by current or returned volunteers. Download the Adobe Acrobat PDF format for each country. You may need to download the free reader here from the Adobe website.
Recipes from Africa
Recipes from Asia
Recipes from the Pacific
(contains recipes)
Recipes from volunteers

Making coconut milk, Vanuatu
[Photo: Australian Volunteers International] Top Home Contact Us Site Map ... Search this site

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